1. 2011-12-30 @natbentley mission accomplished!
  2. 2011-12-30 Miffy http://t.co/ECY7Bb6X
  3. 2011-12-30 Sashimi http://t.co/ZQ4903JU
  4. 2011-12-30 Tamago http://t.co/oPl6Jn7Z
  5. 2011-12-30 Sushi from above. Home made. http://t.co/990s3Ri5
  6. 2011-12-30 Stephen Hawking is looking for technical assistant to maintain & improve his speech system. http://t.co/iadYdofW
  7. 2011-12-30 @micrypt :p show off!
  8. 2011-12-30 The Hitchhikers guide to Python. http://t.co/LxJf2lRx
  9. 2011-12-30 I just ordered a ladle from the Internet. http://t.co/6MZYwcuZ Short. Funny. True.
  10. 2011-12-30 Working a bit more on my talk for @Ursi82 - an introduction to HTML featuring Lynx, The garden of forking paths and more…
  11. 2011-12-30 @PedMeister Just saw your tweet about about #diabloBeta @BlizzardCS & have also completed the beta opt in dance: http://t.co/nVTm91dV
  12. 2011-12-30 @micrypt I only go for sashimi grade salmon…well… kind of. :]
  13. 2011-12-30 The afterlife as described by scientists: http://t.co/qx9fWkQS goes nicely after watching a bit of this: http://t.co/2oSa4crF
  14. 2011-12-30 Hello fishies. (@ Billingsgate Market) http://t.co/b6sq1br4
  15. 2011-12-30 It is 5am. Fresh fish beware. I am coming for you.
  16. 2011-12-30 Inside out rolls http://t.co/tufEB14C
  17. 2011-12-28 Infographics from the 1920s: http://t.co/ejqWzJpr
  18. 2011-12-28 After seeing National Anthem (1/3 of Black Mirror) by @charltonbrooker http://t.co/CSTHrSVg can say it is brilliant. @mrlerone I tip my hat.
  19. 2011-12-28 Planning New Year Eve dinner. Do we do the lobster mash? http://t.co/vZNJGTOq #barenakedladies
  20. 2011-12-28 Anyone else out tonight? Will be out in London tonight with my cousin.
  21. 2011-12-28 More python koans completed. 202/291 completed. Greed game & triangle have been my 2 favourite parts to work on. https://t.co/KYd1qvt6
  22. 2011-12-27 @david_whitney I want rum. Nearest equivalent I have is port. Or amoretto.
  23. 2011-12-26 Happy birthday - Joshua & Kristal cakes http://t.co/7jnMaAaq
  24. 2011-12-26 The Vong Christmas present raffle 2011 http://t.co/LMWKLDJP
  25. 2011-12-26 Just completed some more learning… Python Koans. Do it! :D https://t.co/Y3VgFWvW
  26. 2011-12-26 Time to end the war on drugs? http://t.co/ZBqpsWDo
  27. 2011-12-26 In other news… here is a panda creating art. http://t.co/CqIN5cVP cc @artfinder
  28. 2011-12-26 Me if I were a cat: http://t.co/1HBg1s7n And then I would be all like…. http://t.co/JuseEyat ^_^
  29. 2011-12-26 @smyther I didn't want anything for Christmas. I guess there are a lot of… 'poor' people out there http://t.co/TOvd7XqQ how sad.
  30. 2011-12-26 Waving goodbye to one another is such an amusing ritual.
  31. 2011-12-26 Yesterday my granddad just planted daffodil bulbs. Last night creatures attempted to steal them. Time to set up defence towers up.
  32. 2011-12-26 New creepy and spooky animals discovered in 2011. http://t.co/FjVRltvz
  33. 2011-12-26 Cakes #1 http://t.co/g2dXXN02
  34. 2011-12-25 I am awake. Googling "is Santa real". Merry Christmas!
  35. 2011-12-25 Merry Christmas! :D from What-to-eat-today: http://t.co/mR4YnYol
  36. 2011-12-25 A present from gran http://t.co/jjbeh4ml
  37. 2011-12-25 We has sage. http://t.co/6kNgaj04
  38. 2011-12-25 "you know when you have a blanket around you, you're a granny. I used to bebop every night" http://t.co/1HG6TSWb
  39. 2011-12-25 @webofstories - great idea, seems rather broken when uploading videos in Chrome & Firefox on Mac. Quite annoyed. http://t.co/1JurzuuF
  40. 2011-12-25 The Christmas dinner challenge of two thousand and eleven. http://t.co/yDjZ2QKM
  41. 2011-12-25 Watching save Gordan from bankruptcy. A guest is asked about their favourite food, they try to sound as cool as possible.
  42. 2011-12-25 Martini? Do not mind if I do. Wonder if it was shaken and not stirred...
  43. 2011-12-25 Learning Python and getting strong through Python Koans. https://t.co/KYd1qvt6 :D
  44. 2011-12-25 Yey. http://t.co/lyEemESr
  45. 2011-12-25 "Stop it Kai." Exclaimed my mother. "There's desert yet to come." I am warded off from picking at the turkey and stuffing.
  46. 2011-12-25 Christmas pud. Nom nom. Thank you mom. http://t.co/yEWYlyqC
  47. 2011-12-25 Grandad with his chocolate http://t.co/g9Pxk0as
  48. 2011-12-25 Death by chocolate. http://t.co/ANAoI9Vo
  49. 2011-12-25 RT @iamcalledrob: @kaichanvong that's an exceptional amount of chocolate
  50. 2011-12-25 @smyther I'm holding on. Sooooo full up now. Cheese later maybe. Omgsofullup.
  51. 2011-12-25 You sir, are a brave man. 3 hours. Wow. Trifle yet to come still for me. Wibble wobble, Wibble wobble.
  52. 2011-12-25 @smyther Maybe to help I can take more photos of food for you. And left over photo requests? Parsnips?
  53. 2011-12-25 @iamcalledrob My grandad sets world records when it comes to receiving and consuming chocolate.
  54. 2011-12-25 @smyther @jahnut Congrats! Does this have anything to do with those beautiful tweets exchanged yesterday over breakfast? :D
  55. 2011-12-25 @Stanto fus ro dah!
  56. 2011-12-25 Bye bye Santa until next year. http://t.co/4zDaWBP6
  57. 2011-12-25 Christmas with a DOM tree of form elements. http://t.co/VOKxu5We
  58. 2011-12-25 @cakesandcanapes Of course, I'd be delighted for it to be used. Thanks! :D
  59. 2011-12-25 Turkey http://t.co/9qS4LNgS
  60. 2011-12-24 Mulled wine? :D #christmas #rhetorical-questions
  61. 2011-12-24 @bart_lewis RE: http://t.co/4rRVn0Om $(’.class', '.other’) is not the equivalent to $(‘span’, this)
  62. 2011-12-24 Watching and wondering what is going on in the wonderful world of @smyther & @jahnut #twitter #drama
  63. 2011-12-24 @mrlerone Just for you. #successkid http://t.co/j6J8Yjp7
  64. 2011-12-24 @Jen_Bayne Not sure about the candy floss like present...
  65. 2011-12-24 Do I always look this angry? http://t.co/lor2c5el
  66. 2011-12-24 @heatherlinford high five 8am!
  67. 2011-12-24 @bart_lewis I was incorrect & mistook - $('.class', '.other') for $('.class, .other'), my apologies!
  68. 2011-12-23 It burns, it burns!!!! http://t.co/HsNnr12a
  69. 2011-12-23 Cooking when younger. http://t.co/8hIbEFXS
  70. 2011-12-23 Django performance tips http://t.co/ptko0gh6 (via Instapaper)
  71. 2011-12-23 Now to go be all Christmas like. Good bye Internetz. Hello Grandpapa & Grandmama. As said best here: http://t.co/hAyvb1OY
  72. 2011-12-23 Thanks Pret. Thanks for that change to your site. Thanks for the 5 un-ordered lists with 1 list items in each. #fixed http://t.co/0oaG7Pj4
  73. 2011-12-23 Lets fix foodbot for when Pret cannot be bothered to tell us what soups are available. http://t.co/TQwb8Gw2
  74. 2011-12-23 Do I move all my domains from GoDaddy due to their past SOPA support. I guess today is as good as any day to do it right?
  75. 2011-12-23 Ginger bread candle people http://t.co/H7UC0vGT
  76. 2011-12-22 @mofloapp Maybe it was a nightmare from my experiences with Google App Engine and other various startups! :)
  77. 2011-12-22 @Stanto I didn't record it & don't want to edit it :) … is this a bad thing?
  78. 2011-12-22 @robcthegeek @mofloapp Not sure if this was a dream, but I thought I was going to be charged and rushed for the delete account button :/
  79. 2011-12-21 Check out the gift I got for Secret Santa 2011 on http://t.co/uk5kVgyN! http://t.co/mEclCLbo via @redditgifts
  80. 2011-12-21 RT @artfinder: Inspired by today's issue of @StylistMagazine, we created a collection of artworks that recalls an age of opulence - http ...
  81. 2011-12-21 ^Loved^Love :]
  82. 2011-12-21 My Reddit secret santa gift arrived. Loved it so much. Photos + video coming tonight :]
  83. 2011-12-21 Will be excited to use this soon :D #soup http://t.co/KOzwTMIl
  84. 2011-12-20 Anti gravity machine. Magnet + Copper pipe. http://t.co/6DWZ1aIM
  85. 2011-12-20 Great. All the lights just popped.
  86. 2011-12-19 RT @artfinder: Even ninjas don't get a break at Christmas http://t.co/I3oCcn86
  87. 2011-12-19 Lots of big Christmas meals soon… maybe soup would be a good idea for this week… http://t.co/leFEuF5i #fb
  88. 2011-12-19 When you change stuffs on websites… this is how you should tell it :) https://t.co/EeTYFn4S #design
  89. 2011-12-19 Neat.15% off money management app - Moflo. I've heard great things about this app. http://t.co/1LuoHAxk #fb
  90. 2011-12-18 Loved Man from Uncle? Thunderbirds? @omarqureshi RT: If you guys haven't seen it yet - danger5 is ridiculous (sbs.com.au/danger5/videos…)
  91. 2011-12-18 Robots making popcorn & sandwiches. http://t.co/vZUlWMr7
  92. 2011-12-18 Reading through HTML5 slide deck of examples + code http://t.co/6RLT9btF
  93. 2011-12-17 And now to get ingredients to make mulled cider.
  94. 2011-12-17 I want to learn to do this. http://t.co/eK8jFSRe
  95. 2011-12-17 My Reddit secret santa is to ship my gift tomorrow. HURRAAH. Faith in humanity restored. #betterlatethannever
  96. 2011-12-16 Just incase SOPA passes. Here is something you might want... - Google's IP. You're welcome.
  97. 2011-12-16 Van Gogh Museum - Gauguin’s chair http://t.co/wxn1Dzkv (via Instapaper)
  98. 2011-12-16 @robcthegeek To play ping pong or eat there? & no, not yet. I'll be sure to try your 'money management made simple' tool tonight! Congrats!
  99. 2011-12-16 Best one wins some prize. And I guess you have until the end of next week? :) Anyone interested in playing?
  100. 2011-12-16 I want to play a game with you all… I'm feeling glum. Cheer me up with an amusing art collection like this: http://t.co/tbiQmTwO
  101. 2011-12-16 How to Report Bugs Effectively http://t.co/9J9hqgc4 (via Instapaper)
  102. 2011-12-15 Well played firefox, well played. button::-moz-focus-inner
  103. 2011-12-14 At @artfinder Christmas party! Missing a few sadly. Hope to see them soon. http://t.co/ngaWCZe1
  104. 2011-12-13 Watching a brilliant TED talk about organising art as advised by @Jen_Bayne of @artfinder http://t.co/hzYMy1uc
  105. 2011-12-13 "warburtons in Primark???" quoted from @neilkimmett. @iamcalledrob this is the new @joeypfeifer.
  106. 2011-12-13 RT @artfinder: Have you seen these? Multiple new Banksy works in the UK http://t.co/1yDhspqE via @curated
  107. 2011-12-13 How disappointing, RedditGift secret Santa appears to have failed me this year. :(
  108. 2011-12-12 Behind the paint ‘A Tale of Two Chairs’ « Echostains Blog http://t.co/U0WXNG1B (via Instapaper)
  109. 2011-12-12 The Story of W&L: China’s Great Internet Divide | TechRice http://t.co/SfkL3XCW (via Instapaper)
  110. 2011-12-12 Wasn't sure if a painting was by Cézanne or Monet. I was wrong.. Berthe Morisot. Yet so close, see similar artists on http://t.co/ptKtlQZQ
  111. 2011-12-11 Migration away from old servers going well. From wordpress to flat site… then later on moving to use Hyde :D
  112. 2011-12-11 @wilcolley It's time for us to dress like in the movie to help complete this picture http://t.co/JFQGY0Es
  113. 2011-12-10 @simondoggett Epic Meal time man :]
  114. 2011-12-10 @simondoggett Ursula says, "Rob is trying too hard to be like that guy who made that lasagne burger". We both know what she means ;)
  115. 2011-12-10 RT @henrygarner: My new favourite website http://t.co/1NZZEfs4
  116. 2011-12-10 @simondoggett I'm so disgusted by that. But I am also intrigued by how it tastes. But so disgusted.
  117. 2011-12-9 I just bought Head to Head: Will Critchlow vs. Rand Fishkin for $49 http://t.co/lajDmnQz via @appsumo
  118. 2011-12-9 @Izabel_blue So glad you're enjoying it! I have some new things to add in the future. For now focusing on Artfinder projects :) Speak soon!
  119. 2011-12-9 Just seen our pal @mrlerone of @artfinder fame finish the video explaining what we do at Artfinder. See it here - http://t.co/0N9dVLXN
  120. 2011-12-8 @richmarr Says the destroyer of chillies!
  121. 2011-12-8 "Last person to catch a fish has to eat it raw." Urrghhh! ...Oh hang on a second, that sounds awesome! #rivercottage
  122. 2011-12-6 @Ardesco Plz can haz animation of thats! :]
  123. 2011-12-6 @david_whitney What did you buy & what should I get? :D
  124. 2011-12-5 @david_whitney /me chuckles gleefully :]
  125. 2011-12-5 You know what soup is on today right? www.what-to-eat-today.com/soup/today … not so great looking ;(
  126. 2011-12-5 Testing, testing, testing. Fixing, fixing, fixing… sure there is a song that goes like thisssss… goes like thisssss...
  127. 2011-12-4 @bekibutton Good luck at the Christmas craft fair!
  128. 2011-12-3 FEAR ME. For I am the Thunder god (Japanese style). So cool. http://t.co/UHtarQup via @artfinder
  129. 2011-12-2 Empty file http://t.co/109C1O9O
  130. 2011-12-2 I just ousted @madgie as the mayor of tajima tei on @foursquare! http://t.co/wR8PGfq8
  131. 2011-12-2 Sushiiiii! (@ tajima tei) http://t.co/7TFZd13s
  132. 2011-12-1 At union jacks and just seen @jamieoliver. Looking forward to foods.
  133. 2011-12-1 Hanging out with Mr Oliver. (@ Union Jacks) http://t.co/Zs0hNvnk
  134. 2011-12-1 Do I do soup today… hmmm http://t.co/o6N2UCo6 #fb
  135. 2011-12-1 1st! (@ Artfinder) http://t.co/TlgXXNVJ
  136. 2011-11-30 @omarqureshi Does Nandos do specials & take away? Regardless, I'll consider adding that soon for you pal!
  137. 2011-11-30 Music artist: "Why I prefer piracy over Spotify" http://t.co/vFai4tV1
  138. 2011-11-30 Must be dreaming. Hacker news talking about Counter Strike vs. Programming… http://t.co/o0MnltUp
  139. 2011-11-30 Today's soup does not interest me in the slightest. www.what-to-eat-today.com/soup/today This is a problem. Suggestions for fixing this?
  140. 2011-11-29 @farbey @neilkimmett That would be cool. Thanks! :)
  141. 2011-11-29 @neilkimmett Very kind of you to say so :) @farbey - this might interest you also: http://t.co/br3hQH2b (I did it in an evening :P)
  142. 2011-11-29 What soup do I have today #2 http://t.co/6GfvZy1q
  143. 2011-11-29 http://t.co/rUwOd6xq art into ascii cc: @artfinder
  144. 2011-11-29 Wondering what soup to have today. http://t.co/o6N2UCo6 #fb #food #soup #eat #pret #nusa
  145. 2011-11-28 @jon_bedford Was not expecting such a well done video… felt a bit commercial, but in a professional/good way.
  146. 2011-11-28 RT @Izabel_blue: RT @jon_bedford: Get a preview of the *new look* @JustGiving fundraising pages in this short vid: http://t.co/v2wI3m4C ...
  147. 2011-11-28 @bala__iyer Magic Bala, I now use magic! They have no apis. I also do not do it by hand either! ;) Here's a hint: http://t.co/WEz5Qgwj
  148. 2011-11-28 @bala__iyer You're assuming they have APIs?!?!? ;) And thanks.
  149. 2011-11-28 @ifenn That is one mammoth list of soups! http://t.co/3PAqHJEQ
  150. 2011-11-28 @yaellevey Thanks, that means a lot - I have lots of improvements for it coming up too :)
  151. 2011-11-28 @ifenn I think you're giving the solution to the wrong person :P
  152. 2011-11-28 It's almost lunch time for some people. Find out what soup is available: www.what-to-eat-today.com/soup/today #fb
  153. 2011-11-28 @jiamins This is tough :( … I could bring you soup from Eat if you'd like or you could tell me places near you that you would like on it!
  154. 2011-11-28 @tkenny You're a hero :) Thank you!
  155. 2011-11-28 @leisa @yaellevey Totally link baiting me here. *click*
  156. 2011-11-28 @tkenny Thanks man, that means a lot :) If you comment about it's existence I will be amazingly chuffed! :D
  157. 2011-11-28 Been working hard on http://t.co/o6N2UCo6. Tons done. Tons to do… but enjoying it. Now to sleep.
  158. 2011-11-28 Would love to see some re-tweets of my today's http://t.co/leFEuF5i … :) Hint hint.
  159. 2011-11-28 @ifenn Pulverissssse?
  160. 2011-11-28 Coding. The new Latin. I loved Latin at school. http://t.co/CSFglZCS
  161. 2011-11-28 @starcarbon That's very kind (and perhaps a bit of an exaggeration) of you to say :D Thanks!
  162. 2011-11-28 @jiamins If I wasn't on a health kick right now, I'd trade you soup for fried chicken! And yes, I'll bring you soup one day :D
  163. 2011-11-28 Soup for lunch. Guess which. http://t.co/5WJHKDsm
  164. 2011-11-28 @ifenn Tell me of places with nice varied soup menus and I'll add them. Things other than soup too.
  165. 2011-11-28 @Ardesco Very :) Thank you!
  166. 2011-11-27 @gaildoggett Foodbot is a bit of a long story… cut short, it was an IRC bot I wrote to tell people what soups exist at Pret/Eat.
  167. 2011-11-27 @gaildoggett http://t.co/o6N2UCo6 is Foodbot's thoughts :) …still lots to do, if you have suggestions or thoughts - let me know :)
  168. 2011-11-27 OMG. Fix the design. http://t.co/UmGIl3qp
  169. 2011-11-27 So sad. Today saw the death of Gary Speed, aged 42. An amazing athlete, hero. Sources say suicide :(
  170. 2011-11-26 Okay calling it a night. I've done enough work on Foodbot for tonight. Now to sleep...
  171. 2011-11-26 I just re-wrote git history with git rebase -i. Such a cool thing to be able to do.
  172. 2011-11-26 @jiamins takes so long-lah!
  173. 2011-11-26 Plex with XBox Kinect. http://t.co/LaY7ne8r
  174. 2011-11-26 @micrypt Honoured to be named amongst such cool people. Now following them :) cc @siepert @glenngillen #ff
  175. 2011-11-25 @micrypt I want to do it too… How do you suggest we get it started? I have so many things to juggle… you up for starting on it?
  176. 2011-11-25 This is neat :) http://t.co/pKgxyJ9e
  177. 2011-11-25 Here is todays soups: www.what-to-eat-today.com/soup/today - I made some updates to it last night. More coming soon!
  178. 2011-11-25 @1985R Yup, but I think I'm experiencing the world in a totally different light because of it.
  179. 2011-11-25 Oh and @kaigani, congrats on the gig with @justeat_uk - I'm sure you'll do amazing stuff for them. They're very lucky to have got you!
  180. 2011-11-25 @kaigani @justeat_uk You're correct! In the past a forgotten email would return me my password. That would be bad. Now it does not! :)
  181. 2011-11-25 RT @jackhenderson: Social campaign of the year WINNER http://t.co/T4b6NJwl
  182. 2011-11-25 @kaigani @justeat_uk More importantly have they encrypted all their user's passwords yet?
  183. 2011-11-25 Insomnia sucks.
  184. 2011-11-25 @micrypt Lets do that! :)
  185. 2011-11-24 ArtFinder. Sketch. Yeahhh!!! http://t.co/gF1dU1IF
  186. 2011-11-24 Thankfully today's soups look nicer: http://t.co/o6N2UCo6
  187. 2011-11-24 What pizza to get tonight. Googling M&S pizza returns this as the highest search: http://t.co/zyZ9dsE4
  188. 2011-11-24 A Visual Guide to Version Control | BetterExplained http://t.co/v4e0bDy6 (via Instapaper)
  189. 2011-11-23 Cajun black bean and bacon soup… really? http://t.co/o6N2UCo6
  190. 2011-11-23 @RJMrgn Did not know this… layer cake tin?
  191. 2011-11-23 @iamdanw Honesty though, it's more - click Instagram "Read later" bookmarklet :)
  192. 2011-11-23 @iamdanw On view article: CMD+F, *tap tap into keyboard* "TL;DR"
  193. 2011-11-23 If you're American and looking for a "pie pan" in England, they are called "sandwich tins". If you know why… please tell me.
  194. 2011-11-22 Grabbing a milkshake. Yeh. (@ Byron) http://t.co/JHJr2fzq
  195. 2011-11-22 Rob taking a photo http://t.co/1p2IDIvt
  196. 2011-11-22 @gntrbt was awesome. Such great food. Amazing. Out of this world cocktails. Just ask @iamcalledrob!
  197. 2011-11-22 With @iamcalledrob at a real giant big foodbot02 robot yo. http://t.co/CEx11R8z
  198. 2011-11-22 @omarqureshi I intend to - I just have a few things to do first for it :)
  199. 2011-11-22 I wonder what to eat today…. http://t.co/o6N2UCo6
  200. 2011-11-22 The Internet is changing. Agreed. For the worse? Maybe a centralised world will suck.. http://t.co/JT7ZHMj5
  201. 2011-11-22 Drinking beer. (@ Hat & Tun) http://t.co/eDbtBTQH
  202. 2011-11-22 Rob taking more photos http://t.co/0qCCOMoY
  203. 2011-11-21 Thinking of soup today? www.kaichanvong.com/soup/today or tomorrow… or any day this week…
  204. 2011-11-21 @mrlerone Probably not… but @Ursi82 has had a great idea for Foodbot!
  205. 2011-11-21 @victoria_glass @miriamjsnice Liquid marzipan…. hmmm. Marzipan I love, not such about a liquid version. I want mulled wine right now :|
  206. 2011-11-21 Morning all. Thinking about lunch? Well here is today's soup at Eat and Pret: http://t.co/i65jybxB - design coming soon :)
  207. 2011-11-21 Heading home. Back at @artfinder after a week off. Soooooo tired. Anyone have any cures for being shattered at the end of the day?
  208. 2011-11-21 @victoria_glass @miriamjsnice Have to intervene. Amaretti biscuits are awesome! If unwanted biscuits, I can be that martyr :D
  209. 2011-11-21 My soup list was wrong earlier. I got the soups at midnight… Eat/Pret changed their list some time this morning. Fix coming soon.
  210. 2011-11-21 @jaylett is too good to me :D wines!!!!!!
  211. 2011-11-20 Per-dinner watching. #hippo
  212. 2011-11-20 @ifenn #spoongate? *googles*
  213. 2011-11-20 @ifenn Guessing @pret_uk took longer than 5 minutes. Disgusting. First leaving you spoon-less. Then train-less.
  214. 2011-11-20 Wondering what soup is available from Pret or Eat? :) http://t.co/ALkEqkZQ
  215. 2011-11-19 Wooooohooo. A slice of pizza counts as a vegetable in America. http://t.co/M6IWO6nA #failing #life
  216. 2011-11-19 I'm at Billingsgate Market (Trafalgar Way, London) http://t.co/I34o0PDp
  217. 2011-11-19 Off to market. Fish. Market.
  218. 2011-11-19 @robcthegeek Gotta love America! Happy Saturday dude!
  219. 2011-11-19 FLASK. Ahhhh-ahhh. It saved everyone of us. http://t.co/1xqwjqEY #foodbot02 #webapp
  220. 2011-11-19 @alexpashby It's so tempting to photoshop that..
  221. 2011-11-18 @jon_bedford - @tkenny asks, 'Has anyone ever seen a well designed spreadsheet? Does such a thing exist?' :D Show him the magic!
  222. 2011-11-18 @henrygarner Show me that bag and I will get that bag!
  223. 2011-11-18 The things we do for love. #twighlight #breakingdawn
  224. 2011-11-18 My pickle ready friends http://t.co/kCPyeLFg
  225. 2011-11-18 Le meringue http://t.co/TtE8QRkW
  226. 2011-11-18 Grep Kai /usr/share/dict/propernames :(
  227. 2011-11-18 @henrygarner funky bag? I'm not in London and I've just got out of bed!
  228. 2011-11-17 Mango & chilli salad http://t.co/5a86B1JM
  229. 2011-11-16 @david_whitney @demisbellot @chakrit @zedshaw Would be better if the list had optional checkboxes. Cos learning Ruby AND Python? ;)
  230. 2011-11-16 @david_whitney *waves*
  231. 2011-11-16 So much to do… so little time to do it all in. Foodbot02 now sat on the Interwebs in IRC form. Website… app and more to come soon!
  232. 2011-11-16 Is now really the time to play your recorder? #midnight #neighbourhood #watch
  233. 2011-11-16 Scallops cooking http://t.co/hh8f7RhC
  234. 2011-11-16 Naked wine achievement unlocked! http://t.co/dt1ayX5l
  235. 2011-11-16 At meat liqueur http://t.co/SmEPB0ng
  236. 2011-11-16 The square http://t.co/9AdUBFst
  237. 2011-11-16 Chinese style balsamic sauce: Balsamic vinegar, Corriander seeds, chilli flakes, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, pepper #recipe
  238. 2011-11-16 @kaichanvong @david_whitney @demisbellot @chakrit @zedshaw And nothing about dealing with RSI? cc @Stanto
  239. 2011-11-15 @mrlerone FYI - http://t.co/a9oNw6sM Boxee sounds a bit dodgy!
  240. 2011-11-15 Lightning storms from space are amazing. Time lapse video of orbiting Earth. http://t.co/i0OMvqSw
  241. 2011-11-15 RT @meemalee: LAST CALL: Quick roasted pork cheeks - char siew and classic http://t.co/al3mlUlQ
  242. 2011-11-15 @Ursi82 just named my new server. In relation to this I ask, "Have you actually seen Star Wars?" Reply, "I've seen the Phantom menace."
  243. 2011-11-15 The server name is kind of… what you would expect a geeky computer server to be named. :P
  244. 2011-11-15 @AdamTibi @micrypt No… and no. Zeus? Obvious? Server 00x is a bit random!
  245. 2011-11-15 @micrypt @adamtibi The hint was in the comment about my girlfriend naming it and the Star Wars reference :P
  246. 2011-11-15 @capone_adam Easy mistake. Just trollin' bro ;) #zelda #new #Microsoft #product
  247. 2011-11-15 So you sell the big issue... But at the same time you're at my local Sainsbury's on your mobile.
  248. 2011-11-13 6th grader builds apps. Gives a talk at TED. MIND BLOWING. Learned the basics of Python, C & Java. http://t.co/pq9OZZui
  249. 2011-11-13 RT @1985R: My interview with Ross from @nixonmcinnes was just published on @theartcurator -using social for self-promoting artists http: ...
  250. 2011-11-13 Update to iOS 5.0.1? What do you do? http://t.co/uvDMMM9M #iPhone4s
  251. 2011-11-13 Stevey's Blog Rants: Portrait of a N00b http://t.co/pjLFVZvb (via Instapaper)
  252. 2011-11-13 Europe's impending doom visualised. http://t.co/D0tIn2Lk #euro #crash
  253. 2011-11-13 Amazing music video - stop motion video using pencils. http://t.co/TXn1Gnbn #fb
  254. 2011-11-13 Hotel art at the Chester Grosvenor http://t.co/wFN1kJox
  255. 2011-11-12 Ready for food http://t.co/2W7ontn6
  256. 2011-11-12 Appetisers http://t.co/Ye5m35Sg
  257. 2011-11-12 Wonder if my mother went to this gig http://t.co/KS79T1cM
  258. 2011-11-12 I'm at The Ship Inn (Red Wharf Bay) http://t.co/22HxhQOx
  259. 2011-11-12 The Facebooks of China http://t.co/LubCbZqU (via Instapaper)
  260. 2011-11-12 Not sure what this art work is. There is an app for that. http://t.co/YVo2UlOI
  261. 2011-11-12 Mirror, mirror on the car door. http://t.co/mLvXoepm
  262. 2011-11-12 Expect us. Anonymous on starbucks coffee cup http://t.co/iKvpDpP1
  263. 2011-11-12 Scallops http://t.co/KlOQi0SA
  264. 2011-11-12 Lemon sole http://t.co/yLkvFn6E
  265. 2011-11-12 Say. Cheese. http://t.co/BmYlSK1D
  266. 2011-11-12 Tonight I will be cloud computing. Sheep++;
  267. 2011-11-12 Beer. http://t.co/6FoN43RO
  268. 2011-11-11 Coding Horror: All Programming is Web Programming http://t.co/U9QKOsAf (via Instapaper)
  269. 2011-11-11 And now… time to sleep.
  270. 2011-11-11 Steam's user db compromised. http://t.co/dXw6TTnd
  271. 2011-11-11 Nom! Fish and chips http://t.co/2AhdONXw
  272. 2011-11-11 Twitter spam. Block. Report spam.
  273. 2011-11-11 @artfinder sticker Picasso http://t.co/Ad8ZCXLy
  274. 2011-11-10 @tkenny RE: Me becoming an instagram machine - is this a bad thing? :o
  275. 2011-11-10 Joe after lunch http://t.co/fGMfcMds
  276. 2011-11-10 Steak sandwich! http://t.co/Enr0VZNC
  277. 2011-11-10 Duck http://t.co/BDxjlUec
  278. 2011-11-10 Hi! http://t.co/MRIymr2t
  279. 2011-11-9 @jaylett home! Who won?
  280. 2011-11-9 Alone http://t.co/T1ioaQDP
  281. 2011-11-9 Dogfinder http://t.co/35fL18m9
  282. 2011-11-9 Sat down http://t.co/wuZMgTun
  283. 2011-11-9 Found beers! http://t.co/JFbMoE5C
  284. 2011-11-9 Post http://t.co/fxhAuhNq
  285. 2011-11-9 Beerfinders http://t.co/eifJNupz
  286. 2011-11-9 RT @yaellevey: Decided front-end coding is basically drawing lots of boxes, trying every combo of everything ever til it works, & shouti ...
  287. 2011-11-9 @cackhanded Custard and jam? :D
  288. 2011-11-9 Mmm cream inside http://t.co/URwf57Ct
  289. 2011-11-9 Cake Wednesday!!!!!! http://t.co/YN7qYNYM
  290. 2011-11-9 Doughnuts http://t.co/Y5SQ5XoF
  291. 2011-11-9 ArtFinder http://t.co/U69CwVOa
  292. 2011-11-9 @richmarr It's from Eat. It's the turkey, bacon and stuffing pie.
  293. 2011-11-9 Soup http://t.co/W0ftzKmq
  294. 2011-11-9 Pie! http://t.co/hAFEAzCj
  295. 2011-11-9 Brian's lunch http://t.co/B7k1EzBz
  296. 2011-11-9 Half a face http://t.co/UwieNsMt
  297. 2011-11-8 A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design http://t.co/w9X7WBB8 (via Instapaper)
  298. 2011-11-8 ArtFinder workin' http://t.co/49BjEDIm
  299. 2011-11-8 Totoro http://t.co/LWEaDWwa
  300. 2011-11-8 Oh IE…. how I have not missed you. You and your quirky little ways of doing things. And/or not doing them.
  301. 2011-11-8 @yaellevey It's an open invite - hence using Twitter. :p Also @samsalisbury and any other people who would like to join in!
  302. 2011-11-8 Curry. Tonight. Wednesday or Thursday. @AdamTibi @bala__iyer @Izabel_blue @richmarr http://t.co/imPz9USL
  303. 2011-11-8 Curry. Tonight. Wednesday or Thursday. @david_whitney @robcthegeek @jon_bedford @simondoggett http://t.co/imPz9USL
  304. 2011-11-8 *waves at @fluffyemily*. She is in da @artfinder 'haus.
  305. 2011-11-8 Now added… Eat's pies list. http://t.co/cqdAFFyq
  306. 2011-11-8 Improved lots of Foodbot02's code so it is more robust and easier to understand. http://t.co/cqdAFFyq
  307. 2011-11-8 Marketers. Take. A.. Hint. http://t.co/IOekehZK
  308. 2011-11-7 Evil #masterchef judge abuses people with taunts such as, 'Professional chef? You couldn't cook at a BBQ.'
  309. 2011-11-7 Spicy salmon stir fry done. Now to watch master chef.
  310. 2011-11-7 http://t.co/hOoqVMN2
  311. 2011-11-7 Fried rice http://t.co/7QzKZ3IZ
  312. 2011-11-7 Darkness http://t.co/eaEYfaNz
  313. 2011-11-7 Flights http://t.co/TpHtKwBw
  314. 2011-11-7 London city from a far http://t.co/yQDGBWh6
  315. 2011-11-7 London city. http://t.co/i9PGPQbb
  316. 2011-11-7 Salad box http://t.co/4M4HRZbX
  317. 2011-11-7 Eeeek. You broke it. http://t.co/p5Joi6Im
  318. 2011-11-7 Morning @kzhu, @cackhanded approves of stickygram and now I think I'm going to order a bazillion too! http://t.co/wyEvULGs
  319. 2011-11-7 I wouldn't want food cooked by someone that looked like they would murder me. #masterchef
  320. 2011-11-6 Foodbot02 now will tell you what soup is available from http://t.co/zWzgp7qE today or on a specific day :D http://t.co/cqdAFFyq
  321. 2011-11-6 @micrypt I like this :]
  322. 2011-11-6 Dim sum! (@ Peninsula Restaurant) [pic]: http://t.co/aUaxua22
  323. 2011-11-6 Crispy noodles http://t.co/yKXNJIUu
  324. 2011-11-6 Noodles loading up! http://t.co/qNNnCKJp
  325. 2011-11-6 Mmmmmmm http://t.co/gUFZpqjH
  326. 2011-11-6 Char Sui bow! http://t.co/xzBIHhzo
  327. 2011-11-6 Sticky rice http://t.co/nFzrXMtF
  328. 2011-11-6 Yam cha http://t.co/VXhts8D3
  329. 2011-11-6 Jayden hanging out http://t.co/ZKueLMvB
  330. 2011-11-6 Little old man with cola http://t.co/mx3tvWtc
  331. 2011-11-6 Dim sum #art http://t.co/cHzlV295
  332. 2011-11-6 So many happy faces!!! http://t.co/VrgJfzis
  333. 2011-11-6 Wrong car Jayden!!!!! http://t.co/aGgw3dyO
  334. 2011-11-6 @alexpashby see four square for link! Peninsula nearby my flat :)
  335. 2011-11-6 @alexpashby I'm really good. Shanghai blues. I have a feeling that's next door to where I work in Holborn.
  336. 2011-11-6 Python: copying a list the right way http://t.co/EJc21kW9 (via Instapaper)
  337. 2011-11-6 @micrypt Nice. Thanks for that link :]
  338. 2011-11-6 Started watching Hue's riverside cottage. Vegetables only. Incredible. And now Florence and the machines. http://t.co/DF35KGUg
  339. 2011-11-6 @johannakoll I think they have spelt your name wrong too… Yohanna?
  340. 2011-11-6 Big bang! http://t.co/jAR4bqon
  341. 2011-11-5 Apple's Supply-Chain Secret? Hoard Lasers - Businessweek http://t.co/IioCIeia (via Instapaper)
  342. 2011-11-5 The Number One Trait of a Great Developer | Engine Yard Blog http://t.co/j4iyvJlB (via Instapaper)
  343. 2011-11-5 Eat's soup menu. What day of the week is it? Where are you. Oh but yes… the image source.. of course. view-source:http://t.co/3i2mcyNZ
  344. 2011-11-5 Oh how I love VIRTUALENV… Pip… Urllib2 and BeautifulSoup :]
  345. 2011-11-5 @micrypt :] Idea! A command-line command for meta stalking people.
  346. 2011-11-5 sudo gem install cheat. =] I like this. http://t.co/27Hh7SeE
  347. 2011-11-5 I was feeling a bit down. So I started work on FoodBot version 2. Stronger, better, hungrier. http://t.co/cqdAFFyq #python #irc #bot
  348. 2011-11-5 @mrlerone I can see where you are! Other friends.. I cannot :( ...so get/add me on iPhone find friend app now! :D
  349. 2011-11-5 Reading http://t.co/TwIup4Vk
  350. 2011-11-5 Bubba the vampire http://t.co/WF7YwYfE
  351. 2011-11-5 @henrygarner I approve :D
  352. 2011-11-5 function setup_fireworks(){ alert('I am scared of this'); } if(remember_day === 0511){ setup_fireworks(); }
  353. 2011-11-5 @henrygarner You should end it with sleep, followed by adequately long number too!
  354. 2011-11-4 RT @robcthegeek: Strange how things change.. When agitated, I used to want more stuff, now I feel the need to get rid of everything..
  355. 2011-11-4 Racism in Tech http://t.co/UrGWMfjM (via Instapaper)
  356. 2011-11-4 Installing Python Packages - Craig Kerstiens http://t.co/WKKY570q (via Instapaper)
  357. 2011-11-4 @simondoggett Thanks dude. It could have been worse. Just was a hassle having to use a different route. Happy Friday!
  358. 2011-11-4 Nothing beats ending the day, like not easily being able to get home.
  359. 2011-11-4 "I….am…a javascript…hero…" @cackhanded #quoteoftheday
  360. 2011-11-4 Metaphors and Norms - Understanding Copyright Law in a Digital Society http://t.co/02ZKuNZf
  361. 2011-11-4 Agreed @richmarr! Thanks everyone from @bgchefs & friends for making it fun :) cc @izabel_blue @anniemole @miriamjsnice
  362. 2011-11-4 I am a programmer | http://t.co/Zdy5DtLx http://t.co/ufI0BXfB (via Instapaper)
  363. 2011-11-3 $('a').on('click', myHandler); >> 1.7
  364. 2011-11-3 @tikichris glad you liked it and great to see you again! :D
  365. 2011-11-3 @katematlock I saw you at one point and then you had disappeared! And yes no doubt all that wine drinking is to blame ;)
  366. 2011-11-3 Miriam's cakes & canapés http://t.co/1o5s5tO9
  367. 2011-11-3 Great British chefs launch party http://t.co/hBGgvZPX
  368. 2011-11-3 Speak! http://t.co/RxPK74gJ
  369. 2011-11-3 Chris & duck soup http://t.co/rdoebm28
  370. 2011-11-3 Drinking. Food bloggers come talk to @richmarr, @izabel_blue and myself. (@ TechHub w/ @katematlock) [pic]: http://t.co/RbAIdAO6
  371. 2011-11-3 Mmmmm cheeses http://t.co/pV4dRRYn
  372. 2011-11-3 Mmmm http://t.co/Gw1DMtHc
  373. 2011-11-3 Fish. http://t.co/DupXTu53
  374. 2011-11-3 Revolting sweets make you appreciate nice ones even more. Fact.
  375. 2011-11-3 @r4vi Interesting - not quite what I'm after :] I've seen some twitter art accounts which would make pictures auto loaded pictures neat!
  376. 2011-11-3 Nice little library work around to sync files across Macs using iCloud in Lion. http://t.co/jKJLaKPE
  377. 2011-11-3 Lamb! http://t.co/WJ0vL7EW
  378. 2011-11-3 Ahoy! http://t.co/wK3j9Nwy
  379. 2011-11-3 Is there a site the automatically open photos/images from various types of Twitter streams?
  380. 2011-11-3 Wtf laptops?!! http://t.co/waDrvyIG
  381. 2011-11-3 @miriamjsnice was great to catch up - just about to read about cakes, canapés, smoked salmon and BBQ chicken :D
  382. 2011-11-2 Oleg using instagram http://t.co/GhoxU6qk
  383. 2011-11-2 Simon talking about instagram http://t.co/sYpDMaI6
  384. 2011-11-2 Eating! (@ tajima tei) http://t.co/SkmpiKs5
  385. 2011-11-2 RT @artfinder: art, always trending. User @markdarkart has created this awesome collection of 'taches in art for #movember http://t.co/I ...
  386. 2011-11-2 This painting reminds me of Cy Twombly and his amazing work (April 25, 1928 – July 5, 2011) http://t.co/Na97LuR7 #twitterstories
  387. 2011-11-2 Like the look of Pinterest. But how the hell do I get rid of all the womens clothes pictures & other bits not interesting to me.
  388. 2011-11-2 @russianTsar lol. Yes on iPad, Mac and iPhone. Very glad you have gestures on iPad 1 too now :D
  389. 2011-11-2 @russianTsar ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ guess who got a new keyboard language on iPad :] 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐷🐷🆒
  390. 2011-11-2 A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs - http://t.co/mqI80aRx http://t.co/qfHOZmqI (via Instapaper)
  391. 2011-11-2 H'ear. http://t.co/j5PcIpQP
  392. 2011-11-2 Fruity. http://t.co/yQjVxZFM
  393. 2011-11-2 Friends. Missing one cup. http://t.co/OVUqE7HI
  394. 2011-11-1 Toby kerning http://t.co/dYE0p7Hh
  395. 2011-11-1 All signed up ready for RedditGifts secret santa :D http://t.co/OxCuqDXm
  396. 2011-11-1 Briefs lit up http://t.co/9t9yeEJ4
  397. 2011-11-1 Treats http://t.co/EAesXJNd
  398. 2011-10-31 Apple is a vampire and you may as well steal Peter Townsend's son's motorbike. http://t.co/PfkxOFBL PS. This tweet costs 50p to read.
  399. 2011-10-31 Let us learn about China's startup culture. http://t.co/ISeuQWv8 #fb
  400. 2011-10-31 Look at the brass belt buckle down the page. Logo inspiration! http://t.co/QEfpJibp via @jaylett
  401. 2011-10-30 Time to tidy up. http://t.co/3FMPBIBX
  402. 2011-10-30 Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice | Kalzumeus Software http://t.co/YGwy37Xy (via Instapaper)
  403. 2011-10-30 @han Found it! Mission impossible & squirrels. Best thing ever. http://t.co/JhX2cId0
  404. 2011-10-30 @Han That reminded me of being 8 years old & watching the squirrels complete it with the mission impossible soundtrack.
  405. 2011-10-30 Font bot project. A - Z letters… FIGHT! http://t.co/wlod2oss cc @wilcolley @mrlerone @iamcalledrob
  406. 2011-10-30 Some of the things you can ask wolfram via Siri are amazing. http://t.co/8a3XLwei #fb
  407. 2011-10-29 Brownies baked! http://t.co/JcYvgSwH
  408. 2011-10-29 Cooking stuffs http://t.co/Ylj6UdZ9
  409. 2011-10-29 Back from a run http://t.co/Su328hfA
  410. 2011-10-29 Morning has 1st blackbird. http://t.co/aiMipDJ6
  411. 2011-10-29 Just finished reading Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python http://t.co/c3rrQaZN (via Instapaper)
  412. 2011-10-29 Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python http://t.co/c3rrQaZN (via Instapaper)
  413. 2011-10-29 Impressively detail Pixel by pixel break down of iOs5 design changes side by side with iOS4. http://t.co/YoglTMw3 #fb
  414. 2011-10-29 RT @mrlerone: @paulpod @kaichanvong @jaylett @mnowster Spencer's head too complicated so I did this: instagr.am/p/R6pid/
  415. 2011-10-29 Dem brownies be cookin'. Mmmmm http://t.co/Nk6NTJQO
  416. 2011-10-28 I just unlocked the "First Lesson" badge on @codecademy! http://t.co/cbAC5tP1 via @Codecademy (It was far too easy stuff :P)
  417. 2011-10-28 Briefs at the Hayward cc @artfinder http://t.co/Tc6NY402
  418. 2011-10-28 Fooood (@ Giant Robot) http://t.co/FEfg5Fs2
  419. 2011-10-28 Pizza. I had a sandwich though. http://t.co/tHXPqo5P
  420. 2011-10-28 Take breaks and sketch http://t.co/0yLKcHUC cc @artfinder
  421. 2011-10-28 @limeduck I know right! Now who gets to laugh… Heehee
  422. 2011-10-28 @bala__iyer It was the old @justgiving office… the @artfinder office has no microwave. We are a tiny little startup!
  423. 2011-10-28 @bala__iyer It was the work microwave & we must have just moved into the office at the time. I too was thinking how remarkably clean it was!
  424. 2011-10-28 @tkenny Just had this discussion and yes… I kind of agree, but sometimes it's nice hot!
  425. 2011-10-28 Achievement unlocked! LifeHacker uses one of my photos :D http://t.co/ghXmMsgq
  426. 2011-10-28 Google, remove videos of police using excessive force? Denied! :D http://t.co/hxz16nMG
  427. 2011-10-27 Start thinking about paying for that Google maps API usage! http://t.co/JHpx6EQs
  428. 2011-10-27 @yaellevey @willjohnh He isn't. I almost bought a pack today, for this same reason I turned it down.
  429. 2011-10-27 @beccalaa I feel sure you're trying to tell us you've read the latest XKCD comic and that you approve. http://t.co/aagYOGIs
  430. 2011-10-27 I love it how we have a renegade group of Windows users all with Excel and Word open at the front of the office.
  431. 2011-10-26 That's right screen share, it isn't like I use CMD+Tab to switch between apps or anything. Just feel free to break that functionality!
  432. 2011-10-26 @mrlerone http://t.co/NJYPrfFu
  433. 2011-10-26 @catcalleddoom And you. You should not be allowed to tweet jokes. cc. @mrlerone
  434. 2011-10-26 @mrlerone Talk about nice things please.
  435. 2011-10-26 Logos done purely in CSS. http://t.co/ulF5wKci NEAT!
  436. 2011-10-26 Humans can be melodramatic at times. "Faulty Train. Terrible. World ending. Find alternate route." I did not, took 15 mins more than usual.
  437. 2011-10-26 Siri is the future. For some of you. http://t.co/OMShdXai
  438. 2011-10-26 Who said 'I sense a scream passing through nature. I painted ... the clouds as actual blood. The colour shrieked.'? http://t.co/88Agcbcx
  439. 2011-10-26 Hamburger n chips http://t.co/a1YupSNm
  440. 2011-10-26 Milkshake!!!!!! http://t.co/c3y9uuv6
  441. 2011-10-26 @Stanto sarcasm? :o milkshake coming right up!
  442. 2011-10-26 Light. http://t.co/RwQmcUl0
  443. 2011-10-26 I am hungry. (@ Byron w/ @cackhanded) http://t.co/AwpjdetR
  444. 2011-10-26 @edhenderson At the moment yes! Interested? :)
  445. 2011-10-26 We are going for food!!!! http://t.co/ZUhuPFmw
  446. 2011-10-26 @edhenderson artfinder.com is a site/startup I work for. We work with museums & artists. It'd be nice to have Jack on our artist's list!
  447. 2011-10-26 @edhenderson Hey Ed - the Van Gough, sunflowers are amazing. http://t.co/wp0WgOb8 Would Jack like to on Artfinder.com as an artist?
  448. 2011-10-25 Morning world!
  449. 2011-10-25 @paulpod The first or 2nd? I still cannot accept it compared to WarCraft3. The greatest RTS game of them all.
  450. 2011-10-25 Steve Jobs to Siri, "Are you a man or a woman." Siri, "They have not assigned a gender to me sir." http://t.co/1PNmCXF0 #Inspiration
  451. 2011-10-25 @mrlerone Nest makes sense in this context, it's a thermostat… it keeps you warm. Alternative names could include 'the hatchery'.
  452. 2011-10-25 Amazing 'foodscapes' http://t.co/EgAaIe6z cc @artfinder #art
  453. 2011-10-25 @stanto We've had a serious suggestion for Jo to work on GTA6. Grand Theft Auto: Japan. Tamagotchi, yakuza & anime stuff. cc @mrlerone
  454. 2011-10-25 Found captive elephants! http://t.co/zMLtpxlf
  455. 2011-10-25 If Brian: do not use lift; use the stairs http://t.co/ZBqeKt08
  456. 2011-10-25 Mazz beanie hat http://t.co/Pg1iqY1i
  457. 2011-10-25 Brian's burrito http://t.co/Mpu6CyVG
  458. 2011-10-25 Yup. Love this site totally, utterly :) http://t.co/uaVooUFR
  459. 2011-10-25 @paulpod I'm guessing you're a Protoss player. I'm Zerg. I haven't played in ages though.
  460. 2011-10-24 @david_whitney :] More proof David Whitney is a legend. I do love github. W for branches btw! :D
  461. 2011-10-24 Been working my way through some Python Koans. Now time for bed. So tired! NN all. http://t.co/Y3VgFWvW
  462. 2011-10-24 Hello again iPad gestures. I'm sorry Apple abused you & took you away. Welcome back. :)
  463. 2011-10-24 IOS5 took away gestures. Sigh. http://t.co/S2QlZfoK Time to "hack it".
  464. 2011-10-24 @Paulpod of @artfinder thinking http://t.co/F0oJZNIK
  465. 2011-10-24 An update of *my* operating system should be a chat between me & it as to what I want/do not want. http://t.co/ehKkBShs Thank you overlords!
  466. 2011-10-24 @richmarr It's about time they started searching for that historic starship.
  467. 2011-10-24 @david_whitney Howwww did you find that out easily? :]
  468. 2011-10-23 Too. Many. Notifications. For. Everything. Going into airplane mode to sleep.
  469. 2011-10-23 Mmmm. Pie and mash! http://t.co/SNBfsj5l
  470. 2011-10-22 @bekibutton dropbox.
  471. 2011-10-22 Ursi on board http://t.co/E2JVvIuO
  472. 2011-10-22 Ursula http://t.co/EGbDkLdA
  473. 2011-10-22 You're here http://t.co/sx6mR58X
  474. 2011-10-22 Yum http://t.co/mDgFi1zT
  475. 2011-10-22 With Ursi @ big easy http://t.co/B92oz8bL
  476. 2011-10-22 Today is a sad day for the + operator in Google. http://t.co/oZC6SCbt Replaces by "BE SPECIFIC LIKE THIS"
  477. 2011-10-22 'W' on a Github repo is officially my 2nd favourite shortcut key after 'T'. Hello my little repo branches!
  478. 2011-10-22 Github super top secrets http://t.co/Iec7sRJ8 :D
  479. 2011-10-22 Cell phones and cancer no link. http://t.co/gua2GHPV
  480. 2011-10-22 Good morning. INCOMINGGGGG. Zed Shaw's overall computer setup - http://t.co/sP7TJmDt
  481. 2011-10-22 Morning http://t.co/vWrPfm8A
  482. 2011-10-22 Almost home now after a great leaving do drinks session for Maria of @artfinder fame. Wishing her the best.
  483. 2011-10-21 Brian and priscilla http://t.co/ODI2xhfO
  484. 2011-10-21 I'm at The Old Crown (33 New Oxford St., Museum St., London) http://t.co/Gczm6e5d
  485. 2011-10-21 The 'like' button. A social recognition meta function similar to a nod/smile or other non-verbal reply/reaction.
  486. 2011-10-21 Maria and Norm http://t.co/vixQGuBb
  487. 2011-10-21 Maria & Morgan http://t.co/fgk1XquJ
  488. 2011-10-21 Priscilla & Morgan http://t.co/SbRHRn6f
  489. 2011-10-21 Tweet'er wallet http://t.co/5gzkD7VO
  490. 2011-10-21 Looking up! http://t.co/RcuRnWDB
  491. 2011-10-21 So Asian. http://t.co/v90xmZGH
  492. 2011-10-20 In the future we'll all talk to our machines.
  493. 2011-10-20 @jon_bedford Your tweets about agile lack full context. Are some teams working well with it and others not so or otherwise?
  494. 2011-10-20 RT @svarrall: Need to get a tiny package down to London from Newcastle for an event tomorrow evening. Any kind souls going down tomorrow ...
  495. 2011-10-20 Dinner! http://t.co/WBTZQMiN
  496. 2011-10-20 ArtFinder collaboration while my laptop dies http://t.co/6KKOv6v4
  497. 2011-10-20 I just signed up for Wunderkit! Use this link to get early access to the beta. - http://t.co/fY96aF1w via @6Wunderkinder
  498. 2011-10-19 Pro tip for iPhone 4s users: disable Siri when locked http://t.co/AXNKsa9f
  499. 2011-10-19 Yup. Siri with reminders is a game changer for how I do things. http://t.co/zewr8b3k
  500. 2011-10-19 Wonder how these lil fellas will cope in the winter... http://t.co/TD0rVnyD
  501. 2011-10-19 Innocent veg pot veg art http://t.co/f5Cm47DC
  502. 2011-10-19 @mnowster I created this fundraising page because of something similar… http://t.co/Pz49PNrq ;)
  503. 2011-10-19 Siri, Remember the milk. Kinda cool. http://t.co/Ovr5KsEu I'm a sucker for this kinda stuff :]
  504. 2011-10-19 Thinking to myself, "Netsplit?" …Brought back memories.
  505. 2011-10-19 http://t.co/L34KWHLu
  506. 2011-10-19 RT @cackhanded: @robotsarefun being camera harassed by @kaichanvong. @ Artfinder http://t.co/32K8TcjL
  507. 2011-10-19 It's art, but not as we nose it. http://t.co/mzzFoVyz #art cc @artfinder
  508. 2011-10-19 @benbot I do not know what you mean or what you're insinuating.
  509. 2011-10-18 I'm at Artfinder w/ @cackhanded http://t.co/Tpf5WWW6
  510. 2011-10-18 Artfinder collaborating http://t.co/iXl3ggvx
  511. 2011-10-18 Normalize css reset - not a fan of the defaults on UL and OL elements. http://t.co/WlRXN023
  512. 2011-10-18 Fire exit http://t.co/quI7mOYa
  513. 2011-10-18 Wonder if these would be nice with chicken flavoured crisps. http://t.co/ZCh7aZZA
  514. 2011-10-18 Brian finding art http://t.co/ShCRHpav
  515. 2011-10-18 At devops. (@ Forward Internet Group w/ @cackhanded) [pic]: http://t.co/KckY1jsb
  516. 2011-10-18 @thomas_britton where do you work again ?
  517. 2011-10-18 Mazz @ mazzops http://t.co/EBf2zLmQ
  518. 2011-10-18 @thomas_britton It's too nice. We don't have carpet, so I'm very jealous.
  519. 2011-10-18 @thomas_britton I'm there right now.
  520. 2011-10-17 Van Gough death claim 'unconvincing' http://t.co/yhmw4EpS cc @artfinder
  521. 2011-10-17 I'm at Artfinder (198 High Holborn, Camden Town) http://t.co/uiOqbHsx
  522. 2011-10-17 I'm at Onion Sandwich Bar (Sicilian Avenue, Camden Town) http://t.co/Pm3MdRiP
  523. 2011-10-17 Toby is calling me! http://t.co/zKmq6H0K
  524. 2011-10-17 TIL: Alaska was part of the Russian Empire! http://t.co/keDv3tUg
  525. 2011-10-17 Welcome to the Interwebs book publishers. Amazon - disrupt, disrupt, disrupt. http://t.co/AIb5VF5U
  526. 2011-10-17 Google Engineer Accidently Shares His Internal Memo About Google + Platform | Unfiltered Opinion From Silicon Valley http://t.co/I8CZFiBY
  527. 2011-10-16 @ifenn Should have stuck to Ping Pong ;)
  528. 2011-10-16 @ifenn I've never had a problem with it.
  529. 2011-10-16 Delete all contacts off my iPhone? There's an App for that. http://t.co/QXZkdU1I …I just have to update XCode… 1.8gb later…
  530. 2011-10-16 Things I would like Siri to do: > sound more like my dad > work well the UK
  531. 2011-10-16 @ifenn @grand_imperial Time to learn Chinese?
  532. 2011-10-16 @ifenn @grand_imperial when I say learn Chinese, I mean Mandarin. If you're lucky they'll know Cantonese. The greatest dialect of them all.
  533. 2011-10-16 @ifenn I may be biased, but I'd recommend Peninsula over that place! http://t.co/LeGqitJT or China Palace http://t.co/ltoyglFh
  534. 2011-10-15 Heart Janet. #xfactor
  535. 2011-10-15 Boo. Boo people having opinions! #xfactor
  536. 2011-10-15 X-Factor live blogging. Cheese. Wine. http://t.co/5kpHvpk4 GO!
  537. 2011-10-15 Typewriter + Art. http://t.co/xq7eLYsx cc @artfinder
  538. 2011-10-14 Donkey vs cheetah, who would win? The office favours the donkey. But cheetahs should be fast killing machines! http://t.co/zwCGUnLp
  539. 2011-10-14 How Siri Works http://t.co/GSdkPpl5 (via Instapaper)
  540. 2011-10-14 "It's like NSync by with an R." @jaylett http://t.co/MSRxLjJi
  541. 2011-10-14 Seems Facebook will not accept this work of art due to it's title: Fuck!, by ROYALSTEEZ http://t.co/svVFhurn via @artfinder
  542. 2011-10-14 A new reason for me not to upgrade to iOS5. "Cleaning". http://t.co/wtEfdJyY
  543. 2011-10-14 @cackhanded has Siri.
  544. 2011-10-13 Wonderful. Lights. http://t.co/cZIOjVGj?
  545. 2011-10-13 Caffeine on empty stomach. Let us see how this plays out. #feelsgood #shaking #adrenaline cc @Stanto #paralleluniverse
  546. 2011-10-13 @bekibutton It's a website that plays music and you fly through a world of lights. It's quite nice CPU intensive!
  547. 2011-10-12 @honosutomo And he isn't even a half like us. A miracle!
  548. 2011-10-12 Jayden - stupid cake. Get off my Oreo biscuit. http://t.co/qE8Yuh3w
  549. 2011-10-12 Omg cake!!!!11 Featuring little Nikki. http://t.co/mW22sL7I
  550. 2011-10-12 Dad just sprayed a bit of orange juice out the carton of orange juice at my little cousin Elliot. Here is his reaction: http://t.co/KZTCLbbi
  551. 2011-10-12 And now we eat. http://t.co/fZ9ke403
  552. 2011-10-12 Jayden's newest word, "help". Said in the cutest way possible after turning off the tv by accident. #baby #1stworldproblems
  553. 2011-10-12 @samsalisbury Let us not talk about that. Let us talk about sushi or food or curry. CC @david_whitney @robcthegeek @jon_bedford et al
  554. 2011-10-12 Yes… of course… let's fix it using javascript. http://t.co/7DjSKf30 #sarcasm
  555. 2011-10-11 Debating with @mrlerone that the http://t.co/zAqoN7KG page is on brand & wonderful. He says it is not on brand. Agree/Disagree?
  556. 2011-10-11 RT @mrlerone: blah blah blue blah plain text blah blah Facebook blah blah minimal blah blah off brand.
  557. 2011-10-11 RT @artfinder: Delighted to announce new ipad app for @monikerprojects art fair 201. Inc. street art, low brow, pop surrealism & more ht ...
  558. 2011-10-10 Ah Facebook. I have so much respect for some of your latest designs. http://t.co/zAqoN7KG #fb #iPad #facebook
  559. 2011-10-9 Fire in the hole? Ice in the hole. Japanese counter measure to room on fire. http://t.co/hT4Yg2Tn
  560. 2011-10-9 Discovering occupy London. http://t.co/Oq58KLrf #occupyLSX #occupyLondon
  561. 2011-10-8 @DannyKeane who did you preorder through for the 4s?
  562. 2011-10-8 Playing this neat kerning game. http://t.co/RFPhQako
  563. 2011-10-8 I got 81/100 in this html5 kerning game http://t.co/6AmTO6NO
  564. 2011-10-7 iPad advert just came on. Made me feel sad.
  565. 2011-10-7 Obiously I mean't MazzOps… :P AutoCorrect on my iPad mad it MazeOps. cc @mnowster
  566. 2011-10-7 @yaellevey if you want to help @robcthegeek with front-end from design pov, get this: http://t.co/auQ9DKxd Just out! PS. Congrats! @peepcode
  567. 2011-10-7 I'll be supporting @mnowster at MazOps. http://t.co/xj5tCdoF via @eventbrite #fact
  568. 2011-10-7 Just bought mine! £35 Naked Wines Delivered to Your Door http://t.co/U0HM0tUA via @keynoir
  569. 2011-10-7 Maze at MazzOps. Cc: @mnowster http://t.co/M31IxkaY
  570. 2011-10-7 Romo - the smartphone robot. http://t.co/svCCuSV2 Neat! #fb
  571. 2011-10-7 Meet GLaDOSiri. http://t.co/938Gs7i6 #fb #iphone4s
  572. 2011-10-7 Very professional o2. http://t.co/QPKrvHfN #404
  573. 2011-10-6 @alistairp About the App Store? Is that not separate from everything good Apple have done?
  574. 2011-10-6 @firebox giant mango marsh mellows.
  575. 2011-10-6 Such a great tribute for Steve Jobs by Panic. http://t.co/sXdu09iJ
  576. 2011-10-6 "Stay hungry, stay foolish" 
  577. 2011-10-6 Felt really sick tonight… fell asleep at 9pm and just woke up to Steve Job's death :( RIP. 
  578. 2011-10-6 Today I wore a tribute to Steve Jobs, my Apple 2 t-shirt.
  579. 2011-10-5 @YasTwit You can always learn to :)
  580. 2011-10-5 Best quote ever, "Charm… are you… Mark Dark?" @catcalleddoom
  581. 2011-10-5 @mnowster - "I think your mac needs coffee." And inspirational reminder to upgrade people's macbook RAM.
  582. 2011-10-5 @jon_bedford OOoo. New version. *clicks* #googleAnalytics #realtime
  583. 2011-10-5 Sean Parker's email to Spotify. http://t.co/HTprVUUT
  584. 2011-10-5 Apparently @mnowster hasn't tweeted yet. WELCOME TO TWITTER! … hmmm 4,173 tweets?
  585. 2011-10-4 @cwiss It's nice, just tiring of scrolling on it. So… TO SPACEBAR SCROLLING WE GO!
  586. 2011-10-4 @mnowster Don't forget to switch your syntax from python to jS as well. fail = True :D
  587. 2011-10-4 Using the magic trackpad on my mac is turning my finger tips into dog paw like pads.
  588. 2011-10-4 RT @LeenaMasi: wow, how embarrassing! - Daily mail and The Sun Jump the gun on Amanda Knox veridct. http://t.co/JYGKLcwb
  589. 2011-10-4 Will SIRI's virtual personal assistant be the future for the iPhone 5? http://t.co/FijZmElk
  590. 2011-10-4 @Stanto commits and Port are too very different things. How did you know I was drinking Port???
  591. 2011-10-4 Tonight is the night I go around online pretending to talk to Siri. #iphone4s #fb
  592. 2011-10-4 "Siri? SIRI WHAT'S WRONG... SIRIIIIIIIII!!!!" http://t.co/hevUKQca #fb
  593. 2011-10-4 RT @rstevens: Siri, given enough time to prepare, could Batman defeat Galactus?
  594. 2011-10-4 Siri on my macbook pro? Kill process MacBreaks. NO NO NO DONT YOU DELETE MY HOME DIRECTORY!!!
  595. 2011-10-4 Do not want iPhone4. I want iPhone5.
  596. 2011-10-4 I haz access to applez and 4gS-us! http://t.co/7RlDTEDg #IPhone5 #apple #applething #notiPhone5
  597. 2011-10-4 I do not haz permission to access appleZ. http://t.co/wRddC0rZ
  598. 2011-10-4 Anytime, by Dabs and Myla http://t.co/QGOcKUEI via @artfinder
  599. 2011-10-4 London app developers & teams: spots r going fast so register 4 SVC2London appathon 2day! Sign-up @http://bit.ly/rjw6Bz #SVc2UK
  600. 2011-10-4 Push push push. Push push push. Push your code out. Push your code out.
  601. 2011-10-4 RT @jaylett: Well how can I stay angry at the universe when my computer has just put a picture of Discovery as my backdrop?
  602. 2011-10-4 @cwiss It's all about the gestures!
  603. 2011-10-3 Just put up FoodBot for the world to see. It's nothing special… just fun for IRC :) http://t.co/DTxxDKfO
  604. 2011-10-3 Wine. Making commits happen.
  605. 2011-10-3 RT @streetartt: Pure Evil paints Wahaca in Westfield, Stratford City http://t.co/mNE2Y7Od
  606. 2011-10-3 Just gave @mrlerone a high five!
  607. 2011-10-3 I also want to buy you :/ RT @noamso: Hello @Sifteo, when are you shipping to the UK? Thanks :)
  608. 2011-10-2 One word #OccupyWallStreet http://t.co/tXvED2Ka! #change
  609. 2011-10-2 @cackhanded There's an interesting looking Markdown editor similar/free to try that's not Marked - called Mou http://t.co/nfpmTTTl
  610. 2011-10-1 @heatherlinford It's blue… blue cake?
  611. 2011-10-1 @heatherlinford Oh wow. Want bbq also...
  612. 2011-10-1 Exhausted now. Long day of working on Charity Spuds - http://t.co/O0CQxm7n will pay off very soon! http://t.co/akCYngl7
  613. 2011-10-1 Had fun today doing graphic design + front-end work http://t.co/akCYngl7 from @yaellevey & @robcthegeek's UX sketches & ideas #charityhack
  614. 2011-10-1 YOUUuuuu may say I am a dreammmerr… but I'm not the only one!
  615. 2011-10-1 Off for hack session with @robcthegeek and @yaellevey - been enjoying working on my image cropper tool & will show my 1 day work thus far :]
  616. 2011-10-1 Bad police officer. Here is a… hello kitty armband. http://t.co/1X0qOZFn
  617. 2011-10-1 @MLGSundance I would totally watch eSports on tv! #UK http://t.co/zFaQoVMR @omarqureshi check this out!
  618. 2011-10-1 @mrlerone You're older than me!
  619. 2011-10-1 @mrlerone It is not early!
  620. 2011-10-1 Real time likes on Zuck's profile. http://t.co/tKkTxI11
  621. 2011-9-30 Oh wow look how wonderful TryRuby looks now… http://t.co/tWEEik33 Surely there needs to be an equally pretty Python equivalent…?
  623. 2011-9-30 Oh @FAKEGRIMLOCK how you speak speak the truth truth. http://t.co/N3T2w38g #product #like #bacon
  624. 2011-9-30 Just spoke to @omarqureshi to meet up @ 6:30pm for sushi :) very excited to catch up again and have food! Others welcome to tag along.
  625. 2011-9-30 Finally met @omarqureshi after all these years. Great sushi and talk about development, StarCraft 2 & warcraft3.
  626. 2011-9-30 @artfinder has art near you. http://t.co/IHZpm2YO Do you like it? #fb
  627. 2011-9-30 @RemiRough Would love to see that work on @artfinder! How can we make this happen? :)
  628. 2011-9-30 RT @richmarr: Paper prototype of FB timeline+Spotify: Every time a new track starts on my headphones I'm going to say the name/artist to ...
  629. 2011-9-30 People are dancing in the office. #music
  630. 2011-9-30 @omarqureshi Sounds like a great plan! How long are you here for?
  631. 2011-9-30 @omarqureshi I am indeed in Londonland. Are you also here or are you up in Birmingham at the moment?
  632. 2011-9-30 @jiamins http://t.co/Ew2juxmc ? @cwiss up for it too? Anyone else?
  633. 2011-9-30 @micrypt @voidspace It needs silverlight… which just makes me feel sad and cold inside. And I've had enough of that from the illness.
  634. 2011-9-30 @micrypt Yes I am totally up for that… with nice little pictures of snakes, giant feet with wings and other monty pythonesque stuffs.
  635. 2011-9-30 @cwiss I have not. This sounds like a wonderful place. Duly noted.
  636. 2011-9-29 Oh @micrypt, you were right… the type of nose blowing I've been doing it more tedious and un-rewarding. :( Hope you're well buddy!
  637. 2011-9-29 Did the walk to work from Waterloo again today, pretty knackered but need to get my health back up again after le cold.
  638. 2011-9-29 Rembrandt, making artists look like one of the 3 musketeers. http://t.co/xswb9C61
  639. 2011-9-29 CSS time, where I dive into my music and drop a splash of style on the DOM!
  640. 2011-9-28 @tkenny Nice and quick, I didn't say perfect! ;) RE: text-overflow:ellipsis
  641. 2011-9-28 Firefox 7 includes one of my favourite CSS3 features: text-overflow: ellipsis. A nice & quick fix for dynamic text. http://t.co/lEC8rybo
  642. 2011-9-28 @1985r The 2nd part is the main reason why… it's not out yet, but it'll be worth it. =]
  643. 2011-9-28 @1985R highly recommend you check this out dude! http://t.co/D8lzPmON
  644. 2011-9-28 Artists of comics take note! This is how the your mediums could start evolving http://t.co/xhwy0Y8H #zelda #gif
  645. 2011-9-28 @1985R I did screencasts to help if you get stuck.. but try to understand why you got stuck or ask for help! Have fun! http://t.co/J41Ghnbh
  646. 2011-9-27 @Stanto nice… t.co/6vLdooT4 :] I am now no longer auto re-subscribed.
  647. 2011-9-27 Amazon wish lists. Secret santa will never be the same again.
  648. 2011-9-27 I have to phone someone to turn off my Xbox membership???
  649. 2011-9-27 @1985R Let me know if you're around for it, would be good to catch up and grab some grub! Maybe even try get @wilcolley & others for it.
  650. 2011-9-26 @david_whitney I forgot to mention, you're the definition of cool. You are in my eyes at the very least :)
  651. 2011-9-26 @1985R @iamcalledrob http://t.co/Heza0rtS :) … @artfinder will be there!
  652. 2011-9-26 You now cannot sign in to Spotify without using Facebook. http://t.co/WUW6UPta
  653. 2011-9-26 @david_whitney :] who's idea was it?
  654. 2011-9-25 One day I hope to transform into a giant neutrino. How will you track my exploits then Facebook? #fb
  655. 2011-9-25 Very proud of @Ursi82 completed Run to the beat in 2 hours 10 minutes.
  656. 2011-9-25 @1985R, maybe @adactio read radioactive books as a child?
  657. 2011-9-25 Amazing. Puberty in one minute : http://t.co/tIqoMEkx
  658. 2011-9-25 @micrypt you're at a different stage. When it's leaving your body properly it's a totally wonderful feeling!
  659. 2011-9-25 And is it just me, or is there something delightful about blowing your nose & removing the horrible gunky stuff from your system?
  660. 2011-9-25 Off to meet @Ursi82 at the finish line. This tweet was sponsored by Kleenix balsam tissues, taking the world of hurt away from your nose.
  661. 2011-9-25 Female lines..person in WBA vs. Fulham match & players are being far more civil/relaxed in their protests.
  662. 2011-9-25 Walk away from your computer. Yup, it works. Programming tip: http://t.co/9jOskt5f
  663. 2011-9-24 Hoping @Ursi82 enjoys her race tomorrow.
  664. 2011-9-24 @Stuart___Harper Glad the ticket didn't go to waste and you enjoyed it :]
  665. 2011-9-24 @paulpod Here is why I recommend 'Paul goes fishing'.. http://t.co/BuyIjoE9
  666. 2011-9-24 @paulpod I read we3 in my last year of university. Other suggestions? Have you read/like to borrow my recommendation: Paul goes fishing?
  667. 2011-9-24 @mrlerone Thank you Mr. Toby! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, partying hard!
  668. 2011-9-24 @rapulsion Sorry, read my last tweet. He got to the reply first!
  669. 2011-9-24 @Stuart___Harper @eurogamer_expo You're welcome :) Btw your photography work is awesome. http://t.co/4RodTamy <- mine :]
  670. 2011-9-24 @Faya_ @stanto I know… wish I could have been there too.
  671. 2011-9-24 @rapulsion Maybe he already bought a ticket off someone else… Ticket for #eurogamer expo up for grabs.
  672. 2011-9-24 @rapulsion Sorry someone beat you to it. And offered to pay (but will get it for free!).
  673. 2011-9-24 @Stuart___Harper add me and I'll need your email addy. It's free.
  674. 2011-9-24 If anyone would like a ticket to the EuroGamer Expo, give me a shout and I shall send you my ticket.
  675. 2011-9-24 Is today the day my tree massacre comes to an end? My nose says, "Nay".
  676. 2011-9-24 This is what happens when one guy practices art every day for nine years http://t.co/mY4sC2N1 cc @artfinder
  677. 2011-9-24 @samsalisbury @yaellevey @robcthegeek @david_whitney @dalsoft Wish I could be with you all hacking away. Keep up the awesome stuff!
  678. 2011-9-24 Ruby on Rails would probably be like the chick, Python on Django like Yasmine Bleeth. http://t.co/9VKhQ8EC
  679. 2011-9-24 @nashienet I love both for very different ways. I'm tempted to say I miss Rails, but I think it's the hype/marketing http://t.co/dstcQ7Cy
  680. 2011-9-24 RT @omarqureshi: .@kaichanvong yeah and that imho is Djangos strong point. I quite like explicitness, I'm actually a Pythonista trapped ...
  681. 2011-9-24 Compared to Rails, Django has a lot of hand holding & feels like less magic.
  682. 2011-9-24 Spending lots of time learning & making my Django app. Feeling very confident I can write Python now. Just need to stop rushing & slow down.
  683. 2011-9-22 OH: "Remind me tomorrow." Reply: "I'll forget, remind me to remind you!"
  684. 2011-9-22 @simondoggett Not heard that term used 'code freeze' in forever. Can you disclose the company/project that is for?
  685. 2011-9-22 @jackieikiki maybe they are rich sushi lovers, working just to share their wonderful sushi?
  686. 2011-9-21 "UUUUurrrr…." "What's wrong?" "Facebook."
  687. 2011-9-21 iPhone 5, October the 4th announcement? http://t.co/mzRyaebY
  688. 2011-9-21 @iamcalledrob Come back to England! We miss all you and there is many a beer/burrito/burger to be had!
  689. 2011-9-21 @iamcalledrob Good thank you, how the Diablo3 are you? :] Muy bien? Still no private beta :P
  690. 2011-9-21 Whenever we push code to the @artfinder repo, there is always discussion about code/style/advice on commits. Such a wonderful way to work.
  691. 2011-9-21 Owen Hargreaves just scored against Birmingham. That's quite a come back.
  692. 2011-9-21 @bala__iyer @yaellevey Don't knock the new Facebook design! It's great how if you switch from English(US) to English(UK) it reverts back! :D
  693. 2011-9-21 @yaellevey @iamcalledrob I want to go to San Fran!
  694. 2011-9-21 A nice introduction to Python decorators & a new Python book to read. http://t.co/qq9adw0S
  695. 2011-9-20 @paulpod :] Good point - DAMN YOU Van Gogh #spellingThingsRight
  696. 2011-9-20 Maybe we should all have one of these on our desks at @artfinder -> http://t.co/nFfWHg2n
  697. 2011-9-20 DAMN YOU VAN GOUGH!!!! I will figure out your artist ID from memory.
  698. 2011-9-19 Hello Facebook. It has been a lonnng time.
  699. 2011-9-18 Gaming as a family. Envious. http://t.co/SnmkBDw7
  700. 2011-9-18 @tkenny be careful when using that CSS attribute with dynamic content. It's bitten me when I least expected it!
  701. 2011-9-18 People asking a 7 year old anything. "What is the meaning of life?" "To love everybody and eat good food" http://t.co/jrJovTW9
  702. 2011-9-18 Ah Tokyo. How I miss thee. http://t.co/cDNJ7hsH
  703. 2011-9-18 A stunning capture of a full moon over Xi'an in China. http://t.co/46tje1N0 #fb
  704. 2011-9-17 TIL about a Finnish invention that should be used in more homes. Dish draining closet: http://t.co/hS9e9664
  705. 2011-9-17 @jackieikiki http://t.co/ZwD0d4Tx ;) Chinese Internet Meme http://t.co/QEcjbAQU
  706. 2011-9-17 草泥马!
  707. 2011-9-17 @1985R Not a fan of CMD + N & CMD + ~ ?
  708. 2011-9-16 Drunk people are drunk. #fb
  709. 2011-9-16 Lots more new @artfinder Chinese prints can be found from the Ashmolean Museum: http://t.co/JbfPtwsr #fb
  710. 2011-9-16 Amazing new Chinese art just arrived at @artfinder - Choosing dolls. http://t.co/nHN10hFa
  711. 2011-9-16 @Izabel_blue @yaellevey I pronounce it find by thinking to myself to yell at her then thinking of Superman's real name. Kal-El.
  712. 2011-9-16 Today is this man's birthday: http://t.co/YbZReRM3
  713. 2011-9-16 @yaellevey http://t.co/xIXTuNVY Any relation to this poet?
  714. 2011-9-16 @Izabel_blue I do not doubt him, just yet to read his article and highlighting a potential flaw in analytics he may not cover. <3 Instapaper
  715. 2011-9-16 @jon_bedford @izabel_blue Client-side scripts/browser plug-ins rendering your assumptious user trending data murky!
  716. 2011-9-16 @jon_bedford @izabel_blue True. I clicked the link, saw it was Jakob Nielsen & ran a mile. Not before hitting read later on instapaper tho.
  717. 2011-9-16 @jiamins @richmarr It's from Castle in the Sky - http://t.co/nvyyQXk9 :p
  718. 2011-9-16 @jiamins @richmarr Listening to http://t.co/vb6vnGca to take the edge off various tweets of horror.
  719. 2011-9-16 @richmarr @jiamins *shocked face*
  720. 2011-9-16 @jiamins @richmarr *shocked face*
  721. 2011-9-16 @ursi82 our cushions are in need of being updated, how about something like @cackhanded's? http://t.co/Vjpitl0I :D Maybe ice-cream cushions?
  722. 2011-9-16 ZOMBIES, RUN! Running game & audio adventure for iOS/Android by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman — Kickstarter http://t.co/uwRoXyLM
  723. 2011-9-15 @henrygarner I like it. I like it a lot. RT: Word of the day: prestidigitation
  724. 2011-9-15 Salvador Dali's Walt Disney video http://t.co/BST1HOQx! found @artfinder on http://t.co/wFppNiGk
  725. 2011-9-15 RT @mnowster: Taking the tombstone up a notch on our sprint board, I drew a zombie http://t.co/CRB25vbt
  726. 2011-9-15 @henrygarner Google.com
  727. 2011-9-15 Laura Stevenson and the Cans "Master of Art" - my @artfinder song of the day. http://t.co/dG1FWGYT
  728. 2011-9-15 @catcalleddoom OMG that is hot. Love the beautiful and subtle strokes, the curves. Wow. http://t.co/TxKt5mXd #ninja #cat #art
  729. 2011-9-15 RT @RemiRough: Just had the most amazing meeting with @ArtFinder
  730. 2011-9-15 @RemiRough We love your work at @ArtFinder keep up the amazing work! :)
  731. 2011-9-15 @catcalleddoom is creepy :| cc. @mnowster @paulpod @cackhanded @robotsarefun Also @jaylett is ill. How are you watching him?!?!
  732. 2011-9-14 Hello little ruby project! …Artfinder's pun of a project name for this one is shocking.
  733. 2011-9-14 RT @Malarkey: I once wrote that there was no need to use a CSS pre-processor like LESS or SASS. I was wrong. Very sorry.
  734. 2011-9-14 @yaellevey I do not know your email for Trello…
  735. 2011-9-14 Trello. It looks super useful! :D http://t.co/2M425hR cc @david_whitney @robcthegeek @jon_bedford
  736. 2011-9-14 @david_whitney More detail required of git submodule hatred!
  737. 2011-9-14 @jaylett Artfinder sharing: "Carlo Carrà Lot". Artist, 1920's movement and pun. Arguably could also be a care bear. http://t.co/L2LbMmip
  738. 2011-9-14 @paulrouget I took my glasses off and that read CSS 3D transformers in firefox. I am so disappointed.
  739. 2011-9-14 Mind you, if I had it my way all projects would be named after care bears.
  740. 2011-9-14 RT @jaffathecake: Really like the "Ask for evidence" campaign by @senseaboutsci http://t.co/8e0Ncjw
  741. 2011-9-14 @Stanto screen grab or link… 'cos I cannot see it!
  742. 2011-9-14 @sophdea This is awesome news! Just saw your name on the right of originalwriters & at first mistook the typewriter keys for pint glasses.
  743. 2011-9-14 RT @philhawksworth: Angrily scowling at @jaffathecake for tweeting about some work that never made it into the wild... but it's awesome! ...
  744. 2011-9-13 @jon_bedford Now imagine all the Internets full of biscuits! No cheese in site. Just biscuits. Not even port, chutney, grapes or butter.
  745. 2011-9-13 @jon_bedford I know right. It makes me sad too. So now the IFTTT logo at the bottom just reads, "ifCheeseCheeseCheese biscuit".
  746. 2011-9-13 @jon_bedford Now everyone will be like a robot. :(
  747. 2011-9-13 I heart tests.
  748. 2011-9-13 @mungler No need to do that, I could have been wrong too! I wondered at first if you were in a country 24 hrs behind me.
  749. 2011-9-13 RT @henrygarner: Any of you web-designery types after a bit of work on a few facebook applications? Drop me a DM if so.
  750. 2011-9-13 @jahnut @smyther Wonderful food for hardworking people like us should include hamburgers & milkshakes! Does #innocentkids do milkshakes?
  751. 2011-9-13 The more I see of certain paintings, the greater my appreciation for them grows over time. http://t.co/OzRUnTR is a great example of trhis…
  752. 2011-9-13 Tonight I am mostly collecting art & writing tests… http://t.co/2barBGL
  753. 2011-9-13 @jon_bedford OMG You just reminded me of this chilli jam @Ursi82 found in Waitrose. :/ I heart it. I heart it.
  754. 2011-9-13 @jon_bedford Needs hovis biscuits. And port. Love port.
  755. 2011-9-13 Today is programmer's day. http://t.co/iqQmLBa
  756. 2011-9-13 @willjohnh I see 2 red buttons, 1 teletext and 2 recording buttons... what did the remote come with?
  757. 2011-9-13 @mungler Today is September the 13th no? That's what my iCal says… Programmers' day is on the 13th, 12th on a leap year…
  758. 2011-9-13 @jon_bedford Just imagine if cheese & biscuits were the one and same thing… Yes it makes me feel sad too just contemplating it.
  759. 2011-9-12 @sophdea WiseCopy will spot typos like a hawk for you! @simondoggett
  760. 2011-9-12 Looking at Pod food's nutritional value "list". The markup shows it is anything but a list… <div><div><div>… :(
  761. 2011-9-12 @Izabel_blue I just spat out my diluted morello cherry cordial & water laughing at that.
  762. 2011-9-12 Time to wipe up my monitor and apologise to the portrait of William Wordsworth for the water spray. http://t.co/sbaUhBt
  763. 2011-9-12 I had a SMOKED SALMON & RICE NOODLE NORI WRAP from http://t.co/qAsGPYE. You have to shout it when you buy/eat it. *nods*
  764. 2011-9-12 Lion + VMWare + Ubuntu = terminal screen issues? Quite probably. Free tip: Try CTRL+ALT+F1.
  765. 2011-9-12 Just explaining to @artfinder team why #sgwed was amazing. Feel I should apologise for lack of photos (due to friends, drink & food :])
  766. 2011-9-12 Evil digital static cat http://t.co/AKj7QvP via @artfinder
  767. 2011-9-11 @1mgoldstars @simondoggett :) Have a wonderful honeymoon!
  768. 2011-9-11 Just uploaded photos from #sgwed :] http://t.co/qmGXpiH
  769. 2011-9-11 Turn the like button into a 2 click like button. Say no to Facebook's revenue model. You. http://t.co/hs0eFin #fb
  770. 2011-9-11 @natalieward942 Lime huh… interesting. Used lemon juice, garlic, cumin and paprika. Then added caramelised onions which was scrumptious!
  771. 2011-9-11 Going to make hummus now. I've come to the conclusions tahini is overrated. http://t.co/Sc5O5sQ Plus I have none.
  772. 2011-9-11 @1mgoldstars Thanks for the kind words & I am glad you like them! :)
  773. 2011-9-10 CoffeeScript. So hot. pokemon = "Snorlax" console.log "Wild #{pokemon} appeared!" "Wild Snorlax appeared!"
  774. 2011-9-10 Had a wonderful day with @Ursi82 @richmarr @simondoggett @1mgoldstars @philhawksworth & others at #sgwed - congrats to the lovely couple.
  775. 2011-9-9 More Lion woes. Screen sharing breaks functionality like cmd + tab.
  776. 2011-9-9 OH: "Come on. Come on Facebook. Come on. Come on. Come on."
  777. 2011-9-9 @mrlerone We miss you too! :D
  778. 2011-9-9 @jina Congrats on the gig at Github! The more important/interesting question is - SASS or SCSS? :D
  779. 2011-9-9 I hear-by promise to adhere to these rules in the future. http://t.co/Ar0iOWP #git #commit #message #standardisation
  780. 2011-9-9 *hear-by -> hereby.
  781. 2011-9-9 @astrofaes I mistyped it as hearby and then got autocorrected it to hear-by and then I realised I had erred.
  782. 2011-9-9 @Han's @artfinder collection of 300 year old hipsters is awesome! http://t.co/RYBclIf
  783. 2011-9-8 @robpooke The appropriate thing would be to make photo proof of this situation for the lolz ;)
  784. 2011-9-8 @catcalleddoom Allow me to join up the pseudonym dots…
  785. 2011-9-8 Looking at the MetMuseum eyes project, art curation through eyes, talking without words. http://t.co/s36ir7T
  786. 2011-9-8 @robpooke Can not wait!
  787. 2011-9-8 @simondoggett Burger and lobster? I'm there! :D @londoneating
  788. 2011-9-8 @smyther Bonjour mon amis!
  789. 2011-9-8 TIL: Brian Cox was a keyboard player for D:Ream.
  790. 2011-9-8 @henrygarner You're going to have an Akai. Amazing. Love the name.
  791. 2011-9-8 Every time you use the words like: <dfn>MVP</dfn>, <dfn>UX</dfn> or <dfn>Agile</dfn>, you should use the appropriate markup.
  792. 2011-9-8 I now know what I should wear to @vogue_london - thank you @artfinder! bit.ly/rjY0U3
  793. 2011-9-7 OH: "@mnowster, have you seen Norm's tweet?" Reply: "Yes, of course I saw Norm's tweet." cc: @cackhanded
  794. 2011-9-7 Thank you @jon_bedford & @sophdea for the lovely cake! @ursi82 & I loved it! :) http://t.co/56ARrw0
  795. 2011-9-7 @ifenn Good evening :]
  796. 2011-9-7 Rare MASSIVE 6-gill shark sighted at 3300ft depth. AMAZING!!! :D:D:D Who wants to go swimming in the sea now? http://t.co/THXgnGu
  797. 2011-9-7 @bekibutton photos of cake from when I was at @JustGiving? There could well be an rss feed for this! http://t.co/bNbibFn
  798. 2011-9-7 Lion removed functionality of digital colour meter. Another reason Lion sucked. So over it is to 'Classic colour meter' http://t.co/VUmOO7b
  799. 2011-9-6 Lots of spam in your email? Filter the word 'unsubscribe', send to trash. http://t.co/4meL10m
  800. 2011-9-6 Competitors: http://t.co/768it6H
  801. 2011-9-6 Wondering how @Ursi82 is getting on in her 'digital' course. Hopefully not returning speaking in only ones & zeros.
  802. 2011-9-6 "Does Ursula collect thimbles?" Grandma quotes.
  803. 2011-9-6 @Thooorin I am scared that @demuslim now sounds similar to me now that his voice has broken. ;)
  804. 2011-9-5 RT @johannakoll: Yay for learning about robots! Enrollment to the open, free Stanford AI class is now open: http://t.co/M49KnJg (via @mo ...
  805. 2011-9-3 Hello multiple versions of IE… http://t.co/uBcYJSP
  806. 2011-9-3 @jiamins Needs a caption above it saying, "SQUIRREL!"
  807. 2011-9-2 Or as our American colleague would say, "favorable terms".
  808. 2011-9-2 RT @twhume: "design memories, not experiences". Lovely soundbite but, practically speaking, wtf does that mean? #dconstruct
  809. 2011-9-2 RT @paulpod: #dconstruct "Design great memories" - i just want to pay my water bill, Don
  810. 2011-9-2 @david_whitney I hear it's worse and less juicy.
  811. 2011-9-2 Vote for Farhan & I on this years NomNomNom competition: http://t.co/7V5VvgY
  812. 2011-9-2 @jiamins You're awesome! Thank you :)
  813. 2011-9-2 @jiamins Up for teaming up with me next NoMNomNom for team oriental Asian invasion? :D
  814. 2011-9-2 Hello fixtures. We meet again. This time on more favourable terms.
  815. 2011-9-1 @philhawksworth Dare you to use HAML. I dare you! :D
  816. 2011-9-1 @philhawksworth That's what I like to hear. I really cannot stand writing in HAML as it gets complex.. painful.
  817. 2011-9-1 @Cennydd @simondoggett FYI, Four fingers over twitter goes up & down the left hand navigation.
  818. 2011-9-1 @philhawksworth No, no. I have tried it & didn't enjoy it. It's not for me :) … just interested if you had tried/were going to!
  819. 2011-8-31 @rossbruniges @cyberdees Soon we'll be able to have Hargreaves back in our dream teams. Maybe even swap him in & out magically at no cost!
  820. 2011-8-31 Thinking of sushi.
  821. 2011-8-31 Drinking some beautiful soup and rather enjoying it. http://t.co/ToyJb2n
  822. 2011-8-31 Not using a tablet? It's changing the way the game is being played. Coming soon to your 'game' next! :D http://t.co/IJG337n
  823. 2011-8-31 RT @norock: Never piss off a slayer: Daily Mail fail to understand how fan conventions work; Eliza Dushku stakes 'em http://t.co/xNm41lr
  824. 2011-8-31 I want this so much. http://t.co/mA1MV9R #wacom #inkling
  825. 2011-8-30 Pakistan moves to ban VPNs & obliterate all private communications. http://t.co/9FsaV76
  826. 2011-8-29 @wayneRooney unable to distinguish the difference between 'our' and 'are'. http://t.co/7Uz7zMS #fail
  827. 2011-8-28 @mnowster This might interest you based on your search for a micro framework! http://t.co/g0Aob74
  828. 2011-8-27 Tonight I shall be cooking: crab linguine http://t.co/AvcjiH7 + courgette & parmesan soup
  829. 2011-8-27 Now at home with me is our new pet. Named him/her Crabby. Short term pet. Kettle is boiling. #fb
  830. 2011-8-26 @rossbruniges What has made you consider this? :P Smashing magazine?
  831. 2011-8-26 @MattPKnights ;D Not at all. http://t.co/1E4AQhy
  832. 2011-8-26 @MattPKnights You're right. Learn white space, colour dis-harmony, text alignment with Scala for kids. http://t.co/DUeYgve
  833. 2011-8-26 @MattPKnights And bad design. Don't forget the learning of bad, bad design. ;)
  834. 2011-8-26 FollowFriday should take note that @mrlerone forces me to go to lunch at 1pm (that's late) and gives no hugs :(
  835. 2011-8-26 Here is a nice review of some work I did with a designer who is mean to me. http://t.co/5pl8ETn cc: @mrlerone
  836. 2011-8-26 @MattPKnights Some great keywords there...
  837. 2011-8-26 @MattPKnights Looks like the founder only blogs every 2 years… http://t.co/SE9v0xe 1 year more than my current blog…
  838. 2011-8-26 @MattPKnights ;) I'm just mess in'. I wonder if I can fork their website… and contribute something.
  839. 2011-8-24 @paulmakepeace True. But I didn't want to lose disk space + think about another VM… @astrofaes
  840. 2011-8-24 Time for sleep. The place where dreams come true.
  841. 2011-8-24 @paulmakepeace Had 'fun' getting Postgresql to play nicely. @astrofaes http://t.co/Koe4Rhg
  842. 2011-8-24 Oh great… Twitter just became a sea of repeating what everyone else said. :P
  843. 2011-8-24 Lion. You cause me so much suffering.
  844. 2011-8-24 @simondoggett Can we get these kinds of hats for #SGWED ? http://t.co/HL0Sws5
  845. 2011-8-24 This is a lovely place to work at :) #britishlibrary
  846. 2011-8-24 Working today at the British Library sat opposite the @mnowster. Great Internet speeds. Tests tests tests.
  847. 2011-8-24 @boonych @simondoggett Most likely is a Unix developer and someone got confused by it ;)
  848. 2011-8-24 @Stanto Oi. Unfair. :p This is a cool place to "work" at, not for… #exLibrarianChatter
  849. 2011-8-23 @jaffathecake Have you looked at Backfire? I think there's something similar for Chrome... http://t.co/H8Li2tr
  850. 2011-8-23 @Whatleydude PS. General settings > keyboard > enable. Now double tap shift key and BAM! Capslock.
  851. 2011-8-23 @Whatleydude I was saying the same thing earlier on my iPad… caps lock on my laptop is remapped to something more useful.
  852. 2011-8-23 I've just ordered a Domino's Pizza from the London - Chalk Farm store with @robotsarefun @mnowster
  853. 2011-8-22 triange/square sandwich people (@iamcalledrob @yaellevey) this might be relevant to your interests. http://t.co/bk72nAW props: @jiamins
  854. 2011-8-22 @iamcalledrob you jelly bro?
  855. 2011-8-22 RT @iamcalledrob: Today I learnt: Rollercoaster Tycoon was written almost entirely in assembly by one man http://t.co/drvh2pD #holy
  856. 2011-8-22 @iamcalledrob Theme Park > Rollercoaster Tycoon.
  857. 2011-8-22 Gentle pitter patter on the keyboard Kai... we're not at home anymore... cc @mnowster
  858. 2011-8-21 Nostalgia alert http://t.co/XCBQhIT :) #blueYellowRollerSkates Who else remembers these?
  859. 2011-8-21 TIL: '5ever' - is youngster squeak for "more than forever".
  860. 2011-8-21 @thefella Agree with you on that - Suits is brilliant. #suits Love what they do with the little hashtag in the bottom left of the screen
  861. 2011-8-20 90% of users do not know how to use CTRL+F/CMD+F. http://t.co/9SWgKtB
  862. 2011-8-20 If PHP more British… would_you_mind { // code } actually_i_do_mind(Exception £e) { // Politely move on cheerio('message'); }
  863. 2011-8-20 RT @artfinder: Artfinder's 'most popular' featured in the @guardian 's "The people's painters: what makes a work of art popular?" http:/ ...
  864. 2011-8-20 @jaylett @georgebrock Zed Shaw's peepcode (http://t.co/K1qlIBs) uses R for histograms. http://t.co/KxQPrzQ Might be useful for Devfort?
  865. 2011-8-20 Introducing the magical spaghetti fork. http://t.co/SOnnNSV #fb
  866. 2011-8-20 Dear Mr. @stephenfry, you have been summoned for an Ask Anything on Reddit: http://t.co/1unr9af
  867. 2011-8-19 I want to grow more plants :|
  868. 2011-8-19 Having a glass of wine, then off to the shops to pick up ingredients to make beef ragoOoOo (pronounced, spelt: ragu, I prefer my spelling).
  869. 2011-8-19 PS. The red wine is @mrlerone's fault. He practically forced it upon me. Stating I wouldn't be a man without alcohol. Maybe he said beer.
  870. 2011-8-19 @isofarro You came first, you did. Oh wait you're too young.
  871. 2011-8-19 @mrlerone Okay, Will get some whiskey too. It shall be neat, no droplets of ink in it or nuffin. Maybe sneak in a few ice cubes to stay cooo
  872. 2011-8-19 RT @1mgoldstars: Last chance - anyone want a new(ish) Ikea coffee table? Need to collect it from Hackney Wick....
  873. 2011-8-19 Ahhh securerom. How I have forgotten your existence. Existez… ah how I have forgotten of your existence. Ah babbling. How I have forgotten..
  874. 2011-8-19 Securerom. Not secure ROM. Spelt securROM. Secur-ROM. Not quite secure. Almost. But not quite.
  875. 2011-8-19 @jackhenderson @naomsp It was a lighthearted joke :p - note the smiley.
  876. 2011-8-19 @edhenderson You should chat to @andrewmy
  877. 2011-8-19 @NaomsP @jackhenderson No because I still do not have my picture drawn for me! :p
  878. 2011-8-19 Post man is delivering new knives to me. This could end badly.
  879. 2011-8-19 @mnowster May make sense for other situations… but for this instance it's reads like Yoda. Don't get me wrong. I love Yoda.
  880. 2011-8-19 Python's string method .join is pretty back to front. I agree :[ http://t.co/Z1iOK1L
  881. 2011-8-19 13-Year-Old Makes Solar Power Breakthrough by Harnessing the Fibonacci Sequence http://t.co/EJC17W0
  882. 2011-8-18 @richmarr Ahhhh. This is what I've been using - which isn't pure: http://t.co/WKcgz8h :]
  883. 2011-8-18 HP Touchpad discontinued already. http://t.co/tt9OzMH
  884. 2011-8-18 @bekibutton I cannot believe you just admitted that to the whole Internets.
  885. 2011-8-18 @Izabel_blue 3 days left of "summer" http://t.co/Ew5lKiu
  886. 2011-8-17 @jaylett @alexsteer There's a video..? Tell me there is a video of this.
  887. 2011-8-17 Hana barbara - the collar. http://t.co/13lsWvV #amazing #pattern #animation #hack
  888. 2011-8-17 8am Californian girls. Extremely merry man singing in public. Not me. Honest. http://t.co/wAhxMrc #fb
  889. 2011-8-16 Waiting for some Vong. #ruleof3 #ruleof3rds #photography (@ Ten Ten Tei) [pic]: http://t.co/E3Rrfbo
  890. 2011-8-16 The Think Tank, a short film shot using 2 actors & lots of awesome. http://t.co/eh027ME
  891. 2011-8-15 His last words to his sister were, "Stay out of my room". Time to put on those loller skates. http://t.co/7Pg9dLw
  892. 2011-8-15 @Stanto I also want whiskey. #shoppingList
  893. 2011-8-15 @ifenn You know it's a line from Cloverfield right? :P
  894. 2011-8-15 @thirstforwine Sounded from that direction… :P anything you wanna tell us?
  895. 2011-8-15 @Stanto Yeah… weird. Few other people were at their balcony too, guess also wondering wtf...
  896. 2011-8-15 @thirstforwine North Greenwich… might be nothing… but there was someone outside looking wtf too. :S
  897. 2011-8-15 Just heard a large explosion. wtf
  898. 2011-8-15 @alastairs @github Oh ace. Also waiting for my updates to show up...
  899. 2011-8-15 Oh Ace. http://t.co/93Xi4oZ #github #editing
  900. 2011-8-15 RT @lizsmith24: Why Our Fingers Wrinkle When Wet - Now I Know - http://t.co/XQH0BSX #fact
  901. 2011-8-15 RT @jzy: http://t.co/GQTSHZu
  902. 2011-8-15 @tkenny Whatever man, whatever! In reply to your, "crazy or genius" theory - http://t.co/0J4EiYI
  903. 2011-8-15 Parallel assignment just blew my mind.
  904. 2011-8-15 @DannyKeane It isn't easy is it… and then not doing it will make you feel like more of a plumb & pause. Edit them out?
  905. 2011-8-14 @tkenny So what you are saying is, we'll solve problems as front-end developers better if we are clean.
  906. 2011-8-14 Thinking about how great it would be to have... 烧烤. #fb
  907. 2011-8-14 @tkenny Don't need to go home for a shower, when I have a frozen shower to go in the office fridge freezer. http://t.co/A6HYITM
  908. 2011-8-14 @SidekickBoltie I am convinced this is a guise and your true identity is Summer Glau.
  909. 2011-8-14 @EllenPage I'm outing you! Your true identity is Summer Glau. Admit it :p
  910. 2011-8-14 Requests for python. May be relevant to your interests: @robotsarefun, @jaylett, @cackhanded & @georgebrock :] http://t.co/2Rtn3mr
  911. 2011-8-14 The youth in Asia are to killing people. http://t.co/kWzktkk #comedy #alig
  912. 2011-8-14 @jaylett Cant find anything more… it's written by Armin @mitsuhiko Ronacher. Can has more docs..?
  913. 2011-8-14 My neighbour just asked me if her music was too loud. Wow. Just wow. Feel like the world just became a better place.
  914. 2011-8-14 @mrlerone @paulpod Tis not a bad thing. Sometimes celebrities should get people to write good articles.. more people would read them then.
  915. 2011-8-14 Trees communicate. http://t.co/QUViMA1
  916. 2011-8-13 @jiamins :) That brings back memories! Does the squirrel have any acorns hidden somewhere?
  917. 2011-8-13 @jiamins Just look at what the little critter could be adorned by! http://t.co/0lXAjXi ;) … and so much cheaper too?
  918. 2011-8-13 @paulpod why be an unknown columnist when you can be rebord under the guise of Russel Brand. B list celeb & party animal extraordinaire. :D
  919. 2011-8-13 Gmail filters really needs to be like google circles. Certain repeat offenders deserve the 'epic spam corp' circle.
  920. 2011-8-13 @paulpod Do you believe it's actually him writing those pieces though…?
  921. 2011-8-13 @adamphillips That and Song getting away with lashing out at Barton.
  922. 2011-8-13 Watching today's Football with Match of the Day & seeing players get away with lashing out at others. These guys should be role models.
  923. 2011-8-13 "WHO ARE YOU GOING TO GET TO BE BOLTIE!??!?!" #Super
  924. 2011-8-13 @paulmakepeace Nice - just going to make fixes with that :D
  925. 2011-8-13 Trying out siege. Lets see how stuff copes… with a few requests.
  926. 2011-8-13 Genius. 10 year old discovers the sinister truth behind what makes a Taco happy or sad. Us. http://t.co/t6Qsb2Y
  927. 2011-8-13 My first (well kind of) in place list. http://t.co/61RNESv Improvements & suggestions welcomed :D
  928. 2011-8-13 @fstorr Lets do it, I shall keep a few days free for beer and catching up :]
  929. 2011-8-13 @Abstractnoise Highly unlikely to have been unicorns or narwhals. :[ Thanks for the update.
  930. 2011-8-13 @fstorr Sadly not. Got lots on this year & no time for conferences… How long will you be back in the UK for? In London?
  931. 2011-8-13 @fstorr OH HAI! :] How are you? long time no speak...
  932. 2011-8-13 Betting my sound system would make tear theirs a new one too. Import restraint.
  933. 2011-8-13 FS. can hear this person's juvenile, repetitive, two chord beat like music over my headphones. Tempted to play louder better music back.
  934. 2011-8-13 Too old to listen to a cheap electric keyboard being played badly & gangster rap simultaniously. Hunt for new flat? …challenge accepted!
  935. 2011-8-13 Trend: Not giving full context in headlines to create sensational sounding stories. Example: http://t.co/iqxHrLg
  936. 2011-8-13 What does Thyme smell like? Hours, minutes and seconds… #food #lunch
  937. 2011-8-13 @honosutomo Stop trying to make us all feel old. We're cool and hip.. #Embrace #musicnotriots
  938. 2011-8-13 North Greenwich Sainsbury's fridges & freezers are kaput(t). Do not expect food from there. Comet is also shut/boarded up.. due to riots?
  939. 2011-8-13 What else floats in water like wood? A duck! ...Then if she weighs the same as a duck… she must be made of wood.
  940. 2011-8-13 Spring cleaning out my home folder… and my home server… and a few other things for that matter. #bliss :)
  941. 2011-8-12 Kids drawings with a bit of awesome dust sprinkled on top - http://t.co/Xqwfb33 @artfinder #art
  942. 2011-8-12 Comic suggestions please :) currently seeking something to pair up with Mark Lutz's Learning Python.
  943. 2011-8-11 @iamdanw Your joke just made the people of Catalonia weep.
  944. 2011-8-11 While working, I just discovered… Jean Vong. http://t.co/LCllv5p
  945. 2011-8-11 @robotsarefun keeps picking up random wires & stuff the more time he & @georgebrock fight to understand varnish. http://t.co/0Br147T
  946. 2011-8-11 @conversocial Hi - your Facebook image thumbnail switcheroo looks to be broken. Could has fix?
  947. 2011-8-11 @conversocial Turned out it was a bug with Chrome. Not specific link related.. image previews didn't show up. Worked with FF apparently.
  948. 2011-8-11 An example of an artist work titles: Untitled (yellow object on floor that looks like a ladder) & untitled (a painting but is not).
  949. 2011-8-11 Considering replacing said title with, "Two things which you should look at".
  950. 2011-8-11 Time for sleep!
  951. 2011-8-10 @jaggeree As a child my mother would condone such actions, while telling me the story of 5 little piggies.
  952. 2011-8-10 Oh wow. http://t.co/A7igSsX
  953. 2011-8-10 RT @jaylett: This is a masterclass in bad writing: http://t.co/Jc6t2GI. Sigh.
  954. 2011-8-10 @jaylett Are we talking about the same piggies? http://t.co/xpB8Gxe #feet #tickling
  955. 2011-8-10 @georgebrock is this similar to your recent exploits? http://t.co/JlUd6no
  956. 2011-8-10 Ah Kinder bueno. How similar you are to a beautifully written poem. So rich, delicate, crunchy and creamy…
  957. 2011-8-10 #Newsnight - "people need to appreciate culture." … art…. @artfinder … queue seemless/shameless plug: http://t.co/VF2ZVKu
  958. 2011-8-9 Reading about http://t.co/Lyxf9NC -s… bubbles, combing, selecting.
  959. 2011-8-9 Having a play with http://t.co/Z4to7ir
  960. 2011-8-9 "Let us solve the problem by disabling their Blackberry messaging service during fixed hours." #bbc #news #LondonRiots
  961. 2011-8-9 @1mgoldstars @ursi82 @simondoggett http://t.co/6WqU3KZ :) It shows!
  962. 2011-8-9 Debating with @ursi82 whether the "hats optional" is a message to the gentlemen or ladies. Cc @simondoggett @1mgoldstars #sgwed
  963. 2011-8-9 @Stanto @ursi82 We're fine, sounds like some of our friends caught up in it.
  964. 2011-8-9 "Now is the time when we decide whether to descend into hate, or to put prejudice aside and work together" http://t.co/z0vfEkF #LondonRiots
  965. 2011-8-9 RT @paulmakepeace: Ready to rock and roll... #ealing #riotcleanup http://twitpic.com/63bw0c
  966. 2011-8-9 Good morning helicopters.
  967. 2011-8-9 Guess we will only hear one side of the story. http://t.co/VvGwA1g #bbc #LondonRiots #live #tv #banned
  968. 2011-8-8 @toughplacetogo Yahoo answers & I've lived in London for a long time… and have a been to a lot of places to compare those areas to :)
  969. 2011-8-8 @toughplacetogo Oh wow… you appear to be resorting to pointing out a typos rather than facts.
  970. 2011-8-8 @toughplacetogo I live here mate. Now kindly go watch some football.
  971. 2011-8-8 Lets not talk about Croydon…kids these days. When I was younger *queue sirens in background* I was playing football or on my computer.
  972. 2011-8-8 @toughplacetogo Lewisham… http://t.co/aJ9i1ht "It's a nice place to leave."
  973. 2011-8-8 @toughplacetogo Woolwich. People selling houses and.. http://t.co/PBXkNHN
  974. 2011-8-8 @toughplacetogo Yes. Just to add… googling "Peckham nice" results in people discussing if it is safe or selling houses.
  975. 2011-8-8 @thefella @omarqureshi Sorry for missing out Wolverhampton & Birmingham in that list :P
  976. 2011-8-8 So… Woolwich, Lewisham, Croyden, Peckham. See the pattern? Horrible areas of England? #LondonRiots
  977. 2011-8-8 Discovering "import this". Nice. #python
  978. 2011-8-8 RT @tomcoates: Is technology to blame for the London Riots? http://t.co/jySnjur First guess: No. After more thought: No. Finally: No.
  979. 2011-8-8 Mum/Nan. I am at home… playing about on my laptop learning Python. Not committing arson.
  980. 2011-8-8 @jaylett The view of Sainsbury's is also beautiful this evening!
  981. 2011-8-8 Almost run over by a police van. #londonriots
  982. 2011-8-8 Designing traffic lights. Reminds me of my youth, sketching design solutions. http://t.co/ofnLUSO
  983. 2011-8-8 @david_whitney Here's something to take your mind off it buddy, Python was named partly after Monty Python. http://t.co/1ltfdpw
  984. 2011-8-7 Time to follow @jonathanscard to see how this ends…
  985. 2011-8-7 http://t.co/c9f3cx3 Have a coffee… on Jonathan Stark.
  986. 2011-8-7 Looking through artwork by Ty Dunitz aka @glitchritual - Amazing. http://t.co/zPENQTz Worthy of a place on @artfinder
  987. 2011-8-7 Just Googled "dive into python" + "boring"… http://t.co/grSn5tc Yup, it's not for me either.
  988. 2011-8-7 Tax the rich. Properly. http://t.co/sbQqwgj
  989. 2011-8-6 RT @Anniemole: Enter #nomnomnom11 'killer' foodie quiz & you cd win one of 5 free downloads of @gbchefs app http://togbc.com/pTqi1a http ...
  990. 2011-8-6 @Stanto At work all the tech team use this http://t.co/HLUCAIy …tried anything similar?
  991. 2011-8-6 @artfinder's most collected works can be found in the @flipboard iPad app http://t.co/KaQTDcX #awesome
  992. 2011-8-5 @sophdea @jon_bedford - Just think, ultimately the Internets got you married. Another victory for computing networking.
  993. 2011-8-5 RT: @jamiecullum 'ReAnimate' at the National Portrait Gallery... a night of sensory stimulation! tinyurl.com/5w2pj47 cc @artfinder
  994. 2011-8-5 @Izabel_blue @jon_bedford @sophdea :D:D:D:D:D #friends #wedding #Friday
  995. 2011-8-4 @jaggeree @paulpod Absolutely! http://t.co/AuCn2wm :) #rick #stein #seville
  996. 2011-8-4 @jaggeree @paulpod Guessing you both saw Rick Stein's trip around Valencia… featuring jamón and wine...
  997. 2011-8-4 CherryPy. What a wonderful name. @mrlerone would prefer using this over github. Shame they do totally different things.
  998. 2011-8-4 Trying out Hyde. Like Jekyll, but for Python.
  999. 2011-8-4 RT @aral: We should be teaching kids digital literacy – to be producers not just consumers. And not put them off of computing by teachin ...
  1000. 2011-8-4 @Anniemole http://t.co/btyCrlV :) EAT
  1001. 2011-8-4 @david_whitney bless.
  1002. 2011-8-4 @smyther @mrlerone This is how http://t.co/4UkneH3 was born… and you know it's true Dave.
  1003. 2011-8-4 @richmarr @wilcolley @thelegendthatiswilcolley #denied Gotta be a twitter robot for that, that links to: http://t.co/Bk0sfn2
  1004. 2011-8-4 The legend that is @wilcolley sent me this: http://t.co/miQpMI7 @mrlerone & @paulpod would approve =]
  1005. 2011-8-4 This is wonderful. http://t.co/ezF1K44
  1006. 2011-8-3 Surreal… company logos switched with their competitors http://t.co/tZdIyOV
  1007. 2011-8-3 RT @jzy: Flowchart: So you're mad about something on the internet http://t.co/8Y2w7kc by @rosscott
  1008. 2011-8-3 They couldn't figure out why my camera was pointed at the mud... - http://t.co/apeoODu via @imgur
  1009. 2011-8-3 Today @artfinder's awesome super user @catcalleddoom brought tea & coffee for us (@georgebrock, @mnowster). Yay life.
  1010. 2011-8-2 How appropriate to tweet the Yellow Bird by Edward Lear from the @Artfinder website http://t.co/0r1ZD2A
  1011. 2011-8-2 @jiamins One lion, or a pride of lions? http://t.co/6LQJvSI
  1012. 2011-8-2 @Stanto @wideawakewesley @jwuniverse What is happening and when? :o
  1013. 2011-7-31 @omarqureshi How is Marty these days? Not seen him for yonks now.
  1014. 2011-7-31 Salvador Dali playing who am I on television http://t.co/Ogt85EW #art @artfinder #brilliant #fb
  1015. 2011-7-31 Awesome mario art created using soda crates http://t.co/wvoJI3W @artfinder
  1016. 2011-7-31 Good to see old versions of iPhone/iPad apps getting cleared up by iTunes. #sarcasm
  1017. 2011-7-30 @jaylett @lovedaybrooke follow up photo, or I am going to assume you've wussed out ;)
  1018. 2011-7-30 @jaylett "I believe stuff will fly, I dream about it every night and day. Flying ants and melons pieces far away..."
  1019. 2011-7-30 @jaylett you have such bad luck! ;( I believe you can do it :D
  1020. 2011-7-30 @richmarr then you will have spider baby. Spider baby, spider baby, clings Velcro like the son of geeks baby, look out! Doo doo doo.
  1021. 2011-7-30 @thehacksaw omg incredible!
  1022. 2011-7-30 @yaellevey :) will do later on or next week?
  1023. 2011-7-29 @aaliyah_ela IT LOOKS LIKE YOU LEFT THE CAPS LOCK ON!
  1024. 2011-7-29 If we are what we eat... Then we may have no idea what we are. Random unlisted ingredients in orange juice.. http://t.co/Em4melW
  1025. 2011-7-29 @iamcalledrob last night I started work on my first IRC bot! FoodBot. Built on JavaScript & love.
  1026. 2011-7-29 @johannakoll @brucel I have an impact on chair design. Every time I sit down.
  1027. 2011-7-28 Amazing Ocardo Groupon deal! http://t.co/I4ghHd8
  1028. 2011-7-28 I've gained nothing interesting from Google Circles. The Internet on the other hand. Fascinating. Google+ = not relevant to my interests.
  1029. 2011-7-28 When @mnowster giggles chirpily, I get scared. #fact
  1030. 2011-7-28 @ryancarson @wilcolley is awesome if he is available.
  1031. 2011-7-28 TIL someone believes, "I like apps as long as they are high quality and free/affordable." Yes… because everything should be free right?
  1032. 2011-7-28 Looking forward to trying the Great British Chefs app to cook food. Really nicely done! http://t.co/jIEY5V5
  1033. 2011-7-28 So very tired now, but excited about current feature I've been implementing with the help of sir. @cackhanded for @artfinder
  1034. 2011-7-28 RT @johnleach: is convincing people to come to Leeds Ruby Thing tonight. You should come too! http://t.co/m3vKq5q
  1035. 2011-7-27 @donlemoncnn You sir, give me hope for America. Just seen a clip of you from Reddit. Will you do the Reddit IAMA req? http://t.co/ydrFYJK
  1036. 2011-7-26 @yaellevey Life should not always about agreeing or disagreeing, wrong or right…
  1037. 2011-7-26 @yaellevey Here's some people talking about the natural scroll + RSI http://t.co/B7qEfge
  1038. 2011-7-26 RT @Anniemole: APP OF THE DAY: Great British Chefs (iPhone/iPad) : Tech Digest http://t.co/w75RzAA
  1039. 2011-7-26 And then @omarqureshi said hi on FreeNode :)
  1040. 2011-7-26 Twitter is so last year. We are all about the IRC. In Real-life Chat. Internet relay sch-me-lay.
  1041. 2011-7-26 The New York Times. Re-designed. It suddenly becomes readable! http://t.co/v8kxxHJ
  1042. 2011-7-26 @jaggeree @philgyford Why how uncannily similar yet more impressive :) rt: gyford.com/phil/writing/2…guardian.gyford.com
  1043. 2011-7-26 Charlotte Church. Looking a little like Ariel from the little mermaid. http://t.co/oHIe5vK #painting #art
  1044. 2011-7-26 People like Marcel Gleffe should be celebrated. http://t.co/Hi1mvld #norway #hero
  1045. 2011-7-26 @yaellevey In the 90's first person shoot 'em ups defaulted to mouse inverted. No longer does anyone default to this. #Lion
  1046. 2011-7-26 @yaellevey Inverted scroll will be related to RSI. It's probably a more natural movement to move away from you, than toward.
  1047. 2011-7-25 Never give up… http://t.co/4dsuffj
  1048. 2011-7-25 OOOOH MY GAWD. You never seem to get enough! OH MY GAWDDDDD. The possibilities never end. We're of the new sound & we're on stage!
  1049. 2011-7-25 RT @spacelog: Voting for the .Net Awards is open. Wouldn't spacelog.org make a great 'Site of the Year'? Vote for us here: http://t.co/Y ...
  1050. 2011-7-25 @iamdanw That's what the bloody racket was. Thought the neighbours had tuned into Whale FM or something.
  1051. 2011-7-25 RT @jaggeree: Two brilliant pieces of writing this morning that of course I wish didn't have to be around http://t.co/hdzjw88 and http:/ ...
  1052. 2011-7-25 Oh yes. http://t.co/GRJ2Yiq #song #mix
  1053. 2011-7-24 Oh how I have missed Japanese anime :]
  1054. 2011-7-24 @jaylett Oh dear… diet sodas are just plain wrong. I recommend - http://t.co/xlkpILZ
  1055. 2011-7-24 @paulpod ROFL. How are they your bees now have you caught them?!?!
  1056. 2011-7-24 @jaggeree I see his dress sense is starting to follow in his father's footsteps also! :D
  1057. 2011-7-23 @ded ROFL. Welcome to last Friday for me. Time to update Xcode ;)
  1058. 2011-7-23 @StopDailyMail @mrlerone "Anders Behring Breivik seems to have been an intelligent man." Someone should get fired for that statement.
  1059. 2011-7-23 Hell on earth. A place where everyone can have such divided opinions on something horrific… http://t.co/fVT9mVe
  1060. 2011-7-23 Some of the media point fingers at computer games as the reasoning for Anders Behring Breivik's actions. Preposterous.
  1061. 2011-7-23 What can we learn from Norway? Politics. Communication breakdown. Cultures & points of view. Value lives. Tragic :(
  1062. 2011-7-23 @paulpod I can almost imagine you saying that in a very wise, yet subdued manner :]
  1063. 2011-7-23 @paulpod Did you really just mis-spell http:// ?!? ;)
  1064. 2011-7-23 Watching FLOSS weekly.. http://t.co/4dKABlh
  1065. 2011-7-23 HTML5 yo http://t.co/idsyyvs
  1066. 2011-7-23 VMWare ubuntu issues with arrow keys? Not a problem: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
  1067. 2011-7-23 Computer games. I love them so much. http://t.co/yoxD24W :)
  1068. 2011-7-23 @Picklivefootie @picklivecricket Roll on the new football season! :PPPP ;) Enjoy the game!
  1069. 2011-7-23 System shot me down. (sudo) BANG BANG.
  1070. 2011-7-23 Playing with backbone after fixing my gems. Now… super tired… so to sleep I go!
  1071. 2011-7-22 Wow. You know the world is fucked when the "grown ups" of world are fucking everything up. While the kids at anonymous follow their hearts.
  1072. 2011-7-22 @rboulton @paulpod I think I like this idea… what about an island etc.
  1073. 2011-7-22 RT @Izabel_blue: As of this week I've lived in London for 10 years. Here are 10 reasons why I love it here: http://t.co/zcZUykk
  1074. 2011-7-22 @jon_bedford @benlingard All I read was Rebekah Wade - it's Friday video. #amazing
  1075. 2011-7-22 Sat quietly listening to music.
  1076. 2011-7-22 RT @paulpod: @artfinder: The Telegraph takes a look at Artfinder: "a digital home for the entire catalogue of fine art" http://tgr.ph/qPNq1U
  1077. 2011-7-22 OMG AMAZING! UNCANNY!! Squirrel sounds like Star Trek Communicator! http://t.co/2oM61X0 #fb
  1078. 2011-7-22 @johannakoll OMG vegetable gyozas. :)
  1079. 2011-7-22 God bless: set -o verbose
  1080. 2011-7-22 @cackhanded @boagworld Smashing magazine advert hack - make your window as small as possible & let the media query faeries do their magic.
  1081. 2011-7-21 @victoria_glass Ooooh! Thank you :) will definitely have to check it out!
  1082. 2011-7-21 @victoria_glass Sounds like an idea place for fellow foodies @david_whitney, @jon_bedford & others!
  1083. 2011-7-21 @fluffyemily So glad you mentioned the @hnlondon meet up next week, would have totally forget to register otherwise :]
  1084. 2011-7-21 @mnowster OMG THANK YOU :D:D:D::D:D:D:D:DD
  1085. 2011-7-21 Types gently and quietly like a door mouse so @mnowster @theothertom cannot hear him.
  1086. 2011-7-21 Starting to see patterns in random works image file names… oh dear oh dear.
  1087. 2011-7-21 Greaat…. now I've just got to wait a "few hours" for Alfred/Spotlight to work again.
  1088. 2011-7-21 Also Lion's natural (inverses) scrolling direction is only natural if you haven't used you trackpad for scrolling before :P
  1089. 2011-7-21 New apple gestures are nothing short of awesome to me. Adds a touch of finesse to using a mac. #lion
  1090. 2011-7-21 @iamcalledrob I thought this was why Jobs gave us airdrop! #lion
  1091. 2011-7-21 @DalSoft Prefer it when the code is open to a proper review… review by Internets. http://t.co/YtURNdm
  1092. 2011-7-21 @ifenn I did that to 7 windows a long time ago. One after the other.
  1093. 2011-7-21 @mrlerone sure have! Be in the office soon. Just enjoyed being pressed up against tube door & 3 people on tube. Wonder how @jaylett faired!
  1094. 2011-7-21 @isofarro Can you blame a tool for it's maker's mistakes & user's nativity?
  1095. 2011-7-21 Labs closes. Gmail breaks. Gooooooood job.
  1096. 2011-7-21 @mnowster @fluffyemily Her monitor is sh-sh-sh-shaking. Sh-shu-shaking! http://t.co/epV8q5Z
  1097. 2011-7-20 Watching the Apple Lion advert. I mean... guide...
  1098. 2011-7-20 Seeing some of my food from last weekends' #NomNomNom11 http://t.co/5N2iBpK Yum!
  1099. 2011-7-20 @mrlerone Looooooook. Tomorrow, bring your RAM in and this will be you too :) http://t.co/5cJSojP
  1100. 2011-7-20 Xcode 4.1... how much misery can you cause me? http://t.co/K1RmYfI - Saw the words "innovative" & "changes". I will judge thee.
  1101. 2011-7-19 Okay... sleep time.
  1102. 2011-7-19 @paulpod Also would like a Wii git channel too. Wonder what the wii git's status is today...
  1103. 2011-7-19 Murdoch pie for desert tonight. At first it tastes bitter. Regardless, you'll feel like a million dollars after.
  1104. 2011-7-19 How to choose a bad password. Featuring Rebekah Wade http://t.co/2nRtbMI
  1105. 2011-7-19 Sports journalists in a pickle over Tevez leaving, not leaving confusion. Where's a phone hacker when you need one?
  1106. 2011-7-19 Loving using GitX as I play with my bashprofile and break all changes into tiny little commits. Thanks @georgebrock for that tip!
  1107. 2011-7-18 @boagworld Yes. I like to call it "consistent" :)
  1108. 2011-7-18 Huge thanks to @Anniemole @RosalindsW1 @Izabel_blue and everyone else for hosting an amazing #nomnomnom11 event again this year.
  1109. 2011-7-18 @farhan Thanks for being and awesome teammate and helping us cook some amazing food! :)
  1110. 2011-7-18 Open source design... http://t.co/Iw40l0t
  1111. 2011-7-17 Thanks to the @top100igp for yummy wine.
  1112. 2011-7-17 Today I enjoyed eating food cooked with @farhan for #nomnomnom11
  1113. 2011-7-17 Also enjoyed food and humour of @Alfie and @Whatleydude. <3 Whatley
  1114. 2011-7-17 Also #nomnomnom11's best sashimi style steak went to @victoria_glass & @miriamjsnice - immense cooking!
  1115. 2011-7-17 Hats off to winners @leasimpson and Sharon Jakobowiz for cooking such amazing food. #nomnomnom11
  1116. 2011-7-17 And everyone else who I ate, drank with at #NomNomNom11 - thanks, it was fantastic again... looking forward to next year!
  1117. 2011-7-16 @RichMillington What about this water... I'm totally sat here with slightly more than a cheapskate bottle of water.
  1118. 2011-7-16 @RichMillington Oh... I feel like I'm not that far off though.
  1119. 2011-7-16 I feel as though @yaellevey & @robcthegeek have forsaken me today...
  1120. 2011-7-16 Feeling the love again. RT: @kaichanvong @robcthegeek WE LOVE YOU KAIIIII
  1121. 2011-7-16 Khan Academy is brilliant. Feature suggestion: rather than telling a user they're wrong, prompt them to double check their answers.
  1122. 2011-7-16 @MissRachelle @anniemole @farhan Thanks Qypefan, We aim to win!
  1123. 2011-7-16 working in a starbucks. I honestly do not l know how anyone can do this and concentrate.
  1124. 2011-7-16 @RichMillington So in considerate. Starbucks should totally be like a library. Even those places no longer encourage silence. Disgusting.
  1125. 2011-7-16 @RichMillington Totally. Age limit also a requirement. 19 - 39 yr olds. While we're on the subject of discrimination, no pets.
  1126. 2011-7-16 @RichMillington I think also if you are only one nationality you also should not be allowed entry.
  1127. 2011-7-16 @jon_bedford Thanks pal. Means a lot. I always forget to stop whipping cream at the thought of it being part of a nice cheese biscuit.
  1128. 2011-7-16 @david_whitney If it makes you feel any better, I still feel ill now and I went to bed around 9pm last night. #OAP #lifestyle
  1129. 2011-7-16 That way you would be teaching students to double check their answers rather than just hurrying through things.
  1130. 2011-7-15 @lizsmith24 have a good one! :)
  1131. 2011-7-15 RT @artfinder: New on the Artfinder blog: the art of myths and legends http://bit.ly/pKv8Xf (some wonderful monsters to finish the week!)
  1132. 2011-7-15 Hoping the guys from Artfinder are enjoying byrons... have little to next to no appetite thanks to this stupid illness :(
  1133. 2011-7-15 @fluffyemily :( ohhh... I'm sure you would have been invited. Everyone just has lots on their mind.
  1134. 2011-7-15 I am nothing right now without @jon_bedford :( #nomnomnom11 cc @Whatleydude @richmarr
  1135. 2011-7-15 @lizsmith24 I think my smoothies machine is still in the office too...
  1136. 2011-7-15 @cyberdees would like irc cloud invite...
  1137. 2011-7-15 @lizsmith24 ohhhh. Maybe it is at my parents then! How many Fridays are left for you?
  1138. 2011-7-12 @molbac Here is something to help get it out of your head. http://t.co/7oMSJHO OH MY GAWDDDDDD! #song
  1139. 2011-7-12 Shot through the heart, and @molbac to blame. She gave the doggie... a bad name :(
  1140. 2011-7-12 @molbac I'm never speaking to you again.
  1141. 2011-7-12 @molbac @willjohnh A dog named through Twitter... amazing!
  1142. 2011-7-12 @molbac Not Kai.
  1143. 2011-7-12 @fluffyemily You go girl, show her who is boss is! PS. I am presuming your cat is the boss of your Twitter account too & female...
  1144. 2011-7-12 Thanking @catcalleddoom for slice of brownie. S'not all doom and gloom for some :D
  1145. 2011-7-12 RT @cackhanded: Five minutes of @markedapp and it has earned a permanent place on my Dock. Mostly because I can use it with things other ...
  1146. 2011-7-12 @micrypt WILD! :D
  1147. 2011-7-12 @micrypt No... whyyyyy...
  1148. 2011-7-12 @alexnguk http://t.co/FfQARSE Mason. So hot right now. Mason. >> http://t.co/2H4wCHf @iamcalledrob
  1149. 2011-7-12 Facebook. So hipster. http://t.co/XWaj3b8 Totally should have been this photo - http://t.co/NEiK9if cc: @iamcalledrob
  1150. 2011-7-12 @YasTwit http://t.co/0hZtrkB - Ah... pump it, pump it real good. DooOoo doo doo doo doooo doo doo doo.
  1151. 2011-7-12 Ahah! Alternatives to GoDaddy for web domain registration - http://t.co/aI4iPZm
  1152. 2011-7-12 My keyboard is now covered in chocolate powder. #happiness
  1153. 2011-7-11 @yaellevey Can I give you some constructive feedback on that? :]
  1154. 2011-7-11 @david_whitney ever!
  1155. 2011-7-11 'gpuh'... like 'git push', done poorly, with just a puh'ff o' smoke coming out. :[
  1156. 2011-7-11 The five best designed websites. Ever. http://t.co/gxMbwkg (see number 3.) #fact
  1157. 2011-7-11 @david_whitney That is because all the sites mentioned are of best websites designed ever. EVER. ;)
  1158. 2011-7-11 @david_whitney *nods*
  1159. 2011-7-11 @yaellevey Will show you on Saturday :) More coming soon...
  1160. 2011-7-11 @yaellevey Forked, Cloned! You need a server-side language to do that with & you're just using static languages (HTML/CSS) at the moment.
  1161. 2011-7-11 @yaellevey Pull request sent! :)
  1162. 2011-7-11 Just helped out @yaellevey with her site... http://t.co/tUrH3zB feel free to comment and add comments/suggestions/improvements! :)
  1163. 2011-7-11 @yaellevey sounds good, or point me to a github repo with it and I'll suggest how I would improve it and why. Very nice though! :]
  1164. 2011-7-10 Features... features... features.... :]
  1165. 2011-7-10 Everytime @rjs tweets I hear David Bowie - heroes. http://t.co/ShVCTAW #UI #SuperHero
  1166. 2011-7-10 a young artist who paints portraits only by kissing a canvas with her lips http://t.co/ca8uz9Q @artfinder
  1167. 2011-7-10 Google+ ... If using months of when I worked somewhere, deletes ALL input fields on the page as only years are valid for the form. #fail :[
  1168. 2011-7-10 Lots of bugs :[ GOogle+. Create new circle. Failed attempt.
  1169. 2011-7-10 No one to hang out with. Fail.
  1170. 2011-7-10 Seems like a legit science experiment. http://t.co/qmlMKaK
  1171. 2011-7-10 @willjohnh Now imagine you're watching it for the 2nd time. Welcome to my world ;) *head returns to code*
  1172. 2011-7-9 @thehacksaw @alexyoungs OOooh even the colour scheme matches nYanland. http://t.co/cCEd2GC
  1173. 2011-7-9 @paulpod What can I say, my hair is fair and lady like and needs the attention women's hair gets for a cut and colour.
  1174. 2011-7-9 @iamdanw @simonw I'm loving this video of Will & Kate at a tech panel. They didn't utter a word did they?
  1175. 2011-7-9 @iamdanw Great to see such passion & excitement for technology driven in the right directions by such role models.
  1176. 2011-7-9 News of the world by Steve Coogan. News of the world. Wont miss it.
  1177. 2011-7-9 Proud of my uncle Khoan Vong being on TV for teaching people through the Internets. Go to 22:36 to see it... http://t.co/2pF2W95
  1178. 2011-7-9 @timruffles Really interesting post, thanks for sharing! :]
  1179. 2011-7-9 Ladies of the world. Where is good for getting your hair cut around London that is not extortionate. Cut & color £100 or less...
  1180. 2011-7-8 Very proud to see @artfinder in berg's svk comic. http://t.co/kogsNXc
  1181. 2011-7-8 @sophdea You should have paused and said, "Sorry.. but do you mind if I record this moment? It's just I'm going to tweet about it..."
  1182. 2011-7-8 Reading about @robcthegeek leaving @justgiving & excited for him... contracting with @simondoggett perhaps perhaps?
  1183. 2011-7-8 @robcthegeek Yo yo, am also looking forward to it :D cc @yaellevey
  1184. 2011-7-8 @robcthegeek All I read there was the best developers are Asian. ;) cc @benastontweet
  1185. 2011-7-8 @Izabel_blue I'm number 170 in the UX power 500.... apparently. http://t.co/ofElNqP
  1186. 2011-7-8 RT @RupertMurdochPR: This is not a video of Rebekah Brooks admitting she paid off police. Do not RT this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= ...
  1187. 2011-7-8 @jon_bedford @izabel_blue Bless yahs :) Thanks.
  1188. 2011-7-8 RT @micrypt: Bet a bunch of you wish you had a couple million dollars to splurge on space tourism at the moment. :P #shuttlelaunch
  1189. 2011-7-8 Here we are, declaring that it is.... http://t.co/FqkaLCu ...Friday.
  1190. 2011-7-7 It's all about the money. And I don't think that it's funny. To see us fade away.
  1191. 2011-7-7 RT @Whatleydude: UP THE OXO TOWER!!!! #bbcqt
  1192. 2011-7-7 Really impressed by Hugh Grant so far on Questiontime... totally shaking things up. At last. #BBC1
  1193. 2011-7-7 Fox news.In.Britain http://t.co/lHkXlI0
  1194. 2011-7-7 Up. In. The. Oxo. Tower. #confessions #jonGaunt #champagne http://t.co/WgWctoT
  1195. 2011-7-7 PUSH....! DEPLOY...! Let there be latest, greatest and an adorning of dragons.
  1196. 2011-7-7 @simondoggett Disagree if you use the device functions like orientation, geolocation, camera... App is too generic a term to use.
  1197. 2011-7-7 @simondoggett explain why you do not like the phrase "HTML5 apps"...
  1198. 2011-7-7 @astrofaes I'm in shock you're on Twitter.
  1199. 2011-7-7 OMG. Hugh Grant Hipster moment. Someone get that. That's a meme right there.
  1200. 2011-7-7 Proud of @jackieikiki's new job hanging out with Steven Wolfram.
  1201. 2011-7-7 @simondoggett sounds like your problem is with the people rather than the phrase used ;)
  1202. 2011-7-7 Working hard to get my fill, everybody wants a thrill. Payin' anything to roll the dice, Just one more time. Some will win, some will lose..
  1203. 2011-7-7 Meeting time. First in weeks. Yay. Sprint planning. Fountains
  1204. 2011-7-7 Fox news? Omg. I feel sick.
  1205. 2011-7-7 @mrlerone Jump for my love! :D
  1206. 2011-7-7 RT @kcorrick: Tomorrow's Indy front page. http://twitpic.com/5mnimx Wow. #notw #savingbrookes
  1207. 2011-7-6 "I am as free as my hair"
  1208. 2011-7-6 Just subscribed to http://t.co/8KLxTNk ...might be interesting.
  1209. 2011-7-6 Silent ninja zombies. Unlikely or plausable?
  1210. 2011-7-6 Loving in built digitalcolor meter over colorzilla on mac osx is nice - thanks @georgebrock :D
  1211. 2011-7-6 @Picklivefootie Yup, I shall pop it in my calendar! :)
  1212. 2011-7-6 @Picklivefootie Sounds interesting, would be up for popping in and I still need to come visit for my tracksuit too! :)
  1213. 2011-7-6 @richmarr You're clearly not a Lady Gaga fan huh? @artfinder
  1214. 2011-7-6 @richmarr Thank you father of little win. I'm very excited and hoping to live up to the expectations of the British public. ;)
  1215. 2011-7-6 RT @paulpod: RIP Cy Twombly - we only just did an iPad app for the Dulwich show :-( http://bit.ly/oda6oW #twombly #artfinder
  1216. 2011-7-6 Happy to see @artfinder legend Spencer Hyman mentioned alongside other great CEOs - http://t.co/tnydAaG
  1217. 2011-7-6 RIP Cy Twombly. If you get the chance, you should visit some of his art works along side Nicolas Poussin works at the @DulwichGallery
  1218. 2011-7-6 RT @DulwichGallery: "Graffiti is linear and it's done with a pencil, and it's like writing on walls. But in my paintings it's more lyric ...
  1219. 2011-7-6 You can find lots of Cy Twombly works on @artfinder - http://t.co/iryYUUg
  1220. 2011-7-5 @mrlerone I ain't no chicken.
  1221. 2011-7-5 RT @johnwhenry: 3 days to stop #Murdoch's #media takeover! Write to Hunt's consultation now. Pls RT. #phonehacking #notw http://t.co/hKCiC6i
  1222. 2011-7-5 OH: Poke him. Poke him.
  1223. 2011-7-5 Ohhh... Alright..., by Roy Lichtenstein — Artfinder http://t.co/T72OEY8 via @artfinder
  1224. 2011-7-5 Today is a sad day... the artist who's app I've been working on passed away today. http://t.co/ZHjz96N :( he never got to see his app...
  1225. 2011-7-5 Ok enough of that. Sleep time.
  1226. 2011-7-5 RT @artfinder: RT @BERGLONDON Our first publication is now onsale! www.getsvk.com #svkcomic < Artfinder a proud advertiser in this ...
  1227. 2011-7-5 Getting dirty looks because I'm always sat holding an iPhone. Working on an iPhone app isn't easy.. or maybe it's just the state of my hair.
  1228. 2011-7-5 The roof is falling in on best laid plans. You once were king, now you're nobody's man.
  1229. 2011-7-4 @bekibutton I think it would be wonderful to have something to hang up that said ArtFinder.com and had a nyan cat! :D
  1230. 2011-7-4 @bekibutton Oh my f'ing gosh. That is a maze of zing.
  1231. 2011-7-4 @bekibutton hmmmm.... I would love one to have in the office somewhere to hang up. How much would I owe you? :) £50 cover it?
  1232. 2011-7-4 @samsalisbury @david_whitney It's true, it's like bad sushi. You shouldn't store bad sushi.
  1233. 2011-7-4 @bekibutton OMG WANT.
  1234. 2011-7-4 We are happy to store our passwords in plain text, much like if we were a bank we wouldn't bother you with any security. http://t.co/ZH3mYfQ
  1235. 2011-7-4 Guardian's Milly Dowler article is shocking http://t.co/e1Y2yZM a universal hash tag is needed to raise awareness #boycottNewsOfTheWorld ?
  1236. 2011-7-4 RT @jaggeree: RT @tom_watson: Milly Dowler's phone was hacked by the News of the World: http://t.co/hOFGgw0 - utterly reprehensible
  1237. 2011-7-4 And when I said 'words'.. I of course meant 'word'. Wonder what on earth is the internet doing to my brain http://t.co/F6BkXmw #RSAnominet
  1238. 2011-7-4 @alexpashby An advert with a FB icon with the words bikini next to it in the bottom left corner. That's all I remember.
  1239. 2011-7-4 @jon_bedford The only thing I know for certain... is my heart wont be better without you. *sweeps emo hair to other side of face*
  1240. 2011-7-4 You wonder why a media API doesn't work on iPhone and then realise the words "Supported Platforms: Android". GGGGGREAT.
  1241. 2011-7-4 @micrypt ;( if only I could clone myself...
  1242. 2011-7-4 @jon_bedford Thanks buddy, wont be the same without you :[ but I will try to be strong... when cutting those onions.
  1243. 2011-7-4 And when I said conference I was meaning 'talk'.
  1244. 2011-7-4 2 conferences tonight... 1 choice. Which do I go to... ah bugger.
  1245. 2011-7-4 @Han - @iamdanw will enjoy being the title of that phtoo, "Writing bad software fast" http://t.co/Ecm6DFt
  1246. 2011-7-4 @smyther rofl. It just completed. 2 minutes later! :P Right... lunch. Salad time. What you having? :)
  1247. 2011-7-4 "Install time remaining: About a minute" ... still waiting. 10 minutes later.
  1248. 2011-7-4 @smyther @honosutomo Keep going... don't stop... more memories please :]
  1249. 2011-7-4 OH: We want to test your children.
  1250. 2011-7-4 I just joined Prizes.org! http://prizes.org - Participate in contests to win real cash!
  1251. 2011-7-4 @honosutomo @smyther I wanna play some CS now. Sadly.. nowadays more than 20 mins of any fps equates to motion sickness for me.
  1252. 2011-7-3 Oh and dear neighbour. You are a ****ing disgrace to society.
  1253. 2011-7-3 @iamdanw The repercussions icon is spot on. Caption could add so much - "See you in real life pal."
  1254. 2011-7-3 I take that back, ticked off with Apple for screwing about & removing gcc-4.2 from XCode4 that made installing PIL a misery.
  1255. 2011-7-3 I take that back. Ticked off with Xcode ticking off PIL.
  1256. 2011-7-3 Ticked off with PIL.
  1257. 2011-7-2 Testing the @artfinder app on #designjam users like @johannakoll,@boonych & @Han results in 2 new features to implement.
  1258. 2011-7-2 My team at #designjam #djl3 http://t.co/KsVuWUz
  1259. 2011-7-2 Might have had an agenda... convincing my team to do the Artfinder of music. heh ehe. Nothing quite beats a full circle!
  1260. 2011-7-2 It's like watching the eurovision contest when skyping with the #DesignJam in Rome.
  1261. 2011-7-2 @johannakoll has don't her presentation slides using html5 :D nice
  1262. 2011-7-2 Heading off to design jam - cya there @boonych, @johannakoll, @cyberdees and others! #djl3
  1263. 2011-7-2 Designers in past jams didn't like using a wiki - and so will be trying tumblr for storing their team's design learnings. #DesignJam #djl3
  1264. 2011-7-1 Insomnia. When tired. Sucks. Even so... just did a first bit of rampaging through files & code. KAI SMASH!!>!>!>@$@324
  1265. 2011-7-1 @david_whitney You're awesome. :]
  1266. 2011-7-1 And we all know when I say solved, that's until some quirk that I've not thought of enters the frame :D
  1267. 2011-7-1 God bless you media queries for solving landscape/portrait mode for me :]
  1268. 2011-6-30 RT @paulpod: YOU KNOW WHAT'S GREAT? OUR FLIPPING WEBSITE IS GREAT! http://www.artfinder.com/
  1269. 2011-6-30 Will not shut eyes. Until I get home that is.
  1270. 2011-6-30 Very tired. But very very excited about smartphone app nearly ready. Image recognition and lots of awesomeness.
  1271. 2011-6-30 @nashienet @yaellevey No invites yet - will do if I get any!
  1272. 2011-6-30 RT @jaggeree: Some very fine work from @mrlerone @paulpod @fluffyemily @kaichanvong and Mr Fulkerson in this new @artfinder iPhone app h ...
  1273. 2011-6-30 Circle created. "Epic. bros.".
  1274. 2011-6-29 @jon_bedford You could play the piano, Idris Elba could sing.
  1275. 2011-6-29 Orange/Blue Contrast in Movie Posters | /Film http://t.co/vYfcsGq via @slashfilm
  1276. 2011-6-29 @henrygarner @ursi82 One likes not to boast.
  1277. 2011-6-29 @iamcalledrob I like that you made me think of two Google products when you tweeted that.
  1278. 2011-6-29 @paulpod That should be a tv campaign. Paul Pod says no to hyperlinkless mentions of websites. The flipping out bit would be ace.
  1279. 2011-6-29 @henrygarner spooky! Just read that while singing out loud & making tea for @ursi82
  1280. 2011-6-29 A catastrophe, think of the kittens! http://t.co/H0Nf6Al via @artfinder
  1281. 2011-6-28 @simondoggett @molbac Wow. I look so... so young.
  1282. 2011-6-28 Groupon leaks entire Indian user database, 300k users + clear text passwords. http://t.co/XgmmEbN
  1283. 2011-6-27 Lots of work done. Really tired. Headache finally gone too. Time for sleep.
  1284. 2011-6-27 One shall stand and one shall fall.
  1285. 2011-6-27 Playing some Lady Gaga - The edge of Glory. Bound to help @jaggeree and his arm.
  1286. 2011-6-27 RT @johannakoll: Yay! Comic fans, @wawap_comics will take over a shop window at Bookart Bookstore in Hoxton for the next two weeks: http ...
  1287. 2011-6-26 Just want to update perl. Why can it not be easier... without the 51mb huge active perl tool. I miss wget.
  1288. 2011-6-26 Wondered why you see so many Free Public WiFi spots at airports? It's a Windows XP bug. http://t.co/fITRtNx
  1289. 2011-6-26 Free Alice Morgan. http://t.co/jfCiz1W #Luther #TV #fb
  1290. 2011-6-26 @cwiss Oh it's amazing. And I have some created something special for of it... http://t.co/jfCiz1W
  1291. 2011-6-26 @cwiss Really good thanks! Will have to compare food choices & opinions. Get up to speed on Luther it's sooooooo good.
  1292. 2011-6-25 I am on the edge. Of glory.
  1293. 2011-6-25 @nashienet I have not, thank you for the suggestion! :)
  1294. 2011-6-25 @bekibutton NyanCat is amazing! And yes I saw that the other day... The original seems to have lost sound :(
  1295. 2011-6-25 @nashienet Hmmm... I'm watching season 1 still, maybe it isn't as great in the 2nd season, but I love it so far.
  1296. 2011-6-25 Cant get enough of Luther. A dark and pure television dramas.
  1297. 2011-6-25 Aka - Almost getting out of my bed.
  1298. 2011-6-25 @benbot Ggogle it - it's a flash mmorpg from what I've seen so far with a mix of pokemon in it.
  1299. 2011-6-25 RT @garybernhardt: A Python programmer rejects a new idea without considering its value. A Ruby programmer accepts a new idea without co ...
  1300. 2011-6-24 Upgrading flash player to try Glitch out. Very excited.
  1301. 2011-6-24 It's true.. #Mozilla {text-overflow: Elipsis} HURRRAHHH. http://t.co/89maXVH
  1302. 2011-6-24 @molbac Normally people say "you have got a bat in the cave" when you have something up your nostril. #friday #fact
  1303. 2011-6-24 10 famous paintings from album sleeves http://t.co/ttxy7Jf #art @artfinder
  1304. 2011-6-24 When people go through lots of ring tones it is really irritating. A police car is doing something similar with it's siren. #annoying
  1305. 2011-6-24 RT @jaggeree: Awesome post from @davemcclure http://t.co/uGvGtmC
  1306. 2011-6-23 @micrypt I'm sorry man, I wish I could come - but I need some rest tonight, as I need to be sharp to get work done tomorrow!
  1307. 2011-6-23 Not going to Hacker news meetup tonight... far far too tired :( http://t.co/rE2iXNq 1 space available.
  1308. 2011-6-23 Have Jean-Antoine Watteau at your fingertips with the @artfinder new free iPad App - http://t.co/YR0Zkkd
  1309. 2011-6-23 Staying focused today. Top motivation hacks for self improvement - http://t.co/IctPrfs
  1310. 2011-6-23 Waking up after noisy neighbour took away an hour of my sleep last night. At 2am. Not impressed. #public #housing
  1311. 2011-6-23 @yaellevey @robcthegeek I am in for the 2nd at my uncle's hand! Although we should think about other cool venues too!
  1312. 2011-6-22 @paulmakepeace You're awake huh! lol :] Great job falling asleep in the office, I thought you'd collapsed or something!
  1313. 2011-6-22 Designers... this might be good for you if you cannot afford to buy Git Tower. Github GUI for mac - http://t.co/2QoMgfU
  1314. 2011-6-22 @yaellevey @robcthegeek should be good - need to check with @ursi82 first though!
  1315. 2011-6-22 Testing Google voice search just by clicking the microphone & letting it search what people say in the office. http://t.co/52FeVHf
  1316. 2011-6-22 @yaellevey @robcthegeek Defo up for that - cannot this weekend *sad face*, but next could be good!
  1317. 2011-6-22 Google enables voice search... for users in America. Try it here friends: http://t.co/52FeVHf #history #searching
  1318. 2011-6-22 @feliciaday Why does Facebook connect for signup make you sad?
  1319. 2011-6-22 Example of real world standards fail: http://t.co/qlTxb7L #gauges
  1320. 2011-6-22 Wanted... :after & :before CSS pseudo elements to have the ability to have click handlers.
  1321. 2011-6-22 I fibbed. I'm still here. Water on eyes fixed everything. GIT PUSH!
  1322. 2011-6-22 Okay... giving up looking at the computer. Eyes hurt far too much :(
  1323. 2011-6-21 :) I love building stuff.
  1324. 2011-6-21 @burlistic Well... one of LulzSec was apparently arrested. http://t.co/YjgiKub
  1325. 2011-6-21 The entire UK 2011 census data hacked and soon to be released.. http://t.co/AFw5Hjc
  1326. 2011-6-21 @Stanto I hope so.
  1327. 2011-6-21 LiveReload :) I love thee sooooo much.
  1328. 2011-6-21 One day I will die. And I wont get to see all the cool stuff that will happen in the future. This makes me very sad.
  1329. 2011-6-21 RT @aaliyah_ela: artfinder has a new homepage! check it out: http://t.co/3GzjpLU @artfinder #art
  1330. 2011-6-20 LULSEC. Inspired by V for Vendetta? Lets hope the banks & governments have been good kids... http://t.co/yHjAMUN
  1331. 2011-6-20 FLAC. The way music should be. Pure & beautiful. They took it away from us. They hid it. When will they repackage it as HDMP3 for 35% more?
  1332. 2011-6-20 Depixelizing art! http://t.co/j3crnTf ...okay so it's not perfect, but pretty darn cool.
  1333. 2011-6-19 @jaggeree @bexfishman I like these kind of tweets :) they make me smile.
  1334. 2011-6-19 Jackie Chan is a legend. Training a fish to come to him, roll over then go away.. http://t.co/R8TdZSo
  1335. 2011-6-19 Very surreal. Just seen @C_Food sat a few feet below me on the phone.
  1336. 2011-6-19 Yum. Mozzarella, tomato, onion, garlic and balsamic vinegar on home made bread. http://t.co/eAC0MXZ
  1337. 2011-6-19 RT @codepo8: Pure CSS Nyan Cat: http://bit.ly/ilOPsv
  1338. 2011-6-19 RT @artfinder: Artists honour their fathers on Father's Day - http://blog.artfinder.com/2011-06-19/happy-father’s-day-to-all-the-fathers ...
  1339. 2011-6-19 Drag and drop tutorial $9. http://t.co/AgEuH12 ... but Github repo with example of tutorial free http://t.co/wS9A53v
  1340. 2011-6-19 Episode 1 of Luther. Beautiful, dark and amazing.
  1341. 2011-6-19 Off to the land of sleepy time I go...
  1342. 2011-6-18 Teamwork with @yaellevey and @robcthegeek. http://t.co/VPaBzDK
  1343. 2011-6-18 "This is it right?" "I don't know... I cant see your monitor. What can you see?" "Nothing." :P
  1344. 2011-6-18 @benbot I cant believe you're asking me if I've seen the film hackers. Yes! 2 was better =] ...even if it had nothing to do with the 1st.
  1345. 2011-6-18 Contemplating shouting at the top of my voice, "FREE THE FREE WORLD!!!!111" Or something dramatic while hacking on my mac in Starbucks.
  1346. 2011-6-18 Off to do some hacking with @yaellevey & @robcthegeek in A London cafe.
  1347. 2011-6-18 Calling it a day. Great hacking with @yaellevey (ux) & @robcthegeek (rails). Prototype coming soon!
  1348. 2011-6-18 Amen brother, the world's most important 6-sec drum loop. http://t.co/39jkovh
  1349. 2011-6-18 Found! The Shins - New slang - http://t.co/ET0EVyL
  1350. 2011-6-18 Trying to remember an mellow indie song which was playing in StarBucks today... called something 'new wave' or something. Any ideas?
  1351. 2011-6-18 @benbot Rofl. Dude - you're a super geek!
  1352. 2011-6-18 @samsalisbury We're in a pub near Exmouth Market hacking away :) Catch up with you soon dude! Keep having a great time in the park!
  1353. 2011-6-18 @samsalisbury I love you man. Whereabouts are you?
  1354. 2011-6-17 You wont get out the county, 'cos you're bad & free. You've got a new horizon It's ephemeral style. A melancholy town where we never smile..
  1355. 2011-6-17 Memories are wonderful. http://t.co/hePA8gw
  1356. 2011-6-17 It's Friday. No longer available due to copyright infringement.
  1357. 2011-6-17 @sophdea I would say that's a fair assumption to make.
  1358. 2011-6-17 Startups must improve lives. Paul Graham, co-founder of YCombinator. http://t.co/KaxJrVP #inspiring
  1359. 2011-6-17 @sophdea :D You're now the 2nd person after @stanto - both 's' names, to play along!
  1360. 2011-6-16 @tkenny Up for designing that magazine sometime? :]
  1361. 2011-6-16 Interview with Edward Sutcliffe on the Artfinder blog! http://t.co/Ptx6Na2 #art
  1362. 2011-6-16 This is why you should read what someone's update does. 1 space. RM User folder. http://t.co/ujeVki7
  1363. 2011-6-16 @jon_bedford bazinga!
  1364. 2011-6-16 Meeting friends! (@ Giant Robot) [pic]: http://4sq.com/iT5rak
  1365. 2011-6-16 I'm at Three Compasses http://4sq.com/ioKw4D
  1366. 2011-6-16 Like the idea of backfire. Not sure about the name... http://t.co/H8Li2tr
  1367. 2011-6-15 Looking at CSS Lint. http://t.co/ywtE8gw
  1368. 2011-6-15 @kaigani It was pretty weak. Welcome to the agenda that is, 'how to keep your tv programme interesting'. #apprentice
  1369. 2011-6-15 Past few weeks Susan made mistakes. Now she is being picked on. #apprentice
  1370. 2011-6-15 'Lost in translation'. Slightly offended by Jim's comment to Susan. Why did he say that? #apprentice
  1371. 2011-6-15 @richmarr Great idea. For something that isn't patronising or stereotypical to what people are like, but what people like.
  1372. 2011-6-15 @jaggeree Shouting. With old people looking happy and half naked girls :P
  1373. 2011-6-15 @richmarr Expensive places one way, cheap the other! So halve the food bit depending on things - sit in/takeaways etc
  1374. 2011-6-15 My concept for a free magazine - Flipside, fashion on one cover, sport on the other side, upside Dow . Food around London in the middle.
  1375. 2011-6-15 The Apprentice. The jokes. Wondering if the tasks are not clear enough for these people.
  1376. 2011-6-15 @starcarbon I've long neglected the "are you an X kind of person" quiz games... got to <googles>Jon Ronson's</googles> quiz now!
  1377. 2011-6-15 @benbot Or create clones of themselves which poop and cry for days on end. You lucky, lucky man ;)
  1378. 2011-6-15 Interesting... myths about introverts - http://t.co/l4zwkU3
  1379. 2011-6-15 RT @artfinder: Spotify for art? Introducing Artfinder's new Artplayer: Blogpost - http://t.co/yAZYft8 Try it - http://bit.ly/jNic8o
  1380. 2011-6-15 Back in the zone? Oh yes.
  1381. 2011-6-15 Resisting the urge to look at lots of Mr. Pablo Ruiz Picasso's art on @artfinder. http://t.co/rXw1lwy Coolest first & middle name ever?
  1382. 2011-6-15 ARHGHGHEGIHhjoadf. I will not keep naming my projects with hyphens.
  1383. 2011-6-15 Naming our servers after the Baywatch cast? OH: "I'm not mounting Pamela."
  1384. 2011-6-15 @mnowster is being relentless with the devouring of crisps in the office. We are all pretending not to hear the crisp carnage.
  1385. 2011-6-15 @honosutomo Heh, with one's laptop open? I don't think so!
  1386. 2011-6-15 Bed. A magical place where one can recuperate and rejuvenate.
  1387. 2011-6-15 CSS Lint.. nice idea. Probably wont use it unless I can remove some of the questionable settings. It did get me to update Node + NPM tho :]
  1388. 2011-6-15 Not sure how I feel about the git bundle for textmate.
  1389. 2011-6-15 Playing with CSS Lint. Feel free to fork this and play, and push back any of your discoveries :) http://t.co/eXliWi1
  1390. 2011-6-15 @Richard_Monk Thanks for your comment earlier :) @artfinder will continue to do/be awesome, I have no doubt!
  1391. 2011-6-15 @tkenny We would make a great team I think :)
  1392. 2011-6-15 @tkenny, If @lord_sugar doesn't believe engineers (Zuckerberg/Gates) can do business - then we probably wouldn't get the chance to.
  1393. 2011-6-15 @kaigani Hate to disagree with you pal, but it's always been that way! Look at last year with Stuart...
  1394. 2011-6-14 RT @yaellevey: Awesome. You know those explanations underneath art gallery installations...? http://t.co/UENITfU (via @lucytobin)
  1395. 2011-6-14 @chriscoyier What is the 95% out of? 100,000 users?
  1396. 2011-6-13 @mnowster Now with context to that! http://t.co/z72WiS6
  1397. 2011-6-13 Been busy today & missed out on a @designjamlondon ticket. Waiting list... here I wait.
  1398. 2011-6-13 Looking at AXR. http://t.co/HEcIY3T Apparently HTML+CSS done right...
  1399. 2011-6-13 Loving these Git click moments. http://t.co/GNX0HhJ
  1400. 2011-6-11 Spending my morning discovering shortcuts on my mac :)
  1401. 2011-6-11 Why apple power cables have a high rate of fail. Company hierarchy. http://t.co/DSHS8XC
  1402. 2011-6-11 @fstorr Sadly no time for @dconstruct! Busy with @artfinder :)
  1403. 2011-6-11 @fstorr Are you still in the states? How is everything going? :)
  1404. 2011-6-11 @fstorr Up early! :)
  1405. 2011-6-11 And another bug down, another bug down :D another bug bites the dust!
  1406. 2011-6-11 :( Bleeding head from cutting it on shelf cupboard. #house #inspired #medical #records
  1407. 2011-6-11 Drinking beers. (@ 1001 Cafe) http://4sq.com/kvsaWK
  1408. 2011-6-11 I just unlocked the "Explorer" badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/mSRUBg
  1409. 2011-6-11 Eating vegans. (@ Saf Restaurant & Bar) http://4sq.com/jVLrLs
  1410. 2011-6-11 Thanks everyone! :)
  1411. 2011-6-11 Suggest me a place that does awesome vegetarian food in London.
  1412. 2011-6-11 @AdamTibi Not hard :p Just discovering some replacements for apps -> spotlight now replaced with launchbar!
  1413. 2011-6-11 @fstorr Of course! :) Just let me know when you're in London and lets catch up.
  1414. 2011-6-11 @fstorr Best day for waking up early!
  1415. 2011-6-10 Crazy lightning sounds outside. Cold shower was amazing. Feeling more relaxed.
  1416. 2011-6-10 I'm about to try this. Taking a cold shower. http://t.co/3JdHZbl
  1417. 2011-6-10 @paulpod We were worried there... the erm... styling was very... different! ;)
  1418. 2011-6-10 RT @artfinder: Also check out @tate's feed right now, where people are tweeting #artfilmtitle, e.g. Durer Where's My Car?
  1419. 2011-6-10 @willjohnh It's true, I have chubby little legs and I'm mastering the family strut! =]
  1420. 2011-6-10 Here's a little something I wrote for you folks on Twitter... http://t.co/4Vowaw2
  1421. 2011-6-10 Now we can play songs and record them. FOREVER! http://t.co/JUNWzn4 :D
  1422. 2011-6-10 Hungry.
  1423. 2011-6-10 @mnowster You downloaded a 3mb pdf. That will be £2.84 for the hosting of said file & access to download it.
  1424. 2011-6-9 Fuck the file system. http://t.co/vxvD5Pm
  1425. 2011-6-9 Sadly this is the current way to get people's attention. http://t.co/VQCDNeC #cycling #newYork #fb
  1426. 2011-6-9 Ottt oh ot oh oh oh oh oh. Got me looking so crazy right now.
  1427. 2011-6-9 @hakimel @paul_irish Wouldn't describe the CSS for CSS Panic 'insane', it's very simple & clever idea that is executed very well :)
  1428. 2011-6-9 RT @hakimel: CSS PANIC – A game built with only CSS/HTML. Insane. http://bit.ly/jpzVow
  1429. 2011-6-9 Apparently some people can record & save music on the Google page... but only if you're on a US IP address. LAME. http://t.co/WL0wpCz
  1430. 2011-6-9 Google logo today is pretty impressive. Using a background sprite & Flash to play the music. Why no HTML5 Audio? ;( http://t.co/2m7J7UO
  1431. 2011-6-9 How the hell is it that time already?
  1432. 2011-6-9 @robcthegeek Watching :)
  1433. 2011-6-8 @ubelly @boonych The CSS 'WET' method? I got the acronym... I just need context... of wtf that is supposed to mean :)
  1434. 2011-6-8 Just looking back through my weak attempt to do a 365. Remembering just how drained & tired I was back then. http://t.co/bq0sMjj #fb
  1435. 2011-6-8 All is not lost for 1 team as Suzie finally figures out what the task is about. #apprentice
  1436. 2011-6-8 Speaking of re-writing stuff... here is a different more direct approach to a reseting browser defaults. http://t.co/q0JaaDk
  1437. 2011-6-8 "I feel it in my fingers, I feel it everywhere. Repetition is all around me. It's pointless & everywhere."
  1438. 2011-6-8 @boonych @ubelly If you're brand new to writing CSS, I agree you should learn by writing it from scratch. Otherwise, work smart.
  1439. 2011-6-8 @benbot Totally ignoring your comment about me having a 35 day year. Get back to changing those nappies!
  1440. 2011-6-8 Window cleaners are on the dodgiest looking elevator ever. (@ Artfinder w/ @cackhanded) [pic]: http://4sq.com/lwsETm
  1441. 2011-6-7 @jahnut If I could, I'd help out! But London is so far away :(
  1442. 2011-6-7 @jahnut I told him one of the speakers went to the same uni as us. I take the blame. ;(
  1443. 2011-6-7 Explore the CASS Sculpture Foundation with our three new (and free) Apps: http://t.co/ocvgSwv
  1444. 2011-6-7 @benbot What is your AF user number? :)
  1445. 2011-6-7 ios5 means some improvements for mobile safari http://t.co/AMkDAYQ
  1446. 2011-6-7 Spending lunch looking at art :) http://t.co/TEXxX2L #fb
  1447. 2011-6-7 @smyther Really? Oh man... I wish I was going now. Would have been great to catch up, have a pint or 2, or 3 or 4 afterwards :]
  1448. 2011-6-7 @molbac @simondoggett Would make na awesome start to a Tumblr photo site called - Not-the-bride.tumblr.com
  1449. 2011-6-7 @molbac @simondoggett Imaging the following: "GERRROFF IT!!!! It mine." Then stronger, more candid and colourful slurring banter ensues.
  1450. 2011-6-7 RT @JamesDeAngelis: RT @itsartdammit: Helloooo tumblr of the week: http://accidentalchinesehipsters.tumblr.com/
  1451. 2011-6-7 All I am seeing on Twitter right now is, "2 CSS attributes now work with elements on one mobile browser. Amazing Amazing Amazing." ;)
  1452. 2011-6-6 Wishing @yaellevey a happy first day at @mindcandy!
  1453. 2011-6-6 I am so happy for you :D :D :D :D RT: @cackhanded Best. Ribs. Ever. @kaichanvong was right. http://t.co/nPpiDHb
  1454. 2011-6-6 RT @cackhanded: Nice to see larger images on the @artfinder lightbox finally. Lovely bit of progressive enhancement by @georgebrock. htt ...
  1455. 2011-6-6 @whatterz Googe says: "Miaow is a collaboration between Sarah Campbell and Arnaud Laflaquiere" http://t.co/oKnFol4 Miaow - Bubble
  1456. 2011-6-6 @mnowster :D
  1457. 2011-6-6 http://t.co/yzxWKke :D Stake land. Where people are steaks.
  1458. 2011-6-6 Totally sold on using jPlayer to style my audio because of the demo song. http://t.co/Qu6U99u
  1459. 2011-6-6 @mrlerone Yeah yeah, I tried google. Still cannot find it. Thought it was something land.
  1460. 2011-6-6 Saw a movie trailer which featured zombies this weekend... but cant for the life of me remember the name of it. Ideas?
  1461. 2011-6-6 Hungry. But today has started awesome. Lets do this! :D
  1462. 2011-6-6 A 4 year old artist - Aelita Andre http://t.co/1a8Op5j cc: @artfinder
  1463. 2011-6-6 @david_whitney Video of you playing it please! :)
  1464. 2011-6-5 Are todays kids are doomed...? I bet they didn't have to be creative with awfully stupid toys like this: http://t.co/hbpiuDn
  1465. 2011-6-5 @yaellevey @robcthegeek Postman Pat rocked.. working in web is like: http://t.co/DHOhZ1P #visionaires
  1466. 2011-6-5 Discovering the Gummi bears in Japanese. http://t.co/41Hqs9a Everything sounds better in Chinese or Japanese. #fact
  1467. 2011-6-5 @robcthegeek @yaellevey We should be like gummy bears, singing out in chorus all through the forest.. having high adventures beyond compare.
  1468. 2011-6-5 @robcthegeek @yaellevey I hated that show. It was not: dashing or daring, courageous or caring. Friendly or faithful with stories to tell.
  1469. 2011-6-5 RT @robcthegeek: Super -excited about a afternoon of coffee and code with @yaellevey and @kaichanvong. WHEN OUR POWERS COMBINE! http://y ...
  1470. 2011-6-5 The Rasberry Pi. http://t.co/HDVL0ou :) Like it.
  1471. 2011-6-5 @robcthegeek :) It's awesome huh. Looking forward to sharing tips & tricks with you soon. Week on Sat for a Starbucks hack session!
  1472. 2011-6-5 @jaffathecake @charlierogers What on earth is that all about? Word 'N'... eh?
  1473. 2011-6-5 1,000 people turn up for a birthday party. Awesome. http://t.co/bTMRxgv
  1474. 2011-6-5 @eatlikeagirl Ah, silly me... :) maybe later you'll treat hoping yourself to some cheese & port like wine in the region! :D
  1475. 2011-6-5 @eatlikeagirl Malbec :] Awesome choice. Port & cheese would be my next choice! Do they have any?
  1476. 2011-6-5 @cwiss Photos Chris. Photos :)
  1477. 2011-6-5 Watching Blackadder. Hup-hup, huzza!
  1478. 2011-6-3 Breaking in. (@ JustGiving) http://4sq.com/jHZ85Z
  1479. 2011-6-3 I'm at The Prince of Wales (2 Cleavland Terrace, Paddington, London) http://4sq.com/ltvjPQ
  1480. 2011-6-3 I'm at Princess Louise (208-209 High Holborn, London) http://4sq.com/l1JVff
  1481. 2011-6-3 Off for a quick drink with some of the @artfinder lot & then meeting some of the @justgiving team too :) SEE YOU SOON!
  1482. 2011-6-3 At an airport? Love art? Read this already. http://t.co/9ethUjK #blog #art #flying #holidays
  1483. 2011-6-3 RT @Jess_Ledbetter: Looking forward to the next version of @P2PU on Monday! Want a sneak peek? http://alpha.p2pu.org/ Feedback cherished ...
  1484. 2011-6-3 I'm at Artfinder (198 High Holborn, Camden Town) http://4sq.com/mhrmnq
  1485. 2011-6-3 I'm at Byron w/ @jaylett @cackhanded http://4sq.com/kEeWo4
  1486. 2011-6-3 "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read & write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, & relearn."
  1487. 2011-6-3 RT @robcthegeek: @yaellevey just sent me this: http://bit.ly/iM3tll good to see other disciplines realising the power of "polyglot". Cro ...
  1488. 2011-6-3 RT @cackhanded: OH: "That's so accurate ... and yet wrong." @paulpod
  1489. 2011-6-3 @bekibutton Real life has no bounds for Nyan cat.
  1490. 2011-6-3 It's #ff. Follow @robotsarefun. He rocks.
  1491. 2011-6-2 Loving that @robotsarefun is doing a sales call & coding. The sales call is going far, far too well too. @artfinder
  1492. 2011-6-2 @simonhelberg Should have replied, "Ooooh. That's one to try with the ladies." =)
  1493. 2011-6-2 I'm at Greenwich Millennium Village (John harrison way, West parkside, Greenwich) http://4sq.com/lXsRqp
  1494. 2011-6-2 @yaellevey I am smiling.
  1495. 2011-6-2 @mrlerone "won" tickets. *googles the term won*. The 'won' is also the currency for South Korea. #fact
  1496. 2011-6-2 Windows 8 design. Big & bold - the way all design on computers is heading. It's accessible, simple & something you're not afraid to touch it
  1497. 2011-6-2 @micrypt Ooooh. I like these achievements things. Next up: coding with my toes. Wonder what that would unlock.
  1498. 2011-6-1 Weeping as the other developers abuse me with their words. Harsh, bitter words! #hr
  1499. 2011-6-1 RT @mnowster: Oops! @kaichanvong walked past me at the wrong time, just as I exclaimed 'Motherfucker'. I was talking to my code!!
  1500. 2011-6-1 Telling @mnowster about when I sung this to @stanto & others - http://t.co/fi96P3B
  1501. 2011-6-1 @r4vi Great find for the bbq & apologies for getting your name in correct! :) Hope to chat properly about pyCharm next time pal.
  1502. 2011-6-1 Caught up for bbq after work with the legend that is @kzhu, then bumped into @simondoggett & @philhawksworth.
  1503. 2011-6-1 @johannakoll My day was awesome. How was yours? :D
  1504. 2011-6-1 @tkenny OHHHH. You are a pineapple user huh huh. Well, that makes Jobs sad!
  1505. 2011-6-1 @tkenny In the meantime, you can hum your own custom one when you hear one of their 5 defaults! :D
  1506. 2011-6-1 2 ipads. 2 iPhones. Awesome! :D
  1507. 2011-6-1 Why oh why do I have the Wicked soundtrack playing over & over in my head. #glee
  1508. 2011-6-1 I'LL WRITE A FUNCTION, in global namespace. I'll execute it soon. Named after you. ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU READY FOR MY CODE TO RUN! :D
  1509. 2011-6-1 Nothing beats a little song at the end of the day.
  1510. 2011-6-1 @thomas_britton @tkenny where was my invite mr. Britton. Where. Was. It?
  1511. 2011-6-1 OH: "HAH! In your face browser."
  1512. 2011-6-1 Discovering 'the sidewinder sleeps tonight' is a song influenced by 'the lion sleeps tonight'. #WorldDestroyed
  1513. 2011-6-1 @sergeimuller Your time will come. Testing testing, use Sergei's inbox please, this is not spam or an email from a Nigerian Prince.
  1514. 2011-6-1 Lots of moaning about Twitter emailing them. "OH NOES hysteria setting in, how does one edit ones preferences?"
  1515. 2011-6-1 It's official. I debug & code better intoxicated.
  1516. 2011-6-1 @kittydoodle Yeah... but that kind of makes sense! :P
  1517. 2011-6-1 Touch a file. If you can. Wish for something special... My code is newbie. Wrote a program... for somebody special code. It's all for ye.
  1518. 2011-5-31 Some days I wish my body was like a python tuple.
  1519. 2011-5-31 @Anniemole It's kind of ironic because @jon_bedford does in fact @eatlikeagirl ;) #dainty & #delicate #eaters
  1520. 2011-5-31 @simonpainter As if you couldn't get some crayons & draw it yourself you lazy so and so :p cc @jackhenderson
  1521. 2011-5-31 @r4vi Looking forward to it. Hopefully will not feel too rubbish by tomorrow and can eat tons of bbq.
  1522. 2011-5-31 @jon_bedford Happy birthday jonno! :)
  1523. 2011-5-31 Ironic URL. http://www.uxdesignedge.com/2010/03/dont-design-like-a-programmer/ Don't develop like a designer n00bs! ;)
  1524. 2011-5-30 Curry. Jal Frazei. To the rescue. Sniffles be gone!
  1525. 2011-5-30 @alexpashby @bigdavesb am building apps using phone gap -) not native..
  1526. 2011-5-30 Having a sandwich, chips and beer. (@ The Ship Inn) [pic]: http://4sq.com/ktgn6L
  1527. 2011-5-30 Watching Les Misérables. Awesome.
  1528. 2011-5-30 Watching shell programming for beginners. http://t.co/xK6FZ1m Could do with a bit of education for the night.
  1529. 2011-5-29 Thanks PyCharm. You helped me discover a stupid mistake that error messages did not aid me with :)
  1530. 2011-5-29 "He's walking about like he's going to save the place." "Well Twitter him!!!" About - Simon Cowell #Britain'sHasGoTalent
  1531. 2011-5-29 Okay, this is nice. p4merge customised http://t.co/HMRD4AZ
  1532. 2011-5-29 @Rogueski That should totally have been PS. A mac is a personal computer :P
  1533. 2011-5-29 @Rogueski PC a Mac is a personal computer :p
  1534. 2011-5-29 @Rogueski It's integration with Python/Ruby is a shambles. Very happy on my Mac thanks! ;)
  1535. 2011-5-29 Not happy with any of the merge/diff GUI tool I've used thus far on my mac. Twitter, suggest something good :)
  1536. 2011-5-29 <3 git reflog. Means I can test a bunch of rebases & see things working nicely :)
  1537. 2011-5-29 Samsung’s lawyers demand to see the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 http://t.co/bqIOGIN
  1538. 2011-5-29 VimAck. Love this. http://t.co/DXfvHMM
  1539. 2011-5-28 @simondoggett happy birthday mate.
  1540. 2011-5-28 Google advert basically saying to put your child's life online. Right or wrong...? What will our children think of it? #fb
  1541. 2011-5-28 @jaylett I thought you were saying the tech talk on twitter was too much! ;)
  1542. 2011-5-28 Watching the big match. Desert & cheese to come. Awesome.
  1543. 2011-5-28 Channel 4 news presenter @krishgm just declared his twitter feed available for questions. Brilliant. #journalism
  1544. 2011-5-28 RIP Gil Scott-Heron. http://t.co/GwBLcaf
  1545. 2011-5-28 How copyright stifles creativity. Waiting 100 years for version 2.0 - http://t.co/T8EtElQ #fb
  1546. 2011-5-28 @bekibutton Cants stop. Wont stop!
  1547. 2011-5-28 Having lunch! (@ The Grill Room) http://4sq.com/lpqbWn
  1548. 2011-5-28 @willjohnh Agreed! Shame I won't be able to play because of motion sickness.
  1549. 2011-5-27 @samsalisbury How am I not following you?? I was before & am now again. Yes for Sushi. I'll be at the Friday drinks too!
  1550. 2011-5-27 @yaellevey All I see are just numbers...
  1551. 2011-5-27 Aliases for bash. What do you tend to map your chmod commands up to? Gists, tweets welcome.
  1552. 2011-5-27 After burrito! (@ Adobo w/ @cackhanded) http://4sq.com/iJQkOT
  1553. 2011-5-27 There is silence in the @artfinder office. #Burrito #lunch.
  1554. 2011-5-27 A beautiful, wonderful way to explain what kind of people become UX designers. http://t.co/Sj9HFxi
  1555. 2011-5-27 Should also mention that last video was discovered by @paulmakepeace #followFriday
  1556. 2011-5-27 @philhawksworth - Liked your slideshare. How about sharing some of your fave node libraries: eg. paperboy? :)
  1557. 2011-5-27 I want to be a kitten. http://t.co/8SCXI6A
  1558. 2011-5-27 Click on continue and do not accept the cookies. http://t.co/Z1XQoWU LOL
  1559. 2011-5-27 I'm at Artfinder w/ @cackhanded http://4sq.com/jon3gd
  1560. 2011-5-27 Now imagine clicking that for EVERY website. Coming soon, "Tick here if you are not a war crimminal." @Richard_Monk @parsingphase @Stanto
  1561. 2011-5-27 @sergeimuller No no, it's magic. There cant be a cookie involved.
  1562. 2011-5-27 @jaggeree @newspaperclub Or, "Somebody call a social media expert. They'll know how to fix this with tweets to the Internets!"
  1563. 2011-5-27 People that cant sing. The people that work next door.
  1564. 2011-5-27 Last night dreamt @robcthegeek had joined @artfinder with me, @david_whitney declined to join a rock band.
  1565. 2011-5-27 Comics in the toilet. Almost did not leave. (@ Byron) [pic]: http://4sq.com/kbxnvP
  1566. 2011-5-27 @alwaysphilthy You're always welcome to come to Byrons. It was in Canary Wharf though. The aces was as a tribute!
  1567. 2011-5-27 @paulmakepeace alias +x="chmod +x"! I like my aliases ;P
  1568. 2011-5-26 Beer, art, sake and sushi. My life rocks.
  1569. 2011-5-26 @tkenny It was okay. Then they changed it.
  1570. 2011-5-26 Dear XCode. You suck. Get better soon. Love, Kai xx
  1571. 2011-5-26 RT @lloydi: Amazing picture from Guardian Eyewitness today. Looks like a piece of art, not a real scene: http://gu.com/p/2papq/iw
  1572. 2011-5-26 @tkenny I'm thinking of another one, where as you scroll an idea goes into a funnel and changes as you scroll....
  1573. 2011-5-26 Dear Twitter, I'm looking for a sites like this http://t.co/QWnTZ8Z but with more interesting things as you scroll. Hit me! cc @mrlerone
  1574. 2011-5-26 @tkenny Arghhh I have this exact same problem! :P
  1575. 2011-5-26 @thetimmorgan's lack of meat at @daddydonkey caused it to rain!
  1576. 2011-5-26 At Linder art exhibition with other @artfinder people. Morrisey of The Smiths is here.
  1577. 2011-5-25 17 new pyramids found by infra-red satellite images! http://t.co/eLMY01K #fb
  1578. 2011-5-25 @MattPKnights Nice. Not quite Kung-fu Tetris via the Kinect though!
  1579. 2011-5-25 Missing Sushi like the sun misses the moon.
  1580. 2011-5-25 @mnowster is now calling me a nugget. We all know nuggets do not last in the field.
  1581. 2011-5-25 "You alright chuckles?" @mnowster picking on me.
  1582. 2011-5-25 You should capitalise the 's' in Sushi because it is far more than just a food. It is a place in our hearts.
  1583. 2011-5-24 I'm going to a Meetup with Hacker News London Meetup Group http://meetu.ps/1qKZS
  1584. 2011-5-24 @jon_bedford @johnwhenry Thanks... I guess :P
  1585. 2011-5-24 @svarrall aged 0??
  1586. 2011-5-24 Lost @mrlerone at lunch :(
  1587. 2011-5-24 "How on Earth could she have met Jimmy Hendrix?" @jaylett
  1588. 2011-5-24 @artfinder work of the day by KaiChanVong (me), entitled - "C'est nas pas un orange." http://t.co/TcSBWxY #art #sculpture
  1589. 2011-5-24 "I think we need a Twitter account called 'Shit our Kai says.'"
  1590. 2011-5-24 Apologies to my French friends & my mother for the incorrect spelling of "C'est ne pas une orange"
  1591. 2011-5-24 @jaggeree - @Izabel_blue points out that @kaiquotes already exists... :/
  1592. 2011-5-24 "Don't make yourself sound more dorky Kai" :[
  1593. 2011-5-23 ROFL "With about 75,000 people having named Ryan Giggs on Twitter, it's obviously impractical to imprison them all," Hemming said. #ctb
  1594. 2011-5-23 We're all joining in to say 'GG' the maniac on XBox live who went a little crazy. http://t.co/m6tUQZP http://t.co/GcFlhzI #reddit
  1595. 2011-5-23 Our 1st @artfinder app now available for the iPad - Elis O' Connell's Biomorphia at the CASS sculpture foundation http://bit.ly/jqgeI1 #art
  1596. 2011-5-23 Morning all... apologies my last tweet looks like spam, but @artfinder & I would love to know what you think of the app! Get downloading.
  1597. 2011-5-23 Just discovered this.... http://t.co/hLV3Qlx :( I will be joining them.
  1598. 2011-5-23 Link annoying.js, then run Annoying(); AWESOMMEEEE! http://t.co/hgBl7l7
  1599. 2011-5-23 Lunch time for @mrlerone & I, involved us resisting the pull of percy pigs in the M&S gum gauntlet™. #survivors
  1600. 2011-5-22 @jahnut @ursi82 We've just started on to season 3, episode 3! Say hi to Dave for me :)
  1601. 2011-5-22 Apparently the @justgiving site is "too busy" :(
  1602. 2011-5-22 @artfinder's 1st app now available for the iPad - Elis O' Connell's Biomorphia at the CASS sculpture foundation http://bit.ly/jqgeI1 #art
  1603. 2011-5-22 @jahnut Which season & episode is that...? @ursi82 & I, get that feeling almost every episode.
  1604. 2011-5-22 Now wishing I had bought some cheese and port. Never mind... there is always next weekend.
  1605. 2011-5-21 Met up with some of the current & ex-@justgiving crew (@wilcolley, @david_whitney & @simondoggett) last night. Good times.
  1606. 2011-5-21 Einstein was right. Results of space time experiment: http://t.co/cW6b6W0
  1607. 2011-5-21 Iceland volcano. http://t.co/Ja4ovWm #sigh #great #timing #fb
  1608. 2011-5-21 JSON Select. Like CSS selectors for JSON. http://t.co/anm9oon
  1609. 2011-5-20 RT @robcthegeek: Awesome! http://j.mp/ksfWPG (via @yaellevey) #Zombies
  1610. 2011-5-20 @simondoggett Congrats on the new gig!
  1611. 2011-5-20 RT @yaellevey: This has to be the most awesome proposal ever! Seriously amazing!! http://ow.ly/4YWqb (via @jamieparkins)
  1612. 2011-5-20 She shot me down (global system). "Sudo bang bang." My distributed setup has now run. Do doo doo doo do. #turning #daily #life #into #songs
  1613. 2011-5-20 @richmarr We are being told to bring in chocolate or a can of coke for the mayor. We want to over throw the mayor.
  1614. 2011-5-20 FourSquare is actually looking like it might be a lot of fun now =]
  1615. 2011-5-20 Always chatting to eightball. (@ Artfinder w/ @cackhanded) [pic]: http://4sq.com/jsFI4E
  1616. 2011-5-20 Stupid trains.
  1617. 2011-5-19 We've just discovered Google Doc's collaborative feature. "Very good." "Someone clean it up."
  1618. 2011-5-19 @jiamins Above enter?
  1619. 2011-5-19 RT @omarqureshi: Really fucking fed up with HAML.
  1620. 2011-5-19 "It's like comedy central on that side"
  1621. 2011-5-19 @AdamTibi You would say that, you're biased to Windows though! ;)
  1622. 2011-5-19 @benbot Retail anniversary. http://t.co/llJ3jLQ
  1623. 2011-5-19 Xcode 4. As bad as Xcode 3. Different enough to make me want to smash something figuring out the interface.
  1624. 2011-5-19 Just polishing off a few bits for @artfinder. Really excited for my first feature. Already want to improve it & more.
  1625. 2011-5-19 Another day... another ssh key.
  1626. 2011-5-19 @benbot Flirting like a geek. One day your daughter will thank you. Is that why you set your Twitter to private? PS. Will a fingerprint do?
  1627. 2011-5-19 OFMG. Turned on the tv to see a child having face put back on. Literally. This is why I have a media center.
  1628. 2011-5-19 @svarrall Looks nice. Price for domains is about double that of GoDaddy though...
  1629. 2011-5-19 @thameswater Latest (11.0.696.68) - Chrome always autoupdates in the background. http://t.co/m5TJyeH
  1630. 2011-5-19 @thomas_britton 123-reg also works out more than GoDaddy...
  1631. 2011-5-19 @svarrall Yeah yeah, you probably buy gold plated domain names too! ;) Thanks for the suggestion - will give it a try.
  1632. 2011-5-19 @aaliyah_ela Amazing what a bit of makeup can do!
  1633. 2011-5-19 Thames Water. I would like to pay you money. Sadly your form does not submit. Chrome on a mac. Annoyed.
  1634. 2011-5-19 @500px looks really good. @flickr might be in trouble :/
  1635. 2011-5-19 Best place to buy a new domain is? :) Recommendation please.
  1636. 2011-5-19 @burlistic Just look at domains atm. Might move away from MediaTemple later this year..
  1637. 2011-5-19 @bexfishman Thanks! I'm currently using GoDaddy... but their site is amazingly awful to use though.
  1638. 2011-5-19 Reid Hoffman. More of a role model than the Zuckerberg? http://t.co/AiHr2SO
  1639. 2011-5-19 @thameswater This makes me happy. Guessing it was javascript not working happily with Chrome's autofill. If stuck let me know.
  1640. 2011-5-19 @aaliyah_ela No! A joke :)
  1641. 2011-5-19 @aaliyah_ela Might be time for you to get on the @artfinder twitter account and post things like that! :)
  1642. 2011-5-19 Wonder what will be happening for Apple's 10th anniversary.
  1643. 2011-5-19 @jon_bedford ROFL.
  1644. 2011-5-19 RT @jon_bedford: I can pretty much guarantee that talking to our lawyers about the new cookie laws will be the highlight of my day #chee ...
  1645. 2011-5-19 RT @artfinder: Looking forward to www.streetfest.net on May 29th. Best of the UK's urban artists and performers, including Remi Rough's ...
  1646. 2011-5-19 RT @mnowster: Stik is one of my fav UK street artists. w00t! > Show: Stik @ Lava Gallery, 26 May http://goo.gl/fb/8yJ7a (via @StreetA ...
  1647. 2011-5-18 After a glass of wine (Okay two). I've spent 10 minutes looking at a problem & fixing that I couldn't sober for an hour earlier. Seriously.
  1648. 2011-5-18 Excited about the thing that @jaggeree is making. Presuming it's for @mnowster.
  1649. 2011-5-18 RT @bexfishman: @jaggeree if it's a mess you're making, I shall be cross >:(
  1650. 2011-5-18 @micrypt Don't forget the Children of Bodom :]
  1651. 2011-5-18 Getting excited as to what @jaggeree could be building :D
  1652. 2011-5-18 Just 3 more comments to skip through on this rebase & master will be less masterful, more simple.
  1653. 2011-5-18 @mnowster To match your crown & potty mouth - http://t.co/QDbZUqU
  1654. 2011-5-18 Well that all went better than expected. Now have a practise of the rebase done.
  1655. 2011-5-18 RT @lukew: Just wrote up why a command line interface is really your UX baseline: http://t.co/ZWtFnYC
  1656. 2011-5-18 Rebase complete. That was quite some diverge. Yet insightful. Now lets check out the damage!
  1657. 2011-5-18 Getting addicted.Better sleep. Else I wont stop.
  1658. 2011-5-18 "To-to-toh-tuh-toh tot-or-o."
  1659. 2011-5-18 @heatherAtaylor Video private? :S
  1660. 2011-5-18 @thehacksaw High five!
  1661. 2011-5-18 In house survey for the @artfinder team of which homepage concepts we all like the best & why. Great stuff.
  1662. 2011-5-18 Looking at TermKit. http://t.co/PcKcyoR Just a pretty replacement for Terminal? Nope!
  1663. 2011-5-18 Lots of talk about the fold of a page. http://t.co/T3J46hJ
  1664. 2011-5-18 @bexfishman Thanks I think. Had to google the word dispo! :)
  1665. 2011-5-17 Working on a fountain still. Making stuff look hawt :)
  1666. 2011-5-17 RT @richmarr: The Vong Hypothesis cc @kaichanvong http://t.co/joseIB5
  1667. 2011-5-17 At @artfinder, we are celebrating app launch with a brownie. http://yfrog.com/h88f8pwj
  1668. 2011-5-17 "Biscuit? Biscuits are kind of like data," @jaylett. #insightful
  1669. 2011-5-17 Had a mocha. Starting to get addicted. @stanto do you remember the days we went for coffee almost every day? Memoirs of a coffee addict.
  1670. 2011-5-17 @jon_bedford @sophdea Did not know unicorns made cheese. Amazing.
  1671. 2011-5-17 RT @jaggeree: RT @davemcclure: Launch a Startup for The Price of an iPad http://t.co/zfB7yBR #women2 cc @500startups
  1672. 2011-5-17 Wonder if all Chinese & Japanese kids were brought up on My Neighbour Totoro... #listening #to #ost
  1673. 2011-5-17 git reflog is amazing.
  1674. 2011-5-17 @mcaulay me to sense makeS.
  1675. 2011-5-17 RT @jaylett: @jaggeree @mnowster @kaichanvong HEAD /digestive/top —> Content-Type: application/biscuit; topping=chocolate
  1676. 2011-5-16 Is what it says it is. http://www.telescopictext.com/
  1677. 2011-5-16 RT @david_whitney: “@PlayStation: ...heavy load of password resets and will be turning off the services for 30 minutes to clear the queu ...
  1678. 2011-5-16 Overhearing someone start a sentence off with, "I have a feeling". All I can hear is Black eyed peas - "tonight is going to be a good night"
  1679. 2011-5-16 FormData object. I love you.
  1680. 2011-5-16 @wilcolley @freshome A little piece of me almost died when I saw that. http://t.co/Ugyicno #camera #mug
  1681. 2011-5-16 I think the fox got the goose. #screaming #fb
  1682. 2011-5-16 My god this is incredibly awesome. Kung fun tetris. Kinect hacked to do something awesome. http://t.co/usOnp6G
  1683. 2011-5-15 @henrygarner @artfinder still have that artwork we swapped from the last day of school too! Excited for your startup also, you'll do fab.
  1684. 2011-5-15 Beware the online 'filter bubbles' - http://t.co/Xza7zz9
  1685. 2011-5-15 @starcarbon Link please. If you do not get it. I will. Heart the phoenix! :D
  1686. 2011-5-15 Off to the silicon Milkroundabout for @artfinder with @jaylett
  1687. 2011-5-15 Minecraft has impressed me with this homage to Ghibli world. http://t.co/VPyLTnP
  1688. 2011-5-15 Bumped into @henrygarner - an old friend from school today at the #milkroundabout. He was one of the best artists in school. #fb
  1689. 2011-5-14 @benbot This is fun! :)
  1690. 2011-5-14 Looking at Jasmine - BDD for JavaScript. http://t.co/0KfoL80
  1691. 2011-5-13 Toby making a pano of the office http://instagr.am/p/EL0wU/
  1692. 2011-5-13 When in http://t.co/Kt1bPzg .... :)
  1693. 2011-5-13 "Maybe if I eat one of these magic beans I'll learn some Python." Irony is he's reading Learning Python the hard way & not in tech. #awesome
  1694. 2011-5-12 @benbot Am not.
  1695. 2011-5-12 And then they said, let there be decent syntax highlighting for Django! http://t.co/6aB3d6d
  1696. 2011-5-12 @alwaysphilthy gonna have to watch it at the weekend on iPlayer!
  1697. 2011-5-12 Thanks @tkenny - my iPhone 3g had been awful to use until the last update... so had been waiting for the right time.
  1698. 2011-5-11 Hungry.
  1699. 2011-5-11 Just discoveredwhat the 8th & 9th wonders of the world - http://t.co/98DbRPK The 10th is jelly beans. @artfinder #chat
  1700. 2011-5-11 RT @jahnut: Hey, old lady over there.. I can hear you talking about my boobs. Kindly stop.
  1701. 2011-5-11 @smyther @jahnut Chuckle and chortle!
  1702. 2011-5-11 @alwaysphilthy I think either your hash tag said it all, or we save lunch for Byron Fridays!
  1703. 2011-5-11 @alwaysphilthy Sup yo!
  1704. 2011-5-11 @jaggeree lol. Yup already :(
  1705. 2011-5-10 RT @jaggeree: Still a bit of a twat then - http://t.co/ZBSuYo2
  1706. 2011-5-10 It's good to be back on my macbook pro going full speed ahead! :D
  1707. 2011-5-10 High five skype.
  1708. 2011-5-10 @svarrall IE8+ ??? I cant preview that in Chrome. Wtffffff. http://t.co/cy7UUsJ
  1709. 2011-5-10 @richmarr OOoooh! When do I meet the little one and what is her/his name?
  1710. 2011-5-9 @Stanto harddrive failure!
  1711. 2011-5-9 @bekibutton it isn't a competition! #game #life
  1712. 2011-5-9 Going to be playing migration assistant and MacBook pros. Yay. #sarcasm
  1713. 2011-5-9 @david_whitney Given I only have one power cable at home... we're going to see if it will "just" work without the power source.
  1714. 2011-5-9 @alistair Would wish you good luck with the @hackscotland competition, but you don't need luck :)
  1715. 2011-5-9 @RichMillington You should chat to @jon_bedford from JustGiving about the speaker! :) He's one of the best British speakers I've ever seen.
  1716. 2011-5-9 @simondoggett To answer the question though - no, it's not quite that bad. But I'm going to the genius bar to make sure it's okay.
  1717. 2011-5-9 @simondoggett Totally forgot about that. But I recovered from that didn't I? Lets see it one more time... http://t.co/358jTOz
  1718. 2011-5-9 Off to meet some genius about my MacBook pro.
  1719. 2011-5-9 Microsoft posters in waterloo. One commuter says to the other, "WTF is this cloud thing they're going on about?"
  1720. 2011-5-9 @MarcBerryReid If it makes you feel better. I have arrive to #osxfail this morning.
  1721. 2011-5-9 @MarcBerryReid It's happening. Believe me.
  1722. 2011-5-9 @Izabel_blue Why do you find it elegant? I'm guessing it reminds you of the old days of HTML, cos they were done in tables? Ho ho ho ;)
  1723. 2011-5-9 @adactio the London unity for curry night not being in London makes me sad :(
  1724. 2011-5-9 It was only a matter of time wasn't it. Before we turned ourselves into cats. #fb http://t.co/A8lY0u5
  1725. 2011-5-9 Time to get my mac back with a new hard drive. Back sooN!
  1726. 2011-5-8 Turn it off. http://t.co/CeoD71w It gets awesome. #fb
  1727. 2011-5-8 @Whatleydude :( I owe you a hug man. Just read a blog post by you. Hope you're good and we should do sushi. When you free next?
  1728. 2011-5-8 Google I/O countdown clock is pretty neat. http://t.co/hhM9qmD
  1729. 2011-5-8 The Internet can be such a fragile thing. Yet when all dependencies are good, it can be a wonderful thing :) haz cpanm + cssPrepare! :D
  1730. 2011-5-8 The chaos. #lambbiryani fb http://t.co/21zPIeu
  1731. 2011-5-8 Very chuffed with the lamb biryani :)
  1732. 2011-5-8 @iamcalledrob When are you back in England? Do you want the sniper with a laser dot? "Farkin' ell."
  1733. 2011-5-8 I could start a little artillery range from my balcony & invite the good people of Twitter to shoot them. All free of course.
  1734. 2011-5-8 Would it be a bad thing if I bought a BB gun to shoot drunk people on their balcony & repeatedly saying "farkin' 'ell" and talkng crap?
  1735. 2011-5-8 @jaylett @cackhanded @devfort are you guys 'providing' that you don't need to attend a hackathon to produce a serious app? ;) @techcrunch
  1736. 2011-5-8 Tonight I'm looking forward to cooking a Madhur Jaffrey recipe. Lamb Biryani. Hours & hours of cooking for awesome flavour & tastes!
  1737. 2011-5-8 @richmarr cooking like a hurricane? http://t.co/av31qEa
  1738. 2011-5-8 yup bit too much yoghert in there. Ah well, who's gonna tell? #lambbiryani
  1739. 2011-5-8 @iamcalledrob It should make you feel.... http://t.co/qPOU3Jn
  1740. 2011-5-8 Baked. Hot. Hot hot. But yummy. #lambbiryani #fb http://t.co/WzOXUBG
  1741. 2011-5-7 Kind of disgusted by EpicMealTime doing "sushi" http://t.co/9NC5qKZ Kind of impressed.
  1742. 2011-5-7 @cwiss lol this is epic.
  1743. 2011-5-7 Dear revenue models of old. This is just the start. http://t.co/7dOGPvK
  1744. 2011-5-7 @JoeHewitt, as a developer - you are everything I aspire to become. Thanks for being awesome & inspirational. http://t.co/CZ26Uiw
  1745. 2011-5-7 @dominiccampbell - @jaggeree is too modest & works too hard! Right now going through one of his prototypes & not bad at all :)
  1746. 2011-5-7 @iamcalledrob When you back? Let me know we should catch up for sushi or something awesome! :D
  1747. 2011-5-7 @jamieoliver We're watching Saturday Kitchen. SHHHHH! :D
  1748. 2011-5-7 Watching Saturday morning kitchen... Alain Roux is cooking of Bray fame.
  1749. 2011-5-7 @alexpashby Happy free comic day dude!
  1750. 2011-5-7 RT @alexpashby: Happy Free Comic Book Day everybody! I'll be swinging by @GoshComics ASAP as I have less fun claims on my time today.
  1751. 2011-5-6 Back from lunch & we discover the magic @artfinder eightball in IRC is a robot from terminator. http://t.co/Cje3ah2 #fb
  1752. 2011-5-6 Slowly starting to love vim more and :wq
  1753. 2011-5-6 @jackhenderson If Jack gets around to doing my picture - can it be of the @artfinder office and us finding art for people ;) ?
  1754. 2011-5-6 @Stanto @micrypt RE: ":wq === :x", Nice. Thanks for that, still learning from my cheatsheet =]
  1755. 2011-5-6 @Stanto @micrypt So ":x !== :wq" but kind of similar. Nice.
  1756. 2011-5-6 A few neat jS tips in here. http://t.co/PZq2OE7 hasGoodBoolVariableName = true. Sadly cannot use '?' in my vars!
  1757. 2011-5-6 Contemplating writing a notice to the office across from us. It would read, "I know what you ate last lunch time. Sushi."
  1758. 2011-5-6 @Ardesco So far ":x" trumps that! But thanks for the tip :)
  1759. 2011-5-6 RT @micrypt: Funniest thing I've come across today. Notes on a Rails commit > http://j.mp/k7XhP2
  1760. 2011-5-6 @jackhenderson I did... quite some time ago :) Want me to reply to the original email I got back?
  1761. 2011-5-6 #microbreak Lady on the phone furious about the quality of sushi they had for lunch.
  1762. 2011-5-6 @Faya_ Stalking? I'd hardly call this stalking. Just my new recreational hobby to take up during my antiRSI work breaks.
  1763. 2011-5-6 @novemberborn I didn't mean literally :P
  1764. 2011-5-6 @Stanto That's the stuff. Everyone else has gone home. Lazy people. Beer!!!!
  1765. 2011-5-6 Munching cake for lunch. The people from the building opposite have still not returned. Still enjoying their sushi I guess...
  1766. 2011-5-6 Man in red and white striped shirt is saying he likes katsu curry more than sashimi and rice. Interesting stuff.
  1767. 2011-5-6 Looking out the window during my micro pause & wondering what the people in the other building are discussing. Sushi restaurants for lunch.
  1768. 2011-5-6 I'm going to a Meetup with Hacker News London Meetup Group http://meetu.ps/ST5b
  1769. 2011-5-6 MMmmm is for mocha. :)
  1770. 2011-5-6 @timruffles Totally forgotten about that method... I just find it a little weird to write. "isFoo? bar || baz"
  1771. 2011-5-6 19 year old kid asks for advice on how to revive his dad's business. Reddit helps him out! http://t.co/j78qqS1
  1772. 2011-5-6 @thomas_britton IRC is the future! Unless you can prove otherwise...
  1773. 2011-5-5 Voted. Unlike someone, who said to vote no as yes will increase the number of hung parliaments & increase BNP chances etc. Discuss. #fb
  1774. 2011-5-5 @isofarro Agreed & I do not believe hiding a party's position (eg BNP) is the correct way to deal with why people believe in a party's ethos
  1775. 2011-5-5 Voted at North Greenwich this morning. It was very empty... but I did it #YesToAV
  1776. 2011-5-5 1st choice: "Yes". 2nd choice: "No". Didn't vote to: "kill everyone" or "do nothing" #yes2AV
  1777. 2011-5-5 @webponce Said in no better way http://t.co/2QyDKkr #yesToAV #yes2AV #no2AV #noToAV #universalHashtagsPlease
  1778. 2011-5-5 RT @isofarro: @kaichanvong is a hung parliament a bad thing? This current one has produced a referendum. cross-party co-operation is a v ...
  1779. 2011-5-5 @RJMrgn Dude... saying "No" and just "Do nothing" are totally different.
  1780. 2011-5-5 @artfinder was mentioned on Mashable today http://t.co/q5fDqZ4 :)
  1781. 2011-5-5 RT @DalSoft: Hacking Education A Contest for Developers http://www.donorschoose.org/hacking-education
  1782. 2011-5-5 Wonder how long before this anti-RSI software gives me SRO. Software rage outburst.
  1783. 2011-5-5 @mnowster minimalism for javascript - http://t.co/rX5fxGt :D
  1784. 2011-5-5 @mnowster I know - I probably wont use it for a long time because for some reason I find jS's syntax beautiful. http://t.co/lCL6TnJ
  1785. 2011-5-5 @bekibutton That is amazing, I've never seen a cat poop rainbows in real life!
  1786. 2011-5-5 @NeilCrosby Home sweet home.
  1787. 2011-5-5 @NeilCrosby Wait a second this is not my home!
  1788. 2011-5-5 Granddad voted no to AV vote. Why? Because his MP told him to & because Australia are thinking of changing their system back. Sigh.
  1789. 2011-5-5 Lets check out this Game of Thrones thing to see if it's as awesome as people have said!
  1790. 2011-5-5 @lizsmith24 Totally out of context!
  1791. 2011-5-5 @lizsmith24 Burning coal. http://t.co/NIIFOIl Watch the video!
  1792. 2011-5-5 @mnowster Recommend this a lot! http://t.co/HrlfJdP :)
  1793. 2011-5-4 @jon_bedford If I take off my glasses and squint lots it's just like you and @izabel_blue are behind me!
  1794. 2011-5-4 You can tell when @jaylett is in a good mood. He starts punching the air and stuff in a happy way!
  1795. 2011-5-4 @robpooke What @MarcBerryReid & @simondoggett said.
  1796. 2011-5-4 @robpooke You put the kick in ass. CC: @simondoggett @marcberryreid @rjmrgn
  1797. 2011-5-4 @jon_bedford Am I that transparent :P
  1798. 2011-5-4 Anyone around Holborn grabbing sushi for dinner? :D
  1799. 2011-5-4 Wow. Just seen some incredible tech being demo'd in the office. Forcing my mouth not to drop.
  1800. 2011-5-4 @tkenny It's not the body that counts, it's the lens! 50mm is the best lens you'll get as a learner bee.
  1801. 2011-5-4 The future of the browser/software is for it's shell to deteriorate & mold over time like food to hint to the user to update it or move on.
  1802. 2011-5-4 RT @craftyapplepie: ㄟ(•ˆ⌣ˆ•)ㄣ How to cook good cheap easy food -> Use this cooking chart. Main ingredients: onions; tomatoes and bean ...
  1803. 2011-5-4 @rem But but but, nothing beats touching the DOM and making Peter Performance weep and showing you can do some jQuer.. I mean javascript ;)
  1804. 2011-5-4 RT @rem: Dear designer/dev: if you're using JavaScript to do a job that CSS could have done perfectly well, you've lost some points in m ...
  1805. 2011-5-4 @ that looks nothing like @iamcalledrob and you know it. ...it isn't you is it rob?
  1806. 2011-5-4 @richmarr Obama will gave revenge through haunting us?
  1807. 2011-5-4 @omarqureshi thanks mate - gonna blog about the meal soon!
  1808. 2011-5-4 Incredible video of a giant water balloon being jumped on and how it explodes in a slow motion. http://t.co/MvNnQNo
  1809. 2011-5-4 @jon_bedford rhetorical questions... should & shouldn't have question marks ;)
  1810. 2011-5-4 On a side note, was wouldn't we didn't have any lime for beer. Thankfully we have four. 4 whole limes!!!
  1811. 2011-5-4 Butternut squash & chorizo salad was a success!
  1812. 2011-5-4 This was my 'look at @Jon_bedford ' moment. http://t.co/MYvXVon
  1813. 2011-5-3 At some point in time these telephone boxes were popular. Now they just sit redundant and unloved. http://t.co/FSjXJ3u
  1814. 2011-5-3 @richmarr How do you know the names of the cats from nearby flats that come to visit?
  1815. 2011-5-3 Apparently Osama Bin Laden died yesterday.
  1816. 2011-5-3 Not bad. Still more to do. http://t.co/VUK8Y2I
  1817. 2011-5-3 Okay lets do this! An owl on a tree. 1 hour from now.
  1818. 2011-5-3 Looking at my SSH key for doing the turtle. It's sat in my vm. It's been waiting. In the shadows all my time.
  1819. 2011-5-3 Thank you to the @artfinder gnomes and @jaylett for fixing world's wrongs. Get it? World's wrongs... okay nm :P
  1820. 2011-5-3 @thomas_britton Hehehe. Maybe?
  1821. 2011-5-2 @Han Tell them something & then add that they owe you for your consultation.
  1822. 2011-5-2 Fox tv proves they really are that inept. http://t.co/6NIjldv #fb
  1823. 2011-5-2 They got him. Pictures of Bin Laden's last moments... http://t.co/yMgd8lP #osamaBinLaden
  1824. 2011-5-2 @nashienet will do mate!
  1825. 2011-5-2 @nashienet Probably not... got tons on work wise! ;( You?
  1826. 2011-5-2 @nashienet Interesting - I'll let you know if I get 10.10 up and running.
  1827. 2011-5-2 @nashienet I prefer my names for them :) B.I.G.'s nasty narwal. Nasty narwal, NASTY!
  1828. 2011-5-2 Ubuntu nasty Narwal 11.04 works fine... master Meerkat 10.10, not so good. ;(
  1829. 2011-5-1 @thehacksaw You da man! =]
  1830. 2011-5-1 Nosetests working now. Lesson learned: __init__.py is a ridiculously named file. Really. Two underscores?
  1831. 2011-5-1 @cyberdees *nods* http://t.co/2o9z8kB Nyan!
  1832. 2011-5-1 Just have to love how stupid the Internet can be. NuhYAN nYANnnn....
  1833. 2011-5-1 NYAN NUh-NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN nuh nuh NYAN NYAN NYAN
  1834. 2011-5-1 I HAVE NYANED FOR 167.6 SECONDS! http://t.co/ceMZPnB via @nyannyancat
  1835. 2011-5-1 Just seeing Fossil http://t.co/ks91Icd :O Wooooow.
  1836. 2011-5-1 @alexpashby Glad you enjoyed it mate :) Was great to catch up again!
  1837. 2011-5-1 Obama gets a lot of respect for destroying Trump in person. http://t.co/pHF9hsT #fb
  1838. 2011-5-1 @robcthegeek http://t.co/euUdkGX BOOM!
  1839. 2011-5-1 @lizsmith24 Rhetorical questions are difficult enough to answer... Let alone a rhetorical question with no context ;( Big hugs!
  1840. 2011-5-1 @simondoggett Wow looks amazing =]
  1841. 2011-4-30 @AdamTibi How about taking this one step up a level & bringing the debate to British & Americans on pronunciation ;)
  1842. 2011-4-30 Red & Yellow workers at Google. A social divide. =( Oh dear... http://t.co/fUWM6Sk
  1843. 2011-4-30 @robcthegeek Are you after IA, Design or HTML/CSS? :)
  1844. 2011-4-30 Here come the photos... doo bee... dooooo bee...
  1845. 2011-4-30 @robcthegeek I will bring some for you if you'd like - what kinda stuff you looking for?
  1846. 2011-4-30 @richmarr I had a dream he tweeted to me to apologise for the food too! Some of it was not to my taste ;(
  1847. 2011-4-29 Becoming a fat duck! http://t.co/oaZ7jcQ
  1848. 2011-4-29 My life is now complete. #royalwedding #fb
  1849. 2011-4-29 PSN network hacked - GeoHotz, the guy who is being sued by SCEE (Sony corp) - has his say on it. http://t.co/d8zjSVa
  1850. 2011-4-29 OMG. THEY KISSED !!!!11111111111 #royalwedding
  1851. 2011-4-28 @tkenny It's a ghetto man! ;)
  1852. 2011-4-28 @Hicksdesign Apologies for the @ msg - it shouldn't have been directed at you. I blame your cool avatar. CC @tkenny
  1853. 2011-4-28 @tkenny Congrats on the move. But Wordpress? Ewwwwwwww ;) You can do better!
  1854. 2011-4-28 RT @tkenny: Looking forward to starting my new job soon. I even blogged a little about it http://cl.ly/6GwC
  1855. 2011-4-28 @russianTsar Save it for after the sushi =]
  1856. 2011-4-28 Thanks to @mnowster I will not be buying JetBrain's PyCharm, and instead go for a burger & milkshake for lunch.
  1857. 2011-4-28 Will resist from singing the Hokey Cokey.
  1858. 2011-4-27 @smoggieDave83 An app for museums to show off their art work :)
  1859. 2011-4-27 @HayleyS Append "interested" with "in making lots of money by.." :)
  1860. 2011-4-27 Chuffed. Today xCode has put up with my spamming of CMD+Enter. Looking forward to releasing my first app!
  1861. 2011-4-27 @tkenny It's pretty easy to get into. I'm using phoneGap to build stuff in html/css/js =]
  1862. 2011-4-27 @tkenny - @picklivefootie is rather good. Cant believe Adebayor just slammed that guy to the floor lol. I'm in Holborn, so v nearby! =]
  1863. 2011-4-27 @simondoggett Where are they where are they? :o
  1864. 2011-4-27 @simondoggett Stop whining about a websites for photos sucking & make me some sliders :D
  1865. 2011-4-27 @tkenny If I'd known Barca were playing Real we could have watched it in the pub and played @picklivefootie too!
  1866. 2011-4-27 @Picklivefootie Thank you! :D Can I have an email to send to you or follow me?
  1867. 2011-4-27 @Picklivefootie Hundreds and thousands. And I want a tracksuit not £4! :P
  1868. 2011-4-27 @tkenny It's to show paintings off for museums. I'll show you some time! We must catch up again for a beer.
  1869. 2011-4-27 @tkenny Personally would rather stick to javascript & get better at just that. But good luck to you, I know you'll do awesome if you do it.
  1870. 2011-4-27 Activate 2011: Chris Thorpe, director, Artfinder http://t.co/l0tcQQ7 via @guardian
  1871. 2011-4-26 @simondoggett You're making tv episodes about alternative dimensions?!?
  1872. 2011-4-26 Artfinder was in the BBC outriders podcast today! http://t.co/vuQZFa6
  1873. 2011-4-26 Knew it. Contrary to popular belief, no one would have noticed if I'd avoided getting my hair cut & grown my hair out like a Wookiee.
  1874. 2011-4-26 @csswizardry inuitcss http://t.co/cinxTh4 looks great. If I use it, it'll be hidden in my SASS rather than the markup.
  1875. 2011-4-26 "It gives people the permission to perform irrationally to accept something above & outside of their reason." http://t.co/fln9Qg0 #war
  1876. 2011-4-26 Yuh-ouch. Got it totally wrong Sony totally ****ed up. All your PSX details r belong to someone. http://t.co/MwVUhc6
  1877. 2011-4-26 Half way through this TED talk about DuoLingo.. and the history of ReCapcha. http://t.co/wVIolVH Amazing stuff.
  1878. 2011-4-26 @benbot Ask lil' Belle what she thinks of daddy trusting external companies with all his details. Will she laugh or growl...
  1879. 2011-4-25 Children will soon make us all look like "children". http://t.co/5JZyi6T
  1880. 2011-4-23 Consumers are constantly gamed by retailers. How a book became $2million dollars through their greed. michaeleisen.org/blog/?p=358
  1881. 2011-4-22 Watching Office Space. =]
  1882. 2011-4-22 Having my keyboard lit up makes me feel like I'm at a fun fair.
  1883. 2011-4-22 @benbot got portal2 on Xbox360 - although the motion sickness is going to hold me back from playing it lots
  1884. 2011-4-22 Seeing a github bug. I really did not comment on that commit... I did 3 commits above however!
  1885. 2011-4-22 @benbot Nice! I'll try again later on...
  1886. 2011-4-22 @LJRICH Have a great holiday! :)
  1887. 2011-4-22 Pretty sure a lot of people actually think like this! http://t.co/skopC4T
  1888. 2011-4-22 Video of @BarackObama being serenaded at a private fundraiser event by Bradley Manning supporters http://t.co/31nIAK7 #protest #gotChange?
  1889. 2011-4-21 @Izabel_blue I've not done that for a while now! A few of us went out for fish and chips.
  1890. 2011-4-21 @benbot Interesting.. although I do not have a PS3 & shouldn't go for it!
  1891. 2011-4-21 Great job google! http://t.co/cZDjVhr #japan #donate
  1892. 2011-4-21 RT @deciuceis: @jamieoliver 6th week of NO sodas & no one is missing them! Just decide to make the change! Your health IS worth it! :) # ...
  1893. 2011-4-21 What is everyone playing Portal 2 on? Do I go for it on OSX or Xbox360...?
  1894. 2011-4-21 It is almost 12. @cackhanded declares, "lunchtime is imminent! Awooga awooga." I like that this kind of talk is more than acceptable!
  1895. 2011-4-20 Stunning jellyfish webgl & jS test. It will eat your CPU. http://t.co/zP24OKf
  1896. 2011-4-20 Didn't mean to call it a company. The people I get to work with :) ...If I considered it work. I love this fun! :D
  1897. 2011-4-20 I love this company :)
  1898. 2011-4-20 We now have music in the office. Art themed of course. @artfinder. http://t.co/4qWru0A
  1899. 2011-4-19 Shooting hollas out to @mnowster 'cos that's how we do it in the 'hood.
  1900. 2011-4-19 http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/utter-PR-fiction-but-people-love-this-shit-so-fuck-it-lets-just-print-it-2269573.html
  1901. 2011-4-19 @tkenny Saw it in the Metro the other morning & also thought the article was poor.
  1902. 2011-4-19 Public transport. A bit like merging two 5mb files in most GUI diff tools. #jubilee #London #bitter
  1903. 2011-4-19 The T-Mobile royal wedding sucked... compared to this: http://t.co/DTqAzOK Natural stuff works better than fake stuff.
  1904. 2011-4-18 RT @tkenny: What's Left? http://cl.ly/650J
  1905. 2011-4-18 IE9 only? Lame. http://t.co/fc58VAf
  1906. 2011-4-18 RT @AdamTibi: @kaichanvong but CTRL-C, CTRL-V are sacred! http://torrentfreak.com/file-sharers-await-official-recognition-of-new-religio ...
  1907. 2011-4-18 Once upon a time, books were written using quills for sharing information. Now they are just a platform for greed: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Profit.
  1908. 2011-4-18 RT @isofarro: but fuck right off if you think I'm paying £9.40 for a Jeffery Archer novel, especially since the paperback edition is clo ...
  1909. 2011-4-18 @isofarro Also, a 'colossal threat' would be a 50 storey building about to drop on the Metro's office.
  1910. 2011-4-18 @isofarro High five that. Ranted for a full 5 minutes & am still not over the melodramatic, draconian article in the Metro.
  1911. 2011-4-18 In the office starting the day with Rage Against the Glenn Miller. http://t.co/wIH0rc7 Awesome.
  1912. 2011-4-18 Facebook's thoughts on software quality. http://t.co/fWxMkCV
  1913. 2011-4-17 RT @blaine: For the developers: http://t.co/934LiTr (scroll to the bottom)
  1914. 2011-4-17 Hello British summer time.
  1915. 2011-4-17 http://t.co/Df3IO6P - some people drive on the right... others on the left. What you gonna do? Sweden had an answer.. http://t.co/kptibqg
  1916. 2011-4-17 Chicken kebab & marinade in the fridge... to infuse flavours for a few hours. Good job me. Good job kitchen aid.
  1917. 2011-4-17 @astrofaes Kinda... just not the kinda BBQ we know & love.
  1918. 2011-4-17 @david_whitney Does this mean you're coming home Mr. Whitney?
  1919. 2011-4-17 @david_whitney Will you visit @iamcalledrob too? :D
  1920. 2011-4-17 @david_whitney Neat! Photo of it please. Also, get 20 Mcnuggets in USA & do a brief comparison of UK v US nuggets :D
  1921. 2011-4-17 @david_whitney I you'll continue your lucky streak of being paid to eat those things!
  1922. 2011-4-17 @1mgoldstars Have you tried this? http://t.co/jCXK2bJ Can help remove wordpress's default do what it wants formatting :)
  1923. 2011-4-17 Learning vim through vimtutor in the command line. Thanks for the tip @cackhanded
  1924. 2011-4-17 Square credit card reader hits Apple. http://t.co/FWg49pZ
  1925. 2011-4-16 @smyther So... the neighbours playing the music were around 3 flats away, on the floor below. Ended around 4am. No joke.
  1926. 2011-4-16 Enjoying a spot of coding thanks to my neighbours. :)
  1927. 2011-4-16 @smyther It's a sign they want us to go into their flats & recreate the beat by banging their heads against the wall. Kinda like Simon says.
  1928. 2011-4-16 @smyther With you on this. Seems I'm surrounded noisy censored censored censored also.
  1929. 2011-4-16 @benbot Last night integrating some code into someone else's & testing it. JSPs... never done java! Enjoying it? :P
  1930. 2011-4-16 @jon_bedford I know right - may the lolcats forgive me.
  1931. 2011-4-16 @jon_bedford I resisted. Worst of all - forgot to photo the food when it arrived!
  1932. 2011-4-16 @jon_bedford this is where I sing temptation!
  1933. 2011-4-16 Trying not to watch people eat. Failing. #meateasy
  1934. 2011-4-16 @benbot Yeah, rest is good. You shouldn't work too hard. *plays drum sound*.
  1935. 2011-4-16 @mrlerone I like that. "Toodle pip" it is from now on.
  1936. 2011-4-16 @mnowster @neilcrosby Ewww EA Games (evil). Playing it for the multiplayer or single? Waiting eagerly for Diablo 3 with @iamcalledrob :)
  1937. 2011-4-16 Backups. They make you feel very smug when you over look something small :)
  1938. 2011-4-16 Inspiration for the day? This is pro gamer 'Brolly', a disabled gamer that uses his face. http://t.co/whKMbsS #fb
  1939. 2011-4-16 Watching @michaelcaines on Saturday Kitchen, excited to go to his restaurant next Saturday too!
  1940. 2011-4-16 Let's all smile. Here is a penguin named Tux being tickled. http://t.co/C9WGFoI #awesome
  1941. 2011-4-15 Chinese clone of tumblr. Nice. http://t.co/wmhlwFY
  1942. 2011-4-15 2 monitors. 1 me. Travelling to work. This is gonna be fun!
  1943. 2011-4-15 @thomas_britton Was good - sadly didn't stay as long or chat to as many people as I could of! Next time though.
  1944. 2011-4-15 Office next door are drinking & being merry. Do not approve of this loutish behaviour in the work place.
  1945. 2011-4-15 Contemplating piping up a fuss & yelling, "Oi!!! Some of us are trying to work in here." Silently protesting on Twitter instead.
  1946. 2011-4-15 Being mocked for my usage of "cheerio".
  1947. 2011-4-15 @Stanto You're right... I could go do this stuff from home later :)
  1948. 2011-4-15 @isofarro @neilcrosby Makes you wonder what was reduced. Perhaps the contents? TL:DR: http://t.co/tHkbIyg
  1949. 2011-4-14 @thomas_britton Really good thanks, you cant even make it for one quickly? Go on! I haven't seen you for years!
  1950. 2011-4-14 Did no one else like Caprica then?
  1951. 2011-4-14 @georgebrock @rossbruniges Sorry to hear it makes you guys feel sad. I love both. Life is never perfect & things change. eg. RIAA...
  1952. 2011-4-14 @isofarro congrats on you anniversary!
  1953. 2011-4-14 @thomas_britton And @danieknell does not exist :P
  1954. 2011-4-14 @thomas_britton @top10 @danieknell First time for me going to pub standards. Kept missing them before!
  1955. 2011-4-14 At pubstandards having a drink.
  1956. 2011-4-14 @benbot hah! I knew someone else would also like caprica.
  1957. 2011-4-14 @tkenny "design work" huh ;)
  1958. 2011-4-14 @mnowster "some old man" http://t.co/zqZc4jt
  1959. 2011-4-14 @tkenny Love the fact you went out of your way to stick canabalt onto a huge tv! Just had a quick un. Was good! Will go again + for longer.
  1960. 2011-4-14 @micrypt this is what I like to hear :)
  1961. 2011-4-14 @tkenny @thomas_britton @wilcolley any of you coming or up for pub standards tonight? http://pubstandards.co.uk
  1962. 2011-4-14 @mnowster Good point. This is the perfect use case for Facebook questions...
  1963. 2011-4-13 @benbot nope, means it happens so rarely or that the feature changes that I get the privilege to look at it again. :D
  1964. 2011-4-13 Great way to start the morning. http://t.co/3dXYrEj
  1965. 2011-4-13 You just made my morning Tom. iPad/iPhone/Webkit device only - “@tkenny: CSS3 3D Hologram http://t.co/Byw42Vr”
  1966. 2011-4-13 RT @jon_bedford: Nice insights into marathon runners (age, popular names, best fundraising name) by @Izabel_blue http://just.ly/gFi3iW
  1967. 2011-4-13 @HayleyS You're back in London? Let me know when you're up for a beer!
  1968. 2011-4-13 @smoggieDave83 Do you know @iamcalledrob?
  1969. 2011-4-13 @robcthegeek Examples please!
  1970. 2011-4-13 @robcthegeek We do not walk like penguins. Be right back. Gonna go walk to just double check.
  1971. 2011-4-13 CoffeeScript (the SASS of javascript) to ship with Rails 3.1. This makes me literally gasp in shock, horror and amazement. :O, :@, 8O
  1972. 2011-4-13 CoffeeScript in your Rails. http://t.co/sz480i3
  1973. 2011-4-13 Oh it hurts. Make it stop. “@robcthegeek: Housemate Steph also doesn't get http://t.co/gLOXkFV”
  1974. 2011-4-13 Received an email today about my usage of the term "the Internets". So taking a moment to confirm it is correct: http://t.co/FbQYWc8 #fb
  1975. 2011-4-13 @david_whitney Why do you say that? No curly braces.. no semicolons. Compiles to jS, compiles to CSS...
  1976. 2011-4-13 @dfnkt Just surprised! :)
  1977. 2011-4-13 @david_whitney Yup.. but they both achieve it in the same manner. SASS/LESS doesn't fix anything. Simply hacks in 'fixes' through 'magic' ;)
  1978. 2011-4-13 @david_whitney :) Very true. And on that note I've concluded SASS & CoffeeScript are the future!
  1979. 2011-4-13 I wonder what Douglas Crockford thinks about Coffee Script...
  1980. 2011-4-13 Hello CoffeeScript textMate bundle :) You do look pretty you! "walk speeds for speeds in tempos".
  1981. 2011-4-12 OOoooh. Loving Google's homepage today! Hover over the banner. Today is the 50th anniversary of the first human spaceflight. cc @jaylett
  1982. 2011-4-12 @robotsarefun We need to recreate this: http://bit.ly/hYJtPp
  1983. 2011-4-12 The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. People from @justgiving should definately check this out. http://t.co/kCh3zCx
  1984. 2011-4-12 @yaellevey Don't be so crazy... it's getting dark outside. Twister o'clock was 2 hours ago!
  1985. 2011-4-12 @robcthegeek Guilty as charged! :) I'm the same with CSS too...
  1986. 2011-4-12 Is it wrong that I enjoy debugging my code more than writing it?
  1987. 2011-4-12 @jaylett Now you can apply to be an astronaut too.. http://careers.virgin.com/search/1921/
  1988. 2011-4-12 Wow. iPad 2 front facing camera to create apps which 'look' 3D. Wonder what happens with an audience.. http://aol.it/h0zrsy
  1989. 2011-4-12 @benbot An editor called Kate. How very regal a name. Interesting... I'll give it a whirl.
  1990. 2011-4-11 @Artfinder has already doubled in size! Well.. kind of - people back from holiday & @jageree got me a nice present too! Thank youuu!
  1991. 2011-4-11 @iamcalledrob :h grep :bd ... =]
  1992. 2011-4-11 Smashing into Vim!
  1993. 2011-4-11 @zannievong I think Thursday is good... lets meet up then!
  1994. 2011-4-11 It rains. Our American @artfinder colleague, new to the UK proclaims, "I've been waiting for this."
  1995. 2011-4-11 @AdamTibi Miss you and everyone too. Beers soon!
  1996. 2011-4-11 @robcthegeek In fairness it was @jaggeree's awesome idea that I get to do! I love my job :D
  1997. 2011-4-11 @zannievong How long are you in London for? Maybe tomorrow for dinner?
  1998. 2011-4-11 Just did a demo of my first project at @artfinder. The gallery loved it, so very chuffed.
  1999. 2011-4-11 Just said canvas when I meant to say SVG. What is becoming of me.
  2000. 2011-4-11 http://t.co/2fxUPNR - HTML5, canvas... and an id property of "the". Not kidding. Random!
  2001. 2011-4-11 @zannievong I was finishing off a weekend project and winning prizes.
  2002. 2011-4-11 @zannievong Quit showing off about eating Dim Sum and bring me some!
  2003. 2011-4-11 @david_whitney Have a great trip and time out there buddy. You deserve it!
  2004. 2011-4-11 Coda needs free editing mode like in TextMate. http://t.co/4rR0FuB Another day, another imperfect text editor.
  2005. 2011-4-11 @benrmatthews It was awesome, thanks for asking! :) Good morning all - good weekend?
  2006. 2011-4-10 RT @Ultraman: Nice game that allows user to be a country that smuggles goods #hackcamp
  2007. 2011-4-10 JavaScript's types & debugger are so wonderful. typeof Argument === "type" makes baby jesus gurgle with delight.
  2008. 2011-4-10 @kevinprince Keep us updated how it goes. The startup that is.
  2009. 2011-4-10 Screenshots from Keep calm & Smuggle on. http://t.co/NcvjCa7 By @micrypt, @novemberborn, @johannakoll & I. #foosball #superstars #hackcamp
  2010. 2011-4-10 RT @johannakoll: Got own category 'seriously silly hack', won Apple TV. Also, discovered amazing vegan cupcakes. Yay! #hackcamp
  2011. 2011-4-10 We won a prize for keep calm & smuggle on being the silliest app at #hackcamp :D
  2012. 2011-4-10 We came 2nd in the people's choice. #hackcamp
  2013. 2011-4-10 Sniffling. Picked up a ruddy cold. Back to #hackcamp I go.
  2014. 2011-4-10 @johannakoll the response will be, we can do anything. The question should be, should we do it and do we have enough time? ;)
  2015. 2011-4-10 RT @hugorodgerbrown: #Hackcamp demo stats: 2 x Linux laptops, rest OSX. No one on Windows so far. #linkedgov
  2016. 2011-4-10 @zannievong what's happening today? I'm at an event in London.
  2017. 2011-4-10 @david_whitney lol! There'll be plenty of other events I'm sure :)
  2018. 2011-4-10 PUSHED! #hackcamp over. http://bit.ly/ed3OyA @novemberborn @johannakoll @micrypt #badPosture
  2019. 2011-4-10 And here we are looking smug #hackcamp http://bit.ly/hkkhw2 #teamSmuggleOn
  2020. 2011-4-9 Looking for a team. #hackcamp Wearing red. Will do front-end + RoR/Python. We have @yaellevey for UX!
  2021. 2011-4-9 @robcthegeek @david_whitney No worries - next time I'll have to come lunch! :) So hungry now. Hint hint #hackcamp.
  2022. 2011-4-9 Got a team! #hackcamp
  2023. 2011-4-9 @yaellevey well snap! Lovely day for hacking something up.
  2024. 2011-4-9 @robcthegeek @hackcamp @yaellevey you'll be missed - but sure there will be plenty more :) omw!
  2025. 2011-4-9 “@johannakoll: OH: People aren't interested in data, people are interested in themselves. #hackcamp” Citation required!
  2026. 2011-4-9 @robcthegeek Wanna come to gov hack then? :D
  2027. 2011-4-8 Hungry already. The @artfinder team do not believe it. Believe :(
  2028. 2011-4-8 @benbot No, but I almost got convinced rabbits & elastic bands replaced old ladies working on PBX systems...
  2029. 2011-4-8 No longer effective anymore. Calling it a day! A Friday.
  2030. 2011-4-8 @iamcalledrob I got down! Down as far as my energy levels allowed.
  2031. 2011-4-7 @mnowster It was clearly written whilst drinking cider and on a summers day. http://t.co/ASYVgU3
  2032. 2011-4-7 @andrewmy I like your work a lot. http://soundcloud.com/tadmusic/idea21
  2033. 2011-4-6 @DannyKeane Why Espresso over Textmate? http://t.co/Mx0iwpI
  2034. 2011-4-6 Need new good music to work to. Hit me up with your suggestions! Currently jigging away to S&S http://t.co/PujLXOq
  2035. 2011-4-6 @DannyKeane I'm liking it! @tkenny also very awesome. Added. :)
  2036. 2011-4-6 Hyped. Getting staff status on ArtFinder.com. Maybe there will soon be an ArtFinder page on sushi...
  2037. 2011-4-6 RT @Stanto: I see your quad core, and raise you.. 6 more. http://hothardware.com/Reviews/Intel-Unveils-10Core-Xeons-MissionCritical-Servers/
  2038. 2011-4-6 Ouch. Mozilla release a name & shame of the slowest performing browser add-ons. http://t.co/5API29e #firebug
  2039. 2011-4-6 @Han How about your name? Mine is - 黃振佳.
  2040. 2011-4-6 As of late Chrome's web inspector has improved dramatically that I do not need firebug... @RootCreativeLtd @mcaulay #hint
  2041. 2011-4-6 @david_whitney Free advice for your competitors huh? ;)
  2042. 2011-4-6 @cwiss Safari hehe... time to switch to Chrome perhaps? ;)
  2043. 2011-4-6 @jaylett just pointed out http://t.co/XuYfc8F :O know what I will be playing with tonight. #design #browser #tests
  2044. 2011-4-6 @jaffathecake @andyardener Nice. Did not know that Jaffa. CTRL+UP for single digits in web inspector. Shame that was prev my spaces combo.
  2045. 2011-4-6 @yaellevey Are you and James H still coming to the LinkedGov hackweekend? :)
  2046. 2011-4-6 @yaellevey Sure am! Should be fun :)
  2047. 2011-4-6 @jamieparkins Google search: http://t.co/bx4PHuR - 3rd down might help? http://t.co/IlJqAuY
  2048. 2011-4-6 @jamieparkins Or let people on Windows machines should suffer the consequences of their poorly chosen operating system. #trolling ;)
  2049. 2011-4-6 @abdulrauf no goodbye, no nothing... *tear face*
  2050. 2011-4-6 Never thought I'd say this. Missing text editor like vis studio for collapsing lines. Oh Coda 2.. where art thou? Time to move to #textmate?
  2051. 2011-4-6 @DannyKeane I'll give it a whirl. I'm thinking the other alternative is stick with Coda & suck less ;)
  2052. 2011-4-5 @tkenny High five that. http://t.co/Hj6xRyV #awesome #soundtrack #instrumentals #game
  2053. 2011-4-5 @tkenny A bit, it's a truly lovely game. Not played either of them all the way through yet.
  2054. 2011-4-5 @Stanto Seems so. Any suggestions on better ones? Using Sony MDR-V700. Cannot import FLAC to Spotify. Lame.
  2055. 2011-4-5 Let us build you a free tablet app for your organisation during our Appathon at Museums and the Web! Here's how http://bit.ly/hv0yRs #mw2011
  2056. 2011-4-5 @jaggeree Show off! ;)
  2057. 2011-4-5 Nothing beats listening to instrumentals in FLAC. It makes me happy inside.
  2058. 2011-4-4 Just realised why I'm thinking about food. Building a dummy @artfinder app that revolves around sushi.
  2059. 2011-4-4 Dying for access to everything :) ... especially the stuff I'm going to be working on. Will fix it :)
  2060. 2011-4-4 @iamcalledrob Sounds awesome. You should take a photo of it and enter it as your ui improvement for skype on osx!
  2061. 2011-4-4 Having a break. Time to play a bit of Fifa11.
  2062. 2011-4-4 Here we here we go yo!
  2063. 2011-4-4 @richmarr =] Don't-cha know it! Don't-cha. Don't-cha.
  2064. 2011-4-4 @jon_bedford @richmarr It's here and I like ittttt. Rock the dancefloor, rock the dancefloor. http://t.co/nSFskhE
  2065. 2011-4-4 @AdamTibi @dalsoft Chrome has improved so much. Not tried F12.. cos.. well... it should be my "sound up" key :) #confessionsOfAnOSXuser
  2066. 2011-4-3 Awesome explanation of why a dev picked his next job out of two companies. http://t.co/F3vaGpn
  2067. 2011-4-2 Apparently we found it. @meatwagon http://t.co/EzoVg4r
  2068. 2011-4-2 @Stanto you can't lose money in a cash ISA?
  2069. 2011-4-2 Went to #meateasy / @meatwagon today. Have the privilege of saying, "firrrrrsttt!!!!1111"
  2070. 2011-4-2 @Richard_Monk Morning man. I've missed you.
  2071. 2011-4-2 Cash ISAs... anyone have any tips?
  2072. 2011-4-2 Discovering cash ISA advice from the Guardian: http://t.co/ty42uV6
  2073. 2011-4-2 Playing about with a tiny bit of shell scripting :)
  2074. 2011-4-2 @astrofaes Thanks. Did you check out the Guardian review? I will probably use Halifax as it's easy for me to use it. :)
  2075. 2011-4-2 @astrofaes Thanks! And there I was about to get totally ripped off by Smile.
  2076. 2011-4-1 Loving Google's easter egg on Helvetica search. http://t.co/dqrKjle @wilcolley Thanks @jaylett
  2077. 2011-4-1 New starter at work lesson number 1. Don't get into work too early unless you have a key.
  2078. 2011-4-1 @burlistic Sceptic. RE: FF April fools safe plugin.
  2079. 2011-4-1 Welcome @mnowster to @artfinder - A friday starter :D
  2080. 2011-4-1 Firefox plugin to avoid April Fools http://t.co/UCOVX7z
  2081. 2011-4-1 "Another reason to move to VIM"... http://t.co/DQahZsW
  2082. 2011-4-1 New starter at work lesson number 2. Having a laptop and the works wifi will pwn lesson 1.
  2083. 2011-4-1 End of my first week at Artfinder. Loving it so much :) Thanks to everyone who's welcomed me to the team so nicely!
  2084. 2011-3-31 Just been shown Tux in outer space! http://t.co/iJp0aSe
  2085. 2011-3-31 @yaellevey The @artfinder office is hidden in the heart of Holborn!
  2086. 2011-3-31 Must learn to remember Google isn't a tool just for me & my front-end developer related queries. #clothing #dresses
  2087. 2011-3-31 Hearing 2 of the developers building a desk with power tools. #startup
  2088. 2011-3-31 @philhawksworth @psd I for one, welcome our red side overlords.
  2089. 2011-3-31 It's wonderful when you discover things are for simpler than you make them out to be in your head =] #jS #algorithm
  2090. 2011-3-31 Enjoying krispy kremes @artfinder =]
  2091. 2011-3-31 SASS with Rails on Heroku! =] http://t.co/SJkwCks
  2092. 2011-3-31 @lizsmith24 It was really good... hopefully will be able to show you some stuff soon! :)
  2093. 2011-3-31 Trying not to stare dreamily at my Mac. People might get the wrong impression.
  2094. 2011-3-30 First day at @artfinder today!
  2095. 2011-3-30 @yaellevey @Izabel_blue Thanks guys. It's going well... just started my first project doing some fun javaScript =]
  2096. 2011-3-30 Overheard @artfinder "I'm busy mate! I've a startup to run!" =]
  2097. 2011-3-30 Nice first day at @artfinder. Having a nice meal to celebrate settling in! Yum yum Korean thanks to @Jon_bedford
  2098. 2011-3-30 @jaylett Not sure the cat5 I have is quite gonna cut it! Guessing the longest stuff is at my parents. Will bring what I've got in tomorrow!
  2099. 2011-3-30 @jon_bedford I've never noticed it there before!
  2100. 2011-3-30 "+1" button? Should be called the "1st!!!!111" button. #google
  2101. 2011-3-30 @bexfishman mentioned unicorns might pop out package of a package for @jaylett's bday. soo.. http://kaivong.com/projects/happy-bday-jaylett/
  2102. 2011-3-29 @wooloz Maybe the umbrella of information on #startupBritain is useless & needs to be a proper: "what kind of startup are you".
  2103. 2011-3-29 RT @cackhanded: My favourite WWII posters from the Imperial War Museum. Personal collections on @artfinder are now live! http://t.co/CHmLkmv
  2104. 2011-3-29 RT @burlistic: http://www.artfinder.com/work/eat-less-bread/ low carb diet anyone?
  2105. 2011-3-29 Bye bye @justgiving. #fb
  2106. 2011-3-29 Just left the office. Bye @justgiving.
  2107. 2011-3-29 @tal_w @justgiving it was sweet =] thank you
  2108. 2011-3-29 @1mgoldstars Not needed! And happy belated birthday :D
  2109. 2011-3-29 So far 22 tweets & 5 likes for http://startupbritain-done-better.com - like it? Tweet! Hate it? Fork it & improve it. http://bit.ly/hAGJet
  2110. 2011-3-29 @riklomas "Lanyrd for butchers, Hacker News for barbers!" awesome an idea! Conferences for butchers, Latest cutting hacks for hair dressers
  2111. 2011-3-29 @Grumpydev @david_whitney Put your forking (of my git repo) where your mouth is and make it better then =]
  2112. 2011-3-29 @Grumpydev I blame your Twitter username! :) Get reading!
  2113. 2011-3-29 @wooloz @arkhamster lol. I could have done it a lot better. http://www.kaivong.com - but I decided to spend my time researching/doing!
  2114. 2011-3-29 @wooloz @arkhamster PS. That was a dick of a comment for you to say :)
  2115. 2011-3-29 Eating with the @justgiving team for my last lunch with them. Please note they are not in the pizza! http://t.co/m8MQTJG
  2116. 2011-3-29 @wooloz Very true. It was just for web startups. Which imo is what a startup is.. New businesses are not really startups?
  2117. 2011-3-29 @wooloz I prefer this kind of discussion & comments to the "design sucks" btw. Thank you for the effort, I appreciate it.
  2118. 2011-3-29 @wooloz New media bubble.. hmmm. I don't believe in 'terms' like new media, I believe in mediums such as the Internet & using them right.
  2119. 2011-3-29 @wooloz And using mediums correctly is through either eduction or practise. We're seeing tiers of how technological people are. Sad fact.
  2120. 2011-3-29 @wooloz A startup as an umbrella term for any new business is huge. Eg. TechCrunch/TED are a huge mind warp for people not in tech.
  2121. 2011-3-28 @riklomas Very true. Maybe this is could be a good 2nd pass on the page... feel free to fork and add edits/thoughts to the read me/in email!
  2122. 2011-3-28 @riklomas And thank you for the kind words :)
  2123. 2011-3-28 There's not a bigger high than seeing a mini-site you've worked on go mini-viral =] http://t.co/SWMY0Sf
  2124. 2011-3-28 Now to sleep before my last day at @JustGiving
  2125. 2011-3-28 @alistair @warriorgrrl joining up to be part of the @artfinder team! :)
  2126. 2011-3-28 @alistair I hope more! But we shall see... I'm down for GovHack & up for tons more in the future =]
  2127. 2011-3-28 Finding http://t.co/IPXOl9W hilarious for all the wrong reasons.
  2128. 2011-3-28 RT @elliottkember: Surrounded by all digital clocks, modern man does not understand why he feels so tired.
  2129. 2011-3-28 @YasTwit Shame "work" doesn't have an @ name that you can intimidate it with, via Twitter! :P
  2130. 2011-3-28 @jaffathecake @mjrobbins Is that Charlotte Church sitting on a sofa with a packet of McCoys?
  2131. 2011-3-28 @thomas_britton @ryancarson Novel idea for an app.. spots 16 long strings on twitter + the word iTunes, grabs it & posts to their iTunes.
  2132. 2011-3-28 Costs $40 million to secure NYTime's paywall. http://t.co/zKxCKij Takes 2 mins to get around it http://t.co/OEZqPbb #fb
  2133. 2011-3-28 @Picklivefootie Carl Cort, Kevin Davies and Dean Richards RIP.
  2134. 2011-3-28 @Picklivefootie Crap scrap Kevin Davies > Anton Ferdinand.
  2135. 2011-3-28 @Picklivefootie Please Please Please Please Please. So wanting a PickLive tracksuit! :(
  2136. 2011-3-28 I just got the @AppSumo "How to Actually use Google Analytics Video" for Free (normally $25). Get yours: http://appsumo.com/tweet/
  2137. 2011-3-28 Very tired. Just launched my better version of StartUpBritain.org - http://startupbritain-done-better.com/
  2138. 2011-3-28 Blip.TV sucks. No HTML5 embed for me and http://t.co/SWMY0Sf for one of the videos.
  2139. 2011-3-28 @riklomas Good point. Maybe this should change?
  2140. 2011-3-27 We just woke a slumbering sylvan sprite from a curious nestbox surrounded by three rain-soaked songbirds. #sworcery
  2141. 2011-3-27 We just woke a slumbering sylvan sprite from the rich earth of a meadow containing four pairs of worthless sheep. #sworcery
  2142. 2011-3-27 We sang a Song of Sworcery & summoned a slumbering sylvan sprite from the cool waters of a deepwater pond - so strange! #sworcery
  2143. 2011-3-27 @cackhanded Love your last comment, "CSS needs to load after the document is ready, dumbass." ;)
  2144. 2011-3-27 MySQL.com hacked via SQL injection. Passwords ahoy! http://t.co/kW5no4o
  2145. 2011-3-27 Nothing quite like the beautiful feeling of having a salt & hash of your users passwords.. http://t.co/q0hFbSt
  2146. 2011-3-27 Okay. RubyMine is pretty awesome.
  2147. 2011-3-27 Dying of laughter. Color had $41 million invested in it.. http://t.co/xR10PW4 "Totally confused by the UI. Would rather play Myst than it."
  2148. 2011-3-27 Great review of color web app. http://t.co/r3xwn83 #fb
  2149. 2011-3-27 Space: one of the many different potential frontiers (depending on your exact meaning of it). These are the voyages of an elephant.
  2150. 2011-3-27 @__phin @jaylett @jaggeree I think we've all forgotten the elephants need to be amphibious & able to go into space.
  2151. 2011-3-27 @zannievong You'd love a bacon brownie.
  2152. 2011-3-27 @__phin @jaylett @jaggeree Pigs look pretty gross.. yet become an integral part of the beautiful bacon brownies - http://t.co/RcTZOWD
  2153. 2011-3-27 Richard "rms" Stallman's birthday is exactly 30 years before my fb birthay. *fact* #fb
  2154. 2011-3-27 @jaylett @jaggeree Japanese food!
  2155. 2011-3-27 Toffee popcorn made! Totally wonderful and super easy to do. Better than the microwavable bags. http://t.co/g0sNvQw
  2156. 2011-3-27 Definitely a bubble. http://t.co/BImsHL9 ...I'm telling you guys a startup to start up startups is perfect. Selling air? So yesterday.
  2157. 2011-3-27 "I don't like this new skype" @ursi82 - Me neither.
  2158. 2011-3-27 At last. Sensible media news about Japan. http://t.co/2sLC3fi #fb #japan #tsunami #radiation #media #dramatisation
  2159. 2011-3-27 Times are changing. Pakistani Actress Defies Mullah Accusing Her of Immoral Behavior on an Indian Reality TV Show http://t.co/EK7NUOl #fb
  2160. 2011-3-27 @kaigani it's a work of art.
  2161. 2011-3-27 We got The Megatome & we are the smartest. #gotmegatome #sworcery
  2162. 2011-3-27 Our research indicates that social support networks will play a significant positive role in the outcome of S:S&S EP. #sworcery
  2163. 2011-3-27 @simondoggett RE: Bacon brownies - http://t.co/TlsmVIl #fb
  2164. 2011-3-27 @jaggeree @jaylett @artfinder Speaking of recursion & startup ideas. A startup to start up startups. Known as "JumpLead".
  2165. 2011-3-27 So wrong that I now want to clarify "space" being "outer space" and not simply open space or a different space.
  2166. 2011-3-26 @timruffles Mocking up a cupcake factory to try redis.. from now on, no more D&D games - all my play folder will be food related web apps!
  2167. 2011-3-26 @1mgoldstars I've never heard of grits before... but that does look awesome and @ursi82 loves eggs!
  2168. 2011-3-26 RT @cookingthebooks: NEW BLOG POST - Shrimp and Grits http://bit.ly/egAev9
  2169. 2011-3-26 Sweeeet =] Redis now up and running.
  2170. 2011-3-26 No, thank you @edhenderson - your family is awesome & a real inspiration. Keep up the great stuff. Dad of @jackhenderson
  2171. 2011-3-26 Amazing talk about markets you should be aiming to dive into by a software engineer. http://t.co/PolWuEc #fb Watch this now.
  2172. 2011-3-26 Love the little droplet and it's animation at the bottom of http://t.co/P63Kph1 when you hover and click.
  2173. 2011-3-26 @Stanto Yo - have you looked at @overheardatmoo - http://t.co/P63Kph1 for business cards? They're awesome.
  2174. 2011-3-26 Cheese on toast. Very very toasted. #fb http://t.co/nRg4Y5t
  2175. 2011-3-26 Heading off home. @David_Whitney was an awesome host. Also discovered the red shiny turkey was a red shiny goose.
  2176. 2011-3-26 Lying in a pool of beanbag, seeing c#, xml books and a red shiny turkey?! @david_whitney's flat.
  2177. 2011-3-26 Oh my poor poor head.
  2178. 2011-3-26 @timruffles Probably on a subconscious level I was! Maybe also a bit because I'm feeling sorry for my hangover state & thinking of food.
  2179. 2011-3-26 An update by @jackhenderson - jackdrawsanything http://t.co/RgTRpYB - re it, @thesunnewspaper should be v ashamed of themselves.
  2180. 2011-3-26 @zannievong Oh dear oh dear. No new iPad2 for you then? ;(
  2181. 2011-3-26 Libyan Woman Struggles to Tell Media of Her Rape article: http://t.co/QH5X7nc Her being taken away: http://t.co/HBeHBjA #libya #shocking
  2182. 2011-3-26 Even more shocking footage of the Libyan woman being dragged away by government minders. http://t.co/oHaRmSO
  2183. 2011-3-26 @jaylett @artfinder When that gets exhausted could we follow up with Japanese foods? futomaki, hosomaki, chicken katsu curry...
  2184. 2011-3-26 @jaylett ooooh. Or we could start a subcompany with a naming convention of future subcompanies.
  2185. 2011-3-26 @1mgoldstars @ursi82 @cookingthebooks Just made me think there should be a @p2pu cooking group on http://t.co/8OphUfr
  2186. 2011-3-25 @rossbruniges Congrats on the new role :D I thought it seemed as though @codepo8 was watching you closely during your web standards talk =]
  2187. 2011-3-25 @russianTsar Well it just so happens that I'm planning great =] I will send you details soon!
  2188. 2011-3-25 The Internet is awesome. This 6 year old kid will draw anything for donations to his charity. Check out his sketches. http://bit.ly/fYmNtU
  2189. 2011-3-25 @russianTsar I miss you man. When will I see you again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXi6ao1axzQ&feature=fvwrel
  2190. 2011-3-25 Firefox's UI evolution: http://stephenhorlander.com/pages/firefox-4-ui-evolution-slideshow/slideshow.html#1
  2191. 2011-3-25 @cwiss I heart the Internet =]
  2192. 2011-3-25 How Facebook designers tackled the name tag problem http://fontsinuse.com/f8-conference-badges/
  2193. 2011-3-25 @salleeann I believe @tal_w. I also believe that person the person that knocked over the tower was called physics ;)
  2194. 2011-3-25 @artfinder Nice. I liked it so much I joined in! http://bit.ly/fD6yji :) See you guys soon...
  2195. 2011-3-25 @jon_bedford @robcthegeek @david_whitney :) Thanks guys... not gone quite yet.
  2196. 2011-3-25 @kittydoodle - I'm joining ArtFinder.com and thanks @fstorr :)
  2197. 2011-3-25 Great lunch with @robcthegeek, @david_whitney (in spirit) & various other JustGiving people. It's my last Friday in the JG office.
  2198. 2011-3-25 @tal_w Hahaha =] Touche! I would have come along had I known about it.
  2199. 2011-3-24 @jon_bedford @salleeann @tal_w Ah such social beings! ;)
  2200. 2011-3-24 @jon_bedford Yeah... okay.. I know what you're hinting at there.
  2201. 2011-3-24 @themakelounge My portfolio - http://t.co/BkWJWgS :) follow me if interested to DM chat it/give me email to contact.
  2202. 2011-3-24 @jon_bedford @salleeann @tal_w Great skills Tal! Rematch already with more commentary!
  2203. 2011-3-24 @akahn @garybernhardt SASS is wonderful :) Would you use Compass with it?
  2204. 2011-3-24 RT @akahn: @garybernhardt Sass is more powerful than SCSS: meaningful indentation is really handy for a language with 'cascading' in its ...
  2205. 2011-3-24 The android logo is pure genius.
  2206. 2011-3-24 =[ Booo. gem 'redis', '2.1.1' ERROR: While executing gem ... (RuntimeError) Unknown command redis,
  2207. 2011-3-24 @noamso Stop being modest! It's in the bag =]
  2208. 2011-3-24 @iamcalledrob Check out Tim at an awards do for PickLive! http://t.co/21og46G
  2209. 2011-3-24 @noamso Congrats on the award :) The team definitely deserves it and all the success in the future!
  2210. 2011-3-24 Playing about with Redis =]
  2211. 2011-3-24 Color.xxx (safe for work) a spoof of a startup seeking funding http://bit.ly/f9snRL #fb
  2212. 2011-3-24 @claragt has brown hair and apparently some odd blonde hairs. Never noticed it before.
  2213. 2011-3-24 @codepo8 :( Name and shame!
  2214. 2011-3-24 RT @jaggeree: RT @SYDNEYtwestival: If you tweet #welovesalesforce.com AND #twestival they'll donate $1 to @Redkite for each tweet. Go go go!
  2215. 2011-3-24 RT @mseckington: help me out in final hours of the AppSumo contest! All you need to do to vote for us, is retweet this tweet :D #leanvot ...
  2216. 2011-3-24 Be like the cool kids, play Git like the violin. http://t.co/i8aSLUk
  2217. 2011-3-23 @Stanto All the more reason to switch to Mac. Yeah, we both know that isn't true - but it's a good excuse!
  2218. 2011-3-23 @martinemde That's a pity :( At least you tried though... would love to see something similar again in the future.
  2219. 2011-3-23 @thefella A year ago - 1 to 14. Now about 5 to 14. RE: number of devs compared to front-end folk in your work?
  2220. 2011-3-23 RT @akamike: Interesting approach to encouraging stronger passwords: http://www.nakedpassword.com/
  2221. 2011-3-23 @Stanto that was just the reflection of my face on the screen's glossy exterior.
  2222. 2011-3-23 @david_whitney @robcthegeek is it red t-shirt day today? :D
  2223. 2011-3-23 @martinemde What happened to the project Ruby the hard way? Saw some remnants of it on GitHub 404'ing...
  2224. 2011-3-23 Amazing stories: Hideaki Akaiwa a hero among men. http://t.co/aaWB4ca #fb
  2225. 2011-3-23 Canadian fighter jets over Libya abandon attack due to fear of hitting hospitals & civilians. #MapleSyrupBombs http://t.co/IdENcab #fb
  2226. 2011-3-23 @Han @McKelvie @alejandrobot Omg. Which Marvel office? And photos? Very envious :| Did you see any comics being pencilled/inked etc?
  2227. 2011-3-22 http://learnpythonthehardway.org/index learn to program swear word, swear word. #fb
  2228. 2011-3-22 @wilcolley monitor recommendations please! :)
  2229. 2011-3-22 @Stanto Examples please =o
  2230. 2011-3-22 "プログラミング、マザーファッカー", pronounced, "puroguramingu mazaafakkaa." Translated as, "Programming, Motherfuckers." http://t.co/fDo6Eua
  2231. 2011-3-22 RT @thecodezombie: #youknowyourbrowsersuckswhen you have to buy the Twitter keyword for a rival browser #Firefox #IE /cc @firefox @ie9 @ ...
  2232. 2011-3-22 Just made a donation to Mozilla. Convinced by @codepo8 & @paulrouget's tweets.
  2233. 2011-3-22 http://www.mozilla.org/about/ Wow. Strong stuff. If only more companies made me feel like this. #fb
  2234. 2011-3-22 GitHub just got so much sexier. Now with image diff! http://bit.ly/htb3UT
  2235. 2011-3-22 RT @cyberdees: Apparently @ladygaga is in the neighborhood. Maybe a thousand RTs gets her to visit Mozilla for #fx4? She's a big fan! /v ...
  2236. 2011-3-22 Join me at the Firefox 4 Twitter Party and celebrate the newest version #fx4 #teamfirefox http://t.co/2fX4cyk via @firefox
  2237. 2011-3-22 RT @codepo8: Firebug 1.7 is out http://bit.ly/efy6rb - there is no reason for you NOT to download and upgrade to Firefox 4! http://mzl.l ...
  2238. 2011-3-22 The Death Star was an Agile Project http://greatandsmallblog.com/2011-03-07/the-death-star-was-an-agile-project/ #fb
  2239. 2011-3-22 @codepo8 Great pun.
  2240. 2011-3-21 @panic Great stuff. Any news on the next version of Coda? Go on.. leak something!
  2241. 2011-3-21 @smyther @honosutomo @jahnut @ursi82 @beccalaa @charliesheen Babies need domains. Just saying.
  2242. 2011-3-21 @honosutomo @smyther @jahnut @ursi82 @beccalaa @charliesheen That domain doesn't look very free to me.
  2243. 2011-3-21 @smyther @honosutomo @jahnut @ursi82 @beccalaa @charliesheen I just lost like 10 followers from that comment.
  2244. 2011-3-21 @smyther @honosutomo @jahnut @ursi82 @beccalaa @charliesheen Omg you have a Tumblr for her too! I'm jealous.
  2245. 2011-3-21 @smyther @honosutomo @jahnut @ursi82 @beccalaa @charliesheen *following baby on Twitter*
  2246. 2011-3-21 @smyther @honosutomo @jahnut @ursi82 @beccalaa @charliesheen Please tell me that isn't a twitter account for your baby!
  2247. 2011-3-21 @honosutomo @smyther @jahnut think @ursi82 would have a problem with me asking you out for starters...
  2248. 2011-3-21 @smyther @honosutomo Would be awesome. I'm totally up for taking a baby to swim like @jahnut does!
  2249. 2011-3-21 @honosutomo @smyther Dude you look like you're in your early 20's. Stop fishing for compliments! :p
  2250. 2011-3-21 @yaellevey Nope.. I guess the alternative would be to chat to some startups & ask them if they have space?
  2251. 2011-3-21 @mediatemple Yeah @vmasto had the same problem. Created a new db user without _wp_ as the name and it's back up.
  2252. 2011-3-21 @yaellevey gotta be http://t.co/mKHrJms for workspace!
  2253. 2011-3-21 @mediatemple ^SC - If a username/database contains _wp_, it'll cause causes problems on wordpress connecting to the db.
  2254. 2011-3-21 @vmasto What a joke. Thanks, you've saved from wasting lots of time.
  2255. 2011-3-21 RT @vmasto: @kaichanvong yes turns out wordpress didn't like me having _wp as db suffix. Changed db name and it fixed.
  2256. 2011-3-21 @vmasto @musings_of_me @thewebmechanic Anyone get anywhere with the wordpress blank screen of death? :P
  2257. 2011-3-21 @simonhelberg Link to song, else it's not real! :]
  2258. 2011-3-21 @mediatemple Thanks! I'll take a look at it when I get a moment after work :)
  2259. 2011-3-21 @tylertate @jaremfan @isofarro Instead of display:none.. informing the user jS isn't present may be more friendly?
  2260. 2011-3-21 @mediatemple SC: http://www.kaivong.com - I'm guessing it's related to cluster 3 having issues... Thanks!
  2261. 2011-3-21 My hosting on @mediatemple is down again. So much for showing @wilcolley something ;(
  2262. 2011-3-21 @jaremfan @tylertate Don't get me wrong - with jS it works. But without... http://twitpic.com/4bu69x
  2263. 2011-3-21 jS turned off.. http://twitpic.com/4bu69x
  2264. 2011-3-21 @tylertate Not sure I agree with you on that. Pre javaScript-regExing out {{variableLooped}} wont make any sense. Right?
  2265. 2011-3-21 Excited about dress.me - because someone else could dress dot me. http://bit.ly/fYXzsr #fb
  2266. 2011-3-21 Is it restful? @david_whitney http://isitrestful.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.davidwhitney.co.uk%2F
  2267. 2011-3-21 JavaScripts in your HTMLs. Disgraceful degradation. http://twigkit.github.com/tempo/
  2268. 2011-3-21 @boagworld, that's awesome. http://t.co/GoFeH8v Could be great for lots of designers. CC @wilcolley
  2269. 2011-3-21 Microsoft Cω (it's not the alpha or the beta it's the...) http://t.co/UtPy1lJ cc: @david_whitney @robcthegeek @AdamTibi
  2270. 2011-3-20 Homebrewing up my mongoDB. Little bit of late night playing around with a noSQL db.
  2271. 2011-3-20 RT @adactio: Dreaming of the wonderfully lean markup we'll be able to write when browsers implement ::outside http://www.w3.org/TR/css3- ...
  2272. 2011-3-20 Oh dear Flickr. Are we having a bad day? Or is this the start of your decline? #bug images failing to load
  2273. 2011-3-20 One day they'll all get Twitter accounts & reply back @smyther: “Boy, can old people talk.” But until then. ;) Yes... yes they can!
  2274. 2011-3-20 @david_whitney All 3 days? @stanto is coming down for that - so yes I'll probably be there one of those days =]
  2275. 2011-3-20 Elton John on what yesterday was. http://t.co/MnniIUK
  2276. 2011-3-20 DropBox is amazing. It enables you to sync your files online and across computers with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! http://db.tt/taGX67e
  2277. 2011-3-19 Still not enough SASS support on Chrome yet... but this is a start. http://t.co/QGjXSdD
  2278. 2011-3-19 Matt's dev pack. Hawt. http://t.co/EYDvXz5
  2279. 2011-3-19 “@hackcamp: Dont forget to add yourself to lanyrd if your attending. http://t.co/HD20Hp1” cc @yaellevey
  2280. 2011-3-19 Epic fail for Tumblr. Username + Password for db, Server lists and more. All it took was a simple typo mistake http://t.co/ze2tBFA #fb
  2281. 2011-3-19 Playing hello world & more in Google app engine. So far feels like mamp. #unfair #10second #snapjudgements
  2282. 2011-3-19 RT @Whatleydude: Today's effort http://twitpic.com/4azf3q
  2283. 2011-3-19 @jahnut @smyther I never knew babies could swim. http://t.co/K1mDUaN #twitter #discovery #baby #skills
  2284. 2011-3-19 RT @chrislawrence82: http://t.co/7sp8CXf #RSA
  2285. 2011-3-19 @mcaulay yeah I just woke up. Bit of a sore head! Espresso bad :P
  2286. 2011-3-19 Just quickly playing about with something... anyone wanna join in an just post a random message of some sort here? http://t.co/hhkH8nF
  2287. 2011-3-19 Watching http://t.co/PQ58L01 #japan :(
  2288. 2011-3-19 RT @tikichris: tikichris daily is out! http://bit.ly/dRwlIZ ▸ Top stories today via @katbrown82 @masseytravel @aboutlondon @kaichanvong ...
  2289. 2011-3-19 Video of the Tsunami of Tohoku Earthquake before wrecking the coast - http://t.co/YjXsRBT #fb
  2290. 2011-3-19 @mcaulay Me too... :/
  2291. 2011-3-19 Cellular life forces... Biology's 'dark matter' hints at 4 domain of life - http://t.co/Xv3SK3K
  2292. 2011-3-19 "My Extravagant Zsh prompt" - http://t.co/2MO0DFf + Liking the element affected by window scroll position =]
  2293. 2011-3-19 True shocking & sad tale of the cosmonaut that crashed into Earth crying in rage - http://t.co/NgsKtmI
  2294. 2011-3-18 "Give people possibilities!!! Not dead ends." @david_whitney, with UX hat on.
  2295. 2011-3-18 RT @isofarro: the best thing about Delicious? They taught me how to properly spell delicious. del.icio.us. the education benefits of dom ...
  2296. 2011-3-18 @david_whitney just coughed. It did not sound good. Get a doctor primed.
  2297. 2011-3-18 RT @richmarr: I think whoever designs @skype's Mac #UI needs to change their approach. The new design is completely different, but just ...
  2298. 2011-3-18 RT @artfinder: Chair Cat is aloof and distant, clearly planning his next move http://www.artfinder.com/work/the-chair-cat/
  2299. 2011-3-18 RT @edgeonline: Peter Molyneux: "Minecraft is a complete work of genius...the best thing I've played in the last ten years." http://bit. ...
  2300. 2011-3-18 The iPad is the microwave oven of computing. Nice analogy! http://techinch.com/2011-03-17/ipad-the-microwave-oven-of-computing/
  2301. 2011-3-18 Quite astonishing yet scary video of Tokyo Central Park as the earthquake causes liquefaction in real time (1 min in) http://t.co/XX6zPqI
  2302. 2011-3-17 Re-watching when I was on the beach in Hawaii... http://t.co/WNv2f4T :)
  2303. 2011-3-17 My gran knows more about what @simondoggett is up to than me. "He's in America at the moment isn't he. He's always in the USA isn't he."
  2304. 2011-3-17 @jon_bedford It's pretty disappointing to watch... http://vimeo.com/21155182 - Must do better next time. *charges batteries for next time*
  2305. 2011-3-17 RT @noamso: Picklive is gonna build something new. http://gamelab.picklive.com/hack
  2306. 2011-3-17 New Chrome logo... http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2011-03-new-chrome-logo.html
  2307. 2011-3-17 RT @jon_bedford: Looks like @kaichanvong is recording a video of office life before he leaves. Managed to catch me just as I said "oh ho ...
  2308. 2011-3-16 Facebook adverts pick up jet in "jet lag" and then suggest I buy the jet album. Nods. Clever match :P
  2309. 2011-3-16 @jaggeree Happy bday to you too & congrats on having such an awesome bday card from your son! :)
  2310. 2011-3-16 Loving the planetarium css3 demo http://t.co/ZPrtstK
  2311. 2011-3-16 Join @richmarr and myself, donate to the Japan appeal! #justgiving http://t.co/8r3Jvni
  2312. 2011-3-16 Reached lesson 18 of mongly. Time to get ready for work!
  2313. 2011-3-16 Something to help newbies understand how one would query a Db such as Mongo. http://t.co/NNSVobi
  2314. 2011-3-16 Trying out MongoDB interactive tut. http://t.co/ZZm0kK5 and hoping friends in Japan will be okay :/
  2315. 2011-3-16 @jaggeree @artfinder @ade @tomtaylor @revdancatt You celebrated my birthday??? ;D
  2316. 2011-3-15 Cat survives tsunami http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_li0vnjLRLg1qh25w2o1_500.jpg cc @izabel_blue
  2317. 2011-3-15 Cats are funny like this. http://t.co/dP06ze5
  2318. 2011-3-15 Why I'm Close to Giving Up on Windows Phone 7, as a User and a Developer - http://t.co/pxm4xPZ
  2319. 2011-3-15 28! :D
  2320. 2011-3-15 @Stanto @Faya_ :D Thanks for the kind wishes!
  2321. 2011-3-15 Just done it. Told everyone at work I'll be moving on companies... Excited, yet sad to leave so many good friends behind.
  2322. 2011-3-15 @isofarro @thehacksaw @omarqureshi @futureshape I'm going to be joining the gang behind ArtFinder, more here - http://tcrn.ch/eHs0LV
  2323. 2011-3-15 @Picklivefootie A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN3eBvZvUXk
  2324. 2011-3-15 @Picklivefootie Be stern! Tell it to pick it self back up, and get into shape. #burrito #abuse
  2325. 2011-3-15 The awesome @Ursi82 has sent me cake. It is in the fridge. SHHHhhhh. Dont tell anyone. oohh-OM-NOMNOMNOM NoM! http://bit.ly/eR5njI
  2326. 2011-3-15 Reading about Matthew Rothenberg, head of product leaving Flickr & yahoo!. http://mroth.info/blog/2011-03-14/on-leaving-flickr/
  2327. 2011-3-15 :) I like my friends. They are awesome.
  2328. 2011-3-15 @yaellevey @jon_bedford This is good :) Stalk me!
  2329. 2011-3-15 @cwiss @honosutomo @smyther I'll be joining ArtFinder, info here - http://tcrn.ch/eHs0LV
  2330. 2011-3-15 @isofarro Yup very much looking forward to working with @cackhanded! Thanks man :)
  2331. 2011-3-14 Snap, @mseckington - headache > jetlag!
  2332. 2011-3-14 counting sheep fail
  2333. 2011-3-14 Will watch pyCon during this week... http://t.co/ZYSrvpO
  2334. 2011-3-14 “@Ursi82: Jet lag city..” She is now asleep. I however am not. PS. @jamieparkins, I shouldn't be in the same time zone as you right now :P
  2335. 2011-3-14 @johannakoll @simondoggett So envious of you all being at #SXSW - next year is a must for me to attend =)
  2336. 2011-3-14 Back to work I go. Packed lunch and everything!
  2337. 2011-3-14 Nerds, we need to have a talk http://t.co/2eRQKf9 via @thingist
  2338. 2011-3-14 Writing an email for lots of people to read. Day
  2339. 2011-3-14 NY Times leaks Google's rules on being a manager... http://t.co/5cKD0aC
  2340. 2011-3-13 Shocking new footage of the tsunami hitting Japan... http://t.co/HOMWnEz
  2341. 2011-3-13 Gotta love Terminal for removing duplicate image imports from LightRoom. CdTo & "rf *-1.CR2" http://t.co/b4PCQnW #hddspace #winning
  2342. 2011-3-13 @richmarr I think you are indeed on to something @simondoggett
  2343. 2011-3-13 Loving the dancing the four cannons and other design theories/patterns. http://t.co/T1ChFgq
  2344. 2011-3-13 @simondoggett On a side note - I saw the first ever Japanese Simon Doggett! ;) Photo to follow soon...
  2345. 2011-3-13 @Stanto Nicceeeeeeee =] When you getting your mac?
  2346. 2011-3-13 @simondoggett You are clearly Big in Japan. So they cloned you. http://t.co/9NSXVJJ
  2347. 2011-3-13 RT @Stanto: I can really see @KaiChanVong getting on on this http://railsrumble.com/ #RoR
  2348. 2011-3-13 Memories of Maui flowing back through a tuna tartare in miso cones envy. http://t.co/Al9JB0Q #upcoming #birthday #meal
  2349. 2011-3-13 Stunning photos of how Japan looks. http://t.co/1RVtdfx
  2350. 2011-3-12 Reading about Dubai. Harsh or fair review? http://t.co/NwpHL7G
  2351. 2011-3-12 Back in England again!
  2352. 2011-3-11 Just seen some of the nice dm messages from people. Don't worry guys, I'm fine and in an Apple Store in Los Angles! cc @Izabel_blue @benbot
  2353. 2011-3-11 American plane food is weird. http://t.co/xbCP8GQ
  2354. 2011-3-11 Left Maui just at the right time. News reports say tsunami could be on the way. For now - hanging out in LA.
  2355. 2011-3-10 My tie. Making it happen.
  2356. 2011-3-10 Just seen AppSumo's amazing Lean Startup offer. WOWWOWOOWOWOW. http://t.co/jSycOLU
  2357. 2011-3-10 Right back to bed.
  2358. 2011-3-10 RT @LinkedGov: First 30 tickets went it seconds for LinkedGov's hackcamp! Watch this space for the next release... http://bit.ly/enlis ...
  2359. 2011-3-10 Snap @abizern I'm attending LinkedGov HackCamp, 9th-10th April 2011 in London http://t.co/wqvdzi2 via @lanyrd
  2360. 2011-3-9 RT @snookca: Microsoft should have a page with "IE6" and the 6 rotates into a 9. And then the tagline, "We've turned things around."
  2361. 2011-3-9 @mseckington Sorry. Got the days muddled up.
  2362. 2011-3-8 @samsalisbury sadly gonna be busy as that's my birthday weekend! Check out gov hack weekend tho - should be awesome fun.
  2363. 2011-3-8 Designers & developers wanted for "Linked Gov Data HackCamp" http://t.co/unu9ocG via @eventbrite
  2364. 2011-3-8 It's true. In Paul Irish we trust. “New comic and post "Irish Punch!" feat @paul_irish, @fontsquirrel http://t.co/p9J8O1c”
  2365. 2011-3-7 Here is where I am at right now. http://t.co/ParPT8t
  2366. 2011-3-7 Big island volcano erupted. Coooool. http://t.co/WlJHK8E
  2367. 2011-3-7 This is what the Internet was born to do. http://t.co/Vo4pvUp
  2368. 2011-3-7 Here is where I am at right now. http://t.co/XMp6JD7
  2369. 2011-3-6 @iamcalledrob @craftyapplepie hoi! ^_^
  2370. 2011-3-6 RT @craftyapplepie: @kaichanvong Cat is now thinking, "Now I am inside the fishbowl and there are no fishies."
  2371. 2011-3-6 Look. A cat scuba diving! http://t.co/Vx9Cn8W
  2372. 2011-3-6 @Stanto link me this dog in fish bowl vid =]
  2373. 2011-3-4 RT @richmarr: @kaichanvong @jayfresh do you know any rails-y people looking for some extra work over the next 6-8 weeks? Will forward wh ...
  2374. 2011-3-4 @richmarr Location? London or remote working? I may know someone... will retweet!
  2375. 2011-3-4 GUi ain't got nuffin on Tree. http://t.co/qOwksTQ
  2376. 2011-3-3 RT @artfinder: For your evening enjoyment, everything contained currently in our Kitten tag... aaaah http://www.artfinder.com/tag/kitten/
  2377. 2011-3-2 @richmarr @david_whitney Sometimes I miss TFS, but that's only because I confuse it for the cool acronym http://t.co/s60ViRJ
  2378. 2011-3-2 @artfinder :) Well if that's the case then let me go one up from that! http://t.co/jNI2uiZ
  2379. 2011-3-2 @russianTsar Where does all this meanness come from? Where is the nice Russian (Latvian) friend I once knew? :p. Ps. It is more sunny now.
  2380. 2011-3-2 @russianTsar There's the Apple Keynote today so I guess I will be watching that from the pool too! Bit cloudy lately :(
  2381. 2011-3-2 RT @david_whitney: Cool, almost 6 months since we moved our code @JustGiving to @GitHub. Love how it scales & performs for a real world ...
  2382. 2011-3-1 Hyped hyped hyped hyped hyped. http://t.co/9YvTaKW ...now to get my camera ready for the photogenic whales.
  2383. 2011-3-1 @jaylett That's a 404 page right there!
  2384. 2011-3-1 RT @jaggeree: Let's fill the web with art lovers... sign up and curate your own collections, share them with friends. http://t.co/kQRYjnX
  2385. 2011-3-1 Heeheehee. http://t.co/dGngvSb using: http://t.co/wJP7ui2
  2386. 2011-3-1 @jaylett @paulpod http://t.co/crcL1na ;) am off to swim wit... I mean take photos of whales back. Congrats on launch! :D
  2387. 2011-2-28 @simonpainter eh? As a no for what?
  2388. 2011-2-28 Can't watch BBC iPlayer in 'foreign country'. Lame.
  2389. 2011-2-28 RT @isofarro: engineers raging about how much they hate CSS is like a sculpture complaining about paint.
  2390. 2011-2-28 Now 9:44am Maui time & been for a run beachside. Ursi just picked up her Starbucks fix. Here's something from yesterday http://t.co/WNv2f4T
  2391. 2011-2-28 Essential jS design patterns http://t.co/dme6PwX Great to read when you're at the pool @russianTsar ;)
  2392. 2011-2-28 iPad + beach + sunlight = mega fail.
  2393. 2011-2-28 Sun just vanished. As did my reflection on my iPad. Just can not win.
  2394. 2011-2-27 @abdulrauf Just the airport!
  2395. 2011-2-27 @abdulrauf The journey was a good 8 hrs to Washington, 5 to San Fran, 4.5 to Maui. So believe me when I say it's not as glam as it sounds!
  2396. 2011-2-27 @benbot Can hear the sea. Maybe it's a car. No... I'm sure it's the sea. =]
  2397. 2011-2-27 Arrived in Maui.
  2398. 2011-2-27 Despite 2 emails of suggestions, what should we do in Wailea, Maui? I'd love to know your suggestions. Photos of our exploits coming soon!
  2399. 2011-2-27 "Oh my god look at the sun." Starting the day with breakfast & the beach :)
  2400. 2011-2-27 yup, chortle material - “@isofarro: is finding http://thecontentfarm.tumblr.com/ amusing”
  2401. 2011-2-27 AppSumo's font deal looks interesting... or is Google's fonts api enough? http://appsumo.com/kernest-special/
  2402. 2011-2-25 RT @yaellevey: RT @smashingmag: When to Buy Airline Tickets — http://bit.ly/hobfU1 #lifehack
  2403. 2011-2-25 See the html5 colour/color clock git repo here: https://github.com/briancollins/color-clock
  2404. 2011-2-25 We've forked the HTML5 version of this & I've just done a commited + asked for a pull request http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2261325
  2405. 2011-2-25 @Stanto Nope... apparently this is what every bloke has to go through before hitting the beach. Or so I have been told.
  2406. 2011-2-24 @thefella I just just highlighting and doing my own version of a retweet :D
  2407. 2011-2-24 In education? Free GitHub accounts. https://github.com/edu
  2408. 2011-2-24 @samsalisbury No more required! :)
  2409. 2011-2-24 Slightly drunk. I had a lot of rum to try to take the edge off of having my back waxed. It didn't work.
  2410. 2011-2-24 Exciting stuff about the new Chrome tools. http://t.co/uHpk7OW
  2411. 2011-2-24 RT @rjs: Screenshare is a very productive format for collaborating on design. It's barely a step down from sitting together in person.
  2412. 2011-2-24 RT @bexfishman: One week till @artfinder public beta launch.. site behind the veil already looks beeyootiful, the world is in for a treat!
  2413. 2011-2-24 What a busy week. Looking forward to holiday.
  2414. 2011-2-24 Reading extreme design on 24 ways about DevFort from a design point of view http://t.co/4RlrQhj
  2415. 2011-2-23 Wordpress names latest build... Django http://wordpress.org/news/2011-02-threeone/
  2416. 2011-2-23 @thefella Amazing photography! http://www.flickr.com/photos/thefella/
  2417. 2011-2-23 @natbentley Oh no... creative block. What does the T-Rex say about this??? http://www.hyperinkpress.com/images/typosaurus-steph.jpg
  2418. 2011-2-23 @jaffathecake Loving your talk at Fronteers 2010 on reusable code http://vimeo.com/channels/fronteers10#15984466
  2419. 2011-2-23 Quote of the day: "People with macs waste money," @david_whitney
  2420. 2011-2-23 @david_whitney Yup, it probably does reflect the number of languages hosted... check the bottom piechart which language sizes :P
  2421. 2011-2-23 @philhawksworth Happy birthday dude! :D Have a great birth/food day :D
  2422. 2011-2-23 RT @jaffathecake: Loving the growing set of fonts over at http://t.co/2ky3NE5
  2423. 2011-2-23 The amount of profanity per programming language. http://bit.ly/dLw501
  2424. 2011-2-23 @jaffathecake Congrats on joining the awesomeness :) GitHub is wonderful for getting stuff done avec git pull origin awesomeClientProject
  2425. 2011-2-22 Playing with Python on Django. http://t.co/H1nk2MS
  2426. 2011-2-22 I want a tracksuit. Will totally out wear you guys in it! @timruffles @noamso @Picklivefootie @ollyfrank
  2427. 2011-2-22 Loving the Picklive tracksuit challenge http://not100percentaccurate.com/introducing-picklive-tracksuit-chicken
  2428. 2011-2-22 @leisa HMRC rock don't they. Were you in the JG office? I think I saw you briefly but didn't realise it was you. If it was - Hi!
  2429. 2011-2-20 RT @bekibutton: Can anyone point me in the direction of a reputable sea turtle charity please?
  2430. 2011-2-20 @Ardesco it's still in development mate, that's where I've got up to building it :)
  2431. 2011-2-19 Lots done on Lords and Lands. Give it a go, you'll be part of something cool. I'll show you all why soon :) http://t.co/MiiBgV5
  2432. 2011-2-19 Our whole universe was in a hot dense state. Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait...
  2433. 2011-2-19 @yaellevey Where are you going? :o
  2434. 2011-2-19 In the mean time, learning about Constantin Brâncuşi http://t.co/Ik48iuV
  2435. 2011-2-18 :( http://twitpic.com/412t1s
  2436. 2011-2-18 @adactio Dibi conference says I should unfollow you... How mean :( http://twitpic.com/412t1s
  2437. 2011-2-18 In the gamerbase surrounded by lots of other geeks. There's a streetfighter tournament going on. Great stuff! Now sushi.
  2438. 2011-2-18 It's a sign. http://home.kaiwailea.com/
  2439. 2011-2-18 "What do you think of my resume?" A resume using FaceBook http://on.fb.me/foaQCC
  2440. 2011-2-17 @jaffathecake I was in Sweden in January - http://t.co/dkThAqA *points at snow in pictures* I'd be amazed if it's summer! :P
  2441. 2011-2-17 RT @codepo8: OK beautiful examples of CSS drop shadow: http://bit.ly/g3bliu
  2442. 2011-2-17 @simondoggett getting all grown up & getting married! :D
  2443. 2011-2-17 RT @adactio: I, for one, welcome our device-agnostic overlords. http://adactio.com/journal/4367/
  2444. 2011-2-17 RT @yaellevey: Anyone able to give me some examples of sites that publish a UX Philosophy!? Please RT, thanks! :)
  2445. 2011-2-17 Giving Lords and Lands a neater experience. http://t.co/ECnTror #wip
  2446. 2011-2-17 Adding more features to my game. http://t.co/EEJe4wv
  2447. 2011-2-17 Creator of Modernizr, Faruk Ateş, talks about what is a Modern Browser. http://t.co/JX3HTPY
  2448. 2011-2-16 Microsoft on IE9 being a modern browser - http://t.co/UJ8LCex
  2449. 2011-2-16 @limedaring @limedarling lol. Oops. Congrats on showing yC, that they're the ones to miss out!
  2450. 2011-2-16 Great work on WeddingInviteLove. You're an inspiration to all us designer-developers @limedarling :) http://t.co/2jNtBzG
  2451. 2011-2-16 "I’m a designer who learned Django and launched her first webapp in 6 weeks." Inspiring. http://t.co/MSAVLv7
  2452. 2011-2-16 "What snacks can you think that will be alright warm on the plane?" "Icecream?"
  2453. 2011-2-16 Wow. It rocks to be a YC startup. http://founderdaily.com/2011-02-16/yuri-milner-pays-150k-ycombinator-investments-by-making-it-rain/
  2454. 2011-2-16 RT @Picklivefootie: Arsenal or Barca tonight? Join the debate with our friends Debatabl.es http://debatabl.es/debate/arsenal-or-barcelona
  2455. 2011-2-16 @david_whitney Just copied you & also picked up RubyMine on discount!
  2456. 2011-2-16 @Natbat Congrats once again on getting the YC backing! Do you know if there's a complete list of the winter batch of YC startups somewhere?
  2457. 2011-2-16 RT @elliottkember: I AM SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA IT IS DRUNK AND I AM RAINING
  2458. 2011-2-16 Reading this & wondering quite what to think http://t.co/nqAa2EB
  2459. 2011-2-16 My project from tonight... playing about with javascript objects & styling http://t.co/EEJe4wv
  2460. 2011-2-15 RT @LDN: Europe's first sushi academy will open in London http://LDN.in/LeBk1U (via @LDN_N5)
  2461. 2011-2-15 How should we calibrate our monitors for the web and should we. http://t.co/gjiUHty
  2462. 2011-2-15 Back home and now reading Guardian article about some interesting UK startups http://t.co/yb3fBSf
  2463. 2011-2-15 @Picklivefootie It has to be said @ollyfrank is both awesome & to the point in the Ask PickLive videos!
  2464. 2011-2-15 RT @Picklivefootie: The reason why Spurs won't win in Milan tonight: http://bit.ly/eTXxqV
  2465. 2011-2-15 Another day another media temple outage.
  2466. 2011-2-15 @smyther ASCII art ftw. gui < Command line.
  2467. 2011-2-15 @noamso That's hot! http://instagr.am/p/Bnov-/
  2468. 2011-2-15 Everything is better from the command line =]
  2469. 2011-2-15 It's not perfect looking yet but here's the JustGiving team page - https://www.justgiving.com/teams/justgiving
  2470. 2011-2-15 Looking at Watson. The robot that went on Jeopardy http://t.co/17Wm2GP
  2471. 2011-2-15 Getting fed up of reading javascript books with mistakes in. Seriously frustrating.
  2472. 2011-2-15 @AdamTibi Then let us take to the neutral ground! http://t.co/L2cobwJ :P
  2473. 2011-2-15 Is IE9 a modern browser? Oh dear... http://t.co/7J2BLn0
  2474. 2011-2-15 RT @RARay: Crafting appropriate and precise HTML & CSS is just as much a part of the web design process as discovery, defining IA, crea ...
  2475. 2011-2-14 RT @codepo8: A few HTML5 questions that need answering: http://bit.ly/i3a5Vb
  2476. 2011-2-14 @iamcalledrob Ah... good point. Bugger.
  2477. 2011-2-14 RT @robpooke: I'm sure there's some irony in the Tesco Finest Rose.
  2478. 2011-2-13 Reading about why 400 people volunteered for a 1 way trip to Mars. http://t.co/V690iDx
  2479. 2011-2-13 If I was in San Fran, I'd defo head off to NerdFort http://t.co/K8ddLbz /me looks at @iamcalledrob
  2480. 2011-2-13 Interesting opinions on Ubuntu - thanks @smyther, @Ardesco & @benbot! =)
  2481. 2011-2-13 Trying out Ubuntu. It's a lot like a hybrid of Windows7/OSX...
  2482. 2011-2-12 RT @flyosity: IE6, IE7 and IE8 available as standalone .exe files. Can run them all at the same time. http://cl.ly/4YY8
  2483. 2011-2-12 @yaellevey What icons are you stuck on? Checkout this - http://t.co/ILSVJEd
  2484. 2011-2-12 My photos from the 10k race at Finsbury Park in London http://t.co/WEovrOj
  2485. 2011-2-12 Just burst a gut listening to this StarCraft2 analogy http://t.co/88eS5tO
  2486. 2011-2-11 When people sound like they're playing magic carpet in real life you know the crazy neighbours are high on drugs again.
  2487. 2011-2-11 Quickl html5 initializr http://t.co/A1DcJZo :D
  2488. 2011-2-11 Nice article on CSS we should all start using - http://t.co/PABFy0M
  2489. 2011-2-11 @pingpongdimsum #ChineseNewYear has been and gone but I'd still love some free dim sum!
  2490. 2011-2-11 Omg. Thank god the build got broken... http://www.flickchart.com/
  2491. 2011-2-11 @thomas_britton Yeah... I'm sure Anfield would have been just as good for the event :P
  2492. 2011-2-11 Watching a user test out a project I'm working on from behind some 1 way glass. =)
  2493. 2011-2-11 Just uploaded my photos from #jgawards - http://t.co/4ZQfHs7
  2494. 2011-2-11 RT @jaggeree: Sam just asked me "who has a Nokia"... hmm, the 4 year old may have a point
  2495. 2011-2-11 Home sweet home. Time to check emails and get up to date with stuff.
  2496. 2011-2-11 Office... empty. :P
  2497. 2011-2-10 Nothing beats pwning a browser to death with XRefresh and LiveReload. Crash bang.
  2498. 2011-2-10 Dressed smart. Check. Camera, spare batteries + extra memory cards. Check. @justgiving #awards
  2499. 2011-2-9 poppin' corn.
  2500. 2011-2-9 =)
  2501. 2011-2-9 RT @thetimmorgan: Picklive has been shortlisted for Best Breakthrough Business in the Guardian Innovation Awards 2011 http://bit.ly/fLCKmt
  2502. 2011-2-9 @thetimmorgan :D Go Picklive. Congrats!
  2503. 2011-2-8 @bekibutton :D Awesomeness “@bekibutton: I saw this and thought of you for some reason http://t.co/kKvXuc2”
  2504. 2011-2-8 Flow? :o I am interested & intrigued :) @metalab
  2505. 2011-2-8 Received email from GitHub comment with link. Click link. 404. You'd be all like wtf... why? Answer is you need to log in. Obvious?
  2506. 2011-2-8 @simonpainter That's a good point... here's an example :P https://github.com/kaichanvong/My-bash-profile/blob/master/vcprompt
  2507. 2011-2-7 RT @rjs: Started dipping into Clojure this weekend. What a different world compared to Rails.
  2508. 2011-2-7 Being told if we want business cards to ask quickly. "iwantabusinuesscardplzzzzzzzz".
  2509. 2011-2-6 Just uploaded photos from the weekend http://t.co/yuOeEUJ
  2510. 2011-2-6 Reading the reply to Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz's concerns of node.js and v8 http://t.co/i9HJzgy
  2511. 2011-2-5 Colour on! :) "git config --global color.diff auto"
  2512. 2011-2-5 RT @AdamTibi: My first Windows Phone 7 app is now live on Zune Marketplace. It is a UK PAYE & NI Tax Calculator http://yfrog.com/h2n14cp
  2513. 2011-2-5 Reading about Compass and why I should use it & BluePrint. http://t.co/kqlN1SO
  2514. 2011-2-4 @jaffathecake Ah such memories of uni. One of my housemates from back got burgled twice through that same method!
  2515. 2011-2-4 Jubilee line down. Info on tfl pretty incorrect. Twitter search however paints a very different picture.
  2516. 2011-2-4 Fine Japanese Cuisine at Watatsumi Trafalgar Square http://t.co/zeLHK5q via @keynoir
  2517. 2011-2-4 @Izabel_blue She is a busy bumblebee!
  2518. 2011-2-4 Friday. You know what that means right? 8 hours before I get back to my Mac & get to play with my Ruby on Rails =D
  2519. 2011-2-3 恭喜发财
  2520. 2011-2-3 @DalSoft Give IE9 a chance!
  2521. 2011-2-3 @YasTwit http://t.co/EtPnhCB
  2522. 2011-2-3 @jahnut Dave used to pull that face after too many Jägermeister!
  2523. 2011-2-3 Okay so this is a cool team page =) http://t.co/7lHOUOX
  2524. 2011-2-3 Great new BeerCamp site http://t.co/fTkckD7 :)
  2525. 2011-2-2 Hello my lovely Macbook pro. I've missed you. I miss you all day... every day :(
  2526. 2011-2-2 Reading about @robindymond on his team's approach to 'Agile UI Design & IA' http://t.co/H8u0BRg #agileux Thanks @johannakoll
  2527. 2011-2-2 @cyberdees @Whatleydude You have to say it 3 times for him to appear dude ;)
  2528. 2011-2-1 @tkenny @csswizardry :) Thanks guys, I'd not figured a way of doing that until you pointed out that solution!
  2529. 2011-2-1 RT @rem: Entirely browser based squint testing using SVG: http://t.co/2WX8HmN sadly /only/ works in Firefox ATM.
  2530. 2011-2-1 @bombgirlgen136 @richmarr @nennynina @Bigfido @SerialLicker @liins @eelliiee_ Not clicking.
  2531. 2011-2-1 @rossbruniges @jaffathecake @Kained Yeah, I'd totally use the traffic cone on the car window & steal the car.
  2532. 2011-2-1 Loving being back on IRC again :) such a great community feel to it. Great for learning Ruby and Rails with too!
  2533. 2011-2-1 @iamcalledrob Nah, hanging out with #p2pu-rubyrails people :)
  2534. 2011-2-1 Colour Wheels are wrong? How colour vision actually works http://t.co/QDTnOOU The A & B test in this is crazy!
  2535. 2011-2-1 jQuery de-constructed. This is hot. http://www.keyframesandcode.com/resources/javascript/deconstructed/jquery/
  2536. 2011-2-1 Wow Google. Bold stance. Twitter + Google + SayNow to assist people in Egypt. http://t.co/uchcsOe
  2537. 2011-2-1 Lookin more doubtful Apple will allow charities to collect money through Apps http://www.nytimes.com/2011-02-01/technology/01apple.html?_r=1
  2538. 2011-2-1 @Ardesco You're a cynic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cynic_(band)
  2539. 2011-2-1 @kieranyo Crackle!
  2540. 2011-2-1 RT @drewm: As Beyonce once sang, Question: what are you using for real-time web stats?
  2541. 2011-1-31 And then it clicked. *BAM* a rails ninja was born. class Kai < ActiveRecord::base
  2542. 2011-1-31 @iamcalledrob Who needs to cascade when you have such a quality assured framework.
  2543. 2011-1-31 @iamcalledrob http://t.co/ZS8qv6R
  2544. 2011-1-31 Looking at Stylus & hoping people aren't writing CSS like it's the 90's. http://t.co/7Al6XxA
  2545. 2011-1-31 @ifenn I can almost hear the music playing in the background... http://t.co/OeyMwlU
  2546. 2011-1-31 @ifenn Yeah... we all know your definition of nice! :PPPPP
  2547. 2011-1-31 http://t.co/RlgKWdy looks to do a nice job of events and conferences and is backed by YC \o/
  2548. 2011-1-31 What's everyone using to find conferences/meet ups in London for programming etc..?
  2549. 2011-1-31 jQuery 1.5 is out today :D http://jquery.com/
  2550. 2011-1-31 Sometimes good information is too good a thing :[ http://jacquesmattheij.com/Tell+HN:+So+Long+and+Thanks+for+all+the+Bits
  2551. 2011-1-31 In reply about the iPad cat game... for those in any doubt - RT@simondoggett - @kaichanvong have tried it! Does work!
  2552. 2011-1-31 An ipad game for cats. http://www.ipadgameforcats.com/
  2553. 2011-1-31 I love Hacker news. How a Russian Argentinian hacked PlentyofFish http://plentyoffish.wordpress.com/2011-01-31/plentyoffish-hacked/
  2554. 2011-1-31 The sky in a 24 hour shot. http://t.co/w8AUQdn
  2555. 2011-1-31 @noamso rofl... was that "please god no" directed @ Andy Carroll for £35m? :) Amazing stuff.
  2556. 2011-1-30 The world is changing and not for the better. Canada just became the world's biggest Internet losers. http://t.co/aKyMP2C
  2557. 2011-1-30 It's not Twitter or Facebook, it's the power of the Network. http://t.co/6AkFq5t
  2558. 2011-1-30 @david_whitney Sleepwalk capsules ftw. http://t.co/aLp549w
  2559. 2011-1-30 *bam!* CD ejected into the stomach. All it takes is one wrong click.
  2560. 2011-1-30 Reading about backbone.js http://t.co/6KoY57d It's an MVCC pattern. PS. My mom totally knows what I'm talkin' about, so you should too.
  2561. 2011-1-29 Trying out CityVille lots... it's very very spammy :P Spammy to me, spammy to friends.
  2562. 2011-1-29 @david_whitney Stop being egg-static about #ddd9 ;)
  2563. 2011-1-29 "We will not be silenced." #egypt http://t.co/Rfet29Q
  2564. 2011-1-29 RT @evalottchen: #Sketchnotes from yday's excellent #dou11 by @maxgadney with @mccandelish @schulze @antimega @rob__waller et al. http:/ ...
  2565. 2011-1-29 If it can be pushed, sliced or joined back together... it probably is a duck. I mean an array. #duckTyping
  2566. 2011-1-28 I got $5 from @appsumo, the home of daily deals for web geeks. Click http://appsumo.com/tweet/ for yours.
  2567. 2011-1-27 http://t.co/6UAi2QL
  2568. 2011-1-27 @ifenn You missed out an option ~_~ damn you!
  2569. 2011-1-25 What if Visual Studio had achievements http://t.co/VHNnwrv
  2570. 2011-1-25 Phew. Glad this bug in jQuery mobile got discovered. http://t.co/trljq6J
  2571. 2011-1-25 Well... at least they tried it :) http://t.co/tvCUBfa
  2572. 2011-1-25 @Stanto I'll remember that for next time! :D This batch is cinnamon and sugar :)
  2573. 2011-1-25 There's definitely an art to making popcorn...
  2574. 2011-1-25 How to make bacon fat popcorn.... http://t.co/Wb2qWUJ ... I know what I'm going to be doing :D
  2575. 2011-1-25 @ifenn Too much info!
  2576. 2011-1-25 @ifenn Do you constantly do it whilst at work? It's really really annoying :P
  2577. 2011-1-25 Never in my life have I sat next to someone who is so obsessed with their mobile phone.
  2578. 2011-1-25 For when your clients have other clients who have some other clients.... http://dribbble.com/shots/104556-HTML-4-01-TRANSITIONAL-LOGO
  2579. 2011-1-25 A TED talk that's 7 ways games reward brains... http://t.co/3p8lCiB ... Ruby Koans are nice :)
  2580. 2011-1-25 Love the Reddit community cos they don't mess about & get stuff done. http://i.imgur.com/cFm8Q.png #ign #writing
  2581. 2011-1-25 IGN writer complains unfair abuse for his review style. Reddit users explain concisely why it sucks. http://bit.ly/h2VnV9
  2582. 2011-1-25 Batch was a success! http://yfrog.com/h7xa5rxj
  2583. 2011-1-24 @cowfish Only MPs are going... not the FA. @simonpainter Yup... it's only a game. A game with far far too much £££ in it.
  2584. 2011-1-24 Tonight's agenda is to complete the rest of my Ruby Koans for my P2PU course & then watching some more Crockford for my JavaScript course :)
  2585. 2011-1-24 My friend @c_food's boss told him to use bitmasking as a quick way to determine different user rights. Any thoughts? Looks arcane to me..
  2586. 2011-1-24 RT @dhh: I've just removed the option to signup for a new account using OpenID from all 37signals applications. */play sadtrombone*
  2587. 2011-1-24 @robcthegeek Thanks I think @c_food found it useful & probably now follow you. :)
  2588. 2011-1-24 @Ardesco @futureshape Yup - everyone thinks it's probably http://t.co/NGKaMZ4
  2589. 2011-1-24 Taxpayers are funding this MP day out? I hope not. http://bbc.in/ffJMYh
  2590. 2011-1-24 Wanting to start a petition. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/new Unable to.
  2591. 2011-1-24 @Stanto Fire, sticks and bricks more like :P
  2592. 2011-1-24 London's surnames. Amazing map :) http://t.co/2TxZdoA
  2593. 2011-1-23 @yaellevey Links please :D
  2594. 2011-1-23 Loving the name of the bulldog class we're in Ruby Koans. He has the same name as my granddad. Speaking of which...
  2595. 2011-1-23 China zoos from having circuses. Making stuff like this illegal - http://t.co/rHbuzsQ
  2596. 2011-1-23 @alistairp This one is for you buddy - http://t.co/6iKl49d ;)
  2597. 2011-1-23 Dear Internets... What chillis are these? http://yfrog.com/h88eqrj
  2598. 2011-1-23 Humans.txt. Because robots should know who their masters are. http://t.co/tFPlAbC
  2599. 2011-1-23 @robcthegeek Did you ever finish off Ruby Koans? They get a lot better around 150... :P
  2600. 2011-1-23 MMmmmm. Sandwich code.
  2601. 2011-1-23 @BigDaveSB @Stanto @omarqureshi Sounds like scotch bonnet is the winner! :) Thank you Internets.
  2602. 2011-1-23 @yaellevey And what time/computer/application you used for the photo. iMac, PhotoBooth 02/07/2010 @ 5.12pm :P
  2603. 2011-1-23 @yaellevey I think it's great. A little weird. But great. Communication is one of the biggest problems in the world :)
  2604. 2011-1-23 @ross_eats @rossbruniges Loving your food photos! Are you a good cook? If so... you should enter Nom Nom Nom. http://t.co/WI80hTY
  2605. 2011-1-22 What do all the digits of your credit card mean? http://t.co/ZT5Dvsy
  2606. 2011-1-22 RT @naomisusi: I've had a facelift: http://naomiatkinson.com
  2607. 2011-1-22 PS... http://t.co/NBR09oJ
  2608. 2011-1-22 @elliotkember Lets 1up from that! :) http://t.co/a9ULVQw
  2609. 2011-1-22 @thetimmorgan Danny Cadamarteri
  2610. 2011-1-22 A different approach to cooking compared to @jamie_oliver and @HestonFatDuck - http://t.co/5ktVF3b
  2611. 2011-1-22 Hello global methods :) I fully grok your concepts and intend to end this pomodoro on a high with you. #rubyKoans #p2pu
  2612. 2011-1-22 Urgh... remembering regular expressions is difficult :( I suck.
  2613. 2011-1-22 Wow okay... now Ruby Koans is making so much sense and sprinting through them :D
  2614. 2011-1-22 Doing the arrays part of Ruby Koans is second nature. Realising my full understanding of nil and objects isn't fully there!
  2615. 2011-1-22 @claragt your tweets are awesome. Your should free them up to the Internets! RT: iTunes needs a 'skip to chorus' button.
  2616. 2011-1-22 @Picklivefootie There's a link in the footer that takes you to a video of the Pick Live team dancing the macarena! http://t.co/myTR292
  2617. 2011-1-22 @Picklivefootie @thetimmorgan @bobdmello :) Hoping Liverpool can do something awesome and really looking forward to it! :D
  2618. 2011-1-22 @JoanneWarner Sure, gimmie a link to your page :)
  2619. 2011-1-22 @JoanneWarner @simonpainter Not sure I'd enter Race for Life *just* to see how Cancer Research have integrated with JustGiving's APIs ;)
  2620. 2011-1-22 @elliottkember ($=[$=[]][(__=!$+$)[_=-~-~-~$]+({}+$)[_/_]+ ($$=($_=!''+$)[_/_]+$_[+$])])()[__[_/_]+__ [_+~$]+$_[_]+$$](_/_) :D
  2621. 2011-1-21 Hmmm... http://html5shirt.com/ and http://html5pants.com/ awesome
  2622. 2011-1-21 @cat_elliott Awww. Thanks :)
  2623. 2011-1-21 Great job amazon. I cannot click links to your "Best deals" in home cinema systems in Chrome on OSX. #fail #ux #worldends :P Oh well
  2624. 2011-1-21 RT @robcthegeek: Serious props to @Heroku for email RE security vulnerability. That's how you handle an issue. Big thanks to @dechen fo ...
  2625. 2011-1-21 @nashienet Why wouldn't Amazon use a normal link? Because they're from the 90's!
  2626. 2011-1-21 Internet... what home speakers should I buy? My current speakers make a loud fuzzing noise when I start them up.
  2627. 2011-1-21 I love Git. I love SASS. Git clean -fx -d :)
  2628. 2011-1-21 RT @flashboy: Jesus, Google, that's cold: http://twitpic.com/3rviks
  2629. 2011-1-21 :) http://www.computedstyle.com/2010/12/hiring-front-end-engineers.html
  2630. 2011-1-21 Seems like my Tweet earlier (http://bit.ly/h166q9) had a link - http://bit.ly/ertEcV
  2631. 2011-1-21 Obfuscate your email address online... I agree with this comment - http://t.co/Vv7vIRV
  2632. 2011-1-21 @cat_elliott Oi! I'm not a geek :(
  2633. 2011-1-21 Bookmarking http://nikitathespider.com/articles/EncodingDivination.html for later.
  2634. 2011-1-21 I just did nothing for 2 minutes. Can you? http://t.co/Osqob0V Failed after 1.59 and then the last 40 seconds were painful.
  2635. 2011-1-20 @thomas_britton Your photo yesterday was great! Never seen a more interesting ceiling ;)
  2636. 2011-1-20 @thomas_britton Clearly following too many people. Talking about amazingly interesting stuff.
  2637. 2011-1-20 Returning back to IRC (but now Freenode)... it's been a long time. About 6 years to be exact.
  2638. 2011-1-20 @Stanto I was thinking about setting up a bouncer last night... think it may have to happen! :D
  2639. 2011-1-20 *cough* switchoffyourphonedude *cough* :)
  2640. 2011-1-20 Thanking JustGiving's version of Marissa Mayer - @Izabel_blue, for the Italian biscuit. http://bit.ly/gLrqFz Thankkkkk youuuuuu!
  2641. 2011-1-20 Hello again. Friend of a friend. I knew you when. Our common goal was waiting for the world to end. http://bit.ly/bjUESc
  2642. 2011-1-19 Node.js ascii art. Awesome. http://t.co/tKzsQ1S
  2643. 2011-1-19 Sony, "Share our mistakes & we'll sue you." http://t.co/ThSAZtv
  2644. 2011-1-19 I'm playing Picklive! It's great! http://t.co/4QV5LaJ
  2645. 2011-1-19 @Picklivefootie Lipdub of you guys all doing that music vid plz? :)
  2646. 2011-1-19 @RyanBabel I heard in #twitterJail you have to wear clothes like Juventus. I'm sure there's a corrupt Italian joke there too...
  2647. 2011-1-19 Forever faithful. http://t.co/C7h0pxY
  2648. 2011-1-19 @pornelski Great talk yesterday, sorry to have missed the start of it. Btw... http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaichanvong/5369733654/
  2649. 2011-1-19 RT @codepo8: Hahahaha http://wellbebackshortly.com/
  2650. 2011-1-19 @Picklivefootie I take my comment back! Just watched that video... and thought it was this one - http://t.co/M7HdfkO
  2651. 2011-1-18 @anna_debenham Have you seen P2PU? It's looking quite promising & backed by the Mozilla foundation - p2pu.org/about
  2652. 2011-1-18 @cuamurre What are you on about which Kai to follow? The other guy is a developer at Google! :P
  2653. 2011-1-18 At London web standards with @samsalisbury waiting for talks to start.
  2654. 2011-1-18 @philsturgeon @cyberdees It's going to be run by @alindeman :) Very excited to do it!
  2655. 2011-1-18 Made the cut for the ruby on rails intro course on p2pu. Very excited and looking forward to an awesome semester. Chunky bacon ftw!!!!!
  2656. 2011-1-18 One of my friends had problems with Vagrant, Windows & importing... http://t.co/kzoFPO7 - Any ideas?
  2657. 2011-1-17 How facebook ships code. http://t.co/o99mlyn
  2658. 2011-1-17 @willjohnh why learning to fly or code is easier than you think - saw this and thought of you :D http://t.co/X4ia21R
  2659. 2011-1-17 Great way to start the morning Golden Globes totally owned by @rickygervais http://t.co/AjJU27Y
  2660. 2011-1-17 @jon_bedford @lizsmith24 @BigDaveSB :) Thanks for the tweets
  2661. 2011-1-16 What if Tunisia had a revolution but nobody watched. http://t.co/owxwMgG
  2662. 2011-1-16 RT @johannakoll: How the Salesforce UX team increased their org level influence by running design studios: great post, @cvilly: http://b ...
  2663. 2011-1-16 Trying out Minecraft. Apparently it is all the rage. http://t.co/wBWQwRa
  2664. 2011-1-16 Looking at Jade. A node.js framework which is influenced by Haml. Loving HAML. http://t.co/n9mMmSm
  2665. 2011-1-16 @Stanto Argh... I just want to try it. So late now. Get on p2pu webcraft courses with me! :)
  2666. 2011-1-16 Today is a great day for dim sum.
  2667. 2011-1-16 @YasTwit Good to hear you are alive! We were worried maybe you'd gone out to Brisbane on a kayak to save people.
  2668. 2011-1-16 @david_whitney HAML is like old English... in a few generations time kids will say to us, "Why code markup so wet old man?" ;)
  2669. 2011-1-16 @codepo8 A giant dinosaur face would be far more awesome on that building :)
  2670. 2011-1-16 WebKit introducing SASS like features? You better believe it... we're not in the 90's anymore! http://t.co/NylIA2l
  2671. 2011-1-16 @tabatkins my name is Kai Chan Vong and my random number is 55518551007844! *ahem* oops
  2672. 2011-1-15 @kaigani :) Totally like Facemash! Do I have you on LinkedIn?
  2673. 2011-1-15 @yaellevey @robcthegeek Got a blog post on your daily workflow? Would be great to learn it.
  2674. 2011-1-15 RT @honosutomo: @smyther *Achievement unlocked* 5 nappies in 1 hour.
  2675. 2011-1-15 @robcthegeek @yaellevey Everything and anything! Mainly just workflows such as to-do list / self management tools etc
  2676. 2011-1-15 You're on private property. F***! http://t.co/WVM08KV
  2677. 2011-1-15 @simondoggett @robpooke Is that the Meat Wagon? #meatEasy
  2678. 2011-1-15 @ashleyemma I take it back... no longer opens on Saturdays. Here is also v good: http://t.co/S9u5MyN
  2679. 2011-1-15 @ashleyemma Really recommend this place: http://t.co/N0EQtGp
  2680. 2011-1-15 RT @WilliamTasso: Voters will stop seeking revenge on the bank when the bank has repaid the debt it owes
  2681. 2011-1-15 @johannakoll What graphic novels? :D
  2682. 2011-1-15 @david_whitney :p convinced you're not really human, but cyborg sent back from the future to improve mankind *cough*jg*cough* code :)
  2683. 2011-1-15 sudo bang bang. http://t.co/xj6aN6Y
  2684. 2011-1-15 Gem install vagrant. Cant help but chortle there's a gem called that. http://t.co/lVQ9MHU
  2685. 2011-1-15 Signed up for the online javascript101 course http://t.co/CqKDfyQ Douglas Crockford videos ftw.
  2686. 2011-1-15 @robcthegeek Nice shade of pink :D Would totally suit you dude.
  2687. 2011-1-15 @smyther I wonder if there's an app for that...
  2688. 2011-1-15 @Stanto Ended up at wahaca and had a pork burrito. It was late! We were tired :)
  2689. 2011-1-15 @david_whitney "I will be resting this weekend" - reality - "I will be working like mad until 3.30am each night." ;)
  2690. 2011-1-15 Learning git. The best way possible. http://t.co/s3UJM21
  2691. 2011-1-15 Wow amazing HTML5/Rails game http://t.co/fw1Proo with source code (openSource) on GitHub
  2692. 2011-1-15 People are ranking their coworkers on cubeduel. You're on there too. Come vote for me! http://t.co/CzklvvM
  2693. 2011-1-14 @Cennydd photoshop + your face + http://bit.ly/dYZmYs cc @psd @anna_debenham ;)
  2694. 2011-1-14 Julian Assange quote, "What are the differences between Zuckerberg & me? I give you private info on corporations for free & am a villain."
  2695. 2011-1-14 "Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money & he's man of the year."
  2696. 2011-1-14 Reddit is amazing. Reader asks about something from their past. Users help out. Incredible. http://t.co/qtKJMIu
  2697. 2011-1-14 Loving the comment their quiz being open book - it's not about memory, but to understand how we think. #teaching
  2698. 2011-1-14 Discovered MIT lectures http://t.co/ICebjsa
  2699. 2011-1-14 tock, tock, tock
  2700. 2011-1-14 Sounds like the theme is fish... @molbac with the deep fried, @Stanto with the grilled. Any other suggestions?
  2701. 2011-1-14 What should I eat tonight for dinner?
  2702. 2011-1-14 @elliottkember Oh dude great work on http://bieber.ly Was great while it lasted cc: @MTV
  2703. 2011-1-13 @david_whitney Show Show Show Show :D
  2704. 2011-1-13 @ryanbabel Loved the photo. Some people need to lighten up! #lfc
  2705. 2011-1-13 @david_whitney @simonpainter @jon_bedford FB FBML BBQ? :D Chunky bacon???? :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2706. 2011-1-13 @david_whitney I'm sure it was better than Kai :D
  2707. 2011-1-13 @jon_bedford "in RL? IRL?" Not sure if it's a joking declaration... or a question. FYI, RL = real life :)
  2708. 2011-1-13 @jon_bedford @david_whitney I heard about this discussion when @Izabel_blue in RL exclaimed her delight about the tweet.
  2709. 2011-1-13 Just proclaimed, "There's an app for that." So bad.
  2710. 2011-1-13 Nothing beats Googling for something about SASS and then discovering your own blog in the search results.
  2711. 2011-1-13 @jahnut lol. Love it. Congrats to you and Dave :)
  2712. 2011-1-12 Shocked and horrified to hear about the new mySpace stories. http://techcrunch.com/2011-01-11/bitterness-anger-and-betrayal-at-myspace/
  2713. 2011-1-12 @rossbruniges @webtandards Waiting for 1pm. :)
  2714. 2011-1-12 Here's a tip if you want to talk to me. Email or twitter are good mediums to use if you do not know me :)
  2715. 2011-1-12 @jon_bedford Course you are. It's mainly just people ringing me up asking for my time not thinking I have a job to do :)
  2716. 2011-1-11 @isofarro & other gurus... any suggestions for a good wcag validator or plug in?
  2717. 2011-1-11 @isofarro You're a legend, you know that right? :D wave.webaim.org #accessibility #checker
  2718. 2011-1-10 @yaellevey Hotter than your housemate huh?
  2719. 2011-1-10 RT @mickejkpg: "So this SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor" #nö ...
  2720. 2011-1-10 Flat needed for new @justgiving developer from Liverpool. Anyone got a room available? He's raised for charity already: http://bit.ly/dWoMsN
  2721. 2011-1-10 Wishing I was a student in Boston.. http://t.co/jOWqavE
  2722. 2011-1-9 .NET secret project - http://t.co/pplRMnD
  2723. 2011-1-9 Green flag van here to save the day. Hopefully will be able to get back home soon!
  2724. 2011-1-9 @ifenn @jaremfan I'm seeing the words chicken & biscuits. Would love photo proof that such a dish exists! :D
  2725. 2011-1-9 Anyone in Stansted London airport could help us jumpstart our car? Greenflag say they'll take an hour :(
  2726. 2011-1-9 @cab4one It's the retweet that counts - thanks for that :)
  2727. 2011-1-9 @burlistic We did thanks buddy. We have to catch up some time soon!
  2728. 2011-1-9 Just put up holiday photos from visiting Sweden with parents & @ursi82 http://t.co/dkThAqA
  2729. 2011-1-9 Just cancelled my graze box. Cost + they missed my last Thursday delivery and other times equates to cancellation!
  2730. 2011-1-9 Information Library 2.0... everything you ever wanted - http://t.co/5fil3nr
  2731. 2011-1-8 Morning from the snow. http://yfrog.com/gzh1mxj
  2732. 2011-1-8 @jon_bedford ooooh. Do love Korean BBQ. You would love Swedish breakfast. http://yfrog.com/h2vgmopj
  2733. 2011-1-7 Heja Sverige! Hej skottbulla!
  2734. 2011-1-6 @tkenny Red or white? ;)
  2735. 2011-1-6 @Stanto github and build stuff with us all :D
  2736. 2011-1-6 @andrewmy @coffeelove Feel better knowing I'm not being picky by preferring email :)
  2737. 2011-1-6 Love the post url - http://reverttosaved.com/2011-01-06/mac-app-store-ui-is-so-hideous-that-it-makes-me-want-to-kick-a-swan/
  2738. 2011-1-6 MDMA is the "most effective treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"... wow... http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2074109
  2739. 2011-1-6 RIP Bill Zeller. :( In our hearts and software you will be.
  2740. 2011-1-6 Hmmmm... just realising I prefer emails to being interupted all the time :P does that make me a bad person?
  2741. 2011-1-6 @johnwhenry Kind of like Google really :P
  2742. 2011-1-5 Just reading how to make my own books for iPad in ePub format. Stupidly simple. http://bit.ly/az20ht
  2743. 2011-1-5 @garybernhardt Vim, Ruby, Python AND you know how to play StarCraft2??? All I have to say is, "En Taro Tassadar!"
  2744. 2011-1-5 @jiamins Your having cake for breakfast? That's naughty!
  2745. 2011-1-5 OSX app to disconnects your Internet for X number of minutes. http://therealfocusapp.com/
  2746. 2011-1-5 GroupOn are not in Australia, despite $286k on the table. http://www.groupon.com/blog/cities/why-groupon-isnt-in-australia/
  2747. 2011-1-5 Looks like this is what I'll be watching at lunch time. http://how-i-work.com/ Really looking forward to watching how others work.
  2748. 2011-1-5 Highest rated video on "How I work" - Ryan Singer on how to do a good design/front-end web app process in http://bit.ly/gArbQi
  2749. 2011-1-5 The animation on this is just so god like it's unbelievable. http://techcrunch.com/2011-01-05/google-docs/
  2750. 2011-1-5 As a consumer, I'm very excited about what will be happening tomorrow with the Mac App Store opening. http://zd.net/eAFDAI
  2751. 2011-1-5 @boagworld At first I thought you meant assembly as in the language. http://bit.ly/hHXcrB
  2752. 2011-1-5 @peepcode Very excited, would also love to see a MongoDB screencast too, please! :)
  2753. 2011-1-5 Information. Gotta grok it all.
  2754. 2011-1-5 @smyther Wow. Soon to be congrats!
  2755. 2011-1-5 Nice. Ruby conforms for hash syntax! http://blog.peepcode.com/tutorials/2011-rip-ruby-hash-rocket-syntax
  2756. 2011-1-5 Not sure about the pict... but it's fun for the time being. http://rubycommiters.heroku.com/ cc @tenderlove
  2757. 2011-1-4 Love the euphoria I get when building a website. Heroku, I chooo-choose you. Rake'in.
  2758. 2011-1-4 Time to totally own up this front-end ^_^ LiveReload + SASS for super quick development. OOooOoOoOooh yeah! Results coming out soon :)
  2759. 2011-1-4 Forked rubycommitters.org in the design contest. http://bit.ly/gSDezl <3 rails. git clone, bundle install, rake import. Good to go!
  2760. 2011-1-4 @Richard_Monk It does show through your Twitter usage how much you used to be on IRC :P
  2761. 2011-1-4 @Richard_Monk ;) We all have a lot to learn from everyone! This is why the Internets is greats!
  2762. 2011-1-4 @Richard_Monk If you read his beliefs & what he says, they're very much aligned to my own opinions/thoughts.
  2763. 2011-1-4 @Richard_Monk On that note, it's time to point you in the direction of who I want to be more like. @rjs http://feltpresence.com/
  2764. 2011-1-4 @Richard_Monk Seriously dude sleep > darts :P
  2765. 2011-1-4 @jaggeree Curl so isn't the same as watching paint dry cos of time left, current speed etc. If a flag "--like-paint-dry" existed, I'd agree!
  2766. 2011-1-3 Have a safe journey back @OnlyJC @stanto was great to catch up with you both again. See ya both again soon!
  2767. 2011-1-3 @emmapersky I have been doing my research - http://kkovacs.eu/cassandra-vs-mongodb-vs-couchdb-vs-redis :D
  2768. 2011-1-3 Hurry up & build already Erlang. Erlang. Aka. Errrrrr...Long build times. BOOMBOOM! Red wine ftw.
  2769. 2011-1-3 Looking at CSS User Agent. http://cssuseragent.org/test/demo.html
  2770. 2011-1-3 Apparently I have to get an invitation to Quora to join. http://www.quora.com/ Who wants to make me smile? :/
  2771. 2011-1-3 Someone just needs to delete Fox News. Forever. http://bit.ly/dRWKDx
  2772. 2011-1-3 @ifenn Doesn't look that way for me... ;(
  2773. 2011-1-3 @ifenn Much appreciated for the invite! :D
  2774. 2011-1-3 Now on Quora thanks to Twitter + @ifenn - so much interesting stuff to check out on here :D
  2775. 2011-1-3 Document a Single @FoxNews Lie & Win a $1,400 Krugerrand - http://bit.ly/fk56Pf Let's go kids!
  2776. 2011-1-3 Waiting for @stanto and @onlyJC for some food at Jamie Oliver's Barbacoa.
  2777. 2011-1-3 @RichMillington When you free from Monday of next week? :)
  2778. 2011-1-3 @Stanto Maybe it changed... I was greeted with a "you need an invite" message.
  2779. 2011-1-3 This is why I trusted more in Delicious & the source rather than just Google - Robots, SEO hackers and scraped content: http://bit.ly/hAqc3t
  2780. 2011-1-3 And on the Google issue. DuckDuckGo.com issues this warning http://donttrack.us/ .... amazingly convincing propaganda.
  2781. 2011-1-3 Reading Designers vs. Engineers :) http://tumble.unwieldy.net/post/2581395544/designers-vs-engineers
  2782. 2011-1-3 @stanto There's a Ruby editor called Redcar http://confreaks.net/videos/428-rubyconf2010-it-s-time-for-a-ruby-editor
  2783. 2011-1-3 I played a Vietnamese extra in a Comic Strip episode Red Nose of Courage & sat next to @realdawnfrench in a circus in 1992. #lametofame
  2784. 2011-1-3 Jonathan Ross aka @WOSSY stood on my foot at a comic convention awards back in 1997. I didn't know who he was at the time. #lametofame
  2785. 2011-1-3 Reset Revisited http://cl.ly/3rA5 by @meyerweb (via @tkenny)
  2786. 2011-1-3 @tkenny I'm going to agree with you. That scrolling is simple and awesome. http://cl.ly/3qnN
  2787. 2011-1-3 Saw 2 funny photos last night on @yastwit 's facebook account & couldn't help doing this: http://bit.ly/fWTfwE
  2788. 2011-1-3 Learning about CouchDB through @peepcode. NoSQL for the win.
  2789. 2011-1-2 @alexpashby I also can't stand missing the start of stuff. 3 mins into the godfather and it ruined it for me!
  2790. 2011-1-2 Omg. Just seen this on TV. Evian dancing babies. http://bit.ly/2Yl2Xd Amazing.
  2791. 2011-1-2 Reading about how Twitter uses NoSQL http://rww.to/f5M7sO
  2792. 2011-1-2 A picture can tell a thousand words. Comics are words & pictures which says millions more: http://i.imgur.com/bZzOA.jpg
  2793. 2011-1-2 Looking through the @justgiving birthday photos I took http://bit.ly/i2ERRC & wondering what 2011 will have in store for us all...
  2794. 2011-1-2 HOW TO: Land a Job at Twitter: http://on.mash.to/hYdpnh (via @lizsmith24)
  2795. 2011-1-2 @Richard_Monk IRC didn't teach me common sense ;)People have to learn from experience. As for IRC. It will get re-factored & mainstream.
  2796. 2011-1-2 @Richard_Monk Good morning to you too mate. In what ways do you believe IRC teach privacy?
  2797. 2011-1-2 @Richard_Monk IRC as in Internet relay chat?
  2798. 2011-1-2 Watching the mathematics of doubt - http://vimeo.com/9810230 by Serg Riva. His creative process & intellectual struggles..
  2799. 2011-1-1 Watching a world class chef take on the Little Chef brand, so many interesting things to learn from this. http://bit.ly/foFW8l
  2800. 2011-1-1 Always have a plan B. Ex-president Nixon's speech for... http://www.lettersofnote.com/2010/11/in-event-of-moon-disaster.html
  2801. 2011-1-1 Looking through slides from @pamelafox http://www.teaching-materials.org/ - there's some really great stuff here for people to learn from.