1. 2009-12-31 @schw3ppes Yup! :D Looking forward to it very much so. What're you doing for NY eve dinner?
  2. 2009-12-30 Releasing updates to my site... then off to bed. Busy testing out new bits of JavaScript, CSS3 and Google Analytics!
  3. 2009-12-29 Sailing in the sales.
  4. 2009-12-29 Watching Mad men. Seeing -isms in their true & most scariest form.
  5. 2009-12-28 @briancray Wow, thanks for sharing that. That's really neat and small a script :)
  6. 2009-12-28 Love this visualisation of 20 things that could happen in a minute. http://tr.im/INYE
  7. 2009-12-28 @russiantsar @willjohnh After seeing 2012, I'm glad I have you two as a friends. Russian friend with big plane to get to China & a pilot.
  8. 2009-12-28 @briancray love your links url loading animation of your site ( http://briancray.com ) My site has something similar, maybe went a bit OTT.
  9. 2009-12-27 @russiantsar Da comrade. Da.
  10. 2009-12-27 @jozyaltidore17 Good luck lad, you're an awesome role model for other professionals on Twitter :)
  11. 2009-12-27 Seems the Fifa 10 points system has been broken for quite some time... 40 points every time... hmmm.
  12. 2009-12-27 @simondoggett Cant speak Japanese... else I'd try their Japanese lot :)
  13. 2009-12-27 @kaigani They've called it the iSlate.... but sadly no pictures. Their office 'infinite loop' in America is on the map though!
  14. 2009-12-27 Girlfriend has new iPhone. iPhone is filled with Apple employee contacts from Japan + USA... amazing!
  15. 2009-12-27 Just applied a minor design change + lots of interaction improvements to my site http://www.kaivong.com/ Let me know your thoughts!
  16. 2009-12-27 Spending more time practising up my jQuery/jS skills. Learning what my limitations are with this new language.
  17. 2009-12-26 My mom is creating her Mii. This is amusing :) "What does for 4/6 means?"
  18. 2009-12-26 @stevekirkendall I have an inkling that the details would be best in a comic medium ;) tweet it, tweet it!
  19. 2009-12-25 @david_whitney @stanto Saw this article on Link from Zelda & thought it might interest you two :) http://tr.im/IBol
  20. 2009-12-25 Playing www.freerice.com to enhance my vocab.... mom has just destroyed me at it.
  21. 2009-12-25 Putting some of my reading into action and also using my Zen coding shorthand...
  22. 2009-12-25 @sergeimuller Thanks pal, and you! Lets try not to eat too much... HO HO HO ;)
  23. 2009-12-25 Just added in all my presents to Flickr! @adactio will like that I've been given 2 of his books too :) http://tr.im/IArP
  24. 2009-12-25 Watching my dad use their Nintendo Wii for the 1st time. There's lots of mistakes in there that could easily enable better user experience.
  25. 2009-12-25 So far... Twitter 1 - Mobile phone.
  26. 2009-12-25 @stanto Merry #christmas everyone! #xmas
  27. 2009-12-25 @keirwhitaker - tell the little one that down in London, we all heard bells and ho ho ho'ing late last night!
  28. 2009-12-25 As the mobile phone networks and their SMS system becomes overburdened... The big question is, will Twitter go down?
  29. 2009-12-25 @fstorr I tend not to think about these kinds of things on paper ripping day :) I can't sleep now... La la la...
  30. 2009-12-25 @smyther Hi 5 you on the arrival of lil' piggies in blankets!
  31. 2009-12-24 @rice_queen The one and only!
  32. 2009-12-24 @marceatsworld just shown me this neat Flickr group around the upcoming movie Lovely Bones... http://tr.im/Iv99
  33. 2009-12-24 Gotta love the 'etiquette' button. Merry Christmas! http://yfrog.com/1efxgwj
  34. 2009-12-24 @Rice_Queen and to you! Hopefully we'll all have awesome presents awaiting us under the tree!
  35. 2009-12-24 Loving the work by Mark Buckingham on Fables. Pretty sure he did Generation X stuff too. Greatest designer/comic artist ever.
  36. 2009-12-23 My favourite sushi restaurant in London, Tajima-Tei wishes you all a merry Christmas. http://yfrog.com/4ajgkuj
  37. 2009-12-22 My secret Santa present was a Facebook tshirt! Sadly not a FB fan. Did however find a list of books for future ref Santa. http://tr.im/Il4e
  38. 2009-12-20 As Rage against the Machine takes Christmas no. 1 we see the first mainstream demonstration of people power. This is only the begining.
  39. 2009-12-13 @willjohnh I think you could be on to something there... unless it's a survey between the customisation & the thank you process.
  40. 2009-12-13 Just introduced my girlfriend's mom to my parents via Skype. Rajesh from Big Bang Theory would be proud.
  41. 2009-12-11 Love jSLint so much. Thank you Douglas God Crockford. http://tr.im/Hjps
  42. 2009-12-11 There's nothing quite like playing against IE6 :) if it's not last thing in the morning, it's quite a fun game.
  43. 2009-12-10 At BAFTA to see where the wild things are. http://yfrog.com/37i6hjj
  44. 2009-12-10 Dammit. Now I too have the xmen cartoon theme tune in my head. Also can't sleep as am off to see 'Where the wild things are' @ BAFTA!!!
  45. 2009-12-10 @Stanto trains have those in nowadays... Thankfully 3 of those do not literally come at once. Touch wood, touch wood.
  46. 2009-12-10 Body achin' like something stupid... And still got a headache. Today is the day for pain killers.
  47. 2009-12-10 @Whatleydude life is pretty awesome huh :)
  48. 2009-12-10 @stanto Yup, you can via the London train iPhone app !
  49. 2009-12-10 Japanese tourists going from looking normal (kind of) to camera yoga stance in split seconds always makes me chortle.
  50. 2009-12-10 Hate. Internet. Explorer. 6.
  51. 2009-12-9 @destroytwitter an Air update just broke your friend lookup function() {
  52. 2009-12-9 Oooops... Gotta love my shortcuts :) ... and there I was thinking I wouldn't write that work in an email/tweet.
  53. 2009-12-9 In the future buses will have cameras on with body stance recognition (patented by apple) to force the bus to a halt & allow people aboard.
  54. 2009-12-9 Exciting new job role up at JG :D - http://tr.im/H6Ga Let me know if you're gonna apply!
  55. 2009-12-8 Watch SIGNS. It's brilliant. http://tr.im/H0kA
  56. 2009-12-8 On Twitter the login page's password box is tall in comparison to the email box. Why...? http://tr.im/H0wp
  57. 2009-12-7 var awesomeDesign = echo (awesomeDesign);it's a joke.
  58. 2009-12-7 Ah Big Spaceship. Please beam me up one day. Type inspired Interfaces: http://tr.im/GTMx
  59. 2009-12-7 Dont know what all the fuss is about Window 7???Just opened mine and all I got was a little chocolate mouse,Who's fuckin idea was that?
  60. 2009-12-6 @andydbryant Windows 7 is pretty awesome... so you have got a pretty good fallback. Check: Samsung X360 or Sony Valo VGN-Z31VN/X
  61. 2009-12-5 Just uploaded my Taste of Christmas photos! http://tr.im/GKct What do you all think and which are your faves/the better ones?
  62. 2009-12-4 Had a great time at Taste of Christmas with @ursi82 @anniemole - great food and company!
  63. 2009-12-4 @simondoggett @sophdea Some of the lyrics are coming back to me. Bon Jovi song "Oh we're half way there, design & development in despair"
  64. 2009-12-4 @sophdea Yeah.... appologies for singing all those songs that I clearly didn't know the lyrics to...
  65. 2009-12-4 I can hear outside of my flat someone singing as they leave to work. It's an amazing melody gospal like melody. But seriously.
  66. 2009-12-3 @rachelbeer No worries! :) I'll try to visit events like htat more often & chat to you and all the others I didn't get a chance to!
  67. 2009-12-2 Enjoyed the #NFPTweetup today wif @jon_bedford @rachelbeer! Thanks for organising it and hope to be there longer in future :)
  68. 2009-11-30 Fascinating survey on how young people use social media http://tr.im/GaIQ
  69. 2009-11-29 Down with everything and up with what's left. Because in principle.. I'm against principles.
  70. 2009-11-28 Just for you @wilcolley http://yfrog.com/3ldcjj
  71. 2009-11-26 Someone doesn't like me... :( and is trying to hack KaiVong.com - so far my simple security measures have held out.
  72. 2009-11-26 Eating pasta & reading Stalker, a blog by SImon Crab bout noise and stuff. http://tr.im/FQrA Oh & donation process is gettin some MVC lovin
  73. 2009-11-26 William Colley - @wilcolley is amazing. Thank you. Sadly no special hand warm like does! http://yfrog.com/4i1q0bj http://yfrog.com/3liuvjj
  74. 2009-11-25 Awesome - thanks! RT @elijahmanor: Zen coding add-in for VS courtesy of Einar Egilsson http://bit.ly/890Pnf (via @vranac:)
  75. 2009-11-25 A bit of chicken from my sandwich dropped out and on to the floor. It made me sad.
  76. 2009-11-25 @elijahmanor Just saw your post on Zen Coding - but no Vis Studio support :( What IDE do you use that would allow us to use Zen Coding?
  77. 2009-11-25 In tears over both the logo and the sarcasm. Brilliant. Thanks @jon_bedford. http://bit.ly/7Q8Ja7
  78. 2009-11-25 It's pooh when you get stood up. http://yfrog.com/3g33584882j
  79. 2009-11-25 In a crazily cool designer shop in Notting hill. Wolf fur feels amazing! I want my own wolf now. http://yfrog.com/1e2fddj
  80. 2009-11-25 Listening to Danah Boyd talking about Limited attention & how we change content for it... where information is everywhere http://tr.im/FKTj
  81. 2009-11-24 Uploaded the sketches & layout of a little fun project I thought I'd work on tonight. http://bit.ly/5Z8J9S http://bit.ly/53D3hh Thoughts? :)
  82. 2009-11-24 Love the fact that when I look at @wilcolley half the time he's in pixel mode. Squinting and 2cm away from his monitor.
  83. 2009-11-24 xHTML (strict 1.1). It's easy as ABC. 1,2,3... it's easy as CSS three... Shake it, shake it... ABC... it's easy as .NET MVC...
  84. 2009-11-24 @cunners Whatever! :D
  85. 2009-11-24 EA Sports fail. http://bit.ly/5I0u4p
  86. 2009-11-24 @thehacksaw They must get really bad neckache... and it cant be good for their posture!
  87. 2009-11-23 Awesome design stuff... How ideas get killed: http://tr.im/Fyhg
  88. 2009-11-23 RT @jon_bedford: http://twitpic.com/qm9tr - Our Charlotte bears an uncanny resemblance to jedward. And today, jedward is in the house!
  89. 2009-11-23 Simple. Yet extremely nice. royal mail postcard design. http://yfrog.com/1d6mhsj
  90. 2009-11-23 Still in awe my @ursi82 scored her first game of FIFA10 from the halfway line. Sadly, we couldn't figure how to save and upload it.
  91. 2009-11-23 More awesome design stuff: Wrapping text around an image... via jQuery http://tr.im/Fyhq
  92. 2009-11-22 Here's how we learn to code super fast to design fast. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009-11-21/zen-coding-a-new-way-to-write-html-code/
  93. 2009-11-22 UFO:h unexplainable feats of hunger.
  94. 2009-11-20 On a lighter note.. Here I am as a child doing photography! http://m.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/4119532540/
  95. 2009-11-19 @thehacksaw Dun let work get you down, you're doing t a great job I'm sure of it. Hope you feel more positive tomorrow pal.
  96. 2009-11-19 Looking forward to 'Designer, come dine with us' feat. @sergeimuller @anucreative @whatterz following drinks near Bank.
  97. 2009-11-19 Bit late! Doing design for breadcrumbs. Crumbs! No to tube it.
  98. 2009-11-19 @anucreative @sergeimuller @whatterz - sadly @simondoggett and @thomas_britton pulled out. Will be there about 6:15... :)
  99. 2009-11-19 Really cant tweet what @izabel_blue @wilcolley @willjohnh are discussing for criteria around new hires for the Product team.
  100. 2009-11-19 @natbentley Why the hell underneith it does it say 'Parents should call their babies what they like'... Kai is a very normal name...
  101. 2009-11-19 RT @natbentley: @kaichanvong What's all this about your hands, and you sleeping a lot dude? http://yfrog.com/35rf5j
  102. 2009-11-19 RT @wilcolley: Any ideas why @behoff's site header looks pixelated even though heights & widths are the same? http://bit.ly/203XpA
  103. 2009-11-19 @justgiving has been nominated for best website of the year... please vote for us :) http://bit.ly/JGweb
  104. 2009-11-19 Tonight off for drinks near Bank with @whatterz @anucreative @simondoggett @sergeimuller @thomas_britton and maybe others...
  105. 2009-11-19 @anucreative @whatterz @sergeimuller what do you all want ? :) almost there Now
  106. 2009-11-19 That's right suits take a good look. Where I come from, we call them 'trainers'.
  107. 2009-11-19 Best article I've seen in a long time. Pattern libraries may be awesome... but this has a great point. http://bit.ly/2eqKlP
  108. 2009-11-18 "Never trust anyone that has two first names." @johnwhenry
  109. 2009-11-18 Wonder if someone is trying to understand my dir structure... Hmmm
  110. 2009-11-18 Why would someone input a web address of www.kaivong.com/\\ and then for all the links inside there...?
  111. 2009-11-18 Thanks to big bang theory... I know not to put the bread in the fridge. In Sheldon we trust.
  112. 2009-11-18 Hey guys, we really could use your help with this one - please vote for us as Best Blog in the BIMAs http://bit.ly/3mnYkW (via @wearesocial)
  113. 2009-11-18 Happy birthday to my grandpapa. He turns 76 this week.
  114. 2009-11-17 @dsingleton Congrats on hittin release day dude! I'm looking forward to gettin' back to SF3 Alpha while scrobbling my it's music on Last.FM
  115. 2009-11-17 In pursuit of lunchtime happiness...
  116. 2009-11-17 Talking to a hybrid developer/designer who is working on GTA China wars at Rockstar games. Seems I'm not the only hybrid around!
  117. 2009-11-17 @Han @dsingleton Really enjoying the new Last.Fm app on the XBox360. Awesome work guys!
  118. 2009-11-17 Just seen this parody video. In the future, we wont just be saving trees. We'll be living in them. http://tr.im/F7VQ
  119. 2009-11-17 RT @Izabel_blue: I just sent a text to @willjohnh to tell him his iphone is still here at work. Unsurprisingly he didn't get the text.
  120. 2009-11-16 @utku, @sergeimuller, @thomas_britton, @tkenny - what you guys up to Thursday? Group of us meeting for drinks in Bank - http://tr.im/F3LV
  121. 2009-11-16 @thomas_britton I regret googling that.
  122. 2009-11-16 :(
  123. 2009-11-15 Why Google wave? Gaming, live events or with SalesForce - http://bit.ly/28mLrl
  124. 2009-11-14 Google wave could be a real time shopping list so the gf can suggest what to buy in place of something out of stock..
  125. 2009-11-14 When they said gale force winds they really weren't kidding.
  126. 2009-11-14 Playing with a Facebook app.
  127. 2009-11-14 I said don't advertise in every possible surface in London. Nobody listens when you're not the boss. #Windows7
  128. 2009-11-14 To God, you've been mean this year & taken my favourite actor, Patrick Swayze + singer Michael Jackson. FYI, my fav XFactor act is JEdward.
  129. 2009-11-13 RT @tkenny: Yay, a meeting where everyone crowds round my desk. My favourite. #highlevelsofsarcasmdetected
  130. 2009-11-13 I think to myself... if you need a cheatsheet to use GoogleWave... that's pretty much a fail in itself. http://tr.im/ESlD
  131. 2009-11-13 @Stanto Not sure if I should give you some FLAC down your ear for that kinda joke!
  132. 2009-11-13 RT @MarcFaber: Chimp Attack Survivor Shows Her Face on Oprah .. http://digg.com/d319uMB
  133. 2009-11-13 Having just seen a photograph in the Metro newspaper of a woman who had her eyes and hands torn off by a chimp I now feel v nauseous.
  134. 2009-11-12 @JustGiving Thanks for clearing that up! :D
  135. 2009-11-12 @sergeimuller it was just outside my old stomping grounds St. Martins - but there are quite a few more popping up.
  136. 2009-11-12 @JustGiving You trying to hint that geeks don't know how to write and draw? :p
  137. 2009-11-12 Just got this link off Ursi http://tr.im/ENXy along with her comment, "Not going to China. Ever."
  138. 2009-11-12 Microsoft patents 'Sudo'.... http://tr.im/ENRK
  139. 2009-11-12 The Internet made the world redundent. http://yfrog.com/0hoa9cj
  140. 2009-11-12 @david_whitney I know dude... Terminator was one of my fav shows back then. Fox are being lame :(
  141. 2009-11-12 @thehacksaw @pixeldiva tooo early for this kinda talk!
  142. 2009-11-12 Loved The Restaurant today. Confusion over parma ham & parmesan. Then, when asked where the cheese was from, contestants replied, 'France'.
  143. 2009-11-11 @thehacksaw Well, I remember playing fps games in my youth at 75/80/100fps and not having a problem. But nowadays I get sick!
  144. 2009-11-11 Finished setting up subversion on my local home network so that it sits on a central repository.
  145. 2009-11-11 @thehacksaw I get motion sickness from FPS games nowadays too... :( it's a sad state situation really. That's why I didn't buy MW2.
  146. 2009-11-11 @willjohnh has just shown me http://popvssoda.com/ - an amazing visualisation comparing of words American's use when asking for soft drinks
  147. 2009-11-10 Just found this post by @adactio http://bit.ly/3TW2y7 on jS. The last comment is true, finding jS fun so far.. but theres so much to master!
  148. 2009-11-10 You do javaScript? You don't use http://www.jslint.com/ ? Ommgggggggg... :P
  149. 2009-11-10 Just tidied up lots of javaScript for http://kaivong.com using jSLint. Still need to tidy up one var using arrays, otherwise it went great.
  150. 2009-11-9 New song lyrics. "I don't hate the DOM, but the DOM (over multiple instances of implementation) hates me!"
  151. 2009-11-9 Apparently you can use GoogleWave as your twitter client. Amazing! Just scroll to the bottom of this post... http://tr.im/EC0W
  152. 2009-11-8 me: OOOooh. Kung-fu Panda! I've not see that one. Ursi: ME NEITHER! Lets keep it that way.
  153. 2009-11-7 Networking my SVN is bringing up "svn: Can't get exclusive lock on file" ...Google fails to aid :(
  154. 2009-11-7 @pixeldiva Thanks for the Mamp, Coda, SVN tutorial! I've been hoping for that for a while now. http://bit.ly/4bHsWL
  155. 2009-11-6 @Whatleydude now I know what to get you for your birthday. A wardrobe.
  156. 2009-11-6 @thehacksaw Welcome to my yesterday. Went to sleep at 9pm last night & in my sleep said, "chocolate biscuits." I blame Flash Forward.
  157. 2009-11-5 @Whatleydude Snap.
  158. 2009-11-5 @Whatleydude Night night Mr. Whatley! The blog migration was a success! :D Now to sleep for me....
  159. 2009-11-5 Sweet! No need to worry about gZipping my stuffs through Apache as my host MediaTemple uses mod_deflate. http://bit.ly/33BjGu
  160. 2009-11-5 @tkenny Thanks, that means a lot. Still lots to improve! Like the interaction you mentioned, when you click to keep focus + swap highlight.
  161. 2009-11-5 Last night posted my new blog post (http://tr.im/Edee) + spent a few hours tweaking my htaccess, directory settings & various other bits.
  162. 2009-11-5 @thomas_britton Yup, I a bit of my holiday working on it. It's now bolder & distinctive yet inline with the cool & sharp.
  163. 2009-11-5 @sophdea and @jon_bedford will love these two gem sites full of great design/copy/content - http://tr.im/Edmk & http://tr.im/Edmo
  164. 2009-11-5 @kaigani oh WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!1. Are your narcasistic tendencies begining to Wayne? #kaiJokes #SunNewspaper
  165. 2009-11-5 @tkenny Dude. Don't complain... This quirk is what gives us jobs! :D
  166. 2009-11-5 @kaigani tired of seeing yourself? Come on. We weren't born yesterday. #kaiJokes
  167. 2009-11-5 Cheerfully with smile, "Ever had shoelace fail?" Reaction rearranges to slight embarressment, "This morning... I had shoelace fail."
  168. 2009-11-5 @Whatleydude Don't do it! :D http://bit.ly/k1QN9
  169. 2009-11-4 Setting up my google analytics data to be sent automatically to my email every Monday. Awesomeness!
  170. 2009-11-4 @MeToo WoooooHoooo! Did you have Babel in your team? :D He just scored lots for me!
  171. 2009-11-4 @MeToo I am 'From the KCV stadium'... currently 74th in the game!
  172. 2009-11-4 @MeToo Woooo good luck with football3s - what's your team name?
  173. 2009-11-4 @destroytoday Oh cool. But what does the XDCE bit stand for? eXtremely (well) designed consumer educators?
  174. 2009-11-4 @thomas_britton Here's an awesome post about the differences between sharp, strong and none anti-aliasing in Photoshop - http://tr.im/E6Al
  175. 2009-11-4 @thomas_britton At work sadly I'm stuck on a PC... would love to work on OSX and to use VMWare.
  176. 2009-11-4 @simondoggett Maybe it sucks on mac, but it is so simple. Cept for the submit button. *clicks enter*
  177. 2009-11-4 DestroyTwitter is my new app client. It's the best designed interface I've seen for Twitter. Simple & awesome. http://tr.im/E6jl
  178. 2009-11-4 This was a spooky halloween costume. Yet so cool. http://bit.ly/1Hnc04
  179. 2009-11-4 Bumped into ex-@JustGiving collegue Haj from our finance team. She's doing great and working in Canary Wharf. Very lah dee dar!
  180. 2009-11-4 @destroytoday What does an XDCE team do? :) Just out of interest...
  181. 2009-11-4 Ready to play Football3s http://bit.ly/38RluI for Liverpool vs. Lyon. AWESOME!
  182. 2009-11-3 @kaigani Heh. Don't you know it. We need a new first name. Kei. It's our boycott of a great name tainted. http://yfrog.com/j3gz2j
  183. 2009-11-3 And now... here's a brilliant blog post about development: http://bit.ly/WU2At
  184. 2009-11-3 Just seen new Rowntrees sweets, randoms. Monkey, clock and believe me when I say I could 'play' that game all day long.
  185. 2009-11-3 @anucreative Shhhhhhhuushh... we're sleeping really!
  186. 2009-11-3 @thehacksaw Ahhh :) Htaccess got the better of me. Should have that fixed in a few!
  187. 2009-11-3 @futureshape Thanks dude. And feel free.
  188. 2009-11-2 Andddddd my new site is up to the world. Still plenty to do, but I'm pretty happy with the start. http://www.kaivong.com
  189. 2009-11-2 Just seen everything center aligned on a design. Shocking. I will not throw monitor out of the window in disgust. I will not throw monit..
  190. 2009-11-2 Just heard the word TED talks in the office and almost applauded.
  191. 2009-11-2 @KaiGani. We need to agree a suicide pact or something with all the other Kais. Kai Wayne Rooney is born. FFS.
  192. 2009-11-1 Upload went very well! Going through now and adding/removing posts... :) then time to add some security measures!
  193. 2009-11-1 Uploading the new site. Oh yes. Still lots more to be done... but the start isn't too bad :)
  194. 2009-10-31 At the Marylebone Market wif @ursi82 & @evebeanska followin a cheese burger @ eat & 2 veg. Was yum! http://yfrog.com/9gx9rj
  195. 2009-10-31 @Han everyone loves the frog costume!
  196. 2009-10-31 Waiting for Yan to arrive in her car to pick me up with my beer, malibu, popcorn & enuff chocolate to make child zombie sick fashionable.
  197. 2009-10-31 @kaigani happy birthday dooode. Have a good one!
  198. 2009-10-31 Just seen my full Chinese alter ego. Like me. But fully Chinese.
  199. 2009-10-31 @kaigani Or Sam from the movie Moon. And @Utku could... No. Would dress up as Gerty. :)
  200. 2009-10-31 @kaigani @megfitz Wonderwoman wud just spin. not saying it'll defo work... But what ya got to lose? Not ur clothes (ur swapping them!).
  201. 2009-10-31 Tonight I'm on fire. Thankfully it's not Guy Fawkes night.
  202. 2009-10-31 Surrounded by nutters with finger puppets! http://yfrog.com/75cbmvj
  203. 2009-10-30 This is what I've been working on a lot of this week... still want more time on it though :P http://bit.ly/CbXCE
  204. 2009-10-30 @MattPKnights Soon! It's what my site will be have running behind it & I'm aiming to have it done for tomorrow night.
  205. 2009-10-30 @russianTsar @jon_bedford @simondoggett Calm down now! Calm down!!!
  206. 2009-10-30 @russianTsar @jon_bedford @natbentley @simondoggett You're all such stress heads! Calm down now, calm down!!!
  207. 2009-10-30 Ghost walking time!
  208. 2009-10-30 Thanks @jon_bedford & @Thomas_Britton for your comments on my new site! Especially enjoyed Tom's quote, 'a bit of a stingy preview'.
  209. 2009-10-29 @dsingleton Living the dream. ;)
  210. 2009-10-29 Crazy about the Japanese patterns in the V&A. http://yfrog.com/9gkuskj
  211. 2009-10-28 If only I could alert('this is what will happen' + testWarning) in real life.
  212. 2009-10-28 Discovering why my PHP: {if,else;} statements weren't working. Tsk tsk Wordpress. But chuffed bout how my new blog looks... more soon!
  213. 2009-10-28 @russianTsar Oh gosh. Sushi. Can not wait. =)
  214. 2009-10-27 Just seen @dsingleton's jumping out of a plane for charity post http://bit.ly/2ZQXxV Good job dude!
  215. 2009-10-26 @kaigani DC has some good moments & more realistic. Marvel definately was more crazy cool & just cloned their dead villains!
  216. 2009-10-26 @philhawksworth @richmarr, @simondoggett and @psd - sorry I cant be out with you all tonight :( Next week on Monday? :D
  217. 2009-10-26 @YasTwit Oh wow! How can you tweet in the plane? Ursi says Miss Frank went out!
  218. 2009-10-25 @Natbat http://ecsstender.org/ CSS becoming more like jS is already beginning to happen!
  219. 2009-10-25 @FoluB @abougu Give @miketreat a bit of time... next up will No Doubt be B*witched - Say you will. You know it makes sense.
  220. 2009-10-25 Wow. Check out this optical illusion trick. Absolutely amazing. http://i.imgur.com/CLvcc.gif
  221. 2009-10-25 Soooo... who wants a google wave invite? :D
  222. 2009-10-25 @carlosthegerbil @kimdec @cunners @FoluB - DM me your email address and I'll send you an invite for Google Wave :)
  223. 2009-10-25 @kimdec You failed to mention .com or .co.uk :P And you're not following me so I couldn't reply the DM back.
  224. 2009-10-25 @schw3ppes hi Rachel! I'll put your email into the wave invite list - to everyone who I send it to, invites aren't instant!
  225. 2009-10-25 @JamieCullum at @pooktellsem's bday tried to convince me a cleaner is worth it. That was til I told him about my Roomba. http://bit.ly/1Yvlv
  226. 2009-10-25 http://beak.bandcamp.com/ (via @jamiecullum) whilst playing http://football3s.com/ (via @utku) and then it's post photo edits!
  227. 2009-10-25 Clearly the people that work at ITV cant count. Check out the search stream for X Factor.
  228. 2009-10-25 @Han Did that link on fixing the 1px cropping bug help ya? I'm also now suffering random Photoshop cs4 bugs too.
  229. 2009-10-24 My fridge thinks it's a freezer & black peppers in sainsburys for Halloween.. Weird times! http://yfrog.com/0pbpmuj http://yfrog.com/0linej
  230. 2009-10-24 Mmmmm. Low fat muffins. But how do you stop the blueberries from dropping to the bottom. #food #home #cooking http://yfrog.com/0r1z9jj
  231. 2009-10-24 Look! A tea cup lol kitty. Lookin' at me, lookin' at him! Sadly no letsies in due to flees. T_T http://yfrog.com/0rrmsuj
  232. 2009-10-24 @Natbat Sadly CSS isn't a language yet... However I it's only a matter of time until it becomes just like JavaScript.
  233. 2009-10-24 Guardian Jobs got hacked. Youch. http://yfrog.com/7hb4roj
  234. 2009-10-24 Thank you whoever gave me the google wave invite. Much appreciated! @pooketellsem's bday was awesome. Great to catch up wif ppl again.
  235. 2009-10-24 As usual. Fashionably early for @PookeTellsEm 30th birthday bash. Rockin' Holborn? Yes. Yes we can.
  236. 2009-10-23 @PookeTellsEm you at Greenday in the o2? You'll be right near my flat if u are. Have a great one!
  237. 2009-10-23 @Han http://www.ofzenandcomputing.com/zanswers/2502 gogogo
  238. 2009-10-23 All together now: Cassette Boy vs. Nick Griffin vs. Question Time – http://bit.ly/18w406 (via @charltonbrooker & @robertpopper & @kaigani)
  239. 2009-10-23 Welcome legend @timberners_lee to Twitter! Welcome to the Internets ;)
  240. 2009-10-23 The Mozilla team have released something new and exciting! Raindrop - a social media medium collator http://bit.ly/1ZXONO
  241. 2009-10-23 @jeresig I was all excited there for a moment & thought you'd released a new version! :p
  242. 2009-10-23 @elijahmanor,@markneedham "Treating Javascript as an integration point" - more commonly know as progressive enhancement #tech #javascript
  243. 2009-10-22 Adding some CSS3 pimpage to http://chat.elliottkember.com/ - come chat! Let's see how many people it can take. (via @elliottkember)
  244. 2009-10-22 @PookeTellsEm dude. Happy birthday. Have fun out and cya on the Saturday for some drinks and fun! Jus Qype it!
  245. 2009-10-22 Norvista travel are using my/@adamtibi's work phone number on their contact us page. http://bit.ly/2ygdv3 #FAIL
  246. 2009-10-22 Thanks to @adactio I've just discovered @FakeAPStylebook. @sophdea and @jon_Bedford will luv it!
  247. 2009-10-22 Small baby in the flat next door mine being abused by Mariah Carey music. Also think the parent is even trying to serenade the poor thing.
  248. 2009-10-22 Sweeet RT @imajes: New Lightroom beta... exciting! http://www.photoshopuser.com/lightroom3/ :D
  249. 2009-10-21 JustGiving are currently seeking a product manager with a bit of techy knowledge... and maybe an interest in charities? @ me for more info!
  250. 2009-10-21 @philhawksworth OH: SHOW ME THE DOM!
  251. 2009-10-21 @philhawksworth "show me the root!"
  252. 2009-10-21 Just got in after some awesome drinks, fish, chips and mushy peas wif @pooketellsem & @simondoggett. Rob's bday tomorrow! Zomg.
  253. 2009-10-21 @richmarr you're also on #runkeeper huh? I'll have to add you.. It works great on my iPhone!
  254. 2009-10-21 @thehacksaw :) Seriously. Give it a few months and let's see how they do. Razer > Apple in mouse world.
  255. 2009-10-21 Spotted: Channel 4, dispatches - asking the question "Breakfast, what do you know?" X O X O
  256. 2009-10-21 Spotted: blonde woman on Southbank, credit card in one hand and iPhone in other. X O X O.
  257. 2009-10-20 @Whatleydude and then the Internet went quiet.
  258. 2009-10-20 Just completed a nice run near my flat. Wonder if I'll get a nice little Google wave invite.
  259. 2009-10-20 Wow. Just seen some of Ex-@JustGiving contractor @thomas_britton's work with Broadband speed test http://bit.ly/PccQu ... very nice work!
  260. 2009-10-20 @david_whitney Maybe they'll have sympathy for my need to... google wave other runners... or something!
  261. 2009-10-19 Wonder what @wilcolley will make of the new font-face/design... And why is it when you try to design something new it ends up a clichè?
  262. 2009-10-18 @jiamins SQUIRREL!!!
  263. 2009-10-18 @jiamins thanks for the plant tip btw! Just tidying them up and preparing a salad for tomorrow! http://yfrog.com/0oh8nvj
  264. 2009-10-17 Oh my gosh. Up was quite possibly the most awesome yet. SQUIRREL!
  265. 2009-10-17 @kaigani Canabalt on the iPhone! Omg. Awesome stuff :)
  266. 2009-10-17 What do people think of this Radiator? Considering it... quite nice huh? http://bit.ly/IlnlN via @addthis
  267. 2009-10-17 Off to see Up with the Marrs and friends! Hyped about it now. Up, up and up... Verdict soon to follow.
  268. 2009-10-15 The blind mice... http://yfrog.com/1efocj
  269. 2009-10-13 Spending more time playing with my local host, blog and reading stuff. But now time for ♪Our whole universe was in a hot dense state..♪♫♪♫
  270. 2009-10-13 @david_whitney Yup. IE6 sucks. Today's whole session with ASHX and HTC png fix felt like this: http://bit.ly/K6DtC
  271. 2009-10-13 Just read and replied to the author of XCSS about the problems with link states. http://bit.ly/3L8dE Hopefully this will mean a fix.
  272. 2009-10-12 Found a pretty big bug with XCSS. The order of hover,focus,active comes before link,visited in their compiled CSS file. Nice huh? Nope!
  273. 2009-10-11 After dinner wif Gran for her 75th birthday, I played a bit with XCSS locally on wordpress. Not keen on 'extends' but otherwise nice start.
  274. 2009-10-11 @simondoggett Yes! Move to bermondsey and then u/I can hang out easily :D
  275. 2009-10-11 xCSS http://xcss.antpaw.org/ for PHP5. How about the same for ASP .NET MVC? Vars. Nested selectors and more! :D
  276. 2009-10-10 Oh and last but not least... The eco friendly way to water your plants. #theCountercafe http://yfrog.com/0aztfj
  277. 2009-10-10 Got your (wifi) number. http://yfrog.com/5mkj1j
  278. 2009-10-10 Amazing breakfast at the counter cafe. http://www.thecountercafe.co.uk/ - highly recommended! http://yfrog.com/5nab1nj
  279. 2009-10-9 @david_whitney Welcome to the @JustGiving team :)
  280. 2009-10-9 Today the train on the jubilee line was v cosy indeed! Anyone know why?
  281. 2009-10-9 @YasTwit #todayImDressedLike different shades of a chalkboad. http://twitpic.com/kt7f6
  282. 2009-10-9 We're watching someone try brute force one of the nodes on our web servers. As much fun as watching a paintball hitting a wall repeatedly.
  283. 2009-10-9 Dear cupcake sized humans above me. You're not little elephants. Kindly, cease and decist.
  284. 2009-10-8 Researchin' various sites, reading new stuff in the world... Oh, and jus a tiny bit of relaxin! Tomorrow = Guitar Hero 5 night!
  285. 2009-10-8 Mornin London, mornin o2. http://twitpic.com/koz6e
  286. 2009-10-7 My tomato and herb plants were thankful that it rained again this morning. And so am I. Not that I forget to water them or anything...
  287. 2009-10-7 @bimal_tailor It wasn't that long. But it sure could have been shorter... and got made shorter too!
  288. 2009-10-6 Got an awesome invitation to see Up at the IMAX with friends. Chuffed and excited. Up, up and awayyyyy!
  289. 2009-10-6 @jaggeree And who can forget the db songs, "I can't scale. I can't talk (to your API). only thing about me is the way that I dropTable."
  290. 2009-10-6 Haircut complete. My gran is visiting this weekend... hopefully she'll approve.
  291. 2009-10-6 @utku, @kaigani went to japan and did not eat sushi? We are not of the same Kai cloth.
  292. 2009-10-6 Good rock. Like fresh air. Is hard to find. ZZ TOP - La Grange.
  293. 2009-10-4 Pretty chuffed how my char Sui pork turned out. Like? http://twitpic.com/k62pt
  294. 2009-10-4 Just bumped into head my uncle and 2 cousins - josh and jayden at Sainsburys. Both fighting for their mom to give them a rice crispy snack!
  295. 2009-10-4 @jaremfan Sure, the recipe for the char sui was: HoiSin sauce, Soy sauce, garlic, onions & sugar. Maybe try honey rather than sugar/soy tho?
  296. 2009-10-4 @jaremfan around 160 degrees... middle shelf using pork shoulder - just marinate it in the stuff and leave it for a good 3ish hours!
  297. 2009-10-3 The best part of Birddi is that @mollydotcom twirps in Spanish & Twitter CEO, @Ev is on there too... speaking in Espanola! Amazing.
  298. 2009-10-3 @simondoggett Yer, my tweeting schedules have changed a lot these days. More importantly tho... how're you? Catch up soon?
  299. 2009-10-3 Who of my lovely little friends that know Japanese would like to translate this for me? http://bit.ly/3k4lP0 :) Please?
  300. 2009-10-3 @jahnut Hahaha that's amazing. Gotta love the @smyther though! Like Slayer but cooler.
  301. 2009-10-3 Just discovered the new Twitter. Birddi. http://bit.ly/16u4bm
  302. 2009-10-2 Retweeting @wilcolley Retweeting @utku: Found this on @SimonDoggett's Tumblr. Everytime you torrent... http://bit.ly/3NGa4Z :-)
  303. 2009-10-2 Looking for an electric guitar player for an orchestra gig Oct 20 in LDN. Need to be able to read notation (not just TAB). (via @Han)
  304. 2009-9-27 @TechLifeCoach RE: http://tinyurl.com/l28tjv Who would have thought Superman would have such an insightful msg for us about using IE8! :D
  305. 2009-9-27 Just left the house and just outside is the Leukemia Research run to the beat. Off they dash to the o2! http://twitpic.com/jcim6
  306. 2009-9-27 If you haven't seen the 10/20/30 rule of presentations... then you should take 1 min & 52 seconds out of your life. http://bit.ly/JHR4G
  307. 2009-9-26 Wow. Last night at Eatside Inn Bistro amazing... I got photos of most of the food... Kinda... http://twitpic.com/j6e4j
  308. 2009-9-25 "launder me the money," spoof of the the famous Jerry Maguire quote.
  309. 2009-9-25 Runnin a tiny bit late for the nom09 raffle prize of a meal at the eastside inn bistro! Thankfully they're cool. Hurry up bus, we're hungry
  310. 2009-9-24 Mornin' y'all! It's sunny today ain't it. Nuffin like a good stroll to work wif guns and roses blazin', "take me down to the paradise city"
  311. 2009-9-23 @overheardatmoo @richardmoross Congrats & happy birthday! Sorry I couldn't make it to the party tonight.
  312. 2009-9-22 Google has started the revolution with none other than Chrome Frame. Good bye IE6,7,8 quirks, hello HTML5. http://bit.ly/6pLOk
  313. 2009-9-21 I still dig lastFM for music... especially the iPhone app when walking to work in the mornings!
  314. 2009-9-19 @Han go to this awesome place in N.Greenwich http://bit.ly/105JhA as it's just over the road. Yauatcha is also amazin! http://bit.ly/LprIn
  315. 2009-9-19 @kaigani I dunno how good my lil cousin is at cookin'! I'll keep you posted tho fellow Nom Nom winner :)
  316. 2009-9-19 Off to bourough Market and then to meet up wif lil cousin Yan for dim sum. Who has jus moved down to London.
  317. 2009-9-17 Just left the office. @willjohnh is waiting for the hot cleaner to show up. Loving MVC for .NET, it's bringing the fun back to work again!
  318. 2009-9-15 @YasTwit Why are aliens are coming to abduct you?
  319. 2009-9-15 RT @anniemole: Raising a glass to Keith Floyd http://bit.ly/wjU5m Great tribute from @eatlikeagirl Love the Cork subtitle story
  320. 2009-9-15 @thehacksaw Omg that's cool! Just checking out that link to the CANVAS!
  321. 2009-9-15 UX design - @HayleyS Here're some great reads: http://wireframes.linowski.ca/ & http://www.uxmag.com/
  322. 2009-9-13 Having an awesome day chilling out with @ursi82 - some nice cooking, running, designing my new blog & playing with CANVAS for HTML5. Fun!
  323. 2009-9-12 Did ya know @JSainsburysPlc's bakery cut your loaf in store? Just noticed this awesome free service! http://twitpic.com/hfyso
  324. 2009-9-12 @russiantsar Sent spies to follow me? Their cover was blown when they all spoke in Russian! KGB operatives jus aren't what they used to be.
  325. 2009-9-11 @tkenny congrats on your article making it big! :)http://is.gd/390wF
  326. 2009-9-11 @YasTwit Interesting idea! If you need any help let me know :)
  327. 2009-9-11 @lovelychaos and why does @lastminute_com have a pink bra for a twitter avatar?
  328. 2009-9-11 @thehacksaw @mr_beeps They're clearly the best in SEO because they say they're the best in SEO. This must mean they are the best in SEO!
  329. 2009-9-11 @thehacksaw @mr_beeps It makes you wonder though... if someone can talk about sushi so much... it must be... kinda good?
  330. 2009-9-11 Just noticed @youmesushi & their site. Looks great, until you see the abysis of copy: http://www.youmesushi.com/
  331. 2009-9-10 Just had a lovely dinner. Then got given the following love heart (they came with the bill) http://twitpic.com/h8725
  332. 2009-9-9 @Malarkey yip. It's a folder called 'omg-sort-it-out'. Tend to find all sorts of wonderful stuff in there!
  333. 2009-9-8 Excited by the prospect of real life monopoly! http://monopolycitystreets.com/
  334. 2009-9-8 Just passed one of google's google map cars. Big camera on a car. I'm proudly wearing my vimeo t-shirt!
  335. 2009-9-7 @rich_Marr just got married! http://twitpic.com/guhw8
  336. 2009-9-7 @sergeimuller Amazing stuff.. How bout we set up 'come dine with me: designer edition', who's interested? @jon_Bedford counts as a designer.
  337. 2009-9-7 @jaggeree yeah I was really impressed with the #dconstruct09 talks, was a really nice balance!
  338. 2009-9-7 On a train to chelmsford & nervous as anything for @itchyrich's wedding day. No @simondoggett till later tonight!
  339. 2009-9-6 Uploaded photos of my latest cooking triumphs to Flickr... what'd you think? http://bit.ly/12KEiH
  340. 2009-9-5 Love this notice: iwouldlovetowork@dwell.co.uk. Also got my coffee table ordered in white. http://twitpic.com/gkqj5
  341. 2009-9-5 Ohhh snap! RT @Cennydd: Potentially fatal hangover. #dconstruct
  342. 2009-9-4 @stamen are showing visualisations that ol' Ed Tufte would be proud of. Great stuff! #dconstruct09
  343. 2009-9-4 @agamgreenfield's thank you note was translated to Korean and Japanese but not Chinese. Tsk tsk! #dConstruct09
  344. 2009-9-4 Hi @johannakoll @fstorr @Han and others at #dConstruct :D
  345. 2009-9-4 At #dConstruct for the conference. Did a lil' re-align on my name tag copy! http://twitpic.com/gesun
  346. 2009-9-4 All aboard the geek express to Brighton for #dConstruct - Chooooo choo!
  347. 2009-9-4 Conpared to the other Microsoft talks I've seen in the past, August @ #dConstruct09 is blowing us away with the fuure potentially visualised
  348. 2009-9-4 @jaggeree :D talks today have been awesome huh! You gonna be around for the after party? I'll keep an eye out for ya pal.
  349. 2009-9-4 @Han you should be an art director with skills like that! Have to say hi at drinks if your around!
  350. 2009-9-4 Fs. The movie 'Moon' just been ruined for my by a games designer woman at #dConstruct - plz don't use new movies at your talks fsssss.
  351. 2009-9-4 @flung & @Nebs my far fav speakers so far at #dConstruct09 :D http://twitpic.com/gf45a
  352. 2009-9-4 Mobile / web being the same context at #dConstruct09 talk by @fling was worth the entry cost. Ready to get back to work energised!
  353. 2009-9-3 @russianTsar I shall bYttle j00 to ze depths of sashimi sumo restaurant lunch soon!!
  354. 2009-9-3 @thehacksaw it literally was under my pc for ages... interacting with cables and stuff. Quite scary!
  355. 2009-9-3 Omg!! Sgt. Bash is going everywhere. This is actually very scary!!!! http://twitpic.com/gc0uh
  356. 2009-9-2 Meet my new Roomba vacuum! Awesomeness that I'm tempted to mod wif webcam + more. Robot wars anyone? http://twitpic.com/g8e2s
  357. 2009-9-2 "And no this ain't eBay, so please be easy" - Obie Trice lyrics in 'Since they wanna know'
  358. 2009-9-2 More fun in my flat. Need to set up a moodboard area in my flat's "office" and somehow hide it all too.. http://twitpic.com/g6ets
  359. 2009-9-1 @russianTsar Body#KaiChanVong.Clone.Chinese.MovieStar { background: #FFC62F }
  360. 2009-9-1 @wilcolley Oh go back on holiday :P Fgs!
  361. 2009-9-1 @russianTsar As I keep telling you! I am not Jackie Chan's clone. And thanks @alexnguk @bekibutton @ijeanes for the "support" :p
  362. 2009-9-1 @danworth @kaigani You fell for that one Kai. You really did. :P
  363. 2009-9-1 @codepo8 Thanks for sharing time api! http://www.timeapi.org/ It's so awesome. Really makes you think about the potentials.
  364. 2009-9-1 @mr_beeps OOooooh. Thanks for the Opera10 shout out! I'm on it. Like a... sonnet? http://www.opera.com/download/
  365. 2009-9-1 Being called a "miracle of science"... not sure how I should take that :P
  366. 2009-8-31 @dansumption Simple, big & beautiful buttons mean user goals can be met in moments. My 4 yr cousin loves that CBeeBies site btw.
  367. 2009-8-31 @dansumption Interesting someone from BBC iPlayer should RT me... when I'm currently annoyed I can't watch Match of the Day on iPlayer!!! :p
  368. 2009-8-31 Designing for mainstream websites? You need to get big. Faster. http://bit.ly/2kAQVX & http://bit.ly/16MILr
  369. 2009-8-31 @Stanto ohhh good job. Luckily @ursi82 and I made muffins and they look awesome! http://twitpic.com/fzhan
  370. 2009-8-31 @Stanto Done deal next time you're in the area lil' buddy. Done deal.
  371. 2009-8-29 If I had a garage. I would get one of these just for the description left below... http://bit.ly/2cqtD
  372. 2009-8-29 At first you might not get it. But this is one of the best creative music videos I've seen in a very long time. http://bit.ly/OsnDt
  373. 2009-8-29 Remote desktop from mac to mac... Any tips good people of the world?
  374. 2009-8-29 @HippoRemote Thanks, that's very helpful... I do really like Plex. It's just a shame functionality feels hidden in areas.
  375. 2009-8-29 Plex has so much potential. But the 'hold down a button' for key functionality in music mode is a let down :( Make things simple guys!
  376. 2009-8-29 @smyther @HippoRemote @marcflores By pure fluke I found holding down menu on my remote brings up a hidden menu in Plex.
  377. 2009-8-29 Sainsburys Wild Alaskan salmon is on offer! Just had it with pasta/salad/basil on my balcony. Yum. http://twitpic.com/fp095
  378. 2009-8-28 Stop press! I actually really like Windows 7 so far. Shock. Horror.
  379. 2009-8-28 Trying to help my gran to install Flash Player over the phone is quite possibly the most stressful thing ever. I need alcohol.
  380. 2009-8-28 @HippoRemote I haven't put anything together yet - but there's lots of nice options for it so far...
  381. 2009-8-28 @smyther @marcflores @HippoRemote Plex > Boxee and anything else! :D Really nice & simple UI :D:D:D:D:D
  382. 2009-8-28 Omg this site is amazing. Now I just have to say what I'd like to cook and what ingrediants available and BOOM! http://digg.com/d11219B
  383. 2009-8-28 Just purchased a muffin tin tray & hand mixer to make more muffins. Then some weighing scales to discover the results of muffin consumption
  384. 2009-8-28 Lots of filing complete in the flat... Physical folders complete with naming conventions + dated. Now for some shopping.
  385. 2009-8-28 @marcflores @smyther @HippoRemote I have not tried Plex... starting to get a bit of the hang of Boxee - but it lacks music play lists etc..
  386. 2009-8-28 I may not be physically at Reading festival... but the number of videos I've been sent from @ursi82 makes me feel like I'm there! :D
  387. 2009-8-27 @marcflores Not sure about paying to test something there mate. Just read @hicksdesign post about it - http://digg.com/d1Q638
  388. 2009-8-27 @Paulseys *waves*.
  389. 2009-8-27 Me too! RT: @willjohnh: A few of us from @justgiving are going to the @UKUPA Ethnography & Design Research event at the @LBiLondon tonight
  390. 2009-8-27 @simondoggett Nice! Let me know when you get back. Almost phoned you the other day but the thought about the whole 'cost' + 'France' thing
  391. 2009-8-27 @thewebinspector @stanto @beccawatts - luckily enuff @izabel_blue got me some starmix hariboo! :D:D:D:D
  392. 2009-8-27 @richmarr wha-ever! On a side note North Greenwich/o2 needs a kebab shop. Oh and defo lookin forward to your big day pal, got a gift list?
  393. 2009-8-27 Trying out Boxee. Really disappointing. Still looking for a media center solution... Anyone got suggestions?
  394. 2009-8-26 Could murder a milkshake & some haribo. But will resist.
  395. 2009-8-25 Wondering how @simondoggett is... :/ SIMON DOGGETT!!! HOW ARE YOU? :D
  396. 2009-8-23 Found @stanto's link to 'Stop using the work "we"' http://bit.ly/ucvHd absolutely awesome.
  397. 2009-8-23 @thehacksaw everytime I wear that oven glove I feel more like one of the decepticons too!!!
  398. 2009-8-23 Loving the Too Many Brands list by Zach Klein & co. - http://toomanybrands.com/ What do you think? What's are your fav. brands?
  399. 2009-8-22 Today @ursi82 and I made some muffins! Tasted amazing... But need the right baking tray for future! http://twitpic.com/evv5p
  400. 2009-8-21 Considering starting 'Kai's fundraiser of the day' feature. Today it's http://www.justgiving.com/katt/ - It's all about the short URL!
  401. 2009-8-21 @johnwhenry & I are In tears over how @adamTibi protects himself from spam emails. Amazing. He'll email your CEO & hunt you down! Legend.
  402. 2009-8-21 On/off switch being in the wrong position is why I kept resetting stereo settings. #UI #design #fail http://twitpic.com/eotye
  403. 2009-8-20 @Hippowill thanks myself and @ursi82 are really looking forward to trying the food there. :) Any suggestions on what to pick for the meal?
  404. 2009-8-20 Lie down I think I love you. http://twitpic.com/elvok
  405. 2009-8-19 Won a meal at the Eastside Inn at Farringdon with NomNomNom (http://is.gd/2od3z). What do I pick from the menu? http://is.gd/2od0M
  406. 2009-8-19 Today my stylists advice is for me to wear my jeans lower. I contest that I will not be taking part in a drive-bys!
  407. 2009-8-16 Watching the Liverpool/Spurs match in Greenwich with an old school pal. Lookig forward to the lads cleaning up!
  408. 2009-8-16 Today has started off with me arranging comics & setting up the mac mini. Anyone know if I can time capsule my mac pro setup to mac mini?
  409. 2009-8-16 Yesterday was spent wif @ursi82 looking after Cotton, meeting up friends for a birthday picnic & walking. http://twitpic.com/e3k71
  410. 2009-8-16 @marcflores yeah, it was a super cool cat! And it was sat neat to this awesome book. Dad would approve. http://twitpic.com/e3vas
  411. 2009-8-15 @tall_rich yes... It was purposely written like that! ;) when someone sways like a pendulum, it's definatly not pretty!
  412. 2009-8-14 @willjohnh @wilcolley I'm going to be eating fajitas and drinking more beer. So I doubt bed in 15 mins will happen ;)
  413. 2009-8-14 @jon_bedford know how you feel from experiences wif BT & O2. Side note, got invited to get into a taxi with a pretty drunk girl. Declined.
  414. 2009-8-14 @abougu Ohhh! Yes that's a correct letter there. B _ _ _ o'clock.
  415. 2009-8-14 It's 5pm on a Friday. You know what time it is. Okay so it's not quite 5. But that isn't the point. That's right. _ _ _ _ o'clock
  416. 2009-8-14 @natbentley @webponce developers doing UX design! Interesting :)
  417. 2009-8-14 Just seen #NHS critism on #BBC1 from our American counterparts. Ho ho ho. It may be bad, but I'd take NHS over US $$$$ healthcare anyday!
  418. 2009-8-14 Listening to @yastwit telling @ursi82 & I about her amusing hen party stories. I can't go into detail, but it's about a 'pebble'.
  419. 2009-8-13 @Faya_ Thanks for the poke! Good to see you're using Twitter :) @Izabel_blue Fluffy Kittens > OhMyGollyGosh
  420. 2009-8-13 Taking notes? Do you take notes? If not, why not and how do you action things with notes? Lifehacker has tips on it: http://bit.ly/n7rnH
  421. 2009-8-11 @vikkichowney yeah that happens loads to my earphones too. Is it from running with them Or something?
  422. 2009-8-11 Pretty impressed with IM+ on the iPhone. It's doing so much impressive stuff with Twitter/msn/facebook all in 1.
  423. 2009-8-11 All too often I hear discussion. Great ideas evolved. Yet action points? Lacking. #BBC1 #discuss #education #career #direction
  424. 2009-8-10 Sadly nan isn't well enough to come visit me this weekend... Hopefully she'll get better soon and will come visit with gandpap-pa.
  425. 2009-8-10 My glasses are ready for collection. No not wine glasses..!
  426. 2009-8-10 Train on jubilee had to stop for a passanger that collapsed. Driver suggests susceptible females, "sip water on journey & eat breakfast."
  427. 2009-8-10 Sat on my balcony and thinking what lifes next twist holds for me. Time to phone nan.
  428. 2009-8-9 Loved seeing Wicked at London Victoria Apollo and then a lovely dinner at the Botonist in Sloane Square.
  429. 2009-8-8 Off to London from the o2 on a clipper wif @ursi82. Then to the theatre to see Wicked. http://twitpic.com/d57wy
  430. 2009-8-7 Overheard this on tv, "Have you had dinner? Sushi? You're a grown man. Come inside and I'll feed you something decent." I'm disgusted.
  431. 2009-8-6 @graemesummers Drop @imajes a message, "he'd like to skip the restock fee. So anything close to $2,500 would be fine."
  432. 2009-8-6 Anyone need a brand new 15" MacBook pro 2.8ghz? Got a friend who has one too many. (via @imajes)
  433. 2009-8-6 I don't normally do plugs.. but my buying my flat was such a huge success thanks to great financial advisors, Hearnden http://is.gd/24JDI
  434. 2009-8-5 Building Twitter clients is the new "Hello world!"
  435. 2009-8-5 This is why I'm so excited about HTML5: http://9elements.com/io/projects/html5/canvas/
  436. 2009-8-5 Just did a test with RNID to test my hearing. I passed. HUrrah. http://bit.ly/3FsEZ
  437. 2009-8-5 @bekibutton Breaking world records in a floaty frock? Awesome stuff. Miss Monroe would be proud.
  438. 2009-8-5 Today I wore my vimeo t-shirt. Sadly all of their embedded content went down for a few hours this morning. T-Shirt choice #fail.
  439. 2009-8-4 RT @lottiehaxell I really dont like Gordon Ramsey. He looks like his face is carved out of a wet loaf of bread & its carved into a frown.
  440. 2009-8-4 Got to go out and buy one of the developers a bloody twhirl bar to get a release done. It's one file for goodness sake!!!
  441. 2009-8-4 Making sure my Delicious bookmarks are hidden... else @ursi82 would know what her surprise bday present is!
  442. 2009-8-4 Getting a TV license with Safari on the iPhone/Firefox doesn't work at all amazing. No wonder I couldn't buy it yesterday!
  443. 2009-8-4 #onMyWayToWork http://twitpic.com/cpw2j
  444. 2009-8-4 @Bash He will be now! Thanks for that little bit of info on the @londontwhirls project!
  445. 2009-8-2 @bekibutton Lets just say that cos someone works at ikea. Just because you've asked a question, don't just trust their advice!
  446. 2009-8-1 Walking past the next David Beckham in his Chelsea shirt (near the Beckham football acadamy) and off to #fieldday with @ursi82 & friends.
  447. 2009-8-1 Glad you're okay bro! And yeah I think I was close to purchasing this item at ikea last night: http://bit.ly/hDuSI ;)
  448. 2009-7-31 Saving money and learning ikea lessons! It'll soon be all over. Also thinking of a good friend and hoping he's okay.
  449. 2009-7-31 Co-operative home insurance: After 4 attempts to buy a plan I was left very disappointed & give up. Another company earned my custom.
  450. 2009-7-30 There is a tug of war between 2 girls vs 1 guy. Pretty even. But they all look knackered. http://twitpic.com/c4l0f
  451. 2009-7-30 Waking up in a hotel is awesome when you realise it's your own flat! Today new stuff arrives. Yey. http://twitpic.com/c3x3h
  452. 2009-7-29 @dsingleton thanks for the kind words. @fionamclaren if there's anything we @Justgiving can do drop me a msg!
  453. 2009-7-29 I've just had to trade in 4 awesome (but faulty) habitat fold up chairs for a toilet roll holder. Rock and roll sir. Rock and roll.
  454. 2009-7-29 @Stanto I find using my face is a great method!
  455. 2009-7-29 Found these chairs in Lakeside habbitat. They broke in moments. Very disappointed. http://twitpic.com/c0d5t
  456. 2009-7-29 Current trend along the A2 for car passangers at this time in the morning is to fall asleep against the window. Eyes shut, mouth wide open!
  457. 2009-7-29 Ways to sound hot for potential future millionaire husbands: "RT @bekibutton is counting my pennies :)". Guys, @ this one up! ;)
  458. 2009-7-29 Moving stuff again! New Twitter site is cool - few iPhone tweaks maybe needed for alignment. But great work @ded
  459. 2009-7-29 Now hearing snoring. Alright for some, huh! Wonder if @ursi82 is snoring like a little bear too. PS. Ursi means little bear in German.
  460. 2009-7-29 I can not sleep. Not moved in & lots on my mind. Mom can not sleep cos of the wardrobe. Dad can not sleep cos of us. #vicious-cycle.
  461. 2009-7-29 @JosieB24 josssssiee!! How's it hangin' down kinda very nearby the down under? When ya gonna visit us all? I'm doing v well ta for askin!
  462. 2009-7-28 Dear ikea, I now have so much respect interior designers. Wonder if they have the highest suicide rate of all designers.
  463. 2009-7-28 @thomasb86 the rest was already in the car and wouldn't fit!
  464. 2009-7-28 35% of my boxes. I'm now a tad sweaty and a bit down. http://twitpic.com/bx4rn
  465. 2009-7-28 @michchapman Yep! After much stress, it's begun. Hurrah. Fortress of Kai-olitude is a go-go.
  466. 2009-7-28 @bekibutton Thanks! @thomasb86 I have to move out before I can move in! http://bit.ly/Oweac
  467. 2009-7-28 Carrying boxes up & down stairs today like it's going out of fashion. What to pack... what to pack. Oh yus. Everything.
  468. 2009-7-28 @angelsk thanks, it's probably just down to moving in blues and with everything around me! http://twitpic.com/bx7np
  469. 2009-7-27 @thehacksaw Golly gosh! Strong words about my MacBook pro there. Have you ever had one yourself?
  470. 2009-7-27 @mr_beeps I'd go work for Obama.... he's hiring my role too. Scarily enough today I was using Google Website Optimizer :) Nice!
  471. 2009-7-27 @mr_beeps Oooh, where you now. I'm in the little village called Bexley just off the Heath. But soon I shall be moving!
  472. 2009-7-27 @mr_beeps @thehacksaw £5 million? Once DJ HackSaw gets the message out to the people, we'll be rolli.. developing it!
  473. 2009-7-27 @thehacksaw @mr_beeps Lets buy it & use the domain to develop a dark & twisted version, using FB connect. It'll be the new MySpace.
  474. 2009-7-27 Waiter: "How do you want your eggs?" @ursi82's friend Eve replies: "Cooked"
  475. 2009-7-27 Another twist in the new flat situation. Housing agency co-worker #calender #fail.
  476. 2009-7-27 @mr_beeps @thehacksaw I started out on Windows and used to hate Macs from my college days. They've come along way, and are pretty awesome.
  477. 2009-7-26 @AdamTibi sore throat? No no! I had a headache the other day after a few glasses of red wine, was all!
  478. 2009-7-26 Just had to wiggle a toothpick around in my MacBook pro audio port. Red light now gone and sound working again. Great fun thanks Apple.
  479. 2009-7-25 Ahhhh breakfast was a win. http://twitpic.com/bk4wt
  480. 2009-7-25 Am like a bear wif a sore head after last night's fun. Also rescued a snail & helped move a fallen tree! http://twitpic.com/bjz21
  481. 2009-7-25 Loving the dinner in Camden for their milkshake. Perfect cure for my hangover. Food soon. http://twitpic.com/bk3cc
  482. 2009-7-24 I'm living my dream of being back in Japan through @warriorgrrl's tweets. Arigatooooooo gasyumasssss. Who wants to go? :D
  483. 2009-7-23 A lovely day to walk to work from Camden with @ursi82. Later Greg is visiting from France! He wants to 'learn css in a few hours'. Hoho.
  484. 2009-7-23 @thehacksaw Looks as tho it ended late last night. Which is great as my friend Greg is visiting tonight & needs to lose at StreetFighter4.
  485. 2009-7-23 RT: strange for me to see a blog post entitled "Kai" in my RSS reader – http://bit.ly/22GHkM (has nothing to do with me or @kaigani)
  486. 2009-7-22 Urie's flat mate has roped me into helping out with the fallen tree situation in their garden. Drinking red wine.
  487. 2009-7-22 Still no power in #Bexley - EDF's poor security measures are to blame. Fascinating comments from the community about it: http://bit.ly/m1RCA
  488. 2009-7-22 @pingpongdimsum No (on the the Twitter rehab clinic). Get back to work promoting Dim Sum food!
  489. 2009-7-21 @thehacksaw Thanks! I like the phone idea. Bit scared to read by candle light. Me + book + fire = Screaming Chinese boy seeking water.
  490. 2009-7-21 @Stanto Solar power huh? That's right... Jinx the weather for me too. It's now raining.
  491. 2009-7-21 @thehacksaw That's such a folk lore! I heard google wrote books and they put these 'books' into buildings for people with round eyes.
  492. 2009-7-21 @thehacksaw You heard about the Bexley power cut on the radio.. Wow. Wish we had radio. I've reverted to my reading books whilst it's light
  493. 2009-7-21 Still no power in #Bexley. What am I gonna do? Use my iPhone and run my mac's battery into the ground is what!
  494. 2009-7-21 @lottiehaxell Candles are so last century. My iPhone was my beacon of light for every little activity last night. And I do mean everything!
  495. 2009-7-21 @lottiehaxell Bet your gettin the priority power for the pubs to keep people drunk. Up on the hill we're suffering in darkish-ness!
  496. 2009-7-20 @thehacksaw Very true... But no 3G now. I think sleep beckons. Tomorrow is a new day.
  497. 2009-7-20 Wonder what my parents had for dinner... Oh jeeez & all the food in the freezer will be wrecked too. #Bexley #power #fail
  498. 2009-7-20 I'm heading home from the city to the darkness. Still no power: RT @lottiehaxell I survived the Bexley Village power-cut 20th July 2009.
  499. 2009-7-20 Uploaded some more photos from my weekend.. lots of interesting portraits & crazy photos. Let me know what you think! http://is.gd/1FoCI
  500. 2009-7-20 Major power outage in #Dartford, #Bexley & #Bexleyheath. I heard about it from Twitter's search... thanks guys! http://is.gd/1FgaP
  501. 2009-7-20 @thehacksaw On a positive note it's amazingly peaceful. *Takes batteries out of clocks*
  502. 2009-7-19 More gadgets than people at the reunion. Really excited when I get to process and upload them! http://twitpic.com/awerb
  503. 2009-7-19 At my dad's Vietnamese boat people reunion. Right now there's karioke going on. None of them can sing to save their lives.
  504. 2009-7-19 @sergeimuller Yeah? I have my gran to thank for mine. Wonder what other things will be discovered..
  505. 2009-7-19 Around 100 years old, amazingly retro & ready for my new flat. Things for #myNewFlat. http://twitpic.com/avjx4
  506. 2009-7-19 Thank you @stanto & @cunners for the comments on my photos from yesterday. Cricket, family, a wind turbine & ducks! - http://bit.ly/6LRXX
  507. 2009-7-19 I take back that last comment. The singers are just warming up. It can only get better. That's what I keep telling myself anyways.
  508. 2009-7-18 @simondoggett
  509. 2009-7-18 @simondoggett it was a replacement for the kaiPhone cos my power button broke. And hmmm @ last tweet!
  510. 2009-7-18 @simondoggett check out iFitness. It's like having Ryan from JG as your fitness advisor AND it has a golf routine to improve your swing.
  511. 2009-7-18 Uploaded my latest photos from today! http://bit.ly/6LRXX Really happy with my wind turbine pictures.. anyone like them or have faves? :D
  512. 2009-7-18 @boagworld More kids should be like that. Been awake since 6am cos I'm excited to go north to see my grandparents & sort out my new iPhone
  513. 2009-7-18 @simondoggett just replaced the KaiPhone as I didn't have a power button on it! It's so nice and newwww.
  514. 2009-7-17 Avenue Q was amazing. Really want to go see it again sometime. http://twitpic.com/amng9
  515. 2009-7-17 @alexnguk Now all I need is a cat. I'm going to name him/her Cascade to go with my Roomba vacuum.
  516. 2009-7-17 Looking forward to reading 'Exit wounds' - rutu modab & 'Paul goes fishing' - Michel Rabagliati http://twitpic.com/an13k
  517. 2009-7-17 @simondoggett, am sure @jon_Bedford is jokin. He wouldn't go and set himself up for beig a huge hipocrit after slating us like that.
  518. 2009-7-17 @darintenb Boom! Right behind you on that. But then... no watching the awesome Japanese tv?
  519. 2009-7-17 @keirwhitaker The halloumi sandwich in Eat and 2 Veg was a stroke of genius, thanks for the tip. The Vanilla & coconut shake also rocked!
  520. 2009-7-17 @alexnguk she sounds like an intelligent lady. I was researching them too and they're good & affordable!
  521. 2009-7-16 @Lee_p_Marshall Thanks for your comment on my Flickr mate, http://bit.ly/17T8UA - keep up the good work on your own photos too!
  522. 2009-7-16 @bimal_tailor Ta. Yeah that group are my favourites too. Had the 450 for around a year now. Your photos are cool - http://bit.ly/phgKT
  523. 2009-7-16 @thehacksaw Thanks pal. It's all about the holiday, taking photos and chilling out! :)
  524. 2009-7-16 @thehacksaw Yup, they're all mine. I shoot with a CanonD450, but would love someday to be able to afford a full body DSLR!
  525. 2009-7-16 Been listening to calming classical music. It'll help for the 5th phone call about my flat. Been very clear about wanting an update at 5pm.
  526. 2009-7-16 Really pleased with my photos over the past few days: http://bit.ly/12KEiH - Let me know what you thought & which are your favourites!
  527. 2009-7-16 RT @M_R_F: Former Scotland footballer Colin Hendry has set up a @justgiving page following the tragic loss of his wife http://is.gd/1B6yJ
  528. 2009-7-16 Retweeting @JamesBloor: Pro Bono design work for non-profits: http://jamesbloor.com/Pro-Bono/
  529. 2009-7-16 @warriorgrrl So jealous... cant wait to go back to Japan again in the future. Have fun & keep us all updated with your exploits! :)
  530. 2009-7-15 @webknight18 definitely Lord of the Rings over Harry Potter.
  531. 2009-7-15 @FoluB did awesome photography up in the clouds with Dr Fox (who I hear treats @Macmillan awesomely) http://twitpic.com/af62q
  532. 2009-7-15 @bimal_tailor you were right! http://twitpic.com/af5yj
  533. 2009-7-15 @bimal_tailor Gosh what a terrible mistake. Sorry if it's Primrose hill and not Prim Rose Hill. Dunno. And dunno.
  534. 2009-7-15 After 2 hours of rain & running on Prim Rose hill, Dr Fox and Jade Goody's widow turn up for the press. http://twitpic.com/af2jv
  535. 2009-7-15 Some of the @Macmillan team started singing. It started raining. http://twitpic.com/aezrg
  536. 2009-7-15 At Prim Rose hill for @Macmillan and @FoluB's tv project. http://twitpic.com/aexzb
  537. 2009-7-15 @FoluB where are you dude? http://twitpic.com/aewsf I should be in bed now dude.
  538. 2009-7-15 @tomharman I have faith in you pal! Just keep practisin' and use @Utku's playlist. I'm sure Journey - 'Dont stop believin' is on it!
  539. 2009-7-15 RT: @anniemole: Brilliant prizes to be won in @NomNomNom09 raffle & you get to support Action Against Hunger as well http://is.gd/1zSBC
  540. 2009-7-15 @bimal_tailor Just made the 'Prim Rose' mistake again with @ursi82. She however responds, "Primrose. One word, duffus."
  541. 2009-7-15 #competitivegeekbaiting Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter novels were weak & unintellectually challenging in comparison the Twilight series.
  542. 2009-7-14 Just been to the National Portrait Gallery to See the fantastic BP competition. http://twitpic.com/ablf4
  543. 2009-7-14 This 8 year old kid I just passed had a bowl of pasta the size of my head. And my head is big. The father had a small pain o chocolat. WTF!
  544. 2009-7-14 Just had breakfast in Eat and 2 vege with @bekibutton. Surprisingly good vegetarian breakfast (even for a carnavore like me!).
  545. 2009-7-14 That's right @Adamtibi, I posted it on Twitter! http://twitpic.com/ab8sx
  546. 2009-7-14 Just watching how an advert/music videos were made at Apple, Regent St. One of them was for coca cola's recycling campaign.
  547. 2009-7-14 There's a guy giving out celebration sweets on the #Oneandother stand in Trafalgar Square http://twitpic.com/abgjd
  548. 2009-7-13 @bimal_tailor can't really jump aboard a question like that... Cos anyone can be 'a CEO' and anyone can 'work at MacDonalds'! ;)
  549. 2009-7-13 @kaigani yup, we did and didn't get in this year. But maybe next year there'll be a #kai showdown.
  550. 2009-7-13 Thanks dude, glad you like it. RT @richardjkeys: Liking JustGiving's new look. http://www.justgiving.com
  551. 2009-7-13 @utku @tomharman Just tried to make a donation.. hope it went through & good luck on the cycle ride Tom. You'll do amazing.
  552. 2009-7-13 @bimal_tailor Xabi got treated badly by Benitez during the whole Barry saga. Seriously cant blame him. Our manager is a bit of a loop.
  553. 2009-7-13 Free Wednesday morning? @macmillancancer have an awesome art project to create the World's Biggest Coffee Morning - http://bit.ly/o3YPQ
  554. 2009-7-13 @FoluB Does @macmillancancer need some help on Wednesday? I've got the week off & would love to come help you all out mate.
  555. 2009-7-12 @jackieikiki That's right, be like a good girl at university and go out and drink/dance the night away! What happened to the early night?
  556. 2009-7-12 Ari Gold is my inspiration. http://bit.ly/JSULC
  557. 2009-7-12 @kaigani Well done lad. Good to see another Kai winning 2nd year in a row at @nomnomnom09. #kai #winners
  558. 2009-7-12 @jackieikiki it's a wonderful picture of you isn't it little one! Watching Entourage... It's amazing, you should check it out.
  559. 2009-7-12 Good luck to everyone doing @nomnomnom09(@anniemole's food mastermind competition for the social media scene) from @jon_bedford and myself.
  560. 2009-7-12 @willjohnh Try public Enemies - although neither has amazing reviews
  561. 2009-7-10 Eugiene says Twitter should be done on nightly builds. http://twitpic.com/9vul7
  562. 2009-7-10 @sergeimuller maybe rows of various creative teams are now a testing grounds for... PartyGermination!
  563. 2009-7-10 iPhone just popped up with a data roaming is 'off' message... Well, yeah.. That's cos I live here and don't need it on!
  564. 2009-7-10 @sergeimuller yeah but, "everyones sneezing". That project may have been a bit before your time.
  565. 2009-7-9 @mikekus You rocked that layout. Great work dude.
  566. 2009-7-9 @qbyt I always expect kids to be elite. Someone told me his son was an expert webdev. Would have been true if expert = bad code & no design
  567. 2009-7-9 @pingpongdimsum I heard from your head chef (my uncle) that the coconut icecream is absolutely out of this world. Care to comment?
  568. 2009-7-9 @thehacksaw Doing stuff for MVC build & revising the current markup/css. :) It's good practice to always think about this stuff and improve.
  569. 2009-7-9 <abbr class="fn" title="Kai Chan Vong">Kai</abbr> thinks <abbr class="fn" title="Jeremey '@adactio' Keith">Jeremy</abbr> is > than me.
  570. 2009-7-9 @adactio That looks way neater. Never thought about using <Abbr> as an abbreviation for a full name before, only company names! Thanks :D
  571. 2009-7-9 <style>b.fn span {display:none}</style> My name is <b class="fn">Kai <span>Chan Vong</span></b>. And I have a classification addiction.
  572. 2009-7-9 @Ursi82 Yeah... an account manager at an agency would say something like that wouldn't they!
  573. 2009-7-9 "You creative types do bugger all. Draw a few mood boards, scribble a bit. Then go home and get all the credit. Pah!" Quote of the day.
  574. 2009-7-9 Check out @bekibutton's entry into #threadcakes: http://bit.ly/18EKcQ
  575. 2009-7-9 @thehacksaw Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 'love rollercoaster' plz! Looking forward to listening if I make it home in time.
  576. 2009-7-8 @russianTsar sounds good to me!
  577. 2009-7-8 @russianTsar Sounds good to me. I think @wilcolley has just sealed his tomb if he ever has any problems with CSS/HTML in the future...
  578. 2009-7-7 Sad to hear @limeduck will be moving on from @FirstGiving. Such guru of typography, photography, SEO-ography and friend-ography. GL Pal!
  579. 2009-7-7 Keep confusing @bekibutton's Twitter avatar for the @justgiving one. Oh dear... they are both very similar!
  580. 2009-7-7 Eliss is such a wonderful game. The music really helps make it awesome. Thanks @simondoggett
  581. 2009-7-7 Reading the 'how to' guide of Eliss (recommended by @simondoggett) and wondering if it's done by those Ikea instruction designers...
  582. 2009-7-7 @danworth Totally @bekibutton was totally the inspir... Don't be so ridiculous!
  583. 2009-7-6 @Ursi82 You need a profile picture. And I absolutely don't look like a hedgehog!
  584. 2009-7-6 @JamesBloor We've been having some database issues... more trouble with legacy systems from sounds of things. Our teams are busy fixin it!
  585. 2009-7-6 Been told off for gettin Ursi's name wrong and that apparently I look like a hedgehog. I do not. Look like a bloody hedgehog.
  586. 2009-7-6 It's raining cats, dogs, hamsters & any other form of household pet ya cud throw at me.
  587. 2009-7-6 @JamesBloor There were issues data and service issues between 12 - 1pm and some other areas (various microsites) got fixed at 1.40pm!
  588. 2009-7-5 @DaylightGambler Thanks for your comments mate & yeah the traffic is pretty sick. We know things aren't perfect, but when yah have lemons..
  589. 2009-7-5 @DaylightGambler There's plenty of front-end areas fixed but not live yet due to the situations with the back-end... It'll improve soon.
  590. 2009-7-5 @DaylightGambler IETester isn't good enough for testing large scale sites. We used Virtual machines + respective browsers.
  591. 2009-7-5 @DaylightGambler Personally I would use bg-color:transparent - but 'none' should not result in black unless it's the user's default.
  592. 2009-7-5 @DaylightGambler Plenty o reasons (too long for a tweet to post). Chrome is the only browser to cascade bg:none to :black on drop downs...
  593. 2009-7-5 Had a lovely day in London wif Ursie at the Science museum, Hyde park & took a photo of a French couple. http://twitpic.com/9ez0x
  594. 2009-7-5 @Stanto I have a similar fear. Tell her to watch Transformers 2... Every night I fear my smoothie machine will sprout limbs & attack me.
  595. 2009-7-5 @DaylightGambler Chrome has a bug with Background:None http://bit.ly/myrAF - the fix will go out soon. PS: Safari is the best browser!
  596. 2009-7-5 Chuckling at MyParentsJoinedFaceBook - http://bit.ly/QQ6Vx
  597. 2009-7-5 @JustGiving bad exp: RT @DaylightGambler: Once again evidence of the benefits of twitter in turning negative experiences into positive ones
  598. 2009-7-4 @aidanhammond @DaylightGambler Hey, could ya tell me where you're seeing that on @justgiving? Is it Google Chrome on select drop down boxes?
  599. 2009-7-4 Central London was packed today. Loved it and after seeing @russiantsar's new flat, I'm desperate to move out and into my own place.
  600. 2009-7-4 Having a BBQ with @wilcolley, @natbentley at @russiantsar's new flat! http://twitpic.com/99ump
  601. 2009-7-4 @natbentley "It's suprisingly hot!". Yup... It would be for a tin box with charcoal on fire! http://twitpic.com/9aaml
  602. 2009-7-3 @garkbit No more than any other office. The sushi is mainly just me living at home and being able to afford it! That'll soon change...
  603. 2009-7-3 Our finance team are mocking the idea of a moodboard. Oh dear oh dear. "Is that where you write, 'Kai is happy today'?"
  604. 2009-7-3 @leasimpson I know what you mean. My tummy is only just starting to stop hurting! Need a nice rest...
  605. 2009-7-3 My tummy hurt for a little while after the @daddydonkey Burrito Eating contest. But I'm okay now. Well done @leasimpson!
  606. 2009-7-3 Ready for lunch! http://twitpic.com/9525g
  607. 2009-7-3 Off for the @daddydonkey competition! Very excited!
  608. 2009-7-3 @bekibutton Not always hungry.. But am quite hungry now. @simondoggett is apparently going to record the event & @leasimpson is going down!
  609. 2009-7-3 @cunners Could be worse... atleast she wasn't biting them off!
  610. 2009-7-3 Do you know of any agencies that own their own CMS or API & use it as part of their offering when doing design projects for clients?
  611. 2009-7-2 @leasimpson That wasn't quite what I was getting at... but anyways! :P Good luck tomorrow. You'll need it :D
  612. 2009-7-2 @leasimpson I'm always feeling strong when it comes to eating a @daddydonkey burrito! The question is, can you handle the heat? :D
  613. 2009-7-2 @rachelcreative That means I've improved it on my local machine and it'll go out in a deployment when I'm allowed.
  614. 2009-7-2 @leasimpson I hadn't the faintest about that article.. On a different topic, tomorrow it's the KE PASA?! Burrito por favor @daddydonkey !
  615. 2009-7-2 @tkenny You do it, you do it!
  616. 2009-7-2 In the past we built big monuments. Now we build big dot coms. http://twitpic.com/9109c
  617. 2009-7-2 Burning up.
  618. 2009-7-2 You know those ppl that knock on doors and generally piss everyone off? They're in Bexley. Don't name them for they may spam us on Twitter!
  619. 2009-7-2 @leasimpson Half expected to see a picture of you in a bikini, eating a @daddydonkey icecream burrito. But that was equally amusing!
  620. 2009-7-1 @mr_beeps @mr_beeps What a great idea. I really like that... opening it up and making things more transparent overall.
  621. 2009-7-1 RT @JamesBloor: Why are charity website (generally) so awful? Non-profit does not mean non-creativity.
  622. 2009-7-1 New Google Toolbar for IE huh, @google? How about an upgrade for that to transform into Chrome? Gooooo on.
  623. 2009-7-1 @tweetmyride sadly not - but I can pass on his email: Dom [at] Justgiving.com
  624. 2009-7-1 @mr_beeps @JamesBloor What agencies do you know of are knowledgeable in the charity domain & offer competitive prices?
  625. 2009-6-30 Just seen my hair in the mirror. Urssy did a good job. Of messing it up that is!
  626. 2009-6-30 @rachelcreative RE: donate buttons, Opera's latest build adjustment the property of width:auto. Setting min-width fixes it.
  627. 2009-6-30 @kaigani $185k?!?! No one will help us raise that much for .kai as a top level domain... will they? Or will they... http://bit.ly/ZDz2X
  628. 2009-6-30 @rachelcreative That's only due to latest version of Opera. Gonna look & understand what changes they've made to their 'phyics' :)
  629. 2009-6-30 @Rumeana Ta, gonna try that out, would you be able to email me the exact steps you're taking so I can replicate it? kai [at] justgiving.com
  630. 2009-6-30 @Izabel_blue 3 showers a day?!? Are you a mermaid or something?
  631. 2009-6-30 @russianTsar & I are chuffed with user quote: "In case anyone else hasn’t said it, Excellent job on the (@JustGiving) front-end redesign
  632. 2009-6-29 @SimonPainter Nice. I'm reworking some of my site and bits of wordpress functionality with PHP... nothing that amazing though.
  633. 2009-6-29 @SimonPainter Yeah, but the thing is... I'm a big fan of PHP... :P
  634. 2009-6-29 @SimonPainter No, it's never been PHP. Previously it was ASP VB.
  635. 2009-6-29 @graemesummers Wanted to do that & more for a long time now. It's been on my local prior to site's launch but 'not priority' for deployment
  636. 2009-6-29 Hi @Rumeana - Looking at it now, & it looks okay. Let us know if you have any more problems with it. The team is working as fast on the bugs
  637. 2009-6-29 @leasimpson - yup, looking forward to the @daddydonkey burrito eating contest!
  638. 2009-6-29 Heading home with my lil cousin @jackiekiki - it's been a long day, lots of walking and lotsa sushi. http://twitpic.com/8sp6n
  639. 2009-6-28 waitin for @jackieikiki after havin fun at the proud galleries... Girl next to me is sharing the contents of her lunch with us: water.
  640. 2009-6-28 The West Wing has taught me that originally Apple put their apple logos on the Mac Books the wrong way up.
  641. 2009-6-28 @ashleyemma @Stanto great song... time to get it on Spotify! :) Moreeee than a feelinggggg
  642. 2009-6-28 @thehacksaw I promise to tune in to your next one dude, song2 pwns. You should totally play Johnny Cash - One.
  643. 2009-6-27 @Rumeana nope - it's just that's the default 404 page that is being pulled in when your page isn't found. What's your page URL?
  644. 2009-6-27 @thehacksaw Totally and when it gets stupidly hot on the weekend, aircon offices shud be open for hackdays/watchin' Police Academy!
  645. 2009-6-27 Tooooo hot. AIRCON BOT, roll out cool air! http://twitpic.com/8k0fl
  646. 2009-6-27 Right... analytics research done. Looking forward to implementing more of it soon. Now for bed.
  647. 2009-6-27 I'm addicted to WordPress and playing with PHP. At 3am in the morning... so much for the 9am start tomorrow huh?
  648. 2009-6-27 @russianTsar Well.... Kai does mean food! I'm hungry...
  649. 2009-6-26 @thehacksaw Actually most of tomorrow, we're all gonna be answering emails to help explain stuff! Might have to toastie it up too.
  650. 2009-6-26 @HayleyS I didn't know you were into manga. Will have to check out that festival: www.japaneseartfestival.com
  651. 2009-6-26 @thehacksaw yeah, we're really lucky at @JustGiving to have such lovely people to help pick us up after a long, stressful week.
  652. 2009-6-26 @JustGiving just had a cake delivery by kind fundraiser, @bekibutton (see pic!) http://twitpic.com/8h0xs
  653. 2009-6-26 @DaddyDonkey sign me up for the contest please! :)
  654. 2009-6-26 And within hours, ebay lights up with 'rare michael jackson' items, and they say humans don't have a soul. (via @Stanto)
  655. 2009-6-26 On the train now and looking at http://scripty2.com - looks promising.
  656. 2009-6-26 @thehacksaw Thanks, I'm lucky to say I don't have the difficult bit job to do at the moment.
  657. 2009-6-25 Wow. This is absolutely and awesome a text utility... http://bit.ly/wzcZb
  658. 2009-6-25 @jon_bedford Agreed. Crap week. But screw it, we'll have our own nom nom nom cook off. Kai vs. Jonno! Up for it?
  659. 2009-6-25 Is it possible that one of those dreaded charity chuggers just made me smile. Didn't last long, but it was a glimmer of happiness.
  660. 2009-6-25 Tomorrow @jackiekiki comes to visit! Thinking of treating my little cousin to sushi while listening to tales of Warwick mischief.
  661. 2009-6-25 Woman on the train trying to listen to her daughter through man's crotch. Almost burst out laughing there, he's grinning too.
  662. 2009-6-25 @Whatleydude what phone is that and how do I get to try one! It looks awesome.
  663. 2009-6-24 @HayleyS We sure are. See you in a moment stopperz!
  664. 2009-6-24 Sometimes I wonder what happened to the old rule of, "Ask questions first. Judge second."
  665. 2009-6-24 Really excited to see my little cousin @jackieikiki on here. You'll all love her, she's far more adorable, nicer & amusing than me.
  666. 2009-6-24 Some really upsetting news just in. Our fish are 'gone' :(
  667. 2009-6-24 Been testing the site more with our developers, who've have been working super hard to get new fixes in. I believe in JustGiving.
  668. 2009-6-24 On a ghost bus with @michchapman and waiting for the tour to start. It's spookyyyyy!
  669. 2009-6-24 @russianTsar it was just near charring cross! You should try it... I'll send u details.
  670. 2009-6-24 ...And then god said, "Let there be regEx." And all was well in the world.
  671. 2009-6-24 RT @sergeimuller: The idiots at @msofficeus are using Word to render emails in Outlook & killing standards. http://fixoutlook.org
  672. 2009-6-23 @russianTsar No. Not even that kinda nice stuff. Like Russian singing choirs!
  673. 2009-6-23 @russianTsar oh dude :( sorry to hear that. Ps. I'm getting lots of Russian spam.
  674. 2009-6-23 Forcing myself to stay awake to do more testing on parts of the new site. Soooooo tired. But will stay awake!
  675. 2009-6-23 Do not exaggerate when I say I am shattered.
  676. 2009-6-23 Playing MineSweeper front-end style with the old JustGiving site on medium difficulty mode & winning.
  677. 2009-6-23 Wonder if a Russian choir sounds nice...
  678. 2009-6-22 @thomasb86 You should check out this website called Flickr... :P
  679. 2009-6-22 @JamesBloor The back-end team are furiously busy figuring out a performance bug so some versions got rolled back. Fixes coming soon!
  680. 2009-6-22 Now, when I see an email of someone 'just' happy about the #newJustGiving site I wonder what they don't like.
  681. 2009-6-22 @sergeimuller drop me an email will yah :)
  682. 2009-6-22 Okay. My work is fixed... despite a mini panic this morning & doing something really stupid my blog stuff is okay. Sorry about that ppl.
  683. 2009-6-22 Am awake. Time to rush to the office, as I have a feeling front-end/design will be on hold for me as we help out on email/phones.
  684. 2009-6-22 @thomasb86 sunstyle?
  685. 2009-6-21 Looking through the site and thinking about what to improve and making notes...
  686. 2009-6-21 Woke up thinking it was time for work. Thankfully a day of rest & recharge is in order... Oh and Dim Sum for my dad. Happy Father's day!
  687. 2009-6-21 @solentpedal There are a few issues with the new site at the moment & the team is working extremely hard to iron them out.
  688. 2009-6-21 Geeking it up & ip surfin' JG.com to find out what I can find... nothing too shocking thus far. OOoh Ruby on rails site. No no, I jest.
  689. 2009-6-21 Spoke to some of the @JustGiving crew to help sort out @solentPedal's JG page. Hopefully Mat C will have it sorted soon.
  690. 2009-6-20 Had great fun hanging out with @beki_button at the Tate modern. And now off to see friends for Liam's birthday bash. #awesomeDay
  691. 2009-6-20 Just seen 'No ghost just a shell'. I want that 10 mins of my life back please.
  692. 2009-6-20 This visualisation at the Tate modern is lovely. http://twitpic.com/7wxpf
  693. 2009-6-20 @Solentpedal what's wrong with donating on JustGiving for you?
  694. 2009-6-20 In the Tate modern... Looking at stuffs and letting my brain reboot. http://twitpic.com/7wvgx
  695. 2009-6-20 @rachelcreative Look and feel of JustGiving.com done overnight? We wish! :)
  696. 2009-6-20 @LJsBaby what's your JustGiving url? I'll look and see if we can get it sorted.
  697. 2009-6-20 I'd like sushi. Lots & lots of sushi. A little mountain to snack on as I check stuff. #CanHazSushi
  698. 2009-6-20 @russianTsar Thanks bro.
  699. 2009-6-20 Wow. Super busy. We're busy checking all 250+ premium microsites are okay for @justgiving charities. Kinda tired. Show must go on.
  700. 2009-6-20 Thanks @Cennydd that's very kind of you to say that. The whole team has been working really hard to get it right.
  701. 2009-6-20 Retweeting @justgiving: We're still releasing some more files to the site... sorry about the wait...
  702. 2009-6-20 Considering the pizza to my left... nope. Wont do it. Testing all the premium sites for Cancer Research rest of the team hard at work.
  703. 2009-6-20 @adactio Thanks dude. Still plenty to be done/checked! :) Gotta make sure it's all ticking okay.
  704. 2009-6-20 We're now live. http://www.justgiving.com/
  705. 2009-6-20 @wilcolley Yeah it's going good.
  706. 2009-6-20 For the @Google chrome bug here's my temp quick fix... (Safari 3+/Chrome specific): body:nth-of-type(1) select { background-color:#fff}
  707. 2009-6-20 Huge UX fail @google Chrome with 'Background:none' bug http://bit.ly/cKBqt
  708. 2009-6-20 We're all in the office. I've done some video. And hopefully this will go well. #newJustGiving
  709. 2009-6-20 Waiting for some of the @JustGiving crew to wake up and then we'll head in to the offices. Highly excited.
  710. 2009-6-20 "Severed head" by me. http://twitpic.com/7v5od
  711. 2009-6-20 This must be how Father Christmas feels on Christmas day. #sleepfail #v3
  712. 2009-6-20 @solentpedal would you be so kind to email me - Kai (at) Justgiving.com any problems u may be experiencing? Thanks.
  713. 2009-6-20 Dreaming of being a boy in a 4D grass maze and having a phobia of grass. #nightmare
  714. 2009-6-19 @richmarr Thanks pal. Wish you were here with us.
  715. 2009-6-19 Sophie. @sophdea (I'm a lil drunk) http://twitpic.com/7tqzq
  716. 2009-6-19 Simon. @simonDoggett http://twitpic.com/7tqvz
  717. 2009-6-19 Jonno! @jon_Bedford http://twitpic.com/7tqsv
  718. 2009-6-19 ZOINk! Finished. http://twitpic.com/7togm
  719. 2009-6-19 @PookeTellsEm Prove it. :p @sergeimuller I think it's worth losing the 'fro just for seeing yourself as prime. @marcflores lol, thanks m8.
  720. 2009-6-19 @deeDesign asked for this photo of Jason of #JustGiving (He had his shaving kit taken away at customs). http://twitpic.com/7sr0m
  721. 2009-6-19 @daddyDonkey I'd like to try this super hot burrito. Please. Now. I'll wave from the office window and you can chuck it up!
  722. 2009-6-19 Lady to my left has been doing her make up for the past 25 mins. She looks like the Mona Lisa by Picasso. Christina Aguilara - Beautiful.
  723. 2009-6-19 @beccawatts yeah... Everyone says I need to change the puctre to something a little less serious!
  724. 2009-6-19 Heading off to the office. Finally all this hard work is goimg to be completed. Sadly @RussianTsar could not experience the last day wif us.
  725. 2009-6-19 I'm a robot in disguise. Http://weareautobots.com http://twitpic.com/7sx7z
  726. 2009-6-18 Being told, "Yeah I suppose all the Mac types are creative, have crazy hair, funky glasses & funky dress sense." To which I reply, "Hi!"
  727. 2009-6-18 Apple or PC?
  728. 2009-6-18 @beccawatts Cleverness, amazing new word u made up. And it was your 'cleverness' that astounded me this morning!
  729. 2009-6-18 @alexandrapullin wow fishfingers... You should team up for the nom nom competition!
  730. 2009-6-18 Going thru London wif 'a town called malace' playing in my ears. My work day is over!
  731. 2009-6-18 @thehacksaw Happy birthday for yesterday mate. Hope you have a good one!
  732. 2009-6-18 An interesting quote from someone with visual impairment, ''Comic Sans & Arial are my preferred fonts."
  733. 2009-6-18 #helpiranelection - show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click - http://helpiranelection.com/
  734. 2009-6-18 @beccawatts Showing support using colour overlay on your avatar is a really interesting idea - try it here: http://helpiranelection.com/
  735. 2009-6-18 Just had a txt from o2 saying that pic sending on my iPhone wasn't ready... Yet I sent 1 yesterday. Also why is the text cursor now blue?!
  736. 2009-6-18 Lots of people saying they like/use both. Personally I like how used to Windows I am, but prefer the intuitiveness & UX of OSX.
  737. 2009-6-17 And then, it rained.
  738. 2009-6-17 @leesimpson I've seen the @shortColorName before... but not the other stuff. I like the nested rules which helps lots + the calculations!
  739. 2009-6-17 Wow. Less is what I've been dreaming of for CSS! An amazing way of having even better CSS... Ruby on Rails rocks. http://lesscss.org/
  740. 2009-6-17 Me: "Bugs! What we gonna do?" @adamTibi: "squish them!" Me: "When we gonna do it?" @adamTibi: "As soon as feasibly possible...?"
  741. 2009-6-16 @thehacksaw You know. I keep trying that one but she never does. The sun tune works in the morning though! #ocarina
  742. 2009-6-16 Playing my ocarina on the train. Getting funny looks. What?!? I have my ear phones in.
  743. 2009-6-16 @FoluB you bringing a football to the picnic this Saturday. If that's your plan... It's an awesome one.
  744. 2009-6-16 @Cennydd Clones are the answer. If we had clones we could do a night/day shift.. Lots and lots of clones. It would be amazing.
  745. 2009-6-16 @anniemole don't worry, myself and @jon_bedford are finalising our menu!
  746. 2009-6-16 @kaigani True. It comes so naturally to us. Some might say, we've turned it into an art form.
  747. 2009-6-16 @MegFitz maybe if you're luck, @kaigani, myself and all the other Kai clan will make you an honoury Kai!
  748. 2009-6-16 @kaigani let's drop them an email with the same response to get it for the Kai community! @Kai needs to be used.
  749. 2009-6-16 @kaigani Awesome idea. Lets start a riot for twitter to share @kai among all the good Kais of this world. #takingBackThe@Kai
  750. 2009-6-16 @kaigani @MegFitz Nah, I'd feel honoured to be compared to you, Kai. You have the coolest first name ever.
  751. 2009-6-15 just been with @simondoggett to #uxbcldn and now off for a spot of dinner! http://twitpic.com/7hlcz
  752. 2009-6-15 @smyther how is it now it's jailbroken? worth it? :o
  753. 2009-6-15 @Han I'm hoping for some videos of the event! Cant keep up with the Twitter kids.
  754. 2009-6-15 LaaaaaaaBoom (with a K)! As made famous by @SimonDoggett.
  755. 2009-6-15 @codepo8 Does he have a fan page too? If he doesn't, he should. Also, great slides... need to read up more on APIs soon.
  756. 2009-6-14 @russianTsar could be my sister for all we know!!
  757. 2009-6-14 @russianTsar :P yes coincidence.. I wasn't named after him. But my cousin hangs out wif his son. Www.Vote4coolchineseppl.com ?
  758. 2009-6-14 @russianTsar Hahaha. Yer sure. I'll save that kinda thing for txt msgs. The o2 is pretty cool.
  759. 2009-6-14 @bekibutton o rly? In good or bad way?
  760. 2009-6-14 Heading out to see Angels and Demons at the cinema! Sure it won't be quite as good as night at the museum 2, hey @simonDoggett ;)
  761. 2009-6-14 @katematlock The "OTHER" Kai?!?! I'll have you know we're all different and all very equally special. Other Kai indeed.
  762. 2009-6-14 @kaigani Unable to convince @KateMatlock to team up with you? I'd do a double Kai-Whammy but sticking with the legend that is @Jon_Bedford
  763. 2009-6-14 Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #designer #photographer #developer
  764. 2009-6-14 Retweeting @simondoggett: Not got a ticket for #uxlondon this week? Want one? http://bit.ly/pP16J
  765. 2009-6-14 is it just me or is CJ from the West Wing kinda hot?
  766. 2009-6-14 @kaigani Thanks for the warning big Kai, I'll do my best not to spam those types of links... it wont be easy. But I'll do my best.
  767. 2009-6-14 @mr_beeps Thanks! It was the thought that counted. Sadly, @bekibutton didn't agree to the bed time singing sleep aid method.
  768. 2009-6-14 Ohhhh the o2 is pretty cool to hang out at. Just think I'll be 3 mins walk away :D
  769. 2009-6-13 Love the work Poke London are doing for Oasis based on RubberDuckZilla too! :) Check out the game video.. wicked sick. http://bit.ly/wN3Sn
  770. 2009-6-13 OMG. Teletext holidays have just done a LOLCat advert and it's amazing. "I hate credit crunches"
  771. 2009-6-13 Trying to convince you all to sing a bed time song to me. SOft... kitty.... warm kitty http://bit.ly/15WttR
  772. 2009-6-13 @FoluB when's the tournament and does anyone need any players? :D
  773. 2009-6-13 Looking forward to @simonDoggett's review of Yautcha and Night at the museum 2. I'm sure that movie will rock his world!
  774. 2009-6-13 Cant get enough of RubberduckZilla either. http://bit.ly/DOAdN
  775. 2009-6-12 Anyone doing drinks tonight? Think myself and @simonDoggett are gonna have a few @wilColley?
  776. 2009-6-12 Leaving the low priority bugs to help do exciting things... like the blogs! Yesssss.
  777. 2009-6-12 Now starting to see why developers could get bored with their job if their life is just bug fixing. It gets pretty boring...
  778. 2009-6-12 @Izabel_blue Web 0.9 sounds right. When hacking HTML was an every day acceptable thing!
  779. 2009-6-12 Discussing toasties with lads at work because of @thehacksaw and yes... it's Friday. Omgz.
  780. 2009-6-12 I'm convinced today cant really be Friday... some how there's a weird anomaly going on. This will be in the news surely.
  781. 2009-6-12 Retweeting @tkenny: Why Designers Should Learn How to Code http://tr.im/ofH6
  782. 2009-6-12 Cant believe it's Friday. I honestly thought it was a Thursday. Life is amazing.
  783. 2009-6-12 Oh my god he's lapping me. Has he got to the office and done his work already? .. Nope just forgot his glasses. #speedy #neighbour #fail
  784. 2009-6-12 My neighbour moved at the speed of light this mornin. Down the hill walking 10x faster than me and has now lapped me. #speedy #neighbour
  785. 2009-6-12 @jon_bedford I'll wear my best suit. That's bound to impress the judges... http://nom.blog.qype.com/?p=96
  786. 2009-6-12 Bugs bugs bugs buh-STOMP.
  787. 2009-6-12 Missing @russianTsar and @adamTibi. It's quite lonely being on a desk of 4 with no one to wave to. #sad
  788. 2009-6-12 As @simondoggett is off to Lords to get hammered. I'm going to do a few laps around Bexley for a few hours. Cant wait :D
  789. 2009-6-11 Gotta love James Casey's emails. "does Kai still walk around with a smile on his chevy chase all the time?"
  790. 2009-6-11 The train has stopped because there is a cable on fire. But don't worry, our driver is going to go put it out!! I'm not joking. #tfl
  791. 2009-6-11 @Izabel_blue thanks.. :) .. I think... And @simondoggett his shades are like door men to a cool gig. I won't get past them.
  792. 2009-6-11 I think Charlie Bartlett just got on my train.
  793. 2009-6-11 Anyways enough of that. Home time. IE6, you're fired!
  794. 2009-6-11 Apparently i'm wearing my date shirt and our awesome #justgiving CEO, Zarine, says it's about time I went on a date. Whateverrrr.
  795. 2009-6-11 bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs... feature bug... bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs
  796. 2009-6-11 @simonDoggett Best quote ever: (16:32:02) Simon: roflbots, rofl out
  797. 2009-6-11 @thehacksaw I never knew I had a fan! Nice to meet you.
  798. 2009-6-11 @thehacksaw Oh god... I'm never going to hear the end of this from @wilcolley. He nicknamed me Fry...
  799. 2009-6-11 Our driver has 'doused the fire out'. And we're now able to continue on our journey. His words, not mine. #tfl #hero
  800. 2009-6-10 8 in, 8.30 out. Might have to chill out a bit tomorrow mornin! Great to get things done and flat buy starting to go right.
  801. 2009-6-10 In work early. Everything is going great so far & @sophdea said the nicest thing ever. Really touched. It wasn't shut up Kai either! Bonus.
  802. 2009-6-10 @fstorr It could always be worse.
  803. 2009-6-10 @THE_REAL_SHAQ today was the day we can say you were, REALLY bored. ;)
  804. 2009-6-10 It's 6am. Let's get this party started.
  805. 2009-6-9 Apparently German and English are so similar because of the war. You know. When the Nazis like came over to England. HAHaha. #BigBrother
  806. 2009-6-9 If you're into crazy yet cool stuff then @whatleydude's latest blog post is sick (in a good way). http://bit.ly/18a0RE
  807. 2009-6-9 @kaigani I think you could well be on to something there. We should go for sushi to make up for it some time soon! :D
  808. 2009-6-9 @sergeimuller dude Think it's all of us in the same boat... I'm guessing @kaigani too.
  809. 2009-6-9 @thehacksaw Mortgages are painful. jJst want what we agreed, sign a contract, give ppl money & for it all to be over. Bugger. I spoke.
  810. 2009-6-9 We don't talk about today.
  811. 2009-6-9 @Stanto sorry mon amis, was sleeping during that tweet. Yes all the London underground is on strike! :P
  812. 2009-6-9 @Abougu Thanks that's really kind of you to say so, we're really excited about the @JustGiving new design. But, there's tons still to do!
  813. 2009-6-8 @kevinprince Well... yeah. I like @smyther's idea of us all being on segways! @fstorr would totally rip bystanders down in that thing!
  814. 2009-6-8 Still working. Remote desktop is as slow as a turtle. HasLayout? Yes you has. IE6 is like a n00bCat.
  815. 2009-6-8 @thehacksaw Jeeeebus dude. That sounds wrong. Butter on the outside?
  816. 2009-6-8 @thehacksaw what's the perfect combo? I made hundreds of toasties in my youth and will share my best if you'd like :) d me ur email!
  817. 2009-6-8 @alexandrapullin A glass of milk. I'll explain it another time!
  818. 2009-6-8 Sorry.. that should have included an explanation. Looks like the Chinese speakers are taking over Snipt.org! http://is.gd/STX3
  819. 2009-6-8 Interesting.. http://is.gd/STX3
  820. 2009-6-8 @Whatleydude I've got an empty desk beside me. You could come work at #JustGiving towers! http://twitpic.com/6w88c
  821. 2009-6-8 @russianTsar just the name 'David Skrinda'... I can see him playing for Liverpool! We love the Latvian stars :D
  822. 2009-6-8 You had marmite this morning didn't you mr. Suit Dude sat infront of me. No no no no don't cough as well. #marmiteflu
  823. 2009-6-8 London tube is down tomorrow because of a strike. People will have to -OMFG- walk around the city. What the hell is the world coming to?
  824. 2009-6-7 Wow. She's come back. I take everything I said earlier back. Impressive two on the #apprentice. Yasmina to win... :P
  825. 2009-6-7 Someone put this poor girl out of her misery already... #apprentice
  826. 2009-6-7 Yup... pretty sure they've lost #apprentice.
  827. 2009-6-7 Apprentice team selection.. Yasmina has just lost. She should have left Philip to his other half & avoided the potential team issue.
  828. 2009-6-7 @Han pics... or it's still long as far as I'm concerned!
  829. 2009-6-7 Watching 10 things you need to know about losing weight. It's amazing & infomative... http://bit.ly/TwBVd
  830. 2009-6-7 Left football.Great to catch up with old school friend again. There were bizzare random other ppl: Pro-football player and a random lady.
  831. 2009-6-7 Playing football with a French player from Toulouse - Musto Balde. http://twitpic.com/6tsly
  832. 2009-6-7 Like Han Solo but under duvet rather than carbonite when I heard @smyther's compassionate tweet. Envisage duvet my friend. You too ca..z zz
  833. 2009-6-7 Had breakfast. Now considering Slumber II: return of the duvet. It beckons. "Hi bed. Lets make snooze bubbles."
  834. 2009-6-7 @smyther You're coming to London huh? Shame I dont have my flat yet, else I'd invite you round for some tea.
  835. 2009-6-7 I take that back slightly. That box is tiny & there's no way I'm paying for that unless it's some amazing chocolate. Thorntons > that
  836. 2009-6-6 It's raining pretty heavy. Love it.
  837. 2009-6-6 Loved rebel bingo. Rude, crude, abusive and pure evil language used. Just the way I like it.
  838. 2009-6-6 Rofl. This place is amazing. About to do the surprissseeee thing. http://twitpic.com/6r12n
  839. 2009-6-6 @katematlock I have a paket sat right next to me full of the stuff... Mmmmm http://twitpic.com/6ql8m
  840. 2009-6-6 @loulou200 how about those weird kinda shoe/Wellington hybrid thingys?
  841. 2009-6-6 @richmarr you're going down! Finish the game of chess off already!
  842. 2009-6-6 Learning some of the secrets of ping pong dim sun restaurants and how to make my own prawn crackers! http://twitpic.com/6qhjm
  843. 2009-6-6 Having a competition with little Jayden first to laugh loses. I win everytime! http://twitpic.com/6qfeu
  844. 2009-6-6 Visiting Mr Joshua and his little family. He's now in love with Fifa! http://twitpic.com/6qe9l
  845. 2009-6-6 Watching Google I/O - Myth of the genius programmer http://bit.ly/plRiD and wondering what your teams bus factor is...
  846. 2009-6-6 Off to stopperz's (@HayleyS) bday bash. Must not get too mashed.. There's fuBball on tomorrow.
  847. 2009-6-5 Love the new @w3c <sarcasm> element. It should defiantly get implemented as an easter egg! http://bit.ly/eCLF7
  848. 2009-6-5 @tkenny OOoooh channel 4, thank for the reminder pal! :)
  849. 2009-6-5 At home, with wine and having fun with PHP. I am going out tomorrow though. To celebrate @hayleyS's birthday!
  850. 2009-6-5 @thehacksaw Christmas songs rock dude. And not sure about syncing up my FB with Twitter. They're separate things for me :)
  851. 2009-6-5 Impressed with the CVs I've squires through twitter. This is the new way to recruit the best, by avoiding the middle recruiters.
  852. 2009-6-5 Practicing Chinese with dad to say mom in Cantonese, "Maaah." Dad replies in a subdued manner, "You just said horse again."
  853. 2009-6-5 Our long text dilema for the new site is explains by @adamTibi - @willjohnh and I are now enlightened! http://twitpic.com/6o7ah
  855. 2009-6-5 Testing out Google's y-slow alternative: 'Page Speed'. Check it out yo! http://is.gd/P08E
  856. 2009-6-5 How can I answer something if you don't leave your name? http://twitpic.com/6nro6
  857. 2009-6-5 It's #followFriday and omfg if you dun already, add @whatleydude. Awesome friend. And spuha.. mobile gosu (he can walk).
  858. 2009-6-5 @Whatleydude You're my hero. Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam. Oh, and for a good measure... the finest ingrediant of all! Sp-uh-ham ;)
  859. 2009-6-5 @benbot Just playing about with forms, injection, emailing stuff and trying out memCache.
  860. 2009-6-4 @HayleyS Rofl. <3 Keyboard cat. And thanks for the congrats :D Hopefully will be able to move in soon and have a huge house party!
  861. 2009-6-4 @HayleyS I'll just twitter my home address so everyone can come and rob me when I've tweeted I'm out ;)
  862. 2009-6-4 @HayleyS Ahhhh, not quite. Did sign lots of forms so, hopefully I'll have my own place next week. Hopefully!
  863. 2009-6-4 @HayleyS Did I sign last night? No... I don't know how to do sign language.
  864. 2009-6-4 RT @marcflores: @kaichanvong Were you sitting in the corner of the chinese cafe for lunch - I'm sure you were on the table behind mine!
  865. 2009-6-4 Excited. Lunch with @jon_bedford to develop our sexy #NomNomNom menu. We're defending champs dontcha know! http://is.gd/NYOh
  866. 2009-6-4 @alexandrapullin hahahaha. Keep up the good work. Just don't let that good work come to surface the following day.
  867. 2009-6-4 Listening to @boagworld and hearing marcus say he has a puppy. Expected a punch line there... Spot the dog.
  868. 2009-6-4 @Stanto If only all the team were down here in London, rather than up north. I miss the nights out. Plus those games of Monopoly.
  869. 2009-6-4 #QuestionTime on BBC1. The Government is in a mess & it's not like the other parties are any better. All liars.. can we have Obama plz.
  870. 2009-6-4 Keep seeing the advert for Virgin Trains.. and all I want to do... is go on a train... oh dear.
  871. 2009-6-3 Really wishing I hadn't done those squats this morning that @RussianTsar told me to try out. Can haz less world of pain?
  872. 2009-6-3 @alexandrapullin Well... on a different note. I just saw Michael McIntyre on TV. I look nothing like him! http://bit.ly/fmFXB
  873. 2009-6-3 Amazing UI design video about how an iPhone app came to life. Amazing stuff. Props to @stanto for the link. http://bit.ly/GDYwy
  874. 2009-6-3 @sergeimuller Hi. Wow, you work at PG. Small world. Don't think I met you. Drop me an email - kai at justgiving dot com
  875. 2009-6-3 I've been sat next to my dad on the train for 15 mins and not noticed. Amazing. Just said hello to him.
  876. 2009-6-3 @JustGiving are looking for a new Front-End Developer to work alongside me. @ / d for my email...
  877. 2009-6-3 @simondoggett just took @russianTsar's chair. It feels like he's died and no one respects his belongings.. GIVE IT BACK GOD DAMN IT!
  878. 2009-6-3 @alexandrapullin preferred it when you were tweeting about your hangover agony rather than about MPs leaving their jobs!
  879. 2009-6-3 @RussianTsar Bet I just did my first txt msg to Latvia... I now know how you felt the past few days. It hurt.
  880. 2009-6-2 I dreamed a dream in time gone by,When hope was high,And life worth living....
  881. 2009-6-2 @Cennydd Just think... if you listen to that song enough times, I reckon it could cure your insomnia!
  882. 2009-6-2 Listening to Semisonic - 'Closing Time', It's @russianTsar's good bye song. http://is.gd/Mmh8
  883. 2009-6-2 Today is @RussianTsar's last day, we're going to miss him in the office. He's a legend.
  884. 2009-6-2 Apparently I have to tweet about International #iceberg day... http://niceberg.tumblr.com 'cos @utku say so.
  885. 2009-6-2 @Izabel_blue, @willjohnh and I have agreed we need to stick a GPS tracker on you so we can have www.wheres-eak-now.com
  886. 2009-6-2 Remembering I used to play Xiangqi (Chinese chess) during a chat with @adamTibi. Anyone know of an iPhone game of it? http://is.gd/M5Bz
  887. 2009-6-2 @alexandrapullin Hungover? Here's a suggestive cure for you... http://is.gd/M5V5
  888. 2009-6-1 @utku oh so you are going out! :P sadly on the train home but we'll have to celebrate end of exams dude.
  889. 2009-6-1 (like a rainbow!)
  890. 2009-6-1 youuuu with the saddddd heart dont be discouraged. Dooo beee doo beee do. anddddddddddddddddddddddd iiiii seee youur trueeeee colorrrrrrss.
  891. 2009-6-1 @jon_bedford Glad you liked it mate :) Just playing the kerning game for a moment. Nice! http://is.gd/Lpwb (via @Markyphillips)
  892. 2009-6-1 Leaving the park after salad & scary dinosaur sweets. Bye bye hot girls in the park from @RussianTsar & I http://twitpic.com/6eb3e
  893. 2009-6-1 @jwuniverse congrats on reaching your target! Great achievment. Now to dress in orange and dye ya hair too.
  894. 2009-6-1 @jon_bedford twitter works in mysterious ways... :) Now you haz caek!
  895. 2009-5-31 Run complete. Not as great as yesterday though.. 3m in 35 mins. Could murder a glass of water now. http://twitpic.com/6d3k4
  896. 2009-5-31 Not feeling it @Abougu. You speak words of love, but I'm not feeling the sincerity here. That & @FoluB @kaigani dun seem convinced either.
  897. 2009-5-31 @Abougu Really? Watch that rom-com of a movie? Seriously? Should every Kai watch it? Really?! 'He's Just Not That Into You'. Really?!?
  898. 2009-5-31 Now have myself a mini fryer & a steamer. Can't wait to tempura everything! To, you know, fatten up my guests and keep me healthy.
  899. 2009-5-31 @russianTsar I too am out. Absolute:success; Wearing yellow in Ikea... mild failure!
  900. 2009-5-31 Ikea completed... thinking bout wardrobes & pax units. Next up, Robert Dyes, @JustGiving has kindly given me vouchers for! #mortgage
  901. 2009-5-31 Retweeting @Stanto: @kaichanvong There's never offence when delicious cake is involved. =)
  902. 2009-5-31 Bless. My nan just left a voice message worried that @Stanto might be offended by my last comment. Don't worry, he knew what you meant!
  903. 2009-5-31 My grandmother just asked, "How is your friend Chris (@stanto)?" Whenever I think of him I think of Chocolate cake.
  904. 2009-5-31 "What a difference a hair change makes..." My Gran http://bit.ly/rSFk "You look so different..."
  905. 2009-5-31 Working with Chinese typography. It's not as easy as you think it would be. But super fun when mixing it up with some English stuff.
  906. 2009-5-31 Our love is like a katamari. We travel along, rolling up more & more of our world into our shared experience, taking it & making it out own
  907. 2009-5-31 Wow, crazy dream of being in a restaurant with @c_food & most of the conversation was in Japanese & I understood bits of it...
  908. 2009-5-31 Hoping someone loves me enough to give me an invite to Google Wave some time soon... :D
  909. 2009-5-30 Not been there yet... RT @richmarr: I've decided that following @kaichanvong is like visiting Amsterdam. Everyone should try it.
  910. 2009-5-30 In terminal do this if you love Star Wars. "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl" I promise you will not be disappointed.
  911. 2009-5-30 Love it Dan. Absolutely love it. RT @danrogl: Cutest Thing I've Seen All Day: Whack-A-Kitty http://ff.im/3pmVG
  912. 2009-5-30 @natbentley It's the taking part that counts not the amount mate :)
  913. 2009-5-30 @noamso and to you mon amis :) Looking forward to the the second half of #facup & playing http://www.football3s.com wif you & @PookeTellsEm
  914. 2009-5-30 It really is awesome RT @utku: RT @football3s - We're playing along to Chelsea v Everton. Come play on http://football3s.com/ #soccer
  915. 2009-5-30 Beaten last weeks run record. Think it's about 4m in 40 mins... Bit dazed! http://twitpic.com/69283
  916. 2009-5-30 @Stanto My appologies. She'll dye her hair, wear orange for 6£... guessin there will be photos & it'll be amazing. http://bit.ly/ys2zP
  917. 2009-5-30 @stanto's girlfriend @jwuniverse is £6 away from dying her hair orange for charity, will 3 nice ppl will donate £2 each? http://bit.ly/ys2zP
  918. 2009-5-30 @wilColley SHIFT + M!!!! Fs. Took me ages to figure out how to do different selections in Photoshop for marquee etc ;)
  919. 2009-5-30 @Stanto Nice link to the Boustrophedon Text Reader. A few weeks someone mentioned about the Dvorak keyboard too http://bit.ly/sGprg
  920. 2009-5-30 On BBC 1 there was UK's youngest LandLady at 19. Totally misheard land lady & heard youngest man-lady. She was amazingly hot.
  921. 2009-5-30 @Stanto It is rather good isn't it. Speaking of which. http://bit.ly/lhIXz When you coming to visit next? :)
  922. 2009-5-30 Learning to use logos, ethos and pathos in every day scenarios. http://bit.ly/Pcezo
  923. 2009-5-30 @elliottkember Oooooo. I kinda wish it had sound with it too. But it's awesome none the less!
  924. 2009-5-29 Up & coming designer Mia http://is.gd/IW3i (she was at work experience @ justgiving), has been highlighted on the Jg Blog! http://is.gd/IW31
  925. 2009-5-29 Oooops. Made a mistake. Sorry for this upcoming repost!
  926. 2009-5-29 Up & coming designer Mia http://is.gd/IW3i (she was at work experience @ justgiving), has been highlighted on the Jg Blog! http://is.gd/IW3
  927. 2009-5-29 Hi summer. It's been a while.
  928. 2009-5-29 @Han And yet the screengrab on the BBC - http://is.gd/J5Jn - actually look rather promising. Amazing.
  929. 2009-5-28 Just been passed on a link by @stanto that I should run in these http://www.vibramfivefingers.com - not.. quite.. sure...
  930. 2009-5-28 @wilcolley We can install an extractor fan above your head if you'd like.
  931. 2009-5-28 @loulou200 good morning newbie! Welcome to twitter :D
  932. 2009-5-28 Good talk earlier on MVC v WebForms with @serialseb & @plip. Outcome: webforms must improve & MVC is good practise mentality to have.mac ftw
  933. 2009-5-28 @Izabel_blue your pic looks (almost) like something out of a Japanese horror movie. Watch out Sarah Michelle Gellar!
  934. 2009-5-28 @Izabel_blue is right @wilcolley you should just give up smoking as it'd be better for you in the long term! #guiltTrip
  935. 2009-5-27 Today is a big disappointment. Why would I want to attend an opening day... When I'm gonna buy from you? http://twitpic.com/61pmi
  936. 2009-5-27 @thomasb86 not... what.. I was hoping for... Not been this disappointed before. http://twitpic.com/61pih
  937. 2009-5-27 Omg omg omg. http://twitpic.com/61pe7
  938. 2009-5-27 Hello Coda. I love you. Now eagerly learning more from Mr. Steven Frank (co-founder of Panic). Packing boxes isn't Tetris enough for me.
  939. 2009-5-27 RT @justgiving: We just refreshed and wooohooooooooooooo! Phil has reached his million! Congratulations @PhilPacker! You did it. Amazing :)
  940. 2009-5-27 @warriorgrrl my good friend Mr. @simondoggett is also off to Spain for his birthday. What. Are. The. Chances. Anything to admit guys? ;)
  941. 2009-5-27 @sophdea maybe it's cos you've already had a whole city named after you :P
  942. 2009-5-27 Retweeting @codepo8: Panic.com have a three day sale. Coda, Unison and Transmit are each half price: https://www.panic.com/sale/
  943. 2009-5-27 Great evenin' celebrating the Catalinia win tonight. Seeing old school friends was again awesome.
  944. 2009-5-27 So lucky to have such awesome friend (they cooked me an awesome meal too). On that note,@simondoggett have a great birthday.
  945. 2009-5-27 Omg we're watching the man utd v barca match in my friends house! It's gonna be amazing. http://twitpic.com/62cuc
  946. 2009-5-27 @beccawatts and @danworth please... get a D room ;)
  947. 2009-5-27 @katematlock Jeeeeeeez. Enough of the psycho-metric-cross examination of life! Hopefully no one is so very Jekyll and Hyde.
  948. 2009-5-27 Easily my best run to date. 3.5m in 35mins... Does get a bit boring running so consistantly though. Prefer jog/sprints.
  949. 2009-5-27 Ahhh... everyone loves buying insurance it would seem. Thanks Mr Craig @cunners for the url :) Will give it a quick zap!
  950. 2009-5-27 Going through forms & questions on sites such as the Co-operative for home insurance is similar to being punched in the stomach. Painful.
  951. 2009-5-27 Headline news: RT @danworth RT @GregCochrane @lilyroseallen Get ITV on the phone? Lily Allen is looking forward to the football tonight.
  952. 2009-5-26 @tkenny what're you using? SSH or that desktop app? I really should consider setting it up :)
  953. 2009-5-26 @benbot well Mon amis, objectified is a documentary on user experience/ interaction design. You'd enjoy it, similar to Helvetica.
  954. 2009-5-26 @lovelychaos I don't use it... But having seen how much the interface of hotmail and yahoo mail - they've both improved incredibly!
  955. 2009-5-26 Off ta London to see objectified with some of the lads from @Justgiving. Extremely excited. Take me take me to the riot! And let me stayyy
  956. 2009-5-26 @leasimpson lol. Has someone started hitting the Guinness early or just seen to many of Heston Blumenthal's TV shows?
  957. 2009-5-26 Apparently its to do wif Oxytocin. As I like to call it, fun for all the family! & #lovemarmite sometimes. kinda. I think.. #marmitelovehate
  958. 2009-5-26 @codepo8 You've made me think about breasts.. and just why they're so loved. Now googling theories on why men love breast so.
  959. 2009-5-25 The boy in striped pyjamas brought to life part of the horrors behind the concentration camps in WW2. Dramatic. Intense. Shocking.
  960. 2009-5-25 @Whatleydude next time ur at the o2 you'll have to let me know :D & you guys can pop by for a cup of tea (I'm gonna be livin near there!)
  961. 2009-5-24 Just seen a Sunderland fan on TV holding up a sign saying "Lets all laugh at Newcastle. HA HA." Harshhhhhh.
  962. 2009-5-24 Looks like a lot of viruses are flying around on Facebook's inbox/MSN at the moment... be careful pals!
  963. 2009-5-24 Playing this fantastic real-time footy game with @PookeTellsEm which is designed by @utku and his team at Mint digital. http://bit.ly/cbGAz
  964. 2009-5-24 @russianTsar Snap! Im also in shorts & flip flops. Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop. My name is Kai Chan Vong & today is the sunniest day of my life.
  965. 2009-5-24 @Kusasi, @Garkbit, @Danworth, @BecciWatts, @BekiButton, @heather_bird my post FLM'09 Tweetup picnic photos are up http://bit.ly/o39Gd
  966. 2009-5-24 @willjohnh Am too much of a lightweight! Fell asleep during Donnie Darko.. which I really want to watch again. Will check out Bullit tho!
  967. 2009-5-24 @kusasi Good to meet you too. The picture is what we'll do to someone next time they come along and steal our yum yums http://bit.ly/ryKr5
  968. 2009-5-23 Pearl Harbor on TV in the background. I'm learning to be as smooth as Ben Affeick. Yeah... I think I could be a bit less dorky. Only a bit.
  969. 2009-5-23 "and the waves must be so, so wavey" @flmtweetup
  970. 2009-5-23 With @bekibutton and she won't try the rocky roadster chocolates. :( #flmtweetup
  971. 2009-5-23 At #Waterloo station ppl dressed up as characters from Naruto (Jap anime). Must be for a cosplay event. Not that I'm into that kinda thing
  972. 2009-5-23 @Stanto just had a txt saying it's resolved. Our god like head of ops, Charlie sends his thanks :)
  973. 2009-5-23 @Stanto thanks for your email dude, our @Justgiving ops team are on it to fix the box :)
  974. 2009-5-23 @benbot recommend me some awesome galleries then dude :) it was still pretty cool to have gone there and inspired some ideas.
  975. 2009-5-23 @Stanto again? What's happened this time..
  976. 2009-5-23 Camera in hand, I'm off to St James Park in London for the 'Post FLM Picnic', organised and hosted by @bekibutton.
  977. 2009-5-23 Mashable's have written a post on 4 ways Social Media is changing the non-profit world. It's awesome. http://bit.ly/hb2L5
  978. 2009-5-23 @willjohnh hohoho. I will do more than this score too! http://twitpic.com/5rxlc
  979. 2009-5-22 @kaigani @utku Qype Summer Party? @simondoggett and myself shall be there too! http://bit.ly/p65kd
  980. 2009-5-22 Conjuring up new names for @bekibutton's bracelet designs http://bit.ly/woAqy it's heaps of fun #etsy
  981. 2009-5-22 @simondoggett @wilcolley I don't blame it. I wouldn't recognise Comic Sans as "font" neither. It's an epic font fail. PS. Jus kiddin'.
  982. 2009-5-22 @kaigani wow. It must have been like a Marvel/DC crossover. Are you also at a post office waiting to pick up a mortgage letter?
  983. 2009-5-22 @meaganfisher It's not fair. Whenever I play COD4 I get motion sickness. £40 wanting to vom is not cool. Anyone got a remedy?
  984. 2009-5-22 Having a dream about being at work and having a headache was quite possibly the lamest dream ever.
  985. 2009-5-22 Having seen unique photography and trying to convince the musuem to sell some of my work, I'm now off home.
  986. 2009-5-22 In America on CBS they have "LOL Mondays." Would it kill to have a half decent copy writer for stuff like this?
  987. 2009-5-22 @Matt_Paradise you got to meet the legend that is @anniemole! You're super lucky. Where we going for dinner after the gallery? #starving
  988. 2009-5-22 @heather_bird I'm starting to wonder if you can make sushi... there may have to have a sushi off. May the best Makizushi win!
  989. 2009-5-22 Photoshopped! Retweeting @lovelychaos: Groundbreaking news from the Telegraph. How do they manage it? http://bit.ly/TJWnU
  990. 2009-5-22 @heather_bird can haz sushi at picnic time? @bekibutton hearts the sushi fo sho.
  991. 2009-5-22 @Izabel_blue Hopefully once I have my sofa and it's all set up nicely I'll have a lil housewarming party.
  992. 2009-5-22 Let me just say that again. WOoOOoOoOoOooOoOOooooHooOOooooooooooo.
  993. 2009-5-22 WooooOOOooooHoooo. Mortgage offer has gone through. So pleased. Now back to packing up and boxing stuffs.
  994. 2009-5-21 I have wax on my iPhone and I've heard an amazing story about a kid stealing a penguin from the Zoo! Amazing.
  995. 2009-5-21 @JasonBarile is 2010 Beta 2 going to be a free upgrade then? :) And if not... how much will it be?
  996. 2009-5-21 @kaigani @katematlock Hahahaha. Burned!
  997. 2009-5-21 Winding up a developers that I've put into the source code (encoded in 64 bit) "IE6 blows." He's actually looking at me like I've done it.
  998. 2009-5-21 Reached a whole new level of unimpressed.. LivePerson markup section I can't edit <iframe><iframe>. Baby Jesus right now is in tears.
  999. 2009-5-21 The new awesome replacement for GreaseMonkey is here. JetPack. Way cooler name. Developed by the Mozilla team to make a new gen of plugins!
  1000. 2009-5-21 @anucreative I think there is mon Amis... Le nom des le "belt". C'est magnificant!
  1001. 2009-5-20 @ashleyemma Omg. Center align content. Argh. Use sparingly or contained within a graphic device of some type.
  1002. 2009-5-20 @kaigani I should technically be Kai Wah Vong and my next child, Chan.. So Kai Chan Vong jr. I even have the domain!
  1003. 2009-5-20 @wilcolley linked me to this awesome article http://is.gd/yISs However I dun see the difference in naming it Infographics/Data Visualisation
  1004. 2009-5-19 MegaLoLz. RT @utku: "I can't believe you are sleeping with someone who's on Twitter." - "I can't believe you're not!"
  1005. 2009-5-19 @heather_bird "hi, i'm heather and I am the community manager at jg. I am a complete n00b so please be nice to me"
  1006. 2009-5-19 Just booked up for #uxbcldn register 15/6 http://bit.ly/D8ts4 (expand) here for 18/6 http://bit.ly/a9EiD (expand) + free books!
  1007. 2009-5-19 @leasimpson That could be your new venture Lea! Readify or Litrify the slightly classier alt to Spotify.
  1008. 2009-5-19 @Stanto hardly any at all. :)
  1009. 2009-5-19 @Stanto microsoft word hahaha. I haven't used that in... About 2 years. Viewing it. But not by choice. :)
  1010. 2009-5-19 @dsingleton That's weird... we were talking about URI today and I was like.. wtf is a URI? Is it a typo for URL?
  1011. 2009-5-19 Oh we're totally going to take this Viral and even make a T-Shirt of it. @dansumption @utku
  1012. 2009-5-19 @kaigani 2 Kais for the price of none. #uxbcldn watch out. I think I just saw a pigeon drop off the train platform in awe.
  1013. 2009-5-18 #StarTrek was awesome. Altho I wasn't a huge fan of seeing old Spock in the show so freq. Now to watch season finale of Lost.
  1014. 2009-5-18 I love mondays. They rock. Star trek tonight too! Could life get any better? Doubt it.
  1015. 2009-5-18 @kaigani you're awesome dude, cheers. Promise not to use camel case in the future =)
  1016. 2009-5-18 @simondoggett DollHouse actually gets quite good. Not Lost or Heroes good..
  1017. 2009-5-18 Wonder if we can sneak into the iMax tonight when watching Star Trek with pizza...
  1018. 2009-5-17 Packing up most of my room... ready for the big move!
  1019. 2009-5-17 @warriorgrrl That sounds awesome. Count me in! @utku, don't be a wuss. Expect to see you there too.
  1020. 2009-5-17 And they also look like Ewoks. Man. Reindeer clothes are absolutely the future. #bbc2 with Incredible Human Journey
  1021. 2009-5-17 Reindeer skin boots.. want. They just totally made short work on one & are now drinking the blood, eating the meat and creating boots #bbc2
  1022. 2009-5-17 @Malarkey Yeah, gotta love that IE8 is still pretty f***ed when it comes to doing anything serious with front-end dev work.
  1023. 2009-5-17 #kaiGani oh dear friend & gay icon of Social Media. Got any useful resources for up & coming IA/UX Designer @willjohnh RE: blog nav. tips?
  1024. 2009-5-17 @rachelbeer Oh it's amazing isn't it. How have you managed to dodge the legend that is #cdwm ? Aka #comeDineWithMe :)
  1025. 2009-5-17 #comeDineWithMe "Did the whining lady win?" Dad asks. Yes Dad, yes she did. And now to see if Chinese are a different origin to others BBC2
  1026. 2009-5-17 Ok... turns out it was Bit.Ly not Justgiving... hmmm... even so, weird.
  1027. 2009-5-17 Wow. Flickr actually bans the use of Justgiving.com on a comment.. never seen this before http://bit.ly/GFHLu - how can we rectify this?
  1028. 2009-5-17 @kaigani Wow, comparing yourself to Madonna and Take That. Amazing!
  1029. 2009-5-17 Lots boxed up now. Hmmm... wonder what day I'll get to move!
  1030. 2009-5-17 @kaigani HAHAHAHAA. Well there's always a % that one Kai will be gay and it looks like you get to be that % ;)
  1031. 2009-5-17 @benbot Ohhh now I'm not a geek that needs to get a hobby huh! :p Oh how the winds of change do blow.
  1032. 2009-5-17 Last week I was ironically searching for the perfect font-face for programming in. Now here are some more to try out! http://bit.ly/butRH
  1033. 2009-5-16 @russianTsar Wow. Hi Russia. With love! :D Vote Norway, vote Norway, vote Norway.
  1034. 2009-5-16 There are people... drowning in 5mm of water on the EuroVision song contest. Random. A poor/crazed version of China's Olympic performances.
  1035. 2009-5-16 Malta has an older... version of Charlotte Church.... amazing.. http://bit.ly/6j5LR
  1036. 2009-5-16 Sooo.. If you think the comic label names are obscure. That's cos those ones just fit into those drawers. http://twitpic.com/5ba4o
  1037. 2009-5-16 @futureshape Thanks dude, yeah... we were talking about doing other areas. Any suggestions? :)
  1038. 2009-5-16 @mnoo Thanks :D
  1039. 2009-5-16 Let me know what you think of my photos from today via Twitter of Flickr!! http://bit.ly/12KEiH
  1040. 2009-5-16 @Han CSS the band or the scripting language? :P
  1041. 2009-5-16 Playing about with http://www.wolframalpha.com - Thank u @renate & @kaigani for mentioning it lots! :)
  1042. 2009-5-16 @bekibutton DSLR... And no, Elie's camera is the definition of love to me. The D5. A timeless classic body with a lens to die for.
  1043. 2009-5-16 @bekibutton Yes, you read correctly. Lemonade. That okay with you :p Elie taught me how to use my SLR & that it sucks compared to his!
  1044. 2009-5-16 Along the south bank in London having a pint of lemonade with Elie and taking photos! It's a lovely day. http://twitpic.com/5a90t
  1045. 2009-5-16 @russianTsar she needs the colbolt blue too and then she'd really fit in.
  1046. 2009-5-16 @bekibutton yerrr the chicken obsession is a bit of a concern! And thinking about it is making me hungry.
  1047. 2009-5-16 Lucky little squirrel. Next time you may not be so fortuna... Why are there so many bugs covering me... Train arrived. Late on time.
  1048. 2009-5-16 Everyone is talking about food and I'm hungry. Hmmm. Food. And my train is late. Food... Hmmm. Hello little squirrel..
  1049. 2009-5-16 @ValentineT hahahahhahahha. Sorry. It feels good to not be hungover tho :)
  1050. 2009-5-16 @benbot I have plenty of hobbies. Just too many to keep up with! Can't wait to get back into cooking in my new flat.
  1051. 2009-5-16 Nowt quite beats doing a bit of Markup/PHP & Saturday morning kitchen. Later Catching up wif Elie in London soon for a walk around London.
  1052. 2009-5-16 @bekibutton what's unglamorous about ya existance?
  1053. 2009-5-15 Watching fanboys. A movie in a galaxy far, far away. Totally should be out drinking more but being good. Sent from my iPhone.
  1054. 2009-5-15 Behave Kai... Behave.
  1055. 2009-5-15 Al Gore's Ted talk was amazing. Methane under dense ice, being lit to produce a flame thrower from the ground is a scary pic. #climatechange
  1056. 2009-5-15 @codepo8 Which lecturer got you to go there? Say hi to the legend that is Nicholas Glean if you get the chance to meet him.
  1057. 2009-5-15 @kaigani Totally. Though everyone I know probably thought I was talking to myself... Or was I..
  1058. 2009-5-14 @simondoggett speaking of lookalikes! Jeremy @adactio Keith on 24. I won't ruin the plot, but he even had a laptop!
  1059. 2009-5-14 @Stanto You're going to turn a bacon sandwich to cinder just to prove a point aren't you.
  1060. 2009-5-14 @Stanto you cannot kill a bacon sandwich... That is illogical. You could however a pig and the cook it to have a bacon sandwich.
  1061. 2009-5-14 To be or not to be. There is no limbo. Whethere it is noble to suffer the storm troopers and wookies of outragous hair growth misfortune..
  1062. 2009-5-14 Out the office and looking forward to when this project ends. Wonder if I'll get to work in the US site next.
  1063. 2009-5-14 @bekibutton hmm does the lamp shade help her sleep? Could just use a sleeping aid like that right now...
  1064. 2009-5-14 Just had kittens. Cascade, Style and Sheeeeet. LOLz.
  1065. 2009-5-14 At Justgiving we try to follow in Jamie Oliver's footsteps to feed the generation of tomorrow with healthy food. Pizza. Good job Matt :P
  1066. 2009-5-14 @simondoggett There are people in the world without tea cups at all :p Be grateful for whatcha gots!
  1067. 2009-5-14 @nashienet bacon sarnoes should have butter on if you're aiming for a heart attack. Tomato ketchup is enough sauce surely?
  1068. 2009-5-13 Just taught someone on work experience some things I do in my role at Justgiving... hope I did a good job...
  1069. 2009-5-13 @tall_rich it's a she! And she seems to be resting right now...
  1070. 2009-5-13 I made a friend on the train! http://twitpic.com/533ew
  1071. 2009-5-13 Hopefully the worrying mortgage issues will now be resolved. Parents have been awesome helping me out. Now.. To fly to work by magic carpet.
  1072. 2009-5-13 @bekibutton electrify it!
  1073. 2009-5-12 @kaichanvong without the U. Cut from the team. http://twitpic.com/51nfk (via @simondoggett) that's the alternate spelling of my surname :)
  1074. 2009-5-12 Retweeting @bekibutton: @kaichanvong we still use IE6 at home. <- You are dead to me. :P
  1075. 2009-5-12 Next time someone asks me about IE6, I'm going to ask them if they're from the past and are a time traveler.
  1076. 2009-5-12 @wilcolley & I are v sad. Heated debate on clicking inspect or right clicking being faster with FireBug, has led to our love for CTRL+SHFT+C
  1077. 2009-5-12 @Izabel_blue geeeeeeeeeek
  1078. 2009-5-12 @garkbit Oh totally.. I'm all about magical pil..fruits that will help me shed the pounds off! http://is.gd/z9fR
  1079. 2009-5-12 @garkbit eh?
  1080. 2009-5-12 @kaigani @katematlock @natbentley So it seems to be a trend that the # key is in a lame position... tsk tsk. But I still <3 Macs!
  1081. 2009-5-12 Quote of the day from someone on work experience, "How do you get an @ on this keyboard." Mac ftw!
  1082. 2009-5-12 I haz all the developer's bins. Muwhahahahaa.
  1083. 2009-5-11 Retweeting @Stanto: How I think @KaiChanVong does his shopping: http://bit.ly/W2Tpb
  1084. 2009-5-11 @nashienet I have heard of GIT... not found enough info on it. Workwise we use TFS.. prev VSS. At home Versions + Beanstalk + subVersion.
  1085. 2009-5-11 Over heard @heather_bird sounding indecisive about something. Must mean she's ordering food for the jG lunchtime video session!
  1086. 2009-5-11 Oh and if you didn't know Mozilla has just released Prism. Very cool looking... http://bit.ly/nRvFW cant wait to try it out tonight!
  1087. 2009-5-11 SubVersion set up nicely on my local now. Using Versions, sadly svnX dun like the format of my repertories & wants v3 found v5. Any ideas?
  1088. 2009-5-11 Home at last!
  1089. 2009-5-10 That was the first desert in stupid number of months. Sweetest pudding ever. Think I might be sick now.
  1090. 2009-5-10 @anucreative Thanks mate! Going to give that a go... svn through terminal isn't so easy to set up with svnX!
  1091. 2009-5-10 Call me skeptical.. but I wonder if the sudden influx of adds to FriendFeeder is down to the email exchange working again. Excuse the pun.
  1092. 2009-5-10 Gotta love a book that has "How to read this book" in the contents. I'm not kidding. http://bit.ly/1arC2D
  1093. 2009-5-10 @Stanto found a Bit.ly firefox plugin a bug with HTTPS sites & emailed them. They replied. This is the way of the Internet. We salute you.
  1094. 2009-5-10 @simondoggett twitterrific 2.0 being download now...
  1095. 2009-5-10 @Stanto Thanks, I'll let our tech team leads know that. :)
  1096. 2009-5-10 @Stanto Nothing.. it's jus looking at a Windows guide to setting up SubVersion I understand. The Mac equivalent is like a Roahl Dahl book.
  1097. 2009-5-10 Developers on UNIX environments are from another dimension. I'm convinced of it. Reading about setting up subversion on my MAC.. tips pls!
  1098. 2009-5-10 Just woke up and was like.... wtf is this? A message from Soph @sophdea? Read it here: http://bit.ly/6iP4j
  1099. 2009-5-10 Bought my new sofa for flat & txting my gradparents, winding them up bout it's costs & functionalities! http://twitpic.com/4x4n8
  1100. 2009-5-9 @stanto @adamTibi who wants some wh00pin' at StreetFighter 4 ?!
  1101. 2009-5-9 Texted my grandparents to let them know I've seen a lorry from near their little town. Almost home now! Got mattress & sure of my sofa now.
  1102. 2009-5-9 @justgiving photos photos photos photos. Else you're all in a park some where drinking pimms & fabricating the whole thing!
  1103. 2009-5-9 @diarydevin I saw that song on tv last night. It was painful. So much so, I required a drop of whiskey to aid my sleep!
  1104. 2009-5-9 Mother was horried to see I didn't wish to purchase any of the following items in picture. http://twitpic.com/4u5m0
  1105. 2009-5-9 We sadly wont be attending #openhacklondon - but will be there via Tweet #tag search... we has work to do.
  1106. 2009-5-9 When was the last time you listened to the charts? Going through it right now & trying to add things to a playList, The Quality is shocking.
  1107. 2009-5-9 Ah work is over... time for a bit of a relax. I think I'll watch some Lost.
  1108. 2009-5-8 Anddddd we're off!
  1109. 2009-5-7 Had a sudden influx of followers on FriendFeed. Hi new followers.
  1110. 2009-5-7 Glad other designers are also getting excited about visualisation. Now if only they could learn to spell it right. http://bit.ly/13SOay
  1111. 2009-5-7 @kaigani does that mean when the chef said sit, it sat? Good fish. Ps. You're totally in as manager/morale support for the *Kai All Stars*
  1112. 2009-5-7 Waiting for my train, having left the office late with Mr @adamTibi... Tomorrow there's still plenty to get done.
  1113. 2009-5-6 Just played footy with the lads from dare digital. Great bunch of lads. Need to play more often @ me if you need a player in London.
  1114. 2009-5-6 Just seen this... the most creative resignation letter ever - http://bit.ly/FSGUs and I think, it's pretty awesome.
  1115. 2009-5-5 Apparently my Twitter avatar makes me look old. How many of you would like it changed and any suggestions of which photos? :)
  1116. 2009-5-5 @bekibutton However there is also a fantastic Yahoo! site called Upcoming... http://upcoming.yahoo.com/ - I recommend that lots too!
  1117. 2009-5-5 @bekibutton it was indeed... I didn't send you an examples though did I. Winging them to you now.
  1118. 2009-5-5 @justgiving Phil - if you could do somethig differently with the functionality of your page or improve it, what would it be?
  1119. 2009-5-5 Crazy in love with the new marmite adverts. Simple yet great potential of variations. http://twitpic.com/4lb0v
  1120. 2009-5-4 @emilicon I like the direction your latest one! It's very democratic/orderly sounding. A conflagation of dragons.
  1121. 2009-5-4 @emilicon a guile or flourish of dragons?
  1122. 2009-5-4 @emilicon loving a nimbus of dragons... Although it's a very friendly metaphor. Flight is slightly more imperial and emphatic!
  1123. 2009-5-4 Heading to @natbentley's place for a BBQ. It's his birthday dontcha know! Everyone @ him and bday hugs him. Do it!
  1124. 2009-5-4 @codepo8 it clearly needed to be inside a function but you got the idea :P
  1125. 2009-5-4 @codepo8 if ('author','Christian').run('spellcheck','true'); alert ('hehe');
  1126. 2009-5-4 Off to visit the Dwell store in Milton Keynes. Quite like the idea of a laptop table... and maybe a few other things.
  1127. 2009-5-4 @kaigani "Tweet it so, mr solo." "Set tweets to stun." "I cannae tweet it."
  1128. 2009-5-3 Improving and learning typography http://bit.ly/1XNoK understanding the basics helps with UI/UX design. Also preparing photos for post...
  1129. 2009-5-3 Meeting some other interesting designers today. It's been really inspiring and keeping me passionate about my work.
  1130. 2009-5-3 At a picnic getting slowly (honest) merry on pimms. It's not windy, nor shall it rain... We hope!
  1131. 2009-5-3 It's not so sunny right now! But it was a moment ago. I thought I'd be the late one, but turns out not :D FIRST!
  1132. 2009-5-3 In borough Market looking for some foods!
  1133. 2009-5-3 @ValentineT Nice upgrade. Here's to hoping there's champagne in the glove pocket. Not that condoning drinking and driving.
  1134. 2009-5-3 @FoluB I'll check them out. Time and where you all watchin the game at? - might have time to do both!
  1135. 2009-5-3 @FoluB Their last and final album was immense and one of guitarists was the bomb.
  1136. 2009-5-3 Off to hamstead Heath for a picnic. It's gonna rain isn't it.
  1137. 2009-5-3 @kaigani hah the truth is out about @katematlock's home bound life.
  1138. 2009-5-3 Just uploaded all #FOWD talks (as mp3). Videos and slides coming soon. Go check them out - http://bit.ly/11u6GH (via @keirwhitaker)
  1139. 2009-5-3 Listening to this video song - http://is.gd/wed0 - done in 1 take. The future is when we can just do stuff & not procrastinate about it.
  1140. 2009-5-3 Playing about with Logicaly http://is.gd/kc1h It's lotsa fun!
  1141. 2009-5-3 http://twitpic.com/4h7us - awesome day on Hampstead Heath wif @leasimpsom @ljrich @lateral @anniemole
  1142. 2009-5-2 Ooops. http://twitpic.com/4euom
  1143. 2009-5-2 Hahaha £399 for this chair which "matches" a black table. Does it show that I don't often go furniture shopping?
  1144. 2009-5-2 In Natuzzi looking at sofas. I think I am in love.
  1145. 2009-5-2 @Izabel_blue Yet I do like their beds.. If only I didn't like them enuff to boycott them.
  1146. 2009-5-2 Fuming @ habitat website absolutely useless labelling of items, causing confusion on a product. Get usability tests now please.
  1147. 2009-5-2 Almost bought a bed at "Ex-MFI bancruptcy, everything has to go, sale" but their staff threw parts down stairs/floor. Had change of mind.
  1148. 2009-5-2 Beak & Tweetie on the Mac: hate popups for writing msgs. Twhirl, TweetDeck Twitterific still have the edge by using the correct pattern.
  1149. 2009-5-2 My sketches from #fowD are up! Featuring also: @SabrinaDent @FolkertGorter @higoodbarry http://is.gd/w6ER
  1150. 2009-5-2 My sketches from #fowD are up! Featuring: @mollydotcom @mikeus @markboulton @meaganfisher @Coudal @ryancarson http://is.gd/w6ER
  1151. 2009-5-2 @simondoggett @katematlock :D so far sofa is looking like a DFS job and the bed... Well I had a few suggestions on that!
  1152. 2009-5-2 @katematlock Ikea huh. I think some of my friends would disagree with you on me getting everything from there... hey @simondoggett?
  1153. 2009-5-2 Time to sort out my washing and tidy my room... Anyone got any tips of furniture sites/shops? Thinking about my new flat already! :D
  1154. 2009-5-2 Stupid Mac defaults. Still trying to get as fast on a Mac as I am on Windows... http://is.gd/Cez
  1155. 2009-5-2 @bekibutton photos else it didn't 'appen!
  1156. 2009-5-2 I promise this is the last furniture tweet for the day. This picture should make you laugh..
  1157. 2009-5-1 @kaigani is being a legend and following in the Kai-like-bluntness.
  1158. 2009-5-1 Not getting drunk with designers and developers at #fowd - honest.
  1159. 2009-5-1 #fowd "When should javaScript not just be progressive enhancement, but a standard? Never." And the same should be with Markup + CSS.
  1160. 2009-5-1 @johnwhenry @jon_bedford OMFG you'll love this. It's amazing. http://raphaeljs.com/
  1161. 2009-5-1 @mattedw Miguel Ripoll is a legend, ask him about the first time he met Andy Budd and how they got on like a house on fire.
  1162. 2009-5-1 @adactio would be proud. I'm learning pure javaScript from Stuart Langridge. So much so that I'm ready to go have a migraine.
  1163. 2009-5-1 @katematlock Sometimes you're so American it's hilarious!
  1164. 2009-5-1 #fowD ('.queue ol'),sortable() - I would use a #id instead of classes are far faster when javaScript is searching for lots of them.
  1165. 2009-5-1 $(.buttons)hide(''); - was the mistake that cost me 5 mins. I haven't hand coded it in a while now! #fowd
  1166. 2009-5-1 Stuart Langridge's accent is amazing. How do I learn to sound like him? #fowd
  1167. 2009-5-1 #fowd Not doodle sketchin notes for the javaScript talk.. we're all happy on our laptops. @bekibutton has surprised me asking about the talk
  1168. 2009-5-1 Playing a persona game with others. This should be fun. #fowd
  1169. 2009-5-1 At #justgiving, we need to use personas far more. They needs to be used far more frequently and not hidden away near just one team.
  1170. 2009-5-1 RT nashienet: #fowd - introducing personas, which I'm interested in using for both usability testing and also on the online marketing side.
  1171. 2009-5-1 #fowd looking at the BT redesigns it looks like they tried to take onboard the opinions of AbilityNet & compromised on it a bit...
  1172. 2009-5-1 @fstorr Tut. Tut. :D
  1173. 2009-5-1 @fstorr are you invisible or something?!
  1174. 2009-5-1 @justgiving get back to work! :p
  1175. 2009-5-1 Ironically my notes are probably not very accessibility friendly.. #fowd http://twitpic.com/4bpv1
  1176. 2009-5-1 @joleeen hahahahaha serves you right.
  1177. 2009-5-1 @izabel_blue hasn't had as fun usability tests compared to sessions Kath has had. A giggling user that asked if he could have a sausage.
  1178. 2009-5-1 Ironically a year ago in 3 days I started using Fangs for Firefox. Kath mentions that Jaws is the best screenreader to use though.
  1179. 2009-5-1 Kath is now talking about Diverse User Testing. #fowd Am taking notes friends, dont worry u'll love them.
  1180. 2009-5-1 Woot. Today's accessibility talk is about IA and UX design :) Nice. No code and no screen reader stuff. #FOWD
  1181. 2009-5-1 Bexley. Terrorist hotspot of the UK.
  1182. 2009-5-1 Just had my first terrorist check by the police. My mac and skills are weapons of l337 destruction. Ph34/2 m3/-/!!1
  1183. 2009-4-30 Jim Coudal has just made me realise what I need to do and to keep my passion for design despite being pushed into development.
  1184. 2009-4-30 iPhone wifi at #fowd won't work cos of pop up on the login page. Any ideas to get round it? Http link me up plz pals
  1185. 2009-4-30 @tkenny it's bliss isn't it! And you can even put on your own music too and just work without any worries and get stuff done.
  1186. 2009-4-30 Missile commander, a game using visulisation of time when playing in unnatural state of horizontal, my scores have dramatically improved.
  1187. 2009-4-30 @bekibutton Could be your new blog theme... "Life after marathon: Tales of a rhino outfit-less lady in London" :P
  1188. 2009-4-30 On the train to meet up with the #Justgiving crew for FoWD conference. Looking forward to it!
  1189. 2009-4-30 Looking at fonts. Too kerned. Not enough leading. Nice tracking.
  1190. 2009-4-30 Look! I can do pascal on it! http://bit.ly/ahYQX (via @Stanto)
  1191. 2009-4-30 Rolling home. Had eaten far too much Chinese food with the lads to be able to be social at the #fowd after party. Tomorrow is workshop day!
  1192. 2009-4-30 #fowd Shake, move, resize. Wow. The future of sending kids to sleep at night.
  1193. 2009-4-30 A tea bag which is also a puppet. Dunk & then you can role play the watchmen with enough teabags. #fowd oh no the comedia dunked into tea!
  1194. 2009-4-30 #fowd it's like a punch and bloody judy sales pitch from microsoft right now... Please stop treating us all like we're children.
  1195. 2009-4-30 @bekibutton yeah, sketching at conferences keeps me from going into tangents & on the speaker's train of thought.
  1196. 2009-4-30 More of my sketch doodles at #fowd http://twitpic.com/49nq2
  1197. 2009-4-30 Molly talking about ie 8 and older compatibility. My message to microsoft is simple. Use webkit! #fowd
  1198. 2009-4-30 DoodleEarth by Microsoft on SilverLight... Errr rhymes with googleEarth :P #fowd
  1199. 2009-4-30 Robin of ability Net at #fowd shows how sites poor implemented without semantic markup affect UX for blind users.
  1200. 2009-4-30 @needle_e there was a talk on mobile web in eu/USA but nothing talking about japan - which I think is a shame cos it's so advanced there.
  1201. 2009-4-30 Who killed the whitespace? Mark Boulton did. :) great talks though that's asking challenging questions. http://twitpic.com/49lha
  1202. 2009-4-30 @needle_e Future of web design - google it, it's one of the best conferences around - normally the talks are recorded & go online too.
  1203. 2009-4-30 So far at #fowD the talks have been awesome. Would have liked to hear @meganfisher talk about japan's mobile web scene. It's huge there.
  1204. 2009-4-30 My sketch doodle notes so far of #fowd conference. Loved all the talks so far... quite surprised. http://twitpic.com/49ium
  1205. 2009-4-29 The beard may well go tomorrow morning. I guess it depends how I feel and if anyone tries to convince me otherwise.
  1206. 2009-4-29 Biggest fib ever. Dev, "Don't check in! Don't check in?" Me, "What's wrong?" Dev, "nothing!"
  1207. 2009-4-29 @troynt Cud do this using custom css, but wud ya be so kind to add to ur next release of twitter script? .status-reply {margin:0 0 0 40px;}
  1208. 2009-4-29 @wilcolley not quite fast food mate :p
  1209. 2009-4-29 In dollar grills with waiting ages for burgers with @simondoggett.
  1210. 2009-4-29 Just retaliated to "RT @jon_bedford: RT @bekibutton: @kaichanvong Beard?! > Epic. Beard. FAIL." by turning off his monitors.
  1211. 2009-4-29 @bekibutton okay so it's not quite @jon_bedford length yet... but it's almost a beard!
  1212. 2009-4-29 Example photo courtesy of @russianTsar http://twitpic.com/47mdl
  1213. 2009-4-29 @GrantHalsey Oooooooooooh yeahhhhh!
  1214. 2009-4-28 @russianTsar :P That was just something I saw in a shop Mr. Oleg
  1215. 2009-4-28 Welcome to the future! http://twitpic.com/468f6
  1216. 2009-4-28 Oh and erm... No! http://twitpic.com/464kk
  1217. 2009-4-28 An amazing text from @simondoggett who is growing into an amazing ux/ui designer. "don't get an ikea bed it broke my nose and hurt my back"
  1218. 2009-4-28 Pocket god is an amazing iPhone app from being nothing and slowly growing, I'm constantly wondering what will happen with it.
  1219. 2009-4-28 Off to get furniture ideas in Ikea. All paper work done now! Sooooooo many lines of yes, yes, no, yes. Thankfully didn't multiple guess.
  1220. 2009-4-28 @Stanto Leave me alone.
  1221. 2009-4-28 @RussianTsar just fell off his chair jigging to phone hold musical tunes. We're now bopping away to music and getting stuffs done.
  1222. 2009-4-28 Oh yes. I can feel it. Today is going to be absolutely frickin' awesome. Can yah feeeeel it?
  1223. 2009-4-28 @codepo8 I take back my comment, I guess I can see both points of view on some levels.
  1224. 2009-4-28 One advert on my iPhone says, "tap to see the trailer." I might just... I might just.
  1225. 2009-4-28 @codepo8 Seriously, get a heart. Geocites are precious memories for some ppl/communities regardless how old they are. Much like your nan.
  1226. 2009-4-28 My favourite photos from the London Marathon weekend are now up! http://is.gd/v2F9 Right... I need to get going!
  1227. 2009-4-28 #3samewords boar bore, bore. The hog tired of his endless digging under. Then finally, coming to the end. Dugg!
  1228. 2009-4-27 @ijeanes @Whatleydude This conversation cant be happening. I'm having a nightmare clearly! Next you're going to say you enjoyed Punisher.
  1229. 2009-4-27 @Whatleydude @ijeanes X-Men 3 wasn't terrible. It didn't happen as far as I'm concerned. Nope. Deleted from memory.
  1230. 2009-4-27 @bekibutton Definitely a combination of the two :)
  1231. 2009-4-27 @stubbornella your an amazing example of future FE dev/web design. In hybrid roles how do we keep from being stereotyped as 1 or the other?
  1232. 2009-4-27 @katematlock you're studying for a social media exam? No way. You should ace it without revision.
  1233. 2009-4-27 @fstorr Could be, it's their 1st time doing, but atleast it isn't donations. I've never had a prob wif them, nice staff on their airlines!
  1234. 2009-4-27 Since Virgin are using Twitter's famous fail whale in this ad, they should consider it for the Virgin London Marathon too http://is.gd/uRRG
  1235. 2009-4-27 Retweeting @russianTsar: @kaichanvong, "You know Jordan?" (I took a photo of her @ the london marathon), @russianTsar, "That titty woman??"
  1236. 2009-4-27 @russianTsar convinced me that in Russia, when you have a child, you go out onto the street & ask random passers by what to name the child.
  1237. 2009-4-27 Mmm lunch! http://twitpic.com/43he5
  1238. 2009-4-27 @bekibutton just gave me a biscuit. Luckiest guy in @justgiving right now! :p
  1239. 2009-4-27 Just met @bekibutton and I'm uploading videos from the weekend to my Vimeo. http://is.gd/uPpf ...,more coming soon!
  1240. 2009-4-27 This morning I woke up and thought, 'Wtf Weekend please!?' That'll be the london marathon effect.
  1241. 2009-4-27 @Whatleydude @ijeanes I'm tempted to say that even Howard the Duck was a better movie. But I don't think 2 wrongs don't make a right ;)
  1242. 2009-4-27 @ijeanes All 4 movies. Woah. I could probably do the latest one though :) Set us up the bomb @whatleydud and then to the club!
  1243. 2009-4-27 @ijeanes Just felt like too much too fast. They may as well have Madeline Pride float in and Nate Grey. Oh wait they prob did! :P
  1244. 2009-4-26 @too_orangey the iPhone app is just in sketch stages. I think it's feature you didn't have was the use of animating the length of time etc
  1245. 2009-4-26 Growin a beard cos I never have, prob never will again.. oh and so I can look like Lobo (http://is.gd/uKnZ).. Now sleep, to aid its' growth!
  1246. 2009-4-26 @lovelychaos interesting technique, will try next time... Thankfully a text from @jon_Bedford woke me up jus at the right time.
  1247. 2009-4-26 Don't fall asleep on the train. Don't fall asleep on the train. Don't fall asleep on the train.
  1248. 2009-4-26 Someone is having a BBQ. If that isn't annoying for the runners at the #flm09 then I don't know what is!
  1249. 2009-4-26 It's just like having Blackburn fans at the London marathon near the embankment! Noisy and lots of banter from the crowd.
  1250. 2009-4-26 We're at the London marathon cheering! http://bit.ly/nRB8Q
  1251. 2009-4-26 @jon_bedford has arrived! http://twitpic.com/416f5
  1252. 2009-4-26 Waiting on @jon_Bedford to turn up and then we'll be cheering and taking photos. Seen lots of charities so far!
  1253. 2009-4-26 Walking over the bridge to meet up with @Izabel_blue and the rest of the @Justgiving team. My camera is loaded and ready!
  1254. 2009-4-26 Travelling off to London for photos and support. I wonder if I'll pick up some lunch too...
  1255. 2009-4-26 Oh god. People are talking about #Justgiving and have not seen my shirt yet.
  1256. 2009-4-26 @justgiving @charlotteharris has a certain finesse that just cannot be put into words.
  1257. 2009-4-26 @fstorr We do too! I'm going to be around mile 22 I believe near Embankment from 12 today.
  1258. 2009-4-25 My old buddy James McAree's for uni has created a neat cooking guide with video, timer, recipe. Remember the name, this kid will go far.
  1259. 2009-4-25 Sometimes... stepping away from things and then coming back to them really helps. What I was working on last night, now works. Win? Won.
  1260. 2009-4-25 Such a great day @heather_bird & co did a fantastic job with the @Justgiving Flora London expo stand. Oh and our users are awesome!
  1261. 2009-4-25 Photo of miss bossy boots! http://twitpic.com/3ypyx
  1262. 2009-4-25 @Whatleydude sadly can't make it mate. At the London marathon expo today!
  1263. 2009-4-25 @Whatleydude I am too! I am too!
  1264. 2009-4-25 Like @simondoggett, Jubilee line is down #londonmarathon weekend.. Moving at the speed of a flickering light #tflfail
  1265. 2009-4-25 Dear person infront of me gnaring away at your finger nails as though they were candy floss. Please cease and desist.
  1266. 2009-4-25 @anniemole wish I could be there with you all! Have fun and keep tweeting the latest stuffs!
  1267. 2009-4-25 Postperson is wearing shorts. It gets better. It's raining.
  1268. 2009-4-25 I really need a t-shirt that says, "Please do not blog this. My grandmother has google alerts on my name." Right food then off to the expo.
  1269. 2009-4-25 Sadly the Spinvox to blog post on wordpress still isn't working. Wondering if it's some settings or something... Time for bed.
  1270. 2009-4-25 Overlooked the obvious. Postie has a nice little Drop The Signature From Mail: So I could remove the -------- Awesome. Work done. Kinda.
  1271. 2009-4-25 Found a wordpress problem when posting spinvox formated emails the --------- seems to comment out the the output on a blog. Any ideas?
  1272. 2009-4-25 I'm at the flora London marathon! Say hi to me if you see me :D
  1273. 2009-4-24 Just saw @kaichanvong walk past Pizza Express. (via @marcflores)
  1274. 2009-4-24 At #minibar with @richmarr and we've got free drinks!
  1275. 2009-4-24 @richmarr sounds good! :D I'm going to figure out the time to jump on the train at Farringdon.
  1276. 2009-4-24 @richmarr I'll try get on the same train... what time you leaving? Hopefully I can hop on and find you. Last carrage ftw.
  1277. 2009-4-24 On a slightly brighter note... after not thinking how dns propagation would affect a live site, the email to blog post now works.
  1278. 2009-4-24 Done something stupid. Really stupid. Now annoyed with myself and upset. I'll be outside. :( Sorry.
  1279. 2009-4-24 @wilColley is getting awesome with his labeling convention. Thanks @Andybudd for helping out with that! His work flow is super neat now.
  1280. 2009-4-24 @Charmainewai I'm not, the Marathon is on the Sunday. I'm going to be going to the expo for #justgiving & taking photos and chatting to ...
  1281. 2009-4-24 It's late & am at the Expo tomorrow but am trying to redeem myself by getting this mini project working. Don't panic. DNS is not involved.
  1282. 2009-4-24 "sketchbooks are not about being a good artist, they're about being a good thinker" http://jasonsantamaria.com/articles/pretty-sketchy/
  1283. 2009-4-24 Tonight i'll be listening to a talk on le cloud at #minibar with @richmarr. It's my 1st time... then tomorrow London Marathon all day.
  1284. 2009-4-24 @marcflores amazing. You're totally stalking me!
  1285. 2009-4-23 So late and still working with @wilcolley that I typed into Google's search bar google. Arghhhhh #Brainfreeze.
  1286. 2009-4-23 @wilcolley rofl.
  1287. 2009-4-23 Listening to Children of Bodom - Taste of my scythe on Spotify... followed by an advert message asking for blood how appropriate!
  1288. 2009-4-23 Just had my first advert on Spotify. Had to take my headset off... :P MTV + Greenday + uncool voice = mute.
  1289. 2009-4-23 @katematlock could have fooled me!
  1290. 2009-4-23 @marceatsworld It's open now I guess... just the idea of adverts in songs is a bit lame. @Stanto Sounds cool, love the mix tape link!
  1291. 2009-4-23 @katematlock American Idol hahahaha. I've seen photos of you in a t-shirt from that, are your vocal chords that amazing? ;)
  1292. 2009-4-23 Trying out Spotify. It's not quite Last.Fm... but that's not a necessarily a bad thing. But £10.00 per month!!! Wow... that's a lot.
  1293. 2009-4-23 @katematlock oh dear... You're into reality tv aren't you!
  1294. 2009-4-23 Going to see Objectified http://is.gd/eD1T at Barbican on the 28th of May with @simondoggett and @wilcolley
  1295. 2009-4-22 It's so late and I'm so tired. Sleep time.
  1296. 2009-4-22 Dad has had a small bottle of larger & now hyper. After calming down some what, he said in a mellow tone, "nice to hear everyone laughing"
  1297. 2009-4-22 @MeToo first i've heard bout smc... Can you pass me a link me to it? Hopefully I can juggle all these events i have on.
  1298. 2009-4-22 @MeToo The UnSociables!
  1299. 2009-4-22 #myFirstMortgage not a fun experience... pretty scary... pretty expensive.
  1300. 2009-4-22 @bekibutton I don't like to be a stereotype! @justgiving great photo from the #flm09 expo! http://twitpic.com/3rh02
  1301. 2009-4-22 @bekibutton I'm far too cool to be called a geek!
  1302. 2009-4-22 @cunners No.. I play the odd bit of SF4 and Pro Evo on the weekends. Didn't have time to watch 24 or Heroes last night! Mortgage/Work ftw.
  1303. 2009-4-22 When I was younger, I would sit & read the new patches for games. Now I'm doing the same with Browser software updates. http://is.gd/tQAn
  1304. 2009-4-22 Watching one f*cked off graphic designer being told his artwork looks like Orville the duck. Amazing & He didn't say anything. #apprentice.
  1305. 2009-4-21 @katematlock stop trying to twist my words! :p
  1306. 2009-4-21 My lil' friend @whatleydude got on the BBC news at 6pm. http://bit.ly/BLvJg & he didn't even have to shave! PS. You so need a shave :p
  1307. 2009-4-21 Just took some photos of @lizsmith24's @Justgiving ginger bread men awesomeness http://is.gd/tGnH
  1308. 2009-4-21 @emilbjorklund @russianTsar Really needs some burning cherubs too!
  1309. 2009-4-21 Wow. Clearly needs more fire and random animation. http://digg.com/d1pCM1 Thanks @russianTsar for the fwd.
  1310. 2009-4-21 Anyone outsourced their Wordpress/Design/Dev work to Indian agencies? Not heard much promising stuff thus far about it. Prove me wrong.
  1311. 2009-4-21 @DaddyDonkey is now on twitter. If you haven't had a burrito from there, you haven't lived.
  1312. 2009-4-21 New task for this week is to bring back the tutting.
  1313. 2009-4-21 Vikki rocks. Retweet @vikkichowney: This link will tell you everything you need to know re: Free Cone Day http://is.gd/sMlK
  1314. 2009-4-21 @vikkichowney where is this free scoop?!
  1315. 2009-4-21 Off to work. Busy train makes me want to have done the big move already. Only 7 weeks left afaik. This week is #flm09... Cya at the expo!
  1316. 2009-4-21 @han when's the next lastFM bbq? :D How can we help out to make it awesome!
  1317. 2009-4-20 @richmarr Hopefully in 6 - 8 weeks time! Got to get furniture and everything sorted... and I'm not going to be able to afford sushi.
  1318. 2009-4-20 When do you judge being charitable to being a walk over? Are some things just unmeasurable? Sometimes there is no gauge on being 'good'.
  1319. 2009-4-20 Back in London but first got some errands to run. Drink in a bit tho anyone?
  1320. 2009-4-20 Loving Tweetie... although I wish the post didn't pop out of the client and was inside.
  1321. 2009-4-20 A lovely lady from Virgin airlines just told theres power on this train carriage.. thought she was working for the cos of her uniform. DOH.
  1322. 2009-4-20 Leaving Newcastle now... thanks to my host/friend @Stanto & all the other great friends who made this an enjoyable time off.
  1323. 2009-4-20 Rock band has songs by Sponge bob square pants... wtfffff! Weirdest part is you have to pay for it.
  1324. 2009-4-20 Awake. It's 9:23am. Oh holiday thou art amaze of zing. Woken up by @stanto playing Elton John - Catch a star. He's a little git sometimes
  1325. 2009-4-20 What Internet package should I buy when I have my own flat in London?
  1326. 2009-4-19 I wish every weekend could be like this. Long. Short (ahem). And meeting up with some of my awesome friends...
  1327. 2009-4-19 @simondoggett what happened with your keys? :o
  1328. 2009-4-19 Not quite flash flash flash photography! but still awesome. http://twitpic.com/3ly6n
  1329. 2009-4-19 And you will know us by the trail of dead were absolutely amazing tonight. Best live band I've ever seen. http://twitpic.com/3merv
  1330. 2009-4-19 Waiting for my little cousin at monument in Newcastle. http://bit.ly/19ePdn
  1331. 2009-4-19 The show tree. There's about 5 pairs in this tree... http://twitpic.com/3lbm3
  1332. 2009-4-19 Waking in Newcastle to meet my cousin with @stanto. The parks here are pretty cool.. http://twitpic.com/3lap1
  1333. 2009-4-19 @THE_REAL_SHAQ + Twitter = Got me into basketball. Fact.
  1334. 2009-4-19 Retweeting @codepo8: Oprah meets twitter, and fails: http://xs538.xs.to/xs538/09165/0553.jpg
  1335. 2009-4-19 @jwuniverse said "The Metro says, 'Twitter & Facebook are ruining our social lives.' People should just not post moody stuff."
  1336. 2009-4-18 Had pasta in scalini's with @stanto & Hannah. Great to see my fav lil' red head again, no photos cos someone told me to put my iphone away!
  1337. 2009-4-18 @benbot No I'm in Newcastle dude, we're going out tonight in Revolutions and a few other bars if you fancy coming along!
  1338. 2009-4-18 Going to go see And you will know us by the trail of dead tomorrow at the O2 in Newcastle http://is.gd/t6NI - Anyone else going?
  1339. 2009-4-17 Tried to flip an egg into a chef hat in japanese restaurant & failed twice. @stanto was witness, first time too short, 2nd hit the ceiling.
  1340. 2009-4-17 Bugger. Bugger, bugger I got stilton instead of feta. Grrrrr.
  1341. 2009-4-17 Just seen @stanto's gf's @jwuniverse made these orangatang necklaces: http://is.gd/sXPK for charity, you can get them @ http://is.gd/sXQp
  1342. 2009-4-17 After enjoying our meal we were greeted by this lovely lady. http://twitpic.com/3gg3d
  1343. 2009-4-17 A sushi place near here do crab stick nigiri. The equiv of roast beef flavour crisps in place of the real beef at a roast Sunday dinner
  1344. 2009-4-17 Having miso soup and teppanyakki in Newcastle. http://twitpic.com/3ga2l
  1345. 2009-4-17 Just been told by @stanto that heis in a bus that looks like a short bruenette. Not quite sure how to reply to that one...
  1346. 2009-4-17 Hello Darlington... it's been a while! :D
  1347. 2009-4-17 @mazphd Sashimi hmmm, I dont think they have any good sushi places up in Newcastle.. but I'm going to go look & see if I can get some.
  1348. 2009-4-17 @thomasb86 I love Twhirl but the layout is a bit whack from the 90's. Navigation here, here, here & oh here, Tweetie = Simplicity + Aweosme!
  1349. 2009-4-17 Tweetie for the mac. Omg this looks amazingly cool. Check it out kids. http://is.gd/r9H8
  1350. 2009-4-17 @mazphd I thought the sushi place in the #apprentice would have been Nobu... but they didn't mention a name & I didn't recognise it.
  1351. 2009-4-17 Recommending @jon_bedford @dsingleton @FoluB for this week's #followfriday All of them are doing something charity related!
  1352. 2009-4-17 Watching 2nd episode of apprentice & wondering who on Earth came up with peanut butter sandwiches. Amazing. Stupidly amazing.
  1353. 2009-4-17 @cunners sounds perfect pal! Looking forward to catching up with you again :D
  1354. 2009-4-17 Tv episodes to be watched on my journey include Lost and Heroes. Best trip ever.
  1355. 2009-4-17 Tired thanks to an (unneeded) full parental panic last night over mortgage... Bless. Going up to Newcastle now to chill. Train in 30 mins.
  1356. 2009-4-17 @cunners oh yes I'm certainly up for that! Will be there from 1.30 onwards so name the time + place and will come wif @stanto for a drink!
  1357. 2009-4-17 Newcastle! Hey. Your train station is omfg the coolest ever. That's not sarcasm.
  1358. 2009-4-16 @elliotkember You are a brilliant little chap. Twitter that looks like Excel. Nice. http://is.gd/snEY
  1359. 2009-4-16 @FoluB @dsingleton Once again. Twitter to the rescue.
  1360. 2009-4-16 @dsingleton you'll get a £10er from me cos o the Jg promotion and if you ask @FoluB I'm sure he might help out in some way for MacMillan ;)
  1361. 2009-4-16 @dsingleton depends if you're doing it with a parachute and how you're collecting the money :D
  1362. 2009-4-16 @pingpongdimsum I like the colour... might do a re-align tweak example of the site and share it with you guys :)
  1363. 2009-4-16 @boagworld will you delete all your podcasts while you're at it too.
  1364. 2009-4-16 @pingpongdimsum International Webby Awards as a Official Honoree? Link please :) How did you get in it?
  1365. 2009-4-16 Not heard from @wilcolley about @andybudd's CSS course for a while now. They cant still be talking about cascading specificity...
  1366. 2009-4-16 SpinVox cant handle cockney accents and extremely poor use of the English language "You can got me on this phone number"... shocking.
  1367. 2009-4-16 When I get a phone call & it's plugged into my PC/Mac it should stream thru and alert thru connected medium. @simondoggett wants 4 sms too!
  1368. 2009-4-16 Quote @kusasi "was an interview on BBC breakfast, a justgiving representative and a whingeing Daily Mail columnist."
  1369. 2009-4-16 @cunners yer, we're going trillians tomorrow for a RatM tribute act, not sure what on sat, sun.. All are welcome!
  1370. 2009-4-16 @wilcolley OOooo. Good stuff mate, hope you have a great workshop.
  1371. 2009-4-16 Sad that today will be the last day I work with Will Webster. He's one of the best developers I've worked with so far.
  1372. 2009-4-16 @Izabel_blue I'm guessing Nobu was where the apprentice task winners went for sushi... Altho there are a few other possibilities.
  1373. 2009-4-16 @dsingleton Done altho wanna see a proper photo of u dressed up in LastFm colors & @han holding on to you for dear life on ur page ;)
  1374. 2009-4-16 Been to yauatcha with Mj! Had some awesome dim sum and now heading back to pack for Newcastle. http://twitpic.com/3f155
  1375. 2009-4-15 @vikkichowney howwww'd you do a "freak deleting-everything-by-mistake accident"?
  1376. 2009-4-15 Please fire Ben. He's a total dick. Nuff said.
  1377. 2009-4-15 Ouch. I was right. Sandal wood cost them. Ah well. I would love the sushi and sake evening... anyone wanna take me there?
  1378. 2009-4-15 Well I don't know about you. But I already know who lost the task in the Apprentice. *cough* Sandal wood * cough*
  1379. 2009-4-15 @FoluB I probably saw the Teenage Ninja Turtles before you too :p
  1380. 2009-4-15 @simondoggett have you seen Caprica yet? It's actually reallyyyyyy good.
  1381. 2009-4-15 Dashing off to a conference! Finance stuff for my flat done :D
  1382. 2009-4-15 @diarydevin it's a combination of the two... part rent, part buy. And yes... there will definately be some wine at the house partEee.
  1383. 2009-4-15 @thomasb86 @folub it's a new build near the o2 at North Greenwich.
  1384. 2009-4-15 Getting nervous about the flat now. It's the main thing on my mind right now and I'm hoping I'll be able to get it! So excited.
  1385. 2009-4-15 @natbentley @simondoggett Yeah the prices for food over there is pretty cheap huh! ;)
  1386. 2009-4-15 Updated @Justgiving team page and removing @molbac :( .. However I quickly put in Microformats to make myself feel better. http://is.gd/swSf
  1387. 2009-4-15 Interested in http://12seconds.tv this could be pretty cool when mixed up with Twitter... Oh yus.
  1388. 2009-4-15 In love wif our new thermometer. It may look bit like Cookie Monster (mouth wide open to consume copious amounts of cookies), but I love it!
  1389. 2009-4-15 Grabbin breakieeeefast (that's right @katematlock cerial is for mornings! :p), then crack on with some work. Working from home starts asap!
  1390. 2009-4-15 Pffft. Ben stayed in for being a character. It's only a matter of time though. Yap yap yap yap yap.
  1391. 2009-4-14 7 mins left... 1 goal and the score is 6 - 5. Come on Liverpool!
  1392. 2009-4-14 @katematlock rub it in why don't yah :p I've still not eaten yet
  1393. 2009-4-14 @marcflores :) nah.. Allthough I'm pretty zapped right now.
  1394. 2009-4-14 @justgiving whereabouts is it and how long before wrap up - might pop along!
  1395. 2009-4-14 Right. Stick a fork in me. Im done. Leavin the Jg towers & will be back Thurs.. workin from home + .NET talk + checking a flat, all 2moro!
  1396. 2009-4-14 Someone just remote desktopped into their pc at work. I heard you. Don't deny it. And I know who you are :p
  1397. 2009-4-14 @justgiving Sounds cool... will we be able to view his talk online somewhere?
  1398. 2009-4-14 @kaigani It's clear now. The name Kai translate to god of design. :) didn't realise you were an IA... I'm a mix of Front-end/UX design :)
  1399. 2009-4-14 @kaigani really?! I thought I was following you :/ sorry dude.
  1400. 2009-4-14 @kaigani We are both Kai though and the kebabs were amazing! Farringdon mon amis, I work at Justgiving.com :) Et tois?
  1401. 2009-4-14 Making up for some time lost and in the office... sadly no one can make it for sushi. Never mind! I'll have to snack later tonight.
  1402. 2009-4-14 @russianTsar http://is.gd/sfjz - hover over the icons & http://is.gd/23xZ - look at the pagination/nav etc
  1403. 2009-4-14 There's a new trend in design. Big text in key areas of interaction as opposed to all over... links + pagination + icons + rollovers.
  1404. 2009-4-14 Well... twitter linking on DailyChallenge seems to import the html from additional links. Not the end of the world, but not perfect!
  1405. 2009-4-14 Take my challenge (http://tinyurl.com/d3syz6): Make a random donation a person's event or charity on <a href="http://www.justgiving.com" ...
  1406. 2009-4-14 I'm taking action (http://tinyurl.com/dgaglp): Water a plant. :D
  1407. 2009-4-14 @cunners My little 6 year old cousin Crystal would destroy them at StreetFighter4 see her destroying people in this video: http://is.gd/slnP
  1408. 2009-4-14 Trying out the DailyChallenge.org since their redesign... interesting UX changes. http://is.gd/slez Also have some hard choices to make...
  1409. 2009-4-14 Fire in the office! We made it out.
  1410. 2009-4-14 @jon_bedford Yeah thanks Jonno for sharing that :p
  1411. 2009-4-14 Dear BBC I think this is a bit of a joke. http://is.gd/sjSm
  1412. 2009-4-14 Okay... unlinking that site from my twitter account. Sorry for the spam everyone.
  1413. 2009-4-13 Watching Nigella Express.. 4 eggs, a hand full of salt, fried tortilla chips and a heart attack for breakfast. Cooking for rich house wives
  1414. 2009-4-13 Josh is reading out the adverts on tv in the dim sum restaurant.. They're in Chinese but he's having a go! http://twitpic.com/39avr
  1415. 2009-4-13 Mikeyy worm - twitter website got pwned. Great work exploiting jS on one of the biggest sites around. http://is.gd/s2HG
  1416. 2009-4-13 When paying the waitress, josh (he didn't pay) looks at her wif a smile & says, "BweeeB!" The sound a cash machine makes at a super market.
  1417. 2009-4-12 Been asked by one cousin, "which do u prefer? Chinese or English chicken?" other cousin adds in, "chicken is chicken."
  1418. 2009-4-12 Big family get together. Wonder what Josh (heir to @pingpongdimsum) has in store for us today. SLR will be on stand by to capture his antics
  1419. 2009-4-12 Left @Utku's house... He very kindly made me a bed at his place. Hope he enjoyed his cake too ;) http://twitpic.com/377he
  1420. 2009-4-12 Oh my. Poor head. Did anyone get the number of that donkey kart? Making my way home now... The shins are easing the pain. New slang. Ouch.
  1421. 2009-4-12 Officially started the Kai collective with @kaigani -- when we find the 3rd Kai, it's time for world domination (via @kaigani)
  1422. 2009-4-11 Picked up chairs from josh's dad's house ready for the big family visit. Josh wasn't home, his social calender is packed and is at a party!
  1423. 2009-4-11 Sorting out something special for @utku on his birthday tonight. I hope it passes his standards!
  1424. 2009-4-10 @garkbit Is it 2 episodes only? I simply heard about it from a friend 5 seconds ago ...
  1425. 2009-4-10 Watching new season of Red Dwarf on DAVE... ch19 on freeview!
  1426. 2009-4-10 @kitborry If that's sarcasm I need a bit more of a hint... like this - http://is.gd/rNI7
  1427. 2009-4-10 @kitborry I never realized you had become @FoluB's PA! ;)
  1428. 2009-4-10 @FoluB you going to watch the Liverpool game too? :D At the tap in Islington...
  1429. 2009-4-10 @simondoggett welcome back to London! Are you gonna come along tomorrow night for @utku's birthday?
  1430. 2009-4-10 @Izabel_blue OMG. You have DC super hero top trumps.
  1431. 2009-4-9 @MikeTreat @FoluB nothing... it's just supposed to be a club night. Fancy going tomorrow? :D Or you guys got plans? & next Liverpool match
  1432. 2009-4-9 @marceatsworld @MikeTreat @FoluB have any of you been/going to Electric Ballroom tomorrow? Is it any good? :P
  1433. 2009-4-9 Jigging with @russianTsar. He's listening to '30 seconds to mars' and I'm on 'Kings of Leon' - 'Slow Night, So Long'
  1434. 2009-4-9 This is Millie... Most mornings she dashes to my leg to say hello. http://twitpic.com/31e69
  1435. 2009-4-8 Enjoying sashimi with @russianTsar in ginan restaurant. Loving it so much and now we have sake!
  1436. 2009-4-8 @molbac is back in the office! It's her leaving drinks tonight... we're going to party... like it's... bugger I've forgotten the year...
  1437. 2009-4-8 @thewebinspector sorry I didn't include a link for more info on SpinVox's voicemail app! http://is.gd/rqNE
  1438. 2009-4-8 Hello there @pingpongdimsum! How come you're following me... is it because my uncle is the head chef behind it? :)
  1439. 2009-4-8 @natbentley BBQ and party on monday?!? :D I'm there.
  1440. 2009-4-8 Loving SpinVox's voiceMail to SMS. Thanks @Whatleydude for being awesome as per usual.
  1441. 2009-4-8 Excited by the prospect of going hiking with @johnwhenry! Wanting to do more stuff like that and climbing and just getting out and about.
  1442. 2009-4-8 @Whatleydude I promise to be patient! :) @lovelychaos Yeah it's exciting. What's the #spinvoxchangedmyname ? Cant see it in search...
  1443. 2009-4-8 @Whatleydude has just set up my SpinVox for me so I get voicemail turned into SMS! Waiting for it to work now... hopefully it'll go well!
  1444. 2009-4-8 I am now Twittering through SpinVox
  1445. 2009-4-8 @Whatleydude =) it's on.
  1446. 2009-4-8 @Han ice hockey is such a barbaric sport! Sticks and ice... quite possibly the most unskillful game ever :P
  1447. 2009-4-8 @Whatleydude chocolate ans chilli huh. I think we now need to come up with a main course recipe using cadburys creme eggs!
  1448. 2009-4-8 @FoluB upright or horizontal?
  1449. 2009-4-8 @lewiswebb yip, I have a video of him talking about pingpong plus get to try his experimental recipes.
  1450. 2009-4-7 Keepin' it Display:inline yo! Since 1997. http://is.gd/32K
  1451. 2009-4-7 Amazing! @russianTsar and @NatBentley when they were younger - http://www.vimeo.com/2804228 check it out.
  1452. 2009-4-7 Hair now cut thanks to my extremely kewl new Canadian hairdresser. All set for 3 nights out in a row. Y!DN, Moll's leavin do and Ro's bday
  1453. 2009-4-7 Here we go. We're too fastttttttttttt. Dont slow you're going to crash! http://is.gd/jFeZ NaNaNaaaaNaNaNa nah.
  1454. 2009-4-7 Hearing one thing. Seeing another. C'est la vie.
  1455. 2009-4-7 @willjohnh Kumar had some nice words to say about you! 'Person', 'tall' and a few of them ;)
  1456. 2009-4-7 @Han Arsenal stickers... pffft. My opinion of you just dropped!
  1457. 2009-4-7 Waiting for my train after a drink with the Kumar. Who is now a lead in his company and will be flying to the US to work on agile testing.
  1458. 2009-4-7 html/css/jS front-end testing suite by Neil Crosby - http://is.gd/rfjL
  1459. 2009-4-7 Talk starting! Kumar, ex-Justgiving tester is here too. It's good to catch up with him Neil is now talking!
  1460. 2009-4-7 Just arrived at the London Yahoo! developer network talk on Front End Developer talk on testing! Apparently a sell out gig.
  1461. 2009-4-6 Tomorrow I'll be at my first yahoo developer's network talk.The first of many.Why is there not a web designer network as strong as dev ones?
  1462. 2009-4-6 On my train. Not befre being stopped by 2 kids asking me if I was a london city trader. wtf.
  1463. 2009-4-6 Left the office and now out in London listening to refused - new noise. Oh yes.
  1464. 2009-4-6 Today is going to be an awesome day.
  1465. 2009-4-6 Looking back through some of my UX & design comments on my Flickr stream. Tis late though.. and I should really sleep. http://is.gd/r5vi
  1466. 2009-4-6 Staying up late to send off something... I have nothing to lose & would like to thank @sophdea for the email about it!
  1467. 2009-4-5 Being extremely silly & texting @jon_bedford & @sophdea at the same time. It's Sunday, Family guy is on & it has me in a silly mood!!1
  1468. 2009-4-5 Dad has a new pc & is ringing me on Skype to prove the webcam works. The fact that we're in the same room dun seem to affect his amusement.
  1469. 2009-4-5 Video,"MACs are all brand & aesthetics". Not the full picture it's user experience. Anyways, Linux will rule the future. http://is.gd/qMu6
  1470. 2009-4-5 @russianTsar yup... I'm pretty sure it was. In hindsight I'd never watched it. But then it was mainly just in the background.
  1471. 2009-4-5 Time to watch a proper movie me thinks. Event Horizon time!
  1472. 2009-4-5 @MikeTreat today is indeed going to be a great day.
  1473. 2009-4-5 Rohit told me last night he's dating a girl cos I put him on MySingleFriend & wrote his profile. Best bit is I put him down as seeking Men
  1474. 2009-4-5 Watched a ted talk on kites the future of clean energy source for the world. Let's make this dream a reality!
  1475. 2009-4-5 Now left ro in Slough and travelling in towards London. Anyone doing anything cool? I might browse the Tate.
  1476. 2009-4-5 @FoluB that's impressive. We stopped at 2 but continued bouts street fighter 4 early early into the morning.
  1477. 2009-4-5 Still getting pwned by Rohit at street fighter 4. Yes, it's late/early but we've come back in from a night out!
  1478. 2009-4-5 Watching Marley and Me. How can a movie where a pet dyes be so sad? Maybe it's cos it reminds us of our own mortality.
  1479. 2009-4-4 Chuffed with the 1 - 0 result at Fulham from re lads. Great result! Liverpool for the title? Can we do it? Yes we can.
  1480. 2009-4-4 Soon I won't be in Bexley anymore... But that doesn't mean I won't visit. http://twitpic.com/2tl6h
  1481. 2009-4-4 Change of plans! Going to head off out to Windsor to hang out with Rohit of DARE developer fame & sadly no @Dal.
  1482. 2009-4-4 Off to London to the cinema with friends - anyone wanna come along or got anything to recommend?
  1483. 2009-4-4 @Whatleydude merci mon amis. <3 ya.
  1484. 2009-4-4 @overheardatmoo I'd use your code on a Moo t-shirt, a bit like the Vimeo one I just bought if you guys ever make one http://is.gd/qHp2
  1485. 2009-4-4 Having trouble getting my PIN account from SpinVox... but maybe my dear friend @whatleydude can help at some point...
  1486. 2009-4-4 Seems like everyone is talking about URL shorteners.. we use them all the time without thinking about their future & what they could become.
  1487. 2009-4-4 Watching Biz Stone of Twitter founding fame on the Colbert report. This should be awesome.
  1488. 2009-4-4 Few people said that they love the vimeo tee. http://twitpic.com/2tluc
  1489. 2009-4-3 @natbentley Yes Nate. Yes you should set up a Justgiving account :p and I still owe you sushi!
  1490. 2009-4-3 Jigging to this awesome song by lykke li called 'dance dance dance' and you should too! http://is.gd/ufC
  1491. 2009-4-3 Dear 30 pixels. You are officially my lucky measurement of the week. Congrats.
  1492. 2009-4-3 We're at the Italian place for @molbac's last day lunch... Wish you were here http://twitpic.com/2rd37
  1493. 2009-4-3 Sad news today at Justgiving @molbac is leaving :(
  1494. 2009-4-3 It's wrong I'm already thinking about lunch isn't it... oh well.
  1495. 2009-4-3 Just seen that @jon_bedford has been interviewed for being the fame of us. http://is.gd/qy8i
  1496. 2009-4-2 This remix is amazin http://is.gd/p1xG Good Thursday everyone. Hope you enjoy it... pretty sure @russianTsar shud start a similar band!
  1497. 2009-4-1 So impressed @Whatleydude has been so mature and not tweeted something stupid to @vikkichowney
  1498. 2009-4-1 @vikkichowney a rectangle with corners :P
  1499. 2009-4-1 Just joined Hunch http://is.gd/q3hk add me if you're on it. I have a hunch it's going to be huge.
  1500. 2009-4-1 Ok... so this could just be me.. But everyone is wearing denim jeans on my platform... Wtffffff.
  1501. 2009-4-1 @willjohnh Taking away a free service like #MyRailLite iPhone is lame. National Rail offending their customers yet again.
  1502. 2009-4-1 @cunners yeah I think you're right... Didn't see any of it thankfully, as I steered clear of those areas.
  1503. 2009-4-1 Reading this awesome book that @wilcolley has let me borrow. Totally awesome to read! http://twitpic.com/2or9i
  1504. 2009-3-31 Around portabello road / nottinghill and looking for a place for dinner - any suggestions?
  1505. 2009-3-31 You know how you really really want something... But know you maybe shouldn't.. This is one of those moments http://twitpic.com/2mqjn
  1506. 2009-3-30 @disqus I saw this morning :) It was a nice surprise. Thanks @giannii.
  1507. 2009-3-30 Possibly did a bit too much spagetti for me and the ill mother tho... And it's a bit crunchy... http://twitpic.com/2m18e
  1508. 2009-3-30 First time I've cooked a spag bol from scratch! You're proud aren't you grandma ;) http://twitpic.com/2m16f
  1509. 2009-3-29 Just had dinner whilst seeing Heston feed people brains and other wonderful stuffs... So cool.
  1510. 2009-3-29 H҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙ E҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙ ᘟѺᗥϡϟ... ᐝЉᙰᔒѪՁᓁᕰᓿᐷҦЂҨᖅЋҜӅᐰᖚԃЏᒈᑸᕔᙋЮѨѮѾ҂ҊҖҒҎҸԆԶᑓՁᓁᕰ ?...--C҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙ O҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙ M҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙ E҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙ S҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙
  1511. 2009-3-29 ̔̕̚̕̚҉◊ख़҉̵̞� � ̒̓̔̕̚ ̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̕̚̕̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝ ͡҉ZALGOO҉ ҉̔̕̚̕̚҉ ~ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇ ̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍ ̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡ ҉҉ ҉
  1512. 2009-3-29 This awesome video: Did you know? Is just awesome. http://is.gd/puT9
  1513. 2009-3-29 @lou_boo84 glad yah like them... sadly no one updates @kaiquotes anymore! Plus I'm too cool to say anything quotable these days.
  1514. 2009-3-29 Just posted a CSS Diagnostic and a jS domain aid script to my blog/site which some people might find interesting/useful - http://is.gd/puwC
  1515. 2009-3-29 The night starts here http://is.gd/psBy and me? Well I'm gone.
  1516. 2009-3-29 @anniemole yeah the whole pull, pull thing always bugs me.
  1517. 2009-3-28 Just booked to go to Open Hack 2009 http://is.gd/nQtu & looking at going to some YDN! talks too.. http://is.gd/pr5o Anyone else comin?
  1518. 2009-3-28 @elliottkember I realised @utku says that all the time...
  1519. 2009-3-28 @patfromtoronto is awesome. He recommended cool songs & told me the Stars perform sometimes in Montreal.. must see them. Bitches in Tokyo!
  1520. 2009-3-28 When there is nothing left to burn... you have to set yourself on fire. Listening to this: http://is.gd/pqqf
  1521. 2009-3-28 Installed DisQus on my tumblr log.. now you can spam my site & use Facebook connect to link to your profile. Awesome huh?http://is.gd/ppTL
  1522. 2009-3-28 Lovin the pitter patter of rain drops & reading the css spec of mobile devices. http://is.gd/ppgm - The IE Mobile team should read 'Yes Man'
  1523. 2009-3-28 Ended up using Google Cal Sync http://is.gd/mrW and it's working like a charm.
  1524. 2009-3-28 Nothing quite like a good dose of reality.
  1525. 2009-3-28 Trying out NuevaSync http://is.gd/1gI6 so that I can sync up my Calenders...
  1526. 2009-3-28 @kaigani thanks dude... I'm now gonna be reallllyyyyy careful not to screw up all my work and personal calenders!
  1527. 2009-3-27 LoLz all round at the kod. [?]
  1528. 2009-3-27 Just found this photo after about 20 mins of @russianTsar posting on twitter http://is.gd/pgFV
  1529. 2009-3-26 @jaremfan thanks dude, I'll let @richmarr know you think that the Canon EF 70-200mm F4.0L IS is awesome :)
  1530. 2009-3-26 @kaigani iPhone ftw ;) it's cool when you're on a train and have a bit of time spare
  1531. 2009-3-26 @tall_rich was @annapickard on the apprentice?
  1532. 2009-3-26 Looks like the MD is using yammer for transparency... Wonders never cease!
  1533. 2009-3-26 Need a zoom lens to put distance between me and some lions. To fit 35mm Canon Eos. Budget ~£400. Any suggestions? (via @richmarr)
  1534. 2009-3-25 @Izabel_blue Booooooo. I think you should go for it. And obviously snub Sir Alan's offer. Obviously :P
  1535. 2009-3-25 Watching the Apprentice. Who's with me? :D Looking forward to another awesome season.
  1536. 2009-3-25 Heading home now... An evening of tv/rest and searching for a place in London. Some places costing a quater of a mill. Oh joy.
  1537. 2009-3-25 @3mobilebuzz I have a mac not a pc though..
  1538. 2009-3-25 "that's my grandmother if anyone is interested" - @willjohnh talking about list of addresses.
  1539. 2009-3-25 Trying to remember the last time I wasn't so tired and stressed from work... I think it was last year being in Japan. I miss Nippon so much
  1540. 2009-3-25 Thanks @thomasb86 @foodieguide ! Apprentice tonight at 9pm. I'll have to check it out if I get back in time or do the ol' iPlayer thing!
  1541. 2009-3-25 Looking forward to a new season of the apprentice.. When does it start though?
  1542. 2009-3-25 @Dal you have to do chalky cheese :D have fun on you exploits!
  1543. 2009-3-25 @Izabel_blue you should go on!
  1544. 2009-3-24 @adactio hope you enjoy it! :)
  1545. 2009-3-24 Blog: #AdaLovelace Day & some of the women in tech @Justgiving - CEO Zarine, @Izabel_blue, Rasha and Gemma http://bit.ly/2WkVm
  1546. 2009-3-24 @adactio @smagdali I have the perfect t-shirt for you two... http://is.gd/15U5
  1547. 2009-3-24 Hello world! Wonder if 1 day twitter will become complicated. Like having to learn SQL injEction. At the moment it's all far too easy.
  1548. 2009-3-24 Heated argument wif a developer bout inline jS speed vs. future. He doesn't think it's worth a seperate jS as there's a small bit of it atm!
  1549. 2009-3-24 Dashed off from London blogger meet wif @Utku, @jon_Bedford, @anniemole, @metoo & others. Under the weather. Jus like that kt tunstall song
  1550. 2009-3-23 @willjohnh Now seeing how they prepare blowfish... Not sure you would appreciate it.
  1551. 2009-3-23 Presenter, "Aki. Where I come from people think its pretty bad to eat Whale. What do you think?" Aki, "Whale? I prefer to eat dolphin."
  1552. 2009-3-23 Watching FunaSushi be made on BBC4... Sushi fermented... not too keen on the idea. But it's pretty interesting.
  1553. 2009-3-23 Ordered my Vimeo t-shirt @soxiam will be proud I'm being a fan boy thing. http://is.gd/oBFq So where r the LastFM t-shirts @han @dsingleton?
  1554. 2009-3-23 Down with the rhino virus again! Need to improve my immune system!
  1555. 2009-3-22 @kaigani I hope so... my concern with some charities is the spam of pointless letters through the post. It's such a waste :(
  1556. 2009-3-22 @hayleyS you should really go to bed if you're sleepy :p
  1557. 2009-3-22 @HayleyS you should check out the mighty reds as we score 5 - 0 against Villa and chase Man Utd for the Premiership! :D
  1558. 2009-3-22 @kaigani Such a pity.. charities need to open up in the current climate because ppl will feel as tho their offering has no impact.
  1559. 2009-3-22 Chap on Secret Millionaire on charities, "How do I know where my money is going?" Charities need to use Flickr/Twitter etc to show results.
  1560. 2009-3-22 Whales on BBC1 are @ an all you can eat fish buffet. Admirable? Very. Who wants to go to the seaside and try the technique for Sashimi?
  1561. 2009-3-22 'Silly twitter job tweet' http://is.gd/o44u & http://is.gd/okvP it's wonderful we can judge ppl & not give them the benefit of the doubt..
  1562. 2009-3-22 @russianTsar Oh dear :( I don't like!
  1563. 2009-3-22 @utku I'm guessing it's bison. No wait... a cheetah!
  1564. 2009-3-22 Learnin the basics of XSLT and playing more with javaScript (old skool) + jQuery. Last night I did markup and design! It's sooo cool!
  1565. 2009-3-22 @joleeen That can be arranged :p
  1566. 2009-3-22 Today is mother's day. Mother of two children, Jade Goody (of reality tv fame) aged 27, dies of cancer.
  1567. 2009-3-22 Loving the fact that almost all of @sophdea's family are on twitter. Ok... so maybe a slight exaggeration!
  1568. 2009-3-22 @jon_bedford This one is for you pal - HowTo: EC2 for Poets http://is.gd/o35F ... we should do a space race! ;)
  1569. 2009-3-22 Saw this: http://is.gd/oogj (CV in markup/css) last night from @dsingleton & had to do something similar. Markup is 90%, CSS 70%, jS 0.
  1570. 2009-3-22 @elliottkember we don't call it work where I come from mate ;) It's more like play!* *Caveat: Unless your deadline is in the next hour.
  1571. 2009-3-21 @Han @dsingleton if only there was an RSS feed with it... then it could be quite cool for a dynamic design. http://is.gd/Q1G
  1572. 2009-3-21 Wow. Okay Doll House just got good...
  1573. 2009-3-21 @simondoggett - your account doesn't work on http://is.gd/olL4 how weird is that?
  1574. 2009-3-21 Dear @BarackObama RE: video message to Iranians: 'Let's start again'. Can you rock any more? http://is.gd/oh7u
  1575. 2009-3-21 @inqmobile How can I get software to use my INQ1 mobile as a modem? I've searched everyone online to no avail. Please don't say the CD...
  1576. 2009-3-21 This wonderful bit of code is in the spotlight atm. I'd really like to use it on @justgiving.com - what do you all think? http://is.gd/odzs
  1577. 2009-3-21 Clever as a fox - http://is.gd/odmJ Best articles I've read in a while. Evolution from animals and the conclusion for us is v interesting.
  1578. 2009-3-21 @russianTsar whyyyy.. were you at the police station dude?
  1579. 2009-3-21 @FoluB It's totally made up this one episode for all the pap is did before. #dollhouse #tvseries
  1580. 2009-3-20 "They don't seem like people that have come off the worst in this recession." - tom about the champaigne, clapping, Japanese bankers.
  1581. 2009-3-20 Having dinner at Ginnan. It's busy. Very very busy! http://twitpic.com/2afvf
  1582. 2009-3-20 @russianTsar just making a start on the donation exit screen to save us some work - plus waiting for a friend :)
  1583. 2009-3-20 Still in the office finishing off work.. my friend Tom Vong should be arriving soon and we're off for some food. Oh & my feet are cold.
  1584. 2009-3-20 Becoming more & more like @richmarr - looking into using up less CPU/RAM on my work pc... Hi Billy lightweight MP3 player. http://is.gd/GRI
  1585. 2009-3-20 Enjoying sushi at tajama-tei with @russiantsar, @adactio & @simondoggett http://twitpic.com/29wg7
  1586. 2009-3-20 @Stanto here's a photo for you - @richmarr we're brushing our fringes into our eyes just for effect. http://twitpic.com/29skz
  1587. 2009-3-20 We're at the bleeding heart tavern... Being emo for breakfast. http://bit.ly/lNfKf
  1588. 2009-3-20 @adactio my dev friend from Justgiving will Webster wants u to sign his book can u think of some js to write in it to make him chortle plz?
  1589. 2009-3-20 Readin bulletproof Ajax: progressive enhancement should b the driving force behind css then jS. Even wifout css, pages should look hot :D
  1590. 2009-3-20 Breakfast with @johnwhenry & @simondoggett soon, sadly no @jon_Bedford he's more bed-bound (not in a kinky way) than Bedford
  1591. 2009-3-20 Found an interesting Non-Profit/Charity list and discussion of twitter accounts. http://is.gd/o6jm @jon_bedford will be proud of me!
  1592. 2009-3-20 Yey. All the Japanese banks are doing great. Huge bonuses all round in the sushi restaurant we're at.
  1593. 2009-3-19 Uploaded photos from my exploits this week... some of them are fairly good if I do say so myself. http://bit.ly/12KEiH What'd you think?
  1594. 2009-3-19 Farringdon breakfast @ 8:45am 2moro wif @simondoggett - @johnwhenry @jon_bedford and everyone else are also invited!
  1595. 2009-3-19 @gradontripp don't worry.. it just got windy! @HayleyS have a look at Dopplr
  1596. 2009-3-19 Here's the @Justgiving park picture! http://twitpic.com/28s95
  1597. 2009-3-19 In greys inn park with @Justgiving crew again. http://bit.ly/GXQiL [?]
  1598. 2009-3-19 Into wine like @thirstforwine? Check out - http://thediarydevin.blogspot.com/ by our @justgiving friend, @Lee_p_Marshall
  1599. 2009-3-19 My milkman has a tom-tom. Wonder what other gadgets he has... Maybe he's like the inspector gadget of the milk scene...
  1600. 2009-3-19 Hearting GitHub like there is no tomorrow. Heart heart heart.
  1601. 2009-3-18 w3c wtf seriously. Apparently <b> and <i> aren't deprecated? Wtfffff. http://is.gd/1zB5
  1602. 2009-3-18 Another lunch in the park! @RussianTsar is saying he never gets drunk and is always looking cool. http://twitpic.com/27p6j
  1603. 2009-3-18 Disagree wif the talk bout marketing having control of site content/direction. It differs from company, depending on the diversity of users.
  1604. 2009-3-18 Chuckling at the <em>warm<em> reception Andy @malarky Clarke received on @boagworld talking about IE8
  1605. 2009-3-18 @bexleyheath ...Do you believe your @ name is kinda false and tweets slightly biased towards your political views?
  1606. 2009-3-17 In the park having lunch with the @justgiving crew... Back to work soon! http://twitpic.com/26hjr
  1607. 2009-3-16 Just had a great sushi meal with our designer over from Boston - @melindahouse, @izabel_blue and @simondoggett. Now off to the Lndn Bridge
  1608. 2009-3-16 Just listened to the most awesome ted talk on open web data. Tim B-L ftw. RAW DATA NOw!
  1609. 2009-3-16 @Dal no worries pal, we should all catch up again some time soon tho for some drinks!
  1610. 2009-3-15 Don't wake me I plan on sleeping. Don't wake me I plan on sleeping in. Don't wake me I plan on sleeping... http://bit.ly/jpTYK
  1611. 2009-3-15 @rachelbeer Yup, don't care what people say about Heston. He's a legend & now my favourite over Jamie Oliver. Cant beat Nigella tho!
  1612. 2009-3-15 @rachelbeer Well... after watching Heston, I don't think the meals can quite compare! But then I guess it's not about the food so much.
  1613. 2009-3-15 @rachelbeer lol. I know exactly what you mean. Definately a clash of personalities there ... some interesting meals though! Bar the last 1
  1614. 2009-3-15 Watching Heston Blumenthal visiting @russianTsar's Latvia to get and cook lampreys. Looks awesome. Thanks @Izabel_blue, it's going good!
  1615. 2009-3-15 I love it when the BBC writes the obvious.. when will we see an article about jumping off cliffs? http://bit.ly/2SReT PS. Thanks @willjohnh
  1616. 2009-3-15 Off for some Dim Sum at peninsula in Greenwich. No Joshua this time so it will be more relaxed than usual!
  1617. 2009-3-15 Just ate a cake and got given a facebook cake present by Emily. That was an awesome little surprise!
  1618. 2009-3-14 Listening to @LostOnCampus.... who I took photos of during the FFFP! tour at the windmill http://bit.ly/BUd80
  1619. 2009-3-14 Thank you to everyone who attended my party yesterday + #notatsxsw! You all made it awesome.
  1620. 2009-3-14 Another fantastic day in sunny London, had lunch at ping pong & got myself a new bag which @RussianTsar would approve of.
  1621. 2009-3-14 Sorry if you hate football.. But 4 - 1 to the Liverpool. Thanks for the birthday present lads! Sucks to be Wayne Rooney.
  1622. 2009-3-14 It's a lovely day in London & we're heading to buy things now. @simondoggett left after a stop in the Jg office to sort stuff.
  1623. 2009-3-14 Quite possibly one of the most amazing photos I've seen from Aaron at @justgiving http://is.gd/nk8C
  1624. 2009-3-14 Just had an epicly awesomely breakfast avec @Simondoggett and Greg. Now to buy stuff! http://twitpic.com/231rz
  1625. 2009-3-14 Morning Delilah... It's always awesome waking up next to you! http://twitpic.com/22zyv
  1626. 2009-3-14 Listening to music and chilling out with @Simondoggett and greg.
  1627. 2009-3-14 Looking at flats and apartments to rent or buy in London. Anyone got any tips or suggestions on where to look etc?
  1628. 2009-3-13 Off to the other party now with the rest of the gang!
  1629. 2009-3-13 Happy birthday to me :D thanks to all at @Justgiving for the LOLcats card and more :D it all made my socks rofl. http://twitpic.com/223ug
  1630. 2009-3-13 With #Justgiving crew for lunch and talkin about @serafinowicz's Jg page. It's my birthday and the response is awesome! :D
  1631. 2009-3-13 @justgiving I had tons of help from my pal @natbentley, @thewebinspector - I'm learning JavaScript and more design, css, markup :)
  1632. 2009-3-13 @thewebinspector And we ( @justgiving ) like you too :) have a great day mate.
  1633. 2009-3-13 Female social media gurus of the future to keep an eye on are: @HayleyS and @heather_bird for: http://is.gd/mXqL
  1634. 2009-3-13 Female Social Media Guru UK Awards 2009 http://is.gd/mXqL Don't know the scene well enuf but @vikkichowney is doing really well :D Go Vikki!
  1635. 2009-3-13 @MeToo merci becoup :D My friend from France will be here specially for the event - he's from Remes!
  1636. 2009-3-13 This is my last week being 25... We're all out for drinks tonight with the #notatswsx party and all my friends around London.
  1637. 2009-3-13 @answers what is the @ name for the most followed twitter account in the charity sector?
  1638. 2009-3-13 @emilicon thanks for the cardboard furniture link on delicious! It's awesome :D
  1639. 2009-3-13 Thanks @tkenny @365er @marcflores for the bday wishes :)
  1640. 2009-3-12 Great post work drink with @jon_Bedford. Was good to chill out after another day of work. Tomorrow. We party!
  1641. 2009-3-12 @FoluB 4:30pm?!? Duuude. I think we may go to the pub at 5:30.
  1642. 2009-3-11 @Izabel_blue :P you're all just big kids aren't you. Next you'll be painting your faces like Lions and stuff!
  1643. 2009-3-11 @futureshape maybe they should just try shots of vodka whenever they're feeling low in confidence!
  1644. 2009-3-11 Still don't get why girls wear make up. If you're ugly, you're ugly :P
  1645. 2009-3-11 @MikeTreat chessington! Isn't that ages away from London :P really need to get myself a flat...
  1646. 2009-3-11 @FoluB wonder if they'll let me play :) @miketreat you play footy wif glasses on.. interestin.. Cud never do that :)
  1647. 2009-3-11 @MikeTreat whereabouts do you play? I wanna get back into playing again for a team.. Left back/left mid player :)
  1648. 2009-3-11 So far @thomasb86 and @futureshape are also off to work at formula and webcredible in London #imofftowork
  1649. 2009-3-11 #imofftowork at Justgiving in Farringdon. Where are you off to work?
  1650. 2009-3-11 New venue for Friday all booked in farringdon! @izabel_blue would be proud.
  1651. 2009-3-11 @wilcolley :D shall do mate and @Dal glad to hear that! Hoping maybe the Rohit will show his face too.
  1652. 2009-3-11 @thomasb86 I'd give watchmen a 7.5 out of 10
  1653. 2009-3-11 Huge thanks to @willjohnh for organising the #watchmen at the IMAX with all the #Justgiving crew! It was awesome.
  1654. 2009-3-11 Just seen #watchmen with the #Justgiving crew and now heading home! Really enjoyed it compared to the comic.
  1655. 2009-3-11 Yes, I'm going to #notatsxsw on Mar 13, 2009 http://twtvite.com/qf511d #twtvite
  1656. 2009-3-11 @jon_bedford it's kind of a mish-mash of the two I guess... blame @utku ! :D
  1657. 2009-3-11 @peterhay it's just a party in general. you're all welcome to come celebrate :P
  1658. 2009-3-11 @kaigani have you been to Tajama-tei? It's very very good... not tried SaSa yet...
  1659. 2009-3-11 @utku Pub by pub. I like it. After sushi please. @lewiswebb @jazcummins #haikaiparty
  1660. 2009-3-11 @natbentley I look at it as Markup is like bones... CSS is like skin, hair... javaScript is like makeup and perfume ;)
  1661. 2009-3-11 @natbentley I cant believe you just tried to make a comparison of paint to make up! Skin is like paint... make up is like dust :P
  1662. 2009-3-11 @molbac I don't want to cover my face thank youuuuu very much :p
  1663. 2009-3-10 Listening to @boagworld talkin about my attitude. I wonder what a train looks like... Rain tends to cloud my memory and my iPhone screen.
  1664. 2009-3-10 @fstorr yeah.. it's a hard call to compare Bolt to Wall-E! They're both awesome but in different ways.
  1665. 2009-3-10 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Summer Glau is on Big Bang Theory. Best episode ever!
  1666. 2009-3-10 Sneezing like it's 1999.
  1667. 2009-3-10 @jon_bedford I think we should be judges and enjoying trying out the food!
  1668. 2009-3-10 @jon_bedford & I just got our final prize (fancy brandy) for winning Food 2.0 nom nom nom http://bit.ly/11syRS thx @trustedplaces!! :D
  1669. 2009-3-10 I think I just wet one of the developers pants telling him the jQuery file size is 19k. No, seriously he's telling everyone like it's xmas!
  1670. 2009-3-10 @Izabel_blue I've been listening to BoagWorld talking about communities & I'm starting to think ppl confuse Marketing with Community!
  1671. 2009-3-10 @kitborry did they call you innnnnnteresting. Or interrrrrrrrresting?
  1672. 2009-3-9 Oh yeah. Forgot to mention #Bolt is an absolutely awesome movie. Best of Pixar's lot so far. Also looking forward to #watchmen on Wed!
  1673. 2009-3-9 @thomasb86 lemsip... actually tastes... absolutely amazing. I never thought I would say that but it tasted really good.
  1674. 2009-3-9 Now holding myself back from mixing a lollipop with lemsip powder...
  1675. 2009-3-9 Thanks @mnoo ... think it's time to go and make some lemsip! Then add a duvet. Then watch some Big Bang Theory.
  1676. 2009-3-9 Sneezing.
  1677. 2009-3-9 @han thanks, lets hope we get better soon... @meyerweb is ignoring my coughing and sneezing during his talk on 'jS is the future' ;)
  1678. 2009-3-9 Could murder a good hot cup of lemsip right now.
  1679. 2009-3-9 Retweeting @Izabel_blue: on the lookout for good meeting rooms/function rooms in central London for some evening sessions - any suggestions?
  1680. 2009-3-9 I'm starting to look more and more like @russianTsar - scary stuffs!
  1681. 2009-3-9 Making notes in @meyerweb's CSS workshop wif @wilcolley. No Internet sadly at #RIBA poor ol #carsonified :(
  1682. 2009-3-9 Watching @meyerweb charming table and outline borders just by changing the size of Firefox. Amazing snake charming skills.
  1683. 2009-3-9 Learning about :empty and other css3 classes for diagnostics to use with Stylish plug in for FF from @meyerweb
  1684. 2009-3-9 @meyerweb talking about Dust-Me selectors plug in for FireBug (omfg we've wanted this for ages @russianTsar!) :D Thanks to @meyerweb
  1685. 2009-3-9 @meyerweb "I can have rough estimations of hex code colours in my head" geeeeeek ;)
  1686. 2009-3-9 Into the land of sleepy time I go... Oh wait no. At the station early ready for today's talk on HTML5. The future is by round the corner.
  1687. 2009-3-9 We now have net access again... on to HTML5. Any moment now...
  1688. 2009-3-8 @simondoggett we have to do this in the office some time soon - http://bit.ly/2ndqi "ELIZABETH KESSICK - YOU HAVE BEEN SOUP'D"
  1689. 2009-3-8 For all who don't know where Ginnan is - http://bit.ly/9sbRn - It's Farringdon and has sushi/noodles/rice + curry and lots more :D
  1690. 2009-3-8 @Whatleydude We should totally rock up Ginnan and get the biggest table in the world for anyone interested! :D
  1691. 2009-3-8 @russianTsar didn't go... cos I didn't have any where to stay that night. Plus not feeling 100% atm :( ... next Friday tho we'll have fun!
  1692. 2009-3-8 Sooooo... I'm going to turn 26 this time next week. Who wants to go out partying? :) Sushi first then drinking the night away. Who's in?
  1693. 2009-3-8 Wondering why CSS isn't far more like JavaScript... and visa versa....
  1694. 2009-3-8 Will 'Wolfram Alpha' be the real life SkyNet? http://bit.ly/2whXV9
  1695. 2009-3-8 Cant wait to go see Bolt. Potentially movie of the year?
  1696. 2009-3-8 Just created my first facebook event... god it's an awful thing to do. Plus it's my birthday event. Add me on FB for details!
  1697. 2009-3-8 @hayleyS Well :p they asked for a website... but otherwise no. I just want to get some munch there and have an amazing night out!
  1698. 2009-3-7 Destroying people on at Street Fighter 4 in XBox live. Who wants some? :D
  1699. 2009-3-7 Looking for property on RightMove.com - First place costs... £51,000,000 ... Time to go buy a lottery ticket I guess.
  1700. 2009-3-7 @willjohnh @simondoggett Thought Panic's purchase CODA screen is absolutely awesome have a look:- http://bit.ly/SI2GV
  1701. 2009-3-7 Feelin surprisingly ok. Thanks @Stanto @wilcolley @garkbit @365er @webponce @smyther @tall_rich for tweet comments on last nights escapades!
  1702. 2009-3-7 Now on train and totally doing self jig to Coheed and Cambria.. Much to the excitement of everyone aboard. They jus dun realist it yet.
  1703. 2009-3-7 @smyther @tall_rich oh guys... I'm in such a world of pain had it not been for that bottle of water. But was all good thanks 2 @Simondoggett
  1704. 2009-3-7 @thirstforwine Not sure if you've seen this http://bit.ly/fcys thanks to @stanto for the tip off
  1705. 2009-3-7 @foodieguide My favourite Dim Sum is chung fan with Char sui inside. My uncle is the head chef at Ping Pong btw... Everyone share ur fave!
  1706. 2009-3-7 @foodieguide Quite good.. it's made at central location, so all the food is similar quality. Two of my faves restaurants r near Excel / o2
  1707. 2009-3-7 Right... enough of that. Time for a run. Kinda wish I hadn't drunk as much as I did last night else I'd enjoy it more... ah well.
  1708. 2009-3-7 I expected kids these days to be good at Street Fighter 4... the youth today huh? ;)
  1709. 2009-3-6 @simondoggett is off to buy me a drink now... Wonder what life would be like without an iPhone, sushi and... Gasp.. Twitter.
  1710. 2009-3-6 @fstorr blue cheese on pizza !? Does that work.. Esp. Wif the chorizo ... Surely that's a taste explosion? :P
  1711. 2009-3-6 I now have a bottle of water to ease up the poison I've had and resisting the need to jig on my train platform alone to counting crows. .
  1712. 2009-3-6 Well...despite suggestions I had red wine and a burger. Feeling bad, but this weekend I shall make up for it. Thanks friends!
  1713. 2009-3-6 Omgzzzzzz nachos! Coming our way. Yeah.
  1714. 2009-3-6 In bodeans with @simondoggett - wondering what to drink...
  1715. 2009-3-6 Oh, what a beautiful morning; Oh, what a beautiful day... Everybody now! (via @anucreative)
  1716. 2009-3-6 Sitting in a pub with@simondoggett, wondering and pondering about life. Ok. So he's in the loo and it's just me... Ah well.
  1717. 2009-3-5 Today we worked with our designer in the US, Melinda. You can see a little picture of her and our wall of notes... http://bit.ly/12KEiH
  1718. 2009-3-5 @mnoo wow amazing photos... really like the one of me in it :) are you on Flickr? Mine are here: http://bit.ly/12KEiH
  1719. 2009-3-5 @tkenny just using other people's scripts and looking to do one which looks at the prefix of a url to apply a background colour :)
  1720. 2009-3-5 @tkenny I'm working on a grease monkey script to do a diagnostic on my/other dev/designers work to highlight stuff like that :)
  1721. 2009-3-5 The embed code of that last link makes me hesitant to use put it on my site. <div style='clear:both'></div></div><div style='clear:both' ...
  1722. 2009-3-5 Loving the CNBC talk on Financial advice... http://bit.ly/VWH8j - time to get myself a flat me thinks. What'd you think?
  1723. 2009-3-5 @innocentdrinks nuffin' like a good muffin, to help ease the day away! :D
  1724. 2009-3-5 People at work want me to give up sushi & twitter for a month for charity. Cannae think of anything worse..
  1725. 2009-3-5 So want to air guitar right now. Kings of Leon ftw.
  1726. 2009-3-5 @boagworld used mamp? :)
  1727. 2009-3-5 Rt @simondoggett: Talk of the towers this morning is getting @kaichanvong to give up for lent: twitter, sushi & any browser newer than IE4
  1728. 2009-3-5 @mnoo http://bit.ly/ allows you to short the urls and also get an idea of analytics from your tweet links etc.There's an api key for Twhirl.
  1729. 2009-3-5 @russianTsar Thanks mate, that link about word press tips and tricks is really useful :)
  1730. 2009-3-5 @warriorgrrl hey - I'm good thanks, just busy with work etc.. hope we can roll out some exciting new #Justgiving stuff soon, hows you?
  1731. 2009-3-5 If there's a fire on this train or anything... I'm dead. Can we pack trains any more?! #London #health #safety http://twitpic.com/1uviu
  1732. 2009-3-5 @anucreative we're living in a winter wonderland!
  1733. 2009-3-5 What a very bizare dream that was... Resuming normal service!
  1734. 2009-3-5 Why have I been awake for an hour? This isn't right... uploading photos whilst the sleep deprivation continues.
  1735. 2009-3-4 Back on the iPhone... My inq1 is needing to be charged up and then I'll try using it from tomorrow... I promise ;)
  1736. 2009-3-4 Hanging out with matt_paradise, @michchapman and @mnoo at the 3 pub quiz! Red wine ftw =D
  1737. 2009-3-4 Tryin out a sony erikson my iphone is failing
  1738. 2009-3-4 Making a dash for it to 3 mobile pub quiz and to meet my new phone to test out. Wonder if @Whatleydude will b there. He's too busy surely!
  1739. 2009-3-4 @MikeTreat Yes... he's pretty much responsible for all the foods! :P So yeah you love my uncle.
  1740. 2009-3-4 Hearing that my uncle (the head chef at Ping Pong dim sum restaurants) has left some cool new cake recipes for me to try... exciting stuffs!
  1741. 2009-3-4 About to release something special for Justgiving fundraising pages... hold on tight y'all. Hopefully this will go smooth.
  1742. 2009-3-4 Really bugs me how some things in jS aren't camelCaseSensative eg: onreadystatechange
  1743. 2009-3-4 Something that could have made the pub quiz more viral:- #eventname like on twitter.. Still lovin my iPhone but will try the inq1 soon.
  1744. 2009-3-4 @warriorgrrl @Utku @annoemole we haven't all caught up in ages + @whatleydude and co - we should all go out some night? Watchaaa say?
  1745. 2009-3-4 T3 won the pub quiz... Clearly we didn't know enough about butterflies and stuff...
  1746. 2009-3-4 @russianTsar what happened? @michchapman wants to know!
  1747. 2009-3-4 @Whatleydude inq1 from 3 mobile and I'll try hook you up if you're interested!
  1748. 2009-3-4 Anyone good at butterfly knowledge?
  1749. 2009-3-4 Now been join by @naivelondongirl and @rem0te at the quiz. Back on the iPhone
  1750. 2009-3-4 Sucking at the pop quiz... @russiantsar - hang in I will try to catch up wif u soon!
  1751. 2009-3-4 @michchapman "have you never heard of bannana boy aka Peter Parker?" amazing.
  1752. 2009-3-3 Watching tv and being very lazy... Big bang theory time me thinks. Sing along with me y'all! Our whole universe was in a hot dense state...
  1753. 2009-3-3 Apparently now Elie has bad migraines he's far less likely to get breast cancer. He's seeing the funny side in it.
  1754. 2009-3-3 interesting... css corners +borders @ img fails with FF3. Div bgimg it is then!
  1755. 2009-3-3 Calm now. Need to get Jg as the wordpress 4 charities. Wont have to hand hold agencies/charities on our platform. Can we do it? Yes we can!
  1756. 2009-3-3 Not going to say what I'm thinking. Not going to say what I'm thinking. Not going to say what I'm thinking... bite lip and repeat.
  1757. 2009-3-3 @Whatleydude you get an identical twin brother!
  1758. 2009-3-3 @Whatleydude a whole day without social media man?!? Wtfffffffff. :P
  1759. 2009-3-3 Seeing Heston Blumenthal use a vibrator to get Jelly to wobble on tv... is just wrong. Thankfully Big Bang Theory is back on form! :D
  1760. 2009-3-3 Having a lovely peaceful walk with some awesome music through London. Waterloo here I come!
  1761. 2009-3-2 @anucreative wow.. You get kicked out by your cleaners. I normally just sit quietly with music playing as they Hoover around me!
  1762. 2009-3-2 Headin out from the office and into London!
  1763. 2009-3-2 Wonder how I keep getting beaten at Mario Kart.... not fair. Anyone got any tips?
  1764. 2009-3-2 @Izabel_blue Back to work young lady! Less playing with iPhone and more revenue++; please! :D
  1765. 2009-3-2 @Izabel_blue to San Francisco or Boston? :D Yes please! :D
  1766. 2009-3-2 Trying out Tweet o' Clock! http://bit.ly/13BWtV
  1767. 2009-3-2 @fstorr we need a fictional character lik: social media man... Kind of like captain planet but not as lame :P
  1768. 2009-3-2 Now playing with strings with @natbentley!
  1769. 2009-3-2 Playing with strings...
  1770. 2009-3-2 @r_c it's on ted talks mate - on a train and sadly iPhone is poor for sharing. Google "cloud new dot com" as it is also muy interestant!
  1771. 2009-3-2 Watched @ev's talk on twitter. Ot oh.. Twitter = harbringer of death! It marks the coming of the cloud. The death of api-less web companies
  1772. 2009-3-2 Potentially about to be putting a huge tick next to one of my March UX objectives. Oh looksa it's the 2nd of March too!
  1773. 2009-3-1 @willjohnh Looks like I don't have Sky1.. but I do have Sky3. How does that work out?! Oh well.. guess I'll just have to watch Girls Aloud..
  1774. 2009-3-1 Twitter's growth and popularity is a result of user-driven innovation (@ev at TED Talk) http://bit.ly/DZcev #twitter
  1775. 2009-3-1 Hmmm... it's interesting to see how far jQuery has come and picking up some of the more old skool ways of doing jS from that last screencast
  1776. 2009-3-1 Watching screencasts on YUI jS from the legend that is Dustin Diaz (@ded) http://bit.ly/73JfR
  1777. 2009-3-1 Dear children screaming in the next door garden. Please cease and desist.
  1778. 2009-3-1 I really need to stop being such a nice person. 26 mins of my time to a phone research person... guh. Back to work!
  1779. 2009-3-1 Listening to Jeffrey Lewis and getting stuff done. His songs are awesome! http://bit.ly/qgPg9
  1780. 2009-3-1 Time to go for run 2 of the weekend. Anyone else running this weekend? Last FM app + iPhone = fun run :D
  1781. 2009-3-1 Still chuckling from the amazing use of Spanish swearing by Penelope Cruz did in Vicky Christina Barcelona. Elle es mal de la cabeza, keke!
  1782. 2009-3-1 Customisin wordpress's admin page for a client.. figure I could make their life a lot easier by removing stuff and making it less cluttered
  1783. 2009-3-1 Wondering how dead to the world @wilcolley will be right now from alcohol consumption. World of pain hahaha. Back to work I go.. lahlahlah
  1784. 2009-3-1 @willjohnh Oh yeah! ... I'll look see if I have sky 1 and set up a 2nd reminder :D
  1785. 2009-2-28 @lewiswebb I can imagine... @robingrant isn't just a bad influence when it comes to drink. He is THE bad influence ;)
  1786. 2009-2-28 I can hear a sound only audible to young people, can you? http://trainhorns.net/sound/
  1787. 2009-2-28 was thinking of April maybe earlish then... cos my friend @paulinho is out there. Then visit @stanto on the way back or something like that
  1788. 2009-2-28 @lewiswebb ;) yeah yeah. I meant what I'd said in jest. Having a good weekend?
  1789. 2009-2-28 Tweaking my tumblr site a bit... I'll refresh it properly in time. The blog definately needs a good cheering up :)
  1790. 2009-2-28 Hmmm... holidays. Vancouver and Japan in the same year? Or would that just be cheeky.
  1791. 2009-2-28 Going through my chores. Tidy, Mp3 refresh on iPhone, blog and then have a wander to the village to get some batteries. Peaceful.
  1792. 2009-2-28 @russianTsar @Stanto yeah.. okay... lets just stop with the Kai bashing day.
  1793. 2009-2-28 @stubbornella really enjoyed your presentations/talks on css + the concept of OOP for CSS :) thank you for sharing it! http://bit.ly/KXQeF
  1794. 2009-2-28 Watching Big Bang Theory... I'm missing it and needing to relate to something tonight.
  1795. 2009-2-28 My gran is saying that this chap looks like me http://bit.ly/X2zdq ...... please help me and point out to her that's really not true!
  1796. 2009-2-28 Queue... que... you know what I meant. Sometimes my brain doesn't function entirely on a Saturday. Hmmm... upload upload..
  1797. 2009-2-28 @RobinGrant Awwww youuuuu pooorrrr pooor thing. *queue playing of tiny little violin* ;) Hope you had a great time mate.
  1798. 2009-2-28 24, now so unreal. There was 1 scene removed where Jack weeps uncontrollably after executd a colleague. It needs something real like that.
  1799. 2009-2-27 @lewiswebb Kind hurt you would even suggest that! I just saw it on a flickr http://bit.ly/13LldW
  1800. 2009-2-27 @FoluB next year? I want to go sooooon! :)
  1801. 2009-2-27 Watching West Wing, having some wine, plotting next visits to my friends in Canada and teh North.
  1802. 2009-2-27 @stanto ! When should I come visit you next? :)
  1803. 2009-2-27 @fstorr great choices of purchases! Enjoy them, they're two of the best books I've read alongside Danny Wallace - Join Me.
  1804. 2009-2-27 Right now, all I can think of.... is sleep. What are you thinking of right now?
  1805. 2009-2-27 Waving a little American Flag for another episode of the West Wing and humming the tune. I wonder if there will ever be a Chinese version..
  1806. 2009-2-27 OMG. Just heard about £15 an amazing sushi/sashimi buffet at Hi Sushi on Frith Street in Soho. Who is up for going then?
  1807. 2009-2-26 Reading Bulletproof Ajax so I can understand jS + manipulating strings & do an improvement on how the statistics @ #Justgiving are conveyed.
  1808. 2009-2-26 Super jelous of @jon_Bedford and how awesomely cool his tweets and life is. You don't follow him? Omg. Newbbbbb.
  1809. 2009-2-26 @fstorr thanks dude, that's v kind of you to say so. Hope we can really push far greater things in the future!
  1810. 2009-2-26 Been to talk on forms and now having a curry with @simondoggett @willjohnh
  1811. 2009-2-26 Just announced the millionth Justgiving page! :D http://is.gd/hy5v
  1812. 2009-2-26 My hero = @jon_bedford to quote him, "Oh I can't... just off to a photoshoot."
  1813. 2009-2-26 @anucreative I sounded like some kinda Count. http://is.gd/kWhe
  1814. 2009-2-26 @fstorr I bought understanding comics a few years ago and it's brilliant for explaining communication and more.
  1815. 2009-2-26 Did anyone get the number plate of that donkey cart? Also... welcome to twitter @yahoo and @google. So... where's Microsoft?
  1816. 2009-2-26 @sophdea course not :P
  1817. 2009-2-26 @fstorr ahhhh I didn't realize that was you :) was great to be there and chat ideas..
  1818. 2009-2-26 @fstorr were you at the ux talk today? Clearly didn't ecognise yah, else wud have said hi.
  1819. 2009-2-26 Wow... On the train wif a kid out of prison and a woman trying to help him. This could go so wrong.
  1820. 2009-2-26 @fstorr I'm a huge fan of Scott McCloud, just not sure how much can be discussed from understandin' comics. But hope ppl prove me wrong.
  1821. 2009-2-25 Thought @willjohnh was going into a seizure, but he's just enjoying his music. His last.Fm radio is pretty good - http://is.gd/kOv7
  1822. 2009-2-25 @twesents_sushi thanks for the late night sushi.. Sadly couldn't see it cos iPhone + flash = pandora's box of nowt.
  1823. 2009-2-25 Can't sleep. Grrrrrr.
  1824. 2009-2-25 @emilicon super cool avatar/photo! =D
  1825. 2009-2-24 Travelling back now... It was a late one but had a great sushi dinner and chat with the boss of Justgiving and @wilcolley.
  1826. 2009-2-24 Sorry. Nope. I refuse to put this flash animation on a client's site. http://bit.ly/VROjq
  1827. 2009-2-24 @anucreative yip we did book our places. day I'm gonna get a robo cat that'll turn into a gryphon.Awesome to fly 2 work and battle others!
  1828. 2009-2-24 @vikkichowney @fstorr bah. It's pancake day already? I forgot :( ah well.. Will ya both eat 1 or 10 for me? =D
  1829. 2009-2-24 @anucreative is the nabaztag worth the price tag? They look so awesome and I like the idea of being able to use feeds and stuff wif it!
  1830. 2009-2-24 £160k to teach MPs how to use twitter and social networks? You gotta love that. http://bit.ly/hkScE (via @julie_a)
  1831. 2009-2-24 Loving walking past this at night. http://twitpic.com/1oaz6
  1832. 2009-2-23 @richmarr The following link is to the coolness I was telling you about the other day that could revolutionise UI. http://bit.ly/14aNdc
  1833. 2009-2-23 Mr cat says hello. Can u see him? http://twitpic.com/1nn4s
  1834. 2009-2-23 ipsum... It's been a long day bugger orf. :p
  1835. 2009-2-23 @Malarkey I often go to your twitter feed in place of upsum :D
  1836. 2009-2-23 Rockin' the streets of London. Time to dash home!
  1837. 2009-2-23 Rt @molbac: Call The Bush Theatre on 020 8743 5050 and quote "nabokov £5 offer". for 'Wrecks' starring Robert Glenister (Spooks, Hustle)
  1838. 2009-2-23 Damn. Russian oranges are much better than their Chinese counter parts. Who would have thought it! Hey @russianTsar?
  1839. 2009-2-23 @innocentdrinks oh awesome could you email their email addys to Kai@Justgiving.com? Wonder if we cud interview em.
  1840. 2009-2-23 Would love a code editor + design mockup iPhone app.. In the mean time I'll listen to music and go get mi hair cut.
  1841. 2009-2-23 @russianTsar sometimes it's just scary how we both are on the same page of this magical book called life! ;)
  1842. 2009-2-23 Watching West Wing and looking through bits and bobs. Bobs and bits. Bits and bobs.
  1843. 2009-2-22 @marceatsworld No. It's a sad, sad day for British comedy when someone so highly rated has to go to the future to get twitter content!
  1844. 2009-2-22 @russianTsar that's creepy.. I am, but I didn't notice that @wossy is copying what I say! :p
  1845. 2009-2-22 Watching the West Wing and it would appear that the mac logo used to be upside down on the back of the laptops. How bizzare.
  1846. 2009-2-22 @innocentdrinks hello friend :) I was wondering if any of you innocent guys/gals were runnin' the London Marathon!
  1847. 2009-2-22 @cunners my name isn't just Kai Chan Vong for nothing ;)
  1848. 2009-2-22 @cunners hard. now doing hardest
  1849. 2009-2-22 @willjohnh It's true... I do, do a little dance before heading off to eat Salmon sashimi!
  1850. 2009-2-22 Spawn more lil' salmon lil' fishyyy, spawn more salmon lil' fishy. For me to eat on rice an' nigiriiii. Spawn more lil'.. u get the idea...
  1851. 2009-2-22 Changed my mind about being a bear. Having to dance for food doesn't look cool. Now being an eagle and swooping for food, that's cool!
  1852. 2009-2-22 Seems like everything from animals to nature wants to kill the salmon on BBC1's nature program. & who can blame them! They taste so good.
  1853. 2009-2-22 Watching about bears in the wild. I wonder if I'll come back to life one day as a bear...
  1854. 2009-2-22 One day when we get ill we'll be able to run a scan and clear out the virus in our body more effectively. Until that day I use sleep.
  1855. 2009-2-22 @adactio did someone mention comics? :D http://twitpic.com/1mt49
  1856. 2009-2-22 @simondoggett Right you can stop that RIGHT now. :p I am not a puss bag. Whatever the heck that means!
  1857. 2009-2-22 @utku Dude. I'll get so many emails from parents asking me to leave xb Live cos I kick too much ass!
  1858. 2009-2-22 Just completed street fighter. That was far, far too easy.
  1859. 2009-2-22 Watching Role Models to learn how to be... well, a role model...
  1860. 2009-2-22 @smyther sadly not... I did also want to blog about @innocentdrinks for the London marathon Justgiving site, but they haven't replied to me.
  1861. 2009-2-22 @smyther it's so worth the money dude. She should look at a body on eBay like a canon 400 and then just pick up a 50mm lens for £60 :D
  1862. 2009-2-22 @smyther awww :( Poor Dave. Just looking through @jahnut's flickr of #snowuk - did you see my snowman on snow day? http://bit.ly/YD1Rv
  1863. 2009-2-22 @cunners :) Added thanks for sending me the XBox live friend requiest!
  1864. 2009-2-22 @utku @simondoggett not tried it on live yet... scared of the lag monster and being unable to ex-focus cancel.
  1865. 2009-2-21 Ah twitter... making people, people again. This is pretty cool. http://bit.ly/IQKuJ
  1866. 2009-2-21 Watching Doll House. Oh god... this is going to suck isn't it.
  1867. 2009-2-21 @tall_rich Soooooo far it seems like a movie about girls. Not relating at all...
  1868. 2009-2-21 @Whatleydude What can I say... I'm true a mario kart n00b :D have a great day too too pal!
  1869. 2009-2-21 @Whatleydude ooops my Mario Kart code is 4597-4866-6199 :D
  1870. 2009-2-21 Chatting to Aya and trying to learn a bit of Japanese. http://bit.ly/GbY7G
  1871. 2009-2-21 @Whatleydude bring it :) 6872 5089 8575 7341
  1872. 2009-2-21 Best run evaaaaar!11 46 mins for 4m (ok so I've done better but I enjoyed that).
  1873. 2009-2-21 @wilcolley I'm off to do my run. Ergh. How could someone eat that.. it's a violation of your taste buds!
  1874. 2009-2-21 Just seen what a bacon pizza cheeseburger looks like and need to go for a run around the block. http://bit.ly/114AM2
  1875. 2009-2-21 just started playing Street Fighter IV. http://raptr.com/kaichanvong
  1876. 2009-2-21 Ok. I still rock at mario kart! :D No one is safe. Wii friend ids and lets play @whatleydude, that means you too!
  1877. 2009-2-21 @limeduck -from What Facebook & Tumblr dont want you to know - "David Karp is the founder and owner of Tumblr" http://bit.ly/gHn9z
  1878. 2009-2-21 @SoItsComeToThis We all are. We now expect a synchronous time line of data eg, ya prob thought I was ignorin ya. I was actually asleep ;)
  1879. 2009-2-21 @Cennydd Amazing that people r only just thinkin about copyright implications with LastFM & so impatient. @SoItsComeToThis :p I'm talkin 2 u
  1880. 2009-2-21 @tkenny :) But... LastFM are denying it. It's all too easy just to listen purely to speculative media hear say.
  1881. 2009-2-21 Watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Great start... going to a party as an entrée.
  1882. 2009-2-21 @tall_rich So far lol cats x 3. I didn't realise... it was.. about a kid... but I'll give it a few mins ;)
  1883. 2009-2-21 @tall_rich The departed huh... someone else mentioned it was quite good too. Will defo have to check it out :D
  1884. 2009-2-21 @Malarkey this is designed with the eldery in mind ;) http://bit.ly/inFq0 just to rub it in, it's done by a kid!
  1885. 2009-2-21 @boagworld #dollhouse improved a lot near the end... it was just the first episode. I guess.
  1886. 2009-2-20 Woooohoo. Got the wii working. Now to catch up with @rich_marr for a drink.
  1887. 2009-2-20 That girl I just passed has definatly been out all night.. And not looking oh so swell for it neither! Queue mischevious chortle.
  1888. 2009-2-20 Hi nan and grandad :) I'll speak to you both soon (this'll have them bouncing up and down when they read it)
  1889. 2009-2-20 just started playing Street Fighter IV. http://raptr.com/kaichanvong
  1890. 2009-2-20 @thomasb86 we're good pal, we're good! :) great chat with @rich_Marr. Still wish I was working alongside him.
  1891. 2009-2-20 Peanuts which are Sweet and salty, they should be called swalty flavoured! @rich_marr
  1892. 2009-2-20 Trying not to go bright red with the 2 girls dancing in the pub infront of me... Oh dear.. They dance so bad..
  1893. 2009-2-20 @russianTsar you try it first :p I told you about it last week anyways... googogogog
  1894. 2009-2-19 I'm back on Twhirl cos Tweetdeck consumed huge amounts of memory + no bit.ly api key! :D
  1895. 2009-2-19 Loving this look at the Pepsi brand and how it works... http://bit.ly/AIaeq thanks @richmarr ! :)
  1896. 2009-2-19 John Maeda #TED was pure madness. Loved it so much. We shouldn't be bring the technology to ppl.. But making it more natural than abstract
  1897. 2009-2-19 @thirstforwine dun think I ever want to grow up cos being a kid at heart is kinda me.. maybe it's a balance o 50/50 though...
  1898. 2009-2-19 Today was my first ever washing day on a work night. Whatever happened to being out every night partying? Need to fix this asap!
  1899. 2009-2-19 Watching MacBook video on apple. Loving the quality... if only I could buy all their products :P
  1900. 2009-2-19 Blocking one of my best friend's ex-gf... she's really lost her marbles :S
  1901. 2009-2-19 Home soon. Wonder what to have for dinner... Suggestions on a tweet card plz =]
  1902. 2009-2-19 "just wrap an a tag around it. Done!" @cennydd
  1903. 2009-2-18 @thomasb86 @smyther I'm finding this out the hard way... A genie would be awesome. But hey only 20 mind wait!
  1904. 2009-2-18 Train fail :( looks like charing cross to london bridge had a problem. Apparent not trains can move.
  1905. 2009-2-18 Hahaha. I'm on a boat yo! End time at work but we're going pwn up yo! Thanks @simondoggett http://bit.ly/15rUVC
  1906. 2009-2-18 Ah semantic tag cloud markup <em> <em> <em> <em> <em> <em> .... Another nested element, another kitten explodes.
  1907. 2009-2-18 High on Japanese flu & cold relief tablets. Dreamt of the millenium dome becoming on big toro nigiri... Mmm sushi.
  1908. 2009-2-18 Looks like IE9 is being scoped... by us... the idealists. http://bit.ly/jjIhc
  1909. 2009-2-17 Police women wearing far too much perfume is just wrong!
  1910. 2009-2-17 Ot oh ot oh! Just left the office. Could murder a nice pint of lemsip.
  1911. 2009-2-17 Omg. I think the legend that is Charlie Arnott is learning something from someone else. No pigs with wings. Christmas. Miracle.
  1912. 2009-2-17 Remembering the days when people said jQuery was a naughty word...
  1913. 2009-2-17 @tkenny :D Another happy customer... be careful though, I lost 400 captures because I thought you could reuse them :( you pay for 1 only!
  1914. 2009-2-17 @simondoggett my photos will be up later tonight of the food :)
  1915. 2009-2-17 You can use http://userfly.com to watch movies of your users' browsing sessions and analyze their behavior!
  1916. 2009-2-17 Barry Schwartz's TED talk today was awesome. Remove incentives & bring in character so ppl do the right thing. Share wisdom & lose the rules
  1917. 2009-2-17 Dear sleep, you had me at hellozzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  1918. 2009-2-17 Wonder if nick is working as a web dev.. We went to college together & he's sat opp me. Dun think he recognizes me (I lost a lot of weight)
  1919. 2009-2-16 Off to the land of sleepy time. Thanks @smyther for your suggestion of getting a magic carpet. Sadly, Trains make me want to work from home.
  1920. 2009-2-16 Just got home. I really should start time trials...
  1921. 2009-2-16 Trains. How I hate having to use them sometimes.
  1922. 2009-2-16 5 ways to improve your css markup! Nice. http://bit.ly/eJV6s
  1923. 2009-2-16 Just shown @russianTsar userfly. He's as excited about it as I am :D Brilliant.
  1924. 2009-2-16 Use firebug? Then you'll love Firescope. Sitepoint's awesome code tool for elements/variables. Nice! http://bit.ly/TTK7j
  1925. 2009-2-15 Jus had an email from 1 of Elie Labeca's many fans. They're all worried about him. Wonder if he got drunk and deleted his Flickr account.
  1926. 2009-2-15 @boagworld Quite possibly the most inspiring thing you've said in ages! ;)
  1927. 2009-2-15 RT @Malarkey: Can you help me by sharing some of your wireframes? http://tinyurl.com/db4cfl
  1928. 2009-2-15 Syncing up my various accounts online to Raptr so I can be as cool as @tkenny ;)
  1929. 2009-2-15 @elliotjaystocks @simondoggett speaks the truth, the Bravia series is amazing.
  1930. 2009-2-15 Note from Google Ajax Library: "1.2.5 and 1.2.4 are not hosted due to their short and unstable lives in the wild..."
  1931. 2009-2-15 Reading bout microformats and accessibility & visiting new youngest cousin of the family. Little Jayden Vong, brother of Josh Vong.
  1932. 2009-2-14 Right... back to True Blood. Keep singing the theme tune and getting weird looks from people. Thanks @melindahouse for the recommendation!
  1933. 2009-2-14 @foodieguide Thanks, was a pleasure chatting to you about cats too! Hot to see more photos of you're lil bundles of joy soon :)
  1934. 2009-2-14 Hahahaha. Watching the con artists on bbC 1 and yes they're bullshitting and being v extreme about some of the stuff. mac addresses ftw.
  1935. 2009-2-14 @foodieguide I'm going to wait until I have my own place and look about getting some tablets for the cat :D I heard you can make them good!
  1936. 2009-2-14 @foodieguide Cascade could become Caz or Cass :D
  1937. 2009-2-14 @foodieguide :( I know... I reckon I'd have to use the name Cascade. Love the picture of your cat :)
  1938. 2009-2-14 @MikeTreat @foodieguide I'm allergic to cats... so yes. Yes it wouldn't be easy. Just thinking what I'd name my cat now.
  1939. 2009-2-14 I would like a cat. There. I said it.
  1940. 2009-2-14 @foodieguide freudian slip about how hot it is in my room - I meant hope :)
  1941. 2009-2-13 Learning from users... :) lots of interesting stuff going on and to think about. If you have a website, try http://userfly.com !
  1942. 2009-2-13 "Jack! The rules are what makes us better." Jack Bauer replies, "Not today."
  1943. 2009-2-13 Just hooked up Userfly to the London Marathon 2009 website.. so far so very good. Will report more on usability soon! 5 mins = 4 users.
  1944. 2009-2-13 Having seen what @russianTsar is wearing to swim scared me. I think he's a latvian Olympic athlete now!
  1945. 2009-2-13 We're being told that we cant use Fences in the office because it's for personal use. But there's no way of paying for it yet... is there?
  1946. 2009-2-13 Everyone in the office is lovin this link from @willjohnh (an amazing desktop organiser for windows) U'll love it too! http://bit.ly/3fFnW
  1947. 2009-2-13 This is awesome! It's our top tips video for fundraising online - http://bit.ly/1atTU0
  1948. 2009-2-13 #Twestival was great. Nice to see all of you there. Sorry if I didn't get to chat to you properly! I was in a silly/fun mood :)
  1949. 2009-2-13 Good morning #London. Your looking rather handsome/pretty today! What have you in store for us all #today?
  1950. 2009-2-12 We're at twestival. Where ya at ;)
  1951. 2009-2-12 Off to twestival now! Just had dinner with @simondoggett and @mrslwalker. Talked about using twitter and mac for schools!
  1952. 2009-2-12 Some of developers are in love with Silverlight... lammmeeeee. If Bill Gates will walk in the office & most of them will wet themselves :P
  1953. 2009-2-12 @HayleyS I'm not sure that's a good thing lol ;) But we have just opened this : http://bit.ly/ea7V3 and are offering £100 to ur charity!
  1954. 2009-2-12 @FoluB seriouslyyyy :P
  1955. 2009-2-12 @anniemole hahaha ;)
  1956. 2009-2-11 Wow! Justgiving is offering a £100 donation to the charity of your choice for the a top fundraising top!!! http://bit.ly/3llTL
  1957. 2009-2-11 Just had a meeting with @adactio, @wilcolley and @russiantsar :D
  1958. 2009-2-11 @HayleyS :P yip, not all of us are so negative about the Valentines day coming up!
  1959. 2009-2-11 @wilcolley will be a god of css after the coming months. @adactio today, @meyerweb in March then @andybudd in April!
  1960. 2009-2-11 @adactio it's sadly a bit late + @russiantsar is busy with stuffs too :( but we'll organise it another time for sure :D
  1961. 2009-2-11 I'm in love. Sushiina <3 her little home made onigiri rolls. http://bit.ly/ogmj
  1962. 2009-2-11 Sushi lunch @russiantsar @adactio @simondoggett ? If you're in Farringdon for lunch time that is... :D http://bit.ly/cK9hI
  1963. 2009-2-11 Laughing at @boagworld - @addictio is pwning you and he's not even on you podcast!
  1964. 2009-2-11 This is why I love twitter so much:- http://bit.ly/eRWZ
  1965. 2009-2-11 Off home now. Gosh it's cold out tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow's twestival! Will you be there?
  1966. 2009-2-10 Playing with Microformats for the Justgiving site. It's fun. Leave me alone.
  1967. 2009-2-10 Thanks Sandrine! If you need anything else, let me know :)
  1968. 2009-2-10 @CupCate Well... I always think that all you lil' tweet followers don't have toilets for eyes! So why be a potty mouth ;)
  1969. 2009-2-10 I don't swear! http://cursebird.com/ - Twitter not for the faint hearted.' (via @simondoggett) http://twitpic.com/1f5zi
  1970. 2009-2-10 Seeing where you get your hair cut on the television is quite surreal... BBC2 that is right now
  1971. 2009-2-8 Uploading photos for #justgiving at the Flora London Marathon Golden Bond weekend http://bit.ly/MwNe
  1972. 2009-2-8 @anniemole how come u always go to new every Sunday? Shares? ;) hf with gemima overload, ok and dav! :D
  1973. 2009-2-8 Ice ice baby. Off to London to photo / help other justgivers. Slippping everywhere atm tho.
  1974. 2009-2-8 @simondoggett We could be a service creating accounts for ppl. "Doggett & Vong: Makin the signup pain sound like the pitter patter o rain"
  1975. 2009-2-8 Babies. They can't half cry can they.
  1976. 2009-2-7 "I thought it was a sleeping policeman, not a little child."
  1977. 2009-2-7 Skins. Season 3. Learning to be as cool as Effy.
  1978. 2009-2-7 Pixar's talk about preparing people for New Media is amazing. I aspire to be more like this: http://bit.ly/3WfROl
  1979. 2009-2-6 @simondoggett website design / dev - but we have to come up with a few features on what it'll be judged on.
  1980. 2009-2-6 @natbentley @fstorr @SteveDisplay It's listing data which is most frequent/largest in a menubar.
  1981. 2009-2-6 Developers and designers - which is better: <dl><dt/><dd><li> or a <div><h2/><ol><li> ? It's important data - so the latter?
  1982. 2009-2-6 Just grabbing some food then off home. I've got a competition against the tibi at work.
  1983. 2009-2-5 @russianTsar :P That's what I would say.
  1984. 2009-2-5 Making a few amendments to the Justgiving London Marathon site... trust IE6 to have a say in how my CSS should be ;)
  1985. 2009-2-5 #nerdpickuplines - Hi. My name is Kai Chan Vong. Google me.
  1986. 2009-2-5 Gotta love how this site has taken one of my photos & allowed user generated captions to change it :) http://bit.ly/Wajs
  1987. 2009-2-5 Got a lift to the station from my neighbours! Glad to get to dodge to ice slide. Now my train!
  1988. 2009-2-5 Just listened to the pilot who landed in the Hudson river. "Yip. We're gonna land in the Hudson pal."
  1989. 2009-2-4 @adactio Do you watch Big Bang Theory? It's perfect for when you arrive home after a few drinks. I don't know why. It just works for me :D
  1990. 2009-2-3 .NET's website has smallest font size I've seen in years.: http://bit.ly/2jmh - It's so small it makes the Jg footer text look big!
  1991. 2009-2-3 It's now pure ice. #Bexley ice slope. http://twitpic.com/1bdbe
  1992. 2009-2-3 #fryappletalk my dad bought this expensive games programming book when I was little. Sadly there were lots of pages were incorrect/typos.
  1993. 2009-2-3 @adactio clever use of reverse psychology. I'd been unfollowing him for months til you'd said that ;)
  1994. 2009-2-3 Great. Does anything work or am I gonna have to walk? You guessed it - I get to walk.
  1995. 2009-2-3 That's right boys and girls. 5 stops and the train is packed. New South-East trains record! Don't quote me on that.
  1996. 2009-2-3 Oh spoke too soon! iPhone redeemed itself and even pointed out the cancellations. Now where is this train going...
  1997. 2009-2-3 Is it a bird, is it a plane. Certainly ain't no flippin' train! :) (train station notice board 1 - iPhone 0)
  1998. 2009-2-3 That's right young lady. You look hot in that top. But I'd bet your not. Hahaha. I'm evil. But in a warm way :D
  1999. 2009-2-3 'Londoners flirting with ice.' One chap broke his wrist flirting with this lil slope. http://twitpic.com/1b6k3
  2000. 2009-2-3 Oooh! Trains are back on now. Going to get ready and make a dash. Hopefully seeya soon.
  2001. 2009-2-3 Know what I'm going to watch tonight? This: http://bit.ly/2x4c + popcorn @ mega huge TV. Thanks @jeresig for sharing the talk wif us.
  2002. 2009-2-3 Oh god this addictive. Turn the sound on... and enjoy. http://bit.ly/wia4
  2003. 2009-2-3 Argh. Remote desktop fail to my work pc :( this is annoying.
  2004. 2009-2-3 @angelsk awww you poor thing. none of my trains are runnin yet, so it's either work from home or walk for 4 hours... what can I do?
  2005. 2009-2-3 There's no info at the station.. But my iPhone says there shud be some trains soon.. Who will win? Lots of ppl here wif me. Bets now open!
  2006. 2009-2-2 Now following @uktrains - thanks for the hint @vikkichowney
  2007. 2009-2-2 Apparently the TV says imagine like the Internet doesn't exist just cos the TFL site is down. ROFL. Twitter + others ftw ;)
  2008. 2009-2-2 @willjohnh if you get to work... I'm betting you win a chance to get snowed in at the office and sleep there! #uksnow
  2009. 2009-2-2 Oh wow. All London train sites are like down. Totally. CoooOoOooool. That's just so awesome.!
  2010. 2009-2-2 Come rain, wind or shine... there's nothing about us being snowed in.
  2011. 2009-2-2 @fstorr I'm sure it'll be awesome but let me know how you find @fivesimplesteps :)
  2012. 2009-2-2 #bestUKsnowman - hope you like the other snowman @innocentdrinks it's inspired by Calvin & Hobbes: http://bit.ly/Rtnn
  2013. 2009-2-2 Welcome to twitter @too_orangey, @jwuniverse and all my other new followers. Boy do I have a treat for you guys soon... :)
  2014. 2009-2-2 You'll never guess what my mom has just gone and done... @innocentdrinks -proper photos later tonight! http://twitpic.com/1atxl
  2015. 2009-2-2 OOooo @innocentdrinks I'll get to work again soon :D and thanks @utku it's v kind of you to link it!
  2016. 2009-2-2 My mom says if she gets lots of comments on http://bit.ly/hLEX - she'll go out and make a huge snowman!
  2017. 2009-2-2 @innocentdrinks I went outside and made a snowman. Hope you like it too ;) http://bit.ly/hLEX - more photos coming soon!
  2018. 2009-2-2 #uksnow Wow @innocentdrinks helped drive traffic & comments to my photo in the snow, thanks guys! http://bit.ly/pZne
  2019. 2009-2-2 @innocentdrinks Thank you little smoothie boys and girls! :)
  2020. 2009-2-2 3 views. 2 Favourites :D http://bit.ly/pZne will you be favouriting this one too? :D Please?
  2021. 2009-2-2 @cunners what?!? And waste smoothie on the snow! Hah. It's tempting now you've said that.
  2022. 2009-2-2 @tall_rich didn't realise @innocentdrinks were on twitter! Thanks for the heads up and hope they like it :)
  2023. 2009-2-2 I went out earlier and took some photos in the snow with Innocent Smoothies and stuff http://bit.ly/2vQv ... like? :D
  2024. 2009-2-1 @londonstuff Thanks man! And yeah I hope so too. :D
  2025. 2009-2-1 2 - 0 win against Chelsea. Not long before my birthday we (Livepool) play Man Utd too. Hope we can win the title.
  2026. 2009-2-1 It's the weekend... but I'm going to improve this London Marathon site just a bit :D
  2027. 2009-2-1 Wow. RIP http://ma.gnolia.com/ :( http://twitter.com/magnolia/
  2028. 2009-2-1 Wondering how @willjohnh has @wilcolley's rucksack. Wont ask!
  2029. 2009-2-1 Welcome to Twitter @mariamccolgan! Good luck and have fun :)
  2030. 2009-1-31 @Wossy loving your comic collection :D you stepped on my foot at the comic awards thing in 1996 and I didn't know who you were lol.
  2031. 2009-1-31 Expecting new Mac Air and a new Mac Mini to be unveiled soon. Anyone heard any rumours? :)
  2032. 2009-1-31 Finally hangover is fading, new photos up! http://bit.ly/2vQv and now to sort out videos from my zi6 :D This months Lost was grrrrreat!
  2033. 2009-1-31 Testing out code snippets for Twittr :) http://snipt.org/1d3 wonder how this looks and if this will take off! http://bit.ly/RghXC
  2034. 2009-1-31 "Ah...I see where you've been having problems. You see... this isn't actually a computer. It's a briefcase."
  2035. 2009-1-31 Smallville makes me laugh sometimes.. so unrealistic it's funny. Girl cuts her hair with a razor blade and yet it looks perfectly layered.
  2036. 2009-1-31 Hmmm still wondering how my status became that... Wonder if someone had my iPhone :P
  2037. 2009-1-31 This is pretty sick! @wossy's video collection - http://twitpic.com/19pz4
  2038. 2009-1-30 Wondering if @stephenfry is the latest account to get hacked... Ain't clickin no random url!
  2039. 2009-1-30 Company name "the lays of Chelsea". Amazing. They sell fruit.
  2040. 2009-1-30 @wilcolley is learning finance. If you could all see it... you too would probably want to learn! :D
  2041. 2009-1-29 We're off for sushi in farrington and ur al invited 12.30 let me know if yahs wanna tag along
  2042. 2009-1-29 Met up today with @natbentley, @wilcolley, @simondoggett, @johnwhenry & @russiantsar for sushi! Sushi sushi.
  2043. 2009-1-29 Wow. People are really starting to use tags quite well on their fundraising pages for Justgiving. Interesting!
  2044. 2009-1-28 @simondoggett I have know idea what a Kai head lock is! :D
  2045. 2009-1-28 London. How your so pitch black today fills me with little excitement. Oh wait, that's my eyes not being fully open.
  2046. 2009-1-28 A mom on a train does a task on that ds game 'dogs' so her daughter can appreciate the lil creature :)
  2047. 2009-1-28 Hey! I'm on a date and showing off twitter! What should drink next?
  2048. 2009-1-27 Gosh. Little bit drunk. How did that happen. And now here is a blog post v similar to how I tend to think: http://bit.ly/E9Vj Nite!
  2049. 2009-1-27 RT @willjohnh: Anyone recommend a good hotel for Valentines? Pref south UK
  2050. 2009-1-27 @jon_bedford You're right... I should get to sleep. Just reading some blog posts, ideas for sites, wordpress, jQuery stuffs! Niteall :)
  2051. 2009-1-26 Reading this again, in tears still. "It’s mustard Richard. MUSTARD. " http://bit.ly/efKr
  2052. 2009-1-26 I used to watch this when I was little: http://bit.ly/2ANG and loved the intro! It featured @stephenfry & Hugh Laurie.
  2053. 2009-1-26 @MikeTreat thanks dude :D have a great day & treat the local Chinese take away's to a bit of your custom ;)
  2054. 2009-1-26 Dim sum on Chinese new year! - Photo: http://bkite.com/043ZZ
  2055. 2009-1-26 Celebrating Chinese new year at penninsula in greenwich. Awesome dim sum! http://twitpic.com/17f4u
  2056. 2009-1-26 @utku thank you and happy cny to you too! It's now official. No eating til 12 noon now, a tradition half my family dun know about...
  2057. 2009-1-26 Watching Skins for the first time and I've decided that Cassie is my favourite of the cast :)
  2058. 2009-1-25 @stephenfry have a safe trip mr. Fry and thank u for flying the twitter flag on @wossy's show!
  2059. 2009-1-25 Looking forward to some awesome food wif the Chinese side of my family. Happy Chinese n.y. (tomorrow)
  2060. 2009-1-25 @utku Hello! :) Better late than never.
  2061. 2009-1-25 Using slices like I should do. @wilcolley and Snook's fault for getting me into slices. Sadly not pizza slices. http://bit.ly/WYoe
  2062. 2009-1-25 Joshua and Christine (youngest Vong members) say good night and now to travel home. http://twitpic.com/1788s
  2063. 2009-1-25 At my uncles wif the little cousins. They say hi! http://twitpic.com/177ms
  2064. 2009-1-25 Thank you @izabel_blue and @russiantsar for your Chinese ny wishes. Eaten so well I cud drop.
  2065. 2009-1-25 @wilcolley thanking you and Reading my jquery book. It's my calm before the storm. A storm of cousins.
  2066. 2009-1-24 Was gonna look at www.CSS3.info after Meyer's interview http://bit.ly/P85S - (thanks @wilcolley!) But getting "out of dynamic memory" msg
  2067. 2009-1-24 Ah red wine. you complete this Saturday night for helping me relax and play with websites. Tonight is a good night.
  2068. 2009-1-24 @MikeTreat it's a great compromise & combination of the two. I emailed them on suggestion to skip sub-navigation for accessibility.
  2069. 2009-1-24 http://www.whitehouse.gov is such an amazingly beautiful website... and it uses jQuery + Z index in a lovely manner.
  2070. 2009-1-24 I take that back the article http://bit.ly/P85S links to http://css3.info and if you use http://www.css3.info you wont get that error :)
  2071. 2009-1-23 #myfirstjob was at Yo-Sushi & Teaching in a Cyber Cafe for LearnDirect to help earn money for when I went off to University.
  2072. 2009-1-23 @stephenfry and @wossy are on BBC 1 tonight. Really interested to see if they mention Twitter.
  2073. 2009-1-23 Interested about @RichMillington's (Seth Godwin's apprentice) Recruitment for 5 more people for an private online community
  2074. 2009-1-23 @mediawitch not sure when my INQ1 arrives... but as soon as I find out about it, I'll let you know my thoughts :) Let me know yours too!
  2075. 2009-1-23 Using Safari to learn more about Accessibility in web design and building. :) It's pretty interesting and fun!
  2076. 2009-1-23 @mediawitch I believe so... I'll find out when I get my INQ1 to play with. 2 mobile phones... Oh how fun!
  2077. 2009-1-23 @tkenny :D Oh yes. U on LastFm? It's awesome for finding more new artists like them.
  2078. 2009-1-23 @kitborry @FoluB @bpbp kai = kay, kia, sky, curtis (no idea), kev, clive....
  2079. 2009-1-23 Sometimes I feel like this too. RT @FoluB: My name has four letters, and it's on the bottom of my email. Feel free to get it right
  2080. 2009-1-23 @ticklefish I think iMob is okay on Wifi and kinda sucky on 3G for me :(
  2081. 2009-1-23 @ticklefish Thank you amigo :D
  2082. 2009-1-23 New Fall Out Boy album is pretty awesome. 'Cos nobody wants to hear about perfect boys with perfect lives sing about tragedy!
  2083. 2009-1-23 On iMob? Add me :D 127035315
  2084. 2009-1-23 Excited. Going to be part of a project for 3Mobile featuring the INQ1 :D ! @whatleydude - if ur good I'll let you try it out ;)
  2085. 2009-1-23 Watching @thesun_movieboy die slowly through a marathon of movies. http://www.movieboy.co.uk/
  2086. 2009-1-21 @ticklefish hello fellow Fowd attendee =D
  2087. 2009-1-21 Don't think I've heard a train driver sound so smug about being rerouted back to London before.
  2088. 2009-1-20 @hayleystopford #quote "is there a train station at charing cross?" priceless
  2089. 2009-1-20 Ohhhh baby you're requesting like a lil black dress! Ot oh oh! Mornin :D I always sucked at song lyrics.
  2090. 2009-1-20 @utku @natbentley dude you can do better. Tajama Tei in Leather Lane. Gem of Central London. Just ask @russiantsar
  2091. 2009-1-20 @jon_bedford well done on the work for your presentation! You'll do awesome tomorrow telling ppl bout jg
  2092. 2009-1-19 Not my day today. CoolIris just removed all my firefox plugins.
  2093. 2009-1-19 @anucreative it's intense but v v good. :) some scenes are a bit much, but that's kinda the idea - saw it wif @wilcolley & his missus
  2094. 2009-1-19 That shud have been a dm :P welcome back to early mornings me.
  2095. 2009-1-19 @anniemole where you workin? Where ya workin? Where ya workin? :D gl! Hf!
  2096. 2009-1-19 @codepo8 yeah I kind of agree... but Twhirl misses out when you get @ replies with , etc as do RSS feeds. This catches them all. Pokemon.
  2097. 2009-1-19 Would like my weekend back please! :P Don't feel like I did enough relax in it...
  2098. 2009-1-19 Just finished watching http://bit.ly/w5dQ Nicole Sullivan talking about Design fast websites. :) It was awesome!
  2099. 2009-1-19 @simondoggett yip it's pretty cool... But be nice if there were a universal swipe icon!
  2100. 2009-1-19 Arrived home to my parents Chinese new year decrorations. House looks like something out of the red light district http://twitpic.com/14u8u
  2101. 2009-1-19 Out of the office after a training session with @wilcolley. Hope he found it useful! Now home time!
  2102. 2009-1-19 @anucreative I really liked The Wrestler for the acting and humanity of someone else's job. Slumdog if you're after a clever/fun movie.
  2103. 2009-1-19 RT @Whatleydude: Dear T-Mobile, I stand on my chair, Tip my hat and applaud your wonderfulness http://tinyurl.com/9f35fp (thank you)
  2104. 2009-1-19 @vikkichowney @Whatleydude that video cheered me up :) Thank you.
  2105. 2009-1-19 @anucreative The wrestler was really good... but not a feel good movie like Slumdog (in comparison).
  2106. 2009-1-19 "And they can think long and hard about why they've not got Javascript" - @simondoggett
  2107. 2009-1-18 @richmarr I still have your bloomin bo-staff in the office! At this rate it'll be your wedding present :D
  2108. 2009-1-18 @Stanto want something that improves the GUI of xbox 360 for my music. Their one sucks. Such poor visualisation / browsing..!
  2109. 2009-1-18 One suggestion is XBMC... looks like I'm going to try that :)
  2110. 2009-1-18 What do people use to watch play on their xbox? Love boxee's gui and wonder if there is anything similar!
  2111. 2009-1-18 @thirstforwine I think you might be right... :/
  2112. 2009-1-18 Wow, http://tweeteffect.com would be really useful @justgiving and @firstgiving to see if their tweets are poor. Oh and prob. you too!
  2113. 2009-1-18 Down, down. Deeper, and down.
  2114. 2009-1-18 Watching CSS Tricks talking about Wordpress with the awesome Starkers theme by @elliotjaystocks!
  2115. 2009-1-17 @anucreative what put me off Tweetdeck before was just the pure size of it... just need to ignore that and I'll be good :)
  2116. 2009-1-17 In an american diner with tom and vicky. Full up but thinking of peacan pie! Got photos from London zoo today which will b on Flickr!
  2117. 2009-1-17 @natbentley hey dude sorry for not replying , made that msg not show up in my rs feeds/twhirl. Now on Tweet deck tho! :D
  2118. 2009-1-16 Mega tired. So off to bed early. I'll try and be a bit productive tomorrow night and get stuffs done. Sleeeeep.
  2119. 2009-1-16 evangelising Justgiving Moo cards for the London Marathon. Maybe @richardmoross will show us some love with this idea...? :)
  2120. 2009-1-16 @HayleyS :P Wrong Will with @willjohnh lol. I've got @wilcolley to sort it out for you.
  2121. 2009-1-16 We shall all miss @russianTsar! When you leaving again? :P
  2122. 2009-1-16 @DearIE6 So long,farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night... i glad to go and leave your poor sight.
  2123. 2009-1-15 @fstorr it's from the book we're Reading for ux club! :) really enjoying it and it's v good.
  2124. 2009-1-15 "Societies do not evolve because their members simply grow old, but rather because their mutual relationships are transformed" - Ilya Prigog
  2125. 2009-1-15 Comparing my company to yo sushi is Not cool. Still slightly offended by that. :P
  2126. 2009-1-14 @codepo8 I'm mainly design / css/ markup and interested in oak / jQuery, wud I be welcome?
  2127. 2009-1-14 Missing going out at night and not having to worry bout getting home. Need flat in central London...
  2128. 2009-1-14 Drinks!
  2129. 2009-1-14 Reading sketching user experience and it's describing one half of the problem my company have right now...
  2130. 2009-1-14 Londoners and UK peeps: every first Tuesday of the month - free tech talks at Skills Matter: http://tinyurl.com/7kk4lx (via @codepo8)
  2131. 2009-1-13 Oh man... this is amazing http://is.gd/fMk9
  2132. 2009-1-13 @fstorr I hear you brother! We just have to just plug away and hope jS can help speed up the future!
  2133. 2009-1-13 @fstorr just build for the future and then patch up IE6 so that it's not awful. That's how we're working these days :)
  2134. 2009-1-13 @fstorr As long as we understanding the browser we can do quite well. But it'll change this year, gmail's push of Chrome was interesting.
  2135. 2009-1-13 I was looking at Playground sandbox of Display:values and the first one I did was display:none; hahah {thought="nan";} http://is.gd/VcJ
  2136. 2009-1-13 @fstorr one day display:table will rule the world. That'll be in 2050, when I'm able to retire - see pension calc. http://is.gd/fIhN
  2137. 2009-1-13 @HayleyS Can planners be effective in scoping dev work etc if they've not been a developer? How long does it take to get to know a dev team?
  2138. 2009-1-13 @natbentley not sure we're going to be given the luxery of PHP or opensource. Sounds like .NET - so I'm looking at Oxite atm (beta)
  2139. 2009-1-13 Reading about Graffiti CMS http://is.gd/fH6z - the price plan ($400) for work puts me off when Wordpress is free :P Any opinions?
  2140. 2009-1-13 Big Bang Theory is back with a bang! ;D hahaha awesome way to impress Penny.
  2141. 2009-1-13 @marcflores what?!? how?!? Where do I go to watch Big Bang live?
  2142. 2009-1-13 You all cant comprehend how excited I am right now as I pull the trigger that is "Big Bang Theory". Oh Sheldon, I've missed you lil bro.
  2143. 2009-1-13 @johnwhenry is immense.
  2144. 2009-1-13 Beyond TweetBacks: Introducing TweetSuite http://tinyurl.com/7dbgaf from: @danzarrella
  2145. 2009-1-13 Playing with Userfly. Flyyyyyyy little user fly, fly! http://is.gd/fFMe
  2146. 2009-1-13 @lovelychaos wow, that's cool to see a uni with iTunes. http://is.gd/fFif
  2147. 2009-1-13 TouchTerm, now I can SSH from my iPhone http://is.gd/fJyY Glad I picked up some SSH the other day. Sometimes I wonder if I have Spideysense.
  2148. 2009-1-12 First flash movie I've seen in a long time that I'm impressed with for what it does. http://prettyloaded.com/
  2149. 2009-1-12 Watching the city investers tv experiment on bbc2. Seeing people fall apart... it's quite a shocking show!
  2150. 2009-1-12 Jus tried to record a screencast talkin about a few tips on markup and css. It wasn't perfectly, but practise will help. Will upload later!
  2151. 2009-1-12 Count me in to #twitflix - http://tinyurl.com/9k5gmx :D
  2152. 2009-1-12 My nan is on skype talking to me about my twitter. She's now talking about joining. Why cant more people be like her? In some ways!
  2153. 2009-1-12 lol. Don't worry! I'll shut up now :) Retweeting @FoluB: @kaichanvong ??!!!
  2154. 2009-1-12 @FoluB a flavour of Linux, much like Mandrake, Redhat... Linux is an OS similar to MacOSx. Atm I'm playing with a Linux Terminal, like DOS
  2155. 2009-1-12 Instiki almost finished installing on my MediaTemple server. Thanks @smyther & @stanto for all your help. I've learnt so much!
  2156. 2009-1-12 @HayleyS people have valued Facebook with the help of that application too! It's quite interesting to see how well it's done...
  2157. 2009-1-12 Awesome! Just did my first unpack of a file through Debian. Tar -zxvf :)
  2158. 2009-1-12 www.url.net/page.php&version=1 - how would you append it to being &version=2 without jS and what do you call it?
  2159. 2009-1-12 @smyther thanks dude! I'll have to give yum a try :)
  2160. 2009-1-12 @gill_edwards It was good wasn't it! And I thought it might be rubbish... but hopefully it's back and better than ever.
  2161. 2009-1-11 @smyther I want to start installing stuff on my server through a shell and then I might start playing with scripting :) I'm on holiday u see
  2162. 2009-1-11 @smyther currently trying out http://linuxcommand.org/lts0010.php - it's really nice and clear :)
  2163. 2009-1-11 @smyther do you know of any tutorials similar to that ruby in browser command line walk through for linux shells... I feel newb :{
  2164. 2009-1-11 @smyther so glad I remember DOS and that the principles *are* the same :P
  2165. 2009-1-11 @smyther I'm gonna mv the-moon else-where ;)
  2166. 2009-1-11 StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 this year. 2 of my all time favourite games have new sequels. Anyone else play them?
  2167. 2009-1-11 Just seen a set of Clearleft at a printing museum. http://is.gd/fpzc @limeduck - we must go to one some time! :D
  2168. 2009-1-11 Just entered to win a flip minoHD. Just follow @shoemoney and retweet. http://xr.com/fliphd
  2169. 2009-1-11 SSH working on my server now :D Hurraaaah. Now the fun begins.
  2170. 2009-1-11 Looking at Instiki http://is.gd/folB apparently this is a great Wiki which does so much and is super easy to setup!
  2171. 2009-1-11 @Whatleydude will you be having a Palm Pre? Or do you even alreadyyyy have one eh eh eh?
  2172. 2009-1-11 @fstorr I saw the group! just joined :) How do you keep up with everything around you? Schedule days/hours for certain topics?
  2173. 2009-1-11 @fstorr love that article on the design of staggered UK road crossings http://tinyurl.com/9qutjn I avoid them cos I find they slow me down..
  2174. 2009-1-11 "shame that Microsoft have to beat everything they publish with the ugly stick. Just look at the icon" - http://is.gd/fg6K !Amazing quote.
  2175. 2009-1-11 @smyther I never realised that ../ had a brother called ./ were kinda like forward and backward! Explains why you do in links the ../ ;)
  2176. 2009-1-10 MMmmm red wine and a movie. Not quite the night was expecting - but Rohit is ill so partying tonight is on hold.
  2177. 2009-1-10 Uploading new photos + trial screencast and off to bed!
  2178. 2009-1-10 Burger King's FB whooper steal is causing quite a stir... http://is.gd/f2Ql
  2179. 2009-1-10 @wilcolley thanks for the help for trainers... Need some shoes next and maybe some other things
  2180. 2009-1-9 If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. — Albert Einstein
  2181. 2009-1-9 Totally. Utterly in love with these design quotes:- http://quotesondesign.com/
  2182. 2009-1-9 @russianTzar :( really? That sucks... I will miss you, but I'll bring in my Mac and we'll skype and it'll be like you're there :D
  2183. 2009-1-9 @Izabel_blue lol Canada's great food dish sounds as unhealth! I guess when it's that cold a heart attack is a way of keeping warm huh? :P
  2184. 2009-1-9 @limeduck so so so so wrong. Btw did you see the email about Boston UX book club? Looks fun!
  2185. 2009-1-9 @Izabel_blue omg... -> "poutine: French fries covered in shaved mozzarella cheese slathered in gravy. Some restaurants add cubes of bacon"
  2186. 2009-1-9 Reading about the Drupal redesign - http://is.gd/eYxQ
  2187. 2009-1-9 @anucreative it sounds interesting - did you get it on Amazon..? I might look around SouthBank in the Waterstones if they have it today!
  2188. 2009-1-9 @anucreative @uxbookclub count me in! :) Sounds really interesting.
  2189. 2009-1-9 Not in the office today, but apparently they're moving my desk to the far corner of the room. I wonder how lonely it will be...
  2190. 2009-1-9 This Monday is all new Big Bang Theory. I'll be staying up to watch it. OHHhhh yeah!
  2191. 2009-1-9 @HayleyS He needs a ghost writer, "Pleasurable recollection of the pleasure" jeeeeez.
  2192. 2009-1-9 @cowfish @anniemole yeah... Burger King Internet fail. It's not like it's an advert in a US Newspaper or something... it's the Internet!
  2193. 2009-1-9 @jemimah_knight that's a really sad story... how can that be your favourite?
  2194. 2009-1-9 If a page hasn't loaded & a user interacts with a jQuery = problem. Try 4 yourself http://is.gd/eUZO & 'ctrl+f' demo & click b4 page loads!
  2195. 2009-1-9 "Fire the committee.No great website in history has been conceived of by more than three people. Not one. This is a dealbreaker."Seth Godwin
  2196. 2009-1-8 @tkenny it's incredible isn't it? After palin I actually wonder if their should be a presidential exam :P
  2197. 2009-1-8 Developers is .ASP +.NET a way of keeping things simpler for developers so they don't need to understand the bigger picture? Discuss.
  2198. 2009-1-8 Watching Chris Coyier on CSS Tricks talk about photoshop - http://tinyurl.com/8nztmc
  2199. 2009-1-8 @tall_rich When it's really mainstream it will... :)
  2200. 2009-1-8 @natbentley wow. amazing... I wonder if it was all done by hand! Oh wait 'Created Using Yahoo! PageBuilder 2.61.88' NICE!
  2201. 2009-1-8 @natbentley Definately - it's kind of like HTML being done badly tho eg http://is.gd/cWb2 .... cross browser scares lots of designers too :)
  2202. 2009-1-8 Loving the FriendFace video from IT Crowd great analogy - http://is.gd/ehgn
  2203. 2009-1-8 @natbentley @Whatleydude Agencies like to use it... because they can build it for you at £++; and u need them in the future to edit design
  2204. 2009-1-8 @natbentley @Whatleydude Flash can be accessible +have great SEO + user experience... but the amount of money vs alt. = vbad
  2205. 2009-1-8 @kitborry wow. your picture did that comment justice!
  2206. 2009-1-8 Doing as told by @willjohnh and changing all my passwords over to 'ilovewill' :P
  2207. 2009-1-8 Watching and reading the Bush comment blunders. Epic stuff. http://is.gd/eQOv
  2208. 2009-1-8 @HayleyS There's more to come yet! :D
  2209. 2009-1-8 Shattered having kept self awake to read some interesting articles. They're in my delicious account http://is.gd/ePOD if ur interested.
  2210. 2009-1-8 Thannkkkkkk youuuuu @HayleyS for that awesome find of Jing - http://is.gd/au0 - screencast + snaps :D
  2211. 2009-1-7 @HayleyS yes, you're a very lucky girl to have briefly seen me.
  2212. 2009-1-7 Google now uses semantic data for search results! Oh yes so excited. This is bigger news than Obama. :D
  2213. 2009-1-7 W3C's validator is ironic. The word 'validator' does not validate in the English dictionary! :D
  2214. 2009-1-7 Great end to the day working wif @wilcolley ad @hayleyS. Even better meal with the 'olley in bi won!
  2215. 2009-1-7 Omg. Gengo. Wp. Languages. AMmmmmmazing. http://is.gd/eObH - even does Chinese style right to left. Thanks @russianTzar !
  2216. 2009-1-7 Apparently I have to plug GBSandwich for @utku otherwise he'll punch me. http://is.gd/eLeZ
  2217. 2009-1-6 @russianTzar welcome back to the UK! Is it colder here than back home?
  2218. 2009-1-6 @HayleyS Didn't see your emails till I got back... and I don't have my emails set to send all the time to save battery! :)
  2219. 2009-1-6 @HayleyS I tried emailing you to check if you were still ill and asleep on sleeping pills!
  2220. 2009-1-6 @russianTzar You need to buy this technology called KaiFi - it looks like a normal PC but x10 more expensive. I'll let you buy it! £100,000
  2221. 2009-1-6 @russianTzar sushi? why yes - I'm going with @hayleyS, you're more than welcome to come along too!
  2222. 2009-1-6 @richmarr it'll be awesome! Brace yourself yo.
  2223. 2009-1-6 Macworld was poor :( expected mini upgrade or something cool. Time to goes home!
  2224. 2009-1-5 @utku stop tweeting and get a move on!
  2225. 2009-1-5 @Izabel_blue every time you do that a new photo of you will go up on the Jg Flickr account :p
  2226. 2009-1-5 Just got emailed about a link on our site - justgiving.com/theodysseyexpedition ... and mis-read it as the sexy expedition!
  2227. 2009-1-5 @cunners happy new year mon amis :) and we are pals... I just couldn't think if it was you + where you were from.
  2228. 2009-1-5 Hello @cunners... who are you? :) I see ur from Guisborough, so wonder if I knew you at uni.
  2229. 2009-1-5 Used to think trains had drivers... This one doesn't and talks! Apparently it's full up of commuters and is sorry... :P
  2230. 2009-1-5 Snow! http://twitpic.com/zuds
  2231. 2009-1-5 @natbentley there's always next time Mon amis!
  2232. 2009-1-5 @Utku " I read her blog for the first time yesterday and it was dirty. But I liked it"
  2233. 2009-1-5 Having beer with @Utku. He has red wine tho. How great a tweet was that?! Awesommmmme.
  2234. 2009-1-5 Having sushi with @Utku who is now outside having a smoke. Asahi saved my life!
  2235. 2009-1-4 Dead set. If you haven't seen it.. it's actually very impressive. http://is.gd/ewwn
  2236. 2009-1-4 @kuntze that was written by Kevin Poulsen - who is an absolute legend http://is.gd/eypy
  2237. 2009-1-4 such a wild thing arent yah @Izabel_blue welcome to wordpress awesomeness! I've decided you're really this lady:- http://is.gd/eyk2
  2238. 2009-1-4 @kitborry what about yellow berry? After a few too many drinks I could imagine that becoming ur nickname! ;)
  2239. 2009-1-4 @kitborry yeah, it did kind of make me wonder if you were mini - like minnie driver.
  2240. 2009-1-4 @russianTzar more CIA lies http://is.gd/exBH!
  2241. 2009-1-4 Btw @kitborry on NY day I discovered your name - been wondering who on earth 'Kate' was for months now.
  2242. 2009-1-4 @Whatleydude says follow @julie_a... must... follow... @julie_a...
  2243. 2009-1-4 @Stanto There've been other zombie movies where they run so I don't think it's really a big deal.. Plus think Chinese vampires!
  2244. 2009-1-3 @Stanto Saw an advert for this... and thought you might however quite like this. http://is.gd/4eZ2 Zombies + Big Brother.
  2245. 2009-1-3 @Allix it was bad jokes :) and thanks @CupCate! D
  2246. 2009-1-3 @M1TZY :P I'm not sure I follow... oh wait I do. Ho-ho. How was that for a drum tumble-weed style joke ;) eh @Allix ?
  2247. 2009-1-3 @M1TZY and @Allix sitting in a tree, R-E-T-W-E-E-T-I... that doesn't sound as good as it did in my head... :P
  2248. 2009-1-3 @ticklefish It was! Mackenzie Crook who has disappointed a bit in movies like Pirates of the Carabian etc - http://is.gd/euJU :(
  2249. 2009-1-3 I was enjoying Demons up until they started playing Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs just after saying her name "Ruby". :P
  2250. 2009-1-3 @ibwan fair point... but as the audience I don't think like that.. is that wrong or right? Should my standards drop cos of the show's cost?
  2251. 2009-1-3 Dr Who is no Sarah Connar Chronicles. That's all I'm going to say. :p Nor is it Battle Star Galactica!
  2252. 2009-1-3 @FoluB there's always time for more shopping when @marceatsworld gets back!
  2253. 2009-1-3 Westfield shopping spree complete... Thanks @simondoggett for all your help! I now have awesome new stuffs :D
  2254. 2009-1-3 Now to get *there*. Meeting @simondiggett at #westfields to buy jeans @richmarr you coming too?
  2255. 2009-1-3 Search westfeld. You see the get here and get there? The 1st = redirect fail. When changing urls and page titles cater for this else 404!
  2256. 2009-1-3 Sarah Palin 2009 calender. Christmas. Best. Seller. http://is.gd/esia
  2257. 2009-1-3 So... how can we change that? Maybe give @anniemole's site some real underground style etc...? :) I wonder if they'll let me...
  2258. 2009-1-3 looking various blogs @girlonetrack, @anniemole and @whatleydude and thinking the visual identity/actual content dont quite do them justice
  2259. 2009-1-3 @richmarr I connected with Sans Serif. I thought Sans mean't without the wings, yet I'm sure she has all the wings an angel would need!
  2260. 2009-1-3 @russianTzar happy new year Mon Amis!
  2261. 2009-1-2 #utkuval09 @Utku get the domain! Let's get the website done within the month :D
  2262. 2009-1-2 @utku Think I'm going to be lazy today - when is your bowling party again? April? Where we all do the Utku Can-can TM @whatleydude :D
  2263. 2009-1-2 Seeking flat in London. Must be home to nice friendly people. Let me know if you know of any!
  2264. 2009-1-2 Microsoft please take a leaf from Google's book. Hotmail could serve as a great way to hint users to upgrade. http://is.gd/epsU
  2265. 2009-1-2 If you want a website done for #thingsmarcberrycantdo @kitborry, then consider it done! :D
  2266. 2009-1-2 Saw the Spirit today + drinks @anniemole @ljrich @whatleydude @lewiswebb @allix @utku @lateral @vikkichowney & @m1tzy, thanks guys +gals! :D
  2267. 2009-1-2 @richmarr I quite liked the spirit... how come no one liked it? Stupid, wacky and arty. Not too hard to think about neither.
  2268. 2009-1-2 @utku Oh sorrrrrrry daddy cool :p I'll be sure to pick you up a pretentious Tee for #utktwuckle or #utkuval09 or whatever it is :p
  2269. 2009-1-2 If I buy a moleskin and hollow it out... does that make me pre-ten-tious? http://is.gd/4z60
  2270. 2009-1-2 Friday night. You know what that means, right? It's tips from Darth Vader sharing time with CEO and MD from Justgiving http://is.gd/epkL
  2271. 2009-1-2 Watching the Royal Institute Christmas lectures on 5 - http://is.gd/egdG
  2272. 2009-1-2 @Stanto congrats on becoming an uncle!
  2273. 2009-1-1 If urine was paint, then there were a lot of artists out in london last night being 'creative'.
  2274. 2009-1-1 Anyone in London fancy lunch? :D And is there any news about when ppl are going to see the spirit?
  2275. 2009-1-1 Oh my poor head. Was Lotsa fun at the party, thanks @simondiggett & co.
  2276. 2009-1-1 @tall_rich he got lucky :p
  2277. 2009-1-1 Waiting patiently at the zoo.. Mean the vue!
  2278. 2009-1-1 Heading into the big smoke (not late neither) to see the spirit with all your favourite neighbourhood friendly geeks!
  2279. 2009-1-1 @FoluB I was just thinking about that today... :)