1. 2010-12-31 @Richard_Monk Been very well thanks :) Reading/Practising lots of jS/RegEx/chilling/Seeing friends - about you?
  2. 2010-12-31 @jon_bedford You'd think that. But if you watch it, you'll see there is a lot of similarities.
  3. 2010-12-31 @jon_bedford If you haven't seen it, you should check out the pirates of silicon valley: http://bit.ly/2eHvj2
  4. 2010-12-31 @Richard_Monk @iamcalledrob is in Dallas, Texas afaik!
  5. 2010-12-31 @Richard_Monk Awesome stuff. Yes, saw @iamcalledrob last week. He was very well & hopes to catch up wif you in the future.
  6. 2010-12-31 Excited about new @peepcode screencast in Vim, Ruby, RSpec, Git: https://peepcode.com/products/play-by-play-bernhardt
  7. 2010-12-31 Happy New Year tonight & please do not drink & drive. We lost a friend (Mike Edgington) recently because of this - http://bit.ly/gL3djL
  8. 2010-12-31 @honosutomo Now if only there was one like that for TV Shows.... :)
  9. 2010-12-31 @honosutomo Very true! If only it spotted more of the obscure movie names I mentioned ;( - http://fflick.com/kaichanvong
  10. 2010-12-30 Amazon have just secretly unveiled "Lending out" Kindle books. http://amzn.to/gMJWjg
  11. 2010-12-30 A comparison of NoSQL alternatives: http://kkovacs.eu/cassandra-vs-mongodb-vs-couchdb-vs-redis
  12. 2010-12-30 @mediatemple - any news on when Cluster.03 will be back to normal? My website is pretty much lagging out because of this :(
  13. 2010-12-29 One project for @jon_bedford to get involved in - http://haikuleaks.tetalab.org/
  14. 2010-12-29 Some wise words from a real web n00bie :) http://jamesjohnsona.tumblr.com/post/2088297700/programming-has-been-difficult
  15. 2010-12-28 @Stanto :) Hope to see you soon buddy!
  16. 2010-12-28 Great discussion on who & what information can be shared. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XInz4i6AV8M
  17. 2010-12-28 This makes me sad - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-12075057
  18. 2010-12-27 Trying out http://hackety-hack.com/ - a ghost of Why project for learning the basics of programming in Ruby from nothing.
  19. 2010-12-26 RT @jiamins: Tickled that mother has put a cover on the Magic Mouse: http://yfrog.com/h7mm2hj
  20. 2010-12-26 @jiamins that is just brilliant, more photos from around the house like this please!
  21. 2010-12-25 1 wrench. 2 plumbers. http://david.ing.name/2010-12-24/agile-plumbers/
  22. 2010-12-25 Starting to love node.js more and more - MMO scrabble - http://wordsquared.com/
  23. 2010-12-25 Merry Christmas all!
  24. 2010-12-25 Christmas poopin'
  25. 2010-12-25 @Richard_Monk merry Christmas buddy, stop shamelessly plugging the company and have a drink 'n relax :D
  26. 2010-12-25 Did anyone just see Fern Cotton on TV just now? I'm in shock.
  27. 2010-12-24 @iamcalledrob welcome home!
  28. 2010-12-22 With hand over mouth, I am reading a review of what it's like to work at Netflix. http://bit.ly/gV21pU
  29. 2010-12-22 Awesomeness: http://www.comicsanscriminal.com/
  30. 2010-12-20 Brace for Impact. HTML5/jS game engine. http://www.phoboslab.org/log/2010-12-brace-for-impact
  31. 2010-12-19 Discovered one of the lads from my old team, [TFO] got hit by a car last night & died. RIP :(
  32. 2010-12-18 Wrapped up under duvet watching home alone. Still very poorly sick... fresh air definitely helps.
  33. 2010-12-18 @drewm Maybe it means they'll stand up well versus the competition. http://twitgoo.com/1rynau
  34. 2010-12-17 RT @honosutomo: Friend reminded me that last night Nick Hewer pointed out that I might have had too much to drink. Mortified.
  35. 2010-12-17 A touch screen at the doctors when checking in. Great way to spread germs.
  36. 2010-12-16 Feeling down & miffed with people who go into work when they're unwell to spread their germs. For I am now one of them. :(
  37. 2010-12-16 @jamieparkins @jon_bedford Good job on getting his surname wrong :P
  38. 2010-12-15 Lost voice. Being a karaoke pro has a taken a toll.
  39. 2010-12-15 An iPhone app for the red/green colour blind issue 6% of males suffer from. http://bit.ly/ekp31Z
  40. 2010-12-15 I googled, "Thank you Christmas party" and got this back from Google images: http://bit.ly/hcaqhd
  41. 2010-12-14 @Stanto It's better than some sites which store your password with non and then return you plain text :P
  42. 2010-12-13 Looking at Lettering.js, while the markup makes me wanna hurl, it could be great for rendering. http://letteringjs.com/ http://bit.ly/cwvrRN
  43. 2010-12-13 @benastontweet iPad as 2nd monitor + LiveReload/XRefresh and you're in front-end heaven :D https://github.com/mockko/livereload
  44. 2010-12-13 Reading up about our new team member @samsalisbury
  45. 2010-12-13 Knocking off the sugar from my iPad. Stupid mince pies... lah laaa..la laaa...
  46. 2010-12-13 Cant get enuff of the ol' leakspin! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1kqF56XUvc
  47. 2010-12-13 One of these days I'm going to make a stupidly huge donation by accident.
  48. 2010-12-13 Atleast our passwords are MD5 protected. FFS though. A real lesson to be learnt here. http://lifehacker.com/5712785/#1
  49. 2010-12-13 Now wishing I had brought my macbook with me. Bah.
  50. 2010-12-12 Okay... enough work on my SASS framework. 3 hours of prep to help out our newbie developer joining work tomorrow - done!
  51. 2010-12-12 @robcthegeek @david_whitney @yaellevey We really should do a mini hack weekend to build something fun!
  52. 2010-12-12 @greggpollack of @envylabs email about my Rails for Zombies walk through & how RFZ has 107k+ unique visitors http://bit.ly/feb2mu -Thanks :)
  53. 2010-12-12 Conceding I'm far too tired to learn more Rails tonight. Sleep.
  54. 2010-12-12 A nice start to the morning woth good design from Dieter Rams: http://www.vitsoe.com/en/gb/about/dieterrams/gooddesign
  55. 2010-12-12 Reading about coffee script - kinda like SASS/HAML for jS - http://jashkenas.github.com/coffee-script/
  56. 2010-12-11 One direction with Robbie Williams. Because joining just Take That wasn't enough for him.
  57. 2010-12-11 Bomb in Stockholm. WikiLeaks connection? Hmmm... it's all kicking off.
  58. 2010-12-11 @elliottkember Prawn cocktail ftw :)
  59. 2010-12-11 Childish yet amusing whenever I see poor kerning that reads "dick" instead "click".
  60. 2010-12-11 @jaremfan why did you end up with the blackberry? For work? Been using them for testing the mobile version of a site & agree it sucks.
  61. 2010-12-11 RT @wilcolley: Rough cut of an excellent Swedish documentary on #WikiLeaks - 'WikiRebels' http://bit.ly/WikiFilm #cablegate #payback
  62. 2010-12-11 @david_whitney Or where our protagonist listens carefully to the number of beeps after POST.
  63. 2010-12-11 To all the paparazzi out there. Soon your days are numbered. #whenEveryoneCanCaptureAnImage
  64. 2010-12-11 "My first stop was my primary school," said #cher of #xfactor - She probably didn't go to secondary school.
  65. 2010-12-11 @yaellevey And under age.
  66. 2010-12-11 No Jobs? Young Graduates Make Their Own. An inspiring story about Scott Gerber. http://nyti.ms/fIGX8S
  67. 2010-12-10 If only the students would do something similar... http://www.boingboing.net/2010-12-09/anonymous-stops-drop.html
  68. 2010-12-10 #StupidCSSAttributesYouNeverKnewAbout (and never will) - http://bit.ly/4xQL3n aka http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azimuth
  69. 2010-12-10 RT @david_whitney: The most tragic thing to happen to protests was the "War on Terror", set the precedent that protests, however large, ...
  70. 2010-12-10 Christmas is a time for giving. Sadly governments don't give just seem to take. We do not forget. We do not easily forgive.
  71. 2010-12-10 @thomas_britton Whyyyyy? :D I'm in that area too dude. Come visit!
  72. 2010-12-10 RT @leisa: Did you know 20% of UK UX Freelancers surveyed also do back end web dev. Today's the last day to take the survey: http://bit. ...
  73. 2010-12-10 @thomas_britton Relax?!??! That's all you ever do!!! ;) Have a good one mate.
  74. 2010-12-10 @peepcode Thanks for all the work going into it! We all will be more than grateful for all your hard work going into the new rails cast.
  75. 2010-12-10 Facebook hacker cup details here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=467531498919
  76. 2010-12-9 @LJRICH I'm going to be waiting until advent calenders are like 90% off on the 31st! :D
  77. 2010-12-9 RT @dhh: EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks and Julian was made against me and the release of the Pentagon Papers at the time - http://b ...
  78. 2010-12-9 @peepcode :( not on the site yet! Soooooo eagerly waiting the new screencasts :) I know it'll be worth the wait!
  79. 2010-12-9 A message from anonymous about: Freedom of speech, wikiLeaks, the media and the government. http://bit.ly/dPZMOf
  80. 2010-12-8 Just to save @yaellevey from telling the whole office 1 by 1. Someone pee'd themselves last night in our user testing sofa. Literally.
  81. 2010-12-8 @jamieparkins @Richard_Monk @yaellevey It's only a wee video too right? 30 seconds? :D BOOM BOOM!
  82. 2010-12-8 I love it whenever I see this in a reset: /* remember to define focus styles! */ :focus{outline:0;}
  83. 2010-12-8 @yaellevey You're now officially cool in my books.
  84. 2010-12-8 Just seen @iamcalledrob sat making a silly face as Al Gore shakes hands with other Facebookers. Literally spat out my coke.
  85. 2010-12-8 @tkenny This one is for you buddy. Cos you know you'll love it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlUGAhKHoyM
  86. 2010-12-8 "I have a field of unicorns, ponies and narwhals!" #apprentice #StuartBags #brand
  87. 2010-12-8 @smyther It's all about the ponies dude. You totally need find a VC to explain to them the laser sighted robo-ponies you have in your field.
  88. 2010-12-8 Reading about Mastercard getting DDOS'd. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1983124
  89. 2010-12-8 @Stanto It's over 9000!!!!!11
  90. 2010-12-8 I love that there's a bot online to spot when 9k is said. Check out: @DBZNappa :D
  91. 2010-12-8 RT @jamieparkins: @kaichanvong @yaellevey and he got paid for the pleasure of doing so!
  92. 2010-12-7 The more I use Chrome for web dev... the more I could almost love it. It's just missing a few extensions.
  93. 2010-12-7 Quote of the day: "I'm going to be moving in on the 1st of April." @David_Whitney replies gleefully, "Do you know what April the 1st is?"
  94. 2010-12-7 On git? Read this: http://paul.stadig.name/2010-12-thou-shalt-not-lie-git-rebase-ammend.html
  95. 2010-12-6 Just seen this morning's MyFont email - such amazingly beautiful fonts. http://www.myfonts.com/newsletters/rs/201012.html
  96. 2010-12-6 Google books. 3 million books. Nice! http://bit.ly/eFnsNa
  97. 2010-12-6 Pah, addictions deserve more credit. @phpchap @david_whitney All together now... "World of warcraft is a feeeeeling" http://bit.ly/f3V3pD
  98. 2010-12-6 Over the weekend I did my "how to complete Rails for Zombies" screencasts http://kaivong.com/2010-12-rails-for-zombies-guide/
  99. 2010-12-6 @iamcalledrob ROFL at this "<!-- end page content, sweet! --> " ;)
  100. 2010-12-5 @Richard_Monk Devestator is made up of 5 robots like TweetDeck & is HUUUuuuuge. Jazz is smart & nimble :D So depends what you need...
  101. 2010-12-5 @Richard_Monk Time for you to get a better Twitter client then mate ;) Tweetie ftw.
  102. 2010-12-5 @honosutomo Beautiful Girls... interesting! I'm definately going to give that a go.
  103. 2010-12-5 Wow. 2K mark hit on http://www.justgiving.com/jagregory/, so James Gregory matched it & pushed it up to 4k...
  104. 2010-12-5 @Stanto Long story dude. Well... a short one. You had to have seen it on TV :P
  105. 2010-12-5 @willjohnh It's true, I was totally mimicing Will.i.am.robot
  106. 2010-12-5 #xfactor #blackeyepeas wtf.
  107. 2010-12-5 question = !!(:to_be or not :to_be) http://timeless.judofyr.net/haiku
  108. 2010-12-5 Inspiring blog post about following your passion and how to get good at stuff: http://timeless.judofyr.net/there-is-no-talent
  109. 2010-12-5 @alistair That never stopped my parents or grandparents! ;)
  110. 2010-12-5 @alistair I know. Probably a sign of that and how old we're all becoming!
  111. 2010-12-5 Die hard. 1988. They have touch screens. Nice.
  112. 2010-12-5 Searching for more Christmas movies... thus far watched ELF, Love Actually.. next up Home alone & Die Hard. Any other suggestions? :)
  113. 2010-12-5 @thomas_britton JS Lint dude. JS Lint.
  114. 2010-12-5 RT @jaggeree: Great piece by @matthewi about Wikileaks as a publisher http://bit.ly/fHyihc
  115. 2010-12-5 Bored on a Sunday? Need help with Rails for Zombies? Check out my walk through & guide to RoZ: http://bit.ly/gNUUIq
  116. 2010-12-5 @robcthegeek Heroku is awesome! Checkout Jekyll for blog posts. http://kaichanvong.github.com/ is built on Jekyll & uploaded just to GH.
  117. 2010-12-5 Late night screen casting my "how to complete Rails for Zombies series"... http://kaivong.com/2010-12-rails-for-zombies-guide/
  118. 2010-12-5 JustGiving page by @jagregory, make a difference, changing a Facebook pic won't http://bit.ly/he9J2H (via @david_whitney)
  119. 2010-12-5 @Richard_Monk Tweetdeck to Tweetie would be like comparing the Devastator (http://bit.ly/11Cvpo) with Jazz (http://bit.ly/glWUGB) ;)
  120. 2010-12-4 Steve Jobs, "The next big thing is objects" http://bit.ly/hhWsD Think about about it.. it makes sense.
  121. 2010-12-4 @jon_bedford FYI, I had a cold last week too ;) #xfactor
  122. 2010-12-4 @david_whitney :D Nice - think Die Hard is a must... so far, got Elf lined up. Liking the idea of the Kinect weekend project!
  123. 2010-12-4 Need a list of top Christmas movies to watch... recommendations please for me & @ursi82!
  124. 2010-12-4 Imagine if you could code using the Kinect & interpreted dance. Like this but for Ruby/C#... http://bit.ly/a0QlMJ
  125. 2010-12-4 @david_whitney OOoOoOoOOooOoo .NET inspired by Sinatra http://jondot.github.com/nina/
  126. 2010-12-4 "A programmer is a problem-solver, a poet, and an instructor all at once." - Programming from the Ground up http://bit.ly/i9dPhp
  127. 2010-12-4 SyncPad's NodeJS experience: http://blog.mysyncpad.com/post/2073441622/node-js-vs-erlang-syncpads-experience
  128. 2010-12-4 Watching as Facebook profile pics change to cartoon characters our childhoods...
  129. 2010-12-4 All your website are belong to me: wget –random-wait -r -p -e robots=off -U mozilla http://www.your-website.com
  130. 2010-12-3 Bugger. Locked out of my gmail. http://yfrog.com/mhmlb01j
  131. 2010-12-3 gMail team let me back into my email :) That'll teach me to try logging in on a fake iPhone3 user agent ...
  132. 2010-12-2 HTML5 personal cork board with post it notes? Oh yes... http://corkboard.me/aNRypVhANt
  133. 2010-12-2 What a nice journey to work in the snow. http://yfrog.com/jnq1p0j
  134. 2010-12-2 We believe in you @peepcode. Very much looking forward to another amazing screencast!
  135. 2010-12-2 Absolutely love this site, simple HTML5 + jS ftw. http://benthebodyguard.com/ Makes scrolling so amazing.
  136. 2010-12-1 Hello again snow. Today you wont be so lucky to get to my feet. And.. in the event of you doing so, I'll be carrying a spare pair of socks!
  137. 2010-12-1 Google buying GroupOn is a flawed idea: http://continuations.com/post/2059456126/google-buying-groupon-is-a-flawed-idea
  138. 2010-11-30 @Ardesco True, we do get more snow in China. However this makes us act like penguins.
  139. 2010-11-30 Us half Chinese were not fully designed for this kind of weather! #uksnow
  140. 2010-11-30 @PaulLomax Some people get all the training they needed for days like these!
  141. 2010-11-29 Feeling down lately. Good to know that Keanu is also down with me.. http://bit.ly/ecOuxn @whatterz great job on http://bit.ly/d9St6T
  142. 2010-11-29 RT @adactio: Loving the responsiveness, typography and commentlessness of @markboulton's redesign at http://www.markboulton.co.uk/
  143. 2010-11-29 Calling it a day. What kind of day? A Monday.
  144. 2010-11-29 Grandma phoned me because she thought I was down. Bless.
  145. 2010-11-29 Taking a break.
  146. 2010-11-29 Not yet Mr. Pomodoro... I still need to send this email off. http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/
  147. 2010-11-28 Loving the 2 kinects at once demo to do real 3D - http://kinecthacks.net/two-kinects-at-once/
  148. 2010-11-28 Travelling home & wondering what you are all seeing. Here is what I see... Take a photo and show me what you see! http://yfrog.com/48cwt0j
  149. 2010-11-28 "Teaching my daughter to code". A wonderful blog post where a father helps his daughter build a Doctor Who game: http://bit.ly/gVVTW4
  150. 2010-11-27 Chuckling as I consider become mayor of a 2nd Christmas Market, while @ursi82 discusses changes in teh north with taxi driver.
  151. 2010-11-26 http://me.com has amazing canvas effects going on :D Time to dive into the source! Thanks @philhawksworth
  152. 2010-11-26 @leisa Imagine if you could do that & see different collaborative sketches over one another like http://www.kaleidoscopeapp.com/
  153. 2010-11-26 RT @tkenny: Words can't express how good it is is to be using Coda instead of f'ing Dreamweaver on XP to get my work done. I feel free a ...
  154. 2010-11-25 "It's not snowing here. I love it how you go to the Internet before you go to the window." "The Internet is my window!"
  155. 2010-11-25 Last night I did a small screencast on Rails for Zombies. A nice Chrome based game that introduces you to Rails3/MVC. http://bit.ly/f66qxN
  156. 2010-11-25 Blog/screencast done. Now bed.
  157. 2010-11-25 "... all apps should start with the mobile app, not the web app." @fredwilson http://j.mp/eZhuHv (via @ryancarson)
  158. 2010-11-24 Loving Rails for Zombies lessons: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/5204780023/
  159. 2010-11-24 @peepcode @matthewswallace Also would like Rails 3 part 2 asap! :)
  160. 2010-11-24 @support There's something in the air.
  161. 2010-11-24 Seeking awesome ASP.net MVC2 contract for 2 months? @ me pals. #microsoft #dev #contract
  162. 2010-11-22 @RichMillington time do you get here ? I am going to be in the office until about 6:30!
  163. 2010-11-22 Meet this interesting noSQL alternative using Git. https://github.com/pauldowman/gitmodel
  164. 2010-11-22 Love the fact that one of the testers at @justgiving sometimes ummms just like Yoda. #amazing #work #facts
  165. 2010-11-22 RT @thomas_britton: Web Browser Shuffle: How User’s Preferences have Changed Over the Years [Infographic] | Tech King http://t.co/QxYkEOW
  166. 2010-11-22 @isofarro lol nice work flow and you know you wanna gVim really :)
  167. 2010-11-22 @RichMillington Oh man, I'd really love to - however I'm meeting @YasTwit and @Ursi82 for sushi tonight. Lets catch up soon though?
  168. 2010-11-22 @RichMillington In that case I'm gonna make a visit in a week to your neck of the woods for a beer if you're up for it! Get well soon pal.
  169. 2010-11-21 Waiting for the apprentice to start http://yfrog.com/9fzyhxj
  170. 2010-11-21 Nude.js - a neat nudity detection that can enable us to disable/enable data that users will see on their computer. http://bit.ly/aL4tHf
  171. 2010-11-20 Having my eyes tested. My left eye has improved, my right eye has changed shape! http://yfrog.com/jwtolrj
  172. 2010-11-20 RT @leisa: Some observations on designing at speed http://bit.ly/d2t33P #designjam /cc @designjamlondon
  173. 2010-11-20 @johannakoll @cyberdees Good luck with #designjam. lookin forward to the next one when I'll be sure to grab a ticket & have the day free :)
  174. 2010-11-20 Pretty sure my mother would love some of these photos - http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010-11-national_geographics_photograp.html
  175. 2010-11-20 Trying out https://github.com/mockko/livereload before a busy day that lies ahead!
  176. 2010-11-20 @alistairp Congrats on becoming a father dude.
  177. 2010-11-20 Just posted a youTube video of me demonstrating LiveReload. http://kaivong.com/2010-11-livereload-demo/ Let me know what you think!
  178. 2010-11-20 @david_whitney proclaimed once more, "Dear Carmac, love youuuuuu" :D
  179. 2010-11-19 Going to have a pork burrito! Nyom!!! (@ Wahaca) http://4sq.com/7MXOPZ
  180. 2010-11-19 Just discovered https://github.com/mockko/livereload - this could totally change my productivity for building sites :) #ruby #front-end
  181. 2010-11-19 Digging the XX still and it's all @russianTsar's fault :)
  182. 2010-11-19 @thomas_britton If I was on my mac I would :P
  183. 2010-11-18 Reading http://www.20thingsilearned.com/ sadly a bit broken in parts on the iPad. But still v awesome.
  184. 2010-11-18 Keep it DRY. Cos when it gets cold, and it will get cold - it'll freeze and you'll slip. #tech #frontend #jqsummit
  185. 2010-11-18 RT @psd: imagine someone writing a PHD Thesis studying this single Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toilet_paper_orientation
  186. 2010-11-18 Getting annoyed with firebug being rubbish today. Having seen @paul_irish use it like a ninja at #jqsummit, I'll try to convert.
  187. 2010-11-18 Google Chrome Inspect > Firefbug. "Shift + up", scales any digits up by 10 each time. Love it.
  188. 2010-11-18 This could be for us @stanto http://railsforzombies.org/ cc @Rogueski
  189. 2010-11-18 @utku fruit memory! :D
  190. 2010-11-18 @benbot Good point. Always have =) But now starting to really have great momentum... how are you & what you up to these days?
  191. 2010-11-17 Can any foodies help @rem? - Can anyone suggest a nice place for dinner between Covent Garden & Elephant & Castle? #thxlazyweb
  192. 2010-11-17 @chriscoyier You did great, don't put yourself down. If anything today needed more speakers who talk & introduce jQuery more like you.
  193. 2010-11-17 @ari4nne Here's a finished #jqsummit day 1 sketch taken in higher quality! :) Thanks again for the prize!
  194. 2010-11-17 #jqsummit it's now 12pm midnight... so tired now. Exhausted from taking in so much today. Thanks to all the speakers, gj.
  195. 2010-11-17 Late night with the #jqsummit - discovering jQuery.cssHooks http://proj.jetless.org/AWESOME-TIME
  196. 2010-11-17 WOW. @paul_irish's reaction just rocked! :D http://bit.ly/a5NwtD /cc @ari4anne @teleject @PetraGregorova #jqsummit
  197. 2010-11-17 Day 2 sketch - low quality.. I'll be putting hires on my Flickr later. @ari4nne @cowboy #jqsummit http://yfrog.com/jybifwj
  198. 2010-11-17 Caching client-side. Awesome. So so so so so awesome. var cache = {}; if(!cache[name]) {} else {}
  199. 2010-11-17 @tkenny Sadly not - it's a paid online conference! #jqsummit
  200. 2010-11-17 Listening to John Resig talking about jQuery mobile. "Cross browser mobile development is crazy."
  201. 2010-11-17 @cowboy Sure was! Sorry about your portrait... I promise today to improve =) http://bit.ly/cz1OD9
  202. 2010-11-17 @PetraGregorova It was just the video you posted mate!
  203. 2010-11-16 Just won a prize at #jqsummit :) Wow!
  204. 2010-11-16 @Richard_Monk @yaellevey Try this - http://pomodoro.ugolandini.com/ :)
  205. 2010-11-16 #jquerysummit almost at an end! Having a glass of wine to chill out... for some of us, it'll soon be midnight! Really enjoying it.
  206. 2010-11-16 @cowboy making #jQSummit awesome. "You guys are designers, make your code look good" - see jQCore styles http://bit.ly/cQuuSz & "Use JSLint"
  207. 2010-11-16 @ari4nne Thanks! :)
  208. 2010-11-16 @ari4nne Here is my jQuery summit sketch so far! #jqsummit http://yfrog.com/mr9cfaj
  209. 2010-11-16 On break from jQuery Summit. Taking away some good stuff. Excited about @snookca & @chriscoyier after the "lunch break"
  210. 2010-11-16 @Stanto *nods approvingly* Kindle ftw! But what about the next iPad? :D
  211. 2010-11-16 @sammathews :( Chin up pal and En Taro Tassadar!
  212. 2010-11-16 @david_whitney Ouch. Was that in 3Dsecure?
  213. 2010-11-16 Notepad and screens ready http://yfrog.com/j67zvwj
  214. 2010-11-16 @rmurphey @ari4nne Would like to hear the YayQuery song please! #jqsummit
  215. 2010-11-16 Excited about jQuery Summit. Annoyed there are swans being loud near my flats. 3pm - 12 midnight here I come!
  216. 2010-11-16 Looks like the Kinect has already been mashed up with something that isn't the Xbox. http://bit.ly/cB9vwv
  217. 2010-11-16 @chriscoyier So hyped about your talk. Good luck dude.
  218. 2010-11-15 Starting the week with a bento box of tweets: First up is Path - really loving the look of their app: http://www.path.com/
  219. 2010-11-15 And now the wasabi hitting tweet: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010-11-14/this-is-your-brain-on-metaphors/?hp
  220. 2010-11-15 A duck that looks like Marlyn Monroe. http://animaltales.info/blog/marilyn-monroe-has-a-look-alike-a-duck
  221. 2010-11-15 @jiamins Not crazy. Luxurious!
  222. 2010-11-15 Discovered the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsusaka_beef ...clearly we were seperated at birth. Great find @jiamins!
  223. 2010-11-14 Learning from @stanto how to quickly set up a Linux VM :D Arch Linux installed. Looking forward to using the pacMan!
  224. 2010-11-14 Having pizza. Leeds is very empty on a Sunday and so is Thos place! (@ Brio Pizza) http://4sq.com/9WZQoY
  225. 2010-11-14 I just became the mayor of Christkindl German Market on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/bOFNPp
  226. 2010-11-14 Mulled wine take two. Now to dash for the train! (@ Christkindl German Market) http://4sq.com/bOFNPp
  227. 2010-11-14 @david_whitney @heatherataylor *(thunder) clap* *(thunder)clap* *(thunder)clap* good joke David =D
  228. 2010-11-14 The mayor of Leeds Christmas is leaving the city. Thanks for the mulled wine my loyal subjects. http://yfrog.com/jjwywtj
  229. 2010-11-14 RT @danrubin: I'm guessing if CSS were a real programming language, I would have learned not to make that silly syntax error a decade ago.
  230. 2010-11-14 Seeing cocijo type for the first time http://www.flickr.com/photos/cocijotype/page2/
  231. 2010-11-14 Amazed how Reddit has done such great things... http://voltier.com/2010-11-12/reddits-astonishin-altruism/
  232. 2010-11-14 Love this "tail -f /dev/mind > blog" - The 2 things about computer programming: http://bit.ly/b0rgRR
  233. 2010-11-13 Mulled wine. German sausage. People. Merry Christmukka! (@ Christkindl German Market) http://4sq.com/bOFNPp
  234. 2010-11-13 Foiled by the bring your own booze. Ah well - curry time! (@ Desi Masala) http://4sq.com/aHVcce
  235. 2010-11-13 Virals don't work do they, nothing ever comes out of it - http://bit.ly/9UgBH5
  236. 2010-11-13 Wikipedia appeal - http://bit.ly/dnGfaO Feel compelled to donate but not sure if I would be donating into a void or how much would help.
  237. 2010-11-13 I just unlocked the "Adventurer" badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/brJ7KS
  238. 2010-11-12 @natbentley The future should never be a language or form of technology. Languages & technology change!
  239. 2010-11-12 @tkenny if you are not already - you should do SASS through compass for your CSS! :D do it!
  240. 2010-11-12 Excited about @stanto LAN... travelling off soon. Just heard someone say PHP is the future and the present. Want to weep.
  241. 2010-11-11 Sushi sushi sushi (@ tajima tei) http://4sq.com/9Efk5M
  242. 2010-11-11 Suddenly feeling very motivated. http://yfrog.com/nb426rmj
  243. 2010-11-11 @rem spooky... I just heard the wind whistling outside and then read your tweet.
  244. 2010-11-11 Git remote update. Git pull. Git push. Git pull. Git push. =) Will alias it up soon.
  245. 2010-11-11 @limeduck are you talking about the team name I created called helloKitty and closedOffKitty? :/
  246. 2010-11-10 @Stanto oh man! Should I bring any games for it? Got dance central, tiger and caged fighter!
  247. 2010-11-10 Calling all web builders! I took it and so should you—The Survey For People Who Make Websites, 2010: http://j.mp/alasurvey2010
  248. 2010-11-10 Just got my Kinect & looking forward to trying it out tonight. Let the #UI #revolution begin.
  249. 2010-11-9 Just discovered I'm 7th in Google search for "Kai" - is it real? How'd I get to number 1? http://bit.ly/bHgEkb
  250. 2010-11-9 @renate I am, but I've also logged out - tried it on other browsers & on my iPhone.
  251. 2010-11-9 @utku dude it's been so long. Got an rss feed of all the events your attending/where you find events? :)
  252. 2010-11-9 @Stanto That was so so wrong. Watching jQuery anti-patterns on performance - http://paulirish.com/2009/perf/ to recover from this.
  253. 2010-11-9 Anyone got time to go through my jQFundamentals answers? Plz comment on my answers committed on gitHub here: http://bit.ly/cqeBUb
  254. 2010-11-8 It's a small world isn't it. http://omarqureshi.net/ :) We used to play together & now I'm going to ask him to be my RoR mentor...
  255. 2010-11-8 @designjamlondon Can you put me down on the reserve list should anyone drop out? :( Been busy today!
  256. 2010-11-8 Loved the Titanic exhibition at the O2. http://bit.ly/cPUOdx Gave me to some great 1900's design inspiration for the future...
  257. 2010-11-8 @johannakoll @designjamlondon I'll keep my diary free for it - just incase!
  258. 2010-11-7 Treated my app to a tiny bit of fun colour + type after setting up the base of it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/5152987518/
  259. 2010-11-7 Looking at REST cards. http://blog.whatfettle.com/2010-09-14/rest-cards/
  260. 2010-11-6 One day computers will get intelligent from REST... then they'll be all like daleks chasing us around saying "no REST for the wicked!!!"
  261. 2010-11-6 Reading about Roy Fielding and being inspired. http://www.ics.uci.edu/~fielding/
  262. 2010-11-6 @stanto next time I plan to come up to Leeds - we should tie it in for #leedshack http://leeds.hackspace.org.uk/ :)
  263. 2010-11-6 @kaichanvong I for one welcome our new killer mountain goat overlords. (via @limeduck) - You just made your way into the app! :D
  264. 2010-11-6 Working on my little RoR killer-mountain-goats site... routing done, controller set up and I've got my views nicely doing something neat!
  265. 2010-11-6 @iamcalledrob Was meaning to ask you why you'd called notices as "flashes" - http://bit.ly/c2L8Yr - I just discovered why :)
  266. 2010-11-6 Awesomely slideshow on Linus Torvald's GIT. http://perl.plover.com/yak/git/
  267. 2010-11-6 Love the fact I can upload and share goal videos from Fifa2011 http://bit.ly/bZkqjU :D
  268. 2010-11-6 RT @johannakoll: Interesting findings from @andersramsay's State of Agile UX Survey. Read the quotes: http://bit.ly/aJQzuT #agileux
  269. 2010-11-6 @willjohnh lol cant believe you shared the fainting kittens. http://www.popbitch.com/home/2010-10-28/the-incredible-fainting-goat-kittens/
  270. 2010-11-6 @Stanto quite possibly! Although I thought there maybe some hack weekends too =]
  271. 2010-11-5 Hoping for an invite to @Forrst *hint* *hint* :)
  272. 2010-11-5 Our meal had street smart added (£1 'voluntary' donation). I had to ask wtf it was....I Like the idea. But bad execution. #cicada
  273. 2010-11-5 Mmmm wine. (@ Cicada) http://4sq.com/dcPZnI
  274. 2010-11-5 Apple ditched Flash for battery life on the Mac Airs - Interesting play! http://bit.ly/9DJuBe
  275. 2010-11-5 @thomas_britton I love Twitter. Thanks for my invite to @forrst =)
  276. 2010-11-5 Being cool like the kids at Google and using WorkFlowy with my Pomodoros http://workflowy.com/
  277. 2010-11-4 @iamcalledrob - it really is that dark! http://yfrog.com/gvdtdj
  278. 2010-11-4 Checking out DocType.TV http://doctype.tv/sass?autoplay=true
  279. 2010-11-4 Anyone have a killer bash prompt theme? Really could use with something better than defaults.
  280. 2010-11-3 "How I hacked my high school and made lots of money" http://bit.ly/bmLQFx
  281. 2010-11-3 Ah Smashing Magazine. Perfect timing. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010-11-03/how-to-build-a-mobile-website/
  282. 2010-11-3 @david_whitney totally just retreated that :D
  283. 2010-11-3 RT @david_whitney: Yes, I did just order a Dominos lunchtime deal pizza. No, don't you dare judge me. I SAID DON'T JUDGE ME.
  284. 2010-11-3 @grumblemouse @bekibutton @simondoggett Just heard it was a bomb scare :P 'Scare' meaning to lack actual bomb.
  285. 2010-11-3 RT @Anniemole: RT @dmi: Overheard: "I guess 'special service' on today's Tube doesn't mean tea and biscuits?" #tubestrike <- says it all!
  286. 2010-11-3 @grumblemouse no this is on speaker's corner.
  287. 2010-11-3 It's like one giant game of red bus snake down Oxford street. 50 buses & I can't walk where I need to...
  288. 2010-11-3 Just counted 26... Wow. Walking to work now....
  289. 2010-11-3 Spoke too soon. About 14+ buses one after another... Quite an amazing sight. Wish I had my camera for this. http://yfrog.com/mqgcohj
  290. 2010-11-3 Seems London got it's act together for this stuff. Got buses? #whattubestrike?
  291. 2010-11-3 @Stanto interesting you say that. I kinda love the new ready for kinect xbox redesign. #realign #design - what did others think?
  292. 2010-11-3 FYI Hyde park corner has a load of hell of a lot of police.... Gonna be late.
  293. 2010-11-2 http://bakerframework.com/ :D A nice open web standards Ebook reader for the iPad.
  294. 2010-11-2 http://bit.ly/b00lQa Questions I'm no longer asking.
  295. 2010-11-2 A list apart talks Git. http://www.alistapart.com/articles/get-started-with-git/
  296. 2010-11-2 RT @lukew: How deleting ONE input field in a form resulted in $12M in profit/year for Expedia: http://bit.ly/9VkVfr
  297. 2010-11-2 @rmurphey "you know JavaScript right? Can't be that different surely?" :D gotta love em!
  298. 2010-11-2 http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/
  299. 2010-11-1 Going to give Hazel a try. Love the install icon - http://yfrog.com/m9kuwsj
  300. 2010-11-1 @bekibutton ;( time to get working on that blog then! :D
  301. 2010-11-1 Looking at http://type-a-file.com/ - nice idea. Execution could be better :(
  302. 2010-11-1 Just cos your website extremely intense. Don't mean you cant hire someone to do something awesome! http://bit.ly/blFVzJ #uPack
  303. 2010-11-1 @Richard_Monk @david_whitney =) I am up for that.
  304. 2010-10-31 @jon_bedford :) Thanks dude!
  305. 2010-10-31 "Happy Halloween chocolates!!!" My auntie declares. Uncle chimes in distastefully, "Too sweet." http://yfrog.com/5r6qvzj
  306. 2010-10-31 Still bitter as I scoff them, he just adds. "It's blooming chocolate with peanuts. I could have made it."
  307. 2010-10-31 "This is where my £15 went," my uncle exclaims. "What a waste of money." http://yfrog.com/2fy72bj
  308. 2010-10-30 Bash_profile is looking pretty kick ass. Linked up nicely to my aliases, configs & environment settings =) Anyone have any tips?
  309. 2010-10-30 Wikipedia has an interesting article on unusual punctuation, including the various irony/sarcasm marks http://bit.ly/a6g8VX (via @richmarr)
  310. 2010-10-30 Practising my Git by adding setting up lots of remotes... Gotta love having a LAN at home! :D
  311. 2010-10-29 Reading about the UX Design education scam http://www.andyrutledge.com/the-ux-design-education-scam.php
  312. 2010-10-29 @yaellevey - And it would be "estoy guano loco!!!"
  313. 2010-10-29 @iamcalledrob - @yaellevey has a potty mouth :(
  314. 2010-10-29 Thinking about what to do with @yaellevey's new domain Killer-Mountain-Goat.com :) Git init. Touch index.html. Coda .
  315. 2010-10-29 @andrewmy I'm pretty sure this is about Indulge Me! :D http://bit.ly/9qZPfi
  316. 2010-10-29 This is how I think you should improve this feature. http://yfrog.com/jcr7yjj
  317. 2010-10-29 Mozilla's Cloud Meet Rainbow. Ah something worth tweeting about. http://mozillalabs.com/rainbow/2010-10-28/cloud-meet-rainbow/
  318. 2010-10-29 Rough week just rounded off by some nice work news. Missing @Ursi82 lots :(
  319. 2010-10-28 The xmas decorations going up at Selfridges. People are stood outside the Project Natal window to try it out. http://yfrog.com/7674dtj
  320. 2010-10-27 @yaellevey You've convinced me... :)
  321. 2010-10-27 Taking my Pomodoro break. Love the mac client... http://pomodoro.ugolandini.com/
  322. 2010-10-27 Indulge me font face... very... very predictable choice. Eg. I've used it before. I guess at least I'm being consistent!
  323. 2010-10-25 Getting my bash config set up for my mac... if only my Windows stuff could be 100% identical :(
  324. 2010-10-25 Wowing at Firesheep.
  325. 2010-10-25 @benbot Nasty... Have you spent time learning to use it?
  326. 2010-10-24 Neighbours. Every body needs good loud music playing, door slamming, screaming neighbours. From 5pm to 3:30am. No joke.
  327. 2010-10-24 Off to get the elders!
  328. 2010-10-24 Great link about words & reading through typography - http://bit.ly/d4joeI via @wilcolley
  329. 2010-10-24 RT via @thetimmorgan: Heres something I wrote yesterday on how United would replace Rooney if they got £50m for him http://bit.ly/dwesRb
  330. 2010-10-24 @jon_bedford this is terrible... but I cant remember if I've donated to your page or not. :/
  331. 2010-10-24 @andrewmy maybe you're not following me and that's why D msg isn't working :) http://bit.ly/abVZNq
  332. 2010-10-24 @willjohnh early bird catches the worm & all that! The worm in your case being the little one! :D
  333. 2010-10-23 Reading about the Creative Technologist :) http://www.impactful-conversations.com/2010-07-creative-technologist-new-role-in.html
  334. 2010-10-23 wow...this is... erm... amazing... #xfactor
  335. 2010-10-23 Wireframing & sketching ideas for @andrewmy's Indulge Me.
  336. 2010-10-23 Steve Lieber is down with the kids - http://www.undergroundthecomic.com/2010-10-whole-book-for-free-or-learning-something-from-4chan/
  337. 2010-10-23 @alistair Well...at FaceBook, even the janitor can code ;)
  338. 2010-10-23 @tomharle how about: http://www.atheistbus.org.uk/ http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010-jan-25/schoolboy-charlie-simpson-haiti-bike
  339. 2010-10-22 What a nice thing to be given by @david_whitney today http://bit.ly/dedj4X
  340. 2010-10-22 @yaellevey It was from his Apple TV arriving ☙ I'm a very lucky chap ☙
  341. 2010-10-22 @jamieparkins The webcam was mirrored so I wasn't sure if would have to do it again! :) Plus I look fat when I smile.
  342. 2010-10-21 The font choices you apply are just like people. Headline for how they look, content for who they are.
  343. 2010-10-21 Check out "Designing for Emerging Markets, Internationalisation & Culture" http://t.co/8JA3Ac8 via @eventbrite
  344. 2010-10-20 Oh dear @willjohnh :( 1 - 0... red card and a penalty. 7 mins in... cc @david_whitney
  345. 2010-10-20 Interesting... Images 404ing all over the place on my tumblr site. Gotta love those auto emails I set up =)
  346. 2010-10-20 Looking for a nice blog tool for my mac...1st Blogo! http://ricksegal.typepad.com/pmv/2008/06/thanks-but-they-aint-windows-live-writer.html
  347. 2010-10-20 @paul_irish in fact it seems as though webkit may not be counting my image heights in the content.. http://bit.ly/afzVSy :)
  348. 2010-10-20 @paul_irish just read your jsHeightFix http://bit.ly/5v5gbj but your func doesn't solve the Chrome refresh issue. Wtf is Chrome doing? :S
  349. 2010-10-20 via @rem - Wondering if @phonegap infrastructure could work to produce OS X apps (and conversely PC apps)...
  350. 2010-10-19 Oh this is ace. HTML6: http://html6.by.ru/ thanks to the very awesome http://enterprise-html.com/
  351. 2010-10-19 Fire in your SASS!!!!11 SASS Line numbers in firebug. --debug-info. BOOM! Let the awesomeness begin. http://bit.ly/90Vj17
  352. 2010-10-19 Twitter's @mentions again looks to be losing old messages from certain dates... weird!
  353. 2010-10-19 The BBC's stance on Net neutrality - http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/bbcinternet/2010-10-net_neutrality_and_the_bbc.html
  354. 2010-10-19 I'm attending The 2nd Annual jQuery Summit - The Online jQuery Conference -- http://www.eventbrite.com/s/1qnU
  355. 2010-10-19 Oh dear :( @HayleyS. TheTBWA site looks pretty but breaks after 1st attempt of browsing it! http://twitpic.com/2yy15q
  356. 2010-10-19 #myFavouriteColourIs red. Join in everyone to help with @bekibutton's school survey. She's only 12!
  358. 2010-10-19 @kaigani http://www.onlive.com/ :)
  359. 2010-10-18 sudo Bang Bang.
  360. 2010-10-18 Oh dear... looks like the Microsoft hate wagon is off again! http://css3wizardry.com/2010-08-14/ie9-is-the-ie6-of-css3/
  361. 2010-10-18 RT @ryancarson: Insane. A plugin for Illustrator that creates HTML5 Canvas code: http://visitmix.com/labs/ai2canvas/index.html
  362. 2010-10-18 @MattPKnights Thanks, I never knew you were into Java!
  363. 2010-10-18 @cunners for a raffle/winning prizes you can't/shouldn't add gift aid to your donation.
  364. 2010-10-18 @thomas_britton http://peepcode.com/products/meet-the-command-line ... time to start learning to code like a pro!
  365. 2010-10-18 @thomas_britton cd sass, touch my-styles.sass, open . (and you are done mon amis)
  366. 2010-10-18 @thomas_britton gem install ruby, gem install haml, mkdir sass-test, cd sass-test, mkdir sass css, sass --watch sass:css
  367. 2010-10-18 @thomas_britton I will write you an epically awesome series of sass. EASoS!
  368. 2010-10-18 @thomas_britton But more to the point - was the article useful/interesting... thoughts on it?
  369. 2010-10-18 @thomas_britton Fixed it quickly just for you (refresh).. I'll do something a tad more elegant later on! :)
  370. 2010-10-18 @thomas_britton I know... going to fix it later on. You shouldn't *have* to read all of the code to get what the article is about though.
  371. 2010-10-18 Over the weekend I wrote about "the 2nd half of design: the logic, math and patterns". http://bit.ly/bx28WB
  372. 2010-10-18 Oh my good steak god. Yes please. @HawksmoorLondon Steak raffle competition. http://bit.ly/aOpxlh GOGOGOGOGOGO!
  373. 2010-10-17 After 10 minutes of searching, my grandmother figured out how to hang up in Skype. Chortle chortle.
  374. 2010-10-17 My home folder structure tidy is almost complete. Really happy with how organised it's looking :D
  375. 2010-10-17 @thetimmorgan Hoops, up side your head! I said hoops up side your head! Optimistic ;)
  376. 2010-10-17 @chriscoyier - Your post on finding Panic's transmit saved files saved me a lot of time. Thank you for posting it! http://bit.ly/cC7kGO
  377. 2010-10-17 Media queries added... need to tweak a bit more. Now for bed.
  378. 2010-10-17 Wall Street is in the background and I've just heard the 24 ring tone on it. Surreal!
  379. 2010-10-16 @smyther Yeh I've been using Nano lots - but heard gVim is good no? http://www.vim.org/ Going through some @peepcode tutorials on it too!
  380. 2010-10-16 @Stanto 3w yy #vim
  381. 2010-10-16 I love tree. So useful. Now to learn Vim.
  382. 2010-10-16 Curl'ing down my Tree command. Tree . on the root is never a good idea ;)
  383. 2010-10-16 What's a duet? It's like a blanket.
  384. 2010-10-16 @isofarro fantastic read thus far - keep up the great work! http://www.isolani.co.uk/blog/
  385. 2010-10-16 Reading @isofarro's blog which questions the numbers of users with JavaScript being disabled. http://www.isolani.co.uk/blog/
  386. 2010-10-16 @willjohnh Amazing! How about the squirrels? Would it work on them I wonder...
  387. 2010-10-16 RT @willjohnh: I got one of those cat guns @kaichanvong . Did it work? Did it f**k! Just don't tell @Izabel_blue. http://yfrog.com/72cs2uj
  388. 2010-10-16 I cho-chooo-choo chocoloco youuuu @iamcalledrob http://yfrog.com/2f1cpnj
  389. 2010-10-16 @simondoggett Looking fantastic =) Enjoy dude!
  390. 2010-10-16 @simondoggett Wow, that's 30 more hours than my slow pork... isn't it really smelly/smokey? How've you got around that?
  391. 2010-10-16 Watching a team's terrible execution of a product & then turning down exclusivity of it with boots. #fail #apprentice
  392. 2010-10-16 @Ardesco @simondoggett I didn't know that kind of thing existed either. There were lots of other "cat repellant" items in B&Q too!
  393. 2010-10-16 Stay back little cat! http://yfrog.com/72cs2uj
  394. 2010-10-15 Ah look at what made the delicious popular list. Event bubbling: http://jupiterit.com/news/a-crash-course-in-how-dom-events-work
  395. 2010-10-14 Mountains are again merely mountains #rubyKoans http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/5081997440/
  396. 2010-10-14 "Stopping event propagation in the capturing phase is impossible. One wonders why." Arrrghh!! http://www.quirksmode.org/js/events_order.html
  397. 2010-10-14 @MattPKnights Just dont name your branch "head" ;)
  398. 2010-10-14 Last night I wrote about Ruby koans: the guide to enlightenment - http://kaivong.com/2010-10-the-guide-to-enlightenment/
  399. 2010-10-14 RT @peepcode: "Some people have Netflix I have @peepcode" – @xgolferx
  400. 2010-10-13 I'm done. Stick a fork in me, said the branch. *bah bump tishhhhh*. Okay... sleep time.
  401. 2010-10-13 Today is international suit up day. Suit up!!!!!
  402. 2010-10-13 Just for you @whatleydude.#himym http://yfrog.com/7081guj
  403. 2010-10-13 Amazon sent me marketing emails with things I've pre-ordered. It confused me! I thought Diablo3 had been released or something :(
  404. 2010-10-13 Last night added a few @simondoggett tweaks to http://kaivong.com + number of visits to it is increasing nicely! More coming soon.
  405. 2010-10-13 Seriously no one has suited up in the JustGiving offices. Wtf.
  406. 2010-10-13 @bimal_tailor @thomas_britton Yes I really have!
  407. 2010-10-13 @russianTsar :( I have been busy!
  408. 2010-10-13 @wilcolley No :P
  409. 2010-10-13 @cyberdees @johannakoll @han Please do sort out a UX hack day! Would love to help out if need be/venue etc & a cool name for it too!
  410. 2010-10-13 Right... back to Sinatra. Taking centre stage until Jekyll runs on screaming & shouting. #myNotSoSecretRubyObsession
  411. 2010-10-13 @justincooke Startup.com was good? I couldn't get past it's weird documentary style at the start... Guess I should give it a 2nd chance..
  412. 2010-10-12 Right... my last tweet about my new site being up! Any thoughts about it? :) Thinking of adding Disqus to it too... http://kaivong.com
  413. 2010-10-12 Getting latest... and getting ready for a check in.
  414. 2010-10-12 Nyom. Ribs. (@ Giant Robot) http://4sq.com/9Q6xP6
  415. 2010-10-12 @tkenny You have my sympathy. I've been working on Sinatra + Jekyll in my spare time... you been learning anything nice outside of work?
  416. 2010-10-12 I heart command line so much.
  417. 2010-10-12 @tkenny What language are you going to be using and why the hell?
  418. 2010-10-12 @simondoggett Agreed! :) Thanks mate very much appreciated and a beer very soon has your name on it. So does a pub near London too...
  419. 2010-10-12 @simondoggett They are inactive until you hover over them. What do you suggest? :o
  420. 2010-10-12 @lovelychaos :) A mobile view coming up soon. A really nice mobile view will be added in this coming month. And thank you!
  421. 2010-10-12 @sergeimuller Should be scrolling... I've got .animate on the clicks to scroll to the next sections!
  422. 2010-10-12 @thomas_britton Yup, going to look at doing a media query to sort out the site for the iPhone + add in jQtouch for scrolling.
  423. 2010-10-12 @bengarrett77 Thanks dude, I'm discovering the joy that is @font-face ;)
  424. 2010-10-12 @simondoggett Thanks dude, keep the ideas coming and yes - I do need to credit/link you ! :)
  425. 2010-10-12 @tkenny Wow! Cant replicate that as I don't have Win XP... but looks like font-face isn't happy. Will investigate that some how. Thanks!
  426. 2010-10-12 @Whatleydude No way! Noooooo wayyyyyyyyy. :D
  427. 2010-10-11 Loving how helpful & swift the @peepcode team are being through email. :) Makes learning something new a real joy!
  428. 2010-10-11 @danbenjamin Figured it! :D "Sinatra depends on the Rack gem" - so maybe Sinatra doesn't require it anymore, while Shotgun does...
  429. 2010-10-11 @danbenjamin Hi Dan, loving your peepcode work. Having trouble with shotgun however - can you help? http://bit.ly/akYhSd
  430. 2010-10-11 @elliottkember Arghhh sorry dude :(
  431. 2010-10-11 @sammathews really nice! Did you see my new site too? :D It hasn't got as good photography on it yet.
  432. 2010-10-11 RT @FoodUrchin: Work in EC1? Sign up to http://www.ec1local.com/ and grab a £20 tab at Giant Robot
  433. 2010-10-11 @kittydoodle You're right, on a Windows that font doesn't render well until 18px. Will give Windows users a fitting font - Comic Sans.
  434. 2010-10-11 @elliottkember I also had a cold and I have the fundraising page to prove it! http://www.justgiving.com/i-have-a-cold
  435. 2010-10-11 Worst thing about working lots over the weekend on your own projects is all the fonts in Windows (Arial) just don't quite look right.
  436. 2010-10-11 Read my thoughts on the Facebook movie, The social network at http://kaivong.com/2010-10-facebook-the-movie-the-social-network/
  437. 2010-10-11 Okay... that's a lot of visits for one day to my new site. Now time to bed.
  438. 2010-10-11 @bekibutton Wow. Just wow.
  439. 2010-10-10 @richmarr That visual just made me cough out my coffee!
  440. 2010-10-10 @Stanto One day soon buddy, we're gonna sit on the balcony drinking buds & basking in the aroma of the @jamie_oliver's slow cooked pork.
  441. 2010-10-10 Just been for a run. Discovered that I still have a cold. :( http://www.justgiving.com/i-have-a-cold £30 from my target...
  442. 2010-10-10 Just got back from seeing the Social Network at the cinema. Great movie.
  443. 2010-10-10 @mazphd It was a 'story' with life lessons that anyone could learn from - regardless of whether or not it was all true.
  444. 2010-10-10 A glass of wine, a peepcode screencast of Sinatra & I'm ready to rock.
  445. 2010-10-10 My new site is up now... let me know what you think! :) http://kaivong.com/
  446. 2010-10-10 I'm attending Designing for Emerging Markets, Internationalisation http://www.eventbrite.com/event/877242857/
  447. 2010-10-10 @futureshape I'm working on that :)
  448. 2010-10-10 @salleeann Good luck, you'll do great!
  449. 2010-10-10 Slow roasting some pork. Adding changes to my new site. Few games of Fifa. Drinking some amazing coffee.
  450. 2010-10-10 @wilcolley I take back what I said about the Coda Wordpress syntax not being useful. It's pretty damn awesome.
  451. 2010-10-9 @katieweasel Officially your biggest fan. #mydestiny yours I mean... not mine. Dieting blog coming soon.
  452. 2010-10-9 @anniemole check out this incredible Swedish Subway! http://artbns.com/swedish-subway-system/
  453. 2010-10-9 @david_whitney Have a safe journey and good trip buddy!
  454. 2010-10-9 Loving Integrity - the fast way to spot website link mistakes for Mac. http://peacockmedia.co.uk/integrity/ Like Xenu, but OSX friendly :D
  455. 2010-10-9 @Whatleydude what did I miss? :o
  456. 2010-10-9 Just spat out my wine. #xfactor
  457. 2010-10-8 Think I just cu-cu-could download this. http://www.irradiatedsoftware.com/sizeup/ Windows7, you & I (OSX) are now on equal ground now.
  458. 2010-10-8 @david_whitney @yaellevey heh heh :D
  459. 2010-10-8 @Hagenburger You sir. You are a legend :) Looking forward to groking and using it!
  460. 2010-10-8 @chriseppstein Can it --watch 20+ folders each SASS/CSS folders in? Or would you have to batch macro that/use SASS:CSS the other way around?
  461. 2010-10-8 SASS lovers. Have any of you out there been able to use sass recursively? So something like sass --watch /*/sass:/*/css
  462. 2010-10-8 @johannakoll I should have put in the caveat that there is only one guess per person. :P Cheater!
  463. 2010-10-8 First person who guesses what I did tonight wins a free hug. Time for sleep. Oh and @stanto what's pretty chill... a cold? :P
  464. 2010-10-8 Just seen Lemonade. I seriously want to heart someone for this. http://www.hagenburger.net/BLOG/Lemonade-CSS-Sprites-for-Sass-Compass.html
  465. 2010-10-7 Darran Jones donated £2.00 + £0.56 gift aid saying: Please stop singing :) http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  466. 2010-10-7 Alwyn Lombaard donated £2.00 + £0.56 gift aid saying: You almost inspire me to want to have a cold too, but not q... http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  467. 2010-10-7 Kejia donated £2.00 + £0.56 gift aid saying: Ginger and chilli spiciness help :-) http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  468. 2010-10-7 Oh Media Temple, Media Temple... :( My site has been suffering from outages today due to them being overloaded.
  469. 2010-10-7 If I had a penny for every droplet from my nose I'd double my target. Http://justgiving.com/I-have-a-cold
  470. 2010-10-7 Apprentice. Put then in bread, sauce, 1 sausage, £3.90 each. Lots & lots of money made. Selling raw sausages to individuals in London? ROFL
  471. 2010-10-7 @simondoggett point taken - a donation and I will switch it off!
  472. 2010-10-7 Wish my hosts would send me an email about down times & what to expect around it rather than just update their website about it.
  473. 2010-10-6 Liz Smith donated £2.00 + £0.56 gift aid saying: I'm feeling your pain Kai, I have gunk coming out of my eyes... http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  474. 2010-10-5 @kaichanvong donated £10.00 saying: Thank you to everyone who has donated so *achooo* far! http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  475. 2010-10-5 @salleeann donated £5.00 + £1.41 gift aid saying: Stay away from me please.. I've a big run on Sunday that I ... http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  476. 2010-10-5 Trying out http://justtweeting.org.uk for @JustGiving
  477. 2010-10-5 I wonder how many people have seen my fundraising page...
  478. 2010-10-5 Just read this cover letter job application for the Chicago Tribune: http://bit.ly/9kQKLa - I kinda like it.
  479. 2010-10-5 @kuntze donated £3.33 + £0.94 gift aid saying: Gesundheit http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  480. 2010-10-5 Ursula Marrow donated £2.00 + £0.56 gift aid saying: Boo hoo for you http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  481. 2010-10-5 Whatleydude donated £10.00 + £2.82 gift aid saying: BOO FOR SNOT! YAY FOR TREES! X http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  482. 2010-10-5 @Izabel_blue donated £5.00 + £1.41 gift aid saying: Go home before you infect the office! And drink lemon tea wit... http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  483. 2010-10-5 Yael Levey donated £5.00 + £1.41 gift aid saying: Mansize Kleenex Balsam! http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  484. 2010-10-5 Will Hardy donated £5.00 + £1.41 gift aid http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  485. 2010-10-5 Charlie Arnott donated £5.00 + £1.41 gift aid saying: Get a hanky! http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  486. 2010-10-5 Will Colley donated £5.00 + £1.41 gift aid saying: Bless you. http://just.ly/cMUT0X
  487. 2010-10-5 RT @jon_bedford: @kaichanvong dude, check out http://introducinghtml5.com. Actually understand some of these html5 things, makes CSS eas ...
  488. 2010-10-5 I’m fundraising while having a cold on @JustGiving. Please take a look at my page: http://www.justgiving.com/i-have-a-cold
  489. 2010-10-5 Thanks to all who donated - @Whatleydude @Izabel_blue @yaellevey @willjohnh @wilcolley & more! http://www.justgiving.com/i-have-a-cold
  490. 2010-10-4 thamesClipper.boardingLogic() { If(ageUser > otherUser) { allow.board(ship);} else {waitTime(60 * 60 * 10000); }}
  491. 2010-10-4 @rem Have you tried SASS? If so - which features of LESS made you pick it over it?
  492. 2010-10-4 @jon_Bedford @sophdea does this mean you'll be changing your online alias to @sophie-wham? Congrats!
  493. 2010-10-4 Special service buses are special because they only have a number if the driver has been smart. http://yfrog.com/ng1qhhj
  494. 2010-10-4 A bus just ignored all 50 of us. Also a lady just passed by, shouting, "coming through" while bing given a piggy back.
  495. 2010-10-3 @webponce that's probably more my bad ;)
  496. 2010-10-3 Another day, another scanner searching for exploits in my site. /myphpadmin/setup.php doesn't exist! :) what would you do?
  497. 2010-10-3 Betting Gamu is the twist for the extra week of X Factor. Time to put some money on her ;) #xfactor
  498. 2010-10-3 Princes & Rogues. Awesome homepage logo. http://www.princesandroguesofficial.co.uk/
  499. 2010-10-3 BlindType acquired by google. Nice! http://bit.ly/aAl3S3
  500. 2010-10-2 Lacking a revenue stream? Sue someone else innovating! http://j.mp/8Zbo9C
  501. 2010-10-2 @thetimmorgan @bengarrett77 never a more true word/s said!
  502. 2010-10-2 Black car with number plate, mayor causing huge traffic jams on a4. Nice job on that lamp post sir.
  503. 2010-10-2 Playing EA spot's Fifa11 & finding bugs. Editing virtual pro player now stuck between 2 screens. Someone didn't test this!
  504. 2010-10-1 @simondoggett - @iamcalledrob asks "is this Doggett?" sorry dude. We will get you out for a gather soon. Promise!
  505. 2010-10-1 "I wore this tshirt just for you," @russianTsar - with @ursi82, @wilcolley, @iamcalledrob and a few others @ Tajama-tei!
  506. 2010-10-1 "where is @iamcalledrob? You know. The only one of us not working today."
  507. 2010-10-1 Yey sake and sushi! (@ tajima tei) http://4sq.com/9Efk5M
  508. 2010-9-30 @DannyKeane You've never had sweet potato before? It's amazing. In texture - it's kind of similar.
  509. 2010-9-30 I remember working with @iamcalledrob by joining in with the other developers at work for a spot of tea. #sentimental #moments
  510. 2010-9-29 @johannakoll congrats on the new job! :)
  511. 2010-9-29 @YasTwit Smile. Whistle. Walk away. Slowly.
  512. 2010-9-28 Yeah. The crazy culinary Chinese cuisine that is Kai restaurant. #Ramsey #channel4
  513. 2010-9-28 @russianTsar depends if you're doing print or web and if it's with numbers or text! ;)
  514. 2010-9-26 RT @isofarro: RT @kulor: well this is a different type of colour picker http://color.aurlien.net/
  515. 2010-9-26 http://bit.ly/dqjiOs Ouch. Wp-Snippets taken a fall. PS. If you're also on a Mac. You should try out this - http://hyperdock.bahoom.de/
  516. 2010-9-25 @david_whitney I haven't the faintest where @wilcolley went!
  517. 2010-9-25 I second that! RT @benrmatthews: Just saw the @ribot... I mean Tesco's mobile app ad. Looking good!
  518. 2010-9-25 Spotify advert on television. Nice.
  519. 2010-9-25 @thehacksaw :p I cant prove it!
  520. 2010-9-25 @thehacksaw I meant you cant prove it! :)
  521. 2010-9-25 Oh my poor, poor head.
  522. 2010-9-24 Loving @johannakoll's the tweets from @IA #euroia
  523. 2010-9-23 @thomas_britton "All donations will actually go to charity. This is a spoof, but dig deep anyway!" ;)
  524. 2010-9-23 @wilcolley Good to see you're using GitHub!
  525. 2010-9-23 RT @tkenny: RT @smashingmag: New on SmashingMag: HTML5: The Facts And The Myths - http://bit.ly/dnkzIy (please RT)
  526. 2010-9-23 @jaggeree I enjoyed the disclaimer the most. "mportant! No-one fully understands the whims and fancies of (cont) http://tl.gd/65sojv
  527. 2010-9-23 RT @jaggeree: Every time I feel that sometimes technology gets overexplained and magic lost I read this and smile - http://bit.ly/8ZhSJ4
  528. 2010-9-23 Leaving .NET - http://bit.ly/aw1GLA - pretty much the way I believe everyone will be heading. Chunky. Bacon.
  529. 2010-9-23 Looking at Pledgie. http://pledgie.com/
  530. 2010-9-23 LOLs. Bad colours! RT @david_whitney: Help Chris Moyles here: http://www.justgiving.com/Christopher-Moyles
  531. 2010-9-22 "I am going to be a bit late." :P
  532. 2010-9-22 I'm at TechHub (76-80 City Road, near Featherstone St, London) w/ 14 others. http://4sq.com/aKYswW
  533. 2010-9-22 @wilcolley textExpander! Lorem1, Lorem2, Lorem3. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed (cont) http://tl.gd/65c38n
  534. 2010-9-22 RT @justinbmeyer: Random thoughts on open source: http://bit.ly/9V3Oe6 despite the disclaimer, i think we *should* take this seriously.
  535. 2010-9-21 @jghackers is hosting any JG API apps from/after #CharityHack/@charityhack2010 for free. Contact david@justgiving.com to get it.
  536. 2010-9-21 @JustGiving just did the big goodbye to @iamcalledrob. ~ ~
  537. 2010-9-21 RT @elliotjaystocks: The free sampler of The Social Network score by @trent_reznor & Atticus Ross http://nullco.com/TSN
  538. 2010-9-21 RT @cyberdees: Oooo, shiny colour changing #UXLondon logo on the new 2011 holding page ;-) http://2011.uxlondon.com/
  539. 2010-9-21 @philhawksworth @simondoggett Nowt wrong with jS - like anything powerful: with great power, comes great responsibility. ;)
  540. 2010-9-21 < !DOCTYPE HTML> < html lang="en-US"> < head> < title></ title> < meta charset="UTF-8"> < /head> < body> Just for @honosutomo
  541. 2010-9-21 Alert("Rofl. I knew we'd all be talking in JavaScript one day.");
  542. 2010-9-21 On seeing the jS exploit said @willjohnh, "Mmmm. Clever." What did your nearest colleague say? #most #embarrassing #javascript #exploit
  543. 2010-9-21 http://mashable.com/2010-09-21/twitter-mouseover-bug/ They call it a bug. I call it an exploit.
  544. 2010-9-21 RT @simonpainter: Today's #charitytuesday mention goes to all the @JustGiving @jghackers who did some epic work at #charityhack.
  545. 2010-9-21 Today is @iamcalledrob's last day @Justgiving. Gonna miss having you around the office dude.
  546. 2010-9-21 RT @nikf: Stay away from Twitter.com people. Seriously, there's a worm / security issue with the Javascript on the site.
  547. 2010-9-20 This made me chuckle - RT @drewm: @nikf The worst is missing the words 'hesitate to' in "Do not hesitate to contact me".
  548. 2010-9-20 Are you a major foodie with web skillz? Check out @itvjobs for last couple of postings via @benayers via @Anniemole
  549. 2010-9-20 Sushi sushi sushi! (@ tajima tei) http://4sq.com/9Efk5M
  550. 2010-9-20 Wow. Just heard some mega exciting news that the @justgiving dev team are going to announce following the #charityhack #coolFreeStuff
  551. 2010-9-20 RT @robcthegeek If you know of any people @ #charityhack not on this list http://bit.ly/cBiLZ2 , let me know! Everyone was awesome ! :)
  552. 2010-9-20 @simonpainter Been told next 24 hours... could be sooner!
  553. 2010-9-20 Return False; Are you doing it right? http://bit.ly/bKLY8T
  554. 2010-9-20 RT @david_whitney - Free hosting for JG API using ideas from #CharityHack (and beyond!) get in touch with your pitch david@justgiving.com
  555. 2010-9-20 Regretting coming in so early to work today. I could definately have slept another 6 hours. #charityhack
  556. 2010-9-20 @david_whitney lol. 12 hour sleep? :D Enjoy your rest dude! You deserve it for being a legend.
  557. 2010-9-20 RT @changelogshow: streamie: Node.js Websockets = Real time Twitter client http://bit.ly/b6uHyU
  558. 2010-9-19 With 30mins sleep I'm failing. #charityhack awards. Talking. End. Finito.
  559. 2010-9-19 Up and at 'em! 30 mins and I'm back in the game.
  560. 2010-9-19 @johannakoll Sounds good - will see what I can do!
  561. 2010-9-19 Okay. Taking a nap. Back soon... #charitynap #sleepTime
  562. 2010-9-19 Helping out a new team at #charityhack. BOOM. #lackofsleep
  563. 2010-9-19 Really should get some sleepy.
  564. 2010-9-19 Still tired. Still not slept. #charityhack
  565. 2010-9-19 Huge thanks to - @kzhu @alistair @martin88 @wai_kien @kaichanvong @johannakoll for a great job on Pitchinin
  566. 2010-9-19 omg so tired. #charityhack
  567. 2010-9-19 Just stuck up some of my work from Charity Hack weekend. http://bit.ly/bJAsvu Which was a brilliant event at Paypal's offices in Richmond.
  568. 2010-9-19 @johannakoll that would be awesome! do let us know if you need help organising it etc.
  569. 2010-9-19 @kzhu thanks man. Really appreciate that kind comment!
  570. 2010-9-19 Bless the web did great. As did Pitchinin. Very happy with my contributions at #charityhack. & thank u all for being awesome.
  571. 2010-9-19 Excited about the awards ceremony!
  572. 2010-9-18 @alistair here's your request for your duck site! http://kaivong.com/tests/stay-at-bottom.html #charityhack @charityhack2010
  573. 2010-9-18 rt @johannakoll #charityhack team: @kzhu @alistair @martin88 @wai_kien @kaichanvong @johannakoll
  574. 2010-9-18 Working with @kzhu @johannakoll @alistair and... 2 others (@ names plz guys) at #charityhack
  575. 2010-9-18 Seeking a dev to join our team. #charityhack @charityhack2010
  576. 2010-9-18 @BrianForde ooh thanks for the @ - going to chat to @kzhu after this first as Art is closet to my he-art, be great to you chat too!
  577. 2010-9-18 Am in green. Will do front-end (HTML,sass,jS) + light elegant design for a team if ya want me. #charityhack
  578. 2010-9-18 RT @johannakoll: Potentially interesting #infoviz challenge: RT @benrmatthews #charityhack volunteer dev programme, tracks time/skills, ...
  579. 2010-9-18 RT @cyberdees: Word in that the UX/IA/Design folk have done good and showed for #CharityHack. Hackers use these guys. You won't regret it!
  580. 2010-9-18 Wow. Lots of designers (UX/IA & Graphic) @charityhack2010. This is good.
  581. 2010-9-18 Exciting prizes! UX people have been invited and we'll get "good looking hacks". Sounds so wrong. @charityhack2010
  582. 2010-9-18 showing a php developer SASS :)
  583. 2010-9-18 Accelerate more please bus driver!
  584. 2010-9-18 RT @DalSoft: @JustGiving API documentation: http://bit.ly/cVUqNG #charityhack
  585. 2010-9-18 If (lateToEvent == true) { useTimeTravel(); Return false; }
  586. 2010-9-18 If only I'd not written a useless var and created a function to help me by phoning someone in my contacts array :(
  587. 2010-9-18 It's not a good thing when you start.jQuery(function(){ alert="functioning.."; help;});
  588. 2010-9-18 @david_whitney Dude. 2 weeks!?! I haven't shaved in 5 and I'm sure you have >= my beard.length();
  589. 2010-9-18 @johannakoll you'll be missed at @charityhack2010 - get well soon!
  590. 2010-9-18 @robcthegeek you're one step ahead of me - off to clapham for the good ol' replacement bus to @charityhack2010
  591. 2010-9-18 Headingoff to charity hack 2010 at paypal's hq. Should be fun. All your views are belong to us.
  592. 2010-9-18 @kzhu would love to do some work for this - need front-end or art for it? :D I will make @utku proud of it!
  593. 2010-9-17 Great drinks with @robcthegeek telling us about wizard hats, @yaellevey on people throwing up on you & @wilcolley on landlords. LoL.
  594. 2010-9-16 Ready for dinner. (@ Redhook) http://4sq.com/aQk6Un
  595. 2010-9-16 @boagworld you could have played it cool and we would have been none the wiser!
  596. 2010-9-16 Waiting outside @ursi82's office and the office security guard is looking at me like I'm the pope. This is not a good thing.
  597. 2010-9-16 "By all means come, but please don’t ask the British taxpayer to help foot the bill," Stephen Fry on Pope's visit - http://bit.ly/cwpOvi
  598. 2010-9-16 @noamso @tomharman we have to right this wrong! *tap tap tap*
  599. 2010-9-16 @jonathanstark wanted to get your new building iPhone apps In HTML on the iPad/kindle store but unable to :( plz jim'll fix it for me.
  600. 2010-9-15 Love it. http://twitter.com/newtwitter
  601. 2010-9-15 "the spirit of Evisu is based on 'unlimited challenge'. http://yfrog.com/83z3tj
  602. 2010-9-15 Just seen the new Ikea advert with cats done by Mother. It. Is. Awesome. http://j.mp/c77E0Y
  603. 2010-9-15 This is the future of agencies... http://www.narrowdesign.com/future/
  604. 2010-9-15 @vikkichowney yup, he's the technical chef director... Or something clever like that :D
  605. 2010-9-15 @bekibutton maybe there will be a next time!
  606. 2010-9-15 @Whatleydude we need to get you out for some sushi and sake. Free next week? I will try to gather a small team for it!
  607. 2010-9-15 @vikkichowney I shall tell my uncle you approve of the menu! Any other ping pong comments?
  608. 2010-9-13 If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis, your goals aren’t ambitious enough http://cdixon.org/2010-09-12/getting-rejected/
  609. 2010-9-13 @dominic_kelly @mrtnkl I'm mainly using SASS so it's no good to me atm - but I thought other people might find it useful!
  610. 2010-9-13 @simonW is doing a great talk on jS for newbies. It's very very well done!
  611. 2010-9-13 @tkenny There's a nice simple idea. Up for a design off for it? Up for a deadline of 27th Sept? PS. Have you seen Charity Hack weekend?
  612. 2010-9-13 Save your Firebug CSS changes: http://blog.quplo.com/2010-08-backfire-save-css-changes-made-in-firebug/
  613. 2010-9-13 @dominic_kelly depends what environment you're working on currently ;) - but yes it's C#
  614. 2010-9-13 @tkenny I'm going from a design/IA/basic dev pov :) Feel free to come along!
  615. 2010-9-13 "Usability must never be sacrificed for the sake of a styleguide" Eric Reiss #uxbrighton (via @anna_debenham)
  616. 2010-9-13 Lets kick the day off with some inspiration. Amazing moments captured - http://bit.ly/bWGlr0
  617. 2010-9-12 Updated styles, support if no jS exists & a few more bits :) http://kaivong.com/carnage/ep1.html
  618. 2010-9-12 Working on my fun little jQuery/HTML5 project http://kaivong.com/carnage/
  619. 2010-9-12 @david_whitney @AdamTibi @yaellevey The Japanese stole our homeworks :( http://bit.ly/dAApmt But yes - Japanese samurai is correct!
  620. 2010-9-12 @yaellevey @AdamTibi maybe you've got that comment wrong way Adam? SF4 art looks a lot like Chinese paintings ;)
  621. 2010-9-12 @langer Never heard of Duathlons before! Congrats on the time :) Have you seen the US versions of triathlons? http://bit.ly/avxigv
  622. 2010-9-12 Loving the look of (www.pixelmator.com). Going to give this a try. Great find @isofarro!
  623. 2010-9-12 Moving episode 1 forward with local storage... more nifty HTML5/WebKit/CSS3 to come! :) http://kaivong.com/carnage/ep1.html
  624. 2010-9-11 Learning advanced jQuery with PeepCode. Also, thanks to PeepCode - Loving WebKit's inspect element finally/console.
  625. 2010-9-10 Hey @ryancarson - is this broken? http://thinkvitamin.com/online-conferences/jquery/booking.php
  626. 2010-9-10 @jamieparkins One could argue cheese & biscuits are a necessity for poker night. One would lose. But one would enjoy them none the less.
  627. 2010-9-10 My Type trumps arrived. http://yfrog.com/f74x7aj
  628. 2010-9-10 @Stanto I could not resist and you can learn a lot from them!
  629. 2010-9-9 Just got back after getting Rohit off to hospital... hope he's okay :( #nut #allergy #dinner #fail
  630. 2010-9-9 @DannyKeane @mcaulay wanna learn Ruby? highly recommend Why's poignant guide to ruby (http://bit.ly/9iCKFP & peepcode (http://bit.ly/U50ws)
  631. 2010-9-9 @DannyKeane Nope, not my cooking.... was in a restaurant that we ordered food without nuts in!
  632. 2010-9-9 Nothing quite beats having your blood taken. http://yfrog.com/2machqj
  633. 2010-9-8 @DannyKeane Just practising it myself & recommend github to get started as it'll act as your 2nd machine to push to. http://bit.ly/1VKZ4s
  634. 2010-9-8 @DannyKeane Start on this though - http://help.github.com/ and let me know if you're stuck!
  635. 2010-9-8 Loving Jekyll. Very nice and easy to get something up online with - & far more light weight than Wordpress. http://kaichanvong.github.com/
  636. 2010-9-8 @tkenny I still haven't played you at Fifa10 or anything yet! Up for a quick game :) ?
  637. 2010-9-8 @justgiving "My grandmother started walking 5 miles a day when she was 60. She's ninety-three today & we don't know where the hell she is."
  638. 2010-9-8 Rt @alexnguk Today - Google logo starts grey until you type in your search term/s.
  639. 2010-9-8 RT @andyy: "If everyone uses Google Instant globally, we estimate this will save more than 3.5 billion seconds a day.Thats 11 hours save ...
  640. 2010-9-7 Cooking! http://yfrog.com/9gig1qj
  641. 2010-9-7 @adactio And there was I thinking you'd all agreed to plant someone in the audience to perform briefly on a fourth medium.
  642. 2010-9-7 @codepo8 HTML5 is the new "awesome". That's so HTML5 :D
  643. 2010-9-7 Oh and if you're all like WTF German? Then I suggest you get with the trends & get with the Google Chrome. Right click, Translate!
  644. 2010-9-7 Lunch time. And on that note - awesome, unique design of the day goes to: http://www.designmadeingermany.de/magazin/5/
  645. 2010-9-7 Proof that people who <3 animated gifs still exist in the industry. http://www.ryanair.com/ Now to disable CSS & images for it.
  646. 2010-9-6 @simonw @Natbat Awesome work on http://lanyrd.com/ ! Absolutely brilliant stuff.
  647. 2010-9-5 Just finished & emailed off my 1st draft of 'what is a programming language (and it's framework)? With fun analogies to drawing'. Fun!
  648. 2010-9-5 @vikkichowney Might be a bit complex to write in a tweet - will sketch it out to explain it.
  649. 2010-9-5 @vikkichowney You have just given me an amazing idea for a app/mashup.
  650. 2010-9-5 @MikeTreat A valid & worthy point.
  651. 2010-9-5 RT @isofarro: surprised by how useful codebubbles looks: http://www.cs.brown.edu/people/acb/codebubbles_site.htm
  652. 2010-9-5 It must really suck to have spent months/years working on the iPhone shell, only to have consumers stick a cheap bit of rubber on top of it.
  653. 2010-9-5 This made me smile today. #beanbag #freecycle #offline http://yfrog.com/nfnndzj
  654. 2010-9-4 @Whatleydude Who's bad? You're bad! Dooo doo dut doo. http://bit.ly/b9J7wh
  655. 2010-9-4 And now for some feel good stuff. http://oddstuffmagazine.com/top-10-funny-pics-of-august-2010.html
  656. 2010-9-4 @Richard_Monk it's here - http://thinkvitamin.com/opinion/ux-professional-isnt-a-real-job/
  657. 2010-9-4 @simondoggett @philhawksworth Thought that the timing of his comment was interesting... *cough* #dConstruct *cough*
  658. 2010-9-4 @ryancarson is starting a discussion around " 'UX Professionals' not being a real job". Sweeping statement? Or just trolling? :)
  659. 2010-9-4 Oh yes. Pro StarCraft 2 GSL tournament about to start soon.. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/roffles. First there has to be a band singing.
  660. 2010-9-4 Two Westerners in Korea talking now - @callmetasteless & @artosis. Apparently it's cool to be a nerd. 'Specially after #dConstruct
  661. 2010-9-4 Loving Korean adverts. 15 year old girls asking if you're too old? & giant walking milk bottles harassing the general public to drink it.
  662. 2010-9-4 On a ventrilo channel now with friends watching SC2 season starting. Very hyped. Need to learn Korean.
  663. 2010-9-4 There is a horse in the Apple store. http://blog.frankchimero.com/post/1059696119/there-is-a-horse-in-the-apple-store
  664. 2010-9-3 Off to #dconstruct for inspiration, lolz and good times.
  665. 2010-9-3 It's funny when you see people on their phones & you wonder what they're up to. @wilcolley @fstorr
  666. 2010-9-3 Just been talking to @cennydd about how monkeys eat bananas. #dconstruct
  667. 2010-9-3 @Richard_Monk Rofl. So tempted to retweet that self tweet #fail ;)
  668. 2010-9-2 What a glorious short & awesome massacre. 200 marines vs. 6 ultralisks. This is why I <3 sc2: http://bit.ly/daKVU6 #starcraft2 #close #test
  669. 2010-9-2 Bit disappointed MediaTemple are still stuck in the dark ages on updating Ruby. "Pay more money & you can do it urself." #lame #websitedelay
  670. 2010-9-2 @iamcalledrob It's just 1.8.5 to 1.8.6 & they want me to go from $20 to $50 a month so I can fix it. Just want a host that keeps up to date.
  671. 2010-9-2 @paul_irish Hey - been looking at HTML5Boilerplate & wondering how come the revisions in: http://bit.ly/CaDfX were not used?
  672. 2010-9-2 @lovelychaos 3?!?!
  673. 2010-9-2 @paul_irish Psh to them. Great job on it, learn't a good number of things from it. Eg. client-side degrading of hosted files to local files!
  674. 2010-9-2 Yay me. RT @Anniemole: @kaichanvong got the £150 tab Redhook/Big Robot.
  675. 2010-9-2 @iamcalledrob Yo stay awake dude! Was this the hosting site we were looking at earlier: http://www.hostingrails.com/ ?
  676. 2010-9-2 One better from the last video. 798 lings vs. 1 ultra. http://bit.ly/9WR2AO #starcraft2 #beautiful #carnage #test
  677. 2010-9-1 Just watched the apple keynote. Ping. Some okay news. Chris Martin's performance was... Different. Drunk?
  678. 2010-9-1 Just seen this amazing design of a site. http://www.realmacsoftware.com/courier/ ( @nikf shame about the corners)
  679. 2010-8-31 Tossed salad for lunch! (@ Sheldon Square) http://4sq.com/9OpjLS
  680. 2010-8-31 Yum! Sushi. (@ Ten Ten Tai) http://4sq.com/9w73zE
  681. 2010-8-30 Rails 3 is out! :D http://bit.ly/bqyTHh
  682. 2010-8-30 Kinect (aka Project Natal) made a cameo on entourage. Out in November... looks awesome! http://bit.ly/cDcDEm
  683. 2010-8-30 RT @alexpashby You can try out Kinect (Microsoft's new gaming controller) in what I guess you'd call an MS pop-up on Wellington St right now
  684. 2010-8-29 RT @jaggeree RT @codepo8: What happens if you give homeless people a prepaid credit card http://bit.ly/9r2pwe #toronto #nyc #inspiring
  685. 2010-8-29 @codepo8 Sunday roast never has that kind of effect me! :D
  686. 2010-8-28 Loved Scott Pilgram. Also got the chance to watch some private SC2 games. ESL champ. Mouz MorroW play with protoss, "En taro tassadar!"
  687. 2010-8-28 @thetimmorgan I'll second that. Libertines on BBC3 are ripping it up.
  688. 2010-8-28 @adactio's keynote from Drupalcon earlier. A very informative HTML5 primer, from a top speaker: http://t.co/sdEuNdg (via @codepo8)
  689. 2010-8-28 Like Football players - age is an important factor for developers for lots of startups/silicon valley companies: http://tcrn.ch/daXoHA
  690. 2010-8-28 @robcthegeek ;( Real geeks work, play, live in 100ms not seconds!
  691. 2010-8-28 @robcthegeek There should be no balance when it comes to performance vs. quality. It's all about the looks ;)
  692. 2010-8-28 @jaremfan & @ifenn: Today was defo Scott Pilgrim appreciation day. Randomly - @simon_doggett was behind me in the cinema with @PookeTellsEm
  693. 2010-8-28 @paul_irish jus noticed you mentioned to send my resume for access to - http://bit.ly/dBHM9X (locked links). What's your email/follow me :)
  694. 2010-8-28 @adactio You're totally not sat on the sofa! :D You're in Copenhagen in a fab flocking shirt talking about HTML5 :D
  695. 2010-8-27 @johannakoll Interesting? or challenging? ;)
  696. 2010-8-27 How to design a Landing Page to be conversion focused - http://bit.ly/bK4ztX
  697. 2010-8-27 Good morning people. Lets get this party started: Google RealTime Search lab project live here - http://bit.ly/9oDrGB
  698. 2010-8-26 Quickly playing about with an awesome gist from last night's fb garage talk. :D
  699. 2010-8-26 Win dinners for 2 @ Rocket, Noodle Street, or Benito's Hat Your last chance to enter the NomNomNom raffle for @ACF_UK http://bit.ly/aQnsbb
  700. 2010-8-26 @Anniemole :( page not found!
  701. 2010-8-26 @wilcolley Share! :D
  702. 2010-8-26 @cwiss ask @Anniemole about the tickets! :)
  703. 2010-8-26 Wondering how much traffic & how many donations go through to @RSPCA_official thanks to @CatBinLady. 1 bad deed can lead lots of good deeds.
  704. 2010-8-26 cat lady attacks again! http://twitter.com/CatBinLady (via @HayleyS)
  705. 2010-8-26 @natbentley =[ how weird - and yes you're right... 3 apps sat in my dev box.. maybe the error page should be a congrats - app setup page :P
  706. 2010-8-26 Anyone looking for two tickets to Bestival? Friend looking to sell two tickets. Please DM or @ me if interested Ta! (via @Anniemole)
  707. 2010-8-26 Facebook/developers/createapp... please work! :P "Sorry, an error has occurred. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can."
  708. 2010-8-26 Loving the game mechanics article on TechCrunch - http://tcrn.ch/9V5n8k
  709. 2010-8-26 AC Milan, Real Madrid and Ajax in one group #championsleague.... fab! (via @lewiswebb)
  710. 2010-8-25 The downfall with Fluid layouts for me is that you cannot zoom/focus on a section using the horizontal scrollbar like I would on an iPad.
  711. 2010-8-25 @coffeelove Snap! Coffee or tea for you sir?
  712. 2010-8-25 @adactio so this brings us back to the problem I discovered which is more down to the browser's implementation of it - http://bit.ly/djknwQ
  713. 2010-8-25 @coffeelove Yup - that's why I enjoy doing my reading on an iPad. No need for wearing glasses or any other distractions :D
  714. 2010-8-25 @adactio Not sure the solution is so black & white, if it were set in % I wouldn't be able to zoom on a specific area of content.
  715. 2010-8-25 @adactio Noooo :P I've mean I'm trying to use my mac in the same way I read on my iPad.
  716. 2010-8-25 @adactio Perhaps... but when we have the touch screens on laptops/desktops - I think we'll all be reading in that way.
  717. 2010-8-25 Anyone else going to the FB developer garage tonight in London? Excited about it & looking forward to doing seeing cool stuffs.
  718. 2010-8-25 @jon_bedford Awesome - will see you there then!
  719. 2010-8-25 @thomas_britton Dude - SASS it up! http://designshack.co.uk/articles/css/using-less-js-to-simplify-your-css3 (dont use less)
  720. 2010-8-25 @thomas_britton But then you can refer to it once (like a function) in a neater way + adjust it (eg. if new browsers appear) in the future
  721. 2010-8-25 @thomas_britton css2sass... BAM! :p Converted.
  722. 2010-8-25 @molbac Who is that tweeting?!? What did you do with the real Molly? ;) Seriously tho - congrats on your new job, sounds awesome.
  723. 2010-8-25 Outside the techhub offices waiting for @jon_bedford to arrive with my ticket. #fbgarageisnotreallyinagarageisit
  724. 2010-8-25 @molbac I am cold and hungry in the rain. But awesome. My feet always have icy cold. Know any northern remedies?
  725. 2010-8-25 @fb garage talk (@ TechHub w/ 23 others) http://4sq.com/aKYswW
  726. 2010-8-25 @coffeelove Sorry - I meant liquid layouts, like here: http://bit.ly/coN2QD
  727. 2010-8-24 This is why I love the Internets so... http://www.icanhasinternets.com/2010-07-pop-icons-in-a-different-light-duex/
  728. 2010-8-24 Loving the examples of Panic artwork feft (copyrighted incorrect spelling of theft). http://www.panic.com/extras/ripoff/
  729. 2010-8-24 @alistairp Embrace it's Pearl like syntax, learn to dominate it!!! :D
  730. 2010-8-24 Dear curtain, You are not a kite, please stop trying to act as if you are one. - Thanks, Kai.
  731. 2010-8-24 @alistairp You're probably a lot better at it than me, but here is how I learn't it - http://bit.ly/bP9xi2
  732. 2010-8-24 @russianTsar Then it would be too hot. Do you share this same challenge in your flat also?
  733. 2010-8-24 @Lee_p_Marshall Shame there isn't a nice big donation button on http://www.ventropy.org saying "Donate 0.005% of this (£5)" etc.
  734. 2010-8-24 Cat abuse :( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1305458/Caught-camera-Moment-woman-throws-cat-bin.html
  735. 2010-8-24 Amazing infographic on the Pakistan flooding (Despite the weird url - SEO trick?) http://www.discountvouchers.co.uk/pakistan-flooding.html
  736. 2010-8-24 Awesome & honest account of 1 developer learning to scaling for 1mill users... the hard way - BRILLIANT STORY! http://bit.ly/991HW7
  737. 2010-8-24 BBQ wings ready!!! :D http://yfrog.com/9gb07oej
  738. 2010-8-23 Does anyone have a Spotify playlist designed for work? Seeking a collection of work tunes with no vocals.
  739. 2010-8-23 Thanks for the suggestions: @benmason http://bit.ly/ambGgj - absolutely love that! @david_whitney (http://bit.ly/91L7CJ) - v v v awesome.
  740. 2010-8-23 Also thanks to: @yaellevey (Justin Biever?!?) @willjohnh http://tinyurl.com/ykulo5g - very... relaxing :D
  741. 2010-8-23 Great work music fffffound. Totally digging this Coheed & Cambria string quartet http://bit.ly/aFMDcz. Okay, home projects a-go-go.
  742. 2010-8-23 StarCraft bot written in F# http://bit.ly/b4AXbk & also compressing jS/CSS with png & canvas - http://bit.ly/boG7F9
  743. 2010-8-22 Relaxing weekend of reading Scott Pilgrim, StarCraft 2 & going around London coming to an end.. :D tomorrow is back to holiday projects!
  744. 2010-8-21 Interesting Test Driven Development tutorial on how to learn Ruby/Programming... http://www.rubykoans.com/
  745. 2010-8-21 Tidying up my javaScript to make it readable. It's always best to do this the day after :)
  746. 2010-8-21 Pizza time at London's best pizzeria. (@ Santa Maria Pizzeria) http://4sq.com/bbgvDY
  747. 2010-8-20 Okay - this is pretty cool. http://nur.ph/justgiving
  748. 2010-8-20 Testing out @elliottkember's awesome Twitter based IRC http://nur.ph/nurphhq. It's bringing IRC back! Not that it ever went anywhere.
  749. 2010-8-20 @kaigani as @lewiswebb says, "Man up dude"!
  750. 2010-8-20 @sbartholomew I easily wrote one a helper, so don't beat yourself up over it. StaticMatic is awesome btw :) Thanks for sharing it!
  751. 2010-8-20 RT @noamso RT @Picklivefootie: Help us with an experiment and you could make history http://goo.gl/fb/K8Qqa
  752. 2010-8-20 content_for does not exist in StaticMatic :( This makes little kittens cry. Let the if, else if, else if, else if commence.
  753. 2010-8-20 Scrap that, hello application_helper. Else if statements of broken dreams now deleted... method written and working like a dream.
  754. 2010-8-20 #followFriday - designers/developers/thought leaders - @utku, @jaggeree, @johannakoll, @tkenny, @robcthegeek, @david_whitney, @iamcalledrob
  755. 2010-8-20 There's a real fine art to making porridge. Variables such as the bowl shape, depth, how much you let the milk soak in... mind blowing.
  756. 2010-8-20 @Whatleydude Rofl. Got to wonder... if I keep @ msging your name, will your growler popups burn down your battery more?
  757. 2010-8-20 I'm attending Facebook Developer Garage London - August 2010 -- http://fdglaugust2010.eventbrite.com
  758. 2010-8-20 @Whatleydude Hahaha. Miss you too dude, will have to catch up for drinks soon.
  759. 2010-8-20 Extreme developing sites in Sub-sub-sub.domain.com to light up @drewm's world, sadly sub.sub.sub.domain.com doesn't exist yet ;)
  760. 2010-8-20 Reading @adactio's transcript where @han talks about 'types' of designers: http://adactio.com/articles/1685/ Awesomeness.
  761. 2010-8-20 @Picklivefootie Wow! Really throwing down the gauntlet to the @DaddyDonkey crew... new recipe required? Or is it just the spice factor?
  762. 2010-8-20 Hmmm... this reminds me of something. If only I could figure out what. http://bit.ly/cZfdgC
  763. 2010-8-20 @russianTsar We hardly talk these days... here's something from the mother Russia to make you smile. http://bit.ly/dfjYK5
  764. 2010-8-20 Scanning a jS plugin & discovering lots & lots & lots of future proofed 'if, else' statements. If (MichaelJackson.alive == false){...};
  765. 2010-8-20 @Richard_Monk I'm on mac using Chrome... and others are using iPhone :P
  766. 2010-8-20 I picked P Scholes, M Schwarzer, and D Fletcher for Fulham v Manchester United at http://picklive.com/matches/
  767. 2010-8-19 @isofarro rofl. Please do your "Your agitate me posts" like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyeRxcRP-wE
  768. 2010-8-19 @fstorr - @iamcalledrob has a similar prob with his PC version of Fireworks CS5 + 4GB of RAM grinding halt! #fireworks #FixPlz
  769. 2010-8-19 <3ing the grid & all it's awesomeness.
  770. 2010-8-19 @johannakoll photos of what your QA and design hats look like, else none of us will believe they actually exist! :D
  771. 2010-8-19 At least @foursquare can sleep easy knowing they are *way* better dressed. (via @utku)
  772. 2010-8-19 Facebook team hit a gong/Mark Zuckerberg to launch FB places. #Awesome. I would pay good money to see @iamcalledrob rumbledumble that up!
  773. 2010-8-19 @jaggeree Once it's up... it's up right and in real time. Surely there needs to be a users function to disallow #myflat? :)
  774. 2010-8-19 Seems to concerns about FB location being abused. Not sure we're hearing any real answers to reassure the concerns. Welcome to #rl problems
  775. 2010-8-19 Watching the FB live talk on Places. http://bit.ly/afR6sg Sounds like #myLocation is all the rage.
  776. 2010-8-19 Is jQuery $(document).ready() slowing you down? ... http://encosia.com/2010-08-18/dont-let-jquerys-document-ready-slow-you-down/
  777. 2010-8-19 Editing a landscape portrait photo of someone. #oxymoron.
  778. 2010-8-18 RT @isofarro: @NeilCrosby Heck, without independent federation to non-Yahoo organisations, YQL is under the same risk. It can't economic ...
  779. 2010-8-18 @isofarro @NeilCrosby Does that include Yahoo Boss APIs and various other bits? :(
  780. 2010-8-18 This September, Birthdays Can Change the World. Watch this @charitywater video now: http://t.co/ARmBQ6r via @charitywater
  781. 2010-8-18 What's wrong with "X is dead?" http://bit.ly/batWdT & Is the web really dead? http://bit.ly/dDpoV6
  782. 2010-8-18 @tkenny Are you using pure jS or using a library? Also - have you checked out PeepCode? http://peepcode.com/
  783. 2010-8-18 RT @isofarro: @NeilCrosby killing off Search Monkey sends the same message about 'YAP' applications, to be honest. It's the same locked ...
  784. 2010-8-17 Just seen the most <li>amazing usage</li><li> of </li><li> a list being marked up</li>. Literally that bad!
  785. 2010-8-17 RT @vikkichowney: Coca-Cola shows Facebook how it’s done with the real-world ‘like’ http://bit.ly/cTx6Ol (via @rep_online)
  786. 2010-8-17 @Cennydd Dude, you need the SASS! http://sass-lang.com/
  787. 2010-8-17 The web is dead. Hail to the king, long live the Internetz. http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010-08-ff_webrip/all/1
  788. 2010-8-16 @noamso Looking forward to playing PickLive again! :) Loving the improvements to it.
  789. 2010-8-16 RT @leisa: RT @livlab: Taking a moment for @uxmike.
  790. 2010-8-16 BBC discover the Internet changes language. As does mobile & every other mainstream new thing! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-10971949
  791. 2010-8-16 +) SASS still rocking my world. http://sass-lang.com/
  792. 2010-8-16 @david_whitney rofl.
  793. 2010-8-16 @Picklivefootie Thanks for re-posting that. I'm glad you guys liked it, as I really like PickLive football a lot too!
  794. 2010-8-14 Zeldman is back on form. How to use TextMate links: http://www.zeldman.com/2010-08-13/how-to-use-textmate/
  795. 2010-8-14 @thetimmorgan Ramsey and Bale huh? Living the Welsh Brazilian dream ;)
  796. 2010-8-14 @robcthegeek Happy birthday dude. Hope you get an awesome airsoft rifle or something cool! :D
  797. 2010-8-14 @yaellevey You were an extra in Eastenders? Enjoying reading your blog so far :D I was an extra & sat next to Dawn French when I was 11.
  798. 2010-8-14 GROUPON Deal: £19 for two steak dinners and wine at Rump http://bit.ly/dyPhL8 (via @LDN)
  799. 2010-8-14 @yaellevey It was a comedy show called The Comic Strip http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Comic_Strip
  800. 2010-8-14 @yaellevey Just found the episode too - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0463264/ It was a spoof of John Major being a circus clown
  801. 2010-8-13 I joined London UX Bookclub on Meetup http://meetup.com/u/gSF
  802. 2010-8-13 I get excited about the future & cant help it. The future is going to be so awesome. ipads, iphones, the Internet.. this is just the start.
  803. 2010-8-12 @richmarr You just read that too huh? It was a really brilliant read - just sent that around the office :D yahoo--; http://bit.ly/cU6IL1
  804. 2010-8-12 "if there's one thing I hate more than vampires, it's shiny vampires." @iamcalledrob quote.
  805. 2010-8-12 @timruffles :( water outages do indeed suck.
  806. 2010-8-11 GMTV showing that donations to the Pakistani flood appeal are still on paper. Internet only + paperless + automate this?! #jobcreation
  807. 2010-8-11 Just seen lastFM's robots.txt file - so awesome. http://bit.ly/dph7xp And now listening to... http://bit.ly/XSfFb
  808. 2010-8-10 RT @ChameleonRoss: #Google Makes it Easier for Big Companies to Switch to #Chrome (by @film_girl) http://bit.ly/akStAn
  809. 2010-8-10 Having water again is great. Showers, washing hands, flushing the toilet. All those little things you take for granted...
  810. 2010-8-10 @Richard_Monk I'm excited for you! http://bit.ly/dq0trn Here's my current work in HAML! :D
  811. 2010-8-10 @Richard_Monk yes - we've set SASS up as the future source of our CSS for the new stuff we're doing. Mixin' it up yo!
  812. 2010-8-9 Greeenwich Millenium Village without water for yet an other day. Thursday, Fri, Sat, Sun and now Monday. 5 days ffs.
  813. 2010-8-9 BOOM. Inception totally puh-puh-puh ppppppowned! Straight out the box. http://i.imgur.com/JiPqw.jpg
  814. 2010-8-9 Still loving HAML, SASS and StaticMatic :) It's a dream to build stuff in!
  815. 2010-8-9 This Book helps you to move into the Digital era of awesomeness. Download it for free: http://bit.ly/4R9rth (via @HayleyS)
  816. 2010-8-9 Amazing video of weather change... http://bit.ly/apN42n - at first you'll be like wtf???
  817. 2010-8-9 This Book helps you to move into the Digital era of awesomeness. Download it for free: http://bit.ly/4R9rth
  818. 2010-8-8 At the awesome London flower Market. http://yfrog.com/0sclxvj http://yfrog.com/0gqclmj
  819. 2010-8-7 Reading about Serve. http://github.com/jlong/serve Some people are quickly going to get left behind if they do not pick up HAML+SASS+Ruby.
  820. 2010-8-7 @Stanto We were given 2 bottles of water yesterday for Thursday, Friday, Saturday... Sunday... lolz.
  821. 2010-8-7 No water in our homes til Monday. Least our lift now works. 4 flights of stairs with 2 buckets of water isn't cool. http://yfrog.com/16zmcj
  822. 2010-8-7 Just because they're called helpers, doesn't mean they're helpful. Especially if they were made 3 years ago.
  823. 2010-8-7 @Richard_Monk Nope! Keep up the good work :) I appreciate your dark sense of humour :D :D :D :D :D :D
  824. 2010-8-7 When you tap zzz into your document rather than ctrl+z, that is when it is bed time.
  825. 2010-8-6 Great start to the day - no water still in millenium village.
  826. 2010-8-6 @david_whitney Docklands Light Railways sucks. Ruby/Python on .NET however, sounds most interesting. ASP on Rails for the lolz?
  827. 2010-8-6 @Richard_Monk lol. You made me wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheerful
  828. 2010-8-6 @russianTsar No dude. The flat is out of water until Monday. Yes, Monday. And the lift is broken. Fun.
  829. 2010-8-6 Reading opinions on HAML. http://bit.ly/a6VcRT And like any tool, you shouldn't use it for the sake of it. During learning however...
  830. 2010-8-5 Oh... And so too has my water gone. Wonderful.
  831. 2010-8-5 @Stanto I do not know. But I do know there shouldn't be god damn children shouting for a "cabage man" down stairs.
  832. 2010-8-5 Eating tasty fresh HAML in StaticMatic. Yum! http://staticmatic.rubyforge.org/
  833. 2010-8-5 @Stanto What's the scope/requirements?
  834. 2010-8-5 Blast. It's late again isn't it. Enjoy Rails far too much again... plus my new site is getting underway nicely.
  835. 2010-8-5 There's a band playing music in the Paddington basin - getting lunch! http://yfrog.com/j1dmmwj
  836. 2010-8-5 Looks like the lift finally broke. It wasn't like we didn't say! http://yfrog.com/b9f60bj
  837. 2010-8-4 Yielding to RoR - RT @elijahmanor: "Is ASP.NET MVC A Gateway to Ruby on Rails?" by @DaneMorgridge #tech #aspnetmvc http://bit.ly/aMIh04
  838. 2010-8-4 Love the Heroku error notice page. Hate the Heroku error :( http://bit.ly/bpesfG
  839. 2010-8-4 Trying out FireSaSS. http://bit.ly/94Hsrg FireBugs much younger and sassier sister. Like any date, this could be hot or not.
  840. 2010-8-4 RT @elijahmanor: "@dzone: Is ASP.NET MVC A Gateway to Ruby on Rails?" by @DaneMorgridge #tech #aspnetmvc http://bit.ly/aMIh04
  841. 2010-8-3 What the http is couchapp!? The future. That's what. http://wiki.couchapp.org/page/what-is-couchapp#/
  842. 2010-8-2 TFS. You task me. You task me!!! Hopefully we'll be moving to Mercurial soon.
  843. 2010-8-2 Cocktails at hawksmoor for @ursi82's treat. Thanks @simondoggett for the tip! http://yfrog.com/5lk7uj
  844. 2010-8-1 Learning that Rails out of the box as a framework cares a lot more about the Views than .NET MVC does
  845. 2010-8-1 Working with Controllers. Should prob eat less this week too... else I'll turn into one & start yelling 'RENDER :layout => "great-layout" '!
  846. 2010-8-1 Great video on UX for... front-end designers. http://www.thisisaaronslife.com/user-experience-resources-for-front-end-designers/
  847. 2010-8-1 @david_whitney Fair point, I just dig the cheese of rock bands. Nothing beats progressive rock for me neither! http://bit.ly/cDPlPs
  848. 2010-8-1 @david_whitney In Flames are still amazing & Man made god is still one of the best tracks ever. http://bit.ly/3ZFBi
  849. 2010-8-1 Made a screencast last night about SASS for Grid layout design - http://bit.ly/c0XpAv If you have any feedback, @ me your thoughts!
  850. 2010-8-1 I love StackOverflow. How to get HAML on your Heroku install in 5 easy steps - http://bit.ly/b2enP4
  851. 2010-8-1 @iamcalledrob :D and on that note, I'm almost ready to move my 1st Ruby on Rails site (35% complete) to Heroku!
  852. 2010-7-31 SASS + Grid units for padding and more = one amazingly good front-end design solution. http://bit.ly/atYL4D
  853. 2010-7-31 RT @Stanto Microsoft, what possessed you? Live Mesh was BRILLIANT & USEFUL. Live sync? Less features & bloated uselessness? #wtf
  854. 2010-7-31 Reading about Vietnamese Unicode http://vietunicode.sourceforge.net/.
  855. 2010-7-31 Remembering RPS tournaments (rock, paper, scissors)... those were the days http://bit.ly/cYMhaJ
  856. 2010-7-31 @iamcalledrob :( seems like the N Korea team took a bit of a bashing http://bit.ly/aJZ0LK
  857. 2010-7-31 Great job by the FIFA10 team of getting Ultimate Team to have web auctions. It's flash though... iPhone / iPad compatibility please!
  858. 2010-7-31 Closing for the night. Brain compilation err0r.. crash. 01100111011011110110111101100100001000000110111001101001011001110110100001110100
  859. 2010-7-30 Watch out kids. @YasTwit has been smo...drinking!
  860. 2010-7-30 RT @elijahmanor: "JavaScript Semicolon Insertion" #tech #javascript http://bit.ly/cbk4LM *Very insightful!
  861. 2010-7-30 @robcthegeek ooh - is it good?
  862. 2010-7-30 @iamcalledrob :( @ rsi. Try opening up you hand as much as possible & push down on something to help blood circulate!
  863. 2010-7-30 Chortling that @iamcalledrob confused the Silver Surfer for an X-Men character.
  864. 2010-7-29 Right. Time to practise my HAML and Ruby. Working on my mini MUD game! :D
  865. 2010-7-28 Still Gusto is very cool looking. In the words of some of the other developers at work, 'cute'.
  866. 2010-7-28 Looking at http://horseandtherook.com/gusto/ for iPad. But really, I want to do HAML + SASS + Ruby on my iPad.
  867. 2010-7-28 HTML5 gang signs... http://html5homi.es/ Clearly someone should have these guys <section>'d up.
  868. 2010-7-28 RT @jon_bedford: People of twitter - we need your votes in the #Nom10 competition - vote for our meal here: http://bit.ly/WINNOM
  869. 2010-7-28 RT @jon_bedford: You know, you can vote for Recipe for Disaster *every day* at http://bit.ly/9qVc8v
  870. 2010-7-27 Right. Time for some sleep... enough playing with StarCraft2. Do other people think the GUI could be a lot more simpler?
  871. 2010-7-27 Watching one of the lads from my old team Moofins doing VODcast on StarCraft2. Time to get up to date! http://bit.ly/b4ku7T
  872. 2010-7-27 @iamcalledrob announcing, "you...cannnn....nowwww ... Buy... Star... craft!"
  873. 2010-7-27 @david_whitney =D Soon as my copy arrives I will be on bnet!
  874. 2010-7-27 @david_whitney T_T for no sc2 <3. Gosu with 200+ apm says nerf protoss + tanks. KthnxBbq! Then gg =] Still.. 2v2 soon? =D
  875. 2010-7-25 Morning @robcthegeek! I too am doing RoR.. But from http://pine.fm/LearnToProgram/?Chapter=10 :D:D:D
  876. 2010-7-24 BtConnect's smtp issues are lame. Anyone else figured out how to fix this?
  877. 2010-7-21 @jaggeree Thanks for the props - much appreciated. The whole @JustGiving tech team is now very awesome & doing our best to improve it all!
  878. 2010-7-20 @webponce Yes... it looks like the DOM threw up a rainbow!
  879. 2010-7-20 How does jQuery work? Well - piece, by piece... this is how. http://bit.ly/blMJs2
  880. 2010-7-18 @stanto I couldn't help but put up that photo of you looking so smug. It was sheer awesomeness. Congrats.
  881. 2010-7-18 RT @Stanto - "Graduation done, so tired. Great photo's, friends & lecturers. Here's me: http://bit.ly/bA9Wdd"
  882. 2010-7-17 Time to have some dinner and quickly ring my grandma.
  883. 2010-7-17 @wilw Thanks famous person from Twitter. I am. Hope you are too are having an awesome weekend.
  884. 2010-7-17 The trailer for 'The Social Network' is pretty darn good... http://mashable.com/2010-07-15/social-network-trailer-full/
  885. 2010-7-16 @jaremfan Nice - joined and will have a look around :) Thanks for the link!
  886. 2010-7-16 Addicted to StackOverflow.
  887. 2010-7-15 @Stanto Congrats on graduating and the new job! Hope to catch up with you soon buddy.
  888. 2010-7-14 "Walking on water & developing from a specification are easy if both are frozen." - best programming quotes http://bit.ly/axTvDn
  889. 2010-7-13 Just added in html encoding for a little private project I'm working on. No more Marque, blinking tags or fun injection for @iamcalledrob
  890. 2010-7-13 Back from seeing the XX live with @russianTsar and his gf @ Somerset House. Awesome performances and a really memorable finish.
  891. 2010-7-13 CSS3 for IE6,7,8... using .htc file? Oh yip. This is it! http://css3pie.com/
  892. 2010-7-12 Discovering how difficult it is to go through to Stratford for the central line while the Jubillee stopd due to ill passenger @ Lbridge.
  893. 2010-7-12 Ok... Maybe not quite yet. #LondonUnderground #train #fail http://yfrog.com/cbb4ahj
  894. 2010-7-12 @eat_news what has been improved with it?
  895. 2010-7-12 Nothing makes me happier than making a list of huge changes to work's site & seeing no one tweets/phone calls/emails about it. No seriously.
  896. 2010-7-12 @danrogl it would have been noticed.. on a Sunday, during the world cup wouldn't have been so cool ;)
  897. 2010-7-12 Here we come central line. Ready or not. http://yfrog.com/mt66wvj
  898. 2010-7-11 Chuckling at video clips of myself & @jon_bedford from today's oM NoMNOMNOmmmm nom nom nom. There will be a video soon... #Nom10
  899. 2010-7-11 We came 3rd!!! #nom10 http://yfrog.com/9dg5fj
  900. 2010-7-11 Nom. We got done. Done food. #nom10 http://yfrog.com/2ddxjzj
  901. 2010-7-11 @elliottkember Thanks! I knew there was something I'd forgot to... watch :)
  902. 2010-7-11 @elliottkember I meant Futurama! Altho if you count your avatar as being you, then yes. I did. Watch you, watching your laptop. :P
  903. 2010-7-11 @adactio I var your var with a... var adactioSays = icanhaz; var var var var var!!!1 :D
  904. 2010-7-11 In Bond street for pre-#world_domination orange juice. #early
  905. 2010-7-11 Off to cook at 'om' NomNomNom 2010 with @jon_Bedford. #cooking #competition #food #world_domination
  906. 2010-7-11 RT @dalmaer: How Coca-Cola did a marketing "Homer" to win against Pepsi http://www.damninteresting.com/the-american-gustation-crisis-of-1985
  907. 2010-7-11 ROFL @willjohnh RT:"Thank lord this is picking up. I flicked over to Sleepless in Seattle for a minute there." #wc2010
  908. 2010-7-10 Watching the pirates of silicon valley.
  909. 2010-7-10 Just discovered an interesting hack to get around @font-face not working in Chrome. Text-shadow. Random huh?
  910. 2010-7-9 @bengarrett77 Hehe. Thanks, I've got a better redesign lined up.. But prefer http://kaichanvong.tumblr.com - which is also all my own work
  911. 2010-7-7 Reading an email and thinking... It just needs comic sans to add the finishing touch to it.
  912. 2010-7-6 @iamcalledrob told me a fact about elevators which has me jumping quickly out of the one near my flat.
  913. 2010-7-5 Chap next to me on the train asked if I was reading Why's guide to Ruby. Yes I replied. He added his experiences with it & how great it is.
  914. 2010-7-5 Awesome Windows 7 bug. Folders need refreshing to see changes/additions/deletes... http://bit.ly/bbsSeM
  915. 2010-7-4 Still short of some song titles... wanna help give me some new ones? :) http://bit.ly/9kpg8E
  916. 2010-7-4 @tkenny OOooh, do keep us all up to date with if it was worth it. I'm tempted to get the pdf version!
  917. 2010-7-4 Googling Song titles to add into my database I'm using to learn Ruby on Rails + MySQL. Anyone got any requests?
  918. 2010-7-4 Playing tons with controllers and views today in Ruby. This stuff will help me so much for doing .NET MVC.
  919. 2010-7-4 YouTube open to abuse through jS injection methods. Not good. http://bit.ly/d0I943
  920. 2010-7-4 Also in other news... seems Apple didn't test their phones with left handed users. Check the video for more info.. http://bit.ly/cBdWKM
  921. 2010-7-3 Adding a controller name of New_Noise. Now tempted to listen to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8MkVIe9xGc
  922. 2010-7-3 Looking at DropBox's CSS test & hoping applicants use progressive enhancement + ID attribs. http://bit.ly/c1Gb0i (via @isofarro)
  923. 2010-7-3 Still enjoying ruby. Strings, Numbers, Arrays and now Hashes completed :D
  924. 2010-7-3 It's now... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdmLmIArqWM ... gn! :D
  925. 2010-7-3 Pizza made me thirsty. Thirsty for water. Water made me hungry. Hungry for ruby. C# coming up soon... :)
  926. 2010-7-3 I thought that was a cool idea. http://sale.sitepoint.com/ kudos to sitepoint (via @russianTsar)
  927. 2010-7-2 Wow. Last minute. Red card. Penalty to #Ghana. You could not write this... #wc2010
  928. 2010-7-2 Anyone know of a place in London that has a Korean dish called: jjimdak?
  929. 2010-7-2 Just woke up after a very productive sleep. Breakpoints in dreams.
  930. 2010-7-2 Sat with pizza, playing with Ruby & loving 'Why's poignant guide to Ruby'. Analogies can & will change the way we learn.
  931. 2010-7-1 @willjohnh Just seen your tweet from a day ago... I know... I'm behind on my Twitter stuff :)
  932. 2010-6-29 Playing more with Rails... http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/4746791111/
  933. 2010-6-29 @david_whitney Tonight, I learned my lesson about the phallic operator I used the other week. >=.
  934. 2010-6-29 Having been in fifteen for dinner last night. Ursi asked, "So were all the workers previously homeless or something?"
  935. 2010-6-27 Try out Bingle.nu - a mashup of Google/Bing. http://bit.ly/bwbyGd
  936. 2010-6-26 Come on @JozyAltidore17, You can do it!!! #wc2010 #usa #ghana
  937. 2010-6-26 @iamcalledrob @david_whitney @adamtibi :) One of the best spoofs around! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrfpnbGXL70
  938. 2010-6-26 @nashienet it's disorientating... Kinda like going on a rollercoaster ride backwards. But slower and without the loops!
  939. 2010-6-26 @alexnguk surely the lack of curtains + sunlight would be enough to wake anyone up..?
  940. 2010-6-26 @kaigani The question is - who will be the first bionic Kai?
  941. 2010-6-26 RT @nikf, @KuraFire: Apple, 1997: Think Different. Apple, 2010: Hold Different.
  942. 2010-6-26 & omg what an awesome hangover cure like this breakfast! http://yfrog.com/0y7h1jj
  943. 2010-6-26 Sorry Panic... but TextMate has code collapsing & lots of cool features missing that TextMate has. Now time to play with Haml, Sass & Ruby
  944. 2010-6-26 Just seen Oscar the at get his bionic feet (a medical first) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/science_and_environment/10404251.stm
  945. 2010-6-25 Little child running around in circles for the past hour above my flat. Stop. It.
  946. 2010-6-25 @russianTsar iPhone4? Pffft. We have phones already!
  947. 2010-6-24 @iamcalledrob I signed up to it ( http://zootool.com/ ) wayyyyy earlier... will have a look to see if it's in my junk mail
  948. 2010-6-24 @david_whitney @wilcolley @russianTsar $9.99 for that.. Does it turn into a magic carpet? That would rock. Sketch & fly away.
  949. 2010-6-24 I <3 the new #JustGiving front-end team so much, just missing @russianTsar to complete the dream team.
  950. 2010-6-24 Thanks to @AdamTibi for the late night email of IE9 http://bit.ly/db8rYw :D
  951. 2010-6-23 "maybe we'll do better in red." "Are we in red?" #England #wc2010
  952. 2010-6-23 @david_whitney substance <= style :D
  953. 2010-6-23 Reading about Haml, Sass & it's .NET equivalents.. nHaml & .Less. Yum.
  954. 2010-6-22 @robcthegeek ;( Why is it that every MSDN style site has no design/view flair behind them? http://www.ndc2010.no/
  955. 2010-6-22 @Stanto That! That, my friend - was exactly the kinda response I wanted =]
  956. 2010-6-22 Oh take these storms away. Start a brand new story. I'll make it through each day. Singing death or glory.
  957. 2010-6-22 My iOS4 install went badly wrong. All SMSs gone. Alarms and stuff missing. Not best pleased :( (via @alistairp)
  958. 2010-6-21 One for @anniemole http://traintimes.org.uk/map/tube/ :D Real time updates of where trains are in the UK
  959. 2010-6-21 @jon_bedford I'm playing the world's smallest version of this for you last tweet... http://bit.ly/cnK6oZ
  960. 2010-6-21 Developers - get your hands on this, makes me wish I could develop. http://data.london.gov.uk (via @Lee_p_Marshall)
  961. 2010-6-21 @tkenny Pub standards... nice! Thanks for the invite :D Count me there, maybe I drag along @jon_bedford and a few others too.
  962. 2010-6-21 @jon_bedford Just kidding ;) muchos sympathy for you bro!
  963. 2010-6-20 RT @Izabel_blue: good luck to @Lee_p_Marshall, @alexpashby, @wilcolley, @heather_bird and everyone else in the London to Brighton cycle ...
  964. 2010-6-20 3 miles run and done. Now to eat some dim sum with the family!
  965. 2010-6-20 Just heard a huge cheer. Looked on BBC Football... New Zealand v Italy huh? No update... However, Twitter says 1 - 0 to NZ. Wow. GJ.
  966. 2010-6-20 RT @longcat111: longcat
  967. 2010-6-20 RT @longcat222: is
  968. 2010-6-20 RT @longcat333: long
  969. 2010-6-19 Despite sneers from grandmama and mother, a whiskey it is for grandpa. A small whiskey none the less.
  970. 2010-6-18 @Picklivefootie it's on my iPad when trying to log on :( sorry to let you guys know about it. Will test on my mac
  971. 2010-6-18 @Picklivefootie still can't play :( http://twitpic.com/1xvkrz
  972. 2010-6-18 "Your goalkeeper. Make big mistake. No I don't think England will win the WorldCup." The Chinese. As always, telling it how it is. #wc2010
  973. 2010-6-18 @rmurphey Will do my best and hope I can do it justice. Ps. it wasn't a critism - what you've begun is awesome stuff.
  974. 2010-6-18 @rmurphey Finding the http://bit.ly/bcImPN section difficult to read (Foo/Bar/Baz as vars) - @adactio's books uses nice RL analogies!
  975. 2010-6-18 @utku Somebody set up the grill. All your food are belong to us. #nOmNOMNoM !
  976. 2010-6-18 @kaigani I wont let you down sensei. And for all the Kais out there, I will #nomNomNom my way to victory!
  977. 2010-6-18 My gf going on about how she stalked Ronaldo during his time @ Man Utd. Now she just stalks random cast members of Glee. True story. #wc2010
  978. 2010-6-18 @Picklivefootie It's my bad - I was testing cookies off on my iPad. Sorry!
  979. 2010-6-18 @Picklivefootie seems it's iPad related only... Managed to play on my MacBook with ff. Maybe safari related?
  980. 2010-6-18 @rmurphey Looked like it was an open " from content=" running into charset in your header.. evil CMS causing it? :(
  981. 2010-6-18 Thanks to @david_whitney the office now how knows about 'extreme paper, scissors, rock/stone' - http://bit.ly/c2wW9Y
  982. 2010-6-18 @pixeldiva Congrats on your awesome purchase!!! :D That's what they say in the US stores anyways :)
  983. 2010-6-18 Just seen the news that we (Sir @jon_bedford & I) will be participating in the food master chef comp #NomNomNom 2010. How cool.
  984. 2010-6-18 fs
  985. 2010-6-17 Pizza hut.. two emails - one hour. Did their marketing team discover the awesome tool that is email today or something?
  986. 2010-6-17 @rmurphey Hmmm your site doesn't render so good with HTML entities on my iPad... http://twitpic.com/1xn7m9
  987. 2010-6-16 @Picklivefootie hey - here's the problem I get on iPad when trying to join - http://twitpic.com/1x8rxb
  988. 2010-6-16 Thanks @Picklivefootie (@noamso & @riklomas) hope I can play it soon :)
  989. 2010-6-16 Just read some literature about Comic sans aka the "Sans Serif Superman" http://www.mcsweeneys.net/links/monologues/15comicsans.html
  990. 2010-6-15 North korean in tears & the game hasn't started. Amazing - bet it's the goalkeeper. Time to lose versus Brasil lads? GL HF GG.
  991. 2010-6-15 Dear Visual Studio 2010, We got how bad you were in version 2008. There's no need to show off about how exceptionally broken your UI is.
  992. 2010-6-13 Photos from last nights taster meal during England's 1st match of #WC2010 that my mother made - http://bit.ly/aD4CyC. What'd you think?
  993. 2010-6-13 @thetimmorgan Full time you'll have eaten all of it... right?
  994. 2010-6-13 Best world cup 2010 celebration of the week goes to Marcel Desailly after Ghana scored a penalty. http://bit.ly/cgVNyp #wc2010
  995. 2010-6-12 Missed out playing PickLive Football on my iPad due to over capacity. :(
  996. 2010-6-12 @Picklivefootie Is Pick Live Football working on the iPad? ..Or is it 100% flash based?
  997. 2010-6-11 Oh, the irony. Design agencies' web sites don't work on the iPad. http://bit.ly/dkVK6x #ipad #schadenfreude #designagencies (via @whatterz)
  998. 2010-6-11 @thetimmorgan PickLive down? It says it needs a password...
  999. 2010-6-11 @thetimmorgan No worries man, looking forward to you guys being back stronger than ever! And dont worry, these things always happen.
  1000. 2010-6-10 @elliotjaystocks Oh... it looked different from what I remembered it. So is it all the same?
  1001. 2010-6-10 Reading about CSS3 -moz-calc. Ahhh CSS just gets more and more complicated! http://hacks.mozilla.org/2010-06-css3-calc/
  1002. 2010-6-10 Can you feel world cup fever? #SussexArms #paddington #wc2010 http://yfrog.com/euye1gj
  1003. 2010-6-10 @elliotjaystocks Like your portfolio section a lot now. Gj!
  1004. 2010-6-9 Hungry. Are you hungry?
  1005. 2010-6-9 @Richard_Monk now fully content with mouth full of danish pastry. Meanwhile, Pure360 lurked around the corner. Ready to ruin his mood..
  1006. 2010-6-9 Interesting emdash bug on marvel comics app http://tweetphoto.com/26390005
  1007. 2010-6-8 Crazy day. Time to watch that Google code review video I said I would 12 hours ago... http://bit.ly/aMySqi
  1008. 2010-6-8 @RichMillington is speaking about the Born HIV Free campaign & cause-related blogging at the London Blog Club tonight. Feel free to come by.
  1009. 2010-6-8 Like any good developer, le handy men will return in the future to see how their work has deteriorated. I mean stood up to the test of time.
  1010. 2010-6-8 Great video showing us all examples of why the iPhone is super accessible. http://bit.ly/9aqRvY
  1011. 2010-6-8 Handy men have been & applied .ceiling-fix{position:absolute; top:0; width:30cm;overflow:visible; } jS fix in 1hr http://yfrog.com/5utr6oj
  1012. 2010-6-8 It's official. Skype is amazing. Apple were right, this Video chat thing is amazing. And has been for 10 years!
  1013. 2010-6-8 How Google do code reviews. Now I'm looking forward to lunch time to watch this in full :D http://bit.ly/aMySqi
  1014. 2010-6-8 @jamieparkins Geeeek. Football geeeeek. A review of #wc2010 football shirts - http://bit.ly/c5a833
  1015. 2010-6-8 @boagworld On the bright side, you could have followed http://bit.ly/cYMGT9 & built in IE first. Then you'd have an even more awesome day!
  1016. 2010-6-8 @sergeimuller I should think so. I found it a bit embarrassing for them.. but it is after all just someone's opinion. :)
  1017. 2010-6-7 Just seen a controversial post about building sites in IE first. Needless to say, the idea got flamed good ^_^ http://bit.ly/a93yD1
  1018. 2010-6-7 Walking through towards Hyde park and just seen @david_Whitney pass on a bus. How surreal.
  1019. 2010-6-7 @Stanto "I always use computer without a PSU, GPU, RAM or HDD as my starting point." "That's right. Without."
  1020. 2010-6-6 @david_whitney plant vs zombies is totally worth getting!
  1021. 2010-6-5 Today discovered what sting nettles look (and feel) like. Great shoot with Z & Miranda at Surrey Keys football stadium. Thanks to Youmee!
  1022. 2010-6-5 Love some of the changeSets of updates on the iTunes store - 'Small bug fix'. Why not communicate what the bug was?
  1023. 2010-6-5 Nice. html method in jQuery is basically innerHTML - evil unless used inside of an eval function! Stack Overflow's community rocks.
  1024. 2010-6-5 @marcflores yes. Ye it was - where abouts are you? You live around here?
  1025. 2010-6-5 @david_whitney And there I was thinking they were. Just switched .setAttribute for .attr too. This is a good way to learn both jQ and jS :D
  1026. 2010-6-5 Learning. Loving. Terminal. :) Tab tab tab.
  1027. 2010-6-5 Just put up my baseline css + jS files on GitHub. Hoping to hear from people how I could improve them! :D http://bit.ly/aL8pTp
  1028. 2010-6-5 Any takers for this one: var placeholder = document.getElementById('placeholder'); //$("#placeholder"); - why do you not work? :S
  1029. 2010-6-5 @natbat @simonw Congrats on the big day - it's a wonderful day for it :)
  1030. 2010-6-5 @david_whitney And yeah... this is my update - http://snipt.org/PRp :D Gotta dash now!
  1031. 2010-6-5 And a quick update to that too :D And it's jQuery-fied :D var placeholder = $("#placeholder"); placeholder.attr('src',source);
  1032. 2010-6-4 Using GitHub. Committing fast. Pushing too much. Well you know what they say... practise makes perfect. TAB TAB.
  1033. 2010-6-4 And Thomas Fuchs - you're awesome. http://bit.ly/b0X0fI
  1034. 2010-6-4 Awesome post by Luke W on designing for mobile first - http://bit.ly/bqbxpJ
  1035. 2010-6-4 Gmail having issues with auto checking emails outside a gmail accounts. http://bit.ly/9NL680 :( This explains a lot!
  1036. 2010-6-4 @natbentley @russianTsar #sushi #envy
  1037. 2010-6-3 @jeanMellor is now on Twitter... kind of. Well, we'll just have to wait and see if my grandparents use that account.
  1038. 2010-6-3 Creating new account & lightbox pops up asking me if "Im human" - cannot tab to click finish. #chrome #mac #twitter #bug #accessibility
  1039. 2010-6-3 @tkenny I started bringing my laptop in and then just remote in to my windows box. It's the way forward dude!
  1040. 2010-6-3 Just added ALL the World Cup games 2010 to my iCal thanks to @willjohnh & @wilcolley http://bit.ly/WorldCupiCalFixtures
  1041. 2010-6-3 Windows XP (work computer) froze on me so having to do a long reboot. I get to play on my iPad in the meantime wooooo! #needamac via @tkenny
  1042. 2010-6-3 @MikeTreat @PookeTellsEm Okay... now all the #ianhaddock stuff makes perfect sense. :) Thanks.
  1043. 2010-6-3 Not sure what all the #ianchaddock stuff is all about. Must be an inside joke. Right?
  1044. 2010-6-3 @Stanto Because it would take time to do all the shortcuts & cos some of them dont exist! :D
  1045. 2010-6-3 @isofarro Link = Bad request. It was just a request... that had gone bad. T_T
  1046. 2010-6-3 Illustrator... sometimes you feel like my Kryptonite. Why cant all your shortcuts be identical to Photoshop?
  1047. 2010-6-3 @akamike That's why we love those awesome self made pattern libraries dude :)
  1048. 2010-6-3 CSS selector that picks out nouns, vowels & other types of text would be cool.. sadly it would be a waste of browser power to achieve it :P
  1049. 2010-6-2 Getting my morning started with John UnderKoffler talking about 'The future of UI' http://is.gd/cz9gI
  1050. 2010-6-2 John UnderKoffler is the guy who worked on Minority Report... you know, the thing that kind spawned Project Natal :P
  1051. 2010-6-1 @implus I'm sure there's a feature request somewhere in this conversation... ;)
  1052. 2010-6-1 Trying out http://www.kaleidoscopeapp.com/ - it's file difference... but for images. That's right. Images.
  1053. 2010-5-30 Reading comics on the ipad is weird. You wonder if the pages are muddled up at times... #new #medium #iPad #reading #comics
  1054. 2010-5-30 @isofarro This is the life isn't it. Reading comics on this is awesomeness.
  1055. 2010-5-30 @stevekirkendall they're not - it's just weird not "seeing" the prev page. And 32gb wifi only :) get it - it's worth it!
  1056. 2010-5-30 @elliottkember well snap! found it this morning too and gotta love it... Now to find me a nice terminal iPad app =D
  1057. 2010-5-30 @Bash spooky, lil @ursi82 has been saying the same thing!
  1058. 2010-5-30 Love sketchbook pro, done by finger - yet looking forward to the pogo stylus. Like it? Any tips on what you'd use? http://bit.ly/bueKNJ
  1059. 2010-5-29 @tkenny in terms of a good iPad case, check out http://www.dodocase.com/ and watch the videos!
  1060. 2010-5-29 Pretty impressed by adobe ideas on the iPad. http://bit.ly/dgQFRe http://bit.ly/cywJx7 created in 5 mins
  1061. 2010-5-29 @implus love the iPad work you've done. Made me glad I paid for it on the iPhone. Would it be poss to turn off Twitter friends timeline?
  1062. 2010-5-29 Well this explains a lot: Creative minds "mimic schizophrenia" http://j.mp/aonIKg #creativity #schizophrenia (via @whatterz)
  1063. 2010-5-29 Did you know your iPad can hold more than 4 icons in the dock? #iPad #tip http://tweetphoto.com/24487512
  1064. 2010-5-29 Hello @justgiving_jp! Konichiwaaa ^_^
  1065. 2010-5-29 @david_whitney hahahah. I think that's one of your best tweets to date :D
  1066. 2010-5-29 @david_whitney ps. I'm reading doom scripting and will add a sympathy method for I am an object! :)
  1067. 2010-5-29 @OpenAirTheatre will the show the Crucible still be on tonight? The weather forecast doesn't look great...
  1068. 2010-5-29 @tkenny Took 10 seconds of clicking a yes on an app! :) Not used it enuff - but so far full of crude adverts/rubbishy + more for iPhone.
  1069. 2010-5-29 @LJRICH - @ursi82's mom visited our flat today & said, it's so technological. Like out of BBC click! hope you & dav are well!
  1070. 2010-5-28 Love that Thames Clipper it's west to the London eye & the notes contridict this,saying it's the eastbound service. http://yfrog.com/eal4cj
  1071. 2010-5-28 @ryancarson @jacksoncarson first thing I said to my dad was, "daddy carry me!" in Chinese. "bah-bah po!"
  1072. 2010-5-28 @russianTsar woooohoooooo! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  1073. 2010-5-28 @russianTsar @wilcolley want me to bring in the vodka if operation "2 x ipad 32gb, no 3g" fails?
  1074. 2010-5-28 Loving reading comics on my iPad. I truly, utterly and completely am in love.
  1075. 2010-5-27 :( Lots of people have their iPads coming to them today... sadly, looks like mine wont be. :( http://bit.ly/b6fKWb
  1076. 2010-5-27 @tkenny Dude. That's a nice link. RT: Did you know that the UK Government has it's own set of browser testing guidelines? http://cl.ly/1BOh
  1077. 2010-5-27 I got David's @name wrong :D RT @david_whitney: I am @kaichanvong on @DavidWhitney's iPad! Hello!
  1078. 2010-5-27 @jamescridland I feel your pain :(
  1079. 2010-5-27 Back off to work. As I leave my flats, I hear the neighbours playing songs forthe deaf. I really wish that was the song title.
  1080. 2010-5-27 Remember any hack is bad. Just seen light fitting pulled out that was glued into the ceiling. It came out with a nice chunk of ceiling.
  1081. 2010-5-26 It's coming! And it's going to change all our lives... In the coming year. #ipad http://yfrog.com/jpr96j
  1082. 2010-5-26 @tkenny Defo... I'm interested in seeing how sketching/wireframing could be with it! I've pre-ordered mine. About you?
  1083. 2010-5-26 @david_whitney @lee_p_marshall I might be able to change that :)
  1084. 2010-5-25 @tkenny This may improve using a PC vs. a Mac? http://www.soluto.com/ Looks.. promising-ish.
  1085. 2010-5-25 @tkenny :( Oh dear. Maybe all us PC users are flocking to it, hoping to get help.
  1086. 2010-5-25 @tkenny Not yet... might try it in a bit. Like you, I only use a PC at work :P
  1087. 2010-5-24 #lostfinale taught us all a great lesson. Life is short. Do not waste it watching cr*p television shows.
  1088. 2010-5-23 @EASPORTS V disappointed to see people cheating in Fifa10. Playing vs. me, but then being on my side & scoring own goals. Plz fix it.
  1089. 2010-5-23 @Lee_p_Marshall Yup, EA's Fifa 10 on #xboxlive is annoying me too for that same reason. Always minorities who want to ruin it.
  1090. 2010-5-22 You wouldn't lock yourself on a small balcony for hours... So why would you do it to your nice lil husky dog? http://yfrog.com/0f5e2ij
  1091. 2010-5-21 We are back. Fulls of lag, bit of cold. NY city weather 1 - England 0.
  1092. 2010-5-21 @adamphillips we have on a few areas, need more info?
  1093. 2010-5-21 @russianTsar In NY it was bakin' yo. Ps. Sadly no apples give us any pads, all sold out.
  1094. 2010-5-19 Nice little Chrome Webkit bug released that's affected the BBC website - http://bit.ly/95XbAF
  1095. 2010-5-19 Feeling so much better for rest + tablets. Up and at them for the final full day :(
  1096. 2010-5-19 Now got a fever while on holiday. It sucks :( Oh well, atleast I took lots of nice photos... http://bit.ly/buBFYs
  1097. 2010-5-18 @robcthegeek Both are good - atm, if it were me - I'd go for the desire, if the new iPhone was out, I'd consider that.
  1098. 2010-5-18 @russianTsar Will you refund the 200£ cab ride there? :D
  1099. 2010-5-18 Wishing I didn't feel full of flu still :( Oh well... time to get up soon and take more photos & enjoy NY! :D
  1100. 2010-5-18 @russianTsar I've been to the biggest fruit stall, reserved the best fruit & phoned others incase they also have good fruit!
  1101. 2010-5-18 RT @codepo8: ♻ @jemimakiss: RT @Eyjafjallajokul: ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ...
  1102. 2010-5-17 RT @Izabel_blue: new look routemaster looks pretty good so far - liking the cuved lines: http://bit.ly/cDDbKI
  1103. 2010-5-17 @Anniemole You know it does :D And makes you wonder if they'll switch them over to yellow & blue ones too, to match Clegg & Camron's ties!
  1104. 2010-5-17 Having lunch on Pier 17. The restaurant menu shows the calories you'll consume. Not quote sure why. Only in Neuaw Yorke.
  1105. 2010-5-17 My beer is only 300 cals. I know cos as they put it on the table for me & said, "shame on you." Ok - so that last part was in my head.
  1106. 2010-5-17 @simondoggett Sounds like a Freudian typo to me ;)
  1107. 2010-5-17 @Izabel_blue omg it looks cool, like the red power ranger!
  1108. 2010-5-16 Girl next to me on the flight pulled out an ipad. Clearly it's a reminder. @russiantsar - 32gb, no 3g.
  1109. 2010-5-16 Had a nightmare my holiday was over & I only had one ipad. Poor @russiantsar.
  1110. 2010-5-16 Any suggestions for breakfast around 53rd Avenue, Manhatten, New York? As per @izabelblue's request - I'll tweet as much of it per wifi.
  1111. 2010-5-16 @wilcolley @russiantsar bad news. None in stock atm... Will keep you updated!
  1112. 2010-5-16 NewYork sweeties with illustrations - interesting & innovative use of a barcode, yet still remaining tacky! http://yfrog.com/j8mruoj
  1113. 2010-5-15 Oh yes. http://bit.ly/acSfeM Very soon. :) #ny
  1114. 2010-5-15 Waiting for the flight off to the großen apfel. Yo es excitimundo. And so is Ursi! http://yfrog.com/1379epj
  1115. 2010-5-14 And I'm gone, baby, gone.
  1116. 2010-5-14 Nice lil present for me from Ursi :D http://yfrog.com/izpmoj
  1117. 2010-5-13 @russianTsar one day I'll find photos of Russians doing this. Oh wait http://yfrog.com/0ft71jj
  1118. 2010-5-12 Portal is free on a Mac until the 24th of May. http://store.steampowered.com/freeportal Oh yes.
  1119. 2010-5-12 @Stanto yip!
  1120. 2010-5-12 @adactio - did you guys just fix a minor bug on http://silverbackapp.com/ ? Was looking at it & wondering why the <br> affected the margin.
  1121. 2010-5-12 I'm on the worlds first artwork made by Twitter users. to JOIN go to http://www.donttellashton.com / Just @donttellashton
  1122. 2010-5-12 @noamso Wow, that looks so awesome. Very much looking forward to getting my iPad and playing PickLive now!
  1123. 2010-5-12 Cameron called Clegg a joke. Brilliant stuff. http://cdnedge.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8678196.stm?ls
  1124. 2010-5-10 More talk of Node.js - @philhawksworth would dig this. http://mnutt.github.com/hummingbird/ - real time web traffic viz.
  1125. 2010-5-8 @wilcolley lol. Here is the man in question assuming the position. http://yfrog.com/1qgjfbj
  1126. 2010-5-7 Lib Dems to make it into cabinet after all? http://bit.ly/9BLSVx
  1127. 2010-5-7 Saying "Have a great website" is the new have a great weekend. #kaiQuotes
  1128. 2010-5-6 "Please don't vote Conservative," @RussianTsar, "They will send me away."
  1129. 2010-5-6 Hyped about Snow Leopard's inbuilt Cisco VPN tool. Totally beats NetExtender hands down.
  1130. 2010-5-5 Days like this I wish I carried my dslr with me at all times. #elephants #greenpark #London http://yfrog.com/jochfj
  1131. 2010-5-5 @whatterz use of gui software for git projects if you're using svn locally - right?
  1132. 2010-5-3 Oh and if my grandparents were on Skype right now... I'd try to ring them :( Sadly they're not. They also need their own @ name.
  1133. 2010-5-3 Trying to cook Jamie Oliver's slow pork shoulder. http://bit.ly/6CWjrH Photos to follow (if it goes well).
  1134. 2010-5-1 Ah Microsoft... Forcing H.264 as a codec standard for video in IE9 is lame. http://bit.ly/9Ir9YD
  1135. 2010-4-30 Yin Yang @jzy does great design. http://www.8164.org/
  1136. 2010-4-30 StackOverflow has their own podcast. It's hot. http://bit.ly/chGaDI
  1137. 2010-4-30 Then I saw that .NET has it's own version of SASS and LessCSS. http://www.dotlesscss.com/ It too, looks hot.
  1138. 2010-4-30 Brilliant article on Front-end standards http://molecularvoices.molecular.com/standards/ My Fridays are rock and roll ;)
  1139. 2010-4-29 @beagle6436 Eh?
  1140. 2010-4-29 Hacking away CSS3 and HTML5 awesomeness to this song http://bit.ly/aZSY3d Because tonight, the DOM is ours.
  1141. 2010-4-28 @tkenny I'm sure there's a selfish sibling hash tag somewhere to file that under!
  1142. 2010-4-27 Loving the look of the new Transmit. http://bit.ly/a7ZId7 Sadly cannot justify the cost for myself.
  1143. 2010-4-27 Wow. The Bing adverts on Channel 4 are rather good. *hums the tune*
  1144. 2010-4-27 Loving this music video over the The Digital Economy Act 2010 in the UK. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_P4lJD_OPI
  1145. 2010-4-26 @stevebridger In tears laughing at that video. That's awesome, gotta check out more of that later tonight! And thanks for the kudos.
  1146. 2010-4-26 Tons of photos uploaded. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong :D Hopefully a few charities will find them useful. Will tag later.
  1147. 2010-4-26 Where on earth did she put my keyboard and mouse?!
  1148. 2010-4-26 RT @tkenny: New website launch! One for you gamers out there http://notableplay.com/ (Check the about page for more info)
  1149. 2010-4-25 So many photos... so much editing. But it'll all be worth it soon. #londonMarathon
  1150. 2010-4-25 Awesome weather for it. #Londonmarathon
  1151. 2010-4-25 @alexpashby it wasn't at 8.30 as I started walking there :p photos done - heading home with 8gb of images.
  1152. 2010-4-24 @AdamTibi Am I in an alternate universe? 'Bored of Microsoft's tools' & 'trying out RoR'?!?! You amaze me every day. :) In a v good way.
  1153. 2010-4-24 @Whatleydude So was it worth getting the iPad? :)
  1154. 2010-4-24 @Whatleydude I remember I took the school hamster home once. Found out I was allergic to it :(
  1155. 2010-4-24 @russianTsar and I both code our CSS like this... http://orderedlist.com/our-writing/resources/html-css/single-line-css/
  1156. 2010-4-24 Loving the http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/ and consuming fonts like they're dim sums. Yum.
  1157. 2010-4-24 Been working on a redesign for my site & hoping to do DesignSwap if I get it good enough. http://bit.ly/dqkH7W
  1158. 2010-4-23 Totally going to Photoshop @ursi82 in this. Oh and look planes! http://yfrog.com/bgbehyj
  1159. 2010-4-21 Looks like Facebook are to kill off FB Connect... http://mashable.com/2010-04-21/facebook-kills-facebook-connect/
  1160. 2010-4-21 Trying out QUnit and JSUnit... as well as re-setting up my front-end developer test suite. :)
  1161. 2010-4-21 RT @mezzoblue: Okay, that's some sexy CSS. http://www.flickr.com/photos/andallthatmalarkey/4539329932/ Nice work @malarkey
  1162. 2010-4-17 Hate hospitals. Hate a&e even more. Hate the stupid waiting & the yobs in there too. NHS should utilise Twitter/gmaps improve waiting times.
  1163. 2010-4-17 it's now 9.15am and the newlands pharmacy in north Greenwich is still shut... Gf's finger pouring with blood too. http://yfrog.com/3wwimj
  1164. 2010-4-17 My little @ursi82 now fixed up. Time now to head back to cook/clean up. Anyone know how to get blood off walls? http://yfrog.com/j6nczuj
  1165. 2010-4-16 We'll be releasing some more awesome changes to the JustGiving site soon... check out our release today: http://justgiving.com/
  1166. 2010-4-14 @jaggeree Have fun out there dude! Excited to hear what the release will be about :D
  1167. 2010-4-14 Watching #chirp http://chirp.twitter.com/live.html
  1168. 2010-4-14 @fstorr just colonies of melons!
  1169. 2010-4-14 Near Hyde park underground station there's a free security marking station for your bicycles. http://yfrog.com/6xpnfj
  1170. 2010-4-14 @isofarro congrats with your new role at love film! Hf gl on your first day pal.
  1171. 2010-4-13 On BBC 2 tonight, Sophie Dahl... repetitively butchering the words 'melon colony'.
  1172. 2010-4-13 @malinki It should be! And we did think some of the other recipes looked & sounded rather appetising!
  1173. 2010-4-13 "Did she seriously just pour melted chocolate & cream on ice cream & call it a recipe? I should have my own show" - my gf on Sophie Dahl
  1174. 2010-4-12 @adactio's presentation on HTML5 is reminding me of Paul @boagworld's style! Calm & relaxing yet knowledgable.
  1175. 2010-4-12 @adactio will sites using html5 have huge seo/screen reading benefits over their older docTypes? #html5
  1176. 2010-4-11 @willjohnh Crouch to score hatrick. 76,80 + 89th minutes.
  1177. 2010-4-10 "Tweetie will be renamed Twitter for iPhone and made free (currently $2.99)". http://bit.ly/bWWDOa
  1178. 2010-4-10 @david_whitney Do your game in javascript, & then I can cheat - <script> function infinateLives(){ /* my hack here */ } ;)
  1179. 2010-4-10 Isn't the Internet amazing. I can see the flats on fire from months ago through Flickr video... http://bit.ly/cWgcW5
  1180. 2010-4-10 Hilarious quotes from the Arshavin website - http://bit.ly/b4XV36 Q. Andrey, are you frightened of bears? A: On the contrary, I like bears.
  1181. 2010-4-10 Just found @ SXSW there was a Visual Notetaking group. See this for more - http://bit.ly/aKQ0jz - it's what I do at meetings/confs
  1182. 2010-4-10 Twitter acquires Tweetie, which will now be called "Twitter for iPhone" http://bit.ly/aRmgeL (via @MeToo)
  1183. 2010-4-10 Loving HipCat. http://bit.ly/9pRCTy "I only eat organic foods for my bodies health. But I still smoke to look cool." Amazing quotes.
  1184. 2010-4-8 Liverpool vs. Benfica on 5 + Picklive Football - http://football.picklive.com/ .. wonder what the lads have changed to the game/site :)
  1185. 2010-4-8 @Picklivefootie :D Awful pun! But congrats on the changes throughout the site/game. It's looking more & more awesome.
  1186. 2010-4-8 @Picklivefootie Dude, I'm winning my first game! :D I love your puns :D
  1187. 2010-4-8 To all my friends playing Fifa10... I sold Ashley Young for 92k coins. Wowzers huh?
  1188. 2010-4-8 RT @rbates: My LOST theory: they are living inside a Git repository.
  1189. 2010-4-7 It's a miracle! My Dwell stuff has arrived.
  1190. 2010-4-7 @Whatleydude Hello! :D
  1191. 2010-4-7 @theteam Love it - is the art all done in house? Heston looks amazingly adventurous/mad scientist in it. http://bit.ly/9x5CcO
  1192. 2010-4-7 Really do love UniQlo new age advertising: Give people what they want (tweetwise) inside of an advert: http://www.uniqlo.com/utweet/
  1193. 2010-4-7 Just uploaded some new design mockups to my flickr... let me know if you like any & how you'd improve them! http://bit.ly/a46xeu
  1194. 2010-4-6 Ikea... first you miss out a side of a cabinet. Then you send it to us. Chipped along the edges... :( #disappointed
  1195. 2010-4-6 @Cennydd Writing in Chinese 1 - Western world 0. ;)
  1196. 2010-4-5 I want my free iPad #websdotcom http://bit.ly/ipadme
  1197. 2010-4-3 function testWeb() { If (request.readyState == 200) { document.write('hello there' + yourTwitterName + 'looks like the net works here')}; }
  1198. 2010-4-3 Best part of my Skype call with my grandma is at the end. Where she spends a good 15 mins trying to figure how to turn it off.
  1199. 2010-4-3 She's still confused, "Sexy dating?!? That's not for me... I can see you (20 mins into talking them), you've had a hair cut."
  1200. 2010-4-2 @clagnut re: Ikea changing to Verdana - my gf works @ the agency they use & that is indeed the reason why they switched to Verdana in print.
  1201. 2010-4-2 RT @blogtillyoudrop: Mashable!: Facebook Introduces Community Pages http://tinyurl.com/yb4d8bn
  1202. 2010-4-2 @stanto highly recommed this month of .Net magazine's web hacking guide. Not that u need to read it - but there might be some new tricks.
  1203. 2010-3-31 Getting into Git again thanks to help from @robcthegeek & inspiration from @isofarro
  1204. 2010-3-31 Crazyily in love with how simple it is to use Git.
  1205. 2010-3-31 Wow. Just wow... all the most awesome programming stuffs have repos on GitHub. Hiphop-php, YUI, MooTools, jQuery :) Tonight will be fun.
  1206. 2010-3-31 GitHub IS pretty much the way the JustGiving site should go towards being... MMmm. It's so pretty & awesome a user experience!
  1207. 2010-3-30 @alistairp no worries - does Xcode have breakpoints & some of the cool intellisense for diff languages? Only used it briefly for iPhone.
  1208. 2010-3-28 @willjohnh :D Just foound this: http://www.stevefenton.co.uk/Content/Jquery-Two-Sided-Multi-Selector/
  1209. 2010-3-28 @stanto me :) And June... hmm, will talk to Ursi!
  1210. 2010-3-28 @Ske7cher @richmarr thanks for the comments + feedback guys! And agreed, the navigation could use with some more thought.
  1211. 2010-3-28 What do you think of my first pass on a new design layout for my site? http://flic.kr/p/7P72ab Thoughts in an @ msg please!
  1212. 2010-3-28 Now I get the joke (/truth) in big bang theory about the lift being out of order and having to walk up the stairs.
  1213. 2010-3-27 @adamtibi Well it's awesome if it's the thing generating your insurance certificate... not so awesome if it thinks it is your certificate!
  1214. 2010-3-27 Clicking for the certificate of motor insurance on an insurance website & it comes back with that popular file format: "generate.aspx" #fail
  1215. 2010-3-27 @benbot First floor amigo. Is it an invite to your wedding? :D Maybe include the time machine if so ;) ps. congrats on the big day!
  1216. 2010-3-26 @honosutomo it happened again this morning... And I am alive to tweet the tale.
  1217. 2010-3-26 Pretty sure I live opp a failed x-factor entree. Because every morning it's ballard o'clock. "Aaaaaaand iiiii ammmm telllllllling j00000!"
  1218. 2010-3-26 @alistairp xcode > visual studio?
  1219. 2010-3-26 @benbot why do you ask?
  1220. 2010-3-25 @richmarr I have your wooden japanese fighting sword in my flat. I'm not afraid to use it. PS. When can I give it back to you? :)
  1221. 2010-3-25 My elevator just dropped a floor. Not even kidding. Using the stairs from now on.
  1222. 2010-3-25 @jon_bedford http://www.piratalondon.com/ Contact these guys asap and mention that Rach says hi :) They look pretty awesome.
  1223. 2010-3-24 Outside of bed is cold, cold, cold. But my laptop is my real incentive for leaving the warmth of the bed behind. Ps. Good morning :)
  1224. 2010-3-23 Watching the Delicious Miss Dahl on BBC2. Cooking stuff :D
  1225. 2010-3-23 If Nigella Lawson could see Sophie Dahl's performance right now, she'd be rolling in her grave.
  1226. 2010-3-23 Waiting for Sophie Dahl to bring on the Jamie Callum cameo. She'll probably walk him to school or something.
  1227. 2010-3-22 @thomas_britton legend, good lad! :)
  1228. 2010-3-22 Sad that I missed out my chance to play #cashgordan. <script> alert('wish I could have joined the fun!'); </script>
  1229. 2010-3-22 I'd love a Dribbble account... anyone wanna send me over a beta login for it? :)
  1230. 2010-3-21 And.. there was a really big fire in the nearby flats. People are stupid. Very stupid. http://tr.im/SKbl
  1231. 2010-3-20 Having some time out and reading about the world's only immortal animal http://tr.im/SDoG - more research needs to be done around the sea!
  1232. 2010-3-19 There is no rest for the wicked. There is merging of 3 different branches and releasing on staging & production boxes.
  1233. 2010-3-19 @jiamins Thanks! That's really nice of you to say that... at the moment we're working on trying to improve it even more! :D Hows yah?
  1234. 2010-3-19 Dear awesome friends. Any of you got a voucher for this CSS3 Online Conference from Carsonified? http://tr.im/SuIv
  1235. 2010-3-19 @bimal_tailor sadly abroad for FoWD - but might be there for WebApps! :)
  1236. 2010-3-19 @bimal_tailor It's not *just* a webinar. It's giving money back into the web standards education system as well as learning they think/work.
  1237. 2010-3-18 RT @straun: "5% [of British teenagers who have tried to hack facebook accounts] described hacking as a career option" http://tumblr.com/ ...
  1238. 2010-3-17 Thanks to all Googler's talks on Chrome, extensions & HTML5. Great to meet @psd, @philhawksworth & all the other speakers.
  1239. 2010-3-17 After asking, "Arial or Helvetica?" - I get the response "Which one is Microsoft?"
  1240. 2010-3-16 Am drinking a beer & waiting for the Chrome Developer Meetup to start. #LondonWebDev
  1241. 2010-3-16 According to @yastwit - I live http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexanderplatz in dream land! PS. I also used to be afraid of darleks.
  1242. 2010-3-16 I can see my team moving to bring me cake :D I would be suprised by their subtleness if not for @wilcolley's iCal alert that popped up :D
  1243. 2010-3-16 Time to act like I wasn't expecting it...
  1244. 2010-3-16 @philhawksworth dude! I'm at Chrome Developer Meetup #LondonWebDev too - is Marr here too?
  1245. 2010-3-15 Wow UPS men are fast. Like a ninja he pulled out a barcode reader, said see you soon and dashed off into the sunset. Bye Xbox Elite.
  1246. 2010-3-15 As the office net connection & my Windows box @ work kick back into life, I cease reading Wired's SXSW awards round up : http://tr.im/RVUA
  1247. 2010-3-15 @honosutomo @tkenny Yup it RROD'd on me. guess it depends what model you got & various factors + Thanks @izabel_blue for the bday greetz!
  1248. 2010-3-15 Today.. 2 out of the 3 things that were supposed to happen, happened. Great job Dwell & City Link Couriers, both managed to screw up again!
  1249. 2010-3-15 @adactio @jaffathecake This is my browser, I will master it (and all the others) as I must master my life. Without me, the DOM is pointless.
  1250. 2010-3-15 Working from home on my awesome mac setup. I love this oh so very mucho. http://yfrog.com/4vyasj
  1251. 2010-3-14 Just uploaded some of my latest photos. It's been quite a while since I uploaded! http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/\
  1252. 2010-3-13 Exiting through the gift shop after an awesome brunch with @Ursi82, @russiantsar, Veronika, @alexanderpashby & Laurie.
  1253. 2010-3-13 Exit through the gift shop. Loved it.
  1254. 2010-3-13 @alexanderpashby we are ! Jus getting there now
  1255. 2010-3-11 @bekibutton read my last tweet! :D
  1256. 2010-3-11 I've been running at people with an excited look, Lomo camera in hand, capturing their horror as they attempt to flee. http://tr.im/RstS
  1257. 2010-3-11 Our CEO Zarine Kharas speaks out, "Kai. You are a menace." I'm sure she means that in the, I am awesome kind of way.
  1258. 2010-3-11 Still hiring front-end developer :P Msg me for more!
  1259. 2010-3-11 Sorry to hear the news about @bmycharity. Gl to them in the future.
  1260. 2010-3-11 Just been given a guide on how to be cool. Not sure what to take from this and if it's a hint.
  1261. 2010-3-11 Asking myself... What would Jeremy Keith (@adactio) do? To <button> or <input type="submit"> that is the question. http://tr.im/RsB4
  1262. 2010-3-10 Watching Food Inc & hoping working in the web industry never becomes anything like the food industry. http://tr.im/Rmyq
  1263. 2010-3-10 @ursi82 Hit him. Hit him with a stick.
  1264. 2010-3-10 Are you a front-end developer? Do you choose where to work depending on the environment (ruby, php, .NET)?
  1265. 2010-3-10 @jon_bedford has a lady from the Apprentice walking about office. She's the one noone liked but was very good... cant remember her name.
  1266. 2010-3-10 @stanto Glad you enjoyed it Mr. Stanto. I'll have to catch up with you some time very soon :)
  1267. 2010-3-10 @david_whitney I think we're all behind in something.. Ah well. Just be grateful your gf doesn't want to rewatch Sex in the City & Friends!
  1268. 2010-3-10 <button> with inside <span> is not liked by .NET for XSS reasons.... you're injecting markup aren't you :P#
  1269. 2010-3-9 Sometimes I look at my CSS and markup and think. Yes. Yes that's hot.
  1270. 2010-3-9 Do it Jack. Walk away. Stop helping those god damn morons. No... no.... nooooOOOoooooooooooooooo. #24 #tv
  1271. 2010-3-9 For screen readers is <option title="Month">MM</option> a valid way to mark up this text? Or would you use another method?
  1272. 2010-3-9 @codepo8 Cant tweet my result - Invalid value of "tid". It can only be a number between 0 and 999999999 was: false qs
  1273. 2010-3-7 Xbox ring of red death. Oh dear... oh dear...
  1274. 2010-3-7 @alexanderpashby That movie was painful. Pain hurts. Hurt makes kitten cry. Crying makes rain drops. Rain drops make sadness. :(
  1275. 2010-3-7 Interesting delicious/twitter mashup which sends any links you tweet to your delicious bookmarks. http://tr.im/QVKZ
  1276. 2010-3-7 @thomas_britton PS3? Pffff. I think not!
  1277. 2010-3-7 @alexanderpashby Hey movie geek. Eat this - http://tr.im/QW5N "Naive yet inspiring statement. Then the music gets hopeful."
  1278. 2010-3-6 @isofarro just found the git osx Installer - http://tr.im/QPPb & now trying - remailer for the iPhone http://tr.im/QPPj :D :D :D
  1279. 2010-3-6 Screw it. Lets use CSS3 now. Speech bubbles TOTALLY in CSS. WOW kaplow! And not JUST triangle bubbles - http://tr.im/QPur
  1280. 2010-3-6 So so so so so hyped about tablets becoming like this - http://tr.im/QPsy Watch the video! Unlimited sparkaling new paper. Perfect.
  1281. 2010-3-6 @football3s I thought you guys are now Picklive Football ;) ?
  1282. 2010-3-6 The more try to use the Fifa site in different browsers... the more broken it gets. http://fifa.easports.com/ #Epic #Site #Fail
  1283. 2010-3-5 I smile as a jogger passes me. If only more people would jog in a firefox or chrome t-shirt...
  1284. 2010-3-5 In other news fellow Firefox wearing designer, @willjohnh has a play with new google app that 'sees into future'.
  1285. 2010-3-5 When no one else is in the office... @wilcolley is unquestionably the loudest heavy breather. Ever.
  1286. 2010-3-5 @thehacksaw ROFL. Nopers. I've not seen any Microsoft T-shirts for a while... having said that I know people with Microsoft gear. :)
  1287. 2010-3-5 @adamtibi Cool people is what you mean. ;)
  1288. 2010-3-4 @stanto Nope. Cheers!
  1289. 2010-3-4 Praying to the god of front-end developers that applications for the role will drop out of the sky like rain drops. @kaichanvong for more..
  1290. 2010-3-4 JavaScript Game engine demo... Ah jQuery. Ah javascript I mean.... thou art awe of some. http://tr.im/QDue
  1291. 2010-3-3 Sometimes you want to go some place where everybody knows your name...
  1292. 2010-3-2 Jubilee line just went kapput. Buses a go go as there is no trains in either direction.
  1293. 2010-3-2 Seeking: London blogger who writes about interior design...
  1294. 2010-3-1 Why use javascript (with jQuery) over Flash. The 'HTML5' era - http://tr.im/Qf8R
  1295. 2010-2-26 Looking at Haml with Textile. Looking at the time. This isn't a good idea. Interesting though.
  1296. 2010-2-26 Tried Haml. However: Zen Coding 1 - Haml 0 ... due to Haml div-alitous vs Zen semantic speed. http://tr.im/PPHx & http://tr.im/PPHD
  1297. 2010-2-26 My round up post locked & loaded... Think I will add some images in tomorrow when I get into the office again.
  1298. 2010-2-26 @lewmilfy You mentioned Zombie for search on LoveFilm today. It's an awesome film so far :D
  1299. 2010-2-26 RT @psd: that BBC meeting "if we delete half the web pages and sack Adam and Joe that'll mean we can have another series of Bring On The ...
  1300. 2010-2-26 RT @jaffathecake: So, this is how the BBC prepare for a Tory gov http://goo.gl/LCcS So, urm, any good web dev jobs going, just in case?
  1301. 2010-2-25 Pretty sure @yastwit is wearing clogs this morning. I think she yawns loudly too!
  1302. 2010-2-25 @natbentley Ps. My method for work is ip related we use a static ip address in house + automated db back up. Which reminds me...
  1303. 2010-2-25 @natbentley @webponce http://m.sixrevisions.com/wordpress/12-essential-security-tips-and-hacks-for-wordpress/
  1304. 2010-2-25 Apparently I ordered a MacBook air & should download this file & open it. Good try sir. Good try. http://yfrog.com/32dyhyj
  1305. 2010-2-25 ZombieLand in the background while I build up a web round up of best articles for @justgiving. Kinda blame @LewMilfy for the movie choice.
  1306. 2010-2-25 Browsing GoogleCode...
  1307. 2010-2-25 @yastwit That totally just got me more followers!
  1308. 2010-2-24 @natbentley Wordpress can be hacked/brute forced if not set up correctly.
  1309. 2010-2-24 As @graemesummers realised the song was - Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade Of Pale http://tr.im/PzXh
  1310. 2010-2-24 @graemesummers You're good. You're very. Very good.
  1311. 2010-2-24 "Turn to gold... shades of grey..." Folk songish... songs like Neil Diamond. Anyone remember it?
  1312. 2010-2-24 RT @smyther: @kaichanvong Well, at least the username/password combination isnt krispy/kreme - yes, i tried it :P
  1313. 2010-2-24 @natbentley I dont disagree. But what are the chances if I can access their wp-admin like that - that they've done that? :)
  1314. 2010-2-24 @cunners Finance gave out doughnuts & this was emailed out: http://www.krispykreme.co.uk/wp-content/themes/thesis/docs/nutritional_info.pdf
  1315. 2010-2-24 @natbentley I just prefer to be safer than sorry & take as many precautions as possible with security as it isn't my forte.
  1316. 2010-2-24 Just seen the Krispy Kreme website is built on wordpress and open to being hacked. http://tr.im/PA5Q Lacking security? I think so.
  1317. 2010-2-22 Bumped into @anniemole & @izabel_blue at the #LondonVillage as @ursi82 and I saw the Whiskey Taster - http://tr.im/PnC8
  1318. 2010-2-21 Chinese new year food time with all the family. http://yfrog.com/1y62wlj
  1319. 2010-2-21 @thetimmorgan @mintdigital lol. The @firstgiving Boston guys and gals are just like that! :D
  1320. 2010-2-20 So... what REALLY happens when you type in http://www.justgiving.com? Well, it's explained here of course - http://tr.im/P2SG
  1321. 2010-2-20 Oh wow. Awesome tiny innocent smoothie cartons for £1 in Sainsburys. http://yfrog.com/1e6ylckj
  1322. 2010-2-20 Hello @david_whitney, I am @KaiChanVong's twitter client, DestroyTwitter. Kai is typing into my form field & clicking submit to say this.
  1323. 2010-2-20 @david_whitney Hahaha you enjoyed that! :D
  1324. 2010-2-20 @stanto It's not technical to me... it just fills in the gaps of what's going on with IPs, DNS, HTML, Headers, Caching, TCP, FTP etc
  1325. 2010-2-20 @david_whitney Http:// was a bit of an oversight since hardly anyone uses a browsers for FTP:// or other transfer protocols
  1326. 2010-2-20 @david_whitney Your post about APIS is awesome. Still reading. Awesome http://bit.ly/bre7zI
  1327. 2010-2-20 @david_whitney SOAP kind of reminds me of XSLT! :)
  1328. 2010-2-19 Amazing samurai sashimi eaten today fresh from Borough Market with the @alexanderpashby http://yfrog.com/35q7smyj
  1329. 2010-2-19 @cloudsaredreams @_jenii awesome stuff at the v&a... Wonder if tweeting this works.
  1330. 2010-2-19 Got my two sashimi grade tuna steaks for sushi Friday!
  1331. 2010-2-18 What browser testing software do you guys use? Am using IETester + Emulated virtual pcs... Tested out BrowserShots & not impressed.
  1332. 2010-2-18 @tkenny But... but... Adobe are evil ;)
  1333. 2010-2-18 @tkenny > RT @jiamins: Back from a mega-eatfest in KL. I feel like I need to eat tofu for a week to detox.
  1334. 2010-2-18 @jiamins RT @tkenny: Watched Jamie Oliver's TED talk yesterday & was v impressed. Hope he really can make a difference http://cld.ly/cf1fq6
  1335. 2010-2-18 @jiamins @tkenny - Welcome to my first ever cross over Re-tweet... you both tweeted similar things so I thought I would cross them over! :)
  1336. 2010-2-18 @jiamins @tkenny Glad you both enjoyed it! We need to try and do more of this kind of thing to bring the communities together! :)
  1337. 2010-2-18 Back home after learning some interesting stuff from the Google user research team on Google Maps & AdWords.
  1338. 2010-2-18 Crazy for "Heart Skipped a beat' - The xx. http://open.spotify.com/track/5HkUwvLeE5Lhd2FZjuXncU
  1339. 2010-2-17 @chrismahon it's a full time perm role.
  1340. 2010-2-17 Nothing beats running Xampp on a machine + IIS. Mamp on my mac too. Woot. Anyone got IIS & Apache to place nicely together?
  1341. 2010-2-17 RT @jon_bedford: Funny, but makes a good point. RT @jordanstone: Twitter & Foursquare users beware: http://pleaserobme.com
  1342. 2010-2-17 JustGiving are hiring an interaction/ux designer to work on awesome new projects... MSG me for more details!
  1343. 2010-2-16 Playing Football3s for the Milan vs. Man Utd match http://tr.im/OtPv
  1344. 2010-2-15 Lots done and now heading home. Awesome day.
  1345. 2010-2-15 I see you use IE6 still. Do you own a black & white TV also? #controversialwebdesign
  1346. 2010-2-15 RT @russiantsar: 'To stop receiving these emails please delete your email account' #controversialwebdesign
  1347. 2010-2-15 Not sure what to think of the tourist taking a photo of their son in front of a homeless person.
  1348. 2010-2-14 Starting to enjoy using Mockingbird. Like lots of things, it takes a few tries until you feel comfy using it. http://tr.im/O9Uv
  1349. 2010-2-14 Huge thanks to my mother & father last night for the meal they made last night in tribute to Nobu. A twist on Japanese cusine - amazing.
  1350. 2010-2-14 Watching BBC Revolution - about the web & free http://tr.im/O8Fg Thanks to @adactio @izabel_blue for highlighting it!
  1351. 2010-2-14 @Izabel_blue @stevebridger I think http://www.wtfjs.com is a great example or illiterate/amateur web developers being mocked.
  1352. 2010-2-14 @thehacksaw @Ske7cher I looked at Eclipse... but they were a bit pricey. O2 saved me muchos cashos as I'm an O2 customer...
  1353. 2010-2-13 @willjohnh I would have come to Reading had I known bout the BK invite sooner! Hope you all had a great evenin.
  1354. 2010-2-13 @simondoggett My name does mean large mountain in Chinese though :P
  1355. 2010-2-13 Just been reading http://wtfjs.com/ it's awesome and funny.
  1356. 2010-2-13 I want a copy of Google Chrome comic :( Anyone know someone who would be willing to sell me a copy?
  1357. 2010-2-13 @smyther You and me both bro, you and me both.
  1358. 2010-2-12 @benbot They write copy!
  1359. 2010-2-12 Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #developer #designer #photographer
  1360. 2010-2-12 Relly Annett Baker on @boagworld live about Copy & how design teams need to warn the client if they're not using a copywriter.
  1361. 2010-2-12 @elliotjaystocks It's just envy that you can work from home in the comfort of a duvet cover until early o'clock! You know it's true :D
  1362. 2010-2-12 @adactio & @boagworld crashed my Firefox :( And they were talking about pirate talk!
  1363. 2010-2-12 @natbentley Yeah... you're just as bad! :D
  1364. 2010-2-12 @elliotjaystocks & @boagworld crew are talking about why we're always unhappy with our designs... when I'm unhappy, I eat sushi!
  1365. 2010-2-12 Listening to @elliotjaystocks talking on @boagworld live. Looks like someone just got out of bed!
  1366. 2010-2-12 Ask me stuff! http://www.formspring.me/kaichanvong
  1367. 2010-2-11 @jiamins when you find the answer.. Let us know. But remember, for better or worse the tum tum can expand/contract!
  1368. 2010-2-11 @benbot if you're about to cross the road and there's an ambulance behind the on coming car do you risk it?
  1369. 2010-2-11 Does anyone you know keep using a long word.. only for you to discover it's a radiohead song title? I have.
  1370. 2010-2-9 @smyther Not used YUI jS lib - what's so bad about it? I'm not keen on CSS frameworks either...
  1371. 2010-2-9 Interested and intrigued by the 5th taste. http://tr.im/Nurr
  1372. 2010-2-9 Dear tea and coffee fanatics. This is your new saviour: http://tr.im/Nq5N
  1373. 2010-2-8 @stanto OHHHH Lost Prophets. :D When we gonna go see them live again dude?
  1374. 2010-2-8 @david_whitney It was @adamtibi's suggestion of book! :P It's just a little hard going right now. Speaking of which. NN! :D
  1375. 2010-2-8 The answer to that is no. :P The sod just couldn't be bothered in using a clearer method name.
  1376. 2010-2-8 Great. Now there's one Class method in Camel case and the same name in Pascal. Does that mean it's a typo? :P
  1377. 2010-2-8 @graemesummers Yes.. yes they are. But that doesn't make them any less dull to be learning about. UML is just about keeping me awake. Just.
  1378. 2010-2-8 @david_whitney Dude. I'm all like voided out with this Main bit of Method that's sitting inside of the Class. Pupils dismissed? Bleeding!
  1379. 2010-2-7 compile, compile, compile my LESS for me... compile, compile, compile my LESS for me... http://tr.im/NaFB
  1380. 2010-2-7 Read the reviews on this page. Just read them. http://tr.im/NazG
  1381. 2010-2-7 Playing with YahooPipes... just found this interesting RSS mashup - http://tr.im/Nahg
  1382. 2010-2-7 C# tutorial says 'methods are complex things that hide the simple user experience a user will use... ' No wonder I didn't enjoy writing it.
  1383. 2010-2-7 @tkenny LESS is all about consistancy when working in teams! :) It's the start of namespacing + calculations for CSS...
  1384. 2010-2-5 Dear Spotify & Visual Studio 08. Please play nicely. Your loving user, Kai.
  1385. 2010-2-3 Loved this article on below the fold. http://tr.im/MBkh
  1386. 2010-2-3 HipHop for PHP is unveied by the Facebook team. The first steps to make PHP faster? http://tr.im/MBjD
  1387. 2010-2-2 My mother yesterday was asking me about Sky Lanterns. I'm glad the Guardian has written on how bad they are... http://tr.im/MwxL
  1388. 2010-2-1 @david_whitney The red circle + exclamation mark made me think warning for something inside of the cell. You're like Neo in Vis studio! :D
  1389. 2010-2-1 @kaigani Your tweet about a Lost episode that's not really the real Lost episode, which makes me want to watch a new Lost episode.
  1390. 2010-2-1 @benbot nah mine is in Phonegap + jqtouch using HTML,css3 + JavaScript. And I like that idea...
  1391. 2010-2-1 @thetimmorgan Nope, sadly not! Just down the road next door to Leatherlane market. Did @Utku move with you guys?
  1392. 2010-2-1 @noamso @krist0ff @thetimmorgan welcome to the farringdon region guys! Leatherlane market's @daddydonkey rocks! :)
  1393. 2010-2-1 Visual studio needs to be designed more like Windows 7. See my screenshot for more: http://tr.im/Mr9G
  1394. 2010-1-31 @whatleydude Sweet potatoes dude. They're the future. They're like... potatoes... but sweet! Say it with me. SWEET!
  1395. 2010-1-31 Hyped about news that Facebook may have created a compiler for PHP. Maybe now it can compete with .NET and Java: http://tr.im/MhRK
  1396. 2010-1-31 @benbot Hmmm... not sure who to believe. Either way, Apple got made to look weak on stage because of the lack of Flash support on the iPad.
  1397. 2010-1-31 I started my first iPhone app http://tr.im/Mifn - ideas? :D
  1398. 2010-1-31 How long will it be before HTML5 kills Flash? With no support of iPhones thus far... it's looking more than likely. http://tr.im/Mhew
  1399. 2010-1-30 Heading home after #ddd8 at Microsoft campus. Hope the journey won't be too long. PS. Just thought I'd share this: http://yfrog.com/32npozj
  1400. 2010-1-30 Having fun at #ddd8 with the @Justgiving team of @adamtibi & @david_whitney - next up is the Monotouch talk. Queue transformers song track.
  1401. 2010-1-30 3 hour journey to #ddd8. If that's not commitment then it's bad public tranport!
  1402. 2010-1-30 #ddd8 reading this awesome post bout a site on asp.net loud only they used mvc! http://dotnetperls.com/whitehouse-gov-site
  1403. 2010-1-30 @benbot you and your flash :p i bet now I'd find actionscript a doddle.
  1404. 2010-1-30 Oh hi snow. Now off to #developerdeveloperdeveloper in Reading.
  1405. 2010-1-30 Late. Good ol' jubbers lee line closed so long journey to #ddd8 to geek out with @david_whitney & @adamtibi.
  1406. 2010-1-29 @tomharman oh wow. So envious... Just doing my own research into iPhone apps too :D
  1407. 2010-1-29 Hyped knowing I can now build iPhone apps using HTML/css3/webkit and j-j-jQtouch. Omg I'm gonna have phun!
  1408. 2010-1-29 @benbot Yes. We're synical geeks. It would be great for design work - mocking up & Photoshop'ing + it's cheapish.
  1409. 2010-1-28 Just read this & it's what @izabel_blue got totally right this morning. http://tr.im/LWj1
  1410. 2010-1-28 @adactio @natbat @clagnut hope that means no random webkit-transitions hidden in the room ;) Don't want people falling off their chairs!
  1411. 2010-1-28 Navigating through the DOM like a ninja.
  1412. 2010-1-28 Cogito ergo sum. I shake things up, therefore I am http://bit.ly/9T9Qfx
  1413. 2010-1-28 @cunners You love it. I'm validating code now. Ampersands for the win. Earning me my £s! :D
  1414. 2010-1-27 Great post on advice for designers: http://tr.im/LOuO
  1415. 2010-1-27 @david_whitney The price was nice & it's a larger iPhone that cant act as a phone... be interesting to see if mainstream public go for it.
  1416. 2010-1-27 UI design will split into 2 camps: iPad/iPhone - where it's stupidly simple to use. The other where the UI has a learning curve.
  1417. 2010-1-23 @365er quite possibly - altho v busy these days! :) hope you're doing well.
  1418. 2010-1-23 Today is the birthday of young, cool and of course beautiful - blonde things @Izabel_blue & @yastwit!
  1419. 2010-1-23 Wider the gap of the stripes. Wider you look. #fashion #design http://yfrog.com/4ecvaaj
  1420. 2010-1-23 Out having a spot of breakfast while doing some shopping in Canary Wharf. http://yfrog.com/1el68ij
  1421. 2010-1-21 Gov.uk opens up their data after being advised to by Tim Berners-Lee. WOW. http://tr.im/L948
  1422. 2010-1-21 Wow. Safari - Star Wars opening intro in HTML + CSS. BOOM. http://tr.im/L63P
  1423. 2010-1-20 Okay. Time to snooze... my new site design is going well & I've posted a screen on my blog. Let me know what you think! http://tr.im/KWDJ
  1424. 2010-1-20 Just seen this amazing way to use your mac OSX in an such a different & more natural way: http://bumptop.com/mac/
  1425. 2010-1-20 I nominate @justgiving for a Shorty Award in #nonprofit because I'm hungry & their tweets keep me entertained on the train journey home.
  1426. 2010-1-20 New graffiti outside Tate modern. The future is in the air. Awesome on so many levels. http://yfrog.com/aun86tj
  1427. 2010-1-20 Last night I did a bit of work on kaivong.com to redesign using my current defined brand. http://tr.im/KYKX
  1428. 2010-1-20 @alexanderpashby is emo. Fact!
  1429. 2010-1-20 Wow. Just wow. UX and design fix for form fields thinking outside of the box: http://tr.im/KZFv ...best pun ever?
  1430. 2010-1-20 Congrats to @tkenny - his first Smashing Magazine article went live last week http://tr.im/KZmv
  1431. 2010-1-20 @whatleydude Awwww. Big hugs from the InterneZ!
  1432. 2010-1-19 Best 'about us' bit of copy on a website to date: "We have banned R&B music."
  1433. 2010-1-19 Hyped about using CSS3 making implementation even faster! http://tr.im/KRvI PS. View it in Chrome/Safari for webkit awesomeness
  1434. 2010-1-18 Not photoshop'd and from last nights game of scrable vs @ursi82 - Twitter http://yfrog.com/33d7eaj
  1435. 2010-1-17 @benbot Mew York, New Uork! Been there before? Any advice of places to eat/see?
  1436. 2010-1-17 The German government warns against using Microsoft Explorer. Wow. Could this change everything? http://tr.im/KDJX
  1437. 2010-1-16 I'd like some bean bags like the ones they have in the Apple Regent St. store... anyone know what they're called/from?
  1438. 2010-1-16 http://fourstarters.com/ .... an amazingly clever site where every link is a 404. No seriously.
  1439. 2010-1-16 Excitedly booking my holiday for the year!
  1440. 2010-1-15 @sophdea @wilcolley wow. But did you Photoshop a caption on a cat look cute?
  1441. 2010-1-15 Having seen @techlifecoach move like a ninja on crutches, I'm now considering buying a pair.
  1442. 2010-1-15 @Stanto Me too. But I love the concept and how different it is from most ideas.
  1443. 2010-1-15 Presumed www.firstpersontetris.com would be a waste of time to look at... but having seen it, amazing concept! No to dash to work.
  1444. 2010-1-15 Going back in my bo.. bento box. Thanks @jon_bedford
  1445. 2010-1-14 @tkenny :P Yeah... my message was before I saw the score against Reading. Felt. Silly.
  1446. 2010-1-14 Wow. Curfon was super easy. And super nice. Time to upload it! http://cufon.shoqolate.com/
  1447. 2010-1-14 Trying out Curfon. Then bed.
  1448. 2010-1-14 @rice_queen Have you seen Julie and Julia? Tweet blog about making lots of sushi! You know it makes sense...
  1449. 2010-1-14 @david_whitney Yeah you're right. It's just I'm the kinda person who would rather build my own car than buy one because of some UI :P
  1450. 2010-1-14 @david_whitney It's not easy. Sheldon would agree. Perfection has a price.
  1451. 2010-1-14 Trying out ThumbSlap by @ChrisMahon he's also a FE Developer/Designer. http://thumbslap.com
  1452. 2010-1-14 @chrismahon Games now added! Love the design & site. It's awesome work. You have @thomasb86 to thank for sharing it.
  1453. 2010-1-14 @jon_bedford @simondoggett @lee_p_marshall Get yourselves on http://thumbslap.com/ So we can sort out game nights :)
  1454. 2010-1-14 Excited that both @tkenny @thehacksaw have joined Thumbslap - This is a great day for the UK design/fe-dev community to set time to chill :)
  1455. 2010-1-14 Huge thanks To everyone at @justgiving who made my 3rd year so great. We ate at Little Bay - http://tr.im/Kqvi
  1456. 2010-1-14 Just looked. My SEO is strong... ranked 12 on Google for search result of Kai :D
  1457. 2010-1-13 @thomas_britton Move to London. Move to London! When we going for a beer btw?
  1458. 2010-1-13 Fascinating post RT @thehacksaw: http://bit.ly/5BElrH Google to take a new approach to Chinese search
  1459. 2010-1-13 Got home finally. And guh. We lost to Reading... Time to finish off some work.
  1460. 2010-1-13 @tkenny 'Soft launch' should be the name of Alonso's shot and goal vs. Newcastle from the halfway line ;)
  1461. 2010-1-13 @willjohnh Bit awkward at times. Divorced old woman choosing between ex or new bf. It needed chimeras, robots, 3D & fast running cat ppl
  1462. 2010-1-13 @david_whitney I remember trying it out exp web a while ago... Not a big fan :( Vis studio isn't that bad.. Jus wish it did a bit less.
  1463. 2010-1-13 Humming Oasis - little by little. Would like to get home... But my god got on the wrong side of his bed!
  1464. 2010-1-13 FYI like China, I go to Visual Studio happily & enjoy the food there.. it's just there are so many fundamental wrongs going on in it.
  1465. 2010-1-13 Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 & China have so much in common.
  1466. 2010-1-13 @techlifecoach No link required, it's based on mainstream news & aimed mainly at developers. How're you btw? Chat next time you're in :D
  1467. 2010-1-12 Just posted 'Thinking with Type' on my blog. A look at an awesome typography book by @ellenLupton of Pentagram.
  1468. 2010-1-11 @simondoggett I wonder where it could have gone to! You stilll coming along for curry Friday? We need to do a group Sushi some time too :D
  1469. 2010-1-11 @simondoggett @casablanca life is tough! But someone has to sketch it ;) ps. Simon do you have my copy of designers are wankers?
  1470. 2010-1-11 Do you know your N Dash from your M Dashes? Thinking with Type, Ellen Lupton. Buy it. Buy it now.
  1471. 2010-1-11 Right. Work done. Time for a brief rest and then sleep. Anyone got any interesting links for me to read/watch? :)
  1472. 2010-1-10 A bad user experience is when you ask someone something and they dont reply. At all! #52weeksofUX
  1473. 2010-1-10 @jahnut @smyther she just totally pwned yah :D but I know ur not that silly. Wherebouts u moved, still up north?
  1474. 2010-1-10 @jbrewer No prob! Good to hear it was code oversight than a ux design one. We all do it & ya can't expect everything to be perfect.
  1475. 2010-1-10 Working on some posts for my site.. making improvements to my sites and adding some changes to my last presentation + doing some extra bits
  1476. 2010-1-9 @stanto Well only 2 hours sleep, went & played Fifa10. My presentation went well btw. Sadly only some of it got recorded :( battery fail
  1477. 2010-1-9 Wow! So many cool & interesting links today on http://delicious.com/popular Reading 52 weeks of UX, Steve Jobs presentation secrets & more
  1478. 2010-1-9 @bokardo 2nd week http://52weeksofux.com could be: Inform users links are coming soon rather than use hover states without click throughs ;)
  1479. 2010-1-9 My girlfriend has just announced she likes to flirt with geeks so maybe they will give her free stuff. Un-im-pressed.
  1480. 2010-1-9 Seeing people wearing rucksacks the other way round... is it more natural? Kangeroos do it. Also protects it & your organs from attack.
  1481. 2010-1-9 Apple fixing Orange's mess with the demo iPhone she got given. Compare this to 2 weeks of Camden Orange being poor & not returning calls.
  1482. 2010-1-9 @david_whitney can't chat now, got to go to Bond street shopping with her.
  1483. 2010-1-9 @michchapman @stanto Yup, security consious, poite... but at the end of the day, plain weird looking.
  1484. 2010-1-9 Photoshop tie. Must buy to wear in work. Great spot @stanto http://tr.im/JUaw
  1485. 2010-1-9 @hayleys Kittens! Coolies. Mmmmm... not lots. New website. Some projects. Oh and my gf :) She is from your neck of the woods!
  1486. 2010-1-8 Almost finished my presentation for tomorrow... sadly no time to finish off my blog post about typography.
  1487. 2010-1-8 @simondoggett a release? What'd you mean?
  1488. 2010-1-8 @russianTsar You like the OS detection really! And there's one other thing with rounded corners ;)
  1489. 2010-1-8 Almost at the venue... Finished reading my typography book.
  1490. 2010-1-8 RT @richmarr: John Humphries just asked a lady he was interviewing what she was wearing. #awesome #radio4
  1491. 2010-1-8 Up and at ya. 2 hours sleep. But who's countin' ;) talk at 12... Wish me luck! & gl rest of product team.
  1492. 2010-1-8 @Stanto You know it was amusing at the time. Plus we had to wake up! The presentation is about the future of products at JustGiving.
  1493. 2010-1-8 Tips for going to sleep anyone. Coughing and unable to sleep. :(
  1494. 2010-1-8 Can't sleep. Too many ideas for my talk. Head gonna explode.
  1495. 2010-1-8 And it's all complete. My 2nd presentation... which I'm looking forward to giving. And now, upload + bed.
  1496. 2010-1-8 @HayleyS very well thanks! You? What's new up north?
  1497. 2010-1-7 @bimal_tailor Thanks! And yup, there is a Twitter feed in the bottom. It may need tweaking - caching + more details.
  1498. 2010-1-7 Dear @adamtibi ... where is your new awesome blog? :p We need to set a new deadline for when our sites will be judged. Okay? :)
  1499. 2010-1-7 Time for bed... and to work on my presentation tomorrow + other bits of work.
  1500. 2010-1-7 @sergeimuller :D
  1501. 2010-1-7 Ah... very happy with the new footer I've released. Let me know what you think. Still tons more to do... www.kaivong.com
  1502. 2010-1-7 @russiantsar are you happy now? I hope you're happy now. Because if you're not... well. There's always sushi!
  1503. 2010-1-7 @russiantsar yeah, quite like it on my macbook but maybe need to tone some of it down a bit and think about the widths for smaller monitors!
  1504. 2010-1-6 RT @benmason: RT @ktmonkey:*  ❄     * ❄      *       *      ❄ .     *  ❄    * .  ❄    ❄        *        ❄ ___________________ ...
  1505. 2010-1-6 RT @ benmason @ktmonkey: ❄      *       *      ❄ .     *  ❄    * .  ❄    ❄        *        ❄ _______________________☃_____
  1506. 2010-1-6 I too am now starting to think about using Chrome for building websites in the future.... http://tr.im/JD6r
  1507. 2010-1-6 @rice_queen I'm sure it could have been worse... but the whole, "listen for the click" quote was too much.
  1508. 2010-1-6 @betarish I'm trying not to think about it!
  1509. 2010-1-6 Dental hygenist made my teeth bleed so much that I almost fainted. Still recovering. On a flip side she said I have amazing teeth.
  1510. 2010-1-5 I wish I was.. I wish I was. In reply to: RT @faya_: @kaichanvong Sounds like your angry at a fruit bowl O_O
  1511. 2010-1-5 The butterfly effect, Donnie Darko & time travellers wife are both a conspiracy to convince people that time travel is not a good idea.
  1512. 2010-1-5 @russiantsar @simondoggett blog post about that with examples... get it into Digg/Delicious popular, then watch Apple's 1st gen sales die.
  1513. 2010-1-5 Apple & Orange have fucked me right off. We have a demo version of the iPhone & neither are taking responsibility to help. WTF?!?!
  1514. 2010-1-4 @bekibutton You know what I meant! :p
  1515. 2010-1-4 @ashleyemma Check the upload settings are AUTO rather than ASCII/Binary... :)
  1516. 2010-1-4 Removing the lights, tinsel, tree borbals and packing up my Triffid for the year.
  1517. 2010-1-4 @emerritt Just found a similar random bug... Using transparent on the background-color override & affects RGBA on the border-colour!
  1518. 2010-1-4 @izabel_blue Cough syrup huh... What colour is the phlem? I've labelled mine as... "gruesome green".
  1519. 2010-1-4 Roomba 0 - Christmas tree leaves 1.
  1520. 2010-1-4 @willjohnh @izabel_blue Now I really feel sick... :P Time to take out the triffid with help from dad. Wrapped up in blanket. Lucky thing.
  1521. 2010-1-4 So far Roomba 1 - 3 Christmas tree... I've got a feeling my baby will need to charge up again and do a few more spins and we'll be good!
  1522. 2010-1-3 Almost choked on a cookie laughing at the arrival of the English team in Madmen and their reorganising.
  1523. 2010-1-3 @elliottkember Both CSS3 and HTML5! :D
  1524. 2010-1-3 @whatterz :( Well good luck! I like to use XAMPP and MAMP as it speeds up implementation even if it isn't perfect.
  1525. 2010-1-3 In tears. Madmen doesn't, cant, get any better than this. Lawn mower. OFfice. Blood. Amazing.
  1526. 2010-1-2 Loved Avatar in 3D... despite having runny nose throughout it. Hopefully this cold will leave me again soon.
  1527. 2010-1-2 Having trouble with my @mediatemple FTP :( oh well... hopefully the issues will be resolved soon?
  1528. 2010-1-2 @whatterz Are you using XAMPP dude? I love it for quick dev work... and MAMP for Mac is also awesome.
  1529. 2010-1-1 RT @WillsWearsPrada I've sat through nearly this entire episode of Doctor Who. I have honestly never seen a more godawful TV programme.
  1530. 2010-1-1 Having awesome mini pancakes thanks to my new Kenwood, Nigella (http://tr.im/J8Ir)... and watching MadMen
  1531. 2010-1-1 Looks like the Marks and Spencer's website is having a turn for the worst. http://tr.im/JblP 'Valentine Day - Barking Mad TXT'
  1532. 2010-1-1 @stanto Was thinking this £1.50 Marks & Spencers gift for you might be pretty cool. Speeding around. In. Style. http://tr.im/JbzI
  1533. 2010-1-1 Applying my new HTML5 skills from what I've been reading on Smashing Mag and more http://tr.im/JaXb
  1534. 2010-1-1 Dr Who. Quite possibly some of the worst TV I've seen in a very very long time. Lots to learn from though.