1. 2008-12-31 #thingsmarcberrycantdo @marceatsworld will need some new years resolutions to avoid this #tag
  2. 2008-12-31 Does @marceatsworld wear cycling shorts? Lou wants to know cos we just saw @mchammer on tv.
  3. 2008-12-31 Kids are out tonight celebrating in style. So says that big red bottle of lambrini.
  4. 2008-12-31 @emilicon be gentle... With yourself!
  5. 2008-12-31 @wilcolley yeah.. Well, they tried that warning some 10 years ago and yet you're married :P
  6. 2008-12-31 Gosh... It's quite cold out. This is now the first time I've left my village in... a week and a bit!
  7. 2008-12-31 3 for white... So unless someone else says blue, I won't be 50/50. @emilicon No, chilling out wif friends. Am not a party animal like u!
  8. 2008-12-31 So far @wilcolley says to go for the white shirt. Any differing opinions... ? http://is.gd/29zW
  9. 2008-12-31 All 3 shirt choices now uploaded... I just need to pick one. Helppppppp meeeee. http://is.gd/29zW
  10. 2008-12-31 Help me pick which shirt to wear tonight... there's 3 options: white, black, blue. Modelled here:- http://is.gd/29zW
  11. 2008-12-31 @emilicon how iron-ic. ;)
  12. 2008-12-31 @emilicon A stir fry on an ironing board! Wow, you should blog this stuff, it's pure gold.
  13. 2008-12-31 ZMGOD! I CAN HAS YEAR IN REVIEW 2008. http://is.gd/ehY9
  14. 2008-12-31 Reading about Tomoe - a Japanese sushi place on Marlebone Lane. Who fancies going there this weekend for lunch? :) http://is.gd/egZo
  15. 2008-12-31 Watching 'The Wrestler'... which is actually a really good movie. http://is.gd/2zqT
  16. 2008-12-31 @cowfish battlezone :P guh... awful game, but yes an FPS. It wasn't TF, Q3 or CS ;) ... not even UT.
  17. 2008-12-31 @cowfish FP = first-person dude... :P Shooter yes... it's the view point. They're more like Bird's-Eye shooters ;)
  18. 2008-12-31 Finally, I can be cool like in the good ol' days - http://is.gd/egn2
  19. 2008-12-31 @elliotjaystocks let us know if that setup is any good. Looks like a bargain though...
  20. 2008-12-31 Retweeting @codepo8: Extensive info how to set up your own screen reader dev environment: http://tinyurl.com/7fflu8 §
  21. 2008-12-31 @codepo8 Does it have ASCii art in it? If not then I think you should take that comment back :p
  22. 2008-12-31 Don't need money. Don't take fame. Don't need no credit card to ride this train. It's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes!
  23. 2008-12-31 @Roxyyo wow interesting post :) my best friend recently moved to Vancouver to work.
  24. 2008-12-30 @FoluB no idea what the boneyard is! Is Kingston where @miketreat is gonna be DJing?
  25. 2008-12-30 @richmarr no... but I have a strange inkling as to what has happened - http://is.gd/eaBm
  26. 2008-12-30 Damnit. Cant find my glasses, it's like they have feet.
  27. 2008-12-30 @simondoggett lol i want to know more ahahah
  28. 2008-12-30 RT: @cowfish: I also hate the project managers who assume that engineers and developers can do design and thus 'forget' to hire designers.
  29. 2008-12-30 @FoluB we should all do both! @simondoggett what's the plan? :D
  30. 2008-12-30 What's everyone up to for NYE? I've still no plans... so looks like I'm just gonna chill out and relax. NYD = Spirit + Drinks though!
  31. 2008-12-29 @anniemole those weasels are probably cleaner than you or I! I'll have you know us Vietnamese people are very picky with what we drink!
  32. 2008-12-29 @russianTzar bye bye Mr. Oleg have a safe and fun time back home!
  33. 2008-12-29 @jemimah_knight alright alright :p bloomin linguists
  34. 2008-12-29 @jemimah_knight linguine or lingerie was what I meant :p
  35. 2008-12-29 It's now 1am. Know what time it is? It's time to get stuffs done time! http://is.gd/dTQV
  36. 2008-12-29 @limeduck I read this and thought of you :D http://is.gd/e4W3
  37. 2008-12-29 @utku meatttttttball night? :o
  38. 2008-12-28 @Stanto http://tweetree.com/
  39. 2008-12-28 Got a bit of a kick out of this screenshot... I know it's childish, but it still amuses me - http://is.gd/dMFd
  40. 2008-12-28 Interesting... using twitter for expenses - http://is.gd/8dt6
  41. 2008-12-28 @FoluB @MikeTreat we should go up to Liverpool for a match :D That would be mega fun.
  42. 2008-12-28 @amanda hey! How are you? I didn't hear back from you about those gifts I could give Justgiving users after the raffle... Still possible?
  43. 2008-12-28 @MikeTreat THERE'S ONLY ONE STEVIE G!!!!! :D One Steveennnnn Gerrarrrrrdddd!!! ;D @tkenny prob hates me right now hahaha
  44. 2008-12-28 @FoluB TOTALLY! :D;D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  45. 2008-12-28 @FoluB Yup, and we're all over them like a slutty teenager :D and they're just a one man army right now. And he's in goal hahaha.
  46. 2008-12-28 @warriorgrrl I want to see that as a comic please. Giant mole and SpinVox head returning @MisterBenji ;)
  47. 2008-12-28 @jemimah_knight http://is.gd/dRug is that supposed to say linuine or linerie?
  48. 2008-12-27 @lovelychaos you could enter a talent contest with a hamster friend like that...
  49. 2008-12-27 @londonstuff only 29 on that :( Grammar fail.
  50. 2008-12-27 @tall_rich it's all about trying and having fun dude!
  51. 2008-12-27 23/34 so far... how web 2.0 are you? http://is.gd/b0Uj
  52. 2008-12-27 @HayleyS welcome back... http://is.gd/bkqY
  53. 2008-12-27 @utku ahhhh revenge is so sweet on @whatleydude
  54. 2008-12-27 Quite possibly one of the best movies I've seen in a while - http://is.gd/dHXi
  55. 2008-12-27 Thanks @whatleydude and @emmapersky looks like the Zi6 is the recorder of choice! http://is.gd/dGkf
  56. 2008-12-27 Has anyone tried or used a Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder? I'm thinking about getting on...
  57. 2008-12-27 @anniemole you can use them to make gravy stock... :P
  58. 2008-12-26 @FoluB canon 450d is pretty good! Not sure about a course... just go on some flickr meetups and learn from other people. :)
  59. 2008-12-26 @jon_bedford Wow, nice! Congratulations on your awesome purchase.
  60. 2008-12-26 @simondoggett cant wait! Any plans for NY's eve? NYD, we're doing spirit + drinks if you're up for it :D
  61. 2008-12-26 @justcreative just replied :) Hope people find my input useful.
  62. 2008-12-26 @eatlikeagirl he's not Irish... he's from the North of England in a little town called Worksop. :P Irish accents rock though...
  63. 2008-12-26 @londonstuff it's a struggle getting them on to skype let alone screen sharing! :) And merry xmas
  64. 2008-12-26 @londonstuff no... sadly he doesn't... but one day he might :P
  65. 2008-12-26 Christmas is over... my grandad says merry Christmas and bye.. http://is.gd/duCc
  66. 2008-12-26 @richmarr I was looking at #want and there's a hybrid of us... @kai_richard - he has your looks and my hair!
  67. 2008-12-26 @jemimah_knight online hugs so that @whatleydude doesn't have to give them out in the rain or cold!
  68. 2008-12-26 Zoltar... is my wish granted?
  69. 2008-12-25 You're.. we're not alone: http://is.gd/dn9p and a happy xmas snap from me: http://is.gd/dnAN Enjoy!
  70. 2008-12-25 Turkey soon... So sleepy. Although parents with their 3 x 7hr flights have more reason to snore. Stay awake! :p
  71. 2008-12-25 My mom's first experience of a kangeroo in Australia was of it as roadkill.
  72. 2008-12-25 Laughing at my parents taking photos from their holidays. Invisible photos of dolphins - "You can see them under the waves" - Gran.
  73. 2008-12-25 @marceatsworld Don't worry... I've not even opened mine and been reassured by the parents there's nothing.
  74. 2008-12-25 @richmarr In Spain, in Spain...!
  75. 2008-12-25 Watching 'my fair lady' and thinking a number of people I know could use with lessons from Prof. Henry Higgins :P
  76. 2008-12-25 Ah @utku thanks for making this such a great morning http://is.gd/dqkk
  77. 2008-12-25 Happy New Christmukkah to all of you. I'm mulled out into a state of mellowness.
  78. 2008-12-24 Rolling back the years with the grand pap-pah - http://is.gd/dn1p
  79. 2008-12-24 Our Christmas day fun - Photo: http://bkite.com/03ckX
  80. 2008-12-24 Grandma on the mac reading about tibshelf to my auntie doreen. In memorial pages and other fun stuff http://twitpic.com/vybq
  81. 2008-12-24 @anniemole mulled wine - do it :) me and the grandpa are having a drink.. http://twitpic.com/vyab
  82. 2008-12-24 @simondoggett hahaha "amazing my iPhone works in here, huh buddy?"
  83. 2008-12-24 Another article about Twitter on the telegraph by someone who hasn't a clue about it - http://is.gd/dhqL please Adrian Chiles less!
  84. 2008-12-24 @russianTzar :p lots of people are here - they're just scared to chat about it! And I don't blame them :p
  85. 2008-12-24 @tall_rich awesome picture! :)
  86. 2008-12-24 @jon_bedford cant we have a more cheerful song for Christmas. Cos it must have an inadvertent affect on the no. of suicides at xmas :P
  87. 2008-12-24 @lovelychaos Yeah... rocking like 'Where's Wally' Rocking and photoshop can make dreams a reality! ;) ... that sounds so wrong...
  88. 2008-12-24 Does anyone agree with @russianTzar, that if he stands under mistletoe & says to a lady, "Cameltoe." That he will get "lucky"?
  89. 2008-12-24 @russianTzar ROFL. Love it. Mistoe/cameltoe... yeah I can totally see how you might get confused. You'd get such a slap for that one!
  90. 2008-12-24 We should all buy this app - http://mistletoeapp.com ;)
  91. 2008-12-24 @lovelychaos Looking at ur pic I thought.. why did parents think red stripes were cool for their kids? http://is.gd/dhRC
  92. 2008-12-24 @Whatleydude geeeeeeeeeek :P
  93. 2008-12-24 @vikkichowney the Spirit would be awesome! Even @Utku would enjoy that :D
  94. 2008-12-24 @vikkichowney what movie? ;D don't let @utku pick it... we'll end up seeing something like http://is.gd/dhBn
  95. 2008-12-24 @vikkichowney @anniemole @utku where we all going for drinks?! :D :D :D I want eggnoggnognog nog
  96. 2008-12-24 Sending you guys (who dm'd me) an invite now - invite some friends and you'll get a free gift :) it's pretty nice and fun!
  97. 2008-12-24 Anyone wanting some free Mac apps? DM me your email addy :)
  98. 2008-12-24 @wilcolley tell her I'm coming into the office especially to record it and do an interview with her! ;)
  99. 2008-12-24 @jon_bedford you can do it!
  100. 2008-12-23 @Izabel_blue :P that's the last time I try and be nice to you. And you don't look 11 there! You do however have a mighty big gob hahahaha
  101. 2008-12-23 @simondoggett totally in love with her after she spoke fluent Japanese dude. And yes. @johnwhenry is pure evil.
  102. 2008-12-23 addictions suck... especially when they come in the form of a TV series which isn't on air again for another 51 days.
  103. 2008-12-23 I'm amazed. My grandad just ended a Skype call with me. Normally I have to descirbe the icon, colour and position of it on the screen.
  104. 2008-12-23 @johnwhenry sucks to be you for google name search :P unless you become more popular than that evil machine or the folklore character ;)
  105. 2008-12-23 @Izabel_blue hahaha, Isaw your picture and wondered if Soph had taken it of u in the office then it dawned on my that's your #mewhensmall !
  106. 2008-12-23 @simondoggett Well shock horror, she looks like a Latin/Spanish chick. Well I honestly never thought that might be your type :P :P :PPPPP
  107. 2008-12-23 @FoluB :) I was just going to be quiet about it, but yes! Great shot. haha
  108. 2008-12-23 Right... time to get back to the Sarah Connor Chronicles... <3 Camron ... why do I always fall for cyborgs? :P
  109. 2008-12-23 @FoluB awww congrats, and thanks from the Jg team for our Macmillan xmas card! It was very nice of you lot :)
  110. 2008-12-23 Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to have to pick something up later on..made 1 trip today and 20min walk + beers+smoothies = pain
  111. 2008-12-23 @overheardatmoo aww in the office all by your lonesome :( I hear violins playing... oh wait... with a choir singing Oh little town of..
  112. 2008-12-23 Recommend me a White and a red wine fir Xmas pls!
  113. 2008-12-23 My domain contact details was set to by prev. domain reg as the one in the UK, but in Yukon Territory in Zimbabwe. Stupid people.
  114. 2008-12-23 @simondoggett Life? What kind of tv show is that.. CSI?
  115. 2008-12-23 @simondoggett in 4400 she just looked like a plain weirdo and it scared me loads. She's good at playing the freak roles huh? :P
  116. 2008-12-22 @sylwiapresley liking your flickr stream! It's v different and calming :)
  117. 2008-12-22 @eatlikeagirl great pic for #mewhensmall :) cake ftw!
  118. 2008-12-22 Hunger strikes!! Bump bah da dum dum
  119. 2008-12-22 Just visited the spinvox wishing well wif @utku and @wilcolley - v impressive mr. @whatleydude
  120. 2008-12-22 @wilcolley yup then we get some ph00d!
  121. 2008-12-22 @Utku and anyone else fancy catchin up for some dinner laters? Think I shall have to drag @wilcolley along too!
  122. 2008-12-22 @lovelychaos awww look at u ;) You look like one of the kind of kids I used to run away from in the playgrounds playing some stupid game :P
  123. 2008-12-22 @russianTzar I know... clearly there are some real CSS Jedi out there. Wtf does .msonormal mean?
  124. 2008-12-22 @anniemole hahaha love it :D that's a great #mewhensmall picture!
  125. 2008-12-22 @lovelychaos well... where's is your #mewhensmall picture? and @wilcolley, @FoluB, @eatlikeagirl , @elliotjaystocks.. tsk tsk lazy people :p
  126. 2008-12-22 @cupcate love your #mewhensmall picture! @anniemole will we get to see one of you when a smaller little mole? :D
  127. 2008-12-22 Wow this is cool... an account purely for trends on twitter! :) Nice stuff @tweet_trends
  128. 2008-12-22 This was reallly interesting to see the trends of class names from Google... http://is.gd/cWb2 pretty darn amazing.
  129. 2008-12-22 Looks like we're all doing the #mewhensmall thing! :)
  130. 2008-12-22 @utku @Whatleydude :p turning back the years huh guys?
  131. 2008-12-22 @Izabel_blue you're so lucky to sit next to all...that... Be careful now, you never know what else might be in his desk!
  132. 2008-12-22 @russianTzar the book was better! I also suggest you try out 'join me' first... ;)
  133. 2008-12-22 @Whatleydude Dude, my hair has always been awesome! :p
  134. 2008-12-21 All out of Smallville... taking a rest from laptop and doing work.... so T:Sarah Conor Chrons it is! :)
  135. 2008-12-21 @lovelychaos awww conjunctivitus... hugs, get well soon eye gunk girl ;)
  136. 2008-12-21 @russianTzar :) I sometimes wish I had bought a similar domain with something a little bit more candid ;)
  137. 2008-12-21 @simondoggett wow sounds fun :) Not had egg nog in ages... may have to get some ingrediants for it myself tomorrow!
  138. 2008-12-20 Wow. This really is an interesting site... maybe I was wrong? http://shouldiusetablesforlayout.com/
  139. 2008-12-20 @lovelychaos Ah, I remember you saying now... :) Arsenal suck so much hahaha.
  140. 2008-12-20 @lovelychaos what team do you support? Cov?
  141. 2008-12-20 @smyther It's wonderful isn't it. It's a brilliant way of getting people trying it with nice interaction!
  142. 2008-12-20 Omg.Loving the Ruby tutorial... where you actually do ruby and it talks you through it. Nice. http://is.gd/Qd2
  143. 2008-12-20 @simondoggett gl pal!
  144. 2008-12-19 @maybe1 wants a diet coke. Can anyone bring her one? LOL
  145. 2008-12-19 @willjohnh "why do we do it" oh my poor head
  146. 2008-12-19 I want more videos from last night. Justgiving team singing and piano playing ftw. ;)
  147. 2008-12-19 @richmarr there aren't any! :(
  148. 2008-12-19 Just reading through a document and it said "IE. User@email.com" and I thought at first... what has Internet Explorer got to do with that?!
  149. 2008-12-19 The most moving photos of 2008 http://is.gd/clPG - some of them are shocking...
  150. 2008-12-19 It's a tweet off... @simondoggett vs. @kaichanvong... who will win? http://is.gd/cy7j "Three words... KAI-CHAN-Vong"
  151. 2008-12-19 Me being very very very bad at the Xmas party. http://is.gd/cy3N But in a fun way ;)
  152. 2008-12-19 Hurrraah! www.Volley.me has now transfered over to our new hosting. Very exciting.
  153. 2008-12-19 @lovelychaos :D I'm soon gonna release a screencast about how to write HTML semantically and understanding the DOM! Keep an eye out for it
  154. 2008-12-19 @kuntze bad timing on my part to leave when I did. It's fortuitous that your work neighbour @jon_Bedford is a real meal martyr!
  155. 2008-12-19 Home time for me and I've got time off until jan! Will be working on volley projects & fun things. Oh and hi cute girl that smiled at me ;)
  156. 2008-12-18 The Five Second Test http://www.fivesecondtest.com/ Could be a useful tool for interface design. (via @tkenny)
  157. 2008-12-18 Today will poss be my last day working with @russiantzar - I shall miss this big gay Russian bear ;)
  158. 2008-12-18 Oooooh @stanto www.fireunit.org looks to be similar to what you were suggesting to me yesterday!
  159. 2008-12-17 I'm in love MediaTemple.... :)
  160. 2008-12-17 @FoluB It was on Rick Stein's show today - http://is.gd/ccpI :)
  161. 2008-12-17 @jemimah_knight why break the habbit of a life time!
  162. 2008-12-17 3rd M&S 2nd Aldie and 1st was Somerfield! So guys... run out tonight and pick up your puds from Somerfield. Or whatever the shops r called
  163. 2008-12-17 *whisper*Pudding F comes from Sainsburys... Pudding F comes from Sainsburys. Loving watching pudding competition. Who will win? :D
  164. 2008-12-17 Jobsite advert in the papers, "need a new job, mr ince?" poss. Not the best copy in the world :P
  165. 2008-12-17 @HayleyS unfollow for math geekyness! :p
  166. 2008-12-17 @Whatleydude Stop flirting with @simondoggett - I still haven't forgiven you for your comments on my hair and trying to kiss me.
  167. 2008-12-17 @HayleyS No I work in an office :p and my medium of choice is extensible and client-side markup :p ;p ;p
  168. 2008-12-17 @HayleyS love that site :P
  169. 2008-12-17 @russiantzar has left me heart broken. BOOO hOooo.
  170. 2008-12-17 @marcflores nope! :p
  171. 2008-12-17 Ahhh... todays Penny Arcade reminds me of old times. http://is.gd/8CG
  172. 2008-12-17 Do any designers use visual studio to edit code? If you do, you're weird. It's so intuat...abusive a looking software.
  173. 2008-12-17 @HayleyS :P you would find that cool wouldn't you
  174. 2008-12-17 I love the idea of this blog - http://is.gd/bbMv - much better than a blog just about pigeons http://is.gd/7Q3A
  175. 2008-12-17 Apparently there's a party hosted by the chap who invented comic sans... I'm not sure if that's a good thing.
  176. 2008-12-17 @russianTzar <3 Wed! only things I hate about work.. Are normally meetings! Expect a hyper welcome to work when I see ya champ
  177. 2008-12-16 @HayleyS your twittering more than me. stop it. :p
  178. 2008-12-16 Looks like the world is doomed as far as IE users are concerned! http://is.gd/bVkG Uninstall uninstall! And get Safari!!!
  179. 2008-12-16 Retweeting @jon_bedford: Some good photos from #twinterval up at http://snurl.com/8e5e6 always good to meet fellow tweeple in *person* :D
  180. 2008-12-16 @anniemole And no - I wont be using *that* photo for my Facebook :p
  181. 2008-12-16 @marcflores yeah I made it fine :) Just seeing the photos from @anniemole's stream.
  182. 2008-12-16 Head massage + beds in the office would be amazing for day after any event we have. All that networking is exhausting!
  183. 2008-12-16 So 10 seconds and I've just pulled my wordpress blog over from one install to another... that's scary. :) In a cool way.
  184. 2008-12-16 My train isn't moving. And I just got on it...
  185. 2008-12-16 @willjohnh curly wurly :(
  186. 2008-12-16 Just trod on something that was in my goodie bag from #twinterval and really don't want to talk about it..
  187. 2008-12-16 Oh my poor, poor mortal head. I want to sleep more :P but mr alarm clock says no. Wonder how @Russian_tsar feels after Coldplay @ o2...
  188. 2008-12-16 @russian_tzar you're justbbeing polite. I know it sucked really but I still would have swapped and gone seen coldplay.
  189. 2008-12-16 @anniemole I'm diaturbed by that and I haven't even clicked the link.
  190. 2008-12-16 Missing the lads from moofins and thinking of how we need to have a reunion. Playing monopoly and forcing rob to cut his hair was amazing ;)
  191. 2008-12-16 @simondoggett I always behave myself!
  192. 2008-12-16 @folub Glad you liked my Photos I took of you guys @ Astroria wif Lost Profits ;) http://is.gd/bZy7
  193. 2008-12-16 My new toy is here to play with. It's hot, sits on a rack, glowing under a halo of ruby lit LAMP stack. I think this could be love.
  194. 2008-12-16 Moving over to MediaTemple to play with a LAMP stack, Ruby and much much more. Oh I love life so much.
  195. 2008-12-16 @HayleyS Thats arguable :p My followers would probably disagree with you on that one :)
  196. 2008-12-15 @Lee_p_Marshall from moth to butterfly you've become.
  197. 2008-12-15 Chap trying to escape from a train station climbin fence.. We're all laughing 15mins in (train fail) cos he sucks so hard climbing.
  198. 2008-12-15 Off home now... Think my voice has gone. Met Friends I haven't seen in a while + new ppl at #twinterval.
  199. 2008-12-15 @russian_tzar you're so lucky :) safe journey home mon amis!
  200. 2008-12-15 At #twinterval but still feeling the cold stuff which is making me still a cough cough machine. Great venue!
  201. 2008-12-15 @Lee_p_Marshall well holy flying bob sleighing pigs with wings attatched to their steeds! I was right ;)
  202. 2008-12-15 me - "is there more stuff on that same page?" @sophdea - "yeah, I'm just trying to be witty in this email so you wont be so pissed off."
  203. 2008-12-15 @HayleyS just be like us, we're going to drink the disease away :P
  204. 2008-12-15 @HayleyS Hmmmm... they sent emails this morning unless it went to your junk. Ask @twinterval or @amanda or @girlonetrack
  205. 2008-12-15 @HayleyS you don't need one you stupid girl
  206. 2008-12-15 @HayleyS oi! you going to twinterval?
  207. 2008-12-15 @sophdea oh yes, that would be lovely! :D
  208. 2008-12-15 @sophdea yes, yes I am :p it's cold out here!
  209. 2008-12-15 @loulou200 are at work today? Need to ask you a question bout FoWD and need to know for expensesss asap :) & if not who shud I chat to? ta
  210. 2008-12-15 Retweeting @RichMillington: If you run an online community, you can't take the weekends off
  211. 2008-12-15 @russian_tzar you're such a geeeek! @wilcolley is ill and I'm coughing like a blocked up drain pipe.
  212. 2008-12-14 WorldPay - quite possibly one of the worst designed user experience for a customer ever.
  213. 2008-12-14 @hannah_monster how did the hack day go? Was the idea just to get people thinking bout playing with the Last.FM api?
  214. 2008-12-14 PHP is such a fun and easy language compared to ASP :) Just getting back into doing some nice things with it.
  215. 2008-12-14 @simondoggett probably Limp Bizkit or something nu cool and too trendy for us to realise ;)
  216. 2008-12-14 @utku That's right. Because that was almost 10 years ago!!! :P
  217. 2008-12-14 @utku Dude... I liked them when I was like 16 years old.
  218. 2008-12-14 @utku OOooh what's my fave new band plz?
  219. 2008-12-14 @Izabel_blue :) Glad you enjoyed it
  220. 2008-12-14 SeaDragon out on the iPhone! Omfg. I love it... http://is.gd/bBot
  221. 2008-12-14 @anucreative Well... I did it last night, and I'm going to try and continue more today too.
  222. 2008-12-14 @Lee_p_Marshall Thanks Lee! Glad you enjoyed it too :)
  223. 2008-12-14 Twitblogs... interesting! :) http://is.gd/bzsi
  224. 2008-12-14 @CamilleJ Thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed the video.
  225. 2008-12-14 Just made a video with some of the best photos from work: http://is.gd/bAWH - hope you like it!
  226. 2008-12-14 Excited about being able to use jQuery with X-Path :D Oh I do love js more and more each day for selectors +CSS3 :D
  227. 2008-12-14 @anucreative Yeah, I did a screencast for work about how to make screencasts + use wordpress, learn't some jS/jQuery + lots bout .NET :D
  228. 2008-12-13 @Malarkey I would buy it :)
  229. 2008-12-13 @willjohnh hahahahahaha
  230. 2008-12-13 JUst done my first screencast, which will be going on the Justgiving Yammer account and shared for ppl to learn about Screencast+Wordpress
  231. 2008-12-13 May have bad motion sickness from it (I'm prone), but I loved playing Mirror's edge.
  232. 2008-12-13 I've wasted 101,640 Seconds or 1,694 Minutes or 28.23 Hours or 1.18 Days with 3,388 Tweets on Twitter! http://tweetwasters.com
  233. 2008-12-12 Retweeting @imajes: A geek is for life, not for christmas: http://www.befriendageek.com/
  234. 2008-12-12 @jon_bedford and still no prizes from trusted places ppl neither :(
  235. 2008-12-12 It's cold today in London.. Off to shop, lunch and visit the Tate. Boro market here I come!
  236. 2008-12-12 New blog post! Just say no to Flash. So why Markup + CSS?: It’s now been a year since I move.. http://tinyurl.com/5gfadk
  237. 2008-12-12 @HayleyS Oh dear... you're so retro! ;) Just written my blog post on web design - http://is.gd/bjj3
  238. 2008-12-12 Just listened to @malarkey http://is.gd/biNp - interesting little talk...
  239. 2008-12-12 Just had lunch at #boromarket - amazing venison burger with cumerland sauce (orange and port) and a hot spiced cider. Nyum.
  240. 2008-12-11 @russian_t\ar just played a horrible horrible trick on me. After removing all the tables he said "Well that could be in a table..."
  241. 2008-12-11 @wilcolley I made a mistake creating a spoof markup of how I've got a cold... and I made a mistake. Anyways... only IE6 wouldn't like it!
  242. 2008-12-11 @russian_tzar bugger...
  243. 2008-12-11 Got tomorrow off... and I'm really looking forward to hopefully having enough sleep to rest from this illness.
  244. 2008-12-11 Wondering who @amysmiles is...
  245. 2008-12-11 Ah tables. Bye!
  246. 2008-12-11 Motorbike transformed into a raindeer. Amazing.
  247. 2008-12-11 @marceatsworld css help? Moi? Drop by the office some time and I'll run thru any of ur questions.
  248. 2008-12-11 <kai><head><lemsip class="max-str" /></head><body><ims class="cold"></ims></body></ka ...
  249. 2008-12-10 Recommending you all listen to 'scaling' podcast on Boagworld.com great stuff
  250. 2008-12-10 Listening to joe stump on boagworld about scaling...
  251. 2008-12-10 @Lee_p_Marshall LOL you're a legend!
  252. 2008-12-10 @darintenb what features does wordpress lack for you mon amis? There's a great example on CSS Tricks about using WP as a cms!
  253. 2008-12-9 Hoping @utku gets well soon.
  254. 2008-12-9 Interested in oxite - a microsoft open source cms!
  255. 2008-12-9 @HayleyS I'm so excited dum dum dum dee dum... and I just cant hide it! Half price sushi in half an hour down at Farringdon dum dum dum dee
  256. 2008-12-9 If you don't follow @hayleyS for social media/pr and various other things... you should!
  257. 2008-12-9 @codepo8 it's really worrying... Thanks to jquery Im now starting to get your js jokes :)
  258. 2008-12-9 Retweet @HayleyS: preaching to the converted? Social media - 72.2% of customers research companies’ customer care online prior to purcha ...
  259. 2008-12-9 http://remindr.info/ looks great... but how does it know what time zone I'm in? It sure hasn't switched over the phone to a UK style one..
  260. 2008-12-9 @HayleyS I hope you don't end up like Johnny Mnemonic!
  261. 2008-12-8 @thomasb86 30th of April!
  262. 2008-12-8 @ryancarson :( website failing!
  263. 2008-12-8 @tkenny ;) I will drag it kicking and screaming!
  264. 2008-12-8 @tkenny Yeah I'm totally in love with it... it's a really great CMS and I've been trying to advocate for us using it where we work. Trying.
  265. 2008-12-8 Looking forward to going home and playing with wordpress :D None of this log in, save, publish... time out... log in..
  266. 2008-12-8 Hey Carsonified chaps - would you be so good as to let us know when we can book FoWD UK tickets? :) Thanks! @keirwhitaker @ryancarson
  267. 2008-12-8 @HayleyS n00b will suffice! :p
  268. 2008-12-8 @HayleyS google alerts + http://technorati.com + netvibes + rss :)
  269. 2008-12-8 I'm the featured designer on JustCreativeDesign! :) http://is.gd/aFoN Thanks @justcreative
  270. 2008-12-8 @HayleyS no but all your links today were!
  271. 2008-12-8 All booked up my #fowd tickets!
  272. 2008-12-7 @HayleyS okay you're starting to scare me now by how much of a geek you're acting like.
  273. 2008-12-7 Note to self, when you agree to meet certain individuals... Be atleast an hour wait.
  274. 2008-12-7 I agree with @cowfish @Utku - that's a very nice movie to take a lady to ;)
  275. 2008-12-7 @utku oooh hf on your date! And waltz with bashir is amazing.
  276. 2008-12-7 @grumblemouse thanks dude!
  277. 2008-12-7 Any suggestions for live music on a Sunday near Liverpool st?
  278. 2008-12-7 Creating my avatar on new Xbox live experience. It is... actually... stupidly good!
  279. 2008-12-7 @willjohnh five minutes... jeeez. You couldn't enjoy the sound of a frag grenade taking out a small group of mutants in that sort of time.
  280. 2008-12-7 @limeduck I have no idea what that means... but I'm guessing it went BOOM. :)
  281. 2008-12-7 @mswroblewski have you got some kind of robot in your shoes uploading and tweeting your running stats? ;)
  282. 2008-12-7 @jemimah_knight Oh and I absolutely find Angelina Jolie repulsive. Definately not my type... don't do fish faces!
  283. 2008-12-7 Well Ithought about how it seemed stupid the main 'bad guy' would go for a kid early on and how it all seemed a bit too clear cut. :P
  284. 2008-12-7 @jemimah_knight That's not fair. I could have switched it off about an hour before I saw that... it was just relaxing and brainless action.
  285. 2008-12-7 @jemimah_knight I really liked it :/
  286. 2008-12-7 @utku be a good bf then and comfort her tonight!
  287. 2008-12-6 New blog post! Agile and why it would have stopped WWII: Around 8 months ago we started.. http://tinyurl.com/6h5eqj
  288. 2008-12-6 Woman on BBC2 comedy awards cant drink as she's working tomorrow and pours her champaign from her glass into the presenter's glass. Classy.
  289. 2008-12-6 @HayleyS Btw stopperz, just incase you happen to want to change jobs - http://is.gd/awxF
  290. 2008-12-6 @HayleyS well whoopty for you ;) I had an even better Sushi dinner yesterday. So ner :p
  291. 2008-12-6 @HayleyS This is a first... you appear to be sober and twittering on a Saturday night. Wonder if there are pigs flying outside my window...
  292. 2008-12-6 @Izabel_blue photo of hair plz photo of hair plz photo of hair plz photo of hair plz photo of hair plz photo of hair plz photo of hair plz!
  293. 2008-12-6 Wordpress +Client's site all wrapped together and they're loving one another like newly weds.
  294. 2008-12-6 Wordpress multiple templates how love you so even my little 4 yr old cousin could type in "l ghrs as" repeatedly without ruining the layout.
  295. 2008-12-5 Just seen waltz with bashir with @wilcolley and his missus. Strong and emotional.
  296. 2008-12-5 Retweeting @kuntze: can't remember my passwords, looking for an online password manager like www.clipperz.com, any recommendations
  297. 2008-12-5 @tkenny I doubt it. That MS page about IE on the mac and them telling us to us Safari. They should do that for IE windows users too.
  298. 2008-12-5 Waiting for #Justgiving ppl to come to the restaurant.. Hungry!
  299. 2008-12-5 Oh look... it's in IE8 too. Amazing. Great work Microblow!
  300. 2008-12-5 IE6/7 floating stretch bug. Float to the right... then float child to the left. Come on, come on. Random. It's now floating right!
  301. 2008-12-5 time to get some ice-break dancing lessons from ninja @nick_nyon ninjinamoto ... Or Go buy 2 tennis rackets!
  302. 2008-12-5 @jemimah_knight spam spam spam spam spam spam spam ;) that's all I see!
  303. 2008-12-5 @HayleyS you can always ask @justgiving you little alcoholic :p
  304. 2008-12-4 @stanto your an enlightened little soul aren't you! And thanks for the guide to rss. *sips beer* (nb cant cos I'm on train home)
  305. 2008-12-4 Hanging out with @wilcolley and getting stuffs doing in Justgiving towers. We dah bomb!
  306. 2008-12-4 @jon_bedford Your talk was awesome. stfu.
  307. 2008-12-4 Why do some people follow 500+ people!? Madness. Especially if only 100 of them are following you...
  308. 2008-12-4 @molbac ;) my question spawned -> http://is.gd/acFG & http://is.gd/acFv
  309. 2008-12-4 Apparently twitter is a facebook status update and not an open forum - @ me and say if you agree ;)
  310. 2008-12-4 @angelsk nice!
  311. 2008-12-4 First song on my iPhone is: editors - bullets. The main chorus is uncannily ironic!
  312. 2008-12-4 @marcflores oh cool - were you at fowa?
  313. 2008-12-3 @russian_tzar "There clearly is a reasoning behind why they've done this... we just cant comprehend it" Bad looking Icons + no txt.
  314. 2008-12-2 Design talk wasn't quite what we expected.. Too much talk about the students work and the poor chap's English made it difficult to follow.
  315. 2008-12-2 If you go outside today, and look to the west in the sky.. And you'll see Venus and Jupitor. An event that happens once every 5,000 yrs.
  316. 2008-12-2 Actually quite impressed with IE8. I never thought I'd say that.
  317. 2008-12-2 IE8 is a vast improvement... but it's annoying when you realise how bad IE6/7 were...
  318. 2008-12-2 @utku sorry little dude! we'll do another sushi again soon... tonight there's a talk - email graphics@lcc.arts.ac.uk it's free & awesome!
  319. 2008-12-2 We're off to Ginan for a Japanese lunch in 5 mins - you're all welcome to come join!
  320. 2008-12-2 @jon_bedford Thanks for letting me know about the @twinterval ticket! :) You're a good friend.
  321. 2008-12-2 The smoke from my mom's laptop cannot be a good thing...
  322. 2008-12-1 Watching the American version of the Office. It's uncanny how this guy reminds me of someone...
  323. 2008-12-1 Didn't get a ticket to twinterval. Someone failed to mention they got theirs and sits next to me.
  324. 2008-12-1 So I can either fix the tables in 200+ premium sites with divs by either doing a find/replace on all 200 css files or do inline on one file.
  325. 2008-12-1 @wilcolley gj dude - I'm gonna be bit late.. But we'll make up for it wif the traditional office till we drop!
  326. 2008-12-1 @simondoggett @johnwhenry is pure evil - so no shock to me :D always babbling on about numbers this and numbers that!
  327. 2008-12-1 Another day another train fail!
  328. 2008-12-1 Cant sleep @richmarr. I'm in a huge house and scared of that movie I watched earlier. Where's my whiskey.. that will help me sleep...
  329. 2008-12-1 Reading 24 ways - easing the path from design to development... if only life was this simple: http://is.gd/9Euq
  330. 2008-11-30 @dal your twitter background is just plain wrong and upsets me. :p
  331. 2008-11-30 Watching 'wanted' whilst curling a <div> around other <div> tags.
  332. 2008-11-30 @anucreative ooooh that sounds awesome.I'll have to try making that :)
  333. 2008-11-30 Okay so I'm moving to watching Knocked up. That's the first time since 2girls1cup that I've felt that sick.
  334. 2008-11-30 @limeduck @Allix Should I really stop watching?
  335. 2008-11-30 @limeduck @Allix He's talking to some guy in a wheelchair... I'm scared...
  336. 2008-11-30 @limeduck It's too late...it's addictive!
  337. 2008-11-30 Watching a Japanese horror movie called the Audition. Convinced I'm never going to ask a girl out again after seeing this. Thanks @richm ...
  338. 2008-11-30 @wilcolley I don't quite know how to take that comment :p
  339. 2008-11-30 Just seen this... http://is.gd/9xvc check the video at the end too. Jeeeeez.
  340. 2008-11-30 There...is...something... in a bag... and Ireally really don't want to watch any more.
  341. 2008-11-29 @smyther Wow. Me too.. Peoples faces were melting off and it was kinda weird cos I felt so calm about it.
  342. 2008-11-29 If I could just speak on the record... Doctor Sheldon Cooper for the win.
  343. 2008-11-29 Hi ho hi ho guess where we go... That's right folks! We're gonna work on awesomeness Justgiving top swcret projects RAH!
  344. 2008-11-27 @jamespenycate it was some little marketing course - http://is.gd/9eXT where they teach you how to use twitter lol ;)
  345. 2008-11-27 It's so cold today. Would anyone notice if I just stayed at home all day near a fire...?
  346. 2008-11-26 Terrorist attacks in India... you heard it first on Twitter - http://is.gd/9a2k wow... and flickr photos from it too http://is.gd/99BS
  347. 2008-11-26 Half of me really wasn't made for this kind of weather.
  348. 2008-11-25 Just got home. Time to look for a place again I think...
  349. 2008-11-25 Youtube's editing control panel is more complicated than trying to fly a space shuttle.
  350. 2008-11-25 Loving playing my ocarina to song sheets. Sooooo cool! http://is.gd/8UU0 and currently learning the Zelda tune :)
  351. 2008-11-24 Excited about tomorrow. We're going to kick ass. Watching this to get even more hyped - http://is.gd/31BH
  352. 2008-11-24 Talking about coffee - "Oh my god that is amazing." and Oleg replies, "Just like my life."
  353. 2008-11-24 If we could tranverse using Parent In-Law properties coding would be a bit like a soap opera - Oleg
  354. 2008-11-24 @Izabel_blue geek girls dinners are trying to change that tho! Just ask @emilicon who's doing some great work for the Uk scene!
  355. 2008-11-24 @Stanto what have you started watching? Muwahahah. I think a flying visit to you will be in order soon!
  356. 2008-11-24 Just avoided using so many css * hacks that I'm a happy happy man :)
  357. 2008-11-23 @imajes Dude have you seen Big Bang Theory? :D
  358. 2008-11-23 @FoluB we don't do over time, we do good work for charities, fundraisers and ppl donating =)
  359. 2008-11-23 Left the office after doing some damage to the new designs Heading home now.
  360. 2008-11-23 Gosh it's wet outside!
  361. 2008-11-23 Learning to create a function that tranverses and manipulates the DOM through nodes, must be how Neo felt when he flies in the Matrix.
  362. 2008-11-23 @utku Dont blame the strength of the drinks you were having on your addiction ;)
  363. 2008-11-23 Don't stop believin! Hold on to that feelin!
  364. 2008-11-23 @Utku is an alcoholic ;) ! Loved @natebentley's party - awesome fun. Heading home now.
  365. 2008-11-23 @FoluB yup, can't complain about the awesome hamburger and pizzas I've been told to expense :D
  366. 2008-11-22 Off to get some munch with the @utku - wrapping up my work I've done... hopefully can do more damage later!
  367. 2008-11-22 @jamespenycate how on earth can someone be studying for intelligance dance music? I was thinkiing IDM might be something work related..
  368. 2008-11-22 Anyone in London atm and fancy a spot of clothes shopping?
  369. 2008-11-22 @maybe1 what's an IDM?
  370. 2008-11-22 "Our babies will be smart and beautiful." "Not to mention imaginary."
  371. 2008-11-22 Big Bang Theory is amazing. Just started watching it thanks to a recommendation from @richmarr
  372. 2008-11-22 Teaching the grandparents to install their new webcam and to use Skype. An hour and a half has passed and they've plugged it in.
  373. 2008-11-22 Just woken up. No heating. Ohmigollygoshisitcold.
  374. 2008-11-22 1 - 100 or 0 - 99... that is the question. <3 JAOO.
  375. 2008-11-22 @marcflores hey pal, just around ox circus bit not gonna be around long.
  376. 2008-11-21 On the train back now after lucking the wheelie competition against @richmarr. Great end to my day!
  377. 2008-11-21 Hyped about today and this weekend. Let's do some damage to this beast.
  378. 2008-11-21 having a fun walk home... Good ol london transport.
  379. 2008-11-18 Missed out on a flat. Guess I'm going to just have to look at buying a place or something.
  380. 2008-11-18 @jon_bedford "It was a big bucket" - out of context quote. :D
  381. 2008-11-18 Hiring ex-pod1 staff like there's no tomorrow. Welcome Oleg to the Justgiving design team as freelance aid to the mix!
  382. 2008-11-18 Grateful to everyone who supported me recently. Getting things done, not perfect but we'll do our best. Now to rest and enjoy a movie.
  383. 2008-11-17 Sushi buffet at #ginan... All welcome!
  384. 2008-11-17 @natbentley Or usual place near Justgiving towers!
  385. 2008-11-16 Eaten a huge and great dim sum meal and interestin chats wif @Utku and @claire_w. Now to get home and sleep forever.
  386. 2008-11-16 @uktu says "can you look on twitter cos I'm low on battery"
  387. 2008-11-16 Out of the office now. 3rd time in three days lol. Meeting up wif @Utku
  388. 2008-11-16 Back from a trendy lunch with @Izabel_blue we're "jigging" to my immense music collection.
  389. 2008-11-16 @natbentley :D Working hard bro. You know how it is... I did go out last night for a "few" beers though.
  390. 2008-11-16 @wilcolley Not yet! :)
  391. 2008-11-16 Amazed @izabel_blue is wearing jeans and looks totally different. I didn't recognise her!
  392. 2008-11-16 Back to work...
  393. 2008-11-16 I think sleep would be best right now... then tomorrow I'll push on with one last attempt to get this all finished.
  394. 2008-11-16 Ended up meeting some friends and having a drink... or two.... or three... or four.... ooops.
  395. 2008-11-16 @Stanto hahah nope no showers at Justgiving towers.. So hope not! @wilcolley, awesome sushi pic!
  396. 2008-11-15 @richmarr ;) just a few... each day :D
  397. 2008-11-15 Rocking the office with Jan. If only we could convince finance to join twitter or yammer...
  398. 2008-11-15 Well... I have absolutely no idea how I fixed that. Amazing. I guess it must have just been a markup mistake from last night.
  399. 2008-11-15 Super annoying Li bug. Some how managing to have layout messed when adding a 2nd li to my list. Leaving it for the time being...
  400. 2008-11-15 Right. I'm back.
  401. 2008-11-15 Off to fall asleep on the beanbags in the office. Still lots to do.
  402. 2008-11-15 Rap lyrics about being broke - "Do you remember all them Christmases ago, where your mom walked into the room dressed up as a tree."
  403. 2008-11-15 Heading out of the office for a bit... just need to get some fresh air and to chill out a bit. Maybe a walk to London Bridge and back!
  404. 2008-11-15 It's even a trouble for them to find the L key. Wonders never cease to amaze.
  405. 2008-11-15 Amazing. My grandparents typed comments into the box on Flickr and didn't realise they had to press 'post comment'.
  406. 2008-11-15 The office just got cold :( I had my nap... now time to get some more work done!
  407. 2008-11-14 Working hard. Kind of wondering what @jemimah_knight is acting like a cat for...
  408. 2008-11-14 Not allowed to tweet something @wilcolley just said. It was amazing hahaha.
  409. 2008-11-14 @wilcolley aka The poor man's wedding singer.
  410. 2008-11-14 @wilcolley "No honest honey, I'm working in the office not seeing other women." William Colley on his rock star life style.
  411. 2008-11-14 Justgiving's togetherness as a company and family never ceases to amaze me. We're working hard for you guys out there.
  412. 2008-11-13 Heading home on the train. @wilcolley has done some outstanding work today. And it wasn't his purchase of the beanbags.
  413. 2008-11-13 Arriving into London. Today we work more on your fundraising pages. @maybe1 = maya bull? =)
  414. 2008-11-12 My friend Stoppers has just set up a lovely page and event for her sister http://is.gd/7aIW you can contribute here: http://is.gd/7aJj
  415. 2008-11-12 Laughing that @wilcolley is as anal about paper print outs not being cared for, as I am with code.
  416. 2008-11-12 @boagworld I've just made GetSignOff page look better and work harder :P http://is.gd/77EU
  417. 2008-11-12 @wilcolley, "Cool beans." Beans... that are cold.
  418. 2008-11-12 Reading about @font-face http://is.gd/6euC and then sleep. Didn't enjoy today, tired and moody right now. So much to do.
  419. 2008-11-11 @MikeTreat It doesn't diminish if it has a domino effect on ppl having arguments, angry and upset cos of the incident. Jus my opinion.
  420. 2008-11-11 If someone wants to kill themselves I wish they wud just slit their wrists rather than affect the trains.
  421. 2008-11-11 Train fail at London bridge. When I say epic... That's an under statement!
  422. 2008-11-11 "the best designers squint" - john maeda. I stay cool and just take off my glasses and move a bit further from the screen :p
  423. 2008-11-11 @MikeTreat Sure
  424. 2008-11-11 @MikeTreat it's harsh but fair. People who commit suicide are ultimately selfish.
  425. 2008-11-10 @ryancarson Aiden Williams of Positive Hype
  426. 2008-11-10 @jemimah_knight I'm still convinced you and @jemimakiss are the same person!
  427. 2008-11-10 @jon_bedford where you taking me for lunch :D
  428. 2008-11-10 Walkin. Thru the rain to the bridge. I love my city.
  429. 2008-11-10 @jemimah_knight "we'd" you mean "I" ;) You work night shifts loads! And what'd you mean by flattering? :P
  430. 2008-11-9 Watching the girl who lept through time... :) Got high hopes for this thanks to @stanto
  431. 2008-11-9 What to get people for Christmas... Oh if only I had a kazillion billion pounds to spend. I would have some real fun. http://is.gd/6MZE
  432. 2008-11-9 @joleeen rofl. you make me laugh sometimes :P are you trying to get funding for a tv show about your apartment or something?
  433. 2008-11-9 Thinking of splitting up the CSS up so that depending on what area of the site you're going through, you'll have that stylesheet.
  434. 2008-11-9 Wished I'd asked @Malarkey and @sushimonster, the questions I'm now thinking of for the new Justgiving.com css design :(
  435. 2008-11-9 Just finished watching the girl who lept through time... officially one of my favourite movies of all time http://is.gd/15ib
  436. 2008-11-9 Video on websites I really hate. http://is.gd/6Lz0 I just want to quickly know the footy news, if I wanted to watch video, I'd turn my t ...
  437. 2008-11-9 @simondoggett It's not all me - most of that list is Dev stuff, but my name is luckily on a few. Oh and the picture is friends only :)
  438. 2008-11-9 @joleeen just seen some amazing pictures of you pished. http://is.gd/6NDs Good ol' Nate.
  439. 2008-11-8 Well... I'm pretty sure my neighbours just blew a few grand on fireworks. Photos soon! :)
  440. 2008-11-8 The fun part. Cross-browser checking your work... :) I used to hate this, now I find it a joy.
  441. 2008-11-8 Also being threatened to have to pay rent for staying in the office :P
  442. 2008-11-8 Our finance team are seeing numbers reoccuring... they're losing it slowly!
  443. 2008-11-8 Reading about @Izabel_blue's slight OCD problem! ;) http://is.gd/6Gyl
  444. 2008-11-8 Awake! :D Time to do some more damage. Oh yes.
  445. 2008-11-8 Hmmmm... tempted to have a snooze. But I'm in the middle of this work. Be strong Kai.
  446. 2008-11-7 @Stanto Yip! :)
  447. 2008-11-7 Inspired by @johnwhenry. Time to kick some ass =D it's going to be a long few months but we're going to pwn!
  448. 2008-11-7 Everytime you use one less character in your markup or stylesheets, little baby jesus gurgles and giggles with glee!
  449. 2008-11-7 @Izabel_blue I have my sleeping bag! Profit share ftw :p you'll be thank me when you can afford Burger King over McDonalds!
  450. 2008-11-7 @jon_bedford makes you wonder though doesn't it.
  451. 2008-11-7 @jon_bedford is asleeeep http://is.gd/6BZT
  452. 2008-11-7 @FoluB Errrr... no :/
  453. 2008-11-7 @jon_bedford Just be grateful you can sleep. I would gladly fall asleep and let Simon take photos.
  454. 2008-11-7 @anniemole I don't like it when women do that neither... Always think they're gonna gauge out their eyes if the train stops fast.
  455. 2008-11-7 Teeth all clean now to get to work!
  456. 2008-11-7 How is it the 7th already?! Man...felt like yesterday it was the 4th.
  457. 2008-11-7 Dentist this morning and looking forward to the weekend. In the office. You're all welcome to look at us like Zoo animals :P
  458. 2008-11-7 Lip syncing in the office with @wilcolley.... it's going to be a long night mate :D
  459. 2008-11-6 Looking forward to getting home and going to sleep so much. Clearly took my bed for granted!
  460. 2008-11-6 @utku when is this? soooooooooo tired right now.
  461. 2008-11-6 @thomasb86 eh?
  462. 2008-11-6 Being picked on by everyone at the office. Thanks @jemimah_knight
  463. 2008-11-6 @Stanto amazing! Loving your work... keep it up :D
  464. 2008-11-6 @Stanto I didn't know that... 4 hours and 30 mins wow. I thought it was 3 hours! :)
  465. 2008-11-6 @tall_rich Oh man... I haven't had any food yet neither... what to have what to have!
  466. 2008-11-6 Wonder what @jemimah_knight has ordered... right now coffee cake would be amazing.
  467. 2008-11-6 Refreshed! Up and at em'! :D
  468. 2008-11-6 So... didn't go to sleep :) Having too much fun at the moment. I use that word loosely as it'll become repetitive!
  469. 2008-11-6 Time for a cat power nap... hoping that a few hours will be enough. Hopefully wont wake up with someone drawing on my face :p
  470. 2008-11-6 Ah IE7. How I love your browser bugs :) ... it makes me want to keep a collection of them in a jam jar.
  471. 2008-11-6 I could murder a glass of red wine right now... wonder if there's any champaigne in the fridge! :D
  472. 2008-11-6 OOoooh! Hoobastank... reminds me of good times with Moofins!
  473. 2008-11-5 Fireworks going off near the windows... hopefully wont get shot at!
  474. 2008-11-5 Even if I have to drag you kicking and screaming, we'll improve this.
  475. 2008-11-4 Enjoyed having a good amount of alcohol with stoppers and graham. Now looking forward to going home and sleeping.
  476. 2008-11-4 @andrewstopford getting your sister drunk!
  477. 2008-11-4 So far @Johnwhenry, @nick_nyon and @wilcolley all interested in Bond tomorrow night. Yey.
  478. 2008-11-4 @nick_nyon and @wilcolley you both up for 007 tomorrow night?
  479. 2008-11-4 @simondoggett think it's either Developer lunch or Tech video lunch with pizza... but we should go Bodeans soon
  480. 2008-11-4 My mom now uses my twitter stream to figure out if I'll be home for tea. Amazing. Oh and she confused Gurning with Kerning.
  481. 2008-11-4 @thomasb86 Nachos.... drizzling cheese ooooooooh. Can't wait for lunch mate!
  482. 2008-11-4 Really would love some nachos right now... you know with chilli on top and cheese melted in...
  483. 2008-11-4 Showing people how awesome twitted is dm me if you love twitter! Thanks c
  484. 2008-11-3 Loving the Kings of Leon. Wuppppp wuppp wupp wup wupp
  485. 2008-11-3 @molbac confused @izabel_blue for @sophdea. Megalolz
  486. 2008-11-3 Copy... paste... copy... paste... change directory... paste... paste...
  487. 2008-11-3 Wow. @benlingard just brought in some amazing Wensleydale cheeses. Loved the onion one. Omg. So much.
  488. 2008-11-3 Need to pick up my tripod from @imajes today and do lots of works.. Music will make it better!
  489. 2008-11-3 Train cancelled. Boulderdash.
  490. 2008-11-3 Retweeting @hannah_monster: Seeking illustrators/poster artists. Send them my way pls. Will pay cash monies.
  491. 2008-11-3 New blog post! Why I can’t stop loving you: So simple is the Nintendo Wii that th.. http://tinyurl.com/5krz7m
  492. 2008-11-3 Looking at Trace on the iPhone as recommended by @willjohnh
  493. 2008-11-3 @izabel_blue is a gambler. Betting on Obama winning.
  494. 2008-11-2 @Stanto Was that about Britekite?
  495. 2008-11-2 Mind the fail - Photo: http://bkite.com/029mc
  496. 2008-11-2 Haven't laughed so much as when I just got to the bus scene in this.. http://is.gd/5D2V This brightened up my day :)
  497. 2008-11-2 Absolutely in love with this show now - http://is.gd/5D0f
  498. 2008-11-2 Correcting someone's English. Me of all people. Think this chap's shift button was broken or something too :P
  499. 2008-11-2 @jemimah_knight you don't lose your photos... they just wont appear to other people tomorrow...
  500. 2008-11-2 @MeToo I used to play la pétanque in St Tropez ;) My grandad showed me that if you wiggle your bottom b4 throwing you are more accurate!
  501. 2008-11-1 @bubblewrap76 "but if you go one duck, 2 ducks.. Awww shucks I give up, then you'll never get ducked."
  502. 2008-11-1 I'm at South Bank, ENG, United Kingdom - http://bkite.com/028n0
  503. 2008-11-1 Having a pint with @bubblewrap78 - Photo: http://bkite.com/028mZ
  504. 2008-11-1 Looking out the window of the train & singing an elbow song, "it's looking like a beautiful day.." Much to the despair of other passengers.
  505. 2008-11-1 Off into London to look around slowly with @bubblewrap76. His foot is on the mend after his bicycle accident!
  506. 2008-11-1 3 - 1 down to another team... and I just opened up the defence and won 4 - 3. Loving pro evo on Xbox Live.
  507. 2008-11-1 @dmitrig01 cud ya point me in the direction of anything similar to build it? :D Been trying to use firebug console to do it to no avail...
  508. 2008-11-1 Off to fabric tonight... reckon this is gonna be an amazing night. @bubblewrap76 is on painkillers & shots.
  509. 2008-10-31 Listening to Avenue Q - It sucks to be me!
  510. 2008-10-31 Waiting on nachos and foods at ko
  511. 2008-10-31 Sleep fail.
  512. 2008-10-30 Just walked past 3 people with mp5 rifles. Never gone so pale! Now I know how it feels to live in Iraq!
  513. 2008-10-30 Alergic to all my scarfs. Can't breath properly now guh.
  514. 2008-10-29 Hoping the @bubblewrap76 is okay after his bike accident. Get better soon mate.
  515. 2008-10-29 I believe we can fly... I believe we can touch the sky.... I dream about it every night and day... :P
  516. 2008-10-28 @Stanto Nice, glad it didn't ruin your travel back home!
  517. 2008-10-28 @hannah_monster Rofl. Amazing, and down goes the London transport system too. Unlike the trustly 'ol canuckle railway network.
  518. 2008-10-28 Had an awesome day with @stanto and his gf Jo. Even went for a curry in Bricklane and a pancake in Holborn.
  519. 2008-10-28 Have you ever seen kaiquotes? Oh you're in for a tweet!
  520. 2008-10-28 Overheard, "I really dont enjoy eating the crusts on a sandwich. So I eat them first!"
  521. 2008-10-28 Just seen mirrors edge - live the way it's all colour coded. Awesome design.
  522. 2008-10-28 Wow. Just got on a train and the guy infront of me downed his can of Stella. I quickly moved!
  523. 2008-10-28 Off meet up with @Stanto and co!
  524. 2008-10-28 @Whatleydude Well... see when it's cold and it rains it turns into snow! And it's prettttty darn cold rights nows.
  525. 2008-10-27 @richmarr I'm doing my best... hopefully it'll look okay in the end! How's things going for you?
  526. 2008-10-27 You can put lipstick on a pig :P but if you use jQuery you can give it a tummy tuck!
  527. 2008-10-27 The new site is going to be using microformats. You didn't know that before but you do now!
  528. 2008-10-27 Missing being able to use ID tags. Guh.
  529. 2008-10-26 Just played some kid at Pro Evo on Xbox live...10 minsin and lots of voice whining... Scored a goal and he exited the game. <3 Internet.
  530. 2008-10-26 Just had a shave for the first time in... stupid number of weeks. Can feel face again, what a weird and bizzare sensation.
  531. 2008-10-26 Joining XBox live so I can play with friends online :D
  532. 2008-10-26 @elliotjaystocks Do you think maybe you're taking it a little bit personally? :/ It is just work after all...
  533. 2008-10-26 Omgggg Lois is going to say she loves Clarke :D :D :D
  534. 2008-10-26 One more episode cant hurt surely... Someeebodyyy saveeee meeee
  535. 2008-10-26 Someeeebody saveeeeeee meeeeeee! :D Know what time it is? It's smallville time mixed with a bit of designin! :)
  536. 2008-10-26 @simondoggett haz cat infront of jelly wision show!
  537. 2008-10-25 Super lucky with the trains today!
  538. 2008-10-25 Never leave your mobile with other people.
  539. 2008-10-25 Just set britekite up on my mobile. What do people think about BriteKite. Oh and if you'd like an invite give me ur email!
  540. 2008-10-25 I'm at near Bexley, ENG, United Kingdom - http://bkite.com/020xP
  541. 2008-10-25 Okay... so who wants a BriteKite invite? :)
  542. 2008-10-24 I have totally fallen for the barmaid. Hard.
  543. 2008-10-24 If I could improve CSS I would allow parents to contain children's styles in the css doc to minimise file sizes- .grandpa {.dad{ .child}}
  544. 2008-10-24 No time for tuttle :( ...xmas day release here we come. Design team last night did a great job.
  545. 2008-10-24 @anniemole are you a sandman fan then? Will have huge respect for you if you've read it :)
  546. 2008-10-24 @tkenny I hate it too. Green tea and water ftw
  547. 2008-10-23 Almost back in my village. Looking forward to meeting my bed again.
  548. 2008-10-23 :(
  549. 2008-10-23 Going to lose my long void like black flowing locks of hair. I need to get to work first though!
  550. 2008-10-23 Wish it could be this peaceful and productive in the office everyday. See you on the flipside. x
  551. 2008-10-22 @jemimah_knight I didn't mean pizza with sushi on top and then covered in curry. But that could work! and what's a pizza traditionalist? :P
  552. 2008-10-22 Crap... just realised I'm going to be 26 in 6 months time.
  553. 2008-10-22 @jemimah_knight OOoooh what flavour and from where? :D Is it BeeBeeQ base? :D
  554. 2008-10-22 @MeToo lololol that's even more funny! :D
  555. 2008-10-22 @MeToo I was chuckling about you talking to @lollipop26 about hair products! ;)
  556. 2008-10-22 @MeToo rofl.
  557. 2008-10-22 @jon_bedford Oh it was tonight? I thought they mean't tomorrow or the friday! :( Pah
  558. 2008-10-22 @keirwhitaker Thanks for your reply mate, very grateful and looking forward to the new videos :)
  559. 2008-10-22 Soooo glad that I did all that work when I did it :D Saved myself a good few hours of setting up about 15 pages!
  560. 2008-10-22 Best copy of the day: join for free! Come in an enquire.
  561. 2008-10-22 @jemimah_knight sushi and curry is my favourite :D Not necessarily mixed. Although that could work...
  562. 2008-10-21 Wow. So much interest in the Atheist bus - http://is.gd/4rZg
  563. 2008-10-21 Great chat with @wilcolley during sushi dinner after a cool talk on evolution on poster design @ London transport museum thanks 2 @anniemole
  564. 2008-10-21 It isn't easy being half Chinese neither... but that's another story!
  565. 2008-10-21 @simondoggett I'm wearing shoes and I'm happy with my hair thank you.
  566. 2008-10-21 @lovelychaos :p being a designer isn't easy!
  567. 2008-10-21 My name is @wilcolley and I need to give up smoking.
  568. 2008-10-21 I typed <dick> instead of <div> there... :P
  569. 2008-10-21 Shocked by an email I've just read about the http://is.gd/4rZg ...It's a shame some people can't respect other people's opinions.
  570. 2008-10-21 :( Got distracted by things... back to the fun stuffs!
  571. 2008-10-21 @Stanto we use it at work... and it's very good for a huge company through their #tags etc :) give it a go with a few people.
  572. 2008-10-21 @Stanto Yammer is something you should look into my little networking crime fighting amigo!
  573. 2008-10-21 How many different types of version control can I use at the same time? :D
  574. 2008-10-21 Sat next to a bunch of total n00bs. They make the word new sound complicated!
  575. 2008-10-21 @tkenny it was the only time I could book an appointmnt for my battery to get swapped.
  576. 2008-10-21 So want to take a photo... Is it allowed?
  577. 2008-10-21 Huge queue for appointment to fix my mac book battery... Hmmm
  578. 2008-10-21 Just commented on 'micro persuasion:RSS Adoption at 11% and peaking...' http://is.gd/4tpY
  579. 2008-10-21 @keirwhitaker @ryancarson Hey! Do you guys know when the video of Blaine Cook on Jabber will be going up? Thanks :D
  580. 2008-10-21 Getting my jGroove on to lyrics... "Working hard to get my fill, Everybody wants a thrill"
  581. 2008-10-21 Dare! Dare to believe you can surviveeee. :) listening to the transformers movie theme tune.
  582. 2008-10-21 Great spot by @richmarr - Google is to do greasemonkey support! http://is.gd/4iCR
  583. 2008-10-20 Nice tweet @CamilleJ! RT @ThisisNow: New image blogged: fly your kite, be good again…! http://is.gd/4rcL
  584. 2008-10-20 @tkenny just had Agger sent off :( I'll have to play you when I get xbox live again
  585. 2008-10-20 @willjohnh I don't mind that! :D Mersey Red forever. And I should carry salt with me whilst travelling to and from work...
  586. 2008-10-20 Nature never ceases to amaze me. Just avoided either the biggest slug or poo I did ever see in my life. Phew.
  587. 2008-10-20 @jon_bedford man in the shop convinced me pro evo was the way to go.. Least EA the evil corp won't get my monies
  588. 2008-10-20 Just shown @jon_bedford my odd socks.
  589. 2008-10-20 Being asked for jQuery advice and having to explain it rocks to writing pure jS... and then Queen we will rock you started playing.
  590. 2008-10-20 @molbac it was Beyonce thanks to @willjohnh http://is.gd/4pE1
  591. 2008-10-20 Just finished watching Douglas crockford talking about the state of Ajax. It floats your dreams... Right down the drain pipe.
  592. 2008-10-20 @willjohnh It has Liverpool FC :D
  593. 2008-10-18 New blog post! Why change sucks: Ever sat at your desk and wondered where you’d l.. http://tinyurl.com/69gl7q
  594. 2008-10-18 @thirstforwine No problem dude! Glad you found it interesting :)
  595. 2008-10-18 http://is.gd/4jBg Digg? Dugg!
  596. 2008-10-18 That reminds me... gotta research flights to visit @paulinho soon for awesome fun times :D
  597. 2008-10-18 @hannah_monster how come everyone is going to Canada? :D My best friend @paulinho has moved there & boss (@izabel_blue) out there too!
  598. 2008-10-18 Does anyone know how Yahoo dev team made this http://is.gd/17Su pipes tutorial video on JumpCut? It's zooms and clarity is amazing.
  599. 2008-10-18 My macbook pro battery has just died. Great stuff.
  600. 2008-10-18 @Stanto go through the video tutorials on apple.com or you won't find out :)
  601. 2008-10-18 @wilcolley oh it was amazing, there was a bit of everything and we were all treated like kings!
  602. 2008-10-18 Dreamt of sushi! Now heading home after a great night with @tomvo and @bubblewrap76
  603. 2008-10-18 LOL terrible music... Oh wait :D
  604. 2008-10-18 Playing with pipes. I <3 Yahoo so much :)
  605. 2008-10-18 @wine_scribbler @thirstforwine Check this out! http://www.okaydave.com/ And view the Mondavi link :)
  606. 2008-10-17 @jon_bedford Be grateful they're not in London! Else they might stalk you ;)
  607. 2008-10-17 @jon_bedford ;) your so smooth that charities even flirt with you on their twitter. Amazing!
  608. 2008-10-17 Train was delayed cos he was avoiding kids running on the train tracks.
  609. 2008-10-17 iPhone safari failing more than a class of pre-school kids trying to do a pHd in 30 mins. "can I haz cray-own?"
  610. 2008-10-17 Doing the loco-tuttle thing. Hands cold, social online mittens needed!
  611. 2008-10-17 it's my twitter account and I'm just having a bit of fun ;) it won't get you in trouble they <3 you dude
  612. 2008-10-17 At tuttle - Simon Doggett is getting juice. Doing my best to behave and not argue with anyone - honest!
  613. 2008-10-16 @Whatleydude I'm with @jon_bedford on this one... Fright Night 2 was by far the best movie with werewolves in!
  614. 2008-10-16 Just joined this forum... http://is.gd/4cHk might be promising.. and they seem to have a nice community too.
  615. 2008-10-16 @simondoggett I guess this means that @marceatsworld shares the love. Boom boom.
  616. 2008-10-16 @tkenny http://is.gd/4bhm try this tutorial and you'll get an idea for it!
  617. 2008-10-16 @timbray thanks for putting my fowa doodle in a tweet. Got quite a few referals off it!
  618. 2008-10-16 Doing a tweet to test friendfeed realtime! Yeaaahh! :D
  619. 2008-10-16 @simondoggett wtf! Heroes has been kick ass so far. Syler is a legend.
  620. 2008-10-16 @tkenny do you use greasemonkey. With jQuery it's awesome!
  621. 2008-10-16 Don't you just hate having to learn how to use a complicated website? Argh... I just want to know where the signature might be.
  622. 2008-10-15 Two people said nice things to me today... thanks, feel really touched. Thinking about Stoppers and her family. Hope things will be okay..
  623. 2008-10-15 @utku my music taste is immense!
  624. 2008-10-15 Off home after a great 1st Volley. What is Volley? Find out more soon.
  625. 2008-10-15 @wilcolley's taste in music is bad! :P
  626. 2008-10-15 @jemimah_knight @annimole alright for some to have fun! ;)
  627. 2008-10-15 @richardmoross I say NAY! :P
  628. 2008-10-15 @thomasb86 Pre-DOM load there was a 'Here' message ;) So at a guess someone playing and learning with the jS on the page.
  629. 2008-10-15 http://www.BBC.com ! Looks like someone is testing something out on live and doing major fail.
  630. 2008-10-15 Looking to apply an accessibility stylesheet to the headers on Justgiving. Let me know of any good examples you've found!
  631. 2008-10-15 @codepo8 'My facial expression is pretty accurate', I was trying to make it compliment how sharp your sense of humour is! http://is.gd/47eh
  632. 2008-10-15 @anniemole me too... I feel like I'm part of the spam too. So lucky.
  633. 2008-10-15 @Whatleydude Bless your cotton socks!
  634. 2008-10-15 @Whatleydude I'll watch in full when I get home! Let me do a cameo next time with yah ;) PS. We need to do lunch sometime.
  635. 2008-10-15 @Whatleydude you have a phone fetish don't you!!! :P "That's a nokia 800..no 900" lol ;) Amazing.
  636. 2008-10-15 Listening to this to cheer me up - http://is.gd/3t1
  637. 2008-10-15 @johnwhenry can you blame me? After all the Microsoft vista propoganda.. iPhone safari crashes more than a crash test dummy too & now this!
  638. 2008-10-15 @darintenb another great tip from that infamous Japanese superstar :p PS: We too are big in Japan - http://is.gd/3x07
  639. 2008-10-15 I could write a song right now. I'm going to name it, "Everything but IE6. Everything but fucking IE6."
  640. 2008-10-15 Picking up some GreaseMonkey tips :D Anyone got any cool scripts they want to share?
  641. 2008-10-15 @Blaine and @izabel_blue have so much in common, they both have long blonde hair, Canadian and hate the elections right now.
  642. 2008-10-15 iPhone safari crash everytime I browse a site. Anyone have any suggestions? Guessing maybe a format?
  643. 2008-10-15 Apparently my MBP is doomed by Nvidia fail: http://is.gd/46L3 See you soon Apple friends.. @sushimonster this is all your fault :p
  644. 2008-10-14 @FoluB Ooooh.. pictures. This I have to see.
  645. 2008-10-14 Just ended a phone call with Hannah ending in "Shit, shit shit shit" ...hopefully she's not on fire!
  646. 2008-10-14 Causes are doing some amazing stuff on Facebook. Absolutely love this - http://is.gd/43DY Make a donation to Dave Morin of Facebook!
  647. 2008-10-14 @jemimah_knight You can't have mine :p
  648. 2008-10-14 Pizza and Tech Video Lunch in about 5 minutes time. OOoooo let's watch some Tim Bray!
  649. 2008-10-14 Watching an old screencast of Firebug... the gui for it looks like something from the 90's.
  650. 2008-10-13 Not heard the word bind for now... 10 years. Back in the old Team Fortress/IRC days of writing scripts. I missed binding stuffz.
  651. 2008-10-13 It's official. We all suck compared to this guy at programming. http://is.gd/401P
  652. 2008-10-13 Sure do - http://vimeo.com/984675 @wilcolley and check out this - http://is.gd/3ZXa
  653. 2008-10-13 Watching John Resig talking about jQuery... and going through a few talks.
  654. 2008-10-13 @simondoggett lol. Amazing. BullChair. Plz tm that!
  655. 2008-10-13 This is the @wilcolley and Maya Bull chair - http://is.gd/3ZAK
  656. 2008-10-13 @angelsk my name is pretty darn cool thanks :p
  657. 2008-10-13 @natbentley Google NAT on images! Girl photos!!!
  658. 2008-10-13 @angelsk Another great example :P It's not my fault Nat is short for Natalie! Hey @natbentley ! :p
  659. 2008-10-13 Justgiving version 3... how your beautiful and semantic code makes me <3 you so much. Plus ascii easter eggs in the markup too.. ^_^
  660. 2008-10-13 @angelsk cos it's easier to remember a real name!
  661. 2008-10-13 @natbentley :P I think it just goes to show that some people should improve their @ name! ;)
  662. 2008-10-13 Now I remember why I quit using dreamweaver. Crashing every day sucks.
  663. 2008-10-13 Overheard: "uni courses sucks for web design". If there are any uni teachers out there, drop me an email.. I'd love to speak to the future!
  664. 2008-10-13 ".fadeIn... I can't really demonstrate this with my hands..."
  665. 2008-10-12 Will pay handsomely for a copy of Google Chrome by Scott McCloud http://is.gd/3W0u it looks sooooo cool!
  666. 2008-10-12 @davemorin your images on your site www.davemorin.com has dead image links :(
  667. 2008-10-12 @jeremybaines @codepo8 @davemorin @ashorten @ryancarson @richardmoross all in my doodle notes tooooo http://is.gd/3Vzs
  668. 2008-10-12 @ryancarson Mark Zuckerberg @KathySierra @alexalbrecht @kevinrose all featured in this doodle note too - http://is.gd/3Vzj
  669. 2008-10-12 @MeToo @anniemole Thanks for the awesome game of bowling! We should organise a London bowling game / lip sync day!
  670. 2008-10-12 @mattb Stephen Fountain - my FoWA '08 doodle notes: http://is.gd/3Vq7 Enjoy! :D
  671. 2008-10-12 @simonw Simon Wardley @kevinrose Edwin Aoki @joestump @blaine my FoWA '08 doodle notes: http://is.gd/3Vo4 let me know if you like it :D
  672. 2008-10-12 It's cold this morning.. Passing wee, vomit and passed out individuals. I love my London.
  673. 2008-10-12 @jemimah_knight Yip. And I'm going to be doing round the clock work more often from now on to try and get more things done :D
  674. 2008-10-12 @michaeljmartin Thanks :)
  675. 2008-10-12 Hello office. Let's do this
  676. 2008-10-12 Retweeting @simondoggett: [bloggett] - FOWA #1 - Where’s the .net community at?: Me and most of the London tech co.. http://is.gd/3V3A
  677. 2008-10-11 @simondoggett okie dokes! I'm gonna kill time here then meet the parents...
  678. 2008-10-11 @simondoggett @marceatsworld and rob are clearly not going to make it for breakfast. Fail!
  679. 2008-10-11 @marcflores not sure yet...! We need @simondoggett to come up with a good plan!
  680. 2008-10-11 @marcflores I wasn't suggesting Molotov cocktails, just post fowa pranks :D
  681. 2008-10-11 Awake and a bit hungry. Anyone in the hotel wanna cause mischief?:D
  682. 2008-10-11 Really chuffed by all the kind words people said about my #fowa doodle notes... Will upload the rest 2moro when I get home!
  683. 2008-10-11 Attention ladies going out tonight. Having so much perfume on that it requires me to use a gas mask, is neither hot nor sexy. At all.
  684. 2008-10-11 @whatleydude @anniemole @simondoggett @natebentley @imajes we need to make an awesome lip dub movie anyone up for it? :D
  685. 2008-10-11 @jemimah_knight :p speak for yourself! Us Brits make it super spooky fun. Dressing up as zombie YMCA village people and stuffz..
  686. 2008-10-11 @ryancarson @keirwhitaker - doodles are going up now - http://photos.kaivong.com - enjoy and feel free to grab/use them :)
  687. 2008-10-11 Right... I guess I should make a move soon. Off for fun with friends :D
  688. 2008-10-11 at the party with @anniemole & @metoo and lots of hot girls (5 - I've counted :P)
  689. 2008-10-11 Uploading! Oooh and got to get ready too :) Lots of photos and stuffs to upload...
  690. 2008-10-11 Oh maclaptop... how I've missed using you :D
  691. 2008-10-11 Right... sooooo time to upload photos. @ryancarson - I didn't get your tweet, but I'll email you copies of the doodles.
  692. 2008-10-11 Taking photos by the docks until I meet family for lunch. Looking forward to seeing josh again!
  693. 2008-10-10 @ryancarson Great job wif FoWA day1! Tho disappointed you didn't have a cake for a hat or lit candles in your hat ;) PS. http://is.gd/3OfR
  694. 2008-10-10 Moo is down :( http://twitpic.com/ffy2
  695. 2008-10-10 Sketching my notes at #fowa lots... Map dude talks fast but a draw faster!
  696. 2008-10-10 Wanting at fowa a cool fireeagle and fail t-shirt. Hook me up yo.
  697. 2008-10-10 Added to my #fowa doodle to do list: placing red t-shirted hot female christians saying good morning lots and lots.
  698. 2008-10-10 Sure I should be hungovr right now.. Found out I went to the same uni as @natebentley - spooooky!
  699. 2008-10-10 Right... time to make a move to get to FoWA!
  700. 2008-10-9 @michaeljmartin on @simondoggett's mac and we gave up due to lack of completed screenshot example. Now for drinks.
  701. 2008-10-9 Diary.com gets a 5 from me at fowa -2 extra points for paying for the domain
  702. 2008-10-9 Now doodled and taken notes at fowa for ages and quite tired... Listening to tony fish. V similar to another talk earlier!
  703. 2008-10-9 In ur audience, doodlin ur boodlenz...
  704. 2008-10-9 People at fowa taking photos at people stupidly fat away from you.. Flash is pointless!
  705. 2008-10-9 great news about hdtv fowa - thank you :D
  706. 2008-10-9 @ryancarson great news about hdtv fowa - thank you :D
  707. 2008-10-9 At fowa and can't think who this song is by...
  708. 2008-10-9 Anyone else at canning town waiting for the train? It's pretty busy... Shock ,horror.
  709. 2008-10-9 @johnwhenry tu pues :p
  710. 2008-10-9 Today is national poetry day, and now I wondering what our jonno will say, on the good ol' JG when he blogs, for all you lucky... Dogs..
  711. 2008-10-9 Really would like to play puzzloop with my own music! Hudsonsoft team please make it so.
  712. 2008-10-9 @simondoggett what have you done..
  713. 2008-10-9 Right. #FoWA! Seeya all theres.
  714. 2008-10-9 We're hiring a asp.net front end interested in js - developer at fowa come chat to me
  715. 2008-10-8 In post. Working on the Jg away day flickr photos. Then bed. Then FowA. Then bed...
  716. 2008-10-8 @anniemole that's tomorrow.. Don't confuse @simondoggett ! Today we have work away day with secret speakers. It's like our own FoWJg
  717. 2008-10-8 @simondoggett why is the bloody delete key so near to forward and reply on the iPhone :P
  718. 2008-10-8 @simondoggett will email u directions
  719. 2008-10-8 Pretty sure my lens is cracked... :( it's producing very very bokeh like photos!
  720. 2008-10-7 Heading home! Had a blast and met some interesting ppl at the moo party. Away day tomorrow and then foWa.
  721. 2008-10-7 @joshr :( Oh dear! Things have definately gone down hill for them!
  722. 2008-10-7 @joshr I just went to www.comicrelief.com and first the .css was messed... then a refresh brought up a IE7 conditional comment and then 404
  723. 2008-10-7 Just got photos of the charities people here to visit us! If @simondoggett or @jon_bedford would remind me... I'll pass em on to yahs!
  724. 2008-10-7 Stupid alt key was stuck. So there I was wondering why "Eh" translated to "58"... etc :P
  725. 2008-10-7 @willjohnh "What's wrong with Carly?" "Ear infection" "Listening to all that loud music!"
  726. 2008-10-7 @anucreative That information comes on a need to know basis. And we don't need to know!
  727. 2008-10-7 @jon_bedford You're a legend. That link was amazing. Now no one will ever get mail from me!
  728. 2008-10-7 Setting Vars like it's going out of fashion tomorrow. Just kidding!
  729. 2008-10-7 @thomasb86 :) Not what I'm looking for!
  730. 2008-10-7 "Does anyone know any charities that track down children in Africa?"
  731. 2008-10-7 @utku Oh count me in for seeing it at the iMax! :D
  732. 2008-10-6 No more vilipending for you! http://is.gd/3B4B
  733. 2008-10-6 Anyone want anything from the shops? @Nick_Nyon is your man! :D
  734. 2008-10-6 Looking for an jQuery image crop plug in - where the image moves, and the crop is static. :) Help/ideas plz!
  735. 2008-10-6 @tkenny welcome to the club! :) have you printed out your jQuery cheatsheet?
  736. 2008-10-6 @smyther Try waking at 6:45am dude ;) The ultimate test everyday! Off to #FowA you'd love it. DiggNation ftw!
  737. 2008-10-6 Whale singing... I can hear whale singing. Oh wait, it's just my housemates (aka the parents).
  738. 2008-10-6 @tkenny yip - I have the bottom one printed out and below my monitor/in my notepad. It helps as a quick reminder.
  739. 2008-10-5 @smyther OOooh thanks for that mon amis. I'll be sure to check them out. :)
  740. 2008-10-5 Time for a bit of Guitar Hero! :D
  741. 2008-10-5 Uploaded a video from the photoshoot! http://is.gd/3yun My first in some time...
  742. 2008-10-5 Omfg. http://is.gd/3xZI .... this woman is a total loon.
  743. 2008-10-5 @limeduck Interesting... I'll have to check it out. I'm finding with lots of movies I'm having a shorter and shorter attention span!
  744. 2008-10-5 @limeduck It's the anime I'm watching... just seen a clip from the live action. Man it looks bad. Power rangers bad.
  745. 2008-10-5 @limeduck lulz. Just watching Guyver! Have you seen it? I watched it a long time ago when I was just 12 or something...
  746. 2008-10-5 Watching new season! Someeeeeeeee boddddyyy saveeee meeeee!
  747. 2008-10-5 New Bond movie soon! So excited. The name is Kai... Kai Chan Vong... BOOM! :D :D :D
  748. 2008-10-5 This is soooooo awesome and cool. Gj guys at Flickr - http://is.gd/3vFW
  749. 2008-10-5 @simondoggett bloody hell, that took you ages!
  750. 2008-10-5 @smyther it is awesome! Now watching Guyver. Remember how awesome it is? :D
  751. 2008-10-4 @Whatleydude It gets so much better too!
  752. 2008-10-4 @MeToo @robingrant Alcoholics anonymous! ;)
  753. 2008-10-4 @Izabel_blue Does this mean we're going to be having a competition at work then? :D Royal design rumble
  754. 2008-10-4 @Fozoftheyear Davor Suker eat your heart out.
  755. 2008-10-4 @uktu @emmapersky @tomvo All I can think about today is pancakes...
  756. 2008-10-4 @anniemole Booooo what about a "How to get a fuck through Social Media" talk? ;)
  757. 2008-10-4 Stupid new law on paracetamol. And tesco staff totally unhelpful.. Now off to morisons!
  758. 2008-10-4 @simondoggett not in London although I would have loved to have! :) When I have a flat centrally I will tho!
  759. 2008-10-4 Today I'm going to play with XLST and Prototype. :)
  760. 2008-10-4 @anniemole Twhirl is also very good for multiple accounts! :D
  761. 2008-10-3 @wilcolley cya soon!
  762. 2008-10-3 @utku @natbentley we'll then gatecrash pOd1? :D
  763. 2008-10-3 @utku @natbentley sushi and then a beer? Meet at Farringdon? :) I'll be there in about an hourish.. sound good?
  764. 2008-10-3 @utku up for some sushi with us too UKTU? :) It'll be fun... we'll talk about XLST, jQuery and other things!
  765. 2008-10-3 @wilcolley HEAR THAT! @natbentley says about SUSHI AND PINT!
  766. 2008-10-3 I'll come back if we're making a night of it! :)
  767. 2008-10-3 Woofie calculator idea trademarked!
  768. 2008-10-3 @wilcolley I'll come back and take you out for some sushi or something if you're up for it?
  769. 2008-10-3 @utku don't have your number - let's meet in faringdon!
  770. 2008-10-3 @simondoggett where you all off out to? :)
  771. 2008-10-3 @richardmoross Be there in 2! :D
  772. 2008-10-3 @CamilleJ Welcome to This is Social! :) Glad to have you on board and look forward to working with you.
  773. 2008-10-3 @nick_nyon Nopers... it was 2d, just the amount of popups on mouseovers when I wasn't expecting has made me feel quite ill.
  774. 2008-10-3 @gill_edwards nope! Not at all... I just get motionsickness from it.
  775. 2008-10-3 Just had my first experience of motion sickness from a website - http://is.gd/3t4P - not feeling so hot right now.
  776. 2008-10-3 Social Media hair cut. How should I cut/grow my hair next? You pick. I cut! :D
  777. 2008-10-3 Probably should have walked it from London bridge! Racing trains in London is too easy though..
  778. 2008-10-3 @utku some small digital agency! Cya soon? Suggest me a different sushi bar if you know one!
  779. 2008-10-2 @simondoggett Thanks :p
  780. 2008-10-2 Ah Gambit from the X-Men. Thank you for that little bit of French I got to use, just then.
  781. 2008-10-2 @MeToo Merci becoup cheri! :)
  782. 2008-10-2 @utku ROFL. Right aligned..... and enough padding on the top of the header? Incredible.
  783. 2008-10-2 @angelsk crap. http://is.gd/3rtM I mean't this for my new hair style!
  784. 2008-10-2 Considering a hair cut. http://is.gd/3rqn I think I might grow my hair and dye it like this... it would be wicked sick!
  785. 2008-10-2 @MeToo OOoops. Sorry! Try now :)
  786. 2008-10-2 Poor Bradley... erm.... not that Eastenders is on TV...
  787. 2008-10-2 When I get home, it'll be time to do lotsa work for @thisisnow. Got a cool interview and few posts ready!
  788. 2008-10-2 @keirwhitaker I'll be sure to restrain him if he goes into a rage black out at FoWA ;)
  789. 2008-10-2 @keirwhitaker He said to me he did everything you said in the post and is now sobbing in a meeting. :( We still <3 you guys tho.
  790. 2008-10-2 @ryancarson :( Apparently has let @simondoggett down :( :( :(
  791. 2008-10-2 @MikeTreat :p Trademark it!
  792. 2008-10-2 Charity copy. First paragraph says We'd. Second paragraph says We'd. Even I know that's kinda bad! :P
  793. 2008-10-2 wow 77 views on http://vimeo.com/1867039 already. @simondoggett calls me a superstar. MegaLoLz.
  794. 2008-10-2 So... http://vimeo.com/1867039 yeah I'm in this video.
  795. 2008-10-2 Don't vote. Seriously. Don't fucking vote. http://is.gd/3o84
  796. 2008-10-2 Soooo hungry. Need sushi... or I might... fade... into nothing...
  797. 2008-10-2 Very impressed with some of the Justgiving lot ( @molbac & @Lee_p_Marshall ) joining twitter to engage with the users and charities.
  798. 2008-10-2 @utku @simondoggett look... some of my friends have good music on their radio stations and some bad ones. It's not my fault!
  799. 2008-10-2 @tkenny Really? I think about it the other way round... every Friday sucks. Monday is awesome!
  800. 2008-10-2 @simondoggett Arghhhh shut up!!! :P I can't believe you just quoted that.
  801. 2008-10-2 @Stanto Sadly not...
  802. 2008-10-2 Listening to @sophdea's last.fm radio station. Well... someone has to!
  803. 2008-10-1 I love my job. I love life. :)
  804. 2008-10-1 @marceatsworld that's awesome! :D Didn't realise you'll be there too. Hanging out with me and the doggett! :)
  805. 2008-10-1 #FoWA next week. Hyped? You betcha golly gosh ickles!
  806. 2008-10-1 Thankfully remembered to go burn a DVD for Hayley...
  807. 2008-10-1 Sooo sleepy. Lots done today... next week is going to be the official death of me. Hopefully not literally.
  808. 2008-10-1 Have a sudden urge to watch Guyver. How bizzare... I never normally have sudden thoughts like this!
  809. 2008-10-1 @tall_rich Jo with green hair would be amazing! lol
  810. 2008-10-1 @imajes Joe Quesada = amazing! :D
  811. 2008-10-1 Know what time it is? It's Beastie Boys - Sabotage time! AHHhhhhhh can't stand it. I know yah planned it!
  812. 2008-10-1 @angelsk pictures! I need a good chuckle :)
  813. 2008-10-1 Feel slightly bad for taking out my bad mood on mommy (@Izabel_blue) get well soon and stay away from any work!
  814. 2008-10-1 I should be nicer to mommy shouldn't I @simondoggett... just like @ryancarson is. Ah well :P
  815. 2008-10-1 @Izabel_blue - Violin. Smallest.
  816. 2008-10-1 Listening to steptics and true believers. Ah how fitting :)
  817. 2008-10-1 Great photo - http://is.gd/3nbi
  818. 2008-10-1 This is becoming a bad trend... :P
  819. 2008-10-1 Off for sushi with stoppers!
  820. 2008-10-1 @warriorgrrl Yes please @wilcolley is the chap buying it :) let us know where etc to pick up/pay :)
  821. 2008-10-1 @warriorgrrl £200?
  822. 2008-10-1 Photobox.com is the culprit behind the reversing text... pretty lame!
  823. 2008-10-1 Would the person who made my firefox type letters back to front, please come and fix it :p It's no longer funny!
  824. 2008-10-1 @Izabel_blue don't hate... appreciate :(
  825. 2008-10-1 @Fozoftheyear What'd you mean sort of! Everyone should go! :D
  826. 2008-9-30 Hello nested DIV tags. Mr. Delete would like words with you. Tap, tap... tap. :)
  827. 2008-9-30 Hey! We need I 14 more comments on http://tinyurl.com/47ambj - please help!
  828. 2008-9-30 @willjohnh :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
  829. 2008-9-30 @skipchris we try our best :)
  830. 2008-9-30 @Whatleydude hehehe... http://is.gd/3kAu ... I have a lot more :) too
  831. 2008-9-29 @gill_edwards Honestly, don't let curiousity get the better of you. And if you do, have a bucket nearby to chuck up.
  832. 2008-9-29 @simondoggett Yeah. This made me physically sick, that was the only difference ;)
  833. 2008-9-29 @cat_elliott Sick! This is hilarious - http://is.gd/3iub - ex-England manager lost the ability to speak English normally.
  834. 2008-9-29 @MikeTreat My thing?! :P I had no idea it was that. Ro got me to record me watching it and I thought wtf... I was chokingggg :P
  835. 2008-9-29 Urgh. Ro just got me to do the 2 girls, 1 cup video. Almost threw up.
  836. 2008-9-29 @anniemole in denial again! I was sure that was you. The blonde thing could work tho!
  837. 2008-9-29 @Izabel_blue quote "I used to love Fillet o' Fish." The truth is coming out now...
  838. 2008-9-29 Hayley post-tooth removal quote, "I tried to eat some grapes and got a massive piece stuck in the toothy gummy hole in my gob." Nice.
  839. 2008-9-29 This lemisip stuff is strong. Everything feels like it's in slow motion... time for some Dragonforce yo!
  840. 2008-9-29 I just did a little dance and had a bit of Microsoft love. jQuery for .Net? Oh yes.
  841. 2008-9-29 Stupid train has stopped and gonna be late for the dev meeting @simondoggett hold them up for me!
  842. 2008-9-29 @simondoggett has just written an amazing blog post about FoWA - an amazing event next week. Check it - http://is.gd/3h2l
  843. 2008-9-28 just a huge load of photos to name... then uploading. Quite happy with a few of them...
  844. 2008-9-28 Awesome day. Shattered. Now tho and heading to meet up with friends for food!
  845. 2008-9-28 @angelsk at a photo shoot and using my iPhone - so can't click the URL
  846. 2008-9-28 @angelsk I would if it wasn't for the ()! You'd be proud of me, I've resorted to odd socks
  847. 2008-9-28 Off to the photoshoot. Not feeling too hot right now :( think I've got a cold again... bah!
  848. 2008-9-28 Here goes nothing. 100 photos of nothing! ;)
  849. 2008-9-27 @imajes you will! Been such a busy couple of days
  850. 2008-9-27 Been asked to do a website for #Ginnan ;) volley.me that is!
  851. 2008-9-27 Greg on @Kaiquotes, "wow you really talk a lot"
  852. 2008-9-27 "The wii flew away. Finding refuge at current. Here's a book instead." A haiku by Greg.
  853. 2008-9-27 Greg in tears laughing at my raffle story from twestival. He's now thinking up a haiku too. Oh and he just asked me "is that an iPhone".
  854. 2008-9-27 @amandita thanks that's v kind of u. :) will properly reply when I get home.
  855. 2008-9-27 @angelsk well you would :p wouldn't you!
  856. 2008-9-27 @amandita can I have a donation to a charity of my choice to make up for my voided raffle tickets?
  857. 2008-9-27 @wilcolley Hi @natbentley! And I'm ignoring that comment :p
  858. 2008-9-27 jQuery form validation? Yes, I think quite possibly jQuery is better than sex. http://is.gd/3d0Z
  859. 2008-9-27 @hannah_monster Hope you didn't mind us being at the bbq yesterday - we did bring beer/vodka/coke :) Keep up the good work!
  860. 2008-9-27 @jon_bedford @bubblewrap76 did you both get home okay?
  861. 2008-9-27 Off tomorrow for photoshoot 08! Very excited... http://is.gd/2khG quite a few people I know are going too!
  862. 2008-9-27 @simondoggett is it xBox360? :)
  863. 2008-9-27 @angelsk Workaholic! ;)
  864. 2008-9-27 Amazed at the number of Star Trek easter eggs there are in Heroes!
  865. 2008-9-27 Watching Heroes. Very hyped.
  866. 2008-9-27 @BetaRish No I mean I put my foot through one of the rips in it and went straight through!
  867. 2008-9-27 Just put my foot through my jeans. Great start the morning! Off to meet Greg Chiche, he's back from France and off back up North 2moro!
  868. 2008-9-27 Heading home... Tired now and needing sleep walk capsules!
  869. 2008-9-27 @richmarr organized a great party tonight at thirst bar. Met some super cool people.
  870. 2008-9-26 At last.fm roof with @jon_Bedford and @utku ! Having fun and wish u were here!
  871. 2008-9-26 Hi new followers! Thanks @deliciousmedia for the drinks and was good to meet you. Off to Moo soon to say hi!
  872. 2008-9-26 @Whatleydude Thanks dude! It was major fun. Just sad that I didn't win the wii because I wasn't in the room! :(
  873. 2008-9-26 @londonstuff I'm going to ignore that :P
  874. 2008-9-26 @amandita I missed out on the wii because I was outside :( @KaiFish's girlfriend wrote my name down on the ticket... http://is.gd/39QN
  875. 2008-9-26 @blogtillyoudrop It's kai chan vong! not wong :P
  876. 2008-9-26 @MeToo it was a wii :(
  877. 2008-9-26 @simondoggett I said it in a joking way. HA HA. Get it... joking rhymes with choking :P
  878. 2008-9-26 Off to weep. My waffle ticket at #Twestival got called out whilst I was outside. :( :(
  879. 2008-9-26 #Twestival heard my ticket got called out but I wasn't in the room at the time... http://is.gd/39QN :( if only it had been twittered!
  880. 2008-9-26 Good morning world - great photo of @whatleydude here - http://is.gd/39CZ - "WHaaaaaaaaaaatleeyyyyyyyyy"
  881. 2008-9-26 @utku on my way bitch!
  882. 2008-9-25 Having some drinks with some ppl no big deal.
  883. 2008-9-25 @utku I'm going with @simondoggett at about 6ish :) See you there mate!
  884. 2008-9-25 Retweeting @willjohnh: Train's just hit someone at Taplow. Doing 120mph at the time.
  885. 2008-9-25 @jon_bedford oh dear... Will it be okay?
  886. 2008-9-25 Just posted a new photo to this is now group blog... http://is.gd/36gD let me know what you thinK!
  887. 2008-9-25 Learning yoga. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in.
  888. 2008-9-24 rumour going round that gazza's been found dead in a hotel room...
  889. 2008-9-24 I know I should go to sleep... but I really want to do some work.
  890. 2008-9-24 @tall_rich BBC2! And it's... erm.... interesting I guess... lol
  891. 2008-9-24 Britains youngest grannies. Oh my god...
  892. 2008-9-24 @wilcolley you lucky dog. I wish I was being sung too. NOT!
  893. 2008-9-24 @angelsk ditto :( Still in office. But not too much left to do!
  894. 2008-9-24 hey tweeple, Jg looking for amazing speakers on technology, charities, social media, etc etc for our awayday in early october. DM me!
  895. 2008-9-24 @tkenny OOoo thganks. That's quite a weird one! Having an off day :)
  896. 2008-9-24 @animole HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!
  897. 2008-9-24 @thomasb86 I think it's really important to have breaks from work though, otherwise you're not maximising your productivity.
  898. 2008-9-23 Excited about my friend Gregory Pues coming along to London this Saturday! He is a French programming god.
  899. 2008-9-23 Time to switch over to Tweetdeck, Twhirl failed me for @ messages. @thirstforwine Sorry bout that, Ipromise to turn up next time
  900. 2008-9-23 @thirstforwine bugger! I must have missed it - I think maybe Twhirl only spots messages where the @ is at the start...
  901. 2008-9-23 @willjohnh I didn't have a date! I just wanted to look nice to go into work!!!
  902. 2008-9-23 @MeToo I dropped a message but didn't hear anything back! I would have come with a friend but forgot to chase up about it. Busy work day :)
  903. 2008-9-23 Listening to Elbow playing on tv. Chilling out despite having a bad reaction to something I ate... or something..
  904. 2008-9-23 So excited about new season of heroes. YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAATAAAA!!!!
  905. 2008-9-23 Apparently I'm a meanie [day 013 of 365] http://tinyurl.com/3fp5m3
  906. 2008-9-23 _MG_0114 http://tinyurl.com/4hodrk
  907. 2008-9-23 Stuck on a train.. But will be home soon!
  908. 2008-9-23 @angelsk I'm not a meanie! :)
  909. 2008-9-23 Gemma reading and having lunch http://tinyurl.com/53nphw
  910. 2008-9-23 Ahhhh the analytics test has begun. I wonder which one will win! :D Has anyone clicked on it yet @johnwhenry ??
  911. 2008-9-23 Not long until photoshoot08! http://is.gd/2ZKC
  912. 2008-9-23 @thomasb86 the download link wasn't there... I had to scrob it using Firebug :P
  913. 2008-9-23 Looking for the Cornerz plugin for jQuery. Download link nowhere to be found.
  914. 2008-9-23 "Be friendly to the temp", "Talk to the temp"... I have a deadline on Wednesday!!!
  915. 2008-9-23 Some people in the morning think to themselves, "today I'm going to take the helicopter into work"
  916. 2008-9-23 @thirstforwine I'm sure you guys had tons of fun even without me snapping away! :)
  917. 2008-9-22 Right... lots of work done for http://is.gd/2YFw . Ready to hit the sack! :)
  918. 2008-9-22 @MeToo thanks! :) I'm trying my best... so difficult when they're all so good!
  919. 2008-9-22 @MeToo I think in a few months time I will be physically sick of photography! :P
  920. 2008-9-22 @justcreative 'are u human?' in spot light designer form confused me - thought the image hadn't loaded. A call to action would be better?
  921. 2008-9-22 Note to self, swap @sophdea's chocolate in her drawer over with something... like a sock.
  922. 2008-9-22 @marceatsworld @fozoftheyear Sign up for http://twestival.com !
  923. 2008-9-22 jQuery. Better than sushi.
  924. 2008-9-22 In love with a little library call jQuery. She's short, got red hair and cute and that's just to boot! :D
  925. 2008-9-22 @MikeTreat That's snob talk... as long as stuff degrades it's fine.
  926. 2008-9-22 jQuery is awesome. All that stuff @meyerweb taught me in a workshop I can now use for iE6 users! Happy days.
  927. 2008-9-22 Cino's http://tinyurl.com/433wcr
  928. 2008-9-22 Sashimi on rice http://tinyurl.com/3k3ffp
  929. 2008-9-22 Sashimi http://tinyurl.com/4fnv26
  930. 2008-9-22 @thirstforwine 2 people interested if it's pretty central! :)
  931. 2008-9-22 Now following @codepo8 so I'll know more about future scriptingenabled conferences and stuffs!
  932. 2008-9-22 Just seen a really nice quote from a charity. It's long... but it's nice. http://is.gd/2WMo
  933. 2008-9-22 Swedish Jazz... wow... it exists http://is.gd/2WK9
  934. 2008-9-22 @wilcolley Don't start Speaking Spanish with me pal!
  935. 2008-9-22 @wilcolley Get the hell back in the office now!!! :D
  936. 2008-9-22 @johnwhenry welcome back dude! See you in the office soon.
  937. 2008-9-22 Listening to boagworld talking about libraries. And no, not the ones with books in.
  938. 2008-9-22 @meToo No rest for the wicked ;) ! Get back to work muwahha :D
  939. 2008-9-21 New blog post! Why ‘tagging’ is bad: UK sites sometimes make the accident o.. http://tinyurl.com/3u6xoz
  940. 2008-9-21 New blog post! My legs on Flickr: Loads of people said to me, “Kai… that la.. http://tinyurl.com/4basry
  941. 2008-9-21 New blog post! Wine?: During this week, Mex (of Moo and herself fame) invited my little.. http://tinyurl.com/3gy5m2
  942. 2008-9-21 New blog post! From Tokyo with love: Not too long ago I came back from Japan.  A wonder.. http://tinyurl.com/6g2wvv
  943. 2008-9-21 Wanting a Flickr bike. http://is.gd/2Fqu
  944. 2008-9-21 bright colours - on black http://tinyurl.com/4or28g
  945. 2008-9-21 @izabel_blue must be missing Strictly come dancing. Judges comparing some of the dancing to that of Winnie the Pooh.
  946. 2008-9-21 Awake and just finished uploading the photos!
  947. 2008-9-21 @wilcolley eh?
  948. 2008-9-21 New blog post! Black or white matters?: I’ve recently started to work for ThisIsN.. http://tinyurl.com/48lmag
  949. 2008-9-21 _MG_0076 http://tinyurl.com/4vgr3x
  950. 2008-9-21 @kevinprince let's hope someone from Yahoo or Flickr are listening! :)
  951. 2008-9-21 The colo(u)r experiment. - a set on Flickr http://tinyurl.com/4sugap
  952. 2008-9-21 RSVP mr @HarvestTwest :)
  953. 2008-9-21 @emilicon I now see what you mean about Digg. But I still love the site!
  954. 2008-9-21 I'm going to have to get my little cousin to play this! It's awesome :) http://is.gd/2KC9
  955. 2008-9-21 _MG_0053 http://tinyurl.com/4np5k4
  956. 2008-9-21 @richjm I was surprised Tumblr didn't get in to the top 10. Myspace's redesign is also very outstanding...
  957. 2008-9-21 @kevinprince Lets hope Yahoo read this and send one of us one. I'll share mine with you if you don't get one.
  958. 2008-9-21 Sorry for the spam... seems like the Twitter feed suddenly realised it could post a back log of stuff.
  959. 2008-9-20 @bubblewrap76 thanks for today mate it was super fun. Hope you got back okay!
  960. 2008-9-20 "No Elie... Don't go there ... That's the baby changing rooms!!" Elie in a hurry for the toilet.
  961. 2008-9-20 In Waterloo station 'hot girl central'
  962. 2008-9-20 Listening to boagworld talk to the creator of jQuery.
  963. 2008-9-20 @marceatsworld at London eye to start off with!
  964. 2008-9-20 Off to London to take photos with a famous portrait photographer. All welcome - DM me if interested!
  965. 2008-9-20 puzzleloop on the iPhone. THE best game on the iPhone by miles and miles. How it's not higher in popularity is beyond me.
  966. 2008-9-20 Breakfast time! Guinea pigs not on the menu.
  967. 2008-9-20 @jemimah_knight you ATE a guinea pig?! What did it do to you? :P
  968. 2008-9-20 @wilcolley that was me quoting elie. What an amazing night.
  969. 2008-9-19 Feeling sick again. Wonderful. I think this is a sign that I'm only ever going to play games which aren't first person shooters!
  970. 2008-9-19 Sat so far back on the bed I almost fell off. Great start! It's one thing to avoid motion sickness and another to be agile like a fox.
  971. 2008-9-19 Just eaten. Probably not the best of times to play Call of Duty 4... but hey, I'm a sucker for pain.
  972. 2008-9-19 Great day at work. Don't think I've ever had such great responses about work i've done for a long while.
  973. 2008-9-19 @ThisisNow is live... some cool stuff going on http://twurl.nl/lhj4zi ! :)
  974. 2008-9-19 Congrats on the win @mattrhodes hope the head isn't too sore following the celebrations.
  975. 2008-9-19 Just seen google pirate search yaaaaaaaaar. Yip, no more of that from me now. http://twurl.nl/y8ulzw
  976. 2008-9-19 Pleased Twitter haven't tried to re-invent the wheel with their redeisgn! Great improvements.
  977. 2008-9-19 Flickr's logo changed... no more loves me :(
  978. 2008-9-19 Looking at twitter's new design...
  979. 2008-9-19 @richmarr does this mean it's talk like a pirate day... Already... Again...
  980. 2008-9-19 Waiting for train. City dude looking wrong way for the train to arrive. No wonder they're in all this turmoil
  981. 2008-9-19 It's always nice when a charity phones up cheerful and saying hello. That's it... there isn't a punchline to that comment!
  982. 2008-9-18 Congrats to fresh minds! Sadly we didn't win..
  983. 2008-9-18 Thanks to everyone who wished us luck. Excited now. Go go go...
  984. 2008-9-18 @anucreative can I have that ticket mate? We're sponsoring the event too :P
  985. 2008-9-18 This.IS.Now - http://twitter.com/thisisnow This sounds pretty coooooooooooool
  986. 2008-9-18 Hope we win tonight. @simondoggett and I have polished our shoes and trying to look smart for the awards tonight!
  987. 2008-9-18 @johnwhenry me and @simondoggett put it out with some miso soup! We're fine though - don't fret!
  988. 2008-9-18 @simondoggett Internet due to fire next door!
  989. 2008-9-18 In the office hub dead next door due to the fire...
  990. 2008-9-18 Fire in the buildings near our office so the electricty has gone and we can't get in. Waiting in Eat with the if team.
  991. 2008-9-18 Listening to boagworld talking about agile. It'll be good to hear designers pov on it.
  992. 2008-9-18 @simondoggett I'm game! We should do it with cornflakes.
  993. 2008-9-18 @MikeTreat see my Flickr - http://photos.kaivong.com =D
  994. 2008-9-18 Wow.. Wearing suit gives a 10 train upgrade. Thats right, even the train is pimped @simondoggett. Where's my champagne at yo?!?
  995. 2008-9-18 @johnwhenry hoho!
  996. 2008-9-17 Going to have to get this because my current iPhone case is really starting to fall apart - http://is.gd/2LLz and also - http://is.gd/2LMa
  997. 2008-9-17 Black cabs bursting into flames in London. Well... I'll definately be walking in future! :P
  998. 2008-9-17 Spore on the mac is awesome. Which ever twit told me to buy it on the iPhone needs to rethink his gaming suggestions. Spore mac = gg
  999. 2008-9-17 @elliotjaystocks wow well done.. I still stall or scream as the car goes forward (slight exageration).
  1000. 2008-9-17 @tall_rich just voted for you and @anniemole :D gl!
  1001. 2008-9-17 @MeToo both just arrived at the same time! Thanks will reply soon.
  1002. 2008-9-17 Can you hear me? "Oooh lucky you"
  1003. 2008-9-17 @angelsk Where was my invite!
  1004. 2008-9-17 Amazing email: "Does anyone know anything about EXCEL, can you help me please! It won’t let me copy and paste anything! "
  1005. 2008-9-17 Simon will be having his mac birthday soon. http://twurl.nl/u1xxoj
  1006. 2008-9-17 @angelsk you'll do fine!
  1007. 2008-9-17 Ahhh the smell of motherboard @simondoggett can tell the difference. Smells like bacon!
  1008. 2008-9-17 Just seen a mobile with a totally cracked face. Ive just given my iPhone a pat and told the same won't happen to her.
  1009. 2008-9-17 Oi oi oi oi! Singing TNT! Cos I'm TNT! And battling the evil walk in the middle of the street man. Update: past him
  1010. 2008-9-17 @elliotjaystocks Been putting all the data into Geni - we used the 1901 census, you have to pay for and you're allowed to use for a week
  1011. 2008-9-16 @johnwhenry I was talking to a mathamatician about that! :) He's in AI and dealing with algarithoms/formula I believe it was...
  1012. 2008-9-16 @robhayward www.idesign-london.com :P but that's tomorrow!
  1013. 2008-9-16 $(@simondoggett).click(table()) $(@kaichanvong).animate({fist-display:inline-block;})
  1014. 2008-9-16 Yes... I know how :hover works Chris :P
  1015. 2008-9-16 That was amusing... seeing him not know where he downloaded the library to and then not spelling script right made for amusing screencast!
  1016. 2008-9-16 Oooo * {resets here} very CSS3 :p I'm sure our IE6 users would love that... yup got that jQuery library... rofl. Fail @ download.
  1017. 2008-9-16 Hello Chris from CSS-Tricks! :) Your not an expert huh... me neither... but hey, I'm gonna learn from you...
  1018. 2008-9-16 Sudo su! :) Xampp back and running since my format + Bootcamping.
  1019. 2008-9-16 Train soon! Soooo tired. Wonder what to have for my tea..
  1020. 2008-9-16 Really not enjoying having 1 style sheet for same 1 include file that slots into 3 areas of the site one is a table other is a div.. ARgh!
  1021. 2008-9-16 @MeToo I didn't! Cool, speak to you soon.
  1022. 2008-9-16 I wake up... even more tired than I was when I fell asleep. Argh.
  1023. 2008-9-16 When document is read... fire off this function. Ahhh that makes sense. Thanks Chris. $(document).ready(function(funkyfunk2iongoeshere))
  1024. 2008-9-15 Now convinced that one day @Izabel_blue will make an awesome (chocolate eating) mom.
  1025. 2008-9-15 @Izabel_blue "When I was a babysitter, I would put the kids to sleep and then EAT THEIR CHOCOLATE!!!"
  1026. 2008-9-15 Waiting in line for salad! Thinking more about food photography... Mmm food.
  1027. 2008-9-15 @MeToo Sounds exciting! :D
  1028. 2008-9-15 Feeling happy. Not sure why!
  1029. 2008-9-15 @ryancarson Steve Jobs.
  1030. 2008-9-15 @simondoggett megalolz.
  1031. 2008-9-15 Just watched ninja cat! Great stuff from @kevinrose's tweet!
  1032. 2008-9-15 Just found 3 potentially good shots for my 365... Just another 362 to go
  1033. 2008-9-15 First time I've been quoted on someone else's blog - http://is.gd/2DPr - Ke Why (that's Spanish for - how cool)
  1034. 2008-9-15 Brain dead now. Need to pick a 365 photo. Oh and to find a place to live nearer to London. And of course to sleeeeep.
  1035. 2008-9-15 @ryancarson Sergei Brin?
  1036. 2008-9-15 Heading home after a meeting... It wasn't about designin stuff but would be fun. Now for food!
  1037. 2008-9-15 Almost just got pulled in for an interview but no my name isn't chris!
  1038. 2008-9-15 @meyerweb having the same iphone problem with phoning people whilst on 3g too! It's annoying.
  1039. 2008-9-15 Outside skype's office! Waiting for @metoo
  1040. 2008-9-15 @ryancarson Steve Wozniak!
  1041. 2008-9-15 Wishing @wilcolley would be on holiday and stop working!!! :p :p ;p
  1042. 2008-9-14 Just seen @simondoggett's new blog. Ett. :) Nice theme.
  1043. 2008-9-14 Reading more about IE8's failings. More compatibility with CSS3 should be in there... http://is.gd/2AJc missing out Nth is just a scandal.
  1044. 2008-9-14 @wilcolley your urls keep messing up :P
  1045. 2008-9-14 Good morning. I'm awake.... kinda...
  1046. 2008-9-14 @willjohnh Love it - sent 4 hours ago. Twitter truely is amazing :D
  1047. 2008-9-14 where do you go... ♫ http://blip.fm/~6j7l
  1048. 2008-9-14 @anniemole I really think you should borrow my SLR and take some shots on the tube with it!
  1049. 2008-9-14 Going to be adopting the FPS training ideas as suggested here, so I can get back to playing games - http://is.gd/2BSP
  1050. 2008-9-14 Spoke far too soon. Feeling sick :(
  1051. 2008-9-14 Loving gears of war. PLus no motion sickness!
  1052. 2008-9-13 @soxiam I didn't know you could buy Koreans! How much would a little chef be? :D
  1053. 2008-9-13 Enjoyed watching Man Utd. getting beaten! Now on to win the premiership lads.
  1054. 2008-9-12 @wilcolley http://twitpic.com/b9ds pwned!!! :D
  1055. 2008-9-12 Having fun with bootcamp. Would much rather not be though.
  1056. 2008-9-12 :( Hmmm... they lost. To an amazing long range shot though.
  1057. 2008-9-12 Watching GB Women's basketball - GB vs. Japan - Come on Geeeee bee! :D
  1058. 2008-9-12 Started to panic when guitarist girl (who wasn't a guitarist) said next stop being crayford. Thankfully she wasn't meaning literally!
  1059. 2008-9-12 Wonder what's for tea... Working on volley.me tonight!
  1060. 2008-9-12 Sat next to a guitarist with a fender @Simondoggett you would be in love!
  1061. 2008-9-12 In tears laughing. @willjohnh has just sent around the most amazing email.
  1062. 2008-9-12 @simondoggett I don'tttttttttttttt wannnnnnnna everrrrrrrrrrrrr feeeeeeeeeeel
  1063. 2008-9-12 .justgiving { padding:15px 10px 10px -15px; } ♫ http://blip.fm/~5zvo
  1064. 2008-9-12 What do you mean you're not even ranked on google. Even my mom is ranked on google!!!
  1065. 2008-9-12 @Whatleydude Kit came into the office today! :) Excited by some of the news I heard!
  1066. 2008-9-12 @Malarkey Yeah. Fellow Star Trek fan that's totally behind you on that one!
  1067. 2008-9-12 @anniemole I don't know what you're trying to insinuate or hint at! You sure she didn't mention the graduents? ;)
  1068. 2008-9-12 Train almost swallowed up by small yawning woman. Experts say it's in no way connected to the recent big bang theory experiments.
  1069. 2008-9-12 @anniemole did she comment about the design or me? Never the less.. heart fm is now my radio station of choice.
  1070. 2008-9-12 Playing operation with the floor and my big toe. Server to foot = pain for next few days.
  1071. 2008-9-12 @wilcolley show off. Bugger off... Oh wait you have. OMg toe hurts so much.
  1072. 2008-9-12 Playing hide and seek with my keys... Hmm
  1073. 2008-9-12 Argh. So dark outside :( why can't it be summer all the time.
  1074. 2008-9-11 @jemimah_knight Clearly not cake medication neither. Still hoping for a nice person to drop off cake at Justgiving towers. :D
  1075. 2008-9-11 @jemimah_knight Duffer menswear... not underwear. Menswear... And there should be cake. Please :D
  1076. 2008-9-11 @jemimah_knight I know it wasn't - was meaning to say You'll look without the but.. cos tired - that's my excuse! A duffer huh :P Cakecake
  1077. 2008-9-11 @jemimah_knight Can't say I have much reason to know a great deal about skirts.. But you look very pretty in it. Btw cake plz! :D
  1078. 2008-9-11 @willjohnh @Izabel_blue :( I know... But I'm using nLite to setup my mac bootcamp and also setup a 2nd server :D
  1079. 2008-9-11 Just dropped a server on my big toe. :( It hurt. Lots.
  1080. 2008-9-11 @jemimah_knight Blooming heck! Isn't that Summer from the OC? :D <3 Summer.
  1081. 2008-9-11 @jemimah_knight what's a leather pencil skirt?!
  1082. 2008-9-11 @simondoggett "STOP Being quicker than me!" to @johnwhenry
  1083. 2008-9-11 Taking bets for when Justgiving hits 1 million fundraising pages created!
  1084. 2008-9-11 @willjohnh twitter isn't for work... twitter is for fun/networking with outsiders!
  1085. 2008-9-11 Yammer is the new Twitter. And I like it. I like it a lot :)
  1086. 2008-9-11 Reflections and gradients. The old glitter and sprinkles.
  1087. 2008-9-11 @warriorgrrl please bring back some Hollywood sushi for me. Please!
  1088. 2008-9-11 @jemimah_knight :P I'm going to ignore that comment.
  1089. 2008-9-10 @Izabel_blue crashes bikes. Me: Liz shoots, she scores. @simondoggett : Heeheeheh. That's quite funny for you.
  1090. 2008-9-10 listening to the legend that is @dburka on @jemimah_knight - http://twurl.nl/7wfli7
  1091. 2008-9-10 Websites. They just don't make them like they used to. http://twurl.nl/lcxrxp
  1092. 2008-9-10 @natbentley We'll chat about it over a beer :P just name the venue and time!
  1093. 2008-9-10 @natbentley thanks dude, sure not feeling the love right now in general
  1094. 2008-9-10 Join the Jg girls for lunch. Yup, I want in on the goss and to get my hair done.
  1095. 2008-9-10 @natbentley slightly offended :p I'm deadly serious.
  1096. 2008-9-10 @johnwhenry I love dimsum! So yes please.
  1097. 2008-9-10 Dear Carsonified, would you Jim'll fix it for us to go all expenses paid to Miami. For the conference of course. A faithful fan.
  1098. 2008-9-10 No I don't mind us using tables. As long as it isn't 5 nested tables with chickens ready to hatch.
  1099. 2008-9-10 @angelsk you added me on Dopplr and friendfeeder so don't complain!
  1100. 2008-9-10 Just the headphones guh annoying!
  1101. 2008-9-10 My vocals on my iPhone just... Died instruments for all songs are fine tho. It's like karioke.
  1102. 2008-9-10 @tall_rich Think you're putting text into my form field there!
  1103. 2008-9-10 @angelsk bugger off to Burton on Trent already! :P
  1104. 2008-9-10 @Whatleydude Hands up, baby hands up, give me your love give me give me your love!
  1105. 2008-9-9 @zachklein btw you're welcome to sit next to me @ Justgiving.com in Farringdon if you'll give 3 designers some tips? :)
  1106. 2008-9-9 Nigella Lawson. In her own words, a very lazy... woman. Just what we all needed to hear, be lazy.
  1107. 2008-9-9 Want ice cream.
  1108. 2008-9-9 Go away for a few days.... and you end up with a Flash designer. Amazing. If I wasn't laughing so much right now I'd be in tears.
  1109. 2008-9-9 Idea in the pipeline: 6 million users and a 50/50 test. Will users spend more if the boxes are rounded. Answers on a postcard.
  1110. 2008-9-9 Learning how the US donation pages are mashed up. Hmmm.... be faster please connection!
  1111. 2008-9-9 @reallyjapan I know I just thought about that... I'm still not sure if it's worth it. Demo please Spore team :P
  1112. 2008-9-9 I would have bought spore at work. But sadly I can only link my Apps to one computer. Great work Apple iPhone team! :P
  1113. 2008-9-9 @ahhyeah nothing quite like a bit of twitter pr/marketing huh!
  1114. 2008-9-9 Trying spore... :) on the iPhone. Do I get it on my mac... hmmm....
  1115. 2008-9-9 Do.... I buy Spore.... on the iPhone.... not sure! Arghhhh. Time to dash!
  1116. 2008-9-9 Holding back from sending out an email I may regret tomorrow. Yes this is a first. I now understand how Kevin Keegan feels.
  1117. 2008-9-9 @zachKlein lookalike - http://is.gd/2pLX .... it's uncanny if you ask me. But Si dawg is clearly the winner in looks. (Sorry Zach!)
  1118. 2008-9-8 @sophdea oh and the cat tshirt thing is Japanese! Not Chinese!
  1119. 2008-9-8 Now has an urge to play sim city... thanks @Izabel_blue !
  1120. 2008-9-8 @sophdea kinda like to Quipe down a surface or to smoke me a Quipe, I'll be home in time for tea!
  1121. 2008-9-8 @ddev I almost pictured a Johnny 5 moment there!
  1122. 2008-9-8 I spent 10 minutes writing that email. In 10 seconds after sending it, "GOOD STUFF! THANKS!" ... amazing... a real speed reader...
  1123. 2008-9-8 @sophdea just said "Has that just tipped you over the edge, Si?" to @simondoggett
  1124. 2008-9-8 @sophdea I respect you coming down to my level like that, it's very admirable. If only more people would put themselves in my flip flops.
  1125. 2008-9-8 @sophdea There this song you should listen to... put your hand up, put your hand up.
  1126. 2008-9-8 @natbentley you want some? :p
  1127. 2008-9-8 @Izabel_blue quote! She only "wants @simondoggett for his HD"
  1128. 2008-9-8 So this is what my life has become.... one big meeting...
  1129. 2008-9-8 I think it's time to move desks in the office.
  1130. 2008-9-8 @johnwhenry - "Get a meeting room."
  1131. 2008-9-8 @Whatleydude Murderer!
  1132. 2008-9-8 Dear everyone at work. Where are you?
  1133. 2008-9-8 @Whatleydude what ever happened to us all having alarm clocks!
  1134. 2008-9-8 On train to work. Choo choo!
  1135. 2008-9-8 @emilicon See. Even @avantgame thinks that emoticons are cool :p
  1136. 2008-9-8 @natbentley only two jeans used for the video! one of them was toms and the other was mike's!
  1137. 2008-9-7 @Izabel_blue You're a married woman!!!
  1138. 2008-9-7 @tall_rich Charity? RNLI? Eh... no idea what that means. It's a shame you can't make it :(
  1139. 2008-9-7 Photoshoot! £50 quid, 6 models, lighting, food, venue (http://is.gd/2khK). Cya there? http://is.gd/2khG
  1140. 2008-9-7 @natbentley link to your account ce vous plate! :D
  1141. 2008-9-7 @Izabel_blue I don't quite know what to think of it! It just doesn't seem right :P
  1142. 2008-9-7 Loving greasemonkey right now :)
  1143. 2008-9-7 @kevinrose - DUGG! http://tinyurl.com/5pv2vx
  1144. 2008-9-7 @marvel What's the next new superhero movie you're going to release... Jet Li as Deadpool? :P
  1145. 2008-9-7 Pick a charity - any charity. @ my name and then you'll hear more about it soon...
  1146. 2008-9-7 Next it'll be Marvel Comics now casting Danny Devito for the part of Thor. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  1147. 2008-9-7 ....I don't mean to spark anything here but since when could Samuel L Jackson be Nick Fury. We might as well have Jackie Chan as Ben Reilly.
  1148. 2008-9-7 NICK FURY?!?!
  1149. 2008-9-7 Ironman was awesome. Loved the end credit movie too.
  1150. 2008-9-7 Waiting for dad to finish installing his new harddrive into his laptop so we can watch Ironman. La la la...
  1151. 2008-9-7 Back in blackkkkkkk! Watching ironman. At bloody last.
  1152. 2008-9-7 Hurrrrrah! An email to the Delicious team to let them know my favourite bookmark tags @ FF plug in had disappeared and they're now back.
  1153. 2008-9-7 @anucreative Good luck mate, you'll do brilliantly. Let me know if there are any slideshares/videos of it.
  1154. 2008-9-7 @willjohnh @wilcolley is right. Liz S did say she loves rabbit. And what she doesn't know, can't kill her. Just maybe make her vomit.
  1155. 2008-9-7 Waking up to Daniel Burka's post about my sketch http://is.gd/2jo5 and seeing the stats http://is.gd/2joa is an awesome way to start the day
  1156. 2008-9-7 @Fozoftheyear Yes, yes he can. But the writers can picked the wrong actor for Nick Fury. It's an improvement from Hasselhoff but still sucks
  1157. 2008-9-6 @marceatsworld What can I say, I'm a sympathetic to the Cylon cause!
  1158. 2008-9-6 @Whatleydude I just don't see the point of the application! :P Explain the genius of it to me. <3 iPhone it's fine, nothing wrong wif it!
  1159. 2008-9-6 @Whatleydude I take that back it worked :P but the photo is so tiny :P
  1160. 2008-9-6 @Whatleydude tried it at dConstruct and trying it at home... it's pretty god darn rubbish :(
  1161. 2008-9-6 Looking @ places in Boston. Any lovely Americans wanna house me? Ideally you'll be 20-29, female and cute oh & @limeduck a wig doesnt count.
  1162. 2008-9-6 @tkenny just used firebug to turn off the annoying 15 year olds chatting :)
  1163. 2008-9-6 124 views in 7 hours. Not bad! http://is.gd/2hya :D If you like it... feel free to favourite + tweet it :D
  1164. 2008-9-6 @emilicon I hadn't had that much at that point... it was the after party where I drank about 10 pints of cola that was the sugar high!
  1165. 2008-9-6 @emilicon Oh I realised what you mean't now! No... they stand for water bacteria! :)
  1166. 2008-9-6 @emilicon I don't know quite what that means :P but it sounded very cool
  1167. 2008-9-6 @emilicon Daniel Burka quote on Emotions "Dorky as hell, but it really works." Hah! :p http://is.gd/2hya I even noted it down!
  1168. 2008-9-6 @robertstokes analytics can be useful at times but not always & to recreate a success like a mysteries of how the universe formed :P
  1169. 2008-9-6 #dConstruct Doodle http://is.gd/2hya contains speakers: @aleksk @dburka @mattb @bokardo @adactio @t @stevenbjohnson in it!
  1170. 2008-9-6 Ah JQuery. Today my new Oak, we are going to have a bit of phun! :D
  1171. 2008-9-6 If anyone wants to see my photos from #dConstruct and my doodle of the event - http://is.gd/29zW
  1172. 2008-9-6 Day of battlestar galactica/jS phun/reading stuff almost over. Boomer is great.
  1173. 2008-9-5 #dConstruct was awesome. 3 speakers today really stood out by far: Joshua Porter, Daniel Burka and Jeremy Keith. PS Had way too much Cola.
  1174. 2008-9-5 @utku DIdn't see you inside :( have a safe flight tomorrow mate, was good to catch up with you again. Ps. Dopplr right given!
  1175. 2008-9-5 @keirwhitaker thanks for the milkshake! Was #dConstruct was fantastic for my fav. Speakers.
  1176. 2008-9-5 @utku whereabouts you gone?
  1177. 2008-9-5 Jeremy Keith at #dConstruct is a bloody good speaker! Very well prepped and ending the day totally differently.
  1178. 2008-9-5 @sophdea let's story board!
  1179. 2008-9-5 Doppler don't ever us the word friend bit people you 'trust'
  1180. 2008-9-5 I take it back - microformats are complient - thanks to Keir of Carsonified!
  1181. 2008-9-5 @ryancarson I reckon setting the hat a light would keep you awake! :D
  1182. 2008-9-5 I think he's failed to mention that microformats aren't standards complieny.. Am I wrong?
  1183. 2008-9-5 5th #dConstruct speaker on microformats is going on a lot... Please get to the point :/ and give us examples alreay!
  1184. 2008-9-5 Daniel Burka's talk at #dConstruct is off the hook! Talking about copy, ia and more.
  1185. 2008-9-5 @BetaRish well at Justgiving we have a content editor and we always think about it!
  1186. 2008-9-5 Back at #dconstruct Daniel Burka time
  1187. 2008-9-5 Current speaker talking about designing your copy to subtly impove and convey ownership. It's all you, you, you. <3
  1188. 2008-9-5 Are there any good sushi places in brighton. If anyone says yo! Sushi I will kill you.
  1189. 2008-9-5 3rd speaker #dconstruct used amazing video to demonstrate people are lemmings. So spot on!
  1190. 2008-9-5 Someone just pointed out that computer game industry is very closed doors. Sooo true. But in design/ia, that stuff is avail if u want it.
  1191. 2008-9-5 @aleksk - a good question. Why are sites not using sound etc more to involve the user in some cases? In somecases it needs to happen better
  1192. 2008-9-5 @aleksk at dConstruct. Hmm and yeah sadly when you have people in a company not excited bout future of web or using the product it's a fail.
  1193. 2008-9-5 speaker of #dconstruct should have been Andy Clarke - a pitch bout @beautifulweb CSS/microformats wud been perfect
  1194. 2008-9-5 @anucreative where we going for lunch then? :D Or you got plans, I'm with another designer from Justgiving.
  1195. 2008-9-5 Music at #dConstruct is depressing. Seriously sounds like an old dog on it's last legs.
  1196. 2008-9-5 Outside.in being talked about at #dConstruct starting to sound like a pitch? Nice use of history in London to talk about localisation
  1197. 2008-9-5 Andy budd is being papperazzi!
  1198. 2008-9-5 @anucreative they've finished! It's all over :(
  1199. 2008-9-5 @Malarkey sometimes I think you just need a hug. But don't look at me for it :P
  1200. 2008-9-5 @MikeTreat @simondoggett iPhone made fetch happen. Boom!
  1201. 2008-9-5 @anniemole I'm too cool for that train. (Travelling via magic carpet)
  1202. 2008-9-5 Almost at dConstruct - very excited. Mainly to see about @anucreative with his blue carnation. Very 007. Lulz.
  1203. 2008-9-5 @anucreative blue carnation huh.. Okdokes - I shall be dressed as a smartish chubby, Chinese-ish looking guy!
  1204. 2008-9-5 Just dodged dog poo like it was the matrix. Oh and I had just said morning to the owner's owner a few moments ago!
  1205. 2008-9-5 Awake and dConstruct I go. OMigawd so cold.
  1206. 2008-9-5 @JofArnold Daniel Burka was worth the cost of the conference alone tho! And it's a pretty cool venue.
  1207. 2008-9-4 @MikeTreat No jealousy, just tears. I think he's going to miss me!
  1208. 2008-9-4 @marceatsworld Dunno for certain yet! Need to look into flights to flyyyyyyy away.
  1209. 2008-9-4 @marceatsworld I don't think you're quite Delilah size! Or is it Delia...
  1210. 2008-9-4 "Press 5 for a cavity search. Have a nice day" - @Izabel_blue, on the options for a certain Foreign Embassy
  1211. 2008-9-4 @simondoggett might be 2 weeks - although nothing is definate yet until booked. I'm going to sleep in the office! :D
  1212. 2008-9-4 Off to the US of A soon to work for Firstgiving. Very excited. I'll need to prep up a machine to make it seemless.
  1213. 2008-9-4 Sat next to king kong on the train. Would this guy like any more of my chair?
  1214. 2008-9-4 dConstruct in one day. Lots of people off to workshops... interested to hear about them!
  1215. 2008-9-4 @emilicon :) Thanks. And because of the snoring and you're right the oysters weren't part of it.
  1216. 2008-9-4 @bedtime And then into the darkness he crept. A slumber which no mere mortal would dare witness. Pure, blissful silence.
  1217. 2008-9-4 Oh and also hoping @angelsk is feeling a bit better now.
  1218. 2008-9-4 It's late o'clock and what am I doing... looking through the US team's site + making notes of areas where our consistency need to improve.
  1219. 2008-9-4 @MikeTreat wrong! I'm so out of that one!
  1220. 2008-9-4 @bedtime under he goes... To sing with the other snorkeling aquatic mammals under the ocean.
  1221. 2008-9-4 Moved seats cos of last tweet and due to cramp from trying to curl my feet under my seat.
  1222. 2008-9-4 Not enjoying the drunk old lady infront of me playing footsy by kicking my shins. When I say, "excuse me" it really isn't a que for more.
  1223. 2008-9-4 Comedy club was awesome. Now off home to sleep for tomorrows dConstruct.
  1224. 2008-9-4 Some lovely people at Justgiving got me a ticket to the comedy club so looks like I'm off there :D
  1225. 2008-9-4 @johnwhenry penthouse mate! Enjoy the club! Wish I could have gone too!
  1226. 2008-9-4 @MikeTreat I think there are some crazy ppl out there tho! And my uncle is head chef of ping pong!
  1227. 2008-9-4 @utku Boston!
  1228. 2008-9-4 @richmarr probably ol will h!
  1229. 2008-9-4 @tkenny Keep working hard and I may very well take you up on that offer.
  1230. 2008-9-4 Oh my god. I'm allowed to have my own apartment out there. Hot tub.
  1231. 2008-9-4 Annoying... usability tests show extra click helps user in the short term but in the long term that's going to be pretty annoying. Arghhhh
  1232. 2008-9-4 "This better not be tweeted"
  1233. 2008-9-4 @Izabel_blue @willjhenry are like the usability parents of Justgiving!
  1234. 2008-9-4 Really excited about dConstruct tomorrow but feeling horrible :(
  1235. 2008-9-4 Tom's orange day photos up http://twurl.nl/cwg0ju ... after 6 years at Justgiving we celebrate a Friday tradition.
  1236. 2008-9-4 @tall_rich It's not perm - just for a few weeks!
  1237. 2008-9-3 Re-align don't re-design. Definately don't re-architect something totally all together...
  1238. 2008-9-3 Hi ho hi ho... It's off to work Kai goes!
  1239. 2008-9-3 Famous boy @whatleydude needs to get into Flickr explore for this: http://is.gd/2afm favourite it now! :P
  1240. 2008-9-3 @Malarkey I had to quote you after all the emails I got today.
  1241. 2008-9-3 Retweeting @Malarkey: Well that Chrome thing was fun. Malarkey's recommendation for today: Don't test or fix for beta browsers. ;)
  1242. 2008-9-3 @thomasb86 I like Chrome... just don't like the extra testing potentially involved. In a perfect world all browsers would render perfectly.
  1243. 2008-9-3 Feeling like Mr. Stretch right now. Being pulled in so many directions.
  1244. 2008-9-3 Ah yes. Google Chrome is begining to annoy me.
  1245. 2008-9-3 Off to usability labs offsite field trip!
  1246. 2008-9-3 @Fozoftheyear that's cos I'm a web designer and I talk about design :P
  1247. 2008-9-3 @jon_bedford Wow. Lee spotted a huge flaw in Chrome. :P :P :P :P :P
  1248. 2008-9-3 Off out for lunch with stoppers wonder if it's sushi lunch again...
  1249. 2008-9-3 Google Chrome feels like something from the future.
  1250. 2008-9-2 New photos from today up... sushi looks goooood http://is.gd/29zW - let me know what you think! :)
  1251. 2008-9-2 @tkenny KaiChanVong I believe... I don't know if I've got Xbox live but I'll sign up for it cos I need to play a load of people.
  1252. 2008-9-2 Urgh. Work completed. Wonder what they'll think of the mock up.
  1253. 2008-9-2 @tkenny I used to be addicted to CM2 - CM3 and then lost interest when they added too much into it. New PES out soon! :D
  1254. 2008-9-2 @tkenny WoW is the consumer of souls. Avoid all mMoRpgs like the plague!
  1255. 2008-9-2 Kern damnit. Kern.
  1256. 2008-9-2 Mad Men in the background... let's get this done! :D
  1257. 2008-9-2 @simondoggett link me please! :D
  1258. 2008-9-2 Argh it's really annoying when you recognize someone on the train but you're not sure where you know them from...
  1259. 2008-9-2 @natbentley good luck and hope to see you at #dconstruct for an amazing event!
  1260. 2008-9-2 @Izabel_blue kop is the stadium Liverpool fc play at hence kop fan!
  1261. 2008-9-2 @Whatleydude Thanks mate you're an absolute legend :)
  1262. 2008-9-2 @utku I thought about it... but then you're just a plain legend and I haven't properly seen your stuff yet :)
  1263. 2008-9-2 Hello new follower @londonstuff fellow Kop fan? :D
  1264. 2008-9-2 @elliotjaystocks cya at Dconstruct! V hyped about D Burka talking. Living legend of design. @utku will be there too :D
  1265. 2008-9-2 @Whatleydude kai@justgiving.com mon amis :D Looking forward to it Whatley Hero! :D:D:D:D:D
  1266. 2008-9-2 @thomasb86 sIFR is a killer in big webpages? explainnnnnnnnnnn
  1267. 2008-9-2 had sushi wif @anniemole @LJRich @kaichanvong & @utku... golly gosh is it that time already?!
  1268. 2008-9-2 qype.co.uk: spelt like smoked Kwipe or Qwipes you'd wipe you.. nose with?
  1269. 2008-9-2 @utku we wait patiently!
  1270. 2008-9-2 Waiting at ginan for peeps to arrive..
  1271. 2008-9-2 I really have too much soy sauce on my desk... soy sauce anyone?
  1272. 2008-9-2 Managed to offend the whole of the Justgiving dev team by suggesting comics weren't everyone's cup of tea... oops.
  1273. 2008-9-2 @simondoggett lol what happened?
  1274. 2008-9-2 Ok... so Scott McCloud just earned his keep with the comic. I'll wait with baited breathe for Google Chrome...
  1275. 2008-9-2 Ok... I'm going to try and not be so negative after I read this comic. Obviously with Google Chrome comes good/bad. Hopefully some good...
  1276. 2008-9-2 @warriorgrrl good luck! Hope you make the flight... I know how scary it is getting on a plane late after the Tokyo scare :)
  1277. 2008-9-2 Scott McCloud has done a comic book for Google Chrome... is that supposed to win me over? Ok.... so it's pretty cool but I'm still annoyed.
  1278. 2008-9-2 Why am I giggling so much? Oh yer, I'm off to Dconstruct this Friday!!! WoooooHoooo.
  1279. 2008-9-2 @warriorgrrl drive driver, drive!
  1280. 2008-9-2 Soxian of vimeo deb fame quote, "i'm not happy until you're not happy."
  1281. 2008-9-2 Rain, rain, bugger off away!
  1282. 2008-9-2 @aleeeeeex not online but yeah and getting motion sickness...
  1283. 2008-9-2 @Whatleydude @needle_e I'm looking for some amazingly good sites for mobile applications. Please educate me friends, thanks!
  1284. 2008-9-1 Motion sickness from call of duty 4 still happening... Guh. Body never used to be this lame!
  1285. 2008-9-1 Let's try get bootcamp to work... again...
  1286. 2008-9-1 It's official. Google hates designers... Re: google chrome. Another browser mess to sort out. Oh and their GUI is sligtly different
  1287. 2008-9-1 More posts on ditching ie6 support by CSs & jquery. Clearly they don't know how n00b real users are.. I feel a blog post coming on...
  1288. 2008-9-1 Listening to the code monkey song. Considering going home. Going home. Eat.. then back to work! :D~
  1289. 2008-9-1 Forgot how annoying it is to see @sophdea's show bopping out the corner of my eye. Stop it already!!! :P
  1290. 2008-9-1 Apparently... Joseph Lister first published an article by outlining the discovery of antiseptic surgery on the day of my birthday
  1291. 2008-9-1 @willjohnh I hate my life... Look at my Flickr.
  1292. 2008-9-1 At the top of @beautifulweb there is a 'dim bg-img' ..it's bloody difficult to see. Either have it bold white as the title or not at all..
  1293. 2008-9-1 @beautifulweb font looks very comic like... sure I've seen it used by the mask or maybe Lobo...
  1294. 2008-9-1 Munching cashew nuts cheerfully and thinking about Dconstruct and FoWA
  1295. 2008-9-1 @utku check your email :P
  1296. 2008-9-1 @utku @anniemole @simondoggett @johnwhenry 1pm then? :P
  1297. 2008-9-1 12:30? :D @utku @johnwhenry @simondoggett @anniemole and anyone else for sushi!
  1298. 2008-9-1 sushi monday! @anniemole @utku still up for it today? And who else?
  1299. 2008-9-1 @simondoggett shoot me now!
  1300. 2008-9-1 Off to work yo. See ya all there? @johnwhenry is back :D I get to hear how he battled in tanks and stuff in the mid east!
  1301. 2008-9-1 Trying time machine again. god damn it.
  1302. 2008-9-1 @willjohnh nah, and I'm not convinced it's actually partitioning the drive properly...
  1303. 2008-9-1 Seriously... Partitioning a mac is painful. Give me dos anyday.
  1304. 2008-8-31 Hate it when you go to a blog, click 'about' and then it's like you know less about that person than when you began :P
  1305. 2008-8-31 So Diggnation in full HD runs on my Xbox now through TVersity. Sadly... the stream seems too much over wifi. Will powerline be better?
  1306. 2008-8-31 @tkenny it's from a PC! cos there are some formats that my XBox doesn't seem to see...
  1307. 2008-8-31 @Stanto just did TVersity and omfg is it perfect for streaming HD content! :D
  1308. 2008-8-31 Anyone know how I can watch MP4 through my Xbox360? I've heard TVersity is a good way... but that kinda sucks..
  1309. 2008-8-31 @aleeeeeex you don't 'cook' sushi! ;p
  1310. 2008-8-31 Starting to watch Mad Men...
  1311. 2008-8-31 Excited about next Friday. It's DConstruct time! :D
  1312. 2008-8-31 Adrian Charles on match of the day is just wrong. He's sending me to sleep and he really isn't that into his football is he...
  1313. 2008-8-31 Trying my best to convince Hannah to let me design a tattoo that'll go on her foot. I'm thinking totem poll. Village tribe voting by foot.
  1314. 2008-8-30 It's not coming from Twitterific is it. It's people loggin on to msn. Please keep rejoining people. It's so wonderful a sound.
  1315. 2008-8-30 @Whatleydude come for sushi lunch on Monday else I'm going to come to your office and turn your pc into sashimi!
  1316. 2008-8-30 What... the.... frack.
  1317. 2008-8-30 @limeduck Almost end of Season 1 now... really need season 2! :D Already and I will plough through it.
  1318. 2008-8-30 @simondoggett :( I can't believe how much they're abusing that character in such a short space of time!
  1319. 2008-8-30 Boomer!!! :( No :( :( :( :( :(
  1320. 2008-8-30 @tkenny Hopefully Owen will do well for you guys... and my dream team :D
  1321. 2008-8-30 BBQ says yes.
  1322. 2008-8-30 Twitterific make beautiful noise. Love that sound.
  1323. 2008-8-29 @emilicon Opppfh! I don't think it's fair to compare the two... when one tries journalism/columnist and the other cares little for the law
  1324. 2008-8-29 @emilicon She's just a girl growing up and having fun. Not hurting anyone or that! There is far worse in the world...
  1325. 2008-8-29 is it beer o'clock yet @simondoggett
  1326. 2008-8-29 @emilicon @mazphd More respect for Julie Alison!? It can't get any higher surely... the woman is a blog legend.
  1327. 2008-8-29 @limeduck http://tinyurl.com/62ypue ?
  1328. 2008-8-29 @limeduck link me that song! :D
  1329. 2008-8-29 @simondoggett I was lucky that all my subjects in the composition are so gifted in the looks department!
  1330. 2008-8-29 Jquery website is amazing. http://jquery.com/
  1331. 2008-8-29 @eatlikeagirl :o Meat friday?!
  1333. 2008-8-29 @simondoggett It's true - Artists do something then say why. Designers do something from a rationale and then create. The 2 lapover.
  1334. 2008-8-29 @simondoggett less tweeting. More driving.
  1335. 2008-8-29 @tkenny CS3 T_T ....Soon I think I'll be moving over to expressions! :P Wonder what that'll be like compared to Code/Notepadd++
  1336. 2008-8-28 Hello there little HDD. You're going to be my Time capsule! :D
  1337. 2008-8-28 @anniemole Was it Moope, Gloope, Stoope, Whoope? :D
  1338. 2008-8-28 @MeToo ohhh you're just rubbing it in now! Agree with @simondoggett that we need to start google breakfasts
  1339. 2008-8-28 Mac all formated and now installing stuff freshly! :D
  1340. 2008-8-28 @anniemole you worked for the chocolate company boost?! Wow nice. Jeleous of you all at google!
  1341. 2008-8-28 @utku un-flippin-questionably I'm up for that.
  1342. 2008-8-28 @simondoggett ROFL. In a sad way...
  1343. 2008-8-28 This is so true. And it's not just for developers. http://tinyurl.com/5d6ew8
  1344. 2008-8-28 @simondoggett ... you have to pay for extensions?
  1345. 2008-8-28 Retweeting @Whatleydude: Retweeting @sizemore: WHY did they cut this scene from Dark Knight? http://tinyurl.com/5qewfz Makes the whole m ...
  1346. 2008-8-28 @Whatleydude I hate you so much :p
  1347. 2008-8-28 @eatlikeagirl Oooooh! Let me know next time you go Ginnan! That place is awesome :D
  1348. 2008-8-28 Wow. Just been told by @wilcolley about @natbentley having a link to my site in the footer http://twurl.nl/2tqlfa Thanks man!
  1349. 2008-8-28 Delicious tags fail. Not sure what's going on here.
  1350. 2008-8-28 @ddev Yeah but I didn't deny being into Twitter :P Where as certain un-nameable people said hell would freeze over before using Twitter/FB!
  1351. 2008-8-28 My name is @Izabel_blue and I'm officially more addicted to Twitter than anyone else.
  1352. 2008-8-28 @utku we give money to charities not students! Ginan do a great sushi buffet. Near Clerkenwell @whatleydude @sizemore interested next mon?
  1353. 2008-8-28 Logging into Apple discussion support fail. I don't even know what's wrong with it cos there is no help from them :(
  1354. 2008-8-28 @utku I love my sushi. What are you proposing? And yesh I shall try and get as many Jg peeps out for sushi =) You paying ;) ?
  1355. 2008-8-28 @utku what exam are you taking?
  1356. 2008-8-28 Freelancer has impressed me today! Coming in early and getting in my good books. Bless.
  1357. 2008-8-28 @simondoggett I promise nothing!
  1358. 2008-8-28 Good morning office... I'll be there soon. Fear not, some new American stuff I'd on my rad- arrr
  1359. 2008-8-28 @MikeTreat good ol kuyt came through in the end tho!
  1360. 2008-8-28 @jamescridland Systm FtW! :D You know building an android makes so much sense.
  1361. 2008-8-27 @simondoggett party would be good.. !
  1362. 2008-8-27 Gold star for you Mr.@simondoggett well done. Who else has done their homework?
  1363. 2008-8-27 @BetaRish you make it sound easey
  1364. 2008-8-27 @jon_bedford you lucky lucky man.
  1365. 2008-8-27 Something weird going on in the office. Everyone is like 'Hey you.' Creepy.
  1366. 2008-8-27 @BetaRish Yeah, so I don't quite think my voice is ready for that yet! :P
  1367. 2008-8-27 @BetaRish learning the lyrics as we tweet
  1368. 2008-8-27 @utku I want a card when you see me! Also looking forward to 'setting' you up at the conference with whatever lady nearby you. :D
  1369. 2008-8-27 @natbentley Hahaha. Do they even give you keys to the office or the alarm code? What about the hounds patrolling the building?!?
  1370. 2008-8-27 What song should I serande carly (see pic) http://twitpic.com/9722 with today? @ my name your ideas!
  1371. 2008-8-27 @natbentley Rofl. Next they'll be giving you root.
  1372. 2008-8-27 Retweeting @elliotjaystocks: New blog post: "Death to IE6" http://moourl.com/oqt3q
  1373. 2008-8-27 @eatlikeagirl I just saw your photo pop up in an email and was all "I know her!"
  1374. 2008-8-27 @wilcolley that's a really embarressing thing to read! I'm sure you fwd that on to all the girls you know :P
  1375. 2008-8-27 @wilcolley magenta isn't actually a colour/color! http://twurl.nl/ou5w76
  1376. 2008-8-27 @natbentley awww you poor thing, well it's good to remember that should I move jobs.
  1377. 2008-8-27 @wilcolley ... @nathbentley knows how to whine doesn't he! :D He should try sharepoint with a sprinkle of ASP!
  1378. 2008-8-27 @natbentley chortle chortle
  1379. 2008-8-27 @simondoggett is so sweet... he spends his text sms credits on me rather than all the hot girls he could be sending them to.
  1380. 2008-8-27 This is a post from Twitter. Wonder if this'll work...
  1381. 2008-8-27 Downloading and testing Ubiquity. The future is here.
  1382. 2008-8-27 @jon_bedford just gave me a nice welcome back to the office.
  1383. 2008-8-27 Argh. Feeling rubbish but off to work. Lots to do... Eg documents woo my favourite.
  1384. 2008-8-27 @Izabel_blue 20 margaritas?! Bloomin heck
  1385. 2008-8-27 Welcome back to the office from Mr. Doggett is along the lines of 'Get out. Get out now. '
  1386. 2008-8-26 Amazing @stanto quote, "I got to touch Terry's new book, did I mention that already?" So getting you an I <3 T.P. T-Shirt.
  1387. 2008-8-26 @Stanto I had to google that cosplaying word. It's not even a real word!
  1388. 2008-8-26 @Stanto that's true love... being able to share that... together... wouldn't catch me at a Con! ;)
  1389. 2008-8-26 @Stanto maybe you shouldn't mention that to Jo huh? ;)
  1390. 2008-8-26 @imajes what was that tv show you were raving about? Mean man or something... it had two M's that I'm sure of. Mmmm m&ms...
  1391. 2008-8-26 Friend @Stanto is taking the word fanboy and geek to new realms. I can almost picture him dressed up for Discworld-con as Rincewind.
  1392. 2008-8-26 Retweeting @angelsk: Vote for Pod1: Design Agency of the Year: http://tinyurl.com/6nfn74
  1393. 2008-8-26 Gn @Stanto you're a v good friend :) Helped cheer me up today.
  1394. 2008-8-26 @anniemole omg. want! http://is.gd/1W1p
  1395. 2008-8-25 From Dr. Horrible's sing along blog... "with my freeze ray, I will stop... the world.." ♫ http://blip.fm/~1ve4
  1396. 2008-8-25 Chuckling at @anniemole and her Blip.fm song comments http://tinyurl.com/3fwc79
  1397. 2008-8-25 @anniemole Boom boom! Oh wait that was Basil Brush...
  1398. 2008-8-25 @limeduck even if it was on discount?
  1399. 2008-8-25 @bubblewrap76 yes it is - blooming Rasha :P
  1400. 2008-8-25 Just got a blank text from someone. Interesting. Sadly nothing like a blank cheque...
  1401. 2008-8-25 First band I saw live at a gig in 2005. Oh yeah. ♫ http://blip.fm/~1ugd
  1402. 2008-8-25 @eatlikeagirl PS. Loving your blog post and photos! Great job :D
  1403. 2008-8-25 @eatlikeagirl Took me a moment there to figure out how that sounded like Frois gras.. then I remembered I'd tweeted about hello in Irish ;)
  1404. 2008-8-25 Watching Nom Nom Nom. Wanting to do it again. But 10 times better and against more people :D
  1405. 2008-8-25 Watching videos from this year that I've created or been in... http://twurl.nl/ffoec4
  1406. 2008-8-25 @simondoggett flump.net
  1407. 2008-8-25 Flickr says that Faite is the Irish way to say hello. No way am I saying that to an Irish person, when it sounds like fight in my head!
  1408. 2008-8-25 Not feeling 100% at the mo. Glad I'm not at work so I can recover!
  1409. 2008-8-25 @limeduck =D
  1410. 2008-8-25 @Malarkey educate don't alienate!
  1411. 2008-8-25 This song makes the movie Paprika. Just quite possibly one of the coolest songs around. ♫ http://blip.fm/~1vdu
  1412. 2008-8-24 @jon_bedford I used to blogged from when I was 15 - 21 for some gaming sites ;) http://twurl.nl/m8qz3h - was my most celebrated blog post
  1413. 2008-8-24 @jon_bedford bet you @limeduck and @wilcolley would do the same and a better job! ;)
  1414. 2008-8-24 My blogging on wine exploits with fermented grape juices and more http://twurl.nl/0gdhci - thanks to @anniemole @thirstforwine and @wine ...
  1415. 2008-8-24 Crazyily in love with the Chinese Olympic closing ceremony. So wonderful, cute and full of heart. Watching it again is a pleasure.
  1416. 2008-8-24 @imajes is organising a portrait photo day? models, location, gear all provided. @ me back for more info!
  1417. 2008-8-24 @jon_bedford Deco is no Stevie G. Lets put it that way!
  1418. 2008-8-24 @imajes definately interested in that! :D My friend might also be interested - http://www.panointeractive.com/ and http://twurl.nl/mj8exj
  1419. 2008-8-24 @anniemole will be glad to know my blogging about Thursday wine tasting night is going well! But now... Match of the Day!
  1420. 2008-8-24 Blip.fm is pretty darn awesome! Sign up now or add me if you're on it :D http://blip.fm/invite/kaichanvong
  1421. 2008-8-24 http://twurl.nl/vzpqug - team London photo + more for @ariadnelost #lostring
  1422. 2008-8-24 New photos from the past days up! Featuring #lostring action - @imajes, @emilicon, me and lots of other ppls! http://photos.kaivong.com
  1423. 2008-8-24 @limeduck awesome movie! :D
  1424. 2008-8-24 Half of me is saying "Wow! Jackie Chan!!!" The other half is saying... "Bugger, all we have is David Beckham."
  1425. 2008-8-24 @wilcolley The typo is the best bit about it btw ;)
  1426. 2008-8-24 @wilcolley love that font. Have you seen? http://volley.me/ ?
  1427. 2008-8-24 Just 4 years time before the olympics and... jeeez. I'll be like, 29.
  1428. 2008-8-24 @chipster Thanks for your support last night mate! What's in the screeny? :)
  1429. 2008-8-24 @jemimah_knight gonna try - altho hardly slept!
  1430. 2008-8-24 Looking forward to bed. Had a fun time during the labrinth/maze game for the olympics.
  1431. 2008-8-24 @jemimah_knight Spooky! http://twitpic.com/8usv
  1432. 2008-8-24 Having a peaceful walk around London taking photos.
  1433. 2008-8-24 Leaving with @imajes aka needs shoehorn from @emilicon storage Mathison to London Bridge!
  1434. 2008-8-24 Staying awake with @imajes and @emilicon watching dr horrible. Like him, I too want a freeze ray and to rule the world... Or sumit cool.
  1435. 2008-8-24 Tired and almost falling asleep! Battery dying...
  1436. 2008-8-24 @wilcolley I aim to please!
  1437. 2008-8-23 Just died.
  1438. 2008-8-23 Is a villager and not a werewolf. Honest. @imajes is the mod.
  1439. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost #lostring last time for our circuit was 154.25
  1440. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost #lostring circuit 7- 201.5 yay
  1441. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost #lostring team London fault T-T needing more cake ftw
  1442. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost breaking records, humming like.. Humming birds and eating cake.
  1443. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost ah... We're the only team in Europe. iPhone ftw for speed replying ! In wall, tweeting and being me!
  1444. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost yay tired
  1445. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost #lostring circuit 3 time -22.07s
  1446. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost #lostring 3 ring circuit time 2nd run 22.69s
  1447. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost #lostring team London first run on 3 circuit 23.91s
  1448. 2008-8-23 Yay team London in practise http://snipurl.com/3j52t
  1449. 2008-8-23 Seems to be good with twitter. In marblearch for avant game
  1450. 2008-8-23 @ariadnelost #lostring team London ready for racing at 10 pm
  1451. 2008-8-23 Is taking leather, dark chocolate and a hint of lemon... CoMplimeted by an aroma of cats pee. @winescrobbler, @anniemole and co wud b proud!
  1452. 2008-8-23 I officially smell like a garlic bulb. Thanks @emilicon! ;)
  1453. 2008-8-23 Wonder how my fellow Chinese friends will react in the Taekwondo... Well done fellow English kicking lady! :D
  1454. 2008-8-23 @thomasb86 Apple should use some of that as a press quote ;)
  1455. 2008-8-23 @thomasb86 giving advice to Eric Meyer?! I never thought I would see that day.
  1456. 2008-8-23 Lately, my focusing has been absolutely pap... hopefully today I'll do better. New photos up http://photos.kaivong.com
  1457. 2008-8-23 Lately, my focusing has been absolutely pap... hopefully today I'll do better. New photos up http://twurl.nl/tca2fo
  1458. 2008-8-23 @angelsk Looking forward to seeing your photos of last night :D
  1459. 2008-8-23 @jon_bedford awww re: ur last tweet :) - nah me and @wilcolley parted - I helped out with stuff for maze. Which was interesting and fun!
  1460. 2008-8-23 @wilcolley ho ho yes it's just for the kicks! Sweaty bow after all that running. Now off to play werewolf - @imajes has the cards..
  1461. 2008-8-22 @benlingard and I thought my CSS geek jokes were bad
  1462. 2008-8-22 @jon_bedford 'Log in randomly'.... ahuh.
  1463. 2008-8-22 Dear world, this is pretty amazing. http://friendfeedspy.com/ ...hope you enjoy it.
  1464. 2008-8-22 Thank god for sushi.
  1465. 2008-8-22 @natbentley :P Jo might beat me up if I turn up. What's your number though? I'll give you a bell if I'm not up to anything.
  1466. 2008-8-22 @natbentley and you're leaving that behind? Foolish man. :p
  1467. 2008-8-22 Retweeting @simondoggett: dear everyone who fed @kaichanvong all that wine he couldn't spell last night. You have made him most unwell. ...
  1468. 2008-8-22 Listening to 'Belle and Sebastian' - 'the State I am in' . Yes, the hangover just kicked in.
  1469. 2008-8-22 @jon_bedford Boba Fett is cool. Don't knock him or his dad Bubba Fett. Or whatever his name was.
  1470. 2008-8-22 @wilcolley I texted him saying sorry for not turning up, but I think he must be too paralytic to reply!
  1471. 2008-8-22 @simondoggett just had someone a/s/l him on msn. AMazing.
  1472. 2008-8-22 Wine tasting photos from last night up in set - http://twurl.nl/gtav3v
  1473. 2008-8-22 Good morning twitter. Listening to Japanese female singing softly to ease lack of sleep. 6 hours is not the sloth like amount I'm used to
  1474. 2008-8-22 Missing influential developers and friends @richmarr and Rohit Mistry :(
  1475. 2008-8-21 Before bed/upload - if anyone asks you how to get red wine stains out of your teeth.. just say to them to use a good bottle of white wine ;)
  1476. 2008-8-21 Fantastic night wif @thirstforwine @MeToo @Blogtillyoudrop @JamesCridland @anniemole @ http://is.gd/1M5d Ta Robert + Andy (awesome hosts)
  1477. 2008-8-21 Heading home now - looking forward to adding new photos. There were a few people who did amazing work with my camera.
  1478. 2008-8-21 @jon_bedford one day I will heal the world by kaiquote! Ps. Merci for your kind words, I mentioned tartarfette as many times as legally poss
  1479. 2008-8-21 Saying how the current wine lingers.. Sorry, loiters in the palette. Wow.
  1480. 2008-8-21 @anniemole it was almost fried grass at one point!
  1481. 2008-8-21 Still in love with the gewinnerwine. Next wine doesn't have as much an explosion at the start - but a very full body.
  1482. 2008-8-21 Wow that last wine as amazing re flavours bursted brilliantly and fantastically with the freugraugh (sp?). Truely my fav. Thus far!
  1483. 2008-8-21 Mmm now on to the gerwurtztraniner - I can't even pronounce it!
  1484. 2008-8-21 Beware this lady has little lovr for the iphone http://twitpic.com/8ii6
  1485. 2008-8-21 Trying first dish and it's scallops with le fleur.. Mmm I like the way the wine isn't bold and gently eases in the seafood flavours.
  1486. 2008-8-21 Thanks @richmarr nice to know someone sticks up for me. PS we need to meet up with @simondoggett
  1487. 2008-8-21 What time is it? Coffee O' Clock.
  1488. 2008-8-21 How is hanging out with @anniemole a hot date?!?
  1489. 2008-8-21 And you can bugger off too @wilcolley
  1490. 2008-8-21 @simondoggett Stop laughing.
  1491. 2008-8-21 @simondoggett I hate you so much.
  1492. 2008-8-21 @simondoggett ... leave me alone!
  1493. 2008-8-21 Wordpress templates are bad. Doing something for scratch is better because you're not guessing how someone else has done something.
  1494. 2008-8-21 @simondoggett pffft
  1495. 2008-8-21 @jon_bedford just said my hair looks like the same.
  1496. 2008-8-21 Off to get hair cut!
  1497. 2008-8-21 Still unable to walk through walls... Seeking one yoda like teacher to enlighten me.
  1498. 2008-8-21 @jon_bedford it was very impressive! :D
  1499. 2008-8-21 @jon_bedford weirdo :P whatever happened to your excel obsession?
  1500. 2008-8-21 Great time to hoover. Headphones on, Belle and Sebastian time :D
  1501. 2008-8-21 @jemimah_knight Yeah... drinking and baking could go so wrong. But vodka cookies? MMmm yum!
  1502. 2008-8-21 @anucreative awesome! What's her portfolio site?
  1503. 2008-8-21 First scallops, a really soft flavour that eased the seafood flavour softly without being bold.
  1504. 2008-8-21 The scallops as the starter as amazing not too bold and a yummy compliment to the seafood dish!
  1505. 2008-8-21 The food and the wine is delicious!
  1506. 2008-8-20 Day 2.... still waiting for release to go live. How does your company put things to live? Does it happen on time? Let me know!
  1507. 2008-8-20 @tkenny how much is setanta? Not convinced I would watch enough to get my money worth...
  1508. 2008-8-20 London trains... They're just not Shinkansen standard!
  1509. 2008-8-20 Excited about tomorrow! Off to dinner and wine tasting with @anniemole for http://twurl.nl/msunen
  1510. 2008-8-20 Excited about tomorrow! Off to dinner and wine tasting with @anniemole for http://twurl.nl/0oez3b
  1511. 2008-8-20 @Izabel_blue is that the Gotham City based on New York or Chicago? :P
  1512. 2008-8-20 Trying to convince @simondoggett and @jon_bedford to go @tweettweetclub dressed up as http://twurl.nl/ujglfe
  1513. 2008-8-20 Top 5 missing Nippon things I miss: 1. Cool taxi doors. 2. Sushi. 3. Nice people. 4. Fast and on time trains. 5. Sushi.
  1514. 2008-8-20 @jon_bedford BMX looks... fun... painful.. but fun. http://is.gd/1LDw
  1515. 2008-8-20 Just got Eli on @KaiQuotes - the Internets most amazing, interesting and inspirational quotes ever. Period. Not like girl periods.
  1516. 2008-8-20 My friend Elie wants to know, "If twitter is worth getting an account for?" PS. He's a developer.
  1517. 2008-8-20 @thomasb86 Site release of new projects :P
  1518. 2008-8-20 @elliotjaystocks Smile is amazing...
  1519. 2008-8-20 It's 1pm UK time... you know what time it is? Tweet @KaiChanVong o'clock!
  1520. 2008-8-20 It's 1pm UK time... you know what time it is? Tweet @Kai o'clock!
  1521. 2008-8-20 @anucreative I love how honest you are!
  1522. 2008-8-20 @ddev Hey! We got them through www.faceyourmanga.com
  1523. 2008-8-20 Hello @wilcolley :D
  1524. 2008-8-20 Oh dear oh dear. Developer fail :(
  1525. 2008-8-19 A few interesting opinions so far. Thanks - @wilcolley @thomasb86
  1526. 2008-8-19 Just been told CSS and Design isn't enough for me. Apparently I need to learn PHP/Javascript/Flash/Flex to be considered cool. Thoughts?
  1527. 2008-8-19 Reading about Rightmove some more... interesting reading. I'm sure they'll kick back though. http://twurl.nl/ydsgw3
  1528. 2008-8-19 @kevinrose www.kaivong.com
  1529. 2008-8-19 Looking forward to going home and working on Volley project and Peeple.me :D Oh and not feeling like I'm in a sauna.
  1530. 2008-8-19 @wilcolley is the warp factor mast0r
  1531. 2008-8-19 Off for lunch with developers. I'm so brave. Hanging out with them ;)
  1532. 2008-8-19 I hate @simondoggett
  1533. 2008-8-19 Dear Firefox 2. I don't support you anymore. We had fun. But 3 is the way forward.
  1534. 2008-8-19 @sophdea geek!
  1535. 2008-8-19 @cabel PS. I'm not Alanis Morissette
  1536. 2008-8-19 @cabel yeah I had that... had to update iTunes/Reinstall I believe...
  1537. 2008-8-19 @Whatleydude just pull out a cigar amongst other things and say, "what's up bub?" :D
  1538. 2008-8-19 @Whatleydude is really Logan from the x-men and wears a big yellow and blue costume. Also explains why he was so good at chopping @ nomnom
  1539. 2008-8-19 I wonder if 2.0.2 is just a load of commented out hello worlds and is simply a placebo effect. Well you have to wonder don't you.
  1540. 2008-8-19 iPhone patched... to fix 'some bugs'. They didn't release patch notes so we'll never know if this patch worked. All 200+ mb of it.
  1541. 2008-8-19 Watching dexter on the train home. Wonder what to have for my tea...
  1542. 2008-8-18 Copying @utku and thanks to TuAw downloading and installing 2.0.2 - "Hot offs the Internets." Hot damn.
  1543. 2008-8-18 iFood... iFoods.tv ah. Well they're both dead. lol. @aleeeeeex
  1544. 2008-8-18 @aleeeeeex yup. "The young entrepreneurs clearly know their stuff" - sadly not hosting for huge traffic.
  1545. 2008-8-18 @tkenny what's the main problem with Dreamweaver? If you play with the settings lots it can be okay.
  1546. 2008-8-18 iFood.tv clearly not ready for the Dragons Den slashdot style bandwidth hog. Looks like poor site pipe planning!
  1547. 2008-8-18 Social food site on dragons den. iFood.tv? Ahuh... I'm listening...
  1548. 2008-8-18 As Gregory Pues would say: Bonne Nuit.
  1549. 2008-8-18 On Dragons Den there is two people who I admire. The rest are complete and total jerks.
  1550. 2008-8-18 @sophdea I hope to soon copy you! Then head off to Canada to visit my friend @paulinho when he moves there.
  1551. 2008-8-18 @Malarkey dying to know. does the css automatically upgrade any browser the user has? :P
  1552. 2008-8-18 @emilicon Awesome. Look forward to seeing the pics!
  1553. 2008-8-18 @tkenny Coda or Notepad++ ftw :D
  1554. 2008-8-18 Any amazing companies looking for one of the greatest php developers in the country? He can speak the language of Tu Pues too.
  1555. 2008-8-18 @Whatleydude @tikichris lunch next week then - agree a day between yourselves cept for Friday and let's do it :D
  1556. 2008-8-18 @thomasb86 yupo... I've turned to Sainsburys for lunch today. Apparently some great salads at Daddy Donkey!
  1557. 2008-8-18 Mmm lunch. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/2774545174/
  1558. 2008-8-18 @Whatleydude Oh wait you mean @alisongow said the same thing about your avatar :P I thought you meant the sushi thing!
  1559. 2008-8-18 @tikichris @Whatleydude @alisongow - I'm up for tonight or next week! :D Let me know
  1560. 2008-8-18 @Whatleydude @tikichris @alisongow It's a sign! We all need to go for sushi. Today or sometime :D Let me know... buffet at Ginan tonight
  1561. 2008-8-18 @tikichris Aki huh... no I haven't seen that. I'll do some research later. Tajima Tei is v. good! And yes Ginan = Buffet at Roseberry Ava
  1562. 2008-8-18 @tikichris OOoooh you legend :D Can't do tomorrow but wednesday, thursday etc :D we should start a club. There's sushi buffet tonight too!
  1563. 2008-8-18 Seeking: someone who loves sushi in Clerkenwell/Farringdon area and will be willing to eat lots and lots of it for lunch. RSVP!
  1564. 2008-8-18 Google page rank : 1st page should mainly be navigation to microsites with content if you have competition for your search results.
  1565. 2008-8-18 Hi ho hi ho. With a bucket and a spade I go.
  1566. 2008-8-18 @utku Oh is that an iPhone update I hear you say? :D
  1567. 2008-8-17 Hoping to get http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/2768500103/ into explore...
  1568. 2008-8-17 @Whatleydude I've learn't never to sit next to you on a theme park ride from that video ;) Good stuff though!
  1569. 2008-8-17 100 views in less than 24 hours. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/2768500103/ nice.
  1570. 2008-8-17 @marcflores Interesting... I'll watch it asap and let you know what I think. Thanks!
  1571. 2008-8-17 Off for a run. Any suggestions on movies to watch afterwards? Gonna save season 2 of Dexter for the train.
  1572. 2008-8-17 Dexter is amazing. "You should come have a look" - "Photos Vince. Lots and lots of photos."
  1573. 2008-8-17 @willjohnh Loving the Jg shirt in Dortmund! ;)
  1574. 2008-8-17 @Whatleydude dude why does your manga character look like Wolverine?! Didn't think your hair was that dark neither...
  1575. 2008-8-16 Oh yes. We're back. Match of the Day. Come on Liverpool!
  1576. 2008-8-16 Watching Dexter then off to meet up with Graham and Hayley to cook some Japanese stuff.
  1577. 2008-8-16 Buying domain name with peeple for new mini project! Watch this space for details...
  1578. 2008-8-15 Erm. Wow.
  1579. 2008-8-15 @willjohnh Awesome picture! Me and @sophdea thought it was super cool.
  1580. 2008-8-15 @sophdea I do.
  1581. 2008-8-15 Wow blog post about @ryancarson having his hair shaved for AbilityNet charity (sites for ppl with impairments) http://twurl.nl/5xdfyg
  1582. 2008-8-15 @ryancarson Thanks Ryan we're updating the blog thanks to your awesome and very kind quote!
  1583. 2008-8-15 Wow. Norway knighted a penguin. http://twurl.nl/um1fi1
  1584. 2008-8-15 Continuing the Kai Chan Vong song, "It doesn't matter that you're half Chinese... you're still a hundred percent... "
  1585. 2008-8-15 Jus written a quote for Andy Clarke @malarkey - Didn't add the bit about how he's inspired me to wear flowery patterned shirts more often.
  1586. 2008-8-15 @sushimonster Happy bday Apple monster!
  1587. 2008-8-15 @benlingard last night I saw Dark Knight. The amount of center alignment in the certificate screen was horrible and wrong. I felt abused.
  1588. 2008-8-15 Hey. I'm manga cool. Even @sophdea wants manga style!
  1589. 2008-8-15 @londonfilmgeek and @sizemore what's the name of the black movie screen before the start of a movie with the certificate PG etc...
  1590. 2008-8-15 @sophdea I always say interesting stuff. Look... time to have breakfeast... Mmm elephants on toast.
  1591. 2008-8-15 @Ryancarson Hey dude, can you give us a quote for our blog about shaving your head? kai@justgiving.com :) Merci
  1592. 2008-8-15 @ddev you sir, are a hero. A 56k hero.
  1593. 2008-8-15 http://twitpic.com/7t3y
  1594. 2008-8-14 @Malarkey what's your email address?
  1595. 2008-8-14 Oh and did no one get the Loiter comment on the batmobile screen at the start in Dark Knight? I was the only person that laughed...
  1596. 2008-8-14 Dark knight was amazing. Heath ledger was pretty god damn awesome sick cool.
  1597. 2008-8-14 Off getting some food then it's time to make like a bat!
  1598. 2008-8-14 @ryancarson shaving his head and offering 2 look like Mr. T 4ever. http://twurl.nl/vfg7vv donate: http://justgiving.com/shave-ryan
  1599. 2008-8-14 Remember what I dislike about working from home - the hourly cut off that reminds me of my youth with a 56k modem. without that sound.
  1600. 2008-8-14 Just seen pixelperfect. Oh my. http://tinyurl.com/5d5t6o I think I've found my next favourite FF plugin.
  1601. 2008-8-14 @anniemole I was about to say that comment about the blog post was a bit harsh, but after reading it I would say harsh but fair!
  1602. 2008-8-14 @angelsk true... but it's the next best thing! :P
  1603. 2008-8-14 @angelsk if you had an iPhone you wouldn't have this problem!
  1604. 2008-8-14 My name is @warriorgrrl and I travel the world like you breathe air. Read that Terry Pratchett book Feet of Clay? Mine are carbon!
  1605. 2008-8-14 @natbentley iPhone/Crackberry ftw yo!
  1606. 2008-8-14 @needle They've basically said that they cant foot the bill for all the SMS 1 person to 10 others. Drop me ur email and I'll fwd u details!
  1607. 2008-8-14 Why can I only think about food?
  1608. 2008-8-14 I'm starting to love Yahoo more and more. Not having to remember 10 different passwords and usernames? Dream come true.
  1609. 2008-8-14 Good morning. Today marks the end of Twitter sms. RIP. Thankfully we all have iPhones though don't we? Oh dear.. oh dear.
  1610. 2008-8-14 @Izabel_blue Apparently Brightkite has just started SMS... :P But then I don't think me and co really like the idea of starting over.
  1611. 2008-8-13 @ddev thanks, it helped!
  1612. 2008-8-13 Why does butter smell of sick? I just had corn on the cob with butter and my fingers now smell of sick. @willjohnh agrees.
  1613. 2008-8-13 Wow. CSS3 with FF 3.1 is amazing - http://tinyurl.com/5a3569
  1614. 2008-8-13 @johnwhenry one you'll appreciate a lot - http://twurl.nl/c6la2u
  1615. 2008-8-13 Just upgraded the wordpress account to enable custom css... but it doesn't seem to have given me the css options in edit.
  1616. 2008-8-13 can't wait for @johnwhenry to return so can go for huge kick ass sushi fest. Sushi monster neh.
  1617. 2008-8-13 @cabel Wow you were in Japan for 2 weeks recently too huh? Any photos? Mine - http://twurl.nl/ktr7fu
  1618. 2008-8-13 @Malarkey other designer next to me says Liverpool of all places may not be the best place to rent out iPhones. I decline to comment.
  1619. 2008-8-13 @justcreative let's hope they use twitterscan and give you a pat on the back for the plug you just gave them ;)
  1620. 2008-8-13 @darintenb tweet about it by using the words Panic and Coda and Transmit maybe they will talk to you? :)
  1621. 2008-8-13 @thomasb86 that's what they are thinking about, yes.
  1622. 2008-8-13 @justcreative nice stats. Time to change hosts?
  1623. 2008-8-13 @johnwhenry is son of rainbow in akskiajucstan or what ever it's called.
  1624. 2008-8-13 Trains suck. Waiting still.
  1625. 2008-8-13 Ah hazlayout. We meetz agains.
  1626. 2008-8-13 Wow. Just been emailed by the panic team about coda on the iPhone. Technology is an oh so wonderful thing.
  1627. 2008-8-13 Fire Eagle seems to be down :( Boo hoo
  1628. 2008-8-12 Newsnight talking about fake stuff at the Beijing olympics, chap being interviewed compared it to the journalist having makeup on. Yowzers.
  1629. 2008-8-12 @Whatleydude I may have to buy mario kart just to play you!
  1630. 2008-8-12 Why am I not watching Dexter. Why am I doing work again! Tomorrow I will definately relax.
  1631. 2008-8-12 @tkenny not entirely sure why it only shows up on iPhone - maybe cos of colours. Imgs now png seems to fix it.
  1632. 2008-8-12 @ddev I just cannot stand Nielsen cos of his website being so very 80's! He does it to prove a point... stubborn...
  1633. 2008-8-12 So proud of the hats photo. http://is.gd/1oZw And wow. I look quite fat in that photo there...
  1634. 2008-8-12 @tangyslice PS. That wasn't a dig at you. I just really am tired of Jacob Nielsen & I'll eventually be force fed that page at some point!
  1635. 2008-8-12 @tangyslice Jacob Nielsen his websites for uber dumb people. That annoying guy you know is right but goes on and on. We get it already.
  1636. 2008-8-12 I disagree @simondoggett because @Whatleydude wears a hat and does talks and stuffs. :( I don't have a hat or do talks...
  1637. 2008-8-12 @tkenny have a look on my website - www.kaivong.com - I think it's something with my gif settings... playing about with stuff now.
  1638. 2008-8-12 @Whatleydude seems to be jealous of my iPhone. Not sure why, he's more handsome, intelligant and famous than me.
  1639. 2008-8-12 Does anyone know why iPhone renders some gifs in a funny way? They look fine on Safari on my mac.. but kinda funky on my iPhone.
  1640. 2008-8-12 Awww @jemimah_knight you not feeling so good?
  1641. 2008-8-12 If I tried to design this to be anymore simple it would be a 'virus'.
  1642. 2008-8-12 Safari... why are you being difficult? Everyone else is playing ball, and it's just you with your position:absolute awkwardness. Behave!
  1643. 2008-8-12 @sizemore That was poetry.
  1644. 2008-8-12 Marketing on Twitter will soon come to an end. Limiting the number of followers will be amazingly perfect!
  1645. 2008-8-12 In Tokyo in the morning everyone looks cheerful and happy to see you. Even when they're 10cm away from you.
  1646. 2008-8-12 Off to see a client tonight wif @wilcolley & no it's nuffin like "secret diary of a London call girl" or whatevr it's called. Before u ask.
  1647. 2008-8-12 @Whatleydude I'm up for being on a video cast. Mr Bean has nothing on me. And yeah, next week would be awesome. Pick any day other than Fri
  1648. 2008-8-11 Really off to bed now! Work uploaded. Hurrah, I guess tomorrow I just need to put in a few final touches...
  1649. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight And 'Dor jeah-ah' means thank you in Cantonese!
  1650. 2008-8-11 Phew, work finished... guess it's time for bed. And obviously it's going to be amazing cake... it is triple chocolate!
  1651. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight I was joking!
  1652. 2008-8-11 I can't believe I just begged for chocolate cake. On twitter. Infront of god knows how many people. Ah well... I hope it's amazing cake.
  1653. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight Dor jear-ah!
  1654. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight Your kidding me! Hmmm... what about being half Chinese?
  1655. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight Bloody hell. I only just got told you were female by Mecca today let alone do I know you! :P Does a dimple count?
  1656. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight People say I have a nice smile. Does that get me in the group?
  1657. 2008-8-11 Gotta love the TFL advert. "You're better off on a bike". Too bloomin' true. I might as well walk for the shocking service you provide!
  1658. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight Definately! If you bring cake that would be an added bonus. Hint hint.
  1659. 2008-8-11 Cake welcomed by all at Justgiving @jemimah_knight any time of day :D We will recepricate with good coffee..
  1660. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight Nice photos! Thanks for sharing. I'll keep my eyes peeled for more of that kinda stuff on your flickr.
  1661. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight okay lego bake cake looks pretty gosh darn cool! Own any other cool molds?
  1662. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight lego bake? Photos please :D
  1663. 2008-8-11 If Panic were to create coda for the iPhone my life would be complete. Off home, might go see dark knight too..
  1664. 2008-8-11 @ryancarson if you set fire to your hat at FOWA I will
  1665. 2008-8-11 @Paulinho Also! Try twinkle... it's interesting to see people nearby you.
  1666. 2008-8-11 @Paulinho you need to add the @ and username like I did and then it highlights it in twitterific etc!
  1667. 2008-8-11 Retweeting @ryancarson is shaving his head on Thurs @ 5pm GMT http://justgiving.com/shave-ryan for www.abilitynet
  1668. 2008-8-11 Just been looking at the iPhone universal css/html project. Looks really interesting and something I may just use. http://twurl.nl/j7kfcz
  1669. 2008-8-11 Looking at my Yen credit on skype... I could ring people in Japan for 9 hours.
  1670. 2008-8-11 Hi @tkenny your site is nice improvement. Look forward to seeing the changes you make to it in the future!
  1671. 2008-8-11 Annoyed with stupid iPhone syncing to itunes. Really really really annoying.
  1672. 2008-8-11 @simondoggett cold? Dude we're in England. Of course it's gonna be cold!
  1673. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight phew!
  1674. 2008-8-11 I guess then I would say something like. "Now we're even."
  1675. 2008-8-11 Photo of Josh sneezing on my iPhone: http://photos.kaivong.com ... When he grows up, I'm going to show him it and then sneeze on his iPhone.
  1676. 2008-8-11 @jemimah_knight Apparently 'Dor Jeh' is to thank someone for a gift (Chocolate cake)... I never realised that! http://twurl.nl/qdcuzp ...
  1677. 2008-8-10 @Stanto I was on my iPhone and eating at the time :p
  1678. 2008-8-10 :( Season finale of Smallville is sad. Used to think it sucked and it's improved sooooo much up there with some of the best!
  1679. 2008-8-10 Josh just sneezed on my phone. And I have the photo to prove it.
  1680. 2008-8-10 Joshua is being mischevous and going into the cupboard. Having to tell him it's not Narnia.
  1681. 2008-8-10 @Paulinho wow in Spain huh? Got lots planned and how long you staying! Drop me a line when your in London dude!
  1682. 2008-8-10 Server all set up now. Hurray for 100gb of extra storage space in the garage.
  1683. 2008-8-10 @jemimah_knight E and D are close together aren't they ;)
  1684. 2008-8-10 I wish twitter had a how I know you feature when following ppl. Cos when so many add you it gets confusing...
  1685. 2008-8-10 Oooh twinkle is so cool for seeing tweets on my iPhone.
  1686. 2008-8-10 Being told we had 15 mins left to finish our food cos of a party was the highlight of dim sum. Might fall asleep now.
  1687. 2008-8-10 Off for some dim sum at Greenwich penninsula. I recommend it as one of the best priced and authentic Chinese reatauants in London.
  1688. 2008-8-10 You know you're not in Japan when you have to lift up the toilet seat and press the flush button...
  1689. 2008-8-10 Thought maybe I knew her or something cos she had added me as a contact on Flickr @anniemole !
  1690. 2008-8-10 @anniemole was Jemimah there on Friday? I have no idea what he/she looks like!
  1691. 2008-8-10 @anniemole I now have orange juice on my laptop ;) lol that was amazing.
  1692. 2008-8-10 iPhone wants to restore stupid phone everytime I plug it into iTunes. Arghhhh. I've already done it 5 times!
  1693. 2008-8-9 Loving the new evangelion movie - thanks @stanto ... now to get the other parts :)
  1694. 2008-8-9 @anniemole you should have told me you and @whatleydude would have gone out clubbing. Me and @simondoggett would have been hip to the hop!
  1695. 2008-8-9 There seems to be something wrong with my tv. It thinks it's karaoke. Oh wait... it's just actually a TV show...
  1696. 2008-8-9 Ordered my Sony... It's a w series! Waiting to pick it up now.
  1697. 2008-8-9 is the X series that much better than the W or the S series @simondoggett
  1698. 2008-8-9 Looking at buying a new TV - Sony Bravia... but what the hell is with the Series names X, E, S... a, b, c, d... :P
  1699. 2008-8-9 So yes as good ol' Alex mentions, @alexhalliday is your chap for invites to SocialGo ! :)
  1700. 2008-8-9 Thinking my hair is a tad messy. I should get it cut... but then I am kinda growing it for a reason.
  1701. 2008-8-9 @Jeterish I don't have any invites I don't think...
  1702. 2008-8-9 Oh... the other 3 movies aren't out until 2008 and then who knows for the other 2. Guh.
  1703. 2008-8-8 @alexhalliday great stuff... I'll try it out more. Who is ur lead design or direction?
  1704. 2008-8-8 Waiting for the bus and then we'll be back in old street area... It's been a while since we worked there http://twitpic.com/6z6l
  1705. 2008-8-8 Dear Apple iPhone team. Can you make my photos not require sync with my pc or sync with example flickr? cos dl 2 pc 2 iphone = painful
  1706. 2008-8-8 Wonder if drinks are still on at moo today. Guess if not it's drinks at the local for us lads!
  1707. 2008-8-8 Using twinkle in farringdon... It's not quite as cool as the comments from Tokyo!
  1708. 2008-8-8 Ready for lunch. Hungry.
  1709. 2008-8-8 @johnwhenry I've found an alternative to lametunes which is cool! remind me in the office!
  1710. 2008-8-8 This train is something else. If I get here 10 mins early it's 5 early on me. Wtf!
  1711. 2008-8-8 Hi @twdeeter not used it that much and don't think I have invites. Seen uve asked @marceatsworld tho! So hopefully u'll get one
  1712. 2008-8-7 @Stanto pretty much!
  1713. 2008-8-7 waiting for files to upload and a search on the whole site to finish. My computer must be in tears atm.
  1714. 2008-8-7 @jon_bedford pretty much!
  1715. 2008-8-7 This is my view everyday. Now u can feel like you've sat in my seat http://twitpic.com/6upf
  1716. 2008-8-7 wondering when @wilcolley wants to go see Batman. HINT HINT.
  1717. 2008-8-7 remembering now why I quit drinking coffee... I have really bad reactions to the stuff. Depression setting in now.
  1718. 2008-8-7 Retweeting @marceatsworld: @kaichanvong thanks! Anyone else want an invite code for SocialGO?
  1719. 2008-8-7 Looking at socialgo.com - interesting stuff
  1720. 2008-8-7 Matt K's daughter is in the office. She is a subscript called Georgia!
  1721. 2008-8-7 These are the lucky ppl that enjoy my singing from time to time http://twitpic.com/6ur0
  1722. 2008-8-6 Oh, Maui... Loves it. http://twurl.nl/njtfc6 I'll see you at the debates bitches.
  1723. 2008-8-6 @Izabel_blue & @sophdea are lost in Birmingham. Look for the two bewildered Londoners please. Then point and laugh!
  1724. 2008-8-5 @marceatsworld http://keepvid.com/ ?
  1725. 2008-8-5 @ddev Nick always thinks of you guys. In a normal kinda non-creepy kinda way.
  1726. 2008-8-5 Nick, "Shall I send the invite for fabric round to everyone at Firstgiving?" ... You think they'll fly out all this way for one night?
  1727. 2008-8-5 Live.com + Microsoft search is down. FAIL.
  1728. 2008-8-5 Dear Apple. Can you say, Fail? Restore fail.
  1729. 2008-8-5 Restore of iPhone in progress. Oh look my alarm is going off. I can't turn it off because I'm doing a restore. Fucking great + Fucking NDA.
  1730. 2008-8-5 @Stanto I saw one picture of a White 3g with a crack and heard he dropped it down some stairs. 7 ppl at work now have an iPhone.
  1731. 2008-8-5 Meeting!? Why meet when you can do? :D Okay... let's meet around the desk then. Then I don't have to walk so far to get back to my pc...
  1732. 2008-8-4 Had to update my iTunes. Having to restore your phone is a pain when it's syncing and people are trying to phone/sms you!
  1733. 2008-8-4 GPS seems to not be working in London. Can't do a format because iTunes gives me an error -19. So far so many bugs!
  1734. 2008-8-4 Heading home. First day back wasn't too bad. Missing Nippon.
  1735. 2008-8-4 @wilcolley is a plum. "have you seen the iPhone nano?"
  1736. 2008-8-4 Off to work. Missed a train... Shock horror their timing sucks.
  1737. 2008-8-4 That's my iPhone incase you're wondering.
  1738. 2008-8-3 Thanks @simondoggett it'll be nice to come into work again! You recovering ok?
  1739. 2008-8-3 Just landed. Anyone want to pay me to fly back to japan?
  1740. 2008-8-3 Ewww. Rain and 19 degrees... I think I'm going to freeze. Hello iPhone 3g. I missed u :D
  1741. 2008-8-2 Feeling hotter than normal! Gonna have a quick shower then hopefully Tom will be back so we can head out! Yay. Last night @ Japan.
  1742. 2008-8-2 Got called a geek by Tom and Aya last night. In Japanese so I didn't get offended. Offended?! That's a fact.
  1743. 2008-8-2 @paulinho you're such a geek! :D Welcome to the wonderful world of twitter. Start looking for famous games programmers on Twitter!
  1744. 2008-8-2 One of my best friends has a job in Canada. Lucky chap. Very hyped for him.
  1745. 2008-8-2 @sushimonster I've met your Japanese double! Check out my photos from Japan :D http://photos.kaivong.com
  1746. 2008-8-1 Not wanting to leave Japan. Last day starts tomorrow.
  1747. 2008-8-1 Left the club at 5am. It's now 12 noon and I think I'm still very, very drunk.
  1748. 2008-8-1 Well the best part of it is, @tangyslice that I was told we would eat ramen after the 'night' out. Because ramen is 'junk food'. I love jp!
  1749. 2008-7-30 @willjohnh it isn't.. it' WEP'd to the max!
  1750. 2008-7-30 Today I realised that my iPhone GPS and map works without 3g or Wifi... interesting!
  1751. 2008-7-30 Uploading new photos now! Here we gooooo... http://photos.kaivong.com be warned... some are pretty dark.
  1752. 2008-7-30 @willjohnh nope - it's in airplane mode with the carrier etc turned off. GPS is either wifi or satalites!
  1753. 2008-7-29 Fish market soon. Far too early. Back to sleep for me.
  1754. 2008-7-28 @darintenb Ahhh you're the Art Director for Zooomr :)
  1755. 2008-7-28 @darintenb sure, my photos are at http://photos.kaivong.com - which is hosted by flickr. I'll check out Zooomr! :)
  1756. 2008-7-28 You know you're addicted to photography when you don't leave the apartment for foodcos the city sunset from the balc wud make a great photo.
  1757. 2008-7-28 Tom entering the loo, "Hello Mr. Toilet." The seat goes up automatically when we enter the loo. It's like pissing into R2D2.
  1758. 2008-7-28 Ready for some food. Heading out now. \
  1759. 2008-7-28 @thomasb86 thanks! and you should...
  1760. 2008-7-28 Off to bed. Tomorrow is Kyoto time. Long day. Day after is sushi market!
  1761. 2008-7-28 @simondoggett Palringo is a nice little IM client for the iPhone that allows you MSN from ur mobile!
  1762. 2008-7-28 @Fozoftheyear we have to be grateful that @simondoggett has Internet. Even if it means sleeping there. We'll get you out bro!
  1763. 2008-7-28 @Izabel_blue hah! :p
  1764. 2008-7-28 Wonder if anyone will notice if I don't return back to London...
  1765. 2008-7-28 Just posted new photos to my flickr! You know the url by now right? Http://photos.kaivong.com for goodness sake! :P
  1766. 2008-7-27 @darintenb Errr.. really??? Why on earth would someone do that...
  1767. 2008-7-27 Fuji rocked today. Then it rained. Hard.
  1768. 2008-7-27 Also gonna pick up a hygiene mask so the locals don't treat me like a zombie!
  1769. 2008-7-27 Off back to Fiji rock to pack tent and watch a few more bands play. Sadly missed out seeing @warriorgrrl play live.
  1770. 2008-7-27 Off to bed. Tomorrow is Kyoto. Relaxing...
  1771. 2008-7-26 Off to bed. Just uploaded new photos http://photos.kaivong.com - hopefully this illness is just from trying to do too much lately!
  1772. 2008-7-24 @needle I wish I could have! But all the wifi points were locked and I didn't set up abroad phone calls. http://photos.kaivong.com
  1773. 2008-7-24 @warriorgrrl what you up to in Tokyo?? :D I'm here with an apartment with a friend in Tamachi!
  1774. 2008-7-24 Climbed Mt Fuji today. From 9pm to 8am without any sleep, went up the mountain. I have the photos and bloody arm to prove it!
  1775. 2008-7-24 Seeing the trend that people from pod1, @natbentley and @angelsk are right big wusses when it comes to heat. Try 33 degrees c in Tokyo. Yo!
  1776. 2008-7-23 We're both still jet lagged which is annoying. But we're off to climb Mt Fuji in about 3 hours! Looking forward to this.
  1777. 2008-7-22 That's great news @ryancarson I'm really looking forward to seeing the guys live again. Same format on web design with Hicks & Stocks plz!
  1778. 2008-7-22 @needle Wow.. but mobile web should be an improved experience of PC web with the stylesheet or url fixing. Do you work for mobile only?
  1779. 2008-7-22 It was the same for me at first too @simondoggett but then I uninstalled and reinstalled like their blog said and all was okay!
  1780. 2008-7-22 and now 3! from @reallyjapan - an Italian Flash web designer in Tokyo. Twinkle ftw. How difficult is it in Japan to live for you gaijin?
  1781. 2008-7-22 @darintenb wow that's really cool. How have you found the language? Have you picked up much Japanese?
  1782. 2008-7-22 Twinkle on the iPhone has been amazing - already had replies from two fellow web designers in Tokyo - @needle and @darintenb
  1783. 2008-7-22 @richmarr sadly free wifi outside my apartment isn't so easy to find around Japan. Else the quotes would be better!
  1784. 2008-7-22 @needle wow cool! Interested to know more about web design in Japan - what company do you work for & what sites do you love/influenced by?
  1785. 2008-7-22 @darintenb Hi and thanks! Where are you originally from, how do you find Japan? :D What kind of things do you work on and what company?
  1786. 2008-7-22 Loving japan so much right now. Never been treated so well by people i didn't know. Any web designers loving in Tokyo? MSG me!
  1787. 2008-7-22 Off to Shinjuku to pick up tickets and check out the shopping malls. Then off to Sony HQ if we have time!
  1788. 2008-7-22 Not feeling amazing right now. Hopefully will feel 100% for tomorrows hike up Mt Fuji. Tom had bad sushi... think I'm just tired!
  1789. 2008-7-22 Just uploaded new photos from my current Japan holiday! http://photos.kaivong.com
  1790. 2008-7-22 @needle yes... it's true, nothing can be a perfect sync with web. But you can come close if you have enough time.
  1791. 2008-7-21 Hot. Can't sleep!
  1792. 2008-7-21 It's weird waking up in the morning and seeing three times the normal amount of rss info!
  1793. 2008-7-21 @willjohnh something like that! Maybe more like districts... you'd love this place, it's amazing.
  1794. 2008-7-21 Totally shattered. Just done Akihabara and Shibuya. Didn't buy anything but lots of photos uploading atm - http://photos.kaivong.com
  1795. 2008-7-20 Tired but had a fantastic night in Harajuku and made some new friends.
  1796. 2008-7-20 Officially big in Japan. Made it safely to Shinagawa! In our apartment and just getting ready now to hit the town.
  1797. 2008-7-20 Hot! And no google... I cant read Japanese. Excited, because we may have a design director as a guide of jp.
  1798. 2008-7-19 Having a steak at chez gerard. At heathrow now! Or do I have burger... Oh the choices.
  1799. 2008-7-19 On the train now! V excited. Will try and tweet about the land of the sun as much as possible.
  1800. 2008-7-18 There's a ball in the back of my throat. I don't think I ever want to feel this way again... :( All the best k,s and p.
  1801. 2008-7-17 Finally got rid of mom after she tried to pack my bag for me. She means well. But I'm 25 ffs!!!
  1802. 2008-7-17 Almost home now! Gonna pack for japan.
  1803. 2008-7-17 Just waiting for my food... In line at the nearby Chinese take away.
  1804. 2008-7-17 In. User testing session. This chap is v consultant minded and security concious!
  1805. 2008-7-17 I'm sure this song I'm listening to uses the word kerns again.
  1806. 2008-7-17 Stupid trains. Always so packed! Won't have that problem in japan... Or will I? So excited!
  1807. 2008-7-17 @snowblink thanks you've saved me a lot of trouble with that!
  1808. 2008-7-16 "yea, it's half past eight" - nick nyom, freelancer
  1809. 2008-7-16 @anucreative you work at rightmove?
  1810. 2008-7-16 If I was a tennis umpire I would be saying "Quiet please" to every person sneezing in the office.
  1811. 2008-7-16 @johnwhenry Yup, I know how you feel. @izabel_blue used to be on the phone ordering things only available to royalty!
  1812. 2008-7-16 Weird stuff at st pauls... Doggys and police in Kevlar. Area being taped off!
  1813. 2008-7-16 Awesome is looking to your right and seeing another iphone!
  1814. 2008-7-16 We now have a three man Japanese melée. Votes so far are 3 for samurai and then one each for ninja and sushi chef!
  1815. 2008-7-16 Off to work and trying to mold my new hiking boots ready for mt Fiji! V excited.
  1816. 2008-7-16 @anucreative Awesome. Thanks dude look forward to having a read... And I know the feeling of not being at ur desk enuf!
  1817. 2008-7-15 @marceatsworld Wall.e was so amazing I'm going to have to get it on blue ray!
  1818. 2008-7-15 So far 1 person believes ninjas would win, with 2 people saying that the samurai would dominate the battle!
  1819. 2008-7-15 Who would win out of a ninja and a samurai in a fight? Msg me your opinions!
  1820. 2008-7-15 @zeroshiki thanks for your add! Really excited about being in Japan soon :D
  1821. 2008-7-15 So far 3 people for the samurai and 1 for the ninja. Who will win? You decide by @ my name and ur answer!
  1822. 2008-7-14 @Stanto I've heard of it but not tried it...
  1823. 2008-7-14 Wondering if song title optimization exists and if not why not.. I bet u cud influence shuffle etc to play ur song more often
  1824. 2008-7-14 @snookca the moral of that story is stay like a child!
  1825. 2008-7-14 Why can't public transport be better? On my way to work but enjoying a human sandwich behind me
  1826. 2008-7-14 If i could form a band right now,it wud be called sweat sweat sweat. I'll leave that to ur imagination!
  1827. 2008-7-13 My iphone just crashed. Again... this time I saw the lines as it crashed going from one app to another!
  1828. 2008-7-13 Recommended apps so far at Shazam, Tap Tap Revolution, Remote and Cube Runner! Want Last.FM app and others though...
  1829. 2008-7-13 @simondoggett yeah I think that's the biggest geeky thing I've ever heard you say dude.
  1830. 2008-7-13 @zeldman I had that this morning with all apps... ended up having to back up my iPhone and do a restore through iTunes and it fixed it.
  1831. 2008-7-13 OOooo I've somehow caught Doctor Who just as it's about to show what happens when he regenerates. Hopefully he'll return as Jackie Chan.
  1832. 2008-7-13 If we were to make a Justgiving application for the iPhone what would you expect to see? @kaichanvong me with your ideas! :) Thanks.
  1833. 2008-7-13 Ah so you can Authorize 5 machines for your iPod, iPhone etc... Interesting!
  1834. 2008-7-13 watching Frindge. First episode and hoping this will be amazing...
  1835. 2008-7-13 Cant get 'Sent from my iPhone' comment to stay when posting from iPhone to Flickr. :(
  1836. 2008-7-13 First iPhone crash and now apps don't work. Oh and I just found out my payment plan hasn't even gone thru to o2 yet = Huge o2 & Apple fail
  1837. 2008-7-13 @zeldman glad it worked out for you. It's quite frustrating when it happens but least it is fixable.
  1838. 2008-7-12 ready to sleep. Maybe I'll dream that I'm a wall.e...iPhone has made travelling bearable!
  1839. 2008-7-12 Really hate the way you have to put iPhone stuff through iTunes. What if I just want to drag and drop whatever I want to in there?
  1840. 2008-7-12 Oh and Sommmmmebody saveeeee me! :D It's Smallville time yo.
  1841. 2008-7-12 Oh and Sommmmmebody saveeeee me! :D It's Smallville time yo.
  1842. 2008-7-12 Having a glass of Dooley's toffee and vodka. Thanks @stanto!
  1843. 2008-7-12 I'm a good son. I just put Sex and the City on tv for my mom. She 'didn't' know how.
  1844. 2008-7-12 @willjohnh can we REALLY play pong on the iPhone?! That would be AMMMAAZING!
  1845. 2008-7-12 @richardmoross Hello guvnor!
  1846. 2008-7-12 @malinki I got Super Monkey ball! But for some reason the app syncing on my iphone is being a bit weird.
  1847. 2008-7-12 Marketing on Twitter is lame. Go. Away.
  1848. 2008-7-12 Wonder what @wilcolley is on about :S
  1849. 2008-7-12 @willjohnh amazing and so true. But I saw Wall.e for free today so that makes me cooler than you! And it's not even out yet.
  1850. 2008-7-12 Still not convinced the money for MobileMe is worth it.
  1851. 2008-7-12 @limeduck gonna have to go again during the week as I only went around the free stuff
  1852. 2008-7-12 At the Tate modern looking for inspiration. D MSG me if your in the area !
  1853. 2008-7-12 Wall.e was amazing. Go see it if you can when it's released!
  1854. 2008-7-12 In the pub... Yes it's come to this. A pint of coke that is!
  1855. 2008-7-12 Off to see wall.e andhappen to b outside the BBC tv centre!
  1856. 2008-7-12 @ryancarson me too! Isn't it just awesome I can do this anywhere online :D
  1857. 2008-7-12 Would love a tfl or train planner on the iPhone. Hint hint.
  1858. 2008-7-11 The panic is a joke right now...
  1859. 2008-7-11 Just been told 1 - 2 Hours and i suggested the chap do something to make it up
  1860. 2008-7-11 Whole of o2 is down and i have just been told a wait of 1 to 2 hours
  1861. 2008-7-11 Epic fail
  1862. 2008-7-11 Not really enjoying this experience... People outside not sounding friendly!
  1863. 2008-7-11 @anniemole Im actually with it... I was first in queue. Win! Just waiting on phone to work!
  1864. 2008-7-11 Store in dartford cant give me my iphone cos phones have gone down. O2 fail!
  1865. 2008-7-11 Seriously wanting to get out the back door now...
  1866. 2008-7-11 7 people. This pain of waiting will be over soon...
  1867. 2008-7-11 @willjohn , @simon_doggett and co will be in line with me. Oh and people next to me didnt get the 802 opening times!
  1868. 2008-7-11 Yo Yo d msg me if your in a queue for the iphone! Its fun yo.
  1869. 2008-7-11 Heading down to local o2 to pick up an iphone soon!
  1870. 2008-7-11 @malinki I love it!
  1871. 2008-7-11 Hey everyone who has or wants the iPhone d MSG me and say hi. I'm showing Sarah the power
  1872. 2008-7-11 Testing the iPhone on twitterific. Awesome.
  1873. 2008-7-11 Got it.
  1874. 2008-7-11 Almost done i hope... Thank god
  1875. 2008-7-10 Sprayed on to a brown wall in white paint it says, "We hate brown paint."
  1876. 2008-7-10 #jpmcc Battersea not found out my time yet, but will announce it later... was super fun!
  1877. 2008-7-10 @tangyslice No pain from the #jpmcc just last night didn't wanna move! :D Glad I've been doing lots of training - body recovers faster!
  1878. 2008-7-10 I can smell spam. Really want to be on holiday... can't wait.
  1879. 2008-7-10 @malinki sounds awesome, let's arrange it for some time next week!
  1880. 2008-7-10 @willjohnh you can never have too much of a good thing! :D
  1881. 2008-7-10 @malinki I did. I really like it there and yes! Exmouth market... really need to go there again. Such awesome yummy food.
  1882. 2008-7-10 Just spoke to an o2 person. He repeated the words "To be honest with you" about 10 times in the space on 20 mins. Impressive.
  1883. 2008-7-10 @malinki spooky, I just had a plain one! And branding queen Sarah Matthews of Egg/Zopa/Selfridges fame just mentioned about them too!
  1884. 2008-7-10 @adactio just posted this - http://twurl.nl/jbcs00 amazing print css layouts!
  1885. 2008-7-10 Needing a change of scenery. Japan would do... but who knows where else next.
  1886. 2008-7-10 @richmarr @Izabel_blue Thanks guys! :D
  1887. 2008-7-10 Heading on the train now to work... Cant believe how tired my body feels after yesterday!
  1888. 2008-7-9 Can't. Move. Anymore. Body shut down.
  1889. 2008-7-9 Shattered, damp, cold, but did it!
  1890. 2008-7-9 We finished and @simondoggett won! It was great. 5K done!
  1891. 2008-7-9 Almost at the start. Lol!
  1892. 2008-7-9 Just got on the train. @simondoggett , @sophdea and @jon_bedford all soaked wif me
  1893. 2008-7-9 Off to the jp morgan run in battersea! Will twitter it all...
  1894. 2008-7-9 @willjohnh I will just try my best, is all I'm saying. Really looking forward to doing it now. Very hyped up! Not like the days of skool.
  1895. 2008-7-9 @lou_boo84 you need to get Twhirl or like... something cool to use Twitter on!
  1896. 2008-7-9 Will be running tonight. Got start of a cold + have hurt my knee falling over running for the train, so will prob suck!
  1897. 2008-7-9 Looks like SocialThing is down. Fail!
  1898. 2008-7-9 When a group of developers are talking about why one of them is using Firefox as their primary browser it makes me weep inside.
  1899. 2008-7-9 @rachelbeer It's really useful to have it on your mobile, twitter it out and tell ppl to D msg you for details! That way only friends can :D
  1900. 2008-7-9 Just spoke to a lovely little lady at o2 (Although she may actually be big and mean) and will go down to o2 on Friday with @johnwhenry !
  1901. 2008-7-9 @rachelbeer :p I hope that wasn't directed at me... I'm anything but porn! Am however trying to get twitter to work on my mobile...
  1902. 2008-7-9 Work fs
  1903. 2008-7-9 Done my first 5k... and I didn't come last! Can't move now though.
  1904. 2008-7-8 Trying out TweetDeck.. but now off to sleep. Pin invalid on mobile. Stupid twitter broken!
  1905. 2008-7-8 @willjohnh yup - twitter fox!
  1906. 2008-7-8 Just got burned for starting to read, 'Eats, Shoots & leaves' by @sophdea - apparently it's "so last year". But hey, so is Twitter (kinda)
  1907. 2008-7-8 Love Smallville so much that now I have the theme song playing. SOMEEEEEEEEEEEBODY SAVE ME! :D
  1908. 2008-7-8 @simondoggett merci.
  1909. 2008-7-8 Just 30 emails. Nice. And they're all just yesterday. Remote log in ftw.
  1910. 2008-7-8 @malinki you're on my Twitter list so you must be some kinda super! :D
  1911. 2008-7-8 @willjohnh I used twitbin, http://tinyurl.com/6ade8f
  1912. 2008-7-7 Officially back and guessing it's work time again for 2 weeks. Then it's holiday 2. Japan. Oh yesh... can't wait.
  1913. 2008-7-7 Well I guess I'll just have to be myself for my return, huh @sophdea ?
  1914. 2008-7-7 Someeeeeeeeebody saveeeeeee me! :D Smallville intro song is awesomeness.
  1915. 2008-7-7 Watching Smallville and hoping somebody will saveeeeeeee me. 2 hours to go before I get back to London!
  1916. 2008-7-7 @malinki you lucky thing! Look after @angelsk - you know how she gets around all those Moo celebs, might all be too much for her!
  1917. 2008-7-7 Thinks someone has guessed wrongly... :) Train wifi ftw!
  1918. 2008-7-7 Heading back into London on the train now. Going to be out tonight for a lovely meal and drink.... :)
  1919. 2008-7-7 Wont be able to make Moo's summer party because I'll be in Japan! http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/867355/ You should go though.
  1920. 2008-7-7 Who's going to the MOO SUmmer Party then? http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/867355
  1921. 2008-7-7 Just given @stanto a headache singing on RockBand.
  1922. 2008-7-7 Just passing Arsenal's stadium. Back in London!
  1923. 2008-7-6 Translated.... tad hungover but had loads of fun last night.
  1924. 2008-7-6 @tall_rich I've only just started but the president is amazing!
  1925. 2008-7-6 Just got in. @stanto is going to play that god damn song. Please. No. Not that song! Sleep soon....
  1926. 2008-7-6 Oh my stars and garters.
  1927. 2008-7-5 Back... went to an interesting sushi place. Nigiri Crab stick. MegaLoLz. Quite wet, thanks rain! But great fun with @stanto
  1928. 2008-7-5 @angelsk You lucky thing! When I have my own place Rock Band and Wii Fit... it's going to be amazing.
  1929. 2008-7-5 Jesus. @stanto is playing Elton John - Shooting star. It's a long running joke we have. ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU READY? R U READY 4 LOVE!
  1930. 2008-7-5 @simondoggett vous deux 'The URL contained a malformed video ID. '
  1931. 2008-7-5 @simondoggett et @jon_bedford - tu pues !
  1932. 2008-7-5 @MikeTreat Will try! Never seen SO many short skirts before in my life. It leaves nothing to the imagination. When they fall over.
  1933. 2008-7-5 Glad I don't feel hungover! Going to be taking photos around Newcastle today with @stanto and @paulinho
  1934. 2008-7-5 Off to the town with @Stanto to buy some goodies... Its wet outside!
  1935. 2008-7-4 Off out to meet up with @PaulIvorra and have some drinks! :D
  1936. 2008-7-4 In @stanto's place now! Woooo I'm up North again. Note the capital 'N'.
  1937. 2008-7-4 Starting on Dexter season 2... boo... took the wrong season with me!
  1938. 2008-7-4 The West Wing. Kinda like Heartbreak High but with intelligent people!
  1939. 2008-7-4 @warriorgrrl it's true... it does make them ugly. Don't smoke kids. You look Fugly!
  1940. 2008-7-4 On the train... watching west wing and browsing a bit! :)
  1941. 2008-7-4 The builders on the roof are such delicate souls. Like elephants on speed.
  1942. 2008-7-4 Once these photos are up! I'm off to Newcastle. Cya there @stanto and @paulivorra
  1943. 2008-7-4 @Fozoftheyear as @simondoggett said, join flickr and you can download the hi-res photos!
  1944. 2008-7-4 Starting to get really sick of the people adding me on twitter who are just trying to drive traffic to their site. Stop it!
  1945. 2008-7-4 @marceatsworld I can't take full credit for the boy on a mission photos http://photos.kaivong.com ... @simondoggett wanted an animated gif!
  1946. 2008-7-4 Just put up my new photos on http://photos.kaivong.com ! :D Wooo Weeee...
  1947. 2008-7-4 So excited about Newcastle and awake. Well... actually it's a tummy ache that's woken me up!
  1948. 2008-7-4 @cat_elliott GO TO SLEEP! :P
  1949. 2008-7-4 In two hours I should be in Newcastle! Can you tell I'm excited? :D And the journey has been fun too... watching West Wing on the train.
  1950. 2008-7-3 @Fozoftheyear They're not being streamed :( So not sure if we can watch it!
  1951. 2008-7-3 @marceatsworld can you see them streaming or you @ the event?
  1952. 2008-7-3 @simondoggett and @jon_bedford should be talking at 2gether now! Or soon... waiting patiently!
  1953. 2008-7-3 Off to the north tomorrow! Cant wait. Hyped, psyched... Whatever ya wanna call it, @pauivorra and @stanto will greet me!
  1954. 2008-7-3 @whatleydude keep up you food/dream equation formulas. I wanna know how to dream of hot girls!
  1955. 2008-7-3 @Whatleydude I wanna see it too... :( Loving the whole idea of the moody superhero on screen. Phil Urich as GreenGoblin plz!
  1956. 2008-7-3 Help poor startup entrepreneur Ryan Carson hit 2000 diggs and he's giving away a free FoWA pass... http://tinyurl.com/44qenr
  1957. 2008-7-3 Listening to the Frey. New design for testing completed. Wooo.
  1958. 2008-7-2 Busy busy busy. So much stuff to read! :D Thankfully socialThing! + delicious = win. Sorry... I mean't won!
  1959. 2008-7-2 Good morning twitter. Fact of the day... I'm designer for a 3 man startup. Bet you didn't know that huh? ;)
  1960. 2008-7-2 @anucreative Yeah... Richard Marr is pretty much the next Leah Culver. 'Cept good looking.
  1961. 2008-7-1 Text from o2: "Dear Mr. Vong, How are you today? Ur looking rather daper if we may say so. Jus lettin u know 'iPhones r comin' only on o2.'
  1962. 2008-7-1 Exited about CSS Variables. Looks awesome.
  1963. 2008-7-1 It's picnic time. At Macmillan. Look forward to seeing you there. I'm ready!
  1964. 2008-7-1 @angelsk Altho you probably have more photos than me :P
  1965. 2008-7-1 @angelsk hideandseek was what I meant to say!
  1966. 2008-7-1 Wonder how Ro is getting on in his first day...
  1967. 2008-7-1 Totally in awe of SocialThing. From now on everything will be in there. Forget FriendFeeder. That was like a bad nightmare in comparison!
  1968. 2008-7-1 Feeling kinda hungry. Wonder what I'll have for lunch today. Maybe a salad...
  1969. 2008-7-1 Time to win a Flickr competition. :D I hope!
  1970. 2008-7-1 Reading http://kevinlong.wordpress.com/ it has some interesting opinions on Social media tests and trends
  1971. 2008-6-30 SocialThing rocks! Wooooo :D Wonder how many places this will go to...
  1972. 2008-6-30 Rocking out and doing some stuff for the US. Now if only it didn't take 10 minutes to go through different directories in SourceSafe...
  1973. 2008-6-30 Lunch! Sadly no mushy peas though...
  1974. 2008-6-30 Agile like a flying fox on fire! Yeah!!! :D
  1975. 2008-6-30 Agile baby! Like a flying fox.
  1976. 2008-6-30 Classical music. It helps right now.
  1977. 2008-6-30 Student loans company sucks big time. Thanks for taking stupid amounts of money out of my pay without my consent after I paid LAST year.
  1978. 2008-6-30 Uploading one little photo and now I'm off to get ready for work. Hopefully have all the photos from yesterday up quickly @ work.
  1979. 2008-6-30 Uploading my photos. There's only 172 I've liked out of the 334... tagging them all HotUnadulteratedSexyness ;) @angelsk will approve! :D
  1980. 2008-6-30 Loving how slick SocialThing is. Thanks @angelsk ! :D
  1981. 2008-6-29 Took 334 photos today. That's almost a photo a day for a year..! Going to try the 365 Flickr group soon.
  1982. 2008-6-29 Cant feel feet. This is a sign. Pretty sure I could sleep for an eternity now!
  1983. 2008-6-29 On the train back now.. Should be home soon. Super tired, but had a fantastic day.
  1984. 2008-6-29 All over for the day! Had great fun and will have to upload photos tonight...
  1985. 2008-6-29 Apparently birds cant spit as they have no saliva (@utku ) but they can suck (@cat_elliot ) thanks guys!
  1986. 2008-6-29 can pigeons spit? Please d me the answer. Thanks.
  1987. 2008-6-29 so far so good!
  1988. 2008-6-29 I made it and to celebrate the phototrackr is on... Wonder if any one is following this...
  1989. 2008-6-29 I wonder how you get in... Maybe this is the first part of the ooo pretty lights!
  1990. 2008-6-29 Someone is taking a photo of something that looks most uninteresting! I must be in the right place!
  1991. 2008-6-29 Wonder where i am now... This is fun and Im not even playing yet!
  1992. 2008-6-29 Tiny bit lost. But plenty of time to get my bearing
  1993. 2008-6-29 Awesome timing! Thought i would be late for the Train (fixing my twitter)... But nope still got few seconds before the train gets here.
  1994. 2008-6-29 Will be playing games by the south bank with @angelsk plus hopefully a guest visit from @anniemole (altho ive heard she's been busy lately!)
  1995. 2008-6-29 Wonder if twitter will work... Wud be useful for the game today!
  1996. 2008-6-29 Twitter broken on my mobile :( Invalid pin every time I try to tweet.
  1997. 2008-6-29 Will be off to 'And I saw' later today to play in part of the Hide&Seek festival games! Exciting!
  1998. 2008-6-29 Ah that fresh saturday morning train smell. Piss.
  1999. 2008-6-28 Urgh.. Chaz listens to Take That. Hopefully no more painful suprises as I go for a run with his LastFm radio on... http://twurl.nl/7zh4ip
  2000. 2008-6-28 Agenda 4 today is tidy room, go 4 a run then head off 2 the city 4 dinner! @marceatsworld & @simondoggett might pop in for some (iced) tea!
  2001. 2008-6-28 @MikeTreat TwoFlowers is Chinese or Japanese! Everyone knows that... even in the book there are references to his heritage!
  2002. 2008-6-28 WOW! http://eu.blizzard.com/diablo3/
  2003. 2008-6-28 Tidying the room. Need music.... Last.Fm is a life saver!
  2004. 2008-6-28 Watching Colour of Magic... seriously who casted Sean Austin for the part of TwoFlower?!
  2005. 2008-6-28 REALLY REALLY WANTS TO SEE WALL.E! :D Sorry for caps but it looks omfg amazing.
  2006. 2008-6-28 Wow. 90kg still... and yet I've been quite bad at times with food this week. Ah well, a run will defo help more!
  2007. 2008-6-27 Wonder if on weekends Terry Pratchett goes by the name of Ann...
  2008. 2008-6-27 Off to ro's leaving lunch at farringdon cya there!
  2009. 2008-6-27 Rohit has just given his good bye speech. Photos and video to follow soon... we'll miss you!
  2010. 2008-6-27 Hidden all of Ro's stuff in his draw. And he hasn't noticed. What else can I do to prank him? may have to do some old skool win pranks :D
  2011. 2008-6-27 @angelsk do you play in teams or individuals?
  2012. 2008-6-27 Why does the word colour have to be spelt differently in America? It's so pedantic.
  2013. 2008-6-27 Panic Inc ... please create Coda for the PC!
  2014. 2008-6-27 Dreamweaver. That was 20 files. Do you really have to crash? :(
  2015. 2008-6-27 Found out that I missed out on JustKaraoke last night. Shame. But kinda glad. Cos I can talk and they can't. Well... they can, but Husky!
  2016. 2008-6-27 Why am I not hungover? Letters on a postcard please ( http://twurl.nl/n4iodi ) to address ( http://twurl.nl/tgwyva ). Hope 2 hear from u...
  2017. 2008-6-27 Dear twitter. Ro and Roger have pretty much left Justgiving now. Feeling down. Lots of beers and sambucas down... oh well
  2018. 2008-6-27 when i get the new iphone... I wont get lost
  2019. 2008-6-26 @izabel_Blue have fun at the tennis tomorrow! The weather will hopefully stay amaziin!
  2020. 2008-6-26 Thanks for the replies everyone! The new tim at work was impressed!
  2021. 2008-6-26 hello twitter Jg Today are all in the pub and today is threadless thursday!
  2022. 2008-6-26 @jon_bedford "I was having fun with the Gimp"
  2023. 2008-6-26 @limeduck I wanted to put my design doodles and ideas on flickr... but I got hinted by someone not to do it!
  2024. 2008-6-26 Can't believe that just got into @kaiquotes ....
  2025. 2008-6-26 @marceatsworld of course! How you gonna do it?
  2026. 2008-6-26 Looking at these awesome biz cards http://twurl.nl/iir8qk - Want!
  2027. 2008-6-26 @simondoggett go get em tiger! :D em being toofs out and tiger being ur 'hot' dentist.
  2028. 2008-6-26 Ive resorted to t3 Magazine... Thanks to my mp3 Player packing up.
  2029. 2008-6-26 Convinced my dad lives so much in the garden these days cos he is really a garden frog!
  2030. 2008-6-26 We are in the pub! D msg me and say hi twitter is great... Please
  2031. 2008-6-25 Turkey just equalised. My mom just shouted out yay. She doesn't normally get into football!
  2032. 2008-6-25 Can I have it like that? Boom!
  2033. 2008-6-25 Good morning bexley... Can i have a train already, please.
  2034. 2008-6-25 Sitting down in london. Just chillin!
  2035. 2008-6-24 @overheardatmoo Wtf. Please. Worst hero of all time was Flash Gordan or Dan Dare
  2036. 2008-6-24 stuck on the a2... So much for getting to work early. Total lock down cos of a broken down truck.
  2037. 2008-6-24 Great food photos from the master (chef) @jon_bedford http://twurl.nl/za53aw
  2038. 2008-6-23 "This guy is as mad as a hatter," Zarine commenting after I've shown her my new camera lens.
  2039. 2008-6-23 New lens. Amazing. Perfect for people photos!
  2040. 2008-6-22 Think someone just got killed in Jericho. Wow. And there I was thinking it was a mix of Neighbours and 24!
  2041. 2008-6-22 Just taken one of my best photos yet... really proud of this one: http://twurl.nl/cfc2vq
  2042. 2008-6-22 Hurrah. Run complete. Relaxing with some Jericho... like 24, but one episode spread over a whole season :P
  2043. 2008-6-22 Off for a run on my friend the treadmill!
  2044. 2008-6-22 @wilcolley yeah Colley, cheers for the video of me doing the cha cha cha! :p
  2045. 2008-6-22 Sleepy! Time for bed me thinks... found some nice javascript code to add to my rss feed parsing script :D
  2046. 2008-6-22 Rocking out to other people's Last.Fm tracks and cooking! Oh yes. Food time! Prawn stir fry me thinks.
  2047. 2008-6-21 @limeduck have you tried PicLens for flickr photos of food? You will absolutely be blown away by it :)
  2048. 2008-6-21 @limeduck I felt a bit sick this morning though :( and I really don't feel like eating... but I do at the same time. Torture!
  2049. 2008-6-21 Stupid illness. Want to go bbq... but feel so tired :(
  2050. 2008-6-21 2 - 1! Oh yes. :D Come on Russia!!
  2051. 2008-6-21 OHHHHH YEAH. 3 - 1.
  2052. 2008-6-21 My Euro 08 sweepstake team is... beating Holland at the moment.
  2053. 2008-6-21 @limeduck that was an amazing admission. PS. I got that confused with omission for a second there... Hey, just tryin' to level wif yah bro
  2054. 2008-6-21 Watching the 1st Futurama movie!
  2055. 2008-6-21 @limeduck Oh and just you wait to see my new lens I've bought! :D It's amazzzzing.
  2056. 2008-6-21 @limeduck mouse over a user's profile picture with it and then click the play icon. You'll be able to see all their photos in a very mac way
  2057. 2008-6-20 Going back to bed as 'mommy' (@Izabel_blue ) has told me to! No laughing @sophdea @simondoggett ... throat like sandpaper :(
  2058. 2008-6-20 Annoyed. Liams BBQ is tomorrow. I love BBQ. :( Hope cold totally clears up... but throat says otherwise at moment.
  2059. 2008-6-20 Awake. Have been hybernating. Like a good bear.
  2060. 2008-6-20 @simondoggett Of course!
  2061. 2008-6-19 Feeling good. Sleeping throughout the whole day seems to have rejuved me... Or maybe it's just 'cos Coda is such a fantastic editor!
  2062. 2008-6-19 Hate being ill. Will totally rest today and hopefully be good for tomorrow and the weekend...
  2063. 2008-6-19 Playing with my new toy and wondering if my new lens has arrived at work... excited!
  2064. 2008-6-18 @cat_elliott just download it and reinstall.. it seemed to work okay that way. PS. Try a reboot first for FF3!
  2065. 2008-6-18 Wanted! Plug in for Notepad++ or dreamweaver that tidies up the layout of my css :) Will pay in gold and ale...
  2066. 2008-6-18 @thomasb86 l-a-z-y!
  2067. 2008-6-18 @Whatleydude Why is it when I click on more for it... there's nothing there?
  2068. 2008-6-18 @thomasb86 just roll back...
  2069. 2008-6-18 @thomasb86 yup that's why I'm not using FF3 on my work machine until a new version gets released!
  2070. 2008-6-18 @Izabel_blue I can change! Don't count me out yet...
  2071. 2008-6-18 Retweeting @richmarr: @izabel_blue, why do you want a kitten when you've got @kaichanvong?
  2072. 2008-6-18 Relief is: looking at sites you've worked on, in FF3 and them all still being perfert.
  2073. 2008-6-18 London bridge is always so pretty at night. Off home now..
  2074. 2008-6-17 @miketreat next gig you guys play, there will be ample amounts of ale!
  2075. 2008-6-17 @MikeTreat :p don't your embarressing me! Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to you singing the KaiChanVong song on stage! :D
  2076. 2008-6-17 As requested by @MikeTreat @marceatsworld a video of my hair cut :P http://twurl.nl/i2en2o
  2077. 2008-6-17 @MikeTreat this is true.... okay okay I'll sort it out
  2078. 2008-6-17 Just saw what happens when you google image my name.... there are LOTS of photos of me. Jeeeez.
  2079. 2008-6-17 Popcorn... first a baby in the office and now popcorn. Next we'll have a dog in the office, oh wait! Done that ;)
  2080. 2008-6-17 KaiQuotes is now totally just taking my comments out of context! Comment was about an individual called @NinjaKai who is me but better ;(
  2081. 2008-6-17 @jon_bedford said, "No... the release is at six, I'm following @mozillafirefox "
  2082. 2008-6-17 @marceatsworld you want a picture of my haircut... okay okay... soon!
  2083. 2008-6-17 @angelsk that's not the final version is it...?
  2084. 2008-6-17 Quite possibly the best hair cut ever! Pimps and pinups ftw.
  2085. 2008-6-17 Off getting the hair chopped!
  2086. 2008-6-17 Thanks to @marceatsworld @anniemole it was indeed Tony Robinson who I saw... he has a new haircut too!
  2087. 2008-6-17 Just walked past that tony...Whats his name from that tv show on 4 about diging stuff up
  2088. 2008-6-17 @anniemole i experienced spots of rain yesterday as i left the office! Almost tweeted it too :p
  2089. 2008-6-17 @miketreat have some optimism!
  2090. 2008-6-17 Leaving now! Styled everything up... just need to fix IE next day ;)
  2091. 2008-6-16 @simondoggett eh?
  2092. 2008-6-16 Looking out the train window and sketching in my notebook.
  2093. 2008-6-16 Leaving now. I promise!
  2094. 2008-6-16 Wrapping up. Quite a busy day... clearly need to live closer to the office! Like in it.
  2095. 2008-6-16 Seriously. How can someone possibly style up a page with ALL this inline styles? Maybe they're like *in* the matrix... :P
  2096. 2008-6-16 Everyone believed me when I shouted out that Natalie has 2 shoes on!
  2097. 2008-6-16 Rocking, coding and designin' out for the last hour. New design process indicator for our taking a tour page complete! Woooo.
  2098. 2008-6-16 @elliotjaystocks do you know any good tutorials for creating hot buttons in fireworks which can be batched nicely? :D If not why not dude!
  2099. 2008-6-16 "No that's my contract," Said the freelancer to the baby. Brilliant!
  2100. 2008-6-16 Retweeting @richmarr: Will put £10 towards paying for @kaichanvong to have lessons in ancient languages. Anyone with me?
  2101. 2008-6-16 Sorry Sanskrit! Not SunScript...
  2102. 2008-6-16 Just got told the babies name was Kimiya. That's sunscript. Apparently not a programming language!
  2103. 2008-6-16 Just picked up the fruit too! Justgiving now have healthy food for the next few days :)
  2104. 2008-6-16 got smalll Camera back now.... Stopford was sacred of it tho and hardly took any photos.
  2105. 2008-6-16 @jon_bedford not broody! Just hungry... and surprised about the baby.
  2106. 2008-6-16 There's.... a baby in the office...
  2107. 2008-6-16 Wow. That's the first time I've ever made a £100 donation. http://twurl.nl/gd7yop
  2108. 2008-6-16 Maybe buying that tiny mp3 player wasn't such a great idea. Cos it's so tiny that I can't find it!
  2109. 2008-6-16 Today... I'm feeling mega productive. Maybe it's @wilcolley's pink mug!
  2110. 2008-6-15 Think it's time I went for a run... need to get prepared for the first little run that'll be coming along soon.
  2111. 2008-6-15 oh yes! If you liked 'This is Spinal Tap', you'll love this: http://www.vimeo.com/1174901 Featuring a few cameo appearances from moi :)
  2112. 2008-6-15 @marceatsworld you're such a geek! ... might have to also do the same...
  2113. 2008-6-15 Excited. @simondoggett is uploading the FFFP documentary at Astoria.... soundcheck, drinking, singing, fans and great times. :D
  2114. 2008-6-15 Working on the new markup and adding in a few new little things!
  2115. 2008-6-15 @utku Yeah true. But it's the nearest amount of cool that I've seen in a long time... :P
  2116. 2008-6-15 Charlie Bartlett is the new Ferris Bueller.
  2117. 2008-6-15 Watching Charlie Bartlett and being inspired.
  2118. 2008-6-15 Mum suprised me today by not knowing the difference between Outlook and Internet Explorer... gosh!
  2119. 2008-6-15 @Anniemole has some great pics from the Flickr Meetup @ Tate Modern she was at! http://is.gd/xGK
  2120. 2008-6-15 Calm http://tinyurl.com/5slhmn
  2121. 2008-6-15 More purple flower stuff http://tinyurl.com/5zzx56
  2122. 2008-6-15 @MikeTreat hah! Dominos... hmmm... I haven't had one of them since my first night doing Edward 40 thingy... :P
  2123. 2008-6-15 Smell that? That's the smell of awesomeness food cooking. And I'm going to take photos of it. @jon_bedford would be proud.
  2124. 2008-6-14 Just seen the most crackers advert in a long time. 'I wish girls were more like pot noodles'. Wow. Incredible.
  2125. 2008-6-14 Hoping Russia will take off and score lots or lose lots by lots, cos right now they need to do something for my sweepstakes position!
  2126. 2008-6-14 Taking it all down http://tinyurl.com/3wkh66
  2127. 2008-6-14 Photonic: A Flickr desktop client for Mac OS X http://tinyurl.com/6jjxgo
  2128. 2008-6-14 :( Think I just fell for a facebook spoof site hack. Changing passwords now. Any suggestions from anyone who's fell for the same thing?
  2129. 2008-6-14 Wishing i carried my camera with me right now. @natbentley and @wilcolley are missing out on this great weather!
  2130. 2008-6-14 still hanging out at the flat of a certain @Natbentley of pod1 fame.
  2131. 2008-6-14 Just been told about a movie called, 'So you've downloaded a demon'. Gosh. Also thinking about how to get my photos on Flickr Explore..
  2132. 2008-6-14 Just tumbled in... BBQ Beef Sandwich Recipe | Simply Recipes http://tinyurl.com/696n9v
  2133. 2008-6-14 Relaxing at home. http://tinyurl.com/656hlt
  2134. 2008-6-14 Booking my train tickets for going to see Stanto and Paul up in Newcastle. Looking forward to being back up north for a bit!
  2135. 2008-6-14 women's designer shoes - Google Search http://tinyurl.com/4jbeem
  2136. 2008-6-13 BOOM! New record :D http://tinyurl.com/3sczl2
  2137. 2008-6-13 @fleshman event?!? Dude seriously. ;)
  2138. 2008-6-13 One day you'll be at pod 1 and then you'll gone.
  2139. 2008-6-13 @simondoggett And people who don't need to be educated about this! :P Cos everyone seems to think it's make or break.
  2140. 2008-6-13 @johnwhenry traitor.
  2141. 2008-6-13 Whenever a girl does her makeup on, it makes me think of how transformers go from robots to cars.
  2142. 2008-6-13 @simondoggett oh Yer you, soph and jono at fuel!
  2143. 2008-6-13 i feel ur pain buddy. La la la-la la-la la la la!
  2144. 2008-6-13 Almost at london bridge now. Could drift off asleep tho.. No book or music to keep me awake!
  2145. 2008-6-12 @marceatsworld you got it!
  2146. 2008-6-12 Heading off for a run. Back in about 40!
  2147. 2008-6-12 @marceatsworld I have nearly 100 hits on my flickr photos from last night. Think you guys need more material @ Last FM etc :)
  2148. 2008-6-12 Just tumbled in... 3F!P - Beeps & Clicks / Stephen Glansberg / Aquaman [live at... http://tinyurl.com/6cytpb
  2149. 2008-6-12 @simondoggett Maybe next time I'll ask a friend if we can use some bigger and better equipment to record it!
  2150. 2008-6-12 @MikeTreat I was ushered off before I could get it... I think. It was all a blur :(
  2151. 2008-6-12 Twitter error msg/twitterpage http://tinyurl.com/3s5fo9
  2152. 2008-6-12 @edelabar there's something cool bout understanding how a browser renders pages differently like going from Earth to Mars with diff physics.
  2153. 2008-6-12 @Fozoftheyear dude, you had a beautiful blonde lass brought to you. Fair she was another band mate's missus. And you had 4 girls around u!
  2154. 2008-6-12 @MikeTreat your right. If you were those Lost Prophets I'd expect you to need photoshopping and being dubbed over.
  2155. 2008-6-12 @Whatleydude I think so. If you look at the way Inocent and Moo: I would say they're rather consumer spread..
  2156. 2008-6-12 @Whatleydude In the past I would have agreed with that. Now I'm going to say brands are moving towards being consumer objects.
  2157. 2008-6-12 Well that was quite possibly my most favourite ever fight sequence and episode ever.
  2158. 2008-6-12 Francine doesn't like Coffee chocolate ice cream... Gosh. Alias is amazing.
  2159. 2008-6-12 5 days till Firefox 3. Exciting news!
  2160. 2008-6-12 Thanks for last night FFFP guys. It was amazing, some of the photos were ok. I'll practise more & improve on hooking Fol up with groupies!
  2161. 2008-6-12 @Fozoftheyear @MikeTreat @marceatsworld @simondoggett
  2162. 2008-6-12 Holy. 41 views. It's not even on the band group yet...
  2163. 2008-6-12 @MikeTreat PS. Photos are up - http://tinyurl.com/6lpdyz
  2164. 2008-6-12 @MikeTreat It was Simon D's camera so he'll be uploading them! :D
  2165. 2008-6-12 New blog post! Big names. Bad logo choices?: Yesterday was amazing, helping out and bei.. http://tinyurl.com/58xra2
  2166. 2008-6-12 Just tumbled in... Yesterday I was photographer for FFFP @ the London Astoria... http://tinyurl.com/66xo3d
  2167. 2008-6-12 Thumbs up from Rich http://tinyurl.com/6x5yqe
  2168. 2008-6-12 More rocking http://tinyurl.com/5kuh39
  2169. 2008-6-12 Guitar. Solo. http://tinyurl.com/5mhck8
  2170. 2008-6-12 Playing! http://tinyurl.com/6phndx
  2171. 2008-6-12 Discussing politics http://tinyurl.com/3w469u
  2172. 2008-6-12 Will upload photos.... soon... providing Flickr allows me to.
  2173. 2008-6-12 Just got home. Actually quite impressed with a few of my photos. Will upload soon. Worried I had let the guys down...
  2174. 2008-6-12 Doggett on fire http://tinyurl.com/5up28e
  2175. 2008-6-11 Train soon. Lots of scary groupies. Crowd surfing. Human whirlpools. And more. Sleep soon.
  2176. 2008-6-11 Folley wants groupies... They are ALL underaged
  2177. 2008-6-11 Calm before the storm.
  2178. 2008-6-11 They need chairs in here...
  2179. 2008-6-11 We made it. Just going thru sound check. All the pre panic over with..
  2180. 2008-6-11 At the venue. Gonna be getting tons of photos for the day with the band!
  2181. 2008-6-11 Wondering what Sophie is giggling about...
  2182. 2008-6-11 Ready for a drink. Or two. Or three.
  2183. 2008-6-11 @Fozoftheyear Yes sir, I will 'tend' to your groupies.
  2184. 2008-6-11 Off today to rock out with Fffp and will have the new camera lens too. Its going to be amazing!
  2185. 2008-6-11 Outside. Tired. But. Party.
  2186. 2008-6-10 Whatley!
  2187. 2008-6-10 Amazing SEO design article. http://tinyurl.com/4p9efh 1st rule of SEO design. Do not cheat.
  2188. 2008-6-10 One more day until @simondoggett plays the Aestoria or whatever it's called with the Lost Prophets. It's going to be SICK!
  2189. 2008-6-10 @Whatleydude :( Sorry about the Nom nom... hope you don't hate us. But at the same time well done for all your work on it!
  2190. 2008-6-10 @angelsk Oooops! Thanks :) That's cos KaiQuotes is being twitterfeeded... I'll stop that now! :)
  2191. 2008-6-10 kaiquotes: I love summer. All the girls come out in their smalls.: kaiquotes: I love summer. All the .. http://tinyurl.com/5u96u4
  2192. 2008-6-10 To everyone wondering about the man on the roof the yesterday & today: http://is.gd/uiH
  2193. 2008-6-10 @thomasb86 Thanks dude! It was a crazy night of voting.
  2194. 2008-6-10 @Simondoggett thats what true friendship is about. Better not be on the roof at the same time tho... He might jump!
  2195. 2008-6-10 Just asked pc officer when the last time he had eaten. She just laughed. But i really want to know..
  2196. 2008-6-10 Wonder how long he will stay up there for... Hes been there since yesterday morning. Must be getting hungry.
  2197. 2008-6-10 So... Theres a man on his roof and he wont come down. Hence the police, ambulance and fire engine... Plus the crime scene ribbon!
  2198. 2008-6-10 Much more like it! http://tinyurl.com/4sudds
  2199. 2008-6-10 Also will be rocking out tomorrow with the legends that are @marceatsworld @fozoftheyear and @miketreat. It's going to be better than life.
  2200. 2008-6-9 Just tumbled in... We won! http://tinyurl.com/65ygz6
  2201. 2008-6-9 Yey. Absolutely shattered. Glad to have won it after contacting everyone under the sun! Thanks to you all. You guys were amazing.
  2202. 2008-6-9 Temptation is... http://tinyurl.com/56bkkm
  2203. 2008-6-9 Mom is talking about making celebratory cakes. With them saying "Yes" on the top. Bit tired and a bit premature if you ask me!
  2204. 2008-6-9 Last 50 minutes now. http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/team_7 Need people to click vote! :)
  2205. 2008-6-9 Okay... all out of friends now. Looks like we're relying on other contacts now!
  2206. 2008-6-9 Calling Hawai ! Yes. Oh yes. Hello friends...
  2207. 2008-6-9 "My lot are just waking up in Korea." Oh yes. Here comes the second wave.
  2208. 2008-6-9 I hope we win @simondoggett I literally have told everyone I know to show everyone that page in the hope they'll like our food enough & vote
  2209. 2008-6-9 Just tumbled in... the Food 2.0 Project: Nom, Nom, Nom - Team 7 http://tinyurl.com/5od55x
  2210. 2008-6-9 Been phoning Korea, California, Belgiam and a few others for votes to http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/team_7
  2211. 2008-6-9 Got until midnight - need votes - http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/team_7
  2212. 2008-6-9 Wonder if twitter is working and if the apple keynotes had anything cool...
  2213. 2008-6-9 Please work
  2214. 2008-6-9 That I am happy!
  2215. 2008-6-9 Grandad http://tinyurl.com/3q3v8d
  2216. 2008-6-9 @angelsk meanie! @Whatleydude :p
  2217. 2008-6-9 @angelsk just vote for Whatley!
  2218. 2008-6-9 @Whatleydude fun house... it's a whole... lotta fun!
  2219. 2008-6-9 @angelsk I can do non-seafood too... :P And and and, I come with cuddles! Can i have cuddles pwease? o_o wif vote...
  2220. 2008-6-9 @Whatleydude How're you more fun than me!??! I'm super fun!
  2221. 2008-6-9 @angelsk I used to be a sushi chef too! :P
  2222. 2008-6-9 @angelsk I'll cook for you if you vote for us :D
  2223. 2008-6-9 Needing votes in a 3 horse race and have until midnight. Please help us stay in the running! http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/team_7
  2224. 2008-6-9 kaiquotes: (on how our builders manage to climb up on to the scaffolding) They've all been bitten by .. http://tinyurl.com/5cqlr9
  2225. 2008-6-9 @whatley No worries mate ;) could be a new project right there for ya. Whatley!
  2226. 2008-6-9 All together now: whatley!
  2227. 2008-6-9 Just leaving the house. Police car and van down at bexley! Nothing suprises me... Probably another drug/sex ring.
  2228. 2008-6-9 Just tumbled in... The Big Question: 'Why Should I Hire You?' http://tinyurl.com/5bsh25
  2229. 2008-6-9 New designer starting today. Hope he's a fast learner! Really want to get my new design for the Justgiving.com site out the door again!
  2230. 2008-6-9 @iampennypops Awww ;) you just got a new followerererererer.
  2231. 2008-6-9 Close up of Nan http://tinyurl.com/4p3jv2
  2232. 2008-6-8 @iampennypops These things are important! :D
  2233. 2008-6-8 ;) @iampennypops could be!
  2234. 2008-6-8 Just tumbled in... woork: Clean and pure CSS FORM design http://tinyurl.com/5fbbwq
  2235. 2008-6-8 Joint 1st place at the moment in the great food cook off. Need YOUR vote: http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/team_7
  2236. 2008-6-8 Make your god damn mind up. Either follow me. Or don't! :p The emails are annoying!
  2237. 2008-6-8 New blog post! For the wicked: So… get ready for this one! It’s been a long.. http://tinyurl.com/55t9mu
  2238. 2008-6-8 Share this plug in for wordpress has a limitation. If you're using positioning within your site, you'll get owned!
  2239. 2008-6-8 Mood board for the footer http://tinyurl.com/4np2ex
  2240. 2008-6-8 KaiVong.com footer http://tinyurl.com/5xqktk
  2241. 2008-6-8 @thomasb86 ta
  2242. 2008-6-8 New footer added to my site design! http://www.kaichanvong.com But how long will the site remain the way it looks....? ;)
  2243. 2008-6-8 BAD ROBOT!
  2244. 2008-6-8 Just tumbled in... Comments on the google icon design. http://tinyurl.com/62v8ps
  2245. 2008-6-8 Digg - One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish http://tinyurl.com/4crryt
  2246. 2008-6-8 Places I can have my laptop at... http://tinyurl.com/5umsye
  2247. 2008-6-8 CodeMonkey http://tinyurl.com/4amoua
  2248. 2008-6-8 @Whatleydude I know your game mate! The modest and nice guy approach!!!
  2249. 2008-6-8 @MikeTreat is amazing.
  2250. 2008-6-8 @simondoggett lol it's only 3pm!
  2251. 2008-6-8 Jigging away to 'All along the watch tower'.
  2252. 2008-6-8 @MikeTreat Exactly. Damn remarkably high quality! ;)
  2253. 2008-6-8 @MikeTreat very true. But the quality needs to be remarkably high! :)
  2254. 2008-6-8 @MikeTreat think more web 2.0! Albums will be dead in the future. It's all about commercials and plugging stuff nowadays..
  2255. 2008-6-8 Taking @Whatleydude to the wire. Sure he has more friends than me. But I'll make him work for his votes more than anything! ;)
  2256. 2008-6-8 @simondoggett can you do me a favour and vote - http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/team_7
  2257. 2008-6-8 Thinking about picking up a new lens for my Canon. 50mm f/1.8 seems to be the recommendation for bands!
  2258. 2008-6-8 Random Jools groupie http://tinyurl.com/449ups
  2259. 2008-6-8 In the dark http://tinyurl.com/5smz5m
  2260. 2008-6-8 Playing the tamberine... http://tinyurl.com/55g2kk
  2261. 2008-6-8 Frog :) http://tinyurl.com/4j6ozt
  2262. 2008-6-8 More talking http://tinyurl.com/4ma35o
  2263. 2008-6-8 @Whatleydude 2 can play this game! Vote for Whatley and friend - http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/team_6
  2264. 2008-6-7 Almost out of road works... Wooo
  2265. 2008-6-7 Sat in road works. Jools holland got good at the end.. They r no FFFP though!
  2266. 2008-6-7 Wishing i had gone seen Fffp play tonight. Sure i could have used my camera there!
  2267. 2008-6-7 Just get threatened that a guy would take my camera away at a gig because of my lens being professional.
  2268. 2008-6-7 Waiting for Jools Holland to start. Guess this is technically my first gig. Next one fuji rock festival!
  2269. 2008-6-7 The garden http://tinyurl.com/6lrp3z
  2270. 2008-6-7 Grandparents here! Uploading photos soon
  2271. 2008-6-7 @malinki suP?
  2272. 2008-6-7 Quote, "I think it needed a sock over it last night" - Chris Stanton. Totally out of context.
  2273. 2008-6-7 Coda http://tinyurl.com/6aej3g
  2274. 2008-6-7 London. Amazing bands: http://www.flickr.com/photos/s... Come. Flash Flash Flash Photography r headlinin then wif Lost Prophets next week
  2275. 2008-6-7 @marceatsworld @simondoggett @miketreat Wont be able to make it tonight, grandparents here & taking them to see Jools Holland.BeSure2Rock!!!
  2276. 2008-6-7 New iPhone images!!! http://tinyurl.com/4d4qh4 Want! :D
  2277. 2008-6-7 Funkier and Footy...err http://tinyurl.com/3u6s7q
  2278. 2008-6-7 Excited about how the new footer is looking Playing lots with pen tools & new ideas from out of my sketchbook - http://tinyurl.com/64ezec
  2279. 2008-6-7 Just tumbled in... Exclusive Sneak Preview: Gmail Gets 13 Experimental New Features http://tinyurl.com/6f5heb
  2280. 2008-6-7 @richardmoross Wow. I need to fine that kinda ocean! ;)
  2281. 2008-6-7 Footer sketches! http://tinyurl.com/5txndu
  2282. 2008-6-7 My moo card on Flickr - Photo Sharing! http://tinyurl.com/56ozc3
  2283. 2008-6-7 Grandad's eye http://tinyurl.com/4euumx
  2284. 2008-6-6 Just tumbled in... Radiohead Nude (via r2builder_uk) Done for a Radiohead... http://tinyurl.com/69az5k
  2285. 2008-6-6 @richardmoross We've missed you Mr. Moross! Where have you been? :)
  2286. 2008-6-6 Loving this remix of Radiohead song Nude. http://www.vimeo.com/1109226
  2287. 2008-6-6 Upgraded my Flickr pro account. Now to chill out a bit and have some food! More work on my site to come
  2288. 2008-6-6 @limeduck Japan soon! I think I'm actually too scared to risk the mac abroad... the new camera, however... that's a totally different story
  2289. 2008-6-6 My moo card http://tinyurl.com/5l5dj5
  2290. 2008-6-6 @jon_bedford http://tinyurl.com/678er6 This HAS to be the sadest person in the world. I felt sorry for him.
  2291. 2008-6-6 You know you need Illustrator and Photoshop on your mac when you have a nightmare that you can't help a junior because you're on holiday.
  2292. 2008-6-6 Passing stranger quote, "rock... band.."
  2293. 2008-6-6 Off getting rock band with jon_bedford ! Exited for him!
  2294. 2008-6-6 Boom! Back to old school client work for me.. Sometimes dirty hacks are beautiful.
  2295. 2008-6-6 Boom! Back to old school client work for me..
  2296. 2008-6-6 Welcome to the Interweb @richmarr
  2297. 2008-6-6 Just tumbled in... I can haz jaydee n coke pleeez? (via SimonDee) http://tinyurl.com/5sshyl
  2298. 2008-6-6 kaiquotes: when I say 'we', I mean me and my stomach.: kaiquotes: when I say 'we', I mean me and my s.. http://tinyurl.com/5lq3xd
  2299. 2008-6-6 @jon_bedford if you buy rock band I'm round yours LOTS :D
  2300. 2008-6-6 Sophie. The giving expert. "Just give".
  2301. 2008-6-6 @Whatleydude lol take any action! Amazing. And you're on!
  2302. 2008-6-6 @Whatleydude Obsessed man!
  2303. 2008-6-6 @Izabel_blue can you tweet when you have a user? :D
  2304. 2008-6-5 @Whatleydude :) it wasn't a negative, just amusing that you were everywhere like some of those annoying tv celebs!
  2305. 2008-6-5 Be proud of it @Whatleydude ! Think of the royalties.
  2306. 2008-6-5 @Whatleydude you in that NomNomNom video!
  2307. 2008-6-5 Just tumbled in... From the TrustedPlaces Blog The Food 2.0 project that was at a... http://tinyurl.com/5w28rq
  2308. 2008-6-5 http://tinyurl.com/5rdzzj To watch Nom Nom Nominate Whatleydu... I mean Nom.
  2309. 2008-6-5 Arghhhh! @Whatleydude , you're becoming like that annoying guy on adverts, tv commercials, newspapers and everything!!!
  2310. 2008-6-5 Ohhhh boom! <%if YoYoWasup Then%> <% Server.Execute( "/music/sweetchildomind.mp3" ) %> <% Else %> <strong>sulk& ...
  2311. 2008-6-5 @Whatleydude dudeeeeeeee! Did you say somewhere there was a video of the NomNomNom event on a blip.tv or something?
  2312. 2008-6-5 @Izabel_blue Very lah dee dar! ;)
  2313. 2008-6-5 @angelsk too many Cheese sandwiches? :P
  2314. 2008-6-5 @malinki Greys Inn fields or something... towards Chancery Lane!
  2315. 2008-6-5 Thank god @jon_bedford we were going to say, please say hi back. Ps @sophdea almost got squashed
  2316. 2008-6-5 We are bracing ourselves for the twitverlarnch
  2317. 2008-6-5 @simondoggett we miss you! Like the sun misses the moon
  2318. 2008-6-5 We are in the park! Its amazing!!!
  2319. 2008-6-5 Just tumbled in... Fuji rock festival book out! Yay. http://tinyurl.com/58zh2z
  2320. 2008-6-5 I meant the park. Not the loo!
  2321. 2008-6-5 Just tumbled in... Toxel.com » 14 Creative Advertisements Part 2 http://tinyurl.com/6mo8cs
  2322. 2008-6-5 Here kitty kitty! http://tinyurl.com/4c2hfz
  2323. 2008-6-5 Off to sleep. Long day! Flickr photos are uploading!
  2324. 2008-6-5 @richardmoross "Take a look around! It's limp bizkit, hangin' out... in... the crowd?"
  2325. 2008-6-5 Oh great. Another fantastic presresentation of the far-east on tv.
  2326. 2008-6-5 Not sure about Big Brother... it's on the telly at the moment but it's just not quite going in.
  2327. 2008-6-5 @anniemole im a stephanie fan already!
  2328. 2008-6-5 Two blokes in front of me fallen asleep in opposite directions of one another. Amazing!
  2329. 2008-6-5 Oh the suspense! @anniemole
  2330. 2008-6-5 @anniemole doubting that bb is anything like im imagining it in my head. Clearly need an iphone!
  2331. 2008-6-5 @anniemole are they dressed in green and red with matching moustaches and holding mushrooms?
  2332. 2008-6-5 @anniemole i believe in you! You can do it :D
  2333. 2008-6-5 @anniemole it starts on a thursday!? Running commentary on it plz
  2334. 2008-6-5 Waitin at the ol london bridge for my train. Lecture had some interesting moments.
  2335. 2008-6-5 Lecture + beer
  2336. 2008-6-5 Heading off to D&AD experimental jetset lecture! Should be interesting.
  2337. 2008-6-5 Just tumbled in... Strobist: Welcome to Strobist. http://tinyurl.com/5tmuug
  2338. 2008-6-5 Mmmmm sushi!
  2339. 2008-6-5 @Whatleydude stop making me feel guilty! :P I Mean't like those people from Big Brother and I'm a celebrity
  2340. 2008-6-5 @Whatleydude You're probably rolling in it like Chris Moyles! Some of us still live with our parents in the garden shed to save up money :D
  2341. 2008-6-5 @Whatleydude you're constantly NSFW! ;) Now... what to go and eat..
  2342. 2008-6-5 @plasticsnow Holding back... from... clicking...
  2343. 2008-6-5 @Whatleydude I just am! :p I don't know where it will end up, especially whilst in the work place :P
  2344. 2008-6-5 @angelsk Sometimes! :D
  2345. 2008-6-5 @Whatleydude dude! Seriously, people are going to get the wrong kinda idea about the people I follow :P
  2346. 2008-6-5 Off to the park with fellow Jgers for lunch! Perfect weather for just chillin' out. Any suggestions for lunch? :D
  2347. 2008-6-5 Tempted to totally redo the markup for the footer. I'll be patient and wait till we redesign it though...
  2348. 2008-6-5 Loving Will H's Jeff Buckley song collection, entitled - 'Just Great Music' containing no songs at all.
  2349. 2008-6-5 @simondoggett My grandparents are down for the weekend... might try and sneak down for a bit after Jools Holland!
  2350. 2008-6-5 is it weird that I can listen to Girls Aloud, Children of Bodom and then Counting Crows... and love them all equally? :D
  2351. 2008-6-5 Tweaking the Jg.com homepage on the stage server. Em>Px for height settings and adding in some nice new touches. Will C will love it!
  2352. 2008-6-5 Just uploaded new photos to the Jg flickr account. http://www.flickr.com/photos/justgiving/ They're Hawt!
  2353. 2008-6-5 @anniemole 's quest to take over the world thwarted again huh?
  2354. 2008-6-5 @simondoggett yo! How is the tour going? We all miss u at work dude :D
  2355. 2008-6-5 Just getting to london bridge. Wont be long and work time!
  2356. 2008-6-5 YAIKA http://tinyurl.com/3ececd
  2357. 2008-6-5 I'm awake. Feel like I shouldn't be though! Might nap a bit long methinks...
  2358. 2008-6-5 Apparently Sophie is nipping off to the loo then we're off to park for lunch. Anyone wanna come too?
  2359. 2008-6-4 Tomorrow morning I'll grab lots of new photos off my camera! And on that note Bed time for me.
  2360. 2008-6-4 Justgiving - Nick Hewer's Fundraising Page http://tinyurl.com/46ox3v
  2361. 2008-6-4 Thinking about sleep... need to think about it less and do it more!
  2362. 2008-6-4 One day. IE will understand that padding is so much better than having to force a width and height. Bye office!
  2363. 2008-6-4 My CSS "Ah-ha!" moment was back in 1996. I wondered why my very first website was in black and white. Bloody Americans and their spelling.
  2364. 2008-6-4 Sometimes... just sometimes, my KaiQuotes are taken slightly out of context!
  2365. 2008-6-4 Excited. Will be at FOWA this year.
  2366. 2008-6-4 "Love me," Quote from Elizabeth Kessick. She says it it was just a 'typo'.
  2367. 2008-6-4 Seriously. It's Kai. Not Khai. Definately not Kaj.
  2368. 2008-6-4 @limeduck that's why people use Wordpress. Oh by the way, I keep hearing that all blogs are really easy to hack even when kept up to date:)
  2369. 2008-6-4 @simondoggett it will be arranged!
  2370. 2008-6-4 If anyone is grumpy or has questions about Justgiving... give our helpdesk a call! You'll be greeted by me. Saying, "Wasssup yo!"
  2371. 2008-6-4 Apparently computer geek games programmers all get together and play twister round his house. Oh man... dungeons and dragons time! ;)
  2372. 2008-6-4 After being asked if I'm at work by my Mr. Paul Ivorra (of Venom/Take2 fame) he said... "well i hope you don't die in the process :P"
  2373. 2008-6-4 @angelsk Ajax is even worse than F5 !!! Means you sit infront of it like it's the TV ;) I'm lazy with delicious and jus tag stuff!
  2374. 2008-6-4 Still could sleep an extra day! Oh well... lots to be done. :)
  2375. 2008-6-4 @MelKirk So yes. It does still make you a bad driver!
  2376. 2008-6-3 Nick Hewer from the Apprentice! http://tinyurl.com/3vbm6r
  2377. 2008-6-3 @angelsk Bloomin' heck! How organised is your Delicious account!!!
  2378. 2008-6-3 Apparently sometimes it's a barrage of KaiQuotes and Sophie just can't keep up. Recruiting, must be able to type bloody fast. Email me!
  2379. 2008-6-3 kaiquotes: (sings) It's not easy being half Chinese, cos of all the people you have to please: kaiquo.. http://tinyurl.com/6hr33c
  2380. 2008-6-3 Just sang my song. The Kai Chan Vong song. One day... maybe you too will be 'lucky' enough to hear it.
  2381. 2008-6-3 @angelsk Bet it totally dominates your workflow, little Miss CTRL+F5!
  2382. 2008-6-3 kaiquotes: on a serious note... (soph waits) I saw a twitter person who was quite saucy with their po.. http://tinyurl.com/5jw3gp
  2383. 2008-6-3 Wow awesome to see @firstgiving on Twitter. Although real pro twitter users use Twhirl or Twitterific so you don't have to site refresh!
  2384. 2008-6-3 @justgiving Wow! That's awesome... did you do that with Twitterfeed? It's a pretty amazing webapp :)
  2385. 2008-6-3 Wonder if Mr. Abramovich can buy some Brazilian and English players and sneak them into my Russian EURO '08 sweepstake team...
  2386. 2008-6-3 @angelsk @whatleydude is getting married that day or something :P I'll go to it if you're still going. Know anyone else up for it?
  2387. 2008-6-3 Just off the phone after talking to a friend who I haven't chatted to properly in ages. Will defo have to go up visit him and friends
  2388. 2008-6-3 I think in future when I put the homepage on the staging server I'm going to spoof it. And make it look like it's live...
  2389. 2008-6-3 I think he's just coloured in some stamps... They'll have him on Bluepeter at this rate.
  2390. 2008-6-3 Sat next to MacGuyver. He's just turned an old photocopying paper box and some shredded up paper into bom... box for his glasses.
  2391. 2008-6-3 Note to self.. develop. Not develope.
  2392. 2008-6-3 @angelsk Anyone could develope! My little 3 year old cousin is going to be the best developer ever!
  2393. 2008-6-3 "Look at your Netvibes header. You geek!" Sophie... just now. Harsh. But fair.
  2394. 2008-6-3 Developing is a doddle... few 'if', 'and', 'then' declarations and then stick in the odd % sign for good measure!
  2395. 2008-6-3 Doing some ASP... but SHUUUUSHHH ... don't tell the developers ;)
  2396. 2008-6-3 @angelsk I know... I'm becoming such an 'Internet whore'. To quote my friends. I'll come, but you've got to get @Whatleydude to come too!
  2397. 2008-6-3 @angelsk not sure about those Flickr meet ups! All very scary...
  2398. 2008-6-3 Dear IE6. Please suck less.
  2399. 2008-6-3 Lesson learn't today... just cos you feel rubbish, don't try and take the tube rather than walk. It's just as wet from the sweat as outside
  2400. 2008-6-3 @cat_elliott please could you leave it open one more day and I'll have the boys round to do the rest. PS. Where do you live? :D
  2401. 2008-6-3 @mezzoblue don't get the repeated spotlights going on in the background! Mind you... I am using a widescreen monitor...
  2402. 2008-6-3 Kinda glad to be stood up. One girl on the train is between a boulder and a bigger boulder.
  2403. 2008-6-3 @stanto whats with the numbers?
  2404. 2008-6-3 Great start to the day get to stand on the train!
  2405. 2008-6-3 @sandieman I was honestly expecting a great song about CSS there...
  2406. 2008-6-2 Off to the land of sleepy time I go. Think this illness has given me a break. Finally!
  2407. 2008-6-2 Going to start posting my stats into my Flickr to keep a track record of how my site is doing and for me to try and learn some analytics.
  2408. 2008-6-2 Just tumbled in... "My official job title is “FriendFeeder”. At the moment that’s e.. http://tinyurl.com/69dsmm
  2409. 2008-6-2 slooʇ ǝǝɹɟ ɥʇıʍ spɹoʍssɐd ʇsol ɹǝʌoɔǝɹ :spɹoʍssɐd...
  2410. 2008-6-2 Just tumbled in... Please vote for the food we cooked! http://tinyurl.com/5qs66t
  2411. 2008-6-2 So competitive I am, that I've been known to whip cream so well.... it turned to butter. Yup. I did that.
  2412. 2008-6-2 Sadly... when I start to get competitive. I get very, very competitive. :)
  2413. 2008-6-2 Only 7 votes left!!! YEEEAAHHH http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/team_7
  2414. 2008-6-2 Need just 10 votes to get up to our target! http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/team_7
  2415. 2008-6-2 Needing more votes... if you love me ... or just appreciate me... please? :) http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/
  2416. 2008-6-2 Just tumbled in... Beautiful and Expressive Packaging Design | Monday Inspiration |... http://tinyurl.com/6ks3vc
  2417. 2008-6-2 Just seen an amazing prizes in this amazing raffle online!!! Wow. Would love to win the meal for 2! http://is.gd/pn7
  2418. 2008-6-2 Just tumbled in... Leave a message… (via KaiChanVong) I don’t think... http://tinyurl.com/5kzbqk
  2419. 2008-6-1 @Whatleydude @angelsk Ooooo time capsule. :D Also trying it... might have to set it up for the work account to send to everyone too.
  2420. 2008-6-1 @joleeen You're in for a treat!!! :D :D :D :D It's absolutely awesome. Read the Lost forums afterwards for some interesting opinions :)
  2421. 2008-6-1 kaiquotes: so I was looking at this, like, dating advice for supergeeks and...: kaiquotes: so I was l.. http://tinyurl.com/6q4k66
  2422. 2008-6-1 Just tumbled in... soxiam: behind the revision3 attacks: soxiam: behind the revisio.. http://tinyurl.com/5tyvhh
  2423. 2008-6-1 Head jamming to Rolling Stones - Paint it black. Blame my mom for humming it. Still flat hunting... want a flat near to the o2!
  2424. 2008-6-1 @larissameek go do some sketches and upload them to Flickr :D
  2425. 2008-6-1 Great talk here about the clash between old media and new media... Revision 3 being hit by Media Defender http://is.gd/p4h
  2426. 2008-6-1 Just tumbled in... The MacBook Air: Thin Enough To Slice A Cake: The MacBook Air: T.. http://tinyurl.com/6rtvv8
  2427. 2008-6-1 Anyone fancy having a buffet on my Mac pro? All you can eat, people! http://tinyurl.com/4byxtn
  2428. 2008-6-1 @marceatsworld I can imagine Doggett's reaction already. "Really? You want me to drive through KFC?"
  2429. 2008-6-1 @limeduck Just looking at popeyes... you only like the place cos of the funky typography!
  2430. 2008-6-1 @utku I think you're on to something there...
  2431. 2008-6-1 Retweeting @marceatsworld: My first experience of a Tom Tom was as expected. It told us to drive through a building.
  2432. 2008-6-1 @limeduck oh I thought you mean't fried as in KFC :P
  2433. 2008-6-1 Singing to FFFP's Aquaman song... @simondoggett @marceatsworld @MikeTreat and co - get to recording more! http://tinyurl.com/3w93g5
  2434. 2008-6-1 @BBC Erm.. I don't care about a couple and their alcoholic son. Sorry. How do I make you spout out only interesting news?
  2435. 2008-6-1 @limeduck Utter looks like the poor man's version of FriendFeed ! :)
  2436. 2008-6-1 @limeduck wine.... *friend* chicken... http://tinyurl.com/44ty3r
  2437. 2008-6-1 Designer cold weekend. Andy Clarke, Elliot Jay Stocks and me all have a cold (from their tweets). Thankfuly 1st defense ftw.
  2438. 2008-6-1 Not on tour sadly, but hoping FFFP have a fantastic holiday touring the UK!
  2439. 2008-6-1 Just seen a deleted scene from Lost! http://tinyurl.com/6efwmb :) Really interesting to see Miles. His personality is brilliant.
  2440. 2008-6-1 Watching Alias season 2... Marshall is such a legend!
  2441. 2008-6-1 @hrrrthrrr Twitter isn't *just* about you saying what you're up to but also being an open forum to discussion! http://tinyurl.com/4xsb67
  2442. 2008-6-1 Tidying up my blog. Just found a way to kill off Tumblr's top right dashboard stuff. Fixed that now tho so it's still there.
  2443. 2008-6-1 @greg_a have you seen the forums and the Einstein post on Lost? :D Trained polarbears to turn the frozen donke wheel.
  2444. 2008-5-31 Right! Who knows much about sIFR? I want something that will rotate text at a certain angle but wont be too heavy on my page load.
  2445. 2008-5-31 @wilcolley :p
  2446. 2008-5-31 @wilcolley Get http://friendfeed.com/ !
  2447. 2008-5-31 Listening to some of Coldplay songs and loving the song Lost.
  2448. 2008-5-31 @wilcolley Stop being lazy and cook! :P
  2449. 2008-5-31 Just tumbled in... I’m testing out twitterfeed.com (via KaiChanVong): I’m testing o.. http://tinyurl.com/3rc27h
  2450. 2008-5-31 New blog post! Dear Jakob…: Or should I say Mr. Nielsen?  You’ve advocated .. http://tinyurl.com/5vdhbn
  2451. 2008-5-31 @limeduck Definately! Get photos up on your flickr if possible dude!
  2452. 2008-5-31 @limeduck :( hope you get there for the food dude!
  2453. 2008-5-31 Going to try out TwitterFeed @ my name if you don't like the idea of my blog updating to twitter... I really want to know feed back :)
  2454. 2008-5-31 Lost... the Frozen donkey wheel theory. Amazing name.
  2455. 2008-5-31 @thomasb86 Thanks dude! Tell other people too!
  2456. 2008-5-31 56 photos away from hitting 2,000 photos on my Flickr stream. Rah. http://tinyurl.com/64ezec Photos from last night all up!
  2457. 2008-5-31 http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/ :D Vote for Team 7 (me and jonno) !
  2458. 2008-5-31 Flickr uploadr not liking the whole wifi thing... :(
  2459. 2008-5-31 Not feeling too hot... coming down with a cold. :( First defense to the rescue!
  2460. 2008-5-31 Just tumbled in... “Good designers redesign, great designers realign.”: “Good desig.. http://tinyurl.com/5zfnta
  2461. 2008-5-30 Going out to rock out @ Kings Cross as the 3FP entourage with @simondoggett and @marceatsworld ... then straight to the land of sleepy time.
  2462. 2008-5-30 Happy birthday Mr. @jon_bedford !
  2463. 2008-5-30 "According to this facebook app... Sabitha wants me to go slap her in the face."
  2464. 2008-5-30 So Derrick... no. 1 Microsoft fan boy has 2 MS watches AND a Microsoft pen. I'm sure he would weep if ever he meets Bill.
  2465. 2008-5-30 Apparently I just need to "design the stuff" and "stick it in".
  2466. 2008-5-30 @Abstardeluxe actually thought you had a Justgiving page where you could cry if people made a donation!
  2467. 2008-5-30 @simondoggett me me me me me bed! @marceatsworld
  2468. 2008-5-30 Looking at the forecasts.... and we're not talking about the weather here.
  2469. 2008-5-30 @marceatsworld OOooh you legend. Don't have my mobile with me :( going to have to stick to Doggett!
  2470. 2008-5-30 @MikeTreat :( Twhirl is the bomb!
  2471. 2008-5-30 Oh and of course their drummer @MikeTreat !!!! :D You need to Tweet more often then you'd have been first on my list!
  2472. 2008-5-29 @emilicon Caterpillar hahaha amazin. I thought it was the worm? And yup he got the job just for that. Nothing else. He'll teach me stuff.
  2473. 2008-5-29 @jon_bedford just sorted out our photos/video/blog post for our Nom nom offering! Can you check over the copy?
  2474. 2008-5-29 @emilicon We interviewed a chap for a design role today who does breakdancing in his spare time!
  2475. 2008-5-29 Great night. Train coming soon to take me away... Hurrah. Had an evening with v interesting group of ppl + an amazing host! ;)
  2476. 2008-5-29 Got here okay !
  2477. 2008-5-29 Amazing food!
  2478. 2008-5-29 Out in the rain :p got someones mobile number written down wrong
  2479. 2008-5-29 Just got told I did 5 @Kaiquotes all in the space of 2 minutes. I'm really living up to the hype of @kaiquotes
  2480. 2008-5-29 @sophdea geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
  2481. 2008-5-28 Having lunch with the team. Its mr marr and doggett's birthday!
  2482. 2008-5-28 Happy bday @simondoggett - I'm going for: Mango Salsa, Buffalo Mozzarella and Jack Cheese, Guacamole and Jalapeno Chillies and Dollar Relish
  2483. 2008-5-28 20 Mins until i get my train. Had a good night crashing the stopford's party.
  2484. 2008-5-28 Been picked on in class cos i didnt know where or what kew gardens is..
  2485. 2008-5-28 Dear Twitter, Good morning! How are you? I'm great.. just need breakfast. Love, Kai. PS. Who ARE these random people following me?
  2486. 2008-5-27 @simondoggett happy birthday dude!!!! :)
  2487. 2008-5-27 @thomasb86 Thanks! Wish I had more time to do more stuff :)
  2488. 2008-5-27 @greg_a Used to have a D80, but it got nicked. Now using Cannon 400D :)
  2489. 2008-5-27 @greg_a This guy went to my friend's bands and his photos are insane - http://www.flickr.com/photos/trashman4130/2520913657/
  2490. 2008-5-27 @greg_a Well I only have at the moment an 18-55mm and a 70-300mm + external flash.. probably that & get a fixed lens too. Any Suggestions?
  2491. 2008-5-27 @limeduck :) Don't knock it when you haven't tried it. That's my web app guru advice for the day.
  2492. 2008-5-27 @limeduck Afraid it isn't. There isn't a web service that integrates @ messages, direct stuff etc all into a nice client.
  2493. 2008-5-27 So excited. Will be photographer for Flash Flash Flash Photography @ the Lost Prophets gig. The date is set & it'll be off the hook.
  2494. 2008-5-27 @warriorgrrl , wow you hace really good google page ranking! Just spotted my name in your blog fly to page 2 of a google search :)
  2495. 2008-5-27 @limeduck don't use the web, get Twhirl and learn the true power of Twitter! :)
  2496. 2008-5-27 @limeduck Thanks for that email David! I'm going to send it round a few people, it's interesting to see that tag cloud!
  2497. 2008-5-27 John! Can you pick up the fruit for me... Need to get my glasses sorted. Have ordered it!
  2498. 2008-5-27 Soph just said she started kaiquotes to cope with having to sit opp me at work. Hmph.
  2499. 2008-5-27 PS Anyone hoping to become a designer, RED on black with no hexidecimal code and no styling whatsoever does SO very not work for me.
  2500. 2008-5-27 Someone just sent me their CV and their website... great start about 10mb download flash site and you just crashed my browser. Fail.
  2501. 2008-5-27 Dear google maps api, www.blah.com/Statements/ and www.blah.com/statements/ are the same url ffs!
  2502. 2008-5-27 Work collegues are evil. Using http://twitter.com/KaiQuotes to stop me from saying anything.... cool...
  2503. 2008-5-27 Made a few changes to my site and written a blog post! Keep your eyes on http://kaivong.com for a post about icon links in header logos!
  2504. 2008-5-27 @snowblink Oh dude tell me about it the kerning is bad at times! Happens in Tumblrweed too :(
  2505. 2008-5-26 @simondoggett uh? :o
  2506. 2008-5-26 @cat_elliott OOOOooh! They're going to be at the Fuji rock festival which I'll be at in July! :)
  2507. 2008-5-26 Dear Safari, I don't know why you hate me so... but please just get along with my work. It's getting late and I want this to work... Ta!
  2508. 2008-5-26 @cat_elliott you do CSS?!?
  2509. 2008-5-26 @anniemole @Whatleydude and all the other Nom Nom Nomers, check this awesomeness out - http://tinyurl.com/5nk8wx
  2510. 2008-5-26 Making more changes to my site... wonder if I'll get it all done by the end of tonight :) still lots to do - http://kaivong.com
  2511. 2008-5-26 Ke pasa @Nikkiwalter Yo estas mal de la cabeza XD jajaja. Ok, enough of the Spanish friends taught me. Welcome to my tweets! :)
  2512. 2008-5-26 @axnguyen My first thought was...cr*p, I hope I haven't screwed up the google map :) You're welcome to visit anytime (I'm not in a meetin).
  2513. 2008-5-26 @warriorgrrl, my work collegue (@simondoggett) has been 'following' u on twitter. I'm more than happy 2 give him a cease and decist letter
  2514. 2008-5-26 @simondoggett nice! I think you should do what I've done though and integrate your blog or visa versa so that your proper articles are perm
  2515. 2008-5-26 Think I'll use loading graphics in a few positions actually... :)
  2516. 2008-5-26 Updated http://kaivong.com to take into account not everyone has 100mbps download rates :) Using a bit of clever absolute+z-index...
  2517. 2008-5-26 @Izabel_blue Tsk tsk. You tell me off for doing that!!!
  2518. 2008-5-26 @MikeTreat :( Dim Sum would make you feel better...
  2519. 2008-5-26 @MelKirk hahahah. Don't be silly. Spiders are cool... they get rid of flys which in my opinion are horrid and foul creatures of disease!
  2520. 2008-5-26 @warriorgrrl worse case scenario wud of been this:- http://tinyurl.com/5pwflm
  2521. 2008-5-26 @warriorgrrl heheh, bless yah and well done for doing it! Like the fact your hair stayed fairly red even after all that running too!
  2522. 2008-5-26 @warriorgrrl ... is your evidence hidden in the photos of Eliza Doolittle singing ;) ?
  2523. 2008-5-26 Back from Dim Sum and visiting little cousin Josh. He's growing so quick.... bless him.
  2524. 2008-5-26 Playing a bit with my site - http://www.kaivong.com/ which is shorter than a tinyurl. Hurrah. More to come :)
  2525. 2008-5-26 @warriorgrrl you'll do great :)
  2526. 2008-5-26 Every morning I wake up and there's just a lil' too much @Scobleizer for my liking in my twitbin.... eg. 75% him! :P
  2527. 2008-5-26 @cat_elliott :D I love CSS! If you're wanting to become amazingly good at it, get Firebug and use it with Firefox. You'll have fun wi ...
  2528. 2008-5-25 Watching InBetweeners! :) Looking forward to this...
  2529. 2008-5-25 @simondoggett not been able to get it... might have to buy the dvd unless you know anyone still with a copy of it?
  2530. 2008-5-25 Ended up watching Alias... also getting InBetweeners. Looking forward to that :) Thanks @simondoggett
  2531. 2008-5-25 @snowblink great movie... thanks for the suggestion, but I've seen it alraedy! :( Looking forward to other suggestions...
  2532. 2008-5-25 @simondoggett TV shows.... yes why not! :)
  2533. 2008-5-25 @simondoggett Already seen superbad on the plane to Boston dude! Roll on next suggestion of movie :)
  2534. 2008-5-25 IN NEED OF an amazingly INSPIRATIONAL or FUNNY MOVIE Please tweet me your suggestions.
  2535. 2008-5-25 @Whatleydude I'm there!
  2536. 2008-5-25 Just got back from my run. Fairly tired, but thankfully recovered really well. 3 miles and a half today in 35 mins.
  2537. 2008-5-25 OBVI a Facebook gangstaH. http://www.vimeo.com/1034172 Yo. You keep crampin' mah gangstah style.
  2538. 2008-5-25 K. Videos finished... and now I guess I'll watch a movie / do a bit of design / coding. Wonder if the new design will be worth while...
  2539. 2008-5-25 HOLY CR*P @whatleydude ! How much crushed chilli did you just chuck in!!!!!!!
  2540. 2008-5-25 Watching @whatleydude teach him how to cook. http://www.vimeo.com/596924 Thanks James! This is helpful :)
  2541. 2008-5-25 @limeduck are you in a cafe with your laptop and chilling out to the sounds of sax? :D
  2542. 2008-5-25 @Whatleydude don't encourage them! I'm sure @warriorgrrl wont do that to anyone! :) Just watching videos... http://tinyurl.com/37plp3
  2543. 2008-5-25 @warriorgrrl what you get what you get what you get? :D On a more serious note, where'd you get your hair done? Tried once to no avail :(
  2544. 2008-5-25 @r_c - just reading your blog post about Nom Nom event! :) Thought you guys did really well btw and hope u'll attend the next one!
  2545. 2008-5-25 Evan Almighty almost finished. Cool movie :D
  2546. 2008-5-25 @angelsk DFM?
  2547. 2008-5-25 Broken my glasses :( Feels really weird knowing I can't use them... going to watch Evan Almighty to cheer myself up!
  2548. 2008-5-25 @Whatleydude More the merrier! Now I'm thinking about lunch... have to wait an extra day to be at work and be able to have Daddy Donkey :(
  2549. 2008-5-25 @anniemole looks like you had fun! :)
  2550. 2008-5-25 @anniemole you clearly needed a team Moross Nom Nom Nom breakfast! 1 bean or 2? :D
  2551. 2008-5-24 Just did the plank for 2 mins + lots of reps on arms. Prob. not the best combo... shattered! @simondoggett did you run today?
  2552. 2008-5-24 @NicoleSimon I was worried for a second that I was missing out on some spectacular hits... thanks for reassuring me that I haven't!
  2553. 2008-5-24 Not quite sure why everyone suddenly likes Eurovision ... maybe I'm missing something and it's become good?
  2554. 2008-5-24 Watching Semi-Pro. E-L-E. Everybody love everybody!
  2555. 2008-5-24 @Whatleydude I'm signing up for Spinvox right now :) There anything I have to tell you for my account?
  2556. 2008-5-24 Exercise is addictive cos @ the end you feel slightly out of control.Like drinking but without a hangover.Like smoking without the cancer.
  2557. 2008-5-24 @emilicon aerial silk lesson!??! You're joking right... break dancing is one thing... http://tinyurl.com/5hqogx
  2558. 2008-5-24 @warriorgrrl good luck with it! You'll do great I'm sure :)
  2559. 2008-5-24 Wonder how my other design half is doing... hope all is well. Heading out now, available on the mobile.
  2560. 2008-5-24 It's pretty wrong that I miss being at work right now isn't it... going to wonder around my little town and take photos of cats and birds.
  2561. 2008-5-24 @limeduck lol :D That's what I like to hear!
  2562. 2008-5-24 Reading about Japan. So much to do there! All that sushi... and only so many meals to be had in each day whilst there.... sigh
  2563. 2008-5-24 Doing housework. Oh aren't I just that rockstar designer you all know and love. However.. did just setup a photo for the new blog! :)
  2564. 2008-5-24 Just seen the best robot style dance ever. http://tinyurl.com/3v3vwk
  2565. 2008-5-23 Wish there was another Nom Nom Nom event on this weekend. Next time I want to do something different with Jonno :)
  2566. 2008-5-23 Missing my mp3 player right now... Everyone's 'dramatic' life stories making me crack up too much
  2567. 2008-5-23 @MikeTreat @marceatsworld Yo! Where you guys meeting/leaving from?
  2568. 2008-5-23 Excited! Tonight I'm going to be supporting the 3FP crew in Kingston at the Fighting Cocks. It's the pre-Lost Prophets tour. Oh yes.
  2569. 2008-5-23 "There's body popping and then there's breakdancing"
  2570. 2008-5-23 Retweeting @limeduck: @kaichanvong I used to think girls didn't have ears... cos they didn't listen to me... :(
  2571. 2008-5-23 @overheardatmoo I used to think that girls didn't have ears... cos of their long hair....
  2572. 2008-5-23 @overheardatmoo you would love http://twitter.com/kaiquotes
  2573. 2008-5-23 @richardmoross nuffin' much dude... just work and my lamb biriyani curry. Nyum!
  2574. 2008-5-23 Surfer dude. What a legend. Exact words were, "I'll give you my credit card and when the new iPhones come out, u buy one for both of us."
  2575. 2008-5-23 @Izabel_blue if we don't see you back after lunch, we'll send out the search party!
  2576. 2008-5-23 Make that 3..
  2577. 2008-5-23 Walking to work from charring cross. Seen 2 Homeless people for the first time... Wish i cud photo and geotag it for shelter or someone...
  2578. 2008-5-23 @whatleydude need some moo cards of where to direct people for free hugs when lookin sad
  2579. 2008-5-23 @angelsk everyone on the train is either asleep or down. Cant smell anythin funny yet, tho we are only at london bridge!
  2580. 2008-5-23 How can you help people when they dont realise they're doing it the hard way? ...Still trying to understand it all. But so far... Epic ...
  2581. 2008-5-23 Shirt was from zara men.. Just looked at the tag!
  2582. 2008-5-23 @limeduck That made me laugh :D
  2583. 2008-5-22 Streetmap test it!
  2584. 2008-5-22 Si says rich will piss himself when he reads kaiquotes
  2585. 2008-5-22 Note to self get a rymmonds note book
  2586. 2008-5-22 Having drinks with the marr. He's my hero!
  2587. 2008-5-22 Ah commenting out tags /* */ ... you complete me.
  2588. 2008-5-22 @limeduck yeah.... good point!
  2589. 2008-5-22 For the record I don't have a food fetish and I don't know anyone else who gets turned on by food! I just like eating it 'cos it's tasty!
  2590. 2008-5-22 @emilicon Trying to suggest I have a food fetish cos I take a photo of something that I cook?! If anything it's a celebration of beauty!
  2591. 2008-5-22 @emilicon What's a food fetish? Or don't I really want to know...
  2592. 2008-5-22 @emilicon That was all very discombobulating!
  2593. 2008-5-22 @emilicon Rude! And speak for your self, I reckon people liked my sushi photo more than the boobies. Then the cat second :)
  2594. 2008-5-22 Another comment about the shirt. Clearly going to have to continue wearing shirts like this to get a bit of love from the ladies!
  2595. 2008-5-22 @HayleyS there's plenty more! :) Stopford Stopford. Must stop calling you Stopfield... Missed you guys yesterday, sorry for not coming!
  2596. 2008-5-22 If it is you, get Twhirl for, it's the best thing to use twitter with and on your mobile Twitter is just awesome!
  2597. 2008-5-22 @hayleyS is that you stopperfield?
  2598. 2008-5-22 I'm all dressed up for good friend Rich's leaving doo. http://www.kaichanvong.com - See that for shirt + video... We'll miss you Rich.
  2599. 2008-5-22 @jon_bedford @simondoggett Thanks. :P
  2600. 2008-5-22 Will do miss @anniemole ! (dont even think ur a miss but it sounded good)
  2601. 2008-5-22 Off to work all dressed very smart for the marr leaving doo. Boom. New design homepage almost done... Boom!
  2602. 2008-5-22 "Koala bears weren't born originally with totally black eyes. Its taken years of drug abuse."
  2603. 2008-5-21 Rich's leaving video up on Vimeo. Quite possibly one of the best creative videos the consumer team has done. http://vimeo.com/1046335
  2604. 2008-5-21 Wow. Ronaldo has missed. Gotta hurt!
  2605. 2008-5-21 Just say no to disruptive advertising. Engagement is the way forward in this social era and flatter world. Its not the 90's anymore.
  2606. 2008-5-21 Headin home for a well earned rest. Totally shattered!
  2607. 2008-5-21 @kevinprince Thanks... yeah... good to have someone to keep me in perspective of the worst possible scenario.
  2608. 2008-5-21 Job Application tip. Don't send me a .co.uk site that is dead nor your Myspace profile which is titled 'Smoke dem Pussies' AND unstyled.Ta.
  2609. 2008-5-21 QotD: "Man, I do not understand you young people. In my day we would've never sent out a job app with a link to 'Smoke them Pussies'"
  2610. 2008-5-21 Must stop writing A:Lord, A:Vader, A:Handle, A:formerly, A:Anakin....
  2611. 2008-5-21 Interviewing for the junior designer role! Let's see what this chap has....
  2612. 2008-5-21 Thinking about doing the Chinwag write up on my blog. So everyone in the world can read it...
  2613. 2008-5-21 @marceatsworld i do too man! We need rss tshirts of our flickr feeds!
  2614. 2008-5-21 @marceatsworld me too!
  2615. 2008-5-21 Just seen the biggest epic fail. Ever. Please. Theme tune of Smallville springs to mind. SOMEBODYYYY SAVEEEEEE ME.
  2616. 2008-5-20 @johnwhenry All you need now is a Griffin Mac stand... for your... windows laptop. It's making me feel ill thinking about it!
  2617. 2008-5-20 Oppps twitter was left on my mobile. 20 text messages. Heh.
  2618. 2008-5-20 Just tweaked some ASP without anyone's help. Oh yes. Now I just have to learn to use LAMP. KCV le Devigner.
  2619. 2008-5-20 Twitter's servers clearly not handling the traffic right now. Wonder when they'll move platforms.
  2620. 2008-5-20 Been thinking about the amount of my data online.. Hopefully will never be stalked. Sleepy time for me. Night friends.
  2621. 2008-5-20 @jon_bedford Good job! Your great grandfather, Geoff would be proud.
  2622. 2008-5-20 @limeduck fame doesn't exist! It's just something people believe in for vanity
  2623. 2008-5-20 kaichanvong @sophdea @johnwhenry @kaiquotes can't believe you're all quoting me just cos I'm the CEO's favourite worker!
  2624. 2008-5-20 @emilicon where are your photos/vids of the Nom Nom event? :)
  2625. 2008-5-20 @Izabel_blue humph!
  2626. 2008-5-20 Wish Flickr et al would explain (if someone wanted to) why people have added me or where they know me from. It's all very confusing!
  2627. 2008-5-20 Wonder if @izabel_blue has sorted venue for the marr man...
  2628. 2008-5-20 Thanks! @anniemole We've got a video in the making too... ;) Best bit is me turning cream into butter. On purpose of course!
  2629. 2008-5-20 Ready for work. Good morning fellow twits!
  2630. 2008-5-20 I'm watching you Doggett. @simondoggett
  2631. 2008-5-19 Uploading photos from the big Nom Nom Nom event. Some of these photos are some of my best ever! http://is.gd/iL3
  2632. 2008-5-19 Heading home now... I will upload the photos from nom nom nom tonight.
  2633. 2008-5-19 @limeduck it went great dude! You should check out the blog :)
  2634. 2008-5-19 @jon_bedford was a legend yesterday cooking away like the hero he is. Photos to be uploaded on Flickr soon :)
  2635. 2008-5-19 @webponce :) Met you @ Moo research group... will have to check out de-construct's portfolio
  2636. 2008-5-19 @Whatleydude amazing quote of Sunday! Was really great to have met you and everyone else yesterday. Will be emailin' u soon bout Vox!
  2637. 2008-5-19 @Whatleydude dude which of the Kubert clan was it ? :)
  2638. 2008-5-18 Is it wrong to want to favourite every good photo on Flickr... trying to resist doing it! :)
  2639. 2008-5-18 Chillin out. Had an amazing day. Nom nom nom.
  2640. 2008-5-18 Food done hope it goes down well!
  2641. 2008-5-18 Sat having a beer. Food collected and @jonbedford is checking out the facilities! Life so great
  2642. 2008-5-18 Just got batteries for the flip camera at tesco
  2643. 2008-5-18 Waiting on a train.. Should hopefully get there on time!
  2644. 2008-5-18 Leaving house and makin a run for it. My village looks amazing in this weather!
  2645. 2008-5-18 Printer fail! DNS of printer must still be wrong. No time. Will be today map-less..
  2646. 2008-5-18 Ready to rock and roll. Going to print out some stuff and get all prepared for the big day. http://tinyurl.com/5fg5la
  2647. 2008-5-18 Off to the land of sleepy time I go... super busy week so far. Tomorrow will be ace
  2648. 2008-5-18 Uploading photos and adding people to flickr and twitter! :) Think bed is a good idea right now.
  2649. 2008-5-17 Thinking about moving over to Twhirl on my Mac. Tomorrow is the big Nom Nom Nom event. Should be amazing. www.nom-nom-nom.co.uk
  2650. 2008-5-17 Hello @angelsk welcome to the tweets =)
  2651. 2008-5-17 Had a great day practisin for nom nom nom food competition tomorrow. We got some great photos and Jonno was on fire.
  2652. 2008-5-17 The greatest thing about twitter is.. I dont need to know anyones mobile number and can switch on and off when i like :D
  2653. 2008-5-17 Wonder why i get two text messages whenever @anniemole tweets... Will contact support! @simondoggett enjoy ur fry up!
  2654. 2008-5-17 Shock horror a train home which i missed 4 Mins ago will arrive again in 10 Mins... What happened to the usual 45 mins i would wait?
  2655. 2008-5-17 Telling si about how i didnt mention that the moo stickers helped me get off with this chick at their launch party during the moo focus ...
  2656. 2008-5-17 'i cant turn up to lords like this. Not with this massive tea stain.' - si after a night out
  2657. 2008-5-17 Amazing. How the duck did we get here
  2658. 2008-5-17 Poor rob... Looks like he didnt win the girl cuddling competition in the end and got the sofa with us
  2659. 2008-5-16 Loving delilah the cat. Mew.
  2660. 2008-5-16 Stepping up the game and taking on the Vendetta.
  2661. 2008-5-16 The food game is: http://www.webjam.com/nom_nom_nom/ Exciting... Scary too! Me and Jonno have much work to do tomorrow...
  2662. 2008-5-16 Cr*p. Just realised that the food event is THIS Sunday. Been so busy with everything else I didn't realise.
  2663. 2008-5-16 Why does @meyerweb use 0pt in his css reset? Is there a reason to do it...?
  2664. 2008-5-16 Would rather stay in bed but wanting to get the new homepage done. New about us is complete tho! http://tinyurl.com/6hntwt
  2665. 2008-5-16 Off to Camden to drink! Yesh... can't wait.
  2666. 2008-5-15 @MikeTreat I didn't go on a date! Someone made it up cos I said I'd be going to get home late tonight cos of the Moo research thing :P
  2667. 2008-5-15 Off to the land of sleepy time I go! :D:D:D:D
  2668. 2008-5-15 Feeling very ununique in the moo rsearch group. Hi ppl behind glass.
  2669. 2008-5-15 @Izabel_blue It's a non-existant date! :P
  2670. 2008-5-15 Retweeting @simondoggett: looking forward to GTA4 and an early night before weekend of mental - Doggett living the dream.
  2671. 2008-5-15 "Moo research thing? I'd know about that. I know what they're going to do before they've even thought about it." Doggett, mastermind.
  2672. 2008-5-15 'Uh. Calibri. Uh' - Simon Doggett, getting emotional about fonts.
  2673. 2008-5-15 Would like to just clarify no, I'm not going on a blind date. If I was dealbreaker Doggett I would be though!
  2674. 2008-5-15 Anyone know if CSS2/3 supports mutliple border effects to make a shadow...?
  2675. 2008-5-15 Just had my salad. Staging server is down ... time to pick it up.
  2676. 2008-5-15 Wow. Wondering if this logo has any relation to the masons http://www.benevon.com/about/ourLogo ... or some other cult...
  2677. 2008-5-15 Twhirl is so nice. Seriously. Nice ideas what all the buttons are.. feels like World of Warcraft.
  2678. 2008-5-15 Sketching ideas for client. Starting to make progress in the right direction. Bit more corporate and bit less fun...
  2679. 2008-5-15 @meyerweb it's called Jaiku.
  2680. 2008-5-15 Browsed almost everyone's Flickr who I met today... now to the land of sleepy time I go!
  2681. 2008-5-14 Almost home now. Think today was one of my most productive days yet. Sketchin brand ideas on the train rocks!
  2682. 2008-5-14 Going to get home late. Cant wait to work on the justgiving homepage more... Excited about improving it!
  2683. 2008-5-14 Hayley quote: 'how is this even possible'
  2684. 2008-5-14 Off to meet up with the design group! Looking forward to seein some cool stuff. KaiQuotes ftw.
  2685. 2008-5-14 @kaichanvong :P
  2686. 2008-5-14 @wilcolley Safari... haha. Opera mate, the browser of the future. It's going to really take off... Wii, BBC iPlayer + Opera = Game Over.
  2687. 2008-5-14 @wilcolley IEx sucks donkeys is an even better name!
  2688. 2008-5-14 http://tinyurl.com/2vpduz Watch this all the way through. You will laugh tears.
  2689. 2008-5-14 @wilcolley you what? :P
  2690. 2008-5-14 Simon Doggett: +1 to mac sales +1 to iphone sales
  2691. 2008-5-14 @wilcolley w3c compatability says no.
  2692. 2008-5-14 Just enjoyed the most amazing Daddy Donkey taco. http://www.daddydonkey.co.uk/ We need them during meetings!
  2693. 2008-5-14 @limeduck lol oh no... @Izabel_blue will be wanting that!
  2694. 2008-5-14 Hungry... thinking about lunch. Thinking about sushi...
  2695. 2008-5-14 @keirwhitaker & @wilcolley - Get out before he goes nova!!!
  2696. 2008-5-14 @keirwhitaker :P I look different today... that's all!
  2697. 2008-5-14 http://dowebsitesneedtolookexactlythesameineverybrowser.com/
  2698. 2008-5-14 Reading about 'display' in CSS2... interesting! http://tinyurl.com/6p3nmp
  2699. 2008-5-14 Cat and dog stand off in bexley! Cat made a run for it in the end.
  2700. 2008-5-14 hello @anucreative your twitter looks interesting.
  2701. 2008-5-13 Think I've pulled a muscle down the right of my back doing the plank yesterday! Quite painful. Off for a run in the mean time.
  2702. 2008-5-13 Just got home! Looking forward to some food!
  2703. 2008-5-13 New justgiving about us page live! Wooo Hooo.
  2704. 2008-5-13 @cat_elliott Lovely. Thanks for that :P
  2705. 2008-5-13 Just dipped below the 90kg mark today. 89.4kg. Very proud. Now to get to 80kg.
  2706. 2008-5-13 powering down...
  2707. 2008-5-13 Looking at Kai Quotes with concern... http://twitter.com/kaiquotes 8 followers... geeeeez
  2708. 2008-5-12 Girl infront has a bracelet which has all the monopoly characters on it + a tiny ipod! How cool.
  2709. 2008-5-12 Torture. Stuck surrounded by 3 hot girls
  2710. 2008-5-12 To the land of sleepy time I go...
  2711. 2008-5-12 Exercise time!
  2712. 2008-5-12 Just cracked a rib laughing at @simondoggett 's goft video. Boom.
  2713. 2008-5-12 @simondoggett thanks for the reminder about your video! :)
  2714. 2008-5-12 Just died inside. Saw that Berry boy saw Deathcab for cutie this month. T_T one of my fave bands ever.
  2715. 2008-5-12 Outside the royal exchange, its very la dee dar in there! Waiting to meet my first freelance client since being at justgiving. Exciting.
  2716. 2008-5-12 Being cyber stalked by @Sophdea. Clearly knows EVERYTHING I do online! :P
  2717. 2008-5-12 The copy editor at work has set up a 'Kai Quotes' twitter feed. You might just find them amusing... http://twitter.com/kaiquotes
  2718. 2008-5-12 Wonder if many people get CSS browser compatibility rage.
  2719. 2008-5-12 Please someone kill Safari. Worst browser to work on with CSS. Just crashed it by declaring 3 classes with position relative. Good job!
  2720. 2008-5-12 All done! On my way back to work now. Need to pick up some lunch too...
  2721. 2008-5-12 Hair cut time! Photos will go up on flickr
  2722. 2008-5-12 The internet is down. Fail.
  2723. 2008-5-12 @Simondoggett ... Not short shorts please!
  2724. 2008-5-11 The internet is obsessed with kittens! http://www.kaichanvong.com/post/34411075
  2725. 2008-5-11 So far Burma Cyclone Appeal has raised 1,202£ http://www.justgiving.com/burmacyclone - hope we can raise more!
  2726. 2008-5-11 Very impressed by this guy's photo stream http://flickr.com/photos/kenik
  2727. 2008-5-11 In the sun with my mac. Ready for a BBQ!
  2728. 2008-5-10 People on the train dressed up as super heroes are making great entertainment for us!
  2729. 2008-5-10 Just on my way back now! Had super fun wif ro and eli at dal's bday drinks.
  2730. 2008-5-10 Just played the mistry walking game with rohit. That was intentional typo!
  2731. 2008-5-10 Trying out web inspector for Safari, then better head off into London to catch up with Ro and the gang for a bit of fun!
  2732. 2008-5-10 PS. @markhadfield maybe during the week ;)
  2733. 2008-5-10 @markhadfield it is safe! Feel free to ring our help desk if your dad has any questions about Jg. http://tinyurl.com/3q3ze8
  2734. 2008-5-10 Just done a run. Found it difficult to run in the heat though. Now 90.4kg. Lots to lose still!
  2735. 2008-5-10 "I want to ask a question about parsnips. I love parsnips, me."
  2736. 2008-5-10 @cat_elliott should have been Nigella if you ask me
  2737. 2008-5-10 Currently there isn't anything to stop young people in the UK from buying booze, knives, porn, guns, rocket launchers, small armies...
  2738. 2008-5-10 @simondoggett that would be cool! :D
  2739. 2008-5-10 @simondoggett NO WAY! I love the cullum. Get Rob to get me his signature :D
  2740. 2008-5-10 Pretty sure that's the second time now I've seen advertising on the BBC. Other time was a Nikon camera during an episode of Eastenders!
  2741. 2008-5-10 BBC being cheeky when talking about under aged kids buying drink/porn online, used play.com to buy gta4 as a v quick example.
  2742. 2008-5-10 Getting web inspector. Gonna head off for a run in the meantime!
  2743. 2008-5-9 JIggin' to DJ Yoda whilst looking through the redesign of the about us section. Could improve this so much still.
  2744. 2008-5-9 Ran for train. Just made it! Win.
  2745. 2008-5-9 New work 'about us' page up. Any complaints about the photos, look on Flickr or use my photo come next week. :P Everyone's a critic.
  2746. 2008-5-9 Off for sushi! Yeah
  2747. 2008-5-9 So hungry. Thinking about food. What to have for lunch...
  2748. 2008-5-9 @Hicksdesign wtffffff...
  2749. 2008-5-9 Need to buy some new white trainers and a second pair of sandals... Dont think blue trainers and socks work with shorts. No they really ...
  2750. 2008-5-9 @anniemole i will look at this geekyou.com site wen i get to work. Sounds interestin!
  2751. 2008-5-9 @anniemole i had a dress dilemea this mornin and thought your tweet was the same thing :P
  2752. 2008-5-9 Off to work! Dressed for the hot hot heat!
  2753. 2008-5-9 Going to regret saying this... I actually prefer working on a design when looking at Safari. Feels cleaner and easier to see things in.
  2754. 2008-5-8 @warriorgrrl is the Sigma lens good? I was reading about it... but I don't quite get why I'd spend that much for a lens!
  2755. 2008-5-8 Looks at a certain email account. Shivers. Goes back to hiding. Scary confrontational stuffz! Mew.
  2756. 2008-5-8 Home
  2757. 2008-5-8 Not far now.. Going up the hill. Walk taken almost an hour. Also walked from work to london bridge.
  2758. 2008-5-8 Watching buses pass by. Staying strong. puh puh pedestrian power
  2759. 2008-5-8 Could grab a bus. Will resist... Still a long way to go yet. Would run if not for my mac. 25 mins!
  2760. 2008-5-8 Just got pipped at by a car with two asian blokes in. It was blue. This will help if they kill me!
  2761. 2008-5-8 @Simondoggett am walking from one train station to the other... Whats @jonbedford done now?
  2762. 2008-5-8 Wonder if i will do the walk in 30 Mins. Will twitter my time from one village to the other!
  2763. 2008-5-8 Fed up of trains being packed. 20 Min wait or a 20 Min walk from the nearest station.
  2764. 2008-5-8 Enjoyed the sunshine in the park for lunch with a spot of sushi.
  2765. 2008-5-8 @cat_elliott wtffff... I
  2766. 2008-5-8 @anniemole thanks for the reminder! Burm Cyclone appeal http://www.justgiving.com/burmacyclone
  2767. 2008-5-8 Mornin world of tweets! Off to the land of work. Zug zug.
  2768. 2008-5-8 @simondoggett I don't want to talk about it! :P Is there a home for Kai Quotes yet? I need the rss feed.
  2769. 2008-5-7 Waitin for a train. This isnt the fun part of the night!
  2770. 2008-5-7 In the pub having a drink and taking design with graham. Next week we should get more people into the pub for 'thinks and drinks'
  2771. 2008-5-7 Off to design group! Will take lots of photos for all u lucky people
  2772. 2008-5-7 "How do you turn the camera on" ... :P seriously
  2773. 2008-5-7 Well done little @Stanto man! :D
  2774. 2008-5-7 @johnwhenry yeah Marco suggested it to me and Will C. Fancy going as a group? :D
  2775. 2008-5-7 In my defense @simondoggett it was cheaper and it had a nice bundle with it! Still getting over losing my Nikon.
  2776. 2008-5-7 Thought a lady on the train was playing on a nintendo ds. Nope, just doin her makeup
  2777. 2008-5-7 Went all Sweeney Todd this morning.
  2778. 2008-5-7 Looking forward to walking down the Thames and taking photos! :D
  2779. 2008-5-6 Incredible article... http://tinyurl.com/5pka8c interestingly enough the stanford project is v much how uni is too
  2780. 2008-5-6 @MikeTreat that IS pretty darn impressive. What you do? Catch the chicken yourself :P ?
  2781. 2008-5-6 @MikeTreat Nice! Katsu curry sounds amazing, not sure about the chip shop curry... but I'm sure it's amazing.
  2782. 2008-5-6 Wonder where kai quotes sit on the web...
  2783. 2008-5-6 @miketreat what's fake waga?
  2784. 2008-5-6 @joleeen DUDE! Everything in America is like x3 the size of our normal stuff. Starter aka 3 course meal for 5.
  2785. 2008-5-6 Home time now. Menu for a nom nom nom event sorted... Its going to be better than life itself!
  2786. 2008-5-6 Surely if the b tag is non compliant... how can microformats be compliant with standards? Surely it's more about marking up intelligently?
  2787. 2008-5-6 <b> tag: Dead and buried? Or alive and just misunderstood? Anyone point me to any articles on why it's been depreciated?
  2788. 2008-5-6 Saying to Gregory Pues. No, no I will not be playing the java script version of Bloodbowl online with you now. No! :p
  2789. 2008-5-6 @cat_elliott don't have my camera neither so I can't take photos of it swishing around in my mouth!
  2790. 2008-5-6 Oh. Hungry. Looking forward to covering these freshly cleaned teeth with fresh raw fish goo :D
  2791. 2008-5-6 @sophdea should get a profile picture! Use mypictr.com to resize it
  2792. 2008-5-6 Just got told my dentist is on maternity leave in 6 months time. My reply was 'you dont look pregnant'
  2793. 2008-5-6 Guh dentist isnt open yet. Just got blinded my some womans' super silver phone. Cant.. see.. if .. open
  2794. 2008-5-6 Stuck in a traffic queue. Dentists and doctors should use twitter for appointments.
  2795. 2008-5-6 @anniemole blonde one? Isn't that Decland? :D
  2796. 2008-5-6 @simondoggett sounds good... but it wont happen tomorrow cos of the Tuesday design window! Speak to EAK?
  2797. 2008-5-5 @cat_elliott poor guy. Violence isn't the way forward!
  2798. 2008-5-5 Ah... there isn't a FOWD workshop slide from Andy Clarke's workshop.
  2799. 2008-5-5 Reading through some of the other slides from the FOWD workshops. Hannah's was okay. Mr. Budd's was pretty awesome... now Andy Clarke's
  2800. 2008-5-5 @Malarkey I think there are always exceptions to that rule! :) But yes some developers can be very poor about thinking things from design
  2801. 2008-5-5 @cat_elliott atleast you wont fall that way! But then you could have 'fallen' on him. See what I did there? :D
  2802. 2008-5-5 Caption of the week. Hannah, Susannah and the 'Ladies' - http://www.flickr.com/photos/firstgiving/2468276116/
  2803. 2008-5-5 Just a quick disclaimer. I was in the office cos i couldnt remote in and have a release window to hit tomorrow. I will be at the denti ...
  2804. 2008-5-5 @simondoggett not anymore! Just got my camera and waitin for the train
  2805. 2008-5-5 Hi ho. Alarm set and off i go
  2806. 2008-5-5 Lunch. What to do... work completed now, guess I should get a move on to find something nice to eat huh? And maybe a hair cut!
  2807. 2008-5-5 Wish twitter on and off worked from my mobile. No one taken up my call for lunch. Guess its a sushi lunch for one... Nom nyum
  2808. 2008-5-5 Heading into london, if anyone wants to catch up there - give me a bell :D
  2809. 2008-5-5 10% fail :( Email contact looks to no longer work :(
  2810. 2008-5-5 Bet Heston doesn't do that crazy trippy Devil sauce though, hey @MikeTreat
  2811. 2008-5-5 10% off Pimps and Pinups boys and girls. http://tinyurl.com/6p5d6p :D Yesh!
  2812. 2008-5-5 @MikeTreat you lucky man you... PLATTER FOR ONE!
  2813. 2008-5-5 @simondoggett me me me me
  2814. 2008-5-5 10 years b4 I was born... this happened http://youtube.com/watch?v=3mz3ZzSXyWM Let's not forget about other ppl like all those other drivers
  2815. 2008-5-5 Loving it being this quiet in the office. If only every day could be like this.
  2816. 2008-5-4 Loved the movie... now time for bed!
  2817. 2008-5-4 @Izabel_blue MARVEL FOREVER! :D
  2818. 2008-5-4 @jon_bedford bad!
  2819. 2008-5-4 @MikeTreat ARMS WIDE OPEN AMiGO!
  2820. 2008-5-4 @MikeTreat I wish I could be going to Leeds with Free WIFI. Instead I'm sittin' here with my Prison Break and my laptop :)
  2821. 2008-5-4 Hej!!! @MikeTreat howz the color of the journey going? PuSS OCH KRAM!
  2822. 2008-5-4 @cat_elliott 10" platforms! :D
  2823. 2008-5-4 First dodgy Flickr post on my account so far from someone with the account called 'Dick_Thr..' Blocked.
  2824. 2008-5-4 Growing fangs and learning how to improve content for users with screen readers. Should I buy JAWs and try that out too?
  2825. 2008-5-4 Wondering how much of a hangover poor little EAK and Neily have today... poor EAK and Neily ... poor self inflicted EAK and Neily...
  2826. 2008-5-4 @simondoggett :( everyone seems to have had the problem too! People say it'll get worse. I've used my Mighty Mouse like maybe 5 times..
  2827. 2008-5-4 Mighty mouse scroll wheel seemed to be KO ... thankfully this post saved it - http://tinyurl.com/5wy9je
  2828. 2008-5-4 Just done my weekly weighing and I'm 90kg! Woooohoo. Just 10 more to go.
  2829. 2008-5-4 good mornin world of surfing in bed
  2830. 2008-5-4 Watching Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber ... downloaded it to watch with someone else
  2831. 2008-5-3 Wanted: totally 100% cure for the common cold. Will pay handsomely.
  2832. 2008-5-3 @kevinrose that isn't sad. It's a way of life :)
  2833. 2008-5-3 Have fun @Izabel_blue ! Don't drink too much, nor too little ;)
  2834. 2008-5-3 Just done my run. Now having lunch. Feeling good... cold almost gone!
  2835. 2008-5-3 The post in Bexley this morning was brought by a girl. "Hello little post person," I said as she handed me my letters. :)
  2836. 2008-5-3 New mayor of London. This could go wrong...
  2837. 2008-5-3 http://tinyurl.com/68akv5 Great video on Clinton vs. Obama! :D
  2838. 2008-5-3 Tough crowd at Diggnation! :)
  2839. 2008-5-3 @larissameek did you make the background pattern using something like --<=>-- and then fill the pattern?
  2840. 2008-5-3 Wish I had a twin or sibling... someone who's similar to me. Maybe in another parallel universe I have one.
  2841. 2008-5-2 Off to work a bit early. Wanna get some extra stuff done on the new page. Things starting to improve. HUZZZAH!
  2842. 2008-5-2 What you lookin' at?! Move along hipster. Ye fly away foo. (A fat pigeon was looking at me funny)
  2843. 2008-5-2 Is redries really a word my twitter friends.. Direct msg me plz. In a scrabble game in the pub
  2844. 2008-5-2 Looking forward to seeing what exciting applications come through for the Junior designer role. :) See Chinwag for details!
  2845. 2008-5-2 @stevebridger Hopefully can say hello to you another time! They were quite busy with a few project :) Hope ur new toy is great!
  2846. 2008-5-2 Twitter. Derailed. http://tinyurl.com/6g93om This could hurt guys...
  2847. 2008-5-2 @sophdea Nice!
  2848. 2008-5-2 Just seen a guy with a haircut like a king pengiun. Amazing.
  2849. 2008-5-2 Now my mac has a pretty cover. Cool!
  2850. 2008-5-1 @jon_bedford yeah I got pwned by Excel... I can't think of anything more dull! When we gonna sort out our food menu?
  2851. 2008-5-1 Looking at how Digg advertise jobs on their site.
  2852. 2008-5-1 @johnwhenry Ant versus Bee test always ends up with no one winning!
  2853. 2008-5-1 Just made a huge design change... wonder if anyone will notice...
  2854. 2008-5-1 @jon_bedford I'd rather have micro skills to macro skills anyday! That way my apm is high :D
  2855. 2008-5-1 Just posted a design video featuring our little Japanese design friend, Hiro. http://www.kaichanvong.com/post/33411262
  2856. 2008-5-1 @Izabel_blue has a picture which reminds me very much of Tank girl!
  2857. 2008-5-1 Reading about Fireeagle... looks like an interesting version similar to Brightkite
  2858. 2008-5-1 Future of Web Design are advertising for an event organiser! Wow. Nice role - http://tinyurl.com/2zj48o
  2859. 2008-5-1 Welcome @sophdea to Twitter! Also, @stevebridger looking forward to you coming in! Say hi :)
  2860. 2008-5-1 Uploading photos to Flickr not workin... weird!
  2861. 2008-5-1 Food. Right now all I can think of is food. Btw sorry to everyone about the whole Conservative area I live in. It's not my fault!
  2862. 2008-4-30 @greg_a No! But I really want one :D
  2863. 2008-4-30 Thanks @richardmoross you're a legend. Shame about the score... Wont hear the end of it from Kumar
  2864. 2008-4-30 Annoyed. Cant see the liverpool score. Can someone direct msg me the result?
  2865. 2008-4-30 Recruiting a junior web designer for Jg. If you're interested :) you know the jig.
  2866. 2008-4-30 Meeting up with designers soon! Can't wait to show my design to the group.
  2867. 2008-4-30 Enjoying winding people up :)
  2868. 2008-4-30 WOOOoooHooo! 3Fp on tour with Lostprophets! :D Well done lads you deserve it! :)
  2869. 2008-4-30 Going to sleep now. Uploading new videoz and Pics to Flickr n' Vimeo!
  2870. 2008-4-30 Shame direct messages cant be longer... feel like I have to be so to the point. Maybe that's good.
  2871. 2008-4-29 Feet. So wet. Thank god for spare socks and slippers!
  2872. 2008-4-29 I wish this show up in Twistori
  2873. 2008-4-29 Great! Its raining cats and dogs!
  2874. 2008-4-29 Wonder if 3Fp will let me do vocals at a band practice after the big tour. Mike could teach me a thing or twOargh!!
  2875. 2008-4-29 interested by @brightkite ... wonder if it'll work
  2876. 2008-4-29 Weather has been awful today. Looking forward to being home and restin!
  2877. 2008-4-28 Earings and earphones = wrong!
  2878. 2008-4-28 Exciting event coming up this weekend... anyone interested in going? http://tinyurl.com/2q9j9y
  2879. 2008-4-28 The wheels are in motion! Looking forward to a productive lunch tomorrow. This will be mega!
  2880. 2008-4-28 Off to bed. Hope this cold will go.
  2881. 2008-4-27 @simondoggett well done... I don't think I can keep up with that. Never mind, atleast I'm trying.
  2882. 2008-4-27 @wilcolley your not the only one! :P
  2883. 2008-4-27 @joerma you can't tweet about a private blog and not give the url!
  2884. 2008-4-27 @kevinprince no idea - I didn't see the fire just could smell something burning at the bakerloo line.
  2885. 2008-4-27 @simondoggett 20 minutes!!!! What the hell.
  2886. 2008-4-27 Just thought up an amazing benlul @simondoggett you will love it!
  2887. 2008-4-27 "even if they stab me and kill me." amazing quote a kid in his early teens said. Shows the kind of world we live in...
  2888. 2008-4-27 @MikeTreat Dude that's so so so so very wrong!
  2889. 2008-4-27 @wilcolley no worries! You're going to love my design project I've created for myself! Done some logo designs for my name too! :)
  2890. 2008-4-27 @cat_elliott sounds like the sound a frog would make when angry! :)
  2891. 2008-4-27 @elliotjaystocks ask them if they do a sashimi tuna martini + sake http://tinyurl.com/3fjf6m
  2892. 2008-4-27 @jakemarsh have a safe journey! :)
  2893. 2008-4-27 Oh! The Twitter feeds have started becoming bilingual. This will be interesting.
  2894. 2008-4-27 In hysterics right now 'cos of this: http://tinyurl.com/6pbx6x - check out the Comments. MAN THE HARPOONS!
  2895. 2008-4-27 @wilcolley btw I've commented on some of your Flickr photos! :)
  2896. 2008-4-27 @wilcolley yeah, I'm more than I weighed last week! too many nights of drinking! Not enough walking/running!
  2897. 2008-4-27 @wilcolley about 5.... but I feel a bit annoyed cos of the calories in the drinks :( Need to lose so much weight!
  2898. 2008-4-27 Fire at bakerloo line at paddington. Thankfully didnt get on that train!
  2899. 2008-4-26 Standin at the side of the road tryin not to look dodgey :p
  2900. 2008-4-26 Not long now, just on the train going to slough! Reading the world is flat. Great read.
  2901. 2008-4-26 Doing the first change of trains... Looks like tomorrow i will be on the bus home
  2902. 2008-4-26 Okay... Finally left the house, lookin a tad smart but hey thats what you said isnt it ro!
  2903. 2008-4-26 Afternoon nap for me... then I'm gonna head off to Ro's place.
  2904. 2008-4-26 @DignityDesign Cos u'd 3D! Btw Justify is bad on text for accessibility... my own rule of thumb is +5 lines of text = no justify!
  2905. 2008-4-26 Shouldn't it be Derby Dignity Design - @DignityDesign ?
  2906. 2008-4-26 Plenty of time left. Logo and new site sketches complete. Quite happy with them...
  2907. 2008-4-26 Getting ready to go to Rohit's to play wii 4 player games! Should be fun...
  2908. 2008-4-26 So tired this morning. Going to go back to sleep for a few hours to catch up on sleep from last week.
  2909. 2008-4-26 lol @anniemole was it good? And were the main people speaking there interesting?
  2910. 2008-4-26 Tired and off for a long sleep. Ro's house party tomorrow. Better get plenty of rest for that.
  2911. 2008-4-26 @elliotjaystocks :) what Keir said. Just having a rola cola whenever you miss her and the sugar will help speed the time away! :)
  2912. 2008-4-25 What you looking at? @simondoggett . Move along hipster.
  2913. 2008-4-25 Hey @MelKirk have a hug!
  2914. 2008-4-25 @simondoggett my turn at what?
  2915. 2008-4-25 @simondoggett good work! :D
  2916. 2008-4-25 @jon_bedford Bet I have more Jg pages than you too!
  2917. 2008-4-25 @simondoggett I'm at 52... need more! :) And yesh, unconfirmed is the correct word!
  2918. 2008-4-25 Now with a supernana felt Moo card holder. Maybe I should have ordered the flippy one like Si said...
  2919. 2008-4-25 Peekaboo ie6. I see you!
  2920. 2008-4-25 Awake! Sooooo sleepy still thought. Think this weekend I need to catch up on sleep.
  2921. 2008-4-25 Simon got molly moped!
  2922. 2008-4-25 @Jon_bedford you need to get lost and drunk in boston and do a ben lingard
  2923. 2008-4-25 Havin drinks at clockhouse with @simondoggett and some of jg. Not doing anything after this!
  2924. 2008-4-25 Icons are tricky!
  2925. 2008-4-24 @jon_bedford in ur tweets, msgin' ur rss feedz
  2926. 2008-4-24 Morning world. Train today, as usual will be jam packed!
  2927. 2008-4-24 @Malarkey Mine did that ages ago... don't think it's anything to worry about. If you hear otherwise plz let me know!!!
  2928. 2008-4-24 @simondoggett Think I've missed out on the minibar thing tommorrow :( It's full up!
  2929. 2008-4-24 2 hours to get home. Good ol' train strikes.
  2930. 2008-4-23 Off to work! EaK is off and team voley will be doing off site work
  2931. 2008-4-23 @jon_bedford have a safe flight! :D
  2932. 2008-4-23 Tired of waitin 30 Mins for a train. Need to live closer to work!
  2933. 2008-4-23 just had lovely sushi with @Simondoggett and @johnwhenry http://flickr.com/photos/simondee/2436533884/in/photostream/
  2934. 2008-4-23 @benrmatthews I hate you :P Seriously no need for Liverpool jokes!
  2935. 2008-4-22 The world is flat.
  2936. 2008-4-22 I can smell fish and chips on this train. That would explain why that girl smiled at me and then stumbled!
  2937. 2008-4-22 Talk over! One more beer then think i should make a move. Shame eak wasnt here, she'd have loved it!
  2938. 2008-4-22 Andy budd just owned companies like creative good - saying they talk more about the biz than the actual usability!
  2939. 2008-4-22 @inwotr your twurl link seems broken! :(
  2940. 2008-4-22 @cat_elliott unprofessional hah! :P Do it! Or you can 'kindly' ask a student?
  2941. 2008-4-22 @cat_elliott just having some now! Goes half price at 5pm! :D
  2942. 2008-4-22 @jon_bedford You're right... I should start working instead of going home or going to conferences!
  2943. 2008-4-22 Chinwag conference tonight. How many conferences could I fit in during this month huh?
  2944. 2008-4-22 Agreed to opening up a sushi restaurant with Natalie if we win the lottery. It'll be swish. We have a great name for it too!
  2945. 2008-4-22 Glad to be awake for the first time. Had a dream I was in a warzone nearby the American office. All I'd wanted to buy was a game on sale!
  2946. 2008-4-22 Not long until the Usability is at a crossroads talk.. Working on projects for America and had some cheap sushi. Nyum nyum.
  2947. 2008-4-21 @simondoggett you stud muffin you. They were drunk alright. Drunk for you!
  2948. 2008-4-21 @jon_bedford n00b! If you can find anything about our company on my Twitter I'd be impressed!
  2949. 2008-4-21 @warriorgrrl I think that's kind of the idea! :P
  2950. 2008-4-21 @warriorgrrl :) Hi there, saw your comment about your Jg page getting a donation from Twitter friends! Great job :)
  2951. 2008-4-21 Left out the www. in twitter profile thinking it was the other domain that didn't need it... silly silly. Off to work soon!
  2952. 2008-4-21 Hello @cat_elliot welcome to twitter! :) I recommend Twitterific if you use a mac!
  2953. 2008-4-21 Sushi buffet was amazing as per usual. Thanks everyone for coming along!
  2954. 2008-4-21 The world is flat by thomas friedman - nat says is a great book
  2955. 2008-4-21 @melkirk awesome blog post :D loving the randomness
  2956. 2008-4-20 Completed my weekly design group assignment. Would post it on flickr but my camera's battery is dead!
  2957. 2008-4-20 @marceatsworld hahaha you're sister is going to hang you man. Run for the hills!
  2958. 2008-4-20 Facebook have done something weird with the inbox. It keeps saying (1) and then there isn't anything there!
  2959. 2008-4-20 @larissameek Moo miniCard holder examples: http://www.vimeo.com/879084
  2960. 2008-4-20 Going to head off for a run. Aiming to cover more distance than yesterday!
  2961. 2008-4-20 @marceatsworld @simondoggett @MikeTreat - there're some sketch ideas for the logo/t-shirt design on my Flickr. Add me as a friend 2 see :)
  2962. 2008-4-20 Just posted about Carsonified workshops and some ideas http://www.kaichanvong.com/post/32308848
  2963. 2008-4-20 What does a kept friend mean..? Think it's time for bed!
  2964. 2008-4-20 Bye bye @sushimonster have a safe trip and thanks for visiting rainy ol' England!
  2965. 2008-4-20 Hello @guruofsales. ur tweets look interestin :)
  2966. 2008-4-19 Booked up for Japan again. All the problems sorted! Phew. Also booked for Fuji rock festival. Any tips for good sushi/things to do there?
  2967. 2008-4-19 @sushimonster Where'd you get the artwork cover for your macbook? Is it one of those stick on ones?
  2968. 2008-4-19 Run finished. Only did 2.1m for 25mins. I'll make up for that tommorrow.
  2969. 2008-4-19 It's time to go for a run. It's late I know, but it'll be awesome. Wish me luck... I've not run since Wednesday morning.
  2970. 2008-4-19 working on the 3FP logo / tshirt concept...
  2971. 2008-4-19 @simondoggett @simondoggett that's such a rick roll if ever I did see one
  2972. 2008-4-19 @simondoggett I hate you. I typed all blockkaichanvongcoshesmells.com out and then tried it...
  2973. 2008-4-19 @MikeTreat I'll treat you to a taste of Japan when you're not busy during a week. Let me and Si know and we'll sort out a 3FP Japan tour!
  2974. 2008-4-19 @greg_a Ah well. Atleast it isn't 'totally' broken...
  2975. 2008-4-19 @MikeTreat , @malarkey just said the same thing I said :( Think Tweets are having an off day or something!
  2976. 2008-4-19 @MikeTreat is that what it is? :S
  2977. 2008-4-19 loads of people I'm following aren't showing up in my feed or twitterific :S
  2978. 2008-4-19 @simondoggett , the little Japanese baby jesus wept for our waga-sins.
  2979. 2008-4-19 Answered my own question there :) Left:auto !important will override another class setting it to *px etc
  2980. 2008-4-19 So... I have a style declaration that is setting an element left:600px. How can I cancel that out with an !important? Left:auto?
  2981. 2008-4-19 Just put up a tumblr post about logo design, using AgencyNET as an example - http://www.kaichanvong.com/post/32237536
  2982. 2008-4-19 I want more songs with this kind of quality too, guys from 3FP - http://www.kaichanvong.com/post/24634578
  2983. 2008-4-19 @marceatsworld @marceatsworld :p Just really like some of your songs. Esp. stop trying to make fetch happen. HUGE mean girls fan.
  2984. 2008-4-19 @Stanto part of the idea is to start provoking conversation in a group...
  2985. 2008-4-19 @MikeTreat dude, me and Si need to take u to some real places.. Wagamama just don't cut it!
  2986. 2008-4-19 @Stanto Not everything! Just occasional things that you find amusing or interesting!
  2987. 2008-4-19 @Stanto stop it seriously!
  2988. 2008-4-19 @Stanto if you had a mac with twitterific, you'd probably not want to spam twitter so much mate! :P
  2989. 2008-4-19 @sushimonster http://www.london-eating.co.uk/2204.htm opens at 6pm! :) Have fun in London.
  2990. 2008-4-19 @Stanto Chris, behave!
  2991. 2008-4-19 @marceatsworld lol. okay!
  2992. 2008-4-19 @simondoggett it was cool!
  2993. 2008-4-19 Leaving some photos to upload whilst I enter the world of nod.
  2994. 2008-4-19 Just got back home. Seeing people falling asleep on the train makes me chortle. FoWD workshops today were great. Thanks everyone!
  2995. 2008-4-19 Listening to 3FP - Aquaman. Lads. You're going to supporting the Lost Prophets! http://www.myspace.com/flashflashflashphotography
  2996. 2008-4-18 Tonight was cool. Best thing is that im not drunk :D
  2997. 2008-4-18 Thanks @sushimonster for letting me tag along.
  2998. 2008-4-18 Larissa meek really wants to meet the lovely people of moo. Please send her an invite friends!
  2999. 2008-4-18 Garret murray
  3000. 2008-4-18 20*20 tshirts!
  3001. 2008-4-18 Day over! Really enjoyed the workshops. Wonder what the microformats workshop what like...
  3002. 2008-4-18 Well @simondoggett you and Will aren't there thankfully I can't get another sore head tommorrow morning!
  3003. 2008-4-18 @sushimonster can I tag along with all you lot for dinner? :D I hardly know anyone here :( You can pick on me as much as you like :P
  3004. 2008-4-18 @sushimonster ;) was highlighting that I'd been a tad mean to you! Is there a party for everyone? Or is it the CSS11 party?
  3005. 2008-4-18 Totally sure that Teddy Ruxpin will be making a come back in a year.
  3006. 2008-4-18 @jon_bedford data what?
  3007. 2008-4-18 "50's and 80's are really making a comeback"
  3008. 2008-4-18 Start thinking about textures for design. Thinking about layers, but keeping it simple... is that possible?!
  3009. 2008-4-18 Everyone keeps saying less is more. But more can sometimes be more too!
  3010. 2008-4-18 Well actually @johnwhenry you can with the amazing mashups out there. Check out my delicious for some mashups... links.kaivong.com :)
  3011. 2008-4-18 @simondoggett lol oh dear... I'm sure he'll take part in learning why it's so good though!
  3012. 2008-4-18 @wilcolley dude, all the links from today that people have been talking about are at http://links.kaivong.com and just look at 2day!
  3013. 2008-4-18 Hi @jon_bedford ! :)
  3014. 2008-4-18 Interesting how different Jina Bolton's workshop was to Larissa Meek. One was very open forum... the other feels very student - teacher.
  3015. 2008-4-18 Pleased to see some of the direction in terms of style that @wilcolley had for the redesign is being talked about in the workshop!
  3016. 2008-4-18 Starting to get bored now... not really learning anything now... I think this workshop was aimed at non arty web designers!
  3017. 2008-4-18 @johnwhenry :) It's open forum!
  3018. 2008-4-18 I now have a huge amount of respect for Larissa Meek. Talking about art is interesting. @wilcolley would have loved this!
  3019. 2008-4-18 @simondoggett don't be stupid. Just about that comment on my twitter ages ago! :P
  3020. 2008-4-18 "Good artists innovate. Great artists steal."
  3021. 2008-4-18 @simondoggett it's http://tinyurl.com/6ymxnc but Larissa said it's a bit buggy! Jina got a moo card btw!
  3022. 2008-4-18 :( Just been called an asshole. But hopefully isn't hated for life!
  3023. 2008-4-18 @simondoggett okay okay I'll try!
  3024. 2008-4-18 Hate IE8. So much. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/2423160612/
  3025. 2008-4-18 @Malarkey StickyFingers (owned by one of the Rolling Stones) have a great burger called The Mess :D
  3026. 2008-4-18 @simondoggett very nice!
  3027. 2008-4-18 Spam spam spam... sorry guys :)
  3028. 2008-4-18 True name for sushi used @sushimonster 's workshop. Hashi Hashi lahhhh!
  3029. 2008-4-18 I'm nosey :)
  3030. 2008-4-18 Well @simondoggett I think we both know basecamp is the way forward!
  3031. 2008-4-18 @Malarkey he's behindddd you :D
  3032. 2008-4-18 Opps slightly out of context. And also other things!
  3033. 2008-4-18 Quote - Jina left a job because it was so Microsoft - "everything has to be share pointed"
  3034. 2008-4-18 Maybe I made a mistake
  3035. 2008-4-18 Totally doesn't get doing CSS selectors/declarations by alphabetical order... I think @zachklein did it for Vimeo... wonder why...
  3036. 2008-4-18 Thinking about turning my personal css source into ascii art. Wonder if it can be done...
  3037. 2008-4-18 Almost clapped Jina for the Border example in Comments flagging
  3038. 2008-4-18 I always read the Mantra PR blog @marceatsworld (seemless plug)
  3039. 2008-4-18 Guh. Semantic workshop is on today... wish I hadn't been veto'd to go to a different workshop. Nevermind!
  3040. 2008-4-18 @marceatsworld wow hai Internetz! i z famez
  3041. 2008-4-18 @simondoggett what did I do now? :o
  3042. 2008-4-18 "Educate people to understand that just because browsers don't look perfect - if it works, it's better to push things forward."
  3043. 2008-4-18 @simondoggett last night was such a bad idea.. :P
  3044. 2008-4-18 @simondoggett sure you don't dude. I'm being that annoying talking person @ workshop. Shutting up now :D
  3045. 2008-4-18 In class... Andy Clarke is here too. Funny hair :D
  3046. 2008-4-18 @simondoggett :( feeling sorry for you dude!
  3047. 2008-4-18 @sushimonster javascript:self.moveTo(0,0);%20self.resizeTo(screen.availWidth,screen.availHeight); - if bookmark that you can fullscreen! :)
  3048. 2008-4-18 Got to pay for wifi ...
  3049. 2008-4-18 Arrived at fowd workshop feelin awake. Honest!
  3050. 2008-4-18 Feeling okay now. Shower solves everything. Gonna head off for my day of learning. My laptop so isn't going to look cool in my bag...
  3051. 2008-4-18 Bit of a sore head. Argh.
  3052. 2008-4-18 @johnwhenry btw you msg @kai not me - @kaichanvong :)
  3053. 2008-4-17 @simondoggett quote "this spot right here is where i met @kevinrose for the first (and only) time"
  3054. 2008-4-17 Quia ego sic dico. because i say so
  3055. 2008-4-17 Forgot my glasses in all the excitement! Blindish for the day.
  3056. 2008-4-17 Today is FoWD! I'm awake....!
  3057. 2008-4-17 I was just told to tweet that Maya broke a nail jumping into her beanbag @ FOWD !
  3058. 2008-4-17 Got home. Saw Jina Bolton, Denise from Moo and lots of other people. Didn't get chance to say hello :( everyone too busy!
  3059. 2008-4-17 Hicks and Elliot were amazing @ FOWD! Seriously good stuff. Photoshop battle was really really really bad. Shame.
  3060. 2008-4-17 photoshop battle: They dont know shortcut keys :p
  3061. 2008-4-17 Wonders... Is there any danger of choking on a hot dog rofl
  3062. 2008-4-17 Quote of the day about @larissameek from @simondoggett , 'i would marry her'
  3063. 2008-4-17 Please. Make him stop talking!
  3064. 2008-4-17 Benedict ireland has started the fowd pain. The speaker sales pitch. 5 mins left thank god.
  3065. 2008-4-17 Usability testing is when you're a lot of pints down and trying to figure out walking from one stop to another. Ace!
  3066. 2008-4-17 Prefered andy's ipod unwrapping experience to the 1st time with his gf
  3067. 2008-4-17 Listening to Andy budd. Hes nicked his talk from gel speaker mark hurst of creative good
  3068. 2008-4-17 Thinking the anticipation of a transaction could be good... But not too much, unless the transition is awesome!
  3069. 2008-4-17 Cant believe he compared public transport to the ipod
  3070. 2008-4-17 Great start to user experience vs brand exp by steve pearce. Love the storyboard.
  3071. 2008-4-17 Didnt agree with using the rule of thirds with a page layout. A webpage is not a photo!
  3072. 2008-4-17 First guy at fowd is so so. At times good points!
  3073. 2008-4-16 I feel like a bird that's just been released from my cage. Finally.
  3074. 2008-4-16 Is it so bad that I still use smileys :D in day to day chat and emails..?
  3075. 2008-4-16 Running before breakfast is so difficult. Maybe thats a good thing... Finding it hard to breathe now tho
  3076. 2008-4-16 Yes wisdom toof. I'm awake already. Time for a run I think.
  3077. 2008-4-16 Today was a sad day. Gl Rm.
  3078. 2008-4-15 I think I've watched myself dressed up at the Flora London Marathon expo enuff times now... seriously. http://www.vimeo.com/897722
  3079. 2008-4-15 Wonder if minor delays on train lines cos of a person on the line are attempts at suicide
  3080. 2008-4-15 Just shown the other designer @ Jg the number of articles I sent him on delicious. Never seen someone go for a cigarette so quickly.
  3081. 2008-4-15 Just been described as 'charming company' on a blog. First time for everything!
  3082. 2008-4-15 @axnguyen :( Sorry to hear that dude. Maybe you should ask if you can do a workshop or something in the future if you can't sell them?
  3083. 2008-4-15 @axnguyen tsk tsk... FOWD will be amazing this year.
  3084. 2008-4-15 Just saw this photo of lead developer from last night. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wilcolley/2415443527/ Brilliant.
  3085. 2008-4-15 Hi @johnwhenry I believe we work together!
  3086. 2008-4-15 @stevebridger yip, quite a long time ago. Rooms are fine, I just don't recommend their food. It's like being back at school!
  3087. 2008-4-15 @simondoggett im gonna join for the 3 months tonight. Join me!
  3088. 2008-4-15 Got added by really cute girl on Msf... don't know what to... doooo... :/
  3089. 2008-4-15 Wisdom toof hurts so much :(
  3090. 2008-4-14 talking to the US
  3091. 2008-4-14 Am i a bad person if i nickname two people, porkie and talkie in my head...?
  3092. 2008-4-14 Really need to stop talking in 3rd person like this is facebook. Kai then left the house for work.
  3093. 2008-4-14 Wow Simon didn't hate him for the video of him on Flickr.. must try harder!
  3094. 2008-4-14 Looking forward to suggestions of @BeerOfTheDay although... I'm quiting drinking soon.
  3095. 2008-4-13 Uploading something to Flickr. Someone is going to hate me for this :D
  3096. 2008-4-13 Really loving Jericho, every episode is great.
  3097. 2008-4-13 Watching run fat boy, run.
  3098. 2008-4-13 Teaching mom how to use the wii.
  3099. 2008-4-13 Now linked up my tweets to my facebook with TwitterSync ! Great stuff.
  3100. 2008-4-13 Really dig 'walcott - Vampire Weekend'. Awesome song.
  3101. 2008-4-13 @sushimonster Just seen an old tweet bout the pout/angst. It was more of a joke than anything :P
  3102. 2008-4-13 @stevemarshall is Mario Kart on the wii any good? :o
  3103. 2008-4-13 @sushimonster you should go to Ginnan tommorrow - Sushi buffet for 14£ and it's amazing!
  3104. 2008-4-13 Just applied for something that could be awesome. Having a rest from training... tommorrow night will be better than life itself! :)
  3105. 2008-4-13 Looking out for Moo stickers @ the Flora London Marathon! :)
  3106. 2008-4-13 @MikeTreat I've been listening to Vampire Weekend too. They're insane.
  3107. 2008-4-12 I hate where i live. Everyone is so bloody london cockney like
  3108. 2008-4-12 @Marceatsworld Some one we know remembers gel !
  3109. 2008-4-12 Almost at the maratho expo! Sketching ideas down in the mean time
  3110. 2008-4-12 Just did something insane for a movie! Stop! Hammer time
  3111. 2008-4-11 Met some bloke doing the marathon who was in eastenders !
  3112. 2008-4-11 Mission complete! Now to get balloons..
  3113. 2008-4-11 Moo stickers even...
  3114. 2008-4-11 Heading to Moo in 30mins to pick up some Moo cards for expo. :D
  3115. 2008-4-11 Pretty tired. Marathon expo was great. Everyone loved 'stickerman' aka the Jg polar bear. http://www.flickr.com/photos/justgiving/2405703
  3116. 2008-4-11 Oh man. This is amazing... can't believe I didn't find this sooner http://tinyurl.com/2q9j9y
  3117. 2008-4-11 Just walked about the marathon expo in a moo sticker suit!
  3118. 2008-4-10 Bugger. Its now ntfs too...
  3119. 2008-4-10 Restart and holding the track pad button button does the trick. I think i just formatted my mac... Bugger.
  3120. 2008-4-10 Im stuck in an infinite windows bootup on my mac cos i cant find the darn cd eject button plz direct msg me!
  3121. 2008-4-10 Thinking about Moo laptop designs. I'll do one vector and a few hand drawn I think. But first... need to go run!
  3122. 2008-4-10 So... my dad has just TOTALLY formatted my mac notebook with Windows. Arghhhhhhhhh!!!
  3123. 2008-4-10 Figured out my latest culinary project. This is going to be immense.
  3124. 2008-4-10 Wonder if a, 'you suck at css would work'... Only one way to find out!
  3125. 2008-4-10 Home time... Need to order a mac laptop stand and get a keyboard and mouse too. Food tonight is ho fan!
  3126. 2008-4-10 Just heard about a food related competition. Sounds amazing! Will keep you all updated... ;)
  3127. 2008-4-10 Having a dog in the office is amazing. He just wondered past me, happy as anything with a bone in his mouth. Amazing!
  3128. 2008-4-10 I got owned by @sushimonster (Jina Bolton) ... slightly embarrassed.
  3129. 2008-4-10 Morning @simondoggett !
  3130. 2008-4-10 This is what happens when you ask your dad to 'insert' the serial into bootcamp... Format!
  3131. 2008-4-9 Simon will hopefully win the Apprentice this year.
  3132. 2008-4-9 Just come up with an awesome solution to the whole being on MsF site and getting Si to do it at the same time so I don't feel like a twit!
  3133. 2008-4-9 travelling off now. Flm expo on this week. Everyone loves the moo stickers! Yay.
  3134. 2008-4-9 Jina Bolton's Flickr feed - Look at camera and pout real moody! YEAH, real teenage art like angst!
  3135. 2008-4-9 Flickr. Video. OOooOOo.
  3136. 2008-4-9 Running complete. 45 mins and quite tired.
  3137. 2008-4-8 Great game from Liverpool. Loving their work.
  3138. 2008-4-8 @simondoggett is off to get some stickers and give Mecca & Richard my Moo cards :D
  3139. 2008-4-8 Can't wait to visit MOOOooOoOoOooOOoo
  3140. 2008-4-8 Quirky Quotes! The new Kai Quotes :D
  3141. 2008-4-8 Jina Bolton is quite cute. But the whole narcissistic Flickr stuff is kinda weird! People do that when they're like 15 :P
  3142. 2008-4-8 Wearing a coat like a dress. Wrong!
  3143. 2008-4-8 She couldn't program the microwave let alone Pownce!
  3144. 2008-4-8 Loving your work
  3145. 2008-4-7 Note to self - not got our magazine subscription arrive in the post... Hmmm!
  3146. 2008-4-7 Running
  3147. 2008-4-7 Heading home now, could be quite a long week. Definately need an mp3 player for travelling!
  3148. 2008-4-7 Moving file from Slow slug server 1 to extreme slow turtle server 2
  3149. 2008-4-7 Cos dude @simondoggett is looking on fire! :D
  3150. 2008-4-7 @MikeTreat What happened? I think the same has happened to @simondoggett
  3151. 2008-4-7 @MikeTreat he did
  3152. 2008-4-7 After looking at my lonely Nikon manual. I've had a good sob. :P
  3153. 2008-4-7 @simondoggett stay away from me dude!
  3154. 2008-4-7 Also hello to @jakemarsh interesting Twitter profile! :)
  3155. 2008-4-7 Hi to @htjoshua and thanks for the follow! :)
  3156. 2008-4-7 Is it possible to choke to death on perfume? Let me know... Currently going through testing with the lady next to me
  3157. 2008-4-7 Clearly in need of an iphone now. If there are any investors out there, feel free to buy me one. Thanks!
  3158. 2008-4-7 @simondoggett and me! iPhone wanted. Going to get a cheap lil' mp3 player until that comes out
  3159. 2008-4-6 Trying out parallels to see if Quake 3 will work. Who knows!
  3160. 2008-4-6 Josh said hello and good bye to me :D
  3161. 2008-4-6 Going to head to visit Chinese grandparents for Ching Min. I miss them very much.
  3162. 2008-4-6 Getting photos off Elaine's camera. Hopefully nothing dodgy little cousin!
  3163. 2008-4-5 @simondoggett Thanks dude. if you want me to fix your tumblr I can easily sort out the feed digest for you :)
  3164. 2008-4-5 Heading back now to london bridge. Left david now after a nice little day around london.
  3165. 2008-4-5 What a wonderful day... And i cant take a photo of it neither :(
  3166. 2008-4-5 @marceatsworld I wasn't mugged, it was all in my bag and someone nabbed it :(
  3167. 2008-4-5 @simondoggett , I'm fine thanks. Sadly the nikon, glasses and mp3 player are all gone. It was with everyone elses stuff. but c'est vie...
  3168. 2008-4-5 I need your help... please twitter/blog this http://www.kaichanvong.com/post/30881159 Thank you friends :(
  3169. 2008-4-4 Some people are lovely... Rip my camera and bag... Cant see anything right now without my glasses which are in my bag :(
  3170. 2008-4-4 Just lost his camera and his bag
  3171. 2008-4-3 @simondoggett blame Canada! :D Okay, I'll get it. Btw Mario Kart on the Wii?
  3172. 2008-4-3 One day I'm going to record how rubbish it is working on a server in a different company. Work flow -10pts.
  3173. 2008-4-3 @marceatsworld I know... I look like the world's biggest dork. Ah well.
  3174. 2008-4-3 Hate you. Doggett. @simondoggett
  3175. 2008-4-3 It's official I hate @simondoggett for his email post with photos of me looking like a dork.
  3176. 2008-4-3 @marceatsworld Okay I'll install it after lunch!
  3177. 2008-4-3 Firefox 3 huh... might have to try that. Altho I normally hold back from a BETA!
  3178. 2008-4-3 would rather be anywhere right now
  3179. 2008-4-2 @marceatsworld yip... altho I'd rather spend a bit of time to make sure I get that done right on IE6/7
  3180. 2008-4-2 @marceatsworld gonna give it a title... any text you want ?
  3181. 2008-4-2 @marceatsworld easy as pie.
  3182. 2008-4-2 @marceatsworld yip, if you give me a login/pw I'll sort it for you in a flash. See what I did there?
  3183. 2008-4-2 Not sure about the BBC redesign - http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/2383002691/
  3184. 2008-4-2 The apprentice is a tv show... I hope Sugar did that for tv, cos otherwise he really hasn't got a clue.
  3185. 2008-4-2 Please fire her. Please fire the project manager.
  3186. 2008-4-2 Thinks please sack the 'project manager' on the Apprentice already.
  3187. 2008-4-2 Run completed
  3188. 2008-4-2 Going to head off on my run now...! 45 mins of apprentice and running. Yeah!
  3189. 2008-4-2 @simondoggett Yeah whatever happened to that? Was a bit of a let down huh? We should look for a new one!
  3190. 2008-4-2 @marceatsworld I explained how to fix your Flickr menubar
  3191. 2008-4-2 @marceatsworld see - http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/2382471771/
  3192. 2008-4-2 @simondoggett well.. @marceatsworld needs to take out the div around it and replace it with a p tag.... and maybe use the blogtitle class
  3193. 2008-4-2 @simondoggett yes! :D
  3194. 2008-4-2 Just dodged the bullet that is development documentation. Phew! 5 mins of design/dev work... 30 mins in a doc file avoided.
  3195. 2008-4-2 Finally managed to get an asterisk into the design... sweet
  3196. 2008-4-2 Inverting the 1st quotation mark can work if aligned to the base line of paragraph.
  3197. 2008-4-2 Did you sort it out ok mister berry?
  3198. 2008-4-1 Thinks @simondoggett is a poser now. Officially!
  3199. 2008-4-1 Writing up ideas for the future design guidelines of the company. Fun!
  3200. 2008-4-1 SEO and CSS at times are so shockingly interlinked. Why do people think SEO is rocket science though?
  3201. 2008-4-1 Home soon... Time for a run.
  3202. 2008-4-1 Just cos you use smiley faces on im... doesn't mean you're smiling really.
  3203. 2008-4-1 Just got owned by leaving his mac on
  3204. 2008-4-1 I think it's time to come out the closet. I like it in the closet but the world seems so exciting. Look out boys, here I come. Geronimo!
  3205. 2008-4-1 @richardmoross I actually want one.
  3206. 2008-4-1 Uh!
  3207. 2008-4-1 Another 45 mins of running completed again today. I'm now able to sprint hard for almost 8 mins. It's super fun.
  3208. 2008-3-31 What is the going rate for a CSS front end developer/Web/Graphic Designer?
  3209. 2008-3-31 @simondoggett Are there any Peter Doggetts in your family?
  3210. 2008-3-31 Had a great meet up with my best friend from my childhood. Talked about DBs and more.
  3211. 2008-3-30 Did my run for today, but I was feeling seriously tired after 15 mins. Might need to rest from that for a bit.
  3212. 2008-3-30 @marceatsworld dude! How did you get Staind confused with Nirvana?!?
  3213. 2008-3-30 @simondoggett that was amazing lol.
  3214. 2008-3-30 LOL! @marceatsworld just got owned by @simondoggett
  3215. 2008-3-30 Toto Totoro... Totoro... :D What a great movie.
  3216. 2008-3-30 Watching my neighbour Totoro.
  3217. 2008-3-30 Got to 99% complete of Metallica - the One and crashed and burned :(
  3218. 2008-3-30 Just completed: Muse - Knights of Cydonia on guitar hero 3. At last.
  3219. 2008-3-30 Does anyone know of some good proxys? @ reply me or email me with any suggestions
  3220. 2008-3-30 @simondoggett Yo - so I've weighed myself in at 14 stones today. BMI is 26.6. Need to get to about 22...!
  3221. 2008-3-30 @simondoggett Erm out of the two: Tiger Woods definately on that one.
  3222. 2008-3-29 @simondoggett str8away website is broken :( Php errors!
  3223. 2008-3-29 Oh and yet again, run for 45 mins completed.
  3224. 2008-3-29 @simondoggett OH WOW. That's awesome.
  3225. 2008-3-29 @simondoggett OMG you recorded yourself back with StraightAway? I bet it was just like when TakeThat reunited. Can't wait to see it!!!
  3226. 2008-3-29 Thinks people should digg this photo of his friend Jen (she's hot) http://www.kaichanvong.com/post/30201686
  3227. 2008-3-29 "You and Richard from Moo are exactly the same. He's just older than you and has his own company" - Si
  3228. 2008-3-29 Reading the new IE 8 css specifications. Not impressed. Seriously.
  3229. 2008-3-29 Just had dim sum with Vicky and Tamara, also took them on a 'mini tour' of london. Heading back now on the train!
  3230. 2008-3-29 Also must remember not to stand under trees at the platform. As lazy bexely PIGeons are likely to poop on ones head.
  3231. 2008-3-29 Must remember to pull out my camera next time i hear the next train is not for customer use
  3232. 2008-3-29 Going to get ready to go to London and meet some friends. Later I'll sort my site out...
  3233. 2008-3-29 Heading down to play some Guitar Hero and then go for a morning run! :)
  3234. 2008-3-29 @benrmatthews Soz for the late reply. The Asus EEE is the best for the price afiak...
  3235. 2008-3-29 @simondoggett I'll try to download it and brighten it for you.
  3236. 2008-3-28 Did a good run today. Pretty tired, but it was good.
  3237. 2008-3-28 The bus today in london is rather slow cos of traffic. Its also quite cold :(
  3238. 2008-3-28 Just passing the moo office - hello mecca and richard!
  3239. 2008-3-28 @benrmatthews it's good if you're travelling lots, stupidly light & very fast with the default OS. Only negative is the small keyboard
  3240. 2008-3-28 Found out last night that Im the 3rd top 'kai chan' on google and 1st in the uk google results.
  3241. 2008-3-28 Reading my lonely planet guide to japan and travelling home
  3242. 2008-3-27 @sandieman thank you for the follow :) whoever you are...
  3243. 2008-3-27 Watching tv and looking forward to dinner - thanks dad! Looked at some flats... not sure what to do though...
  3244. 2008-3-27 @simondoggett Nothing! :D
  3245. 2008-3-27 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3246. 2008-3-27 3FP and other band photos up on my flickr! http://photos.kaivong.com
  3247. 2008-3-27 Totally ignored my alarm this morning. Thankfully not going to be late. Going to blog about a topic on tv about the effect the net has ...
  3248. 2008-3-27 Uploading photos from 3FP's tour at Windmill, Brixton - London. I'll edit them properly tommorrow...
  3249. 2008-3-27 @marceatsworld - Si would never do that and I'd end up sending him insane too!
  3250. 2008-3-26 I'm inside of a table right now. Inside of another table. And it's all so clear. No, sorry that was a br clear both tag! :P
  3251. 2008-3-26 renewing flickr pro membership. it's how I roll!
  3252. 2008-3-26 @simondoggett just emailed my mom.
  3253. 2008-3-26 Didn't know @zeldman married @meyerweb ! :D
  3254. 2008-3-26 Yes I will be there @marceatsworld
  3255. 2008-3-26 @marceatsworld and @simondoggett should get a room. Oh wait, they did!!! :D
  3256. 2008-3-26 new tfl strapline concept, 'Transport for london: bringing people together (literally)'
  3257. 2008-3-26 The windmill at brixton has the best sound set
  3258. 2008-3-26 I wish 3Fp would stop trying to make fetch happen.
  3259. 2008-3-26 Just off the tube and going to see si's band play at brixton - Uh!
  3260. 2008-3-26 Going to the gig at brixton!
  3261. 2008-3-26 The mac advert song - New Soul - is awesome.
  3262. 2008-3-25 Ems. I love them. I love them not.
  3263. 2008-3-25 @simondoggett I know :P
  3264. 2008-3-25 To work i go! What will today bring...
  3265. 2008-3-25 night night internet
  3266. 2008-3-25 Going for a run. Soon will be out of sopranos episodes... So prison break next!
  3267. 2008-3-25 Fed up of having use a hack to fix a browser's short comings. Just another 2 - 3 years of this. If only Vista had shipped with IE8.
  3268. 2008-3-25 @meyerweb And legend. Don't forget legends!
  3269. 2008-3-25 @simondoggett check this out - http://tinyurl.com/35ofck
  3270. 2008-3-24 Looks like either Flickr is messed up or my net connection taking a turn for the worst.
  3271. 2008-3-24 @simondoggett You need Leah Culver too. Cos you lurveeeee her. Even though she couldn't code in BBCode to save her life.
  3272. 2008-3-24 @marceatsworld oh him! The cool grumpy chap. He's a legend.
  3273. 2008-3-24 @MikeTreat exactly like that. So say you want to get @parishilton's attention... you do that :)
  3274. 2008-3-24 @mikeTreat if you use twitterific and you click reply to a tweet, then it allows the person after @ to see the message. Like @simondoggett
  3275. 2008-3-24 Welcome to twitter @MikeTreat btw Simon's tweets are from @SimonDoggett - not the one on your twitter list ;)
  3276. 2008-3-24 @marceatsworld I think it's if you're downloading or uploading at the same time... having it lately too!
  3277. 2008-3-24 Time for some guitar hero.
  3278. 2008-3-24 I can't help chuckling over the woman afraid of beans if they look like spiders. Reminds me of the woman afraid of balloons.
  3279. 2008-3-24 Question for everyone this week... do I grow back curtains like in this photo: http://www.kaichanvong.com/post/29702537
  3280. 2008-3-24 Reading about OpenID and being hopeful about it's future. Where the big thr...four are sincere about it all.
  3281. 2008-3-24 Reading a list apart... and apparently obsession is healthy. Speaking of which, I'm desperate to go out and do my run again.
  3282. 2008-3-24 @simondoggett hmmm might - I'm a bit nervous of the betas though!
  3283. 2008-3-24 Snowing outside. Think I'll take the time to grab a few photos!
  3284. 2008-3-24 Had breakfast. Time to check out some Jericho from the first episode.
  3285. 2008-3-24 I'm awake. UH!
  3286. 2008-3-24 @simondoggett ... who's Geoffrey Palmer? Is he that guy out of 24?
  3287. 2008-3-23 Bit sweaty... so first show then put Si on and I've uploaded a video http://www.vimeo.com/814660
  3288. 2008-3-23 Just back from the run - 4.2m. Also seen a FlickrMail from Mecca and she wants @simondoggett on my single friend too!
  3289. 2008-3-23 Uploading his first 2007 life montage to Vimeo. Not perfect but it's a nice little start...
  3290. 2008-3-23 Tempted to put @simondoggett on MysingleFriend.com for a chuckle.
  3291. 2008-3-23 It's quite amusing listening to my mom learning Chinese from my dad. She sounds like a little child!
  3292. 2008-3-23 Happy easter! :D
  3293. 2008-3-23 Does anyone know of a tool or a switch to make my mac shortcuts all more like a PC? :D
  3294. 2008-3-23 Shock horror Mr @simondoggett it looks like @marceatsworld is rejoining the world of tweets.
  3295. 2008-3-23 Run complete! :) Sopranos is awesome.
  3296. 2008-3-23 @marceatsworld needs to update his twitter and get some Twitterific installed!
  3297. 2008-3-23 @marceatsworld @simondoggett and the rest of 3FP would be amazing. Then you need to get the Discovered Profits on here too!
  3298. 2008-3-23 Feel like another episode of Sopranos. You know what that means? Another run!
  3299. 2008-3-23 Watching Lost! Should be a good episode I hope.
  3300. 2008-3-23 Finding this whole 'girlfriend search for Si' very difficult... Ah well. You reap what you sow! Ho Ho get it? :D
  3301. 2008-3-23 Gone all red after @simondoggett 's kind words.
  3302. 2008-3-23 Grandparents being on Skype is funny
  3303. 2008-3-23 @simondoggett Why?? What's up with it?
  3304. 2008-3-23 I never noticed this before, but it seems mac users must all practise the doing the Vulcan death grip on a regular basis. Cmd Ctrl Shft 3...
  3305. 2008-3-23 Oh and @simondoggett - where is my profile on there huh huh? :P
  3306. 2008-3-23 @Simondoggett sorry! I know you can edit your photos, plus I should be able to edit the copy... so just pass it on to me! :D
  3307. 2008-3-23 I'm both 50/50 over his Macbook's pro being made of aluminium. Whilst it keeps his hands warm... it also gives him the odd electric shock.
  3308. 2008-3-23 Reservedly, yet interestedly looking at district dave's forum, a forum about.. the London underground.
  3309. 2008-3-23 Waiting on @simondoggett to agree to be put on MySingleFriend.com :D
  3310. 2008-3-23 Wishes he had a copywriter to help improve his description of @simondoggett ... it's pretty tame at the moment :(
  3311. 2008-3-23 ...hopes Leah Culver isn't on mySingleFriend as @Simondoggett would probably ask to be removed from it just incase she asked him out!
  3312. 2008-3-23 Looking through for a good photo of @simondoggett ... must do him justice!
  3313. 2008-3-22 Heading out for my run. :D
  3314. 2008-3-22 @simondoggett Yo are we actually gonna trip to Amsterdam for Digg?
  3315. 2008-3-22 @axnguyen On a Saturday night it has to be either Thai or a Curry! :D
  3316. 2008-3-22 Photos all uploaded @ http://photos.kaivong.com - there's snow and easter eggs! :D
  3317. 2008-3-22 Uploading photos now - there's quite a few and they're quite good quality!
  3318. 2008-3-22 @tradingnothing feel free to add me on Flickr, I'm just about to upload some photos I just took :)
  3319. 2008-3-22 Off to take some photos! :D
  3320. 2008-3-22 You're a MILF. A mom I'd like to Facebook.
  3321. 2008-3-21 Watching 'Hannah takes the stairs'.
  3322. 2008-3-21 Watching diggNation in HD... also potentially hazardous to your health!
  3323. 2008-3-21 Run finished. Really enjoyed the sprints. Quite tired. Might do some more later.
  3324. 2008-3-21 Setting up remote desktop from the Mac to the PC :)
  3325. 2008-3-21 @simondoggett I know. Well it's more Coda than the actual Mac itself that I'm mainly impressed with. It makes editing plain code fun.
  3326. 2008-3-21 So... who wants my work windows PC? :P
  3327. 2008-3-21 Totally just fell in love with Coda. Seriously. This is the editor to end all other editors.
  3328. 2008-3-21 Posted a blog at http://www.kaivong.com all about life on a Mac... help!
  3329. 2008-3-21 Writing a blog post..
  3330. 2008-3-21 Great... I'm ill on a bank holiday weekend.
  3331. 2008-3-21 Off for a run and also moving the 'server' down to the garage...
  3332. 2008-3-20 Chuckling over left hand discrimination kaivong.com :)
  3333. 2008-3-20 Reading about Zushi and enjoying a bit of a rest.
  3334. 2008-3-20 Loving @simondoggett and his WORLDWIDE CAPSLOCK SHOUTING CLUB. Clearly we need a focus group to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  3335. 2008-3-20 @simondoggett That could be an 3FP song right there.
  3336. 2008-3-20 When everything is important to everyone. What do you do?
  3337. 2008-3-20 Looking at houses and wondering when I'll be able to get something... no anything.
  3338. 2008-3-19 Wondering why Coda doesn't show you the tab spacing when coding. Weird!
  3339. 2008-3-19 OpenID is definately the next big thing for the web. Molly says so.
  3340. 2008-3-19 @simondoggett Wow. Nice etching!
  3341. 2008-3-19 Loving using Coda! It's the way forward.
  3342. 2008-3-18 New tv. Dad can't figure it out. Trying to help him is similar to telling a brick wall how to bleed.
  3343. 2008-3-18 Hi ho hi ho its off to somewhere i go..
  3344. 2008-3-18 So cold in london today. Trains suck. What's new?
  3345. 2008-3-17 Lovin flash flash flash photography at soho!
  3346. 2008-3-17 When will Facebook have in the events listing people you know who are attending the event?
  3347. 2008-3-17 Fffp! are at the social in soho tonight. It will be mega!
  3348. 2008-3-17 Ready to go photo people and be a groupie.
  3349. 2008-3-16 Seriously not sure this is the best of ideas. Football in the rain.
  3350. 2008-3-16 @simondoggett it'll have to be amazing for me to leave my beloved Vimeo.
  3351. 2008-3-16 @simondoggett you should do a must have post on your tumblr for what apps you must dl and install!
  3352. 2008-3-16 Preparing to go play football in the rain. Sometimes that's the way it goes I'm afraid.
  3353. 2008-3-16 Pretty tired. Slided around the park lots but had great fun!
  3354. 2008-3-16 @simondoggett 49.9kg today dude what's my BMi?
  3355. 2008-3-15 @simondoggett Thanks mate :D Dude I love last FM so much on the mac.
  3356. 2008-3-15 Haaappppy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear meeeeee. Happy birthday to me.
  3357. 2008-3-14 Hair is now officially chopped
  3358. 2008-3-14 1515 Needing to get some up to date music. Blur have surely had their day. Any suggestions ppl?
  3359. 2008-3-14 Needing to get some up to date music. Blur have surely had their day. Any suggestions ppl?
  3360. 2008-3-13 25 minutes on the treadmill. Bit late for the loud machine sadly.
  3361. 2008-3-13 Heading home... To the treadmill oh and some tv - i can multitask
  3362. 2008-3-13 Looking forward to football on the Sunday. Oh yes.
  3363. 2008-3-13 "Gotta let go, gotta set ourself a new goal." Flash Flash Flash Photography, Aquaman.
  3364. 2008-3-13 @simondoggett Broken twitter on my mobile! It's saying invalid pin - ooops.
  3365. 2008-3-13 Fox in the snow. Where do you go?
  3366. 2008-3-12 Si vs. Kai is going well. For me. Just did another load of running. www.justgiving.com/si-vs-kai
  3367. 2008-3-12 @SimonDoggett Yes. I'll be there. Taking photos like there's no tommorrow.
  3368. 2008-3-12 Stuck on the train..
  3369. 2008-3-12 Todays forecast is wind and rain.
  3370. 2008-3-12 @simondoggett Off for a run now! Have you got scales to bring in tommorrow? Oh and remind me about buying the company fruit too!
  3371. 2008-3-11 Macbook is set up at work now! :D
  3372. 2008-3-11 What does it mean in different cultures if you see dead fox in the street?
  3373. 2008-3-10 Not feeling too great. Thank you America for whatever it was...
  3374. 2008-3-10 Landed. Very tired.
  3375. 2008-3-9 Packing up and getting ready to leave the hotel... England, I'll be with you soon.
  3376. 2008-3-9 @simondoggett getting back into the mac swing of things
  3377. 2008-3-9 wondering how the hell he gets anything to work on a mac - ps v hungover too
  3378. 2008-3-9 Just had lobster new England style at seafood legit. Was seriously good. Now off for drinks with @simondoggett
  3379. 2008-3-9 @simondoggett doing my very best not to throw up over the mac
  3380. 2008-3-8 poor Sophie :( She is a little bit sick. Think Will is too. Me and Si off to the world famous Legal seafoods. TTFN! ;)
  3381. 2008-3-8 Just got my mac and am currently setting it up. Oh and my Nikon D80 is amazing! :D
  3382. 2008-3-4 Ready to board the plane. Will has the most amazing dslr camera
  3383. 2008-3-4 Just arrived at the airport... Wonder when the others will get here
  3384. 2008-3-4 Walking to the station ready for the big flight!
  3385. 2008-3-4 Will be flying on a let plane... Dont know when i will be back again
  3386. 2008-3-4 Flight delayed, we are now sat in the pub... Good ol public transport. See ya later *hic*
  3387. 2008-3-2 Tired and not making any sense... bed time! The Boston time soon...
  3388. 2008-3-2 Si just reminded me I'm getting a MacBook soon. So excited. I will be blogging, tweeting and flickrin' every moment of it.
  3389. 2008-3-2 Sopranos & Treadmill is the way forward. All packed for Boston.
  3390. 2008-3-2 Lost is officially amazing again.
  3391. 2008-3-2 Time to watch some Lost. Season 4, episode 5. Oh yes.
  3392. 2008-3-2 @simondoggett I'm looking forward to having Apple Chan Vong the movie. Mind you... didn't that coldplay singer name his daughter that...
  3393. 2008-3-1 @simondoggett I dream to think what would have happened if we were both there!
  3394. 2008-3-1 Just checked my flies werent undone after having a car of girls stop and bip their car horn at me
  3395. 2008-3-1 Finished and now heading off home... Photos and video from graphic design course coming soon!
  3396. 2008-3-1 Im back
  3397. 2008-3-1 I mean't dread...
  3398. 2008-3-1 I need to brush up on my English. But first... sleep.
  3399. 2008-2-29 Watching tv and doing the treadmill. S vs kai is officially on.
  3400. 2008-2-29 Enjoying london transport at its best. Signal failures.
  3401. 2008-2-29 Movin over to a macbook pro next week. Excitement.
  3402. 2008-2-28 Waiting on the mega platter with excitement! Boston will surely have a real mega platter though.
  3403. 2008-2-28 Off to bed. Night night twitter world!
  3404. 2008-2-27 Excited about going to boston! Listening labs should be amazing...
  3405. 2008-2-27 Omg. Sophie used the word, 'pwned'
  3406. 2008-2-27 I question why no frustrated developer has created a worm that updates every ie6 to opera or firefox. Its only a matter of time people!
  3407. 2008-2-27 #log: http://twimbler.com OMG! I'm trying twimble! ftw.
  3408. 2008-2-25 Hanging out near blackheath its where all the cool cats is at. True.
  3409. 2008-2-25 Wonder what today holds.. Next week boston and ny!
  3410. 2008-2-23 Up to some mischief on Flickr... :) heee hee photos.kaivong.com
  3411. 2008-2-23 Didnt see juno last night, but hope to see it soon!
  3412. 2008-2-23 Walking back home after the design course.
  3413. 2008-2-22 Tom is going to be having for lunch a (large)bowl of peas.
  3414. 2008-2-22 Glad to have glasses following a minor sandstorm
  3415. 2008-2-21 Zzz
  3416. 2008-2-21 Wonders why his walk to the train station is empty..
  3417. 2008-2-20 Todays usability course was v interesting.
  3418. 2008-2-20 Finding that charing cross doesnt have any bins sucks
  3419. 2008-2-19 Catherine suggested that SEO must be a top focus. Catherine’s husband is an SEO expert.
  3420. 2008-2-19 Sometimes i wish a worm would go around and upgrade everyones ie6 without them realising!
  3421. 2008-2-18 "Look at the Ajax behind that" - Will C on WalkforLife.com
  3422. 2008-2-18 @benrmatthews Search delicious for popular tweeters. It depends what kind of people you're after. :)
  3423. 2008-2-18 Doing the early shift cos remote desktop to work isnt workin this weekend :(
  3424. 2008-2-18 Listening to Boagworld dot com and doing some work.
  3425. 2008-2-17 Guitar hero rocks. Also love being able to watch stuff on the Xbox media centre too! :D
  3426. 2008-2-16 Heading home after a lesson in london. Natural history museum was fun!
  3427. 2008-2-16 Uploading my soul... I mean my photos, up to Flickr.
  3428. 2008-2-15 Now off home with my xbox and guitar hero. Yay.
  3429. 2008-2-15 Activities of the room above lasted through til atleast 5am. I will leave the details to you imagination. Ps. It was valentines.
  3430. 2008-2-14 Why every girl that passes me has to smile cos I have roses in my hand i will never know.
  3431. 2008-2-13 Hate london transport.
  3432. 2008-2-13 i wonder if lolkaiZ would take off and make me millions or even enuff for a mac book
  3433. 2008-2-12 Limping like limp bizkit (hurt my foot)
  3434. 2008-2-10 Geotagging everything like there's no tommorrow!
  3435. 2008-2-9 Loved coheed's progressive rock track. They ruled.
  3436. 2008-2-9 Loves fffp's aquaman track. It's off the hook.
  3437. 2008-2-8 Off to the gig!
  3438. 2008-2-7 Saw the dominic wilcox talk. It was very good. Google him.
  3439. 2008-2-5 Feeling sad without my glasses :(
  3440. 2008-2-4 Some times i wish every night was a sushi buffet night!
  3441. 2008-2-3 I really hate public transport.
  3442. 2008-2-3 going out for a bit more flora fun!
  3443. 2008-2-3 Hello WilColley! and welcome to my twitter stream =)
  3444. 2008-2-2 Be one with the design. Simply.
  3445. 2008-2-2 Guns dont kill people. Helvetica kills people.
  3446. 2008-1-30 You know when u have been working too hard when u wake up from a nightmare about font kerning
  3447. 2008-1-28 Not feeling too great. Think I caught a bug from the Sat. design teacher =(
  3448. 2008-1-27 Helvetica the movie was a good watch.
  3449. 2008-1-27 Rockin out to rebel rebel and popping to the shops!
  3450. 2008-1-27 I'm really looking forward to watching Helvetica the movie. Hopefully it will be as good as King of Kong was.
  3451. 2008-1-26 London transport... Shambles
  3452. 2008-1-26 Walking around london is super cool. As is the weather right now.
  3453. 2008-1-24 Heading off to work. Will label the Flickr photos later.
  3454. 2008-1-23 Just learnt ASP ! WOW Thanks Mat C.
  3455. 2008-1-23 Loves flash flash flash photography.
  3456. 2008-1-22 london transport and pwnce have a lot in common
  3457. 2008-1-22 Pownce. Like email, only ten times harder.™
  3458. 2008-1-22 And im singing ot oh on a friday night
  3459. 2008-1-21 London transport sucks.
  3460. 2008-1-21 Off to the land of sleepy time I go...
  3461. 2008-1-19 Rain drops keep falling on my face... What song is that..
  3462. 2008-1-18 Today is day off.
  3463. 2008-1-16 Tired. But Firstgiving project completed. At last. And now? Sleep.
  3464. 2008-1-16 Tired. But has completed a Firstgiving project. And now? Sleep.
  3465. 2008-1-16 I love moo. And I hope they love me too. Moooooo.
  3466. 2008-1-14 Work, work. Zug zug.
  3467. 2008-1-14 Z z z z z z z z zzzz zzz zzz zzz zz
  3468. 2008-1-14 Note to self. Always consider how things will load and what effect that will have on visuals.
  3469. 2008-1-13 How do you design for an element that is dynamic? By thinking of the worst case scenario...!
  3470. 2008-1-12 Glad to see the teacher turned up early. Ho Ho Ho.
  3471. 2008-1-12 Today, we do graphic design!
  3472. 2008-1-12 Thought that design course went well.
  3473. 2008-1-11 Graphic design course here I come.
  3474. 2008-1-11 Today its usability day for me
  3475. 2008-1-10 Managed not to fall over.. But wished the ice skating had been easier.
  3476. 2008-1-9 Gotta love CSS Digest. It's really great when people's solutions to CSS problems is a javascript patch up.
  3477. 2008-1-8 Has a new fan on flickr - but all they have on their account is photos of their baby... Flickr has privacy options for a reason!
  3478. 2008-1-7 Just had my first day back at work after a 3 week holiday.
  3479. 2008-1-4 Now, thanks to glasses and some teamwork, i can see really good!
  3480. 2008-1-4 Has started something epic
  3481. 2008-1-4 The music feed is a little random at times.
  3482. 2008-1-2 Ordered glasses for the first time today! Oh the excitement.
  3483. 2008-1-1 New photos up! kaivong.com
  3484. 2008-1-1 New photos going on flickr now!
  3485. 2008-1-1 New tumblr design up!