1. 2012-12-31 Hey friends. I'm back in London. Wonder if my Reddit secret Santa has delivered. Not long till it is 2013!
  2. 2012-12-31 Prosecco is the new champagne. Hic.
  3. 2012-12-31 And now we discover Alfred Hitchcock was a jerk.
  4. 2012-12-31 Good bye 2012. Hello 2013. Happy new year everyone.
  5. 2012-12-31 Watching propaganda about Sir Alfred Hitchcock.
  6. 2012-12-25 Merry Christmas from the sea! http://t.co/to0mgY5M
  7. 2012-12-20 @jon_bedford I've done that before… but worst was on my 18th birthday, stopping an iron from dropping on the floor with both hands :(
  8. 2012-12-20 @jon_bedford Not for long :)
  9. 2012-12-20 @jon_bedford No need! Just do something nice for someone else when you get the chance. Like in Join Me, http://t.co/qMtIaqgC :)
  10. 2012-12-20 How do we read code? - Eric Holk http://t.co/HiaTpJV3 (via Instapaper)
  11. 2012-12-20 The Internet of Things, #leweb and other ‘zings’ | Waddingham's words (and pics) http://t.co/Rg1UcT4p (via Instapaper)
  12. 2012-12-20 @CRMComms @ashleehamiltonX Bridge to Bexley village closed off by a police car. Does anyone know why?
  13. 2012-12-20 @jon_bedford Spacebar.
  14. 2012-12-19 @Whatleydude http://t.co/ZVnqf2Or
  15. 2012-12-19 @jon_bedford that was a good one! Henry said it before you :(
  16. 2012-12-19 @jon_bedford cheese jokes needed! Best one so far is: what did the cheese say to itself in the mirror? "Hallou-mee!"
  17. 2012-12-19 Twitter and Facebook have become - http://t.co/EKSZy8mN
  18. 2012-12-19 Waiting for wine to evaporate from my soup mix. Awake for an hour and my starter is going well. Ho ho ho, yo! @dressipi #xmas #party
  19. 2012-12-19 @Whatleydude And then I saw you posted the same thing :) twice!
  20. 2012-12-19 Santa. I'm tracking you. http://t.co/S5exctLp
  21. 2012-12-19 In the mean time you can be dashing through the snow… http://t.co/CkPV5S2w
  22. 2012-12-18 @bekibutton Tis not mine, tis a phone that has been played like a basketball!
  23. 2012-12-18 @richmarr Did a little monkey get to it?
  24. 2012-12-18 @richmarr it's not mine and I didn't manage it!
  25. 2012-12-18 Today's advent calendar awaits! http://t.co/DH09kezw
  26. 2012-12-18 @elliottkember I have a copy of Vogue next to me… oh wait it's Elle… just waiting to have you collaged into it.
  27. 2012-12-18 @elliottkember Just you wait until one of those photos of you in bed with only your socks poking out is in Vogue.
  28. 2012-12-18 Cards against humanity donate $70k to Wikimedia Foundation. Fantastic info graphic. http://t.co/1FqQ0HNg
  29. 2012-12-18 @kneath Yup. This is a feature of Flickr that bugs me lots. Using 1Password on Flickr suffers because of this.
  30. 2012-12-18 Bye Instagram. I'm keeping my photos on Flickr. I have the rights there and you cannot use them/make money without my permission. #fb
  31. 2012-12-18 TIL Mischa Barton has bags. Now you too can feel like you were in the OC. http://t.co/hk3QW9tY cc @dressipi
  32. 2012-12-17 Help the Internet way back machine raise money to stay free & available for us all. https://t.co/T5AbxXEC - 1 petabyte raised, 3 to go!
  33. 2012-12-17 @iamdanw @laurakalbag Loads of people read markup. Robots, spiders, screen readers, developers, developers, developers.
  34. 2012-12-17 @iamdanw @laurakalbag But yeah prototypes/hackdays - bootstrap should be used by people who don't care about their code.
  35. 2012-12-17 @laurakalbag Github uses ACE for their gists… might be worth having a look at http://t.co/dmu2P9UG
  36. 2012-12-17 Today's @Dressipi advent calendar chocolate. http://t.co/ykZm2vO9
  37. 2012-12-17 @david_whitney Only really enjoy it when I have tests to protect me :P
  38. 2012-12-17 'Cos of @jaggeree, reading about Instagram terms & wondering if I should ditch it for my Flickr account. http://t.co/ANKqtVVg
  39. 2012-12-17 Thinking about 3D printers. A world where weapons could be printed. http://t.co/KeWDRIuS
  40. 2012-12-17 @lateral Weird, just asked one of the girls at work when they went to @ClaridgesHotel for tea if they also got a tin of tea too and they did
  41. 2012-12-16 Looking at Maid, a ruby gem for keeping your OS tidy. https://t.co/dLZqtj1f
  42. 2012-12-16 Part of me really wants this for Christmas http://t.co/YQZCqCCa #necomimi
  43. 2012-12-16 Though this seems more likely to be what I'll buy in a few years.. http://t.co/pfyDQ27n
  44. 2012-12-16 @lateral Took my grandparents there last year for their Christmas present. Make sure they give you a box of tea at the end!
  45. 2012-12-16 @paulpod Holding back from saying anything. But what @cackhanded said. And ffs @ http://t.co/yuhnSfAA
  46. 2012-12-16 @paulpod @cackhanded I won't mention my love affair with coffee script :P
  47. 2012-12-15 Raspberry pi for dinner tonight! http://t.co/wpwPMuwS
  48. 2012-12-15 Never use white text on a black background http://t.co/YWMgm0aK
  49. 2012-12-14 @Ardesco @jon_bedford @lizsmith24 Humble/honest are interchangeable for imho. Abrrevs need to be used less for this reason! :)
  50. 2012-12-14 Flat vs. threaded design in comments http://t.co/OZ28nvnX
  51. 2012-12-14 Homeless person talking on mobile phone and wearing Santa costume.
  52. 2012-12-14 @laurakalbag Depends on clients. When you buy hardware you want to know the specs right? Some people don't care - cost should be a factor.
  53. 2012-12-14 @mrlerone No. I would say it is an indication technology is more affordable and everyone will have access to stuff.
  54. 2012-12-14 @mrlerone @paulpod We? I didn't judge he was any less poor than the pref Santa homeless person without a mobile (who was not far from him).
  55. 2012-12-14 @mrlerone @paulpod Just think it's great that people regardless of their disposition could have these tools.
  56. 2012-12-14 Looking @GameofTests, a game of smelling herbs and spices - I blame @fglc2
  57. 2012-12-14 Today I discovered the Simpson's paradox. http://t.co/6X4Sh9l5 Not related to the TV show.
  58. 2012-12-14 Tonight I will be having a quiet drink and thinking of absent friends. Killed by drunk drivers. Be safe friends and not stupid.
  59. 2012-12-14 Wondering about drinks that have whiskey and black pepper in after bumping into @jaylett - seasons greetings neighbour!
  60. 2012-12-14 I could buy a few 3D printers for that price… http://t.co/9iFJW415
  61. 2012-12-14 Sandy Hook Elementary murders will be covered on the news for weeks. Forensics psychiatrist says why it shouldn't be. http://t.co/xNTIs4BV!
  62. 2012-12-14 Gowns. Found one for £4,195.00 - what a bargain! http://t.co/OzfW0avh
  63. 2012-12-13 @paulpod Don't you think positivity sounds better than tweeting about looking back in anger? :D
  64. 2012-12-13 Updated to iOS6. Already regretting it. Having to learn a new UI is a huge hassle. So tiresome. So pointless.
  65. 2012-12-13 @paulpod I liked it better when you tweeted pictures of hamsters.
  66. 2012-12-13 @paulpod With spikes on to make them look like hedgehogs.
  67. 2012-12-13 Rob & Fred @meatliquor http://t.co/3jXOvXX2
  68. 2012-12-13 @MEATLiquor what's illegal in the root beer? :(
  69. 2012-12-13 jigging to Funky Town http://t.co/FKLeLni1
  70. 2012-12-13 You can now see all the sales on @Dressipi with filters… scroll to see reduced items in recommendations! :D http://t.co/N1e9y5m3
  71. 2012-12-13 Ah speaking of people I've missed… speaking with! @mrlerone - I've learned that ellipsis are the droppings of mice.
  72. 2012-12-13 @paulpod Well that trumps that argument then ;) Have a great rest of the week and weekend pal!
  73. 2012-12-13 @paulpod True. But now those tweets will disappear somewhere with no hashtag to enable them of use! Blog post would be better imho.
  74. 2012-12-13 Sending! #RedditSecretSanta http://t.co/oEQZD497
  75. 2012-12-12 Secret Santa presents all wrapped up. Tomorrow they will go out! #RedditSecretSanta
  76. 2012-12-12 "So bring us some figgy pudding, So bring us some some figgy pudding!" OH @dressipi
  77. 2012-12-11 Man of steel. http://t.co/OPqqBGJt
  78. 2012-12-11 Loving the look of this bike. Think I'll be getting one! http://t.co/W33onPx5 cc @bbcclick @LJRICH
  79. 2012-12-11 "By idolising people, I gave up on my opportunity to change the world, learn something exhilaratingly new." http://t.co/R58I79pM
  80. 2012-12-10 http://t.co/6pdjE3mp #2dgoggles
  81. 2012-12-9 Tom Cruise in yet another, "I'm not going to do what you tell me to do", conspiracy movie - http://t.co/ysQ1aOof… by @Whatleydude
  82. 2012-12-9 What socially acceptable behaviour in 2012 will shock young people of 2060s? http://t.co/14R60SQF
  83. 2012-12-8 Dogs that can drive. http://t.co/IBEZDPEC
  84. 2012-12-8 @natalietheoblog But was the @topshop dress "classy" and not "too over the top"? :D
  85. 2012-12-8 Listening to Mozart and coding away. Finally found my perfect music to work to :)
  86. 2012-12-7 Today has been a great day for @dressipi. Well done to @sarah_mcvittie @donnanorth @fglc2 @robbevan & all the team. Very proud :)
  87. 2012-12-7 Looks like we're (@dressipi) in the news. http://t.co/oOBUoscL) Hi hi @jemimah_knight
  88. 2012-12-7 OH @dressipi : "Have you got me Kai? Let me give you some ideas of what to get me!" Potentially not so #secretSanta
  89. 2012-12-7 @paulpod Try starting your html searches with mdn - it'll help you avoid the http://t.co/LcJEXg8o issues ^_^ cc @cackhanded
  90. 2012-12-7 @paulpod RE: last tip prefix mdn tip from @rmurphey http://t.co/sC17gpI8 @ bottom of the page :) cc @cackhanded
  91. 2012-12-7 6th of dec, @natalietheoblog finds a little teddy bear sat with a pink @LKBennettOnline pouch in the @dressipi advent calendar.
  92. 2012-12-7 RT @pipmew: @dressipi on the Daily Mail. What an amazing day of coverage! @MailOnline http://t.co/V1j9L16F
  93. 2012-12-7 Golly gosh… "I live inside a princess" - @royalfetus
  94. 2012-12-6 Interested in discovering women's fashion brands? :) It's now easier on Dressipi with our brand directory http://t.co/I4TFAz6M
  95. 2012-12-6 @adamphillips Quentin is the name of a cow. Grilling is best for burgers! :] #bugerThursday
  96. 2012-12-6 @ohmohi Possibly didn't fully think that through… obviously you'd be the skinny angel of the group! *dodges deadly look of death*
  97. 2012-12-6 @ohmohi Totally throwing high fives at fat little cherubs right now. Maybe you could be one, put on the harness & those fake wings sis!!! :D
  98. 2012-12-6 Tonight I'm gonna grill Quentin. I'm off the leash!!! :D
  99. 2012-12-6 in, on, in, on, in, on. Right time to split.
  100. 2012-12-6 Fred opens the 6th day of @dressipi advent! http://t.co/M3cjltl7
  101. 2012-12-6 @victoria_glass steering @jon_bedford & I to victory in on our future NomNomNom exploits.
  102. 2012-12-6 Yeahhh! :D @Whatleydude: New STAR TREK trailer: http://t.co/i5MLqOvC (PROMETHEUS + AVENGERS then?)
  103. 2012-12-5 Oh: "how was visiting number 10?" "it was pointless."
  104. 2012-12-5 @jon_bedford @victoria_glass first to get cassoulet & photo it, wins. #huntForCassouletInDecember #failed #moviePun
  105. 2012-12-4 @simondoggett @Whatleydude got SSD? :)
  106. 2012-12-4 I like @kerem's design style a lot http://t.co/sMw1MHtQ - He even has a blog for his dog http://t.co/K41j64Au
  107. 2012-12-4 @victoria_glass @jon_bedford rofl. I too hope you find some warming cassoulet!
  108. 2012-12-4 Watching the skies tonight for the return of @fglc2
  109. 2012-12-4 Will I replace the native iOS (iPhone/iPad) mail app with the Gmail app... http://t.co/kcNi1WjP
  110. 2012-12-4 @LJRICH *waves* My feet also hurt from standing desk! Loving your work btw :D
  111. 2012-12-4 New word of the day. Idempotent. For we shall make it idempotent.
  112. 2012-12-4 OH @dressipi user: "Dressipi is the recipe, just would be the icing on the cake right now.."
  113. 2012-12-3 Why We’re Pivoting from Mobile-first to Web-first | philosophically by Vibhu Norby http://t.co/iYAdUANF (via Instapaper)
  114. 2012-12-3 Being inspired by @burgerAnarchy's #FrenchDip http://t.co/et41YSBs
  115. 2012-12-3 @paulpod I think you're right! Too much of either is bad. And thanks @Whatleydude, for the support. Having a cold prob doesn't help.
  116. 2012-12-3 Last year. http://t.co/9y6Awo9U #johnLewis
  117. 2012-12-3 "I love this place. So art deco." - 8 year old at #InsideClaridges
  118. 2012-12-3 Coding Horror: The Organism Will Do Whatever It Damn Well Pleases http://t.co/yj0hCQCC (via Instapaper)
  119. 2012-12-2 Editorial: How piracy changed my life http://t.co/1PqZ0dnP (via Instapaper)
  120. 2012-12-2 Online Retailers Rush to Adjust Prices in Real Time - http://t.co/mqI3sAIn http://t.co/Vz7bNl8F (via Instapaper)
  121. 2012-12-2 <3 the Lord of the rings style John Lewis advert. https://t.co/h7qMlKqC
  122. 2012-12-2 My soup website (http://t.co/UciYQuFT) analytics over a year: http://t.co/x13TZODF
  123. 2012-12-2 Lucy the cat, "Corners!!! FUck yeah! Touch all the corners. More corners. Never seen so many corners."
  124. 2012-12-2 Was madly in love with Lucy the cat until she decided to sit on my laptop.
  125. 2012-12-2 Peter Armstrong's Tumblelog | As the cofounder of a bootstrapped internet... http://t.co/zVxVvLcI (via Instapaper)
  126. 2012-11-30 Dan says that @Jen_Bayne @mrlerone @ohmohi are being lame and not replying to him! Drinks tonight?
  127. 2012-11-30 This is my childhood. http://t.co/TSSCH8MR
  128. 2012-11-30 @simondoggett @david_whitney I believe in Nintendo.
  129. 2012-11-30 Star gazing at the floor and moving in slow sure turtle like pace. Brace yourselves. It's going to get colder.
  130. 2012-11-30 Unable to breathe. Laughing so hard with tears in my eyes. #GumNut http://t.co/AHAoFdTF
  131. 2012-11-30 When I was little I had a teddy bear koala. Wonder if this is an indication that I should get a real one: http://t.co/AHAoFdTF #GumNut
  132. 2012-11-30 That's right people of Sainsbury's I show you how to self checkout like a pro. Even after two pints.
  133. 2012-11-30 RT @Pippatips: #PippaTip: on a Friday, many employers may not expect you in for the next couple of days
  134. 2012-11-30 Kisses and Hugs in the Office - Jessica Bennett and Rachel Simmons - The Atlantic http://t.co/DIxfWKLH (via Instapaper)
  135. 2012-11-30 @noamso @ocadouk Great usage of stickygram! :D
  136. 2012-11-30 RT @noamso: Hello @OcadoUK, do you like my fridge magnets? http://t.co/Xakt9ZsS
  137. 2012-11-30 @RJMrgn You are not alone. https://t.co/nlmbXP43
  138. 2012-11-30 @RJMrgn You are shining a flash light at your eyes.
  139. 2012-11-30 @ohmohi WIth that kind of attitude you'll get into a Joss Whedon flick.
  140. 2012-11-30 Little @ohmohi Asian, I cannot tell you where because you do not follow me!
  141. 2012-11-30 @RJMrgn First check Safari or alternative web browser. Then try disabling all plug-in/extensions/then try reseting your browser settings.
  142. 2012-11-29 @reitshamer thank you for the copy of Arq! Very kind of you. Time to backup my life's work. http://t.co/omonuplu
  143. 2012-11-29 I have no idea why but the Lord of the Rings timeline is on all our macs. cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr
  144. 2012-11-29 Gamasutra - Features - Persuasive Games: Wii Can't Go On, Wii'll Go On http://t.co/SvpNsaGs (via Instapaper)
  145. 2012-11-29 RT @philhawksworth: Interested to learn that https://t.co/5ELcpN1V employed an approach that I'm also shouting about to avoid 'CMS Stink ...
  146. 2012-11-29 @jon_bedford Always a pleasure!
  147. 2012-11-29 @jon_bedford 49/51 ;)
  148. 2012-11-29 @jon_bedford And I gave you a new revenue stream. Outsource developers to big charities & charge them lots of monies for simple ideas. :P
  149. 2012-11-29 @jon_bedford PS. A consultant would have charged thousands of squids for that advice!
  150. 2012-11-29 @jon_bedford And ironically there's a version written in Python that I've used called Hyde. Ho Ho ho! :P
  151. 2012-11-29 @jon_bedford No reading required, it's basically static pages. HTML, css, js. The article talked about it.
  152. 2012-11-29 @jon_bedford from what I've heard last night - a Jekyll like front-end only solution might be a great temp solution for you guys!
  153. 2012-11-29 Meet the Obama campaign's $250 million fundraising platform http://t.co/07r68nhq (via Instapaper)
  154. 2012-11-29 Perfect! :D Found something incredibly awesome and interesting.
  155. 2012-11-29 Grrrrr. Item I wanted to get is in only available in Canada. Costs £50 to ship. May not arrive before Xmas. Grrrr.
  156. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney It's easy for us to state this. And easy for people to complain. Some people just get on with it ;)
  157. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney should do about bias be it race, sex etc then maybe we might start to get somewhere. But often articles point to no fixes.
  158. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney That's true. But noise could include a suggestions of how we could improve.. rather than just noise.
  159. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney Sometimes debate can occur for the sake of it. Even though people have moved on & the fire is starting to be put out.
  160. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney There's a 90/10 gender split on wearing skirts. :P Sometimes things are a way for a reason… or maybe things will change.
  161. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney And this is why you are awesome! Because you know such cool, obscure things :D
  162. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney A great example of bias being fixed rather than just complaining about it - http://t.co/bWTELxpw
  163. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney Whining? No passive aggressive journalism :D Point out to people what is wrong just via the truth.
  164. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney And life for people could be worse… http://t.co/Y5Up8I1J :(
  165. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney And just think, the world could be so different… http://t.co/rGJBCpm6
  166. 2012-11-29 And then all was right with the world.
  167. 2012-11-29 Reading about what my #redditsecretsanta's favourite book it http://t.co/BxxK0Dwd …what to get them, what to get them :|
  168. 2012-11-29 Nubbin loaf http://t.co/iE74yifB
  169. 2012-11-29 The Internet (@Stanto & @Ardesco) has spoken. I will not be getting a "Wii meh". Not yet any way :]
  170. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney Discrimination exists everywhere. If you do your best, & find where you belong. Life can be grand.
  171. 2012-11-29 Staples announces in-store 3D printing service. http://t.co/WVdKhrfA :D
  172. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney I honestly believe some people enjoy "suffering" or talking about "suffering" or think they "suffer".
  173. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney Of course. This is just life though. As a human race we do not communicate well. So no wonder we stereotype or pass bias.
  174. 2012-11-29 @david_whitney No definitely not. But sometimes whining about it achieves little. If people suggested what to do or discussed what we…
  175. 2012-11-28 @kaichanvong 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, supper… I wonder if I should have been born a hobbit.
  176. 2012-11-28 @thehacksaw () -> #coffeescript #Ichthys
  177. 2012-11-28 @thehacksaw Don't look. Play! :D
  178. 2012-11-28 @thehacksaw :P The real solution to your problem your editor though. F+tab not become a function?
  179. 2012-11-28 RT @cwiss: Microsoft - Really? http://t.co/7VhDBfXi Oh dear
  180. 2012-11-28 Moxie Marlinspike >> Blog >> The Worst http://t.co/G81PAklH (via Instapaper)
  181. 2012-11-28 Wii U. Should I get one? I'll let the Internet decide :)
  182. 2012-11-28 @neilkimmett @ali_goes_oosh Hello sir! Beers this Friday with Dan sir? Oh when the saints go... Marching... Down... #itsbeenfartoolong
  183. 2012-11-28 Oh China… http://t.co/AlvhzvrI #leader #PyongyangBornHeartThrob #Korea
  184. 2012-11-28 I just donated to #Wikipedia. Help keep it free! #keepitfree http://t.co/N5xG19Sp :D
  185. 2012-11-27 @Ardesco You testers. Always such charlatans!
  186. 2012-11-27 Been paired up with my #RedditSecretSanta. This could be a fun one to do :D What to get, what to get… @redditgifts
  187. 2012-11-27 It's times like this I could do with a nice scarf. Or a teleportation device to get me to the office magically.
  188. 2012-11-27 And now I'm hinting that a scarf doubles up as a magic carpet. Great.
  189. 2012-11-27 On owning a cat may increase.. http://t.co/9wRFnsR0
  190. 2012-11-27 Looking at Google's creative guide book http://t.co/41rXuK57
  191. 2012-11-27 Wizards <3 stylists! :D (for bringing us popcorn) NB. We are called wizards, not developers @dressipi
  192. 2012-11-27 @bekibutton Everywhere does that mix! Abokado, Eat… etc!
  193. 2012-11-27 OH @dressipi "Reindeer??? At Christmas? Nooooo." #food
  194. 2012-11-27 Want to create a new habit? Get ready to break it. http://t.co/Qy7JPTP3 (via Instapaper)
  195. 2012-11-27 My #RedditSecretSanta this year sounds amazing! This Christmas is going to be cool. How exciting ^^
  196. 2012-11-27 RT @JennyJohnsonHi5: If you have a weird, obscure name, don't arrogantly correct people when they pronounce it wrong. Your parents fucke ...
  197. 2012-11-27 @wilcolley @simondoggett don't mind - just let me know and tell olegsky
  198. 2012-11-27 @iamcalledrob @wilcolley @simondoggett But you can Thursday? Joining us via Skype?
  199. 2012-11-27 @simondoggett @wilcolley we normally go after work!
  200. 2012-11-27 The greatest Gmail feature you may not be using: http://t.co/T0a6B8ai
  201. 2012-11-27 RT @LJRICH: Geek Sandcastles: http://t.co/OfVfDX35
  202. 2012-11-26 @Jen_Bayne Easy everything! :D
  203. 2012-11-26 RT @webstandards: Live link for tonight feat. @rem & @seb_ly http://t.co/8u8LqwWC
  204. 2012-11-26 @pkqk @neilkimmett Great minds. Except it looks like my mind is tainted. Tainted by the gift of spell check.
  205. 2012-11-26 Reading about dollhouses. Astronomer Barbie in a bikini. http://t.co/i1hZrnXJ
  206. 2012-11-26 OOooo O'Reilly Cyber Monday 50% off everything sale. http://t.co/chCX9QEP
  207. 2012-11-26 Cyber Monday… now that I think about that… that just sounds wrong.
  208. 2012-11-26 RT @MillyB31: Perfect gifts for fashionistas http://t.co/sYQpf4UH via @sharethis
  209. 2012-11-26 @neilkimmett @mnowster git reflag is your friend :)
  210. 2012-11-26 @neilkimmett @mnowster git reflog even. Stupid autocorrect.
  211. 2012-11-26 `brew install everything` Doesn't work. I tried it. Okay I lied. I didn't. But now I'm very tempted to. No… must resist.
  212. 2012-11-26 @smyther I've done it over and over now. But I caught myself getting cocky, Juggling the screwdriver from hand to hand over it. :P
  213. 2012-11-26 @Ardesco Did not realised it has become a hash tag.
  214. 2012-11-25 @fglc2 Best pre-flight tweet yet :] Btw, SSD is so far amazing. Still yet to fill it up with various malware & crap though :D
  215. 2012-11-24 I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Fucking Ecosystem by Terence Eden has a Blog http://t.co/jgGIPzyK (via Instapaper)
  216. 2012-11-24 @bovinemoo @cackhanded Hoped to see smiley faces of reunited family of diverse mix & culture, plus cat. Regardless, was not disappoint! :D
  217. 2012-11-23 @simondoggett Which reminds me, @wilcolley wanted to do sushi next week. You game?
  218. 2012-11-23 A Few New Things Coming To JavaScript http://t.co/d91IKKiU (via Instapaper)
  219. 2012-11-23 @noamso think i just seen you! Was that you riding a bicycle without a helmet?
  220. 2012-11-23 RT @robcthegeek: This is great - way to go @TheOnion http://t.co/EQhJ6yY8
  221. 2012-11-23 @simondoggett @wilcolley Next week Thursday. Usual place. Usual time. Sound good? This tweet will self destruct in T-Minus 10 minutes.
  222. 2012-11-23 RT @rossg997: Ever wanted to be James Bond? Well looks like the British Secret Intelligence Service are hiring - http://t.co/tIGAqRvx
  223. 2012-11-23 @peepcode Site grinding to a halt :(
  224. 2012-11-23 This is where I discover I should have obfuscated the query param id in that last pic isn't it…
  225. 2012-11-23 "Don't bother wearing a camel coloured coat if you don't have a chauffeur."
  226. 2012-11-23 @GeneraLinds Rodney counts imho!
  227. 2012-11-23 RT @ruby_gem: Hey you just wrote me, doo doo doo and this is crazy, doo doo doo I look a right mess, doo doo doo refactor me maybe?
  228. 2012-11-23 Nothing quite kicks the evening off like Taylor Swift.
  229. 2012-11-23 Everlane. Black Friday. Done right. https://t.co/ct2gBwiI
  230. 2012-11-22 @eyeseaewe expect lots of different (yet similar) twitterbots to start following you in 1, 2..
  231. 2012-11-22 @jon_bedford I blame Adobe. There is no running away from the pain that is Adobe. Oh wait, your friend Gimp ;)
  232. 2012-11-22 @jon_bedford Your tweet yesterday increased page views by double. from 25 to 50!
  233. 2012-11-22 61-year-old computer springs back to life - http://t.co/a8EqgyqE http://t.co/ayOcW21n (via Instapaper)
  234. 2012-11-22 @Whatleydude High five bro, high five.
  235. 2012-11-22 RT @Whatleydude: @kaichanvong Every day of my life.
  236. 2012-11-22 Being pointed at and being told "Don't tweet that".
  237. 2012-11-22 Improving @dressipi website. Running specs. Completed adverts. Completed competition page. All going good. Wh00p! http://t.co/g5nMek3J #fb
  238. 2012-11-22 Brilliant on so many levels: “@CharmianGriffin: The Internet: It's important to have a favourite error page http://t.co/8ml0WmW5 @newmuseum”
  239. 2012-11-22 @lpdmarshall @jon_bedford Brave would be if there was no budget cap. Interesting though. http://t.co/lJvOtyQa
  240. 2012-11-22 You can spot a journalist a mile. They come into your office, look at your whiteboards and peer at your emails.
  241. 2012-11-22 @jon_bedford Keep tweeting me. Let me soak up those followers.
  242. 2012-11-21 @jon_bedford Did you see last nights @bbcscienceclub ? They were eating synthesised beef burger. Highly recommend Science club! :D
  243. 2012-11-21 @jon_bedford Whoop. Glad it helps :D
  244. 2012-11-21 Yesterday was great. Today > yesterday.
  245. 2012-11-21 @jon_bedford I'm guessing you've joined @fglc2 & @robbevan in the Toulouse sausage & bean cassoulet? :D
  246. 2012-11-21 Amazing. Concise. Useful. http://t.co/3fh8cjVA
  247. 2012-11-21 3D food printing - http://t.co/1oN1y4RB via @robbevan cc @jon_bedford
  248. 2012-11-20 OH: "We've changed so much. Last year we cooked for ourselves, this year we have a Masterchef cooking for us!" How exciting :D
  249. 2012-11-20 RT @victoria_glass: Interested in cake? Interested in learning more about cake? And then how to make cakes look beautiful? This is for y ...
  250. 2012-11-20 Sorry no calls. http://t.co/MYCgmAMn
  251. 2012-11-20 Toblerone chocolate bar + cat + glue = Stegosaurus cat.
  252. 2012-11-20 @mrlerone iPhones > Babies. That's how I'll always see it.
  253. 2012-11-20 RT @kerryb: Surprised no-one has commented on the appalling lack of speaker and attendee diversity at http://t.co/U2M2fimQ
  254. 2012-11-20 How many designers does it take to clear a landmine? One. http://t.co/rTMrdTsp
  255. 2012-11-20 Out of memory! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  256. 2012-11-20 @henrygarner You always were such a rebel at school.
  257. 2012-11-20 @alexmace @stuherbert @omarqureshi My personal favourite is alias fuckit='fucking !!'
  258. 2012-11-20 @elliotjaystocks Git isn't deleted by installing Mountain Lion.
  259. 2012-11-20 @elliotjaystocks https://t.co/onFqngGd Try that - lot faster. Or install/update Xcode.
  260. 2012-11-20 Caught myself singing the karate kid theme song. To myself.
  261. 2012-11-19 Happy Monday all :) Another week of building awesome stuffs! How are you all?
  262. 2012-11-19 RT @ruby_gem: After the well documented demise of BritRuby me and @fearoffish want to sort a Conference in Manchester. Get involved: htt ...
  263. 2012-11-19 OH: "I must have been VERY bad in a past life."
  264. 2012-11-18 Startups Silicon Valley - 47 seconds, I have to pause it because I'm getting angry. 2:55, I turn it off.
  265. 2012-11-18 RT @philhawksworth: Smiling at @letterpressapp release notes by @atebits “I worked really hard on the sounds, but go ahead & turn th ...
  266. 2012-11-18 Having to changing permissions on my flickr photos because someone I know has a stalker is a pain. Stupid stalker.
  267. 2012-11-18 Gnocchi. When they stop drowning, it's time for them to be dried off in pesto and parmigiano.
  268. 2012-11-18 @elliottkember They're scared of using a server side language when LESS will "just do it for them"?
  269. 2012-11-18 ATM gives out extra money - the British form an orderly queue http://t.co/CjtqaDJJ
  270. 2012-11-18 The secret of Crinkley Hall.. recognizing the eyebrows of one little actress, Maisie Williams http://t.co/iUVKZwph #gameOfThrones
  271. 2012-11-18 @omarqureshi Seems odd huh @fglc2 do what's up with @britruby being cancelled? :S
  272. 2012-11-17 You know food is good when you forget to take photos of it.
  273. 2012-11-17 @smyther @honosutomo careful what you wish for. It was 4am and not a soul stirred. Except for little Becca, aged 5. Playing the harmonica.
  274. 2012-11-17 RT @Pippatips: #PippaTip: avoid wearing t-shirts & jumpers & cardigans back-to-front by looking for the neck label, which will u ...
  275. 2012-11-17 In queue at Sainsbury's, baby looks at me and starts bawling. Probably should shave. #fb
  276. 2012-11-17 When the Nerds Go Marching In - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic http://t.co/CYDpbMrv (via Instapaper)
  277. 2012-11-16 RT @fglc2: iPad games for cats - it had to happen eventually http://t.co/w2AolNVB
  278. 2012-11-16 RT @newsycombinator: UK'S shadow Internet minister is "particularly stupid", can't use the net. http://t.co/uY7EaDeB
  279. 2012-11-16 @honosutomo First I hear that @smyther's little one is playing the harmonica and now this. Whatever next.
  280. 2012-11-16 RT @RichMillington: Harsh, but a lot of truth to this: http://t.co/yHuHPppY. This is why I attend so few conferences.
  281. 2012-11-16 *clicks 'read later'* A blog post about Arduino, @leedshackspace et al http://t.co/IvGUVRsg
  282. 2012-11-16 @Stanto It's… it's Black! And I'm mentioned! :D http://t.co/IJXnK012
  283. 2012-11-16 Halo kat armour being made. http://t.co/xj4ruY1n
  284. 2012-11-16 @pengibot one day your daughter will be able to use twitter. She'll be calling you penguin bot and waiting weeks for you to reply. #future
  285. 2012-11-16 @fglc2 in a while crocodile! NB. Selina said that not me!
  286. 2012-11-15 POP! iPhone app prototyping on paper. http://t.co/Cd35TKQ7
  287. 2012-11-15 @robcthegeek Speaking of duplicate methods, jQuery: .size() or .length?
  288. 2012-11-15 @pamelafox They are wrong. We are the highest. Highest up the stack.
  289. 2012-11-15 @robcthegeek ps. Collect or map? Collect makes me feel like a rescue ranger.
  290. 2012-11-15 @robcthegeek The outputs may be the same, my gripe is the syntax is not as concise. http://t.co/niaxsOhm
  291. 2012-11-15 @robcthegeek That was what I was saying that I missed from Python that Ruby does not have.
  292. 2012-11-15 RT @GOVUK: DCLG, DfT move to GOV.UK. What's happening inside government in one place. Clear consistent transparent. https://t.co/4ZgnNXgD
  293. 2012-11-15 @robcthegeek And collect sounds cooler. But I only ever use .map :P. lazy > coolness.
  294. 2012-11-14 I just backed Projecteo: The tiny Instagram projector. on @Kickstarter http://t.co/arpedhkQ
  295. 2012-11-14 @utku @simondoggett All I'm seeing is a little camera that eats up oreo cookies.
  296. 2012-11-14 Created the word 'fruit pig'. Didn't mishear someone say fruit cake. Honest. Photo of how a fruit pig would look: http://t.co/rGvMf4Dx
  297. 2012-11-14 Life in the Universe - Stephen Hawking http://t.co/S8qWOs4U (via Instapaper)
  298. 2012-11-14 RT @readmatter: We've launched! First piece is live: https://t.co/jNfHH3Ll
  299. 2012-11-14 RT @elliottkember: The first time I saw emoji, I wondered what kind of idiot would actually use it. Took me two years to realise I was ...
  300. 2012-11-14 RT @dressipi: STAR GUEST: @fashionlala aka Camilla Morton, talks to us about all things @DvF in her latest Fashion Fairytale Memoir http ...
  301. 2012-11-13 Considering lending a hand with the nurses in this hospital because they're useless. Nice glass of random black bits in. Quite angry.
  302. 2012-11-12 Whistles dress a different one says @natalietheoblog. TIL what a Whistles dress looks like. Bella Bodycon Dress. Does it con your body? :S
  303. 2012-11-12 Hospital wifi service takes over DNS in a silly way. Means I cannot work locally & be online.
  304. 2012-11-12 @rjmrgn - @simondoggett just said what I was thinking.
  305. 2012-11-12 @johannakoll Lean startup. Eat less meat. Go vegetarian.
  306. 2012-11-11 "Welcome to Addison Lee taxi cabs. Where would you like to go? BEEP BEEP." Did not appreciate loud sound effect in my ear.
  307. 2012-11-11 "I live in Foo drive." "OKAY! I understood that to be Boo Boo drive. BEEP BEEP." FML. #voice #mapping
  308. 2012-11-11 Simon Foster | Blog | The Responsive Designer http://t.co/7SBZh1fa (via Instapaper)
  309. 2012-11-11 A List Apart: Articles: Mo’ Pixels Mo’ Problems http://t.co/ZoumroW1 (via Instapaper)
  310. 2012-11-11 Chuffed I have such good friends :) Thanks @wilcolley @eyeseaewe @AdamTibi @oskrinda et al. #fb #movember Re: looking like a LOTR extra
  311. 2012-11-11 Ever since Gutenberg started the information revolution, vested interests have tried to burn books.
  312. 2012-11-11 We're just going to have to create more and more books until their efforts are overwhelmed.
  313. 2012-11-11 The Internet is not the only way. http://t.co/FTdoiWlt
  314. 2012-11-11 Wish the GitHub dodgeball tournament would come to London for @dressipi @fglc2 @robbevan http://t.co/7oqXV61v
  315. 2012-11-11 Photos from the hobbit. Looks amazing. http://t.co/pQ1M3Q2K
  316. 2012-11-10 @robcthegeek How come the move? And yay. O'Reilly little book of CoffeeScript is quite nice, pragmatic CoffeeScript is very in depth.
  317. 2012-11-10 RT @daringfireball: ★ Seriously, Apple Is Doomed: http://t.co/PImIx5FX
  318. 2012-11-10 Tumblr. Let us be friends again. http://t.co/u6UeytFM Even if just for a day.
  319. 2012-11-10 http://t.co/IX8yJRfH Think the title says it all.
  320. 2012-11-10 Still not sure if a beard would suit me. #movember http://t.co/RIvDTi22
  321. 2012-11-9 OH "when women are angry they're really just hungry". Sheldon Cooper. My hero.
  322. 2012-11-9 OH "Oh flipping flop."
  323. 2012-11-9 Popcorn kernels: Fool me once… Fool me twice…
  324. 2012-11-9 Reading about people doing wonderful great things - http://t.co/nqPcie7t discovered thanks to @noamso
  325. 2012-11-9 Keep trolling, trolling.
  326. 2012-11-9 @tkenny Seems like a truly great name to me. What's the problem with it?
  327. 2012-11-9 RT @guardianfood: Top chefs ganging up on an unknown blogger is an unedifying sight. #chefsunite? Not in my name, says @lukemackaycooks ...
  328. 2012-11-9 http://t.co/ocLlkDK7 bought Kayak for $500 mill in cash and $1.3 billion in equity/stock http://t.co/eLeDkY50
  329. 2012-11-9 Translate English to Mandarin? Same voice? Yeah sure. http://t.co/4TjXMxXN
  330. 2012-11-9 Set phasers to fun.
  331. 2012-11-8 Teaching Programming To A Highly Motivated Beginner | blog@CACM | Communications of the ACM http://t.co/xgwutfTm (via Instapaper)
  332. 2012-11-8 @robcthegeek Tail -f all_logs.txt. Tried powder?
  333. 2012-11-8 @bekibutton I don't want to talk about it.
  334. 2012-11-8 OH @hja22 "Or twenty year olds that describe themselves as 'edgy' and 'dramatic'"
  335. 2012-11-8 RT @alexpashby: Is Tonkotsu ramen the new burgers? Tasty Hakata Tonkotsu with fabled white soup at @shoryuramen. Soft launch 'til 17th. ...
  336. 2012-11-8 I had salad. Salad!
  337. 2012-11-8 @fglc2 & @hja22 went to meat liquor without me. :(
  338. 2012-11-8 RT @noamso: The @madebymany crew are organising a new meetup for interface developers: http://t.co/G47QkB9t
  339. 2012-11-8 @kaigani Sorry! Was meaning to say that. Think Python is too. Not native - pre-installed ;)
  340. 2012-11-8 @kaigani @micrypt Ah interesting :) I wondered if you were using it for specs or screenshots. For scraping data I'd use Nokogiri ^_^
  341. 2012-11-8 @kaigani Before you install PhantomJS, as a UX designer… what are you wanting it for? cc @micrypt
  342. 2012-11-8 @robcthegeek Like the look of @udemy - what're you using it for?
  343. 2012-11-8 @kaigani Doesn't quite answer the question but what @micrypt :P … hf :D
  344. 2012-11-8 TIL some people are addicted to eating crushed ice.
  345. 2012-11-7 Another day, another game of hide and seek with my wallet.
  346. 2012-11-7 And it's hard to dance with the devil on your back.
  347. 2012-11-7 A review of Dressipi's service on Boden by blogger from Derbyshire. http://t.co/o3HBHdEe
  348. 2012-11-7 Peek ah Boo. https://t.co/5hhbLRP9 #cat #animatedgif
  349. 2012-11-6 @jon_bedford Stop making stuff up!
  350. 2012-11-6 @jon_bedford I'm doing plasma tv screen first design. Way forward I'm telling you.
  351. 2012-11-6 @jon_bedford Surface would have been more believable ;)
  352. 2012-11-6 @jon_bedford Look forward to seeing the results!
  353. 2012-11-6 RT @eyeseaewe: Just because you're on a bike doesn't mean you don't have to signal ... Douche ( ̄(工) ̄)
  354. 2012-11-6 @eyeseaewe I want to retweet that just for the bear face.
  355. 2012-11-6 OH @dressipi - "Do you remember when it was a big deal that a dress was over a thousand pounds?"
  356. 2012-11-6 @jon_bedford Design second?
  357. 2012-11-6 @simonpainter meet @stanto - zombie movie tomorrow Chris! Might be cool.
  358. 2012-11-4 @Thehodge I'd like to see this with Leed's finest online sweet shop https://t.co/gpFBRuQZ cc @Stanto you should buy from there!
  359. 2012-11-4 RT @Thehodge: Just to prove he came back #charityhack http://t.co/2kJt78pS
  360. 2012-11-4 RT @jghackers: Le Web needs to see @stefek99 #chack12 #charityhack
  361. 2012-11-4 @stefek99 is the man!!!!111 Bestest presentation ever. Ever!111
  362. 2012-11-4 Right. Journey resuming.
  363. 2012-11-4 congrats to @noamso @pornelski for winning #chack12 @charityhack
  364. 2012-11-3 sad not to have @johannakoll at @charityhack - see ya soon!
  365. 2012-11-3 OH by @jamieparkins: I just said "Hot on the hooter" to a woman. I feel weird. Sorry. cc @charityhack
  366. 2012-11-3 Don't let drunken children get into @charityhack. Noted.
  367. 2012-11-2 @jamieparkins Can not dispute that. Better all wear your sharpest threads. Bet @david_whitney will.
  368. 2012-11-2 OH: "I draw the line with Justin Beiber, Kai!" NB. I was not playing Justin Beiber.
  369. 2012-11-2 Strongly disagree with your tweet @jamieparkins - Richmond isn't as lovely as the @justgiving team ;) @charityhack
  370. 2012-11-2 Sup @noamso cya tomorrow at the @charityhack - @kzhu you game ? :]
  371. 2012-11-2 @noamso @charityhack Ah boo, we'll miss you @kzhu :( I did work on a lot of projects last time… :D
  372. 2012-11-1 New gmail compose is great. Forces you to think about the smallest resolution. Return carriages reduced.
  373. 2012-11-1 OH @dressipi @pipmew "measure my bicep"
  374. 2012-10-31 Chocolate to trick or treaters ratio looking rather unbalanced.
  375. 2012-10-30 RT @philhawksworth: Nodding in agreement and appreciation with @leisa at the great work by @gdsteam. http://t.co/8qQeIUSb
  376. 2012-10-30 Super great toilet keeper. Just watch the video. http://t.co/fTWFuqhj
  377. 2012-10-30 Star Wars 0: from mouse to Jedi.
  378. 2012-10-30 RT @BBCBreaking: More on Disney deal with Lucasfilm: Star Wars Episodes 7, 8 & 9 planned; George Lucas passes firm "to new generatio ...
  379. 2012-10-30 For £2.5bn, I'd give anything to Disney.
  380. 2012-10-30 RT @Jen_Bayne: If hipsters (re)designed logos - http://t.co/6v7gzdkl
  381. 2012-10-30 @JustGivingJamie @charityhack Raspberry pi?!? How do I sign up?
  382. 2012-10-30 @micrypt Hope to see you there pal! It's been a while ^_^
  383. 2012-10-30 @dressipi girls back from trying out lots of clothes - queue giggling & excited chatter :)
  384. 2012-10-30 @JustGivingJamie Signed up for RaspberryPi / @charityhack :D
  385. 2012-10-29 People are excited about the music in the @dressipi office. Next up: David Hasslehoff - jump in my car.
  386. 2012-10-28 @Ardesco Microsoft send the Mozzilla Firefox team cupcakes for that exact reason. #justsaying
  387. 2012-10-27 Every release Microsoft do for Internet Explorer, rivals Mozilla sends a cake. http://t.co/2QPRRvkV
  388. 2012-10-27 @simondoggett At work we've moved to using Synology from Dropbox. Maybe that would be the better bet :|
  389. 2012-10-27 @pengibot what? And since when did you change your name to that 🐧bot?
  390. 2012-10-27 "Yeah. But you smell." #xfactor #constructive #criticism
  391. 2012-10-27 Thinking about getting a drobo. Anyone have one? Opinions? http://t.co/H0LDu78L
  392. 2012-10-26 Bump bah dah dum dum dum dum dum dahhhh da dum dah do dum. Dum diiii doooo.
  393. 2012-10-26 Discovering the wonderful world that is women's clothes sizes. I now know bras have cup and band sizes! Who would have thought it.
  394. 2012-10-25 NFC. The next big thing in the future. Not sure about this hacky implementation though… http://t.co/YKmFUSYo
  395. 2012-10-25 RT @elliottkember: In Taylor Swift's new album, she breaks up with him, gets back together with him, complains about him, and there's a ...
  396. 2012-10-25 @mnowster Turnip! :] Tried turnip? http://t.co/dA74NXiB
  397. 2012-10-25 Instagram filled up with interesting interviews of people from here: http://t.co/k49N7Pyi Ready for work? Zug Zug!!! :))) Happy Thursday.
  398. 2012-10-25 Startup school videos from 2012 - http://t.co/jRg2nSFF
  399. 2012-10-25 Ah insomnia. You were the gift that never tires of giving. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
  400. 2012-10-25 And I like. I like a lot. http://t.co/2qtqF3Ys
  401. 2012-10-24 Quiet night in with the mac mini. Softly whispering sweet nothings into it's ear. "Work you stupid piece of…" You get the jist :)
  402. 2012-10-24 Don't you rememberrrr we built this city (website) on rock and rolllllllll. #music @dressipi
  403. 2012-10-23 @cackhanded You sir, you sir have - The. Best. Avatar. Ever.
  404. 2012-10-23 Another reason not to always trust everything you read. http://t.co/fK0N6Ck9
  405. 2012-10-22 TIL clocks go back on 28th of October. Thank you http://t.co/LexZt6g2 you are awesome.
  406. 2012-10-22 All your digital content? It belongs to 'us'. A tale of digital books gone wrong. http://t.co/0i57r7Jm #fb
  407. 2012-10-22 @bekibutton @empiremagazine I want that bed.
  408. 2012-10-22 RT @bekibutton: @kaichanvong one for you? :) RT @empiremagazine Good morning! This is a picture of a Totoro-shaped bed: http://t.co/HGFh6FrN
  409. 2012-10-22 @fglc2 is serenading us with interesting music. *cough* Katy Perry fan *cough*.
  410. 2012-10-21 Stop saying my god damn name tv.
  411. 2012-10-21 "If the universe changes and they [viewers] want us to bring the content directly to them, then we can" - uh… Netflix? http://t.co/C2GwHs6Q
  412. 2012-10-21 "What happens if TV goes the way of newspapers & music." Oh how people fear change. Bad article, brings good discussion http://t.co/C2GwHs6Q
  413. 2012-10-21 uiji.js …UI…ji..ji..ji javascript… syntactical sugar-ness http://t.co/WQhOFDfF
  414. 2012-10-20 Awkward moment when you're talking to a friend on Skype hit a ':]' smiley on and get back a smiley with flashing hearts. wtffffff.
  415. 2012-10-20 @madhursworld is the best chef to have graced Saturday kitchen. Amazing omelette too!
  416. 2012-10-19 In the rain. No singing.
  417. 2012-10-19 Screenshots with poltergeist. Yay. Specs that create screenshots. Yay.
  418. 2012-10-19 @jaggeree As if @cackhanded hasn't tried the pineapple flavour!
  419. 2012-10-19 TIL fatty cheeses in plastic is bad. http://t.co/pCMmjV7d
  420. 2012-10-19 OH: "Did you build yours from source on a full moon under a waterfall?"
  421. 2012-10-18 OH: "I'm trying to get toe the end of the Internet. But cats keep coming up."
  422. 2012-10-18 This has been extremely enlightening lunch time reading http://t.co/Bwhb2CYP
  423. 2012-10-18 Sushi abuse. So tacky. http://t.co/IgrnSeXf #puns #yourwelcome. Source: @natalietheoblog
  424. 2012-10-18 @dressipi Girls that wear capes are magical. http://t.co/BqjPXLOV
  425. 2012-10-17 What's what with everyone liking the hash rocket syntax for hashes??? : > => forever.
  426. 2012-10-17 RT @MTBracken: Why GOV.UK matters. By me. http://t.co/U85M1tEz @gdsteam #govuk
  427. 2012-10-16 @simondoggett @burgeranarchy Oh man. Are you about to queue for an hour and a half for a burger?
  428. 2012-10-16 RT @simondoggett: Here is some pertinent info from the Singapore popup that will help with everyone’s expectations. http://t.co/xLeiRy3T
  429. 2012-10-14 @iamcalledrob What was that? #firstworldproblems?
  430. 2012-10-14 Watching #stratos http://t.co/lA1QhQ86
  431. 2012-10-13 So nimble. So quick on her toes and I love this song! #scd
  432. 2012-10-13 RT @Whatleydude: Dear @bbcstrictly, please give a MASSIVE pat on the back to the lighting & stage director tonight. The set has been ...
  433. 2012-10-13 And then I saw a beautiful view of the Milky Way from the surface of Mars. http://t.co/ETgLRT8h
  434. 2012-10-13 Thank you @FengSilla for teaching us how to make sushi on your awesome sushi & sashimi course! http://t.co/BX0ty3ZH
  435. 2012-10-13 @Whatleydude Denise Van Won. #scd
  436. 2012-10-9 The greatest, best-est…. most awesome-ext thing ever. http://t.co/833EU8yT catscatscatscatscatscatscatscatscatscatscatscatscatscatscats...
  437. 2012-10-9 Pretty much sums how I feel a lot of the time… http://t.co/hmp7CvTF
  438. 2012-10-9 It is cold outside, does @dressipi recommend fake fur? http://t.co/uChokBIO
  439. 2012-10-9 RT @jina: GANGNAM STYLE IN MY COFFEE! http://t.co/ccv412Wt
  440. 2012-10-8 Googling a problem… that @fglc2 has replied to someone else about in the past. Spooky!
  441. 2012-10-8 Not sure which is more awesome. The rain or my umbrella. It's a tough one.
  442. 2012-10-8 @jiamins Throwing your laptop out the window… doesn't sound very exact. I guess you're hitting the window.. but what about people below?? :(
  443. 2012-10-7 @romiem You were gonna watch a miserable display, you should thank her. PS. Thank her from me for a good chuckle.
  444. 2012-10-6 I will say this once @elliottkember, you are my hero. http://t.co/5j7tTRfO :) *ahem* …POW POW!
  445. 2012-10-6 @emmapersky Sup! And you're the second person to say that to me this week.
  446. 2012-10-6 @emmapersky Saturday Kitchen! Learning for to be less frugal with butter avec James Martin.
  447. 2012-10-5 Suddenly, I want to be in Seoul. http://t.co/BtiqsWjk
  448. 2012-10-5 @abizern Agreed. I bit bland, but well... Sang. Die another day has been my favourite out of all of the Bond songs.
  449. 2012-10-5 To understand the command line... http://t.co/pthXwDyS (via Instapaper)
  450. 2012-10-5 One year ago this very day, Steve Jobs passed away.
  451. 2012-10-5 RT @dressipi: Wow Dressipi is no 19 in @BritishVogue 100 best online places to shop November issue http://t.co/U6H3ioN8
  452. 2012-10-4 Reading nice things that people have said about @dressipi on Facebook https://t.co/irY02kL9
  453. 2012-10-4 RT @robbevan: @kaichanvong here's something else for you http://t.co/5VYBYdkY (awesome app, and you'll love the icon)
  454. 2012-10-4 Loving http://t.co/1FE9vT1m thanks to @robbevan - it downloads all the things.
  455. 2012-10-4 Stylists talk about the pain of manicures & heels, Wizards about which would you fight.. a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?
  456. 2012-10-4 PANDA SLIDE!!!!11 http://t.co/wwBsoCe1
  457. 2012-10-3 Coding, street style photos, Chinese food… all in a morning for us at @dressipi
  458. 2012-10-3 RT @fglc2: Teehee - penis shirt http://t.co/eOKGENM5 via @ASOS
  459. 2012-10-2 Hedgehog vampire. http://t.co/VHvgYlMZ
  460. 2012-10-1 OH: "Kai you are a mean person. Do it again!"
  461. 2012-10-1 Learning about Karl Marx.
  462. 2012-9-29 Off for a burger in London. Where should we go twitter?
  463. 2012-9-29 @pipmew But did it taste nice? ...btw James Martin did it over boiling water this morning.
  464. 2012-9-29 @pipmew Good luck! Might be best to give the wasabi a miss from it :D
  465. 2012-9-29 @rkhooks when will you appear on Saturday Morning kitchen in person? Would love to see a French twist on Pad Kee Mao.
  466. 2012-9-29 Espuma gun. Yes I shall be buying you. Hollandaise wasabi sauce with air. Oh yeah.
  467. 2012-9-29 Saturday Kitchen @pipmew they're going to make hollandaise sauce!
  468. 2012-9-29 What a great end to the day. Thanks @oskrinda - Loopers was super.
  469. 2012-9-29 Discover new places with the fog of world app… interesting! http://t.co/1uo3GgLY
  470. 2012-9-29 Being civilized and having tea.
  471. 2012-9-29 Nearest suggestion was honest burger! Trying.. Thanks @Stanto @kzhu @micrypt @yaellevey and @cwiss - think that's everyone!
  472. 2012-9-29 @yaellevey @robcthegeek napping! Typical.
  473. 2012-9-29 @kzhu there we go! Okay added to the list, merci.
  474. 2012-9-29 @kzhu @youngandfoodish that's just lazy give me one place!
  475. 2012-9-29 @micrypt I refuse to go to Byron again!
  476. 2012-9-28 @jon_bedford more of this plz you and Marshall gonna get 13? Not sure if I should..
  477. 2012-9-28 Music exhausted. Anyone have some albums suggestions? Thanks @renate for last weeks suggestions. 2 door cinema club was my favourite!
  478. 2012-9-28 @jon_bedford you're such a rock star. Got my copy!
  479. 2012-9-27 New season. How I met your mother. :)
  480. 2012-9-27 Tis always nice to see folk you haven't seen in a long time. Have a great evening @mrlerone - don't drink too much or too little.
  481. 2012-9-27 Best thing I've seen all day. Boo visits Nordstrom: http://t.co/GJCpP9aY
  482. 2012-9-27 Resisting the lure of hamburger with @fglc2 & @robbevan. Photos or it didn't happen.
  483. 2012-9-26 Great to see @Stanto of the north for sushi and a ringwo.. Stupid predictive text. Beer.
  484. 2012-9-26 Been overruled on the usage of this image at the end of a presentation http://t.co/1LdTzAGE "Help us, to help you."
  485. 2012-9-26 OH @dressipi "Are we going to Chilli cool???" Oh yes.
  486. 2012-9-26 Everyone at @dressipi wants me to make a courgette cake next time around. Not sure about it… There's only crumbs left of the chocolate cake.
  487. 2012-9-26 @bekibutton @dressipi It was Beetroot and chocolate! Lorraine Pascal recipe! Rather nice too.
  488. 2012-9-25 @Stanto yup I did the same. How was.. Woman in black? Hyped for sushi tomorrow!
  489. 2012-9-25 @dressipi trying my chocolate cake! http://t.co/pozph1HO
  490. 2012-9-25 @noamso that has to be the most slick I have ever seen @kzhu of @stickygram look.
  491. 2012-9-25 No one mentioned the new Muse album stream is out.. did they? http://t.co/23OMObC5
  492. 2012-9-25 @limeduck I didn't use a filter... It was genuinely like that. And I've not heard from you in yonks! How are you old pal?
  493. 2012-9-24 RT @dressipi: We have got the boys in the Dressipi office hooked on Uniqlo ... jumpers, jeans, tops you name it. Anyone else?
  494. 2012-9-24 @mrlerone "I'm telling you RIGHT NOW Kai, if you keep laughing at me, I will smash up this sunflower."
  495. 2012-9-24 @mrlerone you were in my dream last night telling me that the number of sunflowers you had equated to everyone's happiness.
  496. 2012-9-24 @mrlerone It's not even Christmas and I've already met the ghost of Christmas past. You.
  497. 2012-9-23 @RJMrgn do you recognise the person giving the thumbs up on my Twitter account? :] http://t.co/BaeBjlye
  498. 2012-9-23 @cwiss looking good dude!
  499. 2012-9-22 RT @MarsCuroisity: NASA HAVE UPDATED ME TO iOS 6. APPARENTLY I'M NOW IN NORWAY.
  500. 2012-9-22 @mnowster looking super cool! :D
  501. 2012-9-22 Fashion websites: Kern. Italics. Sans serifs. Big high res photos of people in product looking cool. That's it right?
  502. 2012-9-22 @fglc2 I'm jelly bro! Looks good. Hmmm. Desert too? Going to guess a cheese platter.
  503. 2012-9-21 Float on - modest mouse! Yeahh.
  504. 2012-9-21 Sup? http://t.co/EufhRbA0
  505. 2012-9-21 My dog: the paradox. http://t.co/WalwxRei Soooo true :|
  506. 2012-9-21 @jahnut @beccalaa - @smyther used to do that in uni halls all the time!
  507. 2012-9-20 @jon_bedford Look what fun you're soon to enjoy http://t.co/uA0rhC4a #ios6 #apple #maps
  508. 2012-9-20 OH: "A hundred and twenty chipmunks? What are you going to do with them?"
  509. 2012-9-20 @jon_bedford Now you've upgraded you can say… Siri, "where can I get an amazing hamburger from?"
  510. 2012-9-19 Engineering toy for girls. A Kickstarter project: http://t.co/PfLe1hAW
  511. 2012-9-18 I know what you're all thinking, that is... http://t.co/cxACwXAV as @fglc2 would say. cc @dressipi
  512. 2012-9-18 Yesterday's discovery of owls on @dressipi has fallen to today's hearts theme: http://t.co/iPIPsKAA #fb
  513. 2012-9-18 Oh so much fun could be had with this. Virgin weak mobile security http://t.co/XPb9piNs?
  514. 2012-9-18 Discovering hotdogs and champaign. http://t.co/BmOr0JSv
  515. 2012-9-17 TIL from @fglc2 Owls are quite thick. They would probably argue that it is a bit of a sweeping statement with no proof!
  516. 2012-9-17 Loving the owl themed clothes on @dressipi http://t.co/6tGWWmYt Twit-tah-wooo! :D
  517. 2012-9-17 TFL says that my underground line has a "good service". I wonder what a fantastic or great service would be like.
  518. 2012-9-17 Piggy! http://t.co/JdGfMHFW
  519. 2012-9-17 Chirashi don http://t.co/OL6Gm77M
  520. 2012-9-16 @rjmrgn What @simondoggett said… 'And it feels like I am just too close to loveeee youuuu', Too close - Alex Clare. Bloody Microsoft.
  521. 2012-9-16 This might make you feel sad... amazed... humbled. http://t.co/eSmu0Rvn
  522. 2012-9-16 @renate thanks going to listen to a few tracks now :D
  523. 2012-9-16 Anyone have some good album suggestions? Go!
  524. 2012-9-15 A lovely Saturday sunny day http://t.co/gtFPf9SU
  525. 2012-9-15 Father's helpful shoe colour options http://t.co/jBu9nMaO
  526. 2012-9-15 Fun with reflections http://t.co/c564JQO4
  527. 2012-9-15 Spider http://t.co/jVaO5TFE
  528. 2012-9-15 Pink fuschias http://t.co/JypeeHdv
  529. 2012-9-15 Strawberry cake http://t.co/LIKiJGl3
  530. 2012-9-15 Cherry cake http://t.co/RldPtzie
  531. 2012-9-15 Cherry close up http://t.co/ZvFxMqdf
  532. 2012-9-14 And then the iPhone 5 came out. And everyone hurried off to pre-order it. I wonder if I pre-ordered it or not…
  533. 2012-9-14 Touraine http://t.co/wcbdtwnS
  534. 2012-9-14 🎶 Flobots. Oh ye. 🎶
  535. 2012-9-13 Some great adjustments to underground signage http://t.co/esuRWDmC
  536. 2012-9-13 Mini health kick fail. http://t.co/sjGPaJuh
  537. 2012-9-13 @pipmew is absorbed in the Sir Jonnathan Ives. Let us remind ourselves of how he used to look… http://t.co/skVC0MEK
  538. 2012-9-13 Please make the 80's rock music stop.
  539. 2012-9-12 OH "I'm not buying a new car because of Apple's new iPhone dock connector."
  540. 2012-9-12 Reading and chuckling to this gp blog - http://t.co/XEnb86EX
  541. 2012-9-12 Banksy. Animated. http://t.co/AitzwfL4 from @robbevan
  542. 2012-9-11 Football or Great British bake off. Sorry England - I cannot resist watching them make pies!
  543. 2012-9-11 Addicted to The Unwritten. Thanks @alexpashby or Pashbee as I like to call you. Tom is Tommy.
  544. 2012-9-10 @alexpashby Yup, that was the thing that separates it totally from the TV show. And it keeps getting darker!
  545. 2012-9-10 @jon_bedford Welcome back Jonno! The Internets has missed you. Thanks for the cumin seeds tip :] … I've been enjoying it with port!
  546. 2012-9-10 @DalSoft Your new avatar makes me wonder if your accounts purpose is for satire & your last tweet a joke…
  547. 2012-9-9 @alexpashby I was considering putting it down as Pashblebee! :D Did you finish Walking Dead?
  548. 2012-9-9 @Whatleydude You're not far off those numbers…just another 15 million, 6 thousand, three hundred and seventy eight followers to go.
  549. 2012-9-9 Coldplay are immense.
  550. 2012-9-8 Pashbee taking tourist photos! (because he is too weak to say no) http://t.co/RDxDWrSQ
  551. 2012-9-8 Team GB rolling out #2012 #olympics http://t.co/uowKekf4
  552. 2012-9-8 Brown lecturer sounds like Bane (from Batman) and is getting us to use the programming language Parseltongue (Harry Potter reference).
  553. 2012-9-7 @noamso Good luck giving the kids your @codeclub talk, you'll do amazing!
  554. 2012-9-6 Usain Bolt and Mo Farah could outrun a T-Rex "proof" http://t.co/Mvvr6t33
  555. 2012-9-6 Chilling with Dan http://t.co/1IYgGr0z
  556. 2012-9-6 @mrlerone I know you do buddy. Just wait until all those non-believers hear the elevator pitch.
  557. 2012-9-6 @mrlerone Yup totally up for that. As long as you do the voice over for the videos.
  558. 2012-9-6 @mrlerone In the form of an edible burrito bib & a fun game of credit card roulette in the shape of a dinosaur.
  559. 2012-9-6 @mrlerone Screw being rich. I want to see social change.
  560. 2012-9-6 @mrlerone Willing to invest in it, if we can also build concepts of my 'burrito bib'©.
  561. 2012-9-6 @rkhooks Before a night out - yes, milk is a vital way to protect the liver :P
  562. 2012-9-6 Free hug with your 5th coffee. http://t.co/crcrZfe2
  563. 2012-9-6 Thanks @Whatleydude - http://t.co/5WL65hiw … Now just want the t-shirt without the quotes.
  564. 2012-9-6 Lemon tee hehe. http://t.co/IUBbXOER
  565. 2012-9-6 Wonder what it would be like to live in Italy. Gondolas, pizza & ice cream. Sounds awful.
  566. 2012-9-5 @natalietheoblog you know how you love working with me? :D Can I have 3 recommendations for some new trainers. Mine are.. falling apart.
  567. 2012-9-2 Gone are the days you look up to the sky and wonder where a plane is heading to. http://t.co/lCMH2GmA
  568. 2012-9-2 @RJMrgn @simondoggett was right about your recent state of mind :P cc @robpooke
  569. 2012-9-2 The awkward question - "can you read Chinese" http://t.co/HN0nKIVI
  570. 2012-9-2 Loving the @NEVERBLAND http://t.co/YReTnZuf site. Is it another @DannyKeane special?
  571. 2012-9-2 Great British Bake off :D
  572. 2012-9-1 @secret_london good design / neat arty museums around East London? cc @oskrinda
  573. 2012-9-1 @fglc2 Are you going to leave your bacon comfort zone & try banana bacon cookies or perhaps the refreshing yet salty bacon vodka gazpacho?
  574. 2012-9-1 @fglc2 @Chinghehuang would said the traditional Chinese way is with chunky bacon the sichuan 'tongue numbing style' way http://t.co/DYAI7xaQ
  575. 2012-9-1 @robbevan There's still time to fix it! #international #bacon #day cc: @fglc2 @chinghehuang
  576. 2012-9-1 Remember the days I used to take lots of photos? Well… I've started again: http://t.co/TkOhXjRz Like them? Have a favourite?
  577. 2012-9-1 @oskrinda look what @katematlock is off to see at the Barbican! 50 Years of James Bond Style. #007 http://t.co/SegWlfQq” Hi Kate!
  578. 2012-9-1 @oskrinda and @Whatleydude says we should have vodka martinis at the Jugged Hare pub! Hi James! :D #russian #favourites
  579. 2012-9-1 @Whatleydude @oskrinda must try! :D Thanks dude.
  580. 2012-9-1 Reading my blogs... Checkin' in http://t.co/VnmLGmU1
  581. 2012-9-1 London 2012 Olympic swimming poster http://t.co/slKK4t6V
  582. 2012-9-1 Today is international bacon day. Honest.
  583. 2012-8-31 @dressipi - do you think we should say hello to all our new Italian users new to the site? :D http://t.co/g5nMek3J
  584. 2012-8-31 Everyone in the office is enjoying a bit of… http://t.co/JCM0q1kg
  585. 2012-8-31 OH "I never got to this part of the song."
  586. 2012-8-31 IOActive Labs Research: Stripe CTF 2.0 Write-Up http://t.co/E9fbXS7E (via Instapaper)
  587. 2012-8-31 Paralympics supporters http://t.co/MRn2jlOv
  588. 2012-8-30 OH "why would you want to follow a coffee shop?"
  589. 2012-8-30 @david_whitney HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Whitney ( btw re: Worldpay, sucks to be you ;) )
  590. 2012-8-30 Dressipi drinks! Team g-beer http://t.co/ypSByddX
  591. 2012-8-29 Obama on Reddit. Ask him anything :o http://t.co/vuQc3Dc5
  592. 2012-8-29 @LJRICH I'll keep my eyes peeled for you and @lateral - good luck! You'll do amazing :) #2012Paralympics #openingceremomy
  593. 2012-8-29 @victoria_glass @mulia jump out of a plane again? Pffft. She's an old lady! On a normal day, tucked up in bed by now.
  594. 2012-8-29 @victoria_glass *points* there's the queen!
  595. 2012-8-29 @Whatleydude done! Now following @bensmithuk
  596. 2012-8-29 Time to watch people inspire and humble me. Yes it's the start of the #c4paralympics
  597. 2012-8-29 Coca-Cola-like http://t.co/3FH2Rwno
  598. 2012-8-29 Needs cats? http://t.co/5dP1ebaW
  599. 2012-8-29 Amazing hype? Cool song? Competitive vibe? Check, check, check! #c4paralympics
  600. 2012-8-29 Cool chairs bro http://t.co/9tDeS5TQ
  601. 2012-8-28 RT @compass: It seems @CompassSusy is growing up. Support is moving from the Compass mailing list to Stack Overflow: https://t.co/qZ8nTQ ...
  602. 2012-8-28 RT @nycsouthpaw: RT @ronniejoice: WARNING: DO NOT GO TO FARRINGDON STATION. http://t.co/QZuyvZwX
  603. 2012-8-28 @sergeimuller Harsh but fair.
  604. 2012-8-28 RT @sergeimuller: Train driver this morning: "Tomorrow is the start of The Paralympics, which makes The Olympics look like a primary sch ...
  605. 2012-8-28 RT @draxar: Apparently Neil Armstrong used to tell unfunny jokes about the Moon, and follow them up with "Ah, I guess you had to be ther ...
  606. 2012-8-27 @helen_osborne You're so lucky :D:D:D. They are one of my favourite bands.
  607. 2012-8-27 So what will happen to all my books and music (digital) when I die? More copyright fails. http://t.co/wG8IsnW7
  608. 2012-8-27 @richmarr What is it? :]
  609. 2012-8-27 @helen_osborne you saw at the drive in!!!! :[ got video? Did they play sleepwalking capsules?
  610. 2012-8-27 Sup fellow half asian! ( http://t.co/cKEuKOjo ) @gowerpowerX
  611. 2012-8-27 A lion account that is almost as good as the worl… Earth's favourite rock on mars @N165Mars - whatever next?
  612. 2012-8-27 @EssexLion spotted in… yeah you get the gist.
  613. 2012-8-27 @jon_bedford I've discovered Gouda! http://t.co/178r8gYW
  614. 2012-8-26 \o/ And now the reason I've been avoiding certain parts of the Internet. Match of the Day. \o/
  615. 2012-8-26 Murder: Joint Enterprise - wow. As always, Joe Dempsie amazing actor.
  616. 2012-8-25 Chortle chortle. Brass eye. Oh how I've missed you.
  617. 2012-8-25 Mushrooms & asparagus http://t.co/rUrySqvO
  618. 2012-8-25 RT @omarqureshi: RIP Neil Armstrong
  619. 2012-8-25 Children that screaming. Where's my thunder buddy? http://t.co/WfelkIrc
  620. 2012-8-25 Loud thunder is loud!
  621. 2012-8-25 TIL Keep your mobile in your pocket and not in the taxi cab.
  622. 2012-8-25 Risotto with courgette, mushrooms and asparagus http://t.co/V5roWEv4
  623. 2012-8-24 @Stanto Did you do it how we talked about last night or did someone do it a different way? :]
  624. 2012-8-24 Food recommendations needed around Oxford Circus. GO!
  625. 2012-8-23 Nandos! http://t.co/2RXtb4zm
  626. 2012-8-23 Just discovered on my mac that if I swipe the furthest edge with 2 fingers my reminders show up. Neat!
  627. 2012-8-23 Ideas are like truffles. http://t.co/qiH4I6BP
  628. 2012-8-23 Parsing. Look sideways. http://t.co/820k50UC
  629. 2012-8-23 RT @jon_bedford: @kaichanvong you'll love this. Trust me: http://t.co/8lpqMFnU
  630. 2012-8-23 Yeah sure… I'll just uninstall, reinstall node and npm. And now fs.. ports… why can't we all just play nicely on different ones huh? :P
  631. 2012-8-23 Deeper underground. http://t.co/7qVdBRxF
  632. 2012-8-23 @cwiss mountain lion? it's not bad - nothing stunning. No major features to shout about. but performance seems a bit better for VMware.
  633. 2012-8-23 Seen Stripe CTF on Hacker News. I ignore it. @Stanto tweets about it. Sudden interested ensues.
  634. 2012-8-22 CSS Font Stacks :D http://t.co/K0DPbn38
  635. 2012-8-22 Your startup is not a startup, it’s just a website. http://t.co/IhqNqIrY (via Instapaper)
  636. 2012-8-22 Why passwords have never been weaker—and crackers have never been stronger | Ars Technica http://t.co/rGbzuEm2 (via Instapaper)
  637. 2012-8-21 Got an urge to make flatbread now. #GBBO
  638. 2012-8-21 Cine: cinemagr.am http://t.co/fw2BHHVf #cinemagraph #gif
  639. 2012-8-20 @guardianfilm mistake - "Top Gun director Ridley Scott has died" http://t.co/1qbKVu7u
  640. 2012-8-20 @CookerySchool @jon_bedford @nomnomnom2012 Contemplated using it for evil, but promise to use it for good! :D
  641. 2012-8-20 Just picked up my magimix thanks to @CookerySchool and @jon_bedford http://t.co/WEtt3rne
  642. 2012-8-20 Abacus for Sublime Text is awesome :D Package Install in Sublime text - also awesome! :D CMD+P package install Wh000ppppp
  643. 2012-8-20 RT @CookerySchool: Great prizes and for a great cause: the Nom Nom Nom 2012 Charity Raffle in support of Action Against Hunger UK is... ...
  644. 2012-8-19 RT @jack: For 62 years small businesses have paid 3-7% to accept credit cards. No more: for $275 a month Square will charge 0%. https:// ...
  645. 2012-8-18 How a Tick Bite Made Me Allergic to Meat | Health & Medicine | DISCOVER Magazine http://t.co/jJen2oMg (via Instapaper)
  646. 2012-8-18 Some fun puzzles! http://t.co/OUiHncMt
  647. 2012-8-18 @carywood @elliotjaystocks I think the point Elliot was making: is a retweet could be read as self-gratification and not insightful/useful.
  648. 2012-8-18 Some nice tips about building in Sublime Text :] http://t.co/IzdnyY2r
  649. 2012-8-18 So ~ cool. CSS infinite selector. http://t.co/XhSkbY4R
  650. 2012-8-17 Summer party http://t.co/QSPqGtgI
  651. 2012-8-17 RT @chriscoyier: .css(‘width’) is 100x faster than .width() in Chrome (doesn’t need to check box-sizing). #jquery #microoptimization : h ...
  652. 2012-8-17 @Dressipi got redesigned this week. Hurrrrah. There's a few new features too. Anyone seen it & have any thoughts on it? #fb
  653. 2012-8-17 @elliotjaystocks That's what favourite/adding a star to a tweet is for!
  654. 2012-8-17 A-Frame http://t.co/dbMF8RKk
  655. 2012-8-16 Breaking news from @BBCBreaking boys are better than girls in A levels. Real news, we discover how brains keep clean - http://t.co/J1b3U8dk
  656. 2012-8-16 RT @lukew: The many ways people interpret "mobile first" http://t.co/WHdoFpXY by @brad_frost
  657. 2012-8-16 Friends in America the following book is $2.99 instead of $24.00 (which I see). Can buy for me? http://t.co/YNWupdz4 #fb
  658. 2012-8-16 Must not call Boden, Bodeans. Must not call Boden, Bodeans. Must not call Boden, Bodeans. #bbq #restaurant #fashionbrands
  659. 2012-8-15 @david_whitney :]
  660. 2012-8-15 RT @iamcalledrob: So this Pinterest for Android thing I've been working on just launched! https://t.co/QdjM8Sd9
  661. 2012-8-15 Ten Things I Hate About Working at Facebook « The World As Best As I Remember It http://t.co/Lf4Hw4Y5 (via Instapaper)
  662. 2012-8-15 @iamcalledrob Android huh. Stupid apple device I tweet from. Why can't you play nice with the other kids?!?
  663. 2012-8-14 Instagram you changed all the icons on your app so I now have no idea what they all do.
  664. 2012-8-14 RT @CookerySchool: Congrats also to @kaichanvong & @jon_bedford who came in a close 2nd in the @NomNomNom2012 Viewers Choice. Well d ...
  665. 2012-8-14 @Whatleydude Cat! :D
  666. 2012-8-14 @Whatleydude Catwoman is amazziinngggggg!
  667. 2012-8-14 @Whatleydude phahraw? :o
  668. 2012-8-14 I have that annoying Internet Explorer song stuck in my head.
  669. 2012-8-14 @victoria_glass keep up the gbbo tweets. Work had meant I've missed it. But enjoying your commentary!
  670. 2012-8-14 @Whatleydude half way through new 52 cat woman and all I can say is omfg wow!
  671. 2012-8-12 Angels! :D
  672. 2012-8-12 @lizsmith24 I did! Maybe a hint for Boris to go on Strictly come dancing.
  673. 2012-8-12 I can't stop laughing. So bad.
  674. 2012-8-12 Tiny Tempo!
  675. 2012-8-12 "Is he singing?" No he's miming.
  676. 2012-8-12 Talking of drugs.
  677. 2012-8-12 RT @Charles_HRH: One was totally unaware that Prince Harry could sing. Or play the guitar. #closingceremony
  678. 2012-8-12 Turn her up.
  679. 2012-8-12 If one kid can get a talking teddy bear in a movie, why can't we get a real Bowie?
  680. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude YEAHHHHH BOWIE :D …please…
  681. 2012-8-12 ………..
  682. 2012-8-12 The Who? :D :D :D :D
  683. 2012-8-12 @wilcolley As would that too…
  684. 2012-8-12 @cwiss Would explain why he's dancing like that…
  685. 2012-8-12 Or did he mean the centre of the universe… so confusing.
  686. 2012-8-12 Did he just say we're at the centre of the universe?
  687. 2012-8-12 @robpooke Exactly! Worthy of a gold in synchronised dancing.
  688. 2012-8-12 <3 Ukraine.
  689. 2012-8-12 @david_whitney *Pulls Mckayla unimpressed face*.
  690. 2012-8-12 @david_whitney You'd have COB playing this right? - http://t.co/Qo0dNiYC :]
  691. 2012-8-12 @david_whitney You mean, mean little man! :D
  692. 2012-8-12 Feeling good for a day of fasting. Sleep soon. Then breakfast! \o/
  693. 2012-8-12 Stunning photos from the 2012 Olympics by the Boston Big Picture. http://t.co/iGOvGEdE
  694. 2012-8-12 I like this. I like this a lot. Wtf has Nasa done for us? http://t.co/7o0K1faw
  695. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude No no no... Not saying nuffin! :]
  696. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude Did you know the cat woman in TDKR riding the bat cycle was a man?
  697. 2012-8-12 Inspect an element. Hit escape. $0. \o/
  698. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude :D it's not all finished though... Still lots of issues to come!
  699. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude been reading a few before watchmen issues (so far ok/good) and re-reading anything with bane in. Eg. Vengeance! :D
  700. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude new 52? No! Btw song was amazingly good :]
  701. 2012-8-12 Trying fasting for a day.
  702. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude Of course :D
  703. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude No! *googles no batman stache*
  704. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude On the topic of batman. Did you see this http://t.co/Xh8iVaHF :] :] :] :]
  705. 2012-8-12 @Whatleydude That's cool. But this… just amaze. http://t.co/fjHiWagj Person wanted Batman converse. Mom to rescue.
  706. 2012-8-12 Wonder if Brand will have a little rant now about drugs…
  707. 2012-8-11 RT @cackhanded: One thing I’ll miss after the Olympics is marvelling on the awesome robotic camerawork. My favourite is the one that dro ...
  708. 2012-8-10 @alexpashby :) if ever you need a Jane just give me a shout.
  709. 2012-8-10 Pride http://t.co/IvqkDFtL
  710. 2012-8-10 @alexpashby happens to be my mother's name - so kind of a bit like me!
  711. 2012-8-10 Just bumped into @sophdea & @jon_bedford. Not a clue what they said (blocked ear). Have a wonderful trip.. or welcome back! :D
  712. 2012-8-10 RT @heatherlinford: Dear all shop assistants, high five me & pay me a weird compliment & I will buy anything you tell me to #120 ...
  713. 2012-8-10 @alexpashby right this moment? No - just on south bank going to London bridge. Sup?
  714. 2012-8-10 @alexpashby Sounds good! Hopefully will be less busy with work by then too :)
  715. 2012-8-10 @alexpashby Ah yes. The awkward good bye.
  716. 2012-8-10 @alexpashby a Jane. That was supposed to be hand. Blind texting while walking :)
  717. 2012-8-10 Sunset http://t.co/5nxTV24o
  718. 2012-8-10 First ever ear infection. Oh joy.
  719. 2012-8-8 RT @raganwald: Dear Apple: Downloading a 1.5GB IDE from an App Store just to compile something on the command line is the opposite of Unix.
  720. 2012-8-7 Reading lovely comments from a lady almost three times my age, using @dressipi. Humbled.
  721. 2012-8-6 @jon_bedford Am hysterically, excitedly, scrambling like a nerd to reach your high five!
  722. 2012-8-6 @jon_bedford See a robot land on planet is something I cannot relate to. Seeing NASA people happy I can relate to. http://t.co/a7JTHIXH
  723. 2012-8-6 @jon_bedford I like it how you sound so briefly interested in mars curiosity, then straight back into olympics mode ;)
  724. 2012-8-6 @dressipi team just sang happy birthday to @sarah_mcvittie in quite possibly the most in tune I've ever heard it sung!
  725. 2012-8-5 And now for the past 10 mins, all I can hear it the pitter patter of small feet. Thanks Bolt. Thanks.
  726. 2012-8-5 Oscar Pistorius. What a guy.
  727. 2012-8-5 Mountain lion feature lolz. http://t.co/j3Y7PgSO
  728. 2012-8-5 Sitting watching pork crackling crack. http://t.co/PNnRjBtL
  729. 2012-8-4 London Olympic 2012 map - soon to go http://t.co/0r8dccbv
  730. 2012-8-4 @smyther Return the favour!
  731. 2012-8-4 @smyther you exaggerate. Right?
  732. 2012-8-4 Watching the Bolt http://t.co/NoFtFnc7
  733. 2012-8-3 OH @dressipi "PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME 50p. PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME 50p. PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME 50p."
  734. 2012-8-3 @pipmew Thai place says hi! http://t.co/nmVTYw8J
  735. 2012-8-3 Dependency named voldemort.rb. Unhelpful! :PPPP
  736. 2012-8-2 @jon_bedford Now think of the hundreds of coders who have scripts running to claim a ticket. You vs. automated them. :(
  737. 2012-8-2 Olympians going for training http://t.co/1ZQjbAZm
  738. 2012-8-2 BBC designers please read - http://t.co/Lp7BWRY1
  739. 2012-8-1 @UndressBot what jeans are there on Dressipi?
  740. 2012-8-1 @UndressBot I heard that!!! Re: "keep spamming him"
  741. 2012-8-1 @UndressBot yo!
  742. 2012-8-1 Cake! http://t.co/ast1icTW
  743. 2012-8-1 Dressipi BBQ/hackathon http://t.co/Qxjc6JET
  744. 2012-8-1 Rob & Fred @ Dressipi hackathon http://t.co/0HWHLhJM
  745. 2012-7-31 Hello lil' piggy http://t.co/Ye82vPjn
  746. 2012-7-31 @CharmianGriffin :| Us halfies gotta stick together dontcha know. Tis a daily mail filled of love kinda world. Dontcha know.
  747. 2012-7-29 Olympic starter http://t.co/TYYBohJX
  748. 2012-7-29 Just experienced thunder near the able cars. So cool seeing it get fixed.
  749. 2012-7-29 Now that the olympic games are fully under way, it would only be right for the weather to be lightning, thunder and rain :D
  750. 2012-7-29 @simondoggett @ursi82 doesn't believe you named your son Sproggett! Tell her :[
  751. 2012-7-29 @jon_bedford Cant believe how well UAE play at times!
  752. 2012-7-29 @jon_bedford has it finished? :o Just switched over!
  753. 2012-7-29 Waving the Rebecca Adlington team GB flag.
  754. 2012-7-29 RT @jaggeree: There should be more sports when people hug after every point.
  755. 2012-7-29 @jon_bedford We need the luck of the… oh dear. #fail
  756. 2012-7-28 @jahnut @smyther blog post plz. I also fall in the same department as Dave.
  757. 2012-7-28 Watching the live football http://t.co/DZX7dDRb
  758. 2012-7-28 @jahnut where does David Backham and 007 fit into all of this?
  759. 2012-7-28 Cant tell if lobster is trying to communicate with me… or breaking the elastic bands that hold his claws back from being dangerous…
  760. 2012-7-28 I'll have mountain lion in -2 minutes http://t.co/WQGaQ24b
  761. 2012-7-28 Olympic salmon @ Billingsgate market http://t.co/OmHY1Roa
  762. 2012-7-28 @simondoggett Olympic golf?
  763. 2012-7-28 @simondoggett When sprightly sproggett is 4, golf will be in the Olympics!
  764. 2012-7-28 The sound of a lobster making its bid for freedom - bup bah da duh bup dah duh dah bup duh dah duh.
  765. 2012-7-27 I woke up stronger than ever. Driven by big waves of fire. To run and yell all the way. Nothing can hurt me today. #m83 #stevemcqueen
  766. 2012-7-27 Some of my soldiers are loitering. This is unacceptable. How do I move them?
  767. 2012-7-27 You're there... Or there? http://t.co/9PkA7e9k
  768. 2012-7-27 Some of them are even in short miniskirts giving out flyers about a burger and pint deal.
  769. 2012-7-27 Has bells. My alarm went off. 8:12.
  770. 2012-7-27 I've always wanted my own army.
  771. 2012-7-27 RT @BBCBreaking: Big Ben chimes 40 times for #London2012 - 1st time it's deviated from timetable since King George VI died in 1952 http: ...
  772. 2012-7-27 Those kids will hurt themselves bouncing on beds like that.
  773. 2012-7-26 @jon_bedford More interesting/fact filled tweets like this please :) cc @herring1967
  774. 2012-7-26 @jon_bedford No, I just mean that was more interesting than hearing everyone complaining about trains and this and that :D
  775. 2012-7-26 The @ShellisPrepared twitter account is the most hilarious create Internet joke. It is a joke right…?
  776. 2012-7-26 RT @ShellisPrepared: PLEASE DO NOT RETWEET ANY OF OUR TWEETS. They are intended for their @ recipients only!
  777. 2012-7-26 Super squirrel http://t.co/cBcKGtcC
  778. 2012-7-26 Vote for a Flickr of Hope here - http://t.co/CN4fTlwr - @jon_bedford & I took part in a cooking competition: http://t.co/xtkFUORx
  779. 2012-7-26 RT @jon_bedford: Please vote for flickr of hope: http://t.co/ZUmznuQh See what @kaichanvong & I cooked up for #nomnomnom12 http://t. ...
  780. 2012-7-26 @fglc2 Think your cat photo needs some photoshopping with this - http://t.co/24b94kFE
  781. 2012-7-26 RT @jon_bedford: Amazing. Last night @Herring1967 decided to get his followers to donate to another Richard Herring. Raised over £2k htt ...
  782. 2012-7-25 Mountain Lion. Looking forward to installing it & watching stuff break. Like all my specs in Jasmine. :D #learning #X11
  783. 2012-7-25 And that, friends was why after the fun I had with the last OSX upgrade, I did not upgrade to the Lion of the Mountain so eagerly.
  784. 2012-7-25 Daring the bakerloo!
  785. 2012-7-25 Mr Tibi http://t.co/0qTXpFf7
  786. 2012-7-25 Mr Cooper http://t.co/aP9rLc4M
  787. 2012-7-25 Mr. Whitney http://t.co/pKoXXUjd
  788. 2012-7-25 @simondoggett I wanna interview the lil' sproggett! 1st dibs.
  789. 2012-7-24 Wonder if Grandpapa will be up for a chat tonight. If only he was on Twitter to reply back to this…
  790. 2012-7-24 RT @Old_Holborn: Get your logo busting Olympic bags here http://t.co/Voi6AgmJ
  791. 2012-7-24 @Joey7Barton As soon as I get home, I'm going to photoshop your website photo QPR kit to this… http://t.co/uao21gma :D
  792. 2012-7-24 Yoda. In detail, what his powers are worth in the real world. http://t.co/XeBYvKEp
  793. 2012-7-24 OH @fglc2 say, "I AM FEMALE!"
  794. 2012-7-23 @jaggeree @catcalleddoom Cake. Like. Contributions. Like! :D
  795. 2012-7-23 @catcalleddoom Fudge brownie buttery Nigella cake. Like!
  796. 2012-7-23 @catcalleddoom can has cake similar to @cackhanded cake too? Pretty please? :D
  797. 2012-7-21 17 bottles of lemon juice for an Olympic hopeful.
  798. 2012-7-21 Ghost walk http://t.co/tVDpC9Bg
  799. 2012-7-21 Narnia http://t.co/aNmG46Rj
  800. 2012-7-21 Twit ta woooo http://t.co/1h1r3Ikq
  801. 2012-7-21 I've just seen a bus with an advert totally in Chinese. #chinese #propaganda
  802. 2012-7-20 @jon_bedford New anchorman? :o I'm off to see batman tonight, looking forward to it :)
  803. 2012-7-20 RT @dressipi: Thanks @HaleHeartyFoods for the delicious, homemade (gluten free) brownies we are devouring...
  804. 2012-7-20 @BBCBreaking That link did not work...
  805. 2012-7-20 RT @aza: Want to see the offer letter for the CEO of any publicly traded company? Here's how (and Jerry Yang's): https://t.co/A9A35Exw
  806. 2012-7-20 Downloading podcasts from ThoughtBot. http://t.co/ukeEfaYt A talk about design is in there on number 2! :D
  807. 2012-7-20 OH at @dressipi: "I love that you're sat opposite me, yet it took Twitter for you to realise there were brownies on the desk."
  808. 2012-7-19 OH at @dressipi: "Look I'm giving myself style advice."
  809. 2012-7-19 Olympic sex tours http://t.co/gFIvYK2y
  810. 2012-7-19 RT @natalietheoblog: My first @etail tech bash ;) great view have to pick @dressipi best dressed now ...St Paul's looking fabulous http: ...
  811. 2012-7-18 Steamed pot stickahs http://t.co/zGFnIbox
  812. 2012-7-18 Pot stickahs http://t.co/ue87MA4Z
  813. 2012-7-18 @LJRICH Coffee powered energy also needed. Have fun!
  814. 2012-7-15 Chunky png…. what a name :D
  815. 2012-7-14 Sushi http://t.co/ZBivorhi
  816. 2012-7-14 @victoria_glass How did you hurt your knee? :( Fish from Billingsgate market is so wonderful, tonight is sashimi night! :D
  817. 2012-7-14 Bacon & scallops http://t.co/PR1U9LbC
  818. 2012-7-14 Off to get fish. #sleepwalking
  819. 2012-7-14 @victoria_glass Hope it gets better and thank you!
  820. 2012-7-13 2 of 4 choppers! http://t.co/y18gcUog
  821. 2012-7-13 Coffee http://t.co/wnECQWQ5
  822. 2012-7-12 On a raining day in London http://t.co/thBKbP2b
  823. 2012-7-11 @thehacksaw @cunners :PPPPPPPPPP
  824. 2012-7-11 @thehacksaw Who do you think Carl is. Hint, yesterday it was Kaylie.
  825. 2012-7-11 My chocolate afternoon wake me up http://t.co/38B0zmyJ
  826. 2012-7-11 @victoria_glass You just ruined the double decker and mocha cookie crumble frappuccino™ in a single tweet/link.
  827. 2012-7-11 @HungryFemale @starcarbon Today was Scandinavian kitchen, but I will report on Jazz Cafe and Joe & the Juice next week. Thank you both! :D
  828. 2012-7-11 Suggest me a good place to get a sandwich around Oxford street. GO!
  829. 2012-7-11 Count down to 2012 Olympics http://t.co/tlwQ4OK5
  830. 2012-7-10 Waiting http://t.co/Zs9oJDYo
  831. 2012-7-9 RT @CookerySchool: The charity raffle for Nom Nom Nom 2012 is now open. There are some amaaaazing prizes (from a Cuisinart food... http: ...
  832. 2012-7-9 @elliottkember FYI, I have spent the past 5 mins trying to break the logo with the hammer.
  833. 2012-7-9 @jon_bedford will keep eyes peeled on nom nom nom flickr/blogs tonight!
  834. 2012-7-9 RT @craftcakes: The spread we created. #singplysingsational #nomnomnom2012 # @ACF_UK @plusixfive http://t.co/dEPN13ok
  835. 2012-7-9 Flickr being a bit rubbish… there'll be photos up from NomNomNom 2012 soon. Now to run off to work!
  836. 2012-7-9 photos from @NomNomNom2012 featuring @jon_bedford http://t.co/7g1qBEwm
  837. 2012-7-9 @richmarr @robbevan @jaggeree was rushing about yesterday. Thanks for the twitter cheers! :D
  838. 2012-7-9 @Izabel_blue we missed you! Sure there will be more @NomNomNom2012 events in the future. Time to get your raffle on! http://t.co/2lEy7694
  839. 2012-7-8 Congrats to the winner of @NomNomNom2012 - @victoria_glass. Winning it despite being on her own. Incredible food!
  840. 2012-7-8 RT @CookerySchool: Congratulations Chorizo Chica @victoria_glass our big winner today @NomNomNom2012!
  841. 2012-7-8 Food cooked. Now it's time to eat and drink!
  842. 2012-7-8 @sophdea thank you. And thank you to all the other @NomNomNom2012 fans who have wished us luck :D
  843. 2012-7-8 Hyped up for today @jon_bedford and I will be in @NomNomNom2012.
  844. 2012-7-8 My hands smell of amazing food we cooked today at @NomNomNom2012. #torture
  845. 2012-7-7 It's always nice to spend time with family. And now to bed.
  846. 2012-7-6 RT @david_whitney: The Need a debit card https://t.co/gRvu0c4I twitter account is amazing. How late can we abort people again?
  847. 2012-7-6 @nomnomnom2012 this Sunday. Kinda like master chef! #FF @victoria_glass @hungryfemale @fionamaclean @jon_bedford @dollyalderton @comeconella
  848. 2012-7-5 Futurama. Teaching us binary. http://t.co/jVu9JFp5
  849. 2012-7-4 Trying to understand how someone could miss someone else 'so bad' even before they came into their life. #lyrics #callMeMaybe
  850. 2012-7-3 @Izabel_blue Go on his backhand Djokovic! http://t.co/KaVr8Hl2 (I have no doubt you've already seen this :D)
  851. 2012-7-2 Hello Monday! Don't listen to a word they say. We love all you weekdays regardless of a name you were given have :)
  852. 2012-7-1 RT @Anniemole: Speaking @NomNomNom2012 Today it's time to meet familiar faces @jon_bedford & @kaichanvong aka A Flickr of Hope http: ...
  853. 2012-7-1 RT @holman: Ruby was unaffected by the 2012 leap second crisis because no Ruby code exists that runs quicker than one second. TOO SLOW ...
  854. 2012-6-30 Rohit! http://t.co/tWIfwlhB
  855. 2012-6-30 Rohit cheese http://t.co/jZkdm1yt
  856. 2012-6-27 Closing time. Bye bye Thailand time. http://t.co/7bTiceEm
  857. 2012-6-27 Surf and turf. Amazing food at Mantra hotel. http://t.co/k9SVmH5Y
  858. 2012-6-27 @jiamins i am near an infinity pool. It's name suggests something that is incorrect but the view is amazing! Last day woes :(
  859. 2012-6-26 @omarqureshi Pffft js :P Ruby is awesome. You know who else is awesome…? http://t.co/sjqA9qS7
  860. 2012-6-26 @jiamins In a few day I'm going to tweet, "airplane sounds like a laptop about to take off". :D:D:D
  861. 2012-6-26 @tkenny :D Welcome to the world of comics. Wouldn't bother with reinventing comics. :) Next step, Adrian Tomine? http://t.co/8BxUA2Gk etc
  862. 2012-6-26 Imagine being Claire Dane's husband & reading an article about your wife being excited to see you. Only it wasn't you. http://t.co/isrrSL9H
  863. 2012-6-26 I know what you're doing. http://t.co/YQCkI3kE
  864. 2012-6-26 @fstorr Just spoof your user agent https://t.co/g2U2YHSE cc @orbitz
  865. 2012-6-24 @jon_bedford Sausage gyoza. OMFG. Like the sound of that. Will it be a Ronaldo or a De Rossi? :D
  866. 2012-6-24 @honosutomo Thailand!
  867. 2012-6-24 Bit tired of the long ball tactics. Missing someone faster than Milner for that to start to really work.
  868. 2012-6-24 It is 2:44am. Hoping England will keep me awake.
  869. 2012-6-24 Saw lots of fishes. No lion fishy. One shark. Amazing snorkeling. Now my back feels as though it has had a lot of hot laptops sat on it.
  870. 2012-6-24 Looking forward to seeing next subs for Italy: Abate for P. Maldini & Balotelli for Del Piero.
  871. 2012-6-24 Do I go to sleep. Very tired. :(
  872. 2012-6-24 @mnowster Saw you're off to Paris. Maybe you've seen this… poor Japanese and their Paris syndrome :( http://t.co/50JIi2NB Take care!
  873. 2012-6-24 RT @GrayAndKeys: Wayne Rooney: the Jimmy Carr of football. Gets millions every year and only gives 1% for his country.
  874. 2012-6-24 This season Rooney has scored tons of goals through headers. This tournament he has not. :(
  875. 2012-6-24 @MasterKoj @bbc5live The Balotelli would be Fusilli bucati, with chilli & something weird/silly. Chocolate. It might just work.
  876. 2012-6-24 RT @MasterKoj: Listening to the football game on @bbc5live. All these Italian names are making me think of inventing a new pasta shape.
  877. 2012-6-24 Another De Rossi.
  878. 2012-6-24 @jamieparkins for England manager. @jamieparkins for England manager. @jamieparkins for England manager.
  879. 2012-6-24 @honosutomo :D And loving the sunburn. :(
  880. 2012-6-24 @jamieparkins I read that as, Milner is greater than Walcott :P
  881. 2012-6-24 Take Milner off. Take Milner off. Take Milner off.
  882. 2012-6-23 Okay enough Internet for one night. Up early tomorrow to swim with sharks and stuff.
  883. 2012-6-23 @AmateurBakers Thought about following you. But all I see is a sea of tweets about retweeting and following you. :( cc @gaildoggett
  884. 2012-6-23 @david_whitney rock annnnd roll! Good morning to you buddy. Just about to order breakfast. Good evening then? :D:D:D
  885. 2012-6-23 Reading about a hidden symbol inside of Apple products http://t.co/APp8T9RJ
  886. 2012-6-21 RT @Jon2T2: 2+2=fish 3+3=eight 7+7=triangle If you get it, pass it on If you don't, look at it a bit longer... ...very few RTs, it's ...
  887. 2012-6-20 @simondoggett Don't poke fun. It looks amazing. I love that it is only available in the USA.
  888. 2012-6-19 @benbot Holiday! At work we just use RSpec, but I'm going through and learning more through Rails in Action that uses cucumber a lot.
  889. 2012-6-19 Today I chased a little gecko out of the bedroom.
  890. 2012-6-19 Maybe I should learn to drive a motorbike. Oh yeah… I'm scared of them :P
  891. 2012-6-19 Found out why :confirm now lives inside of a :data hash - for unobtrusive js. https://t.co/SV1ckZes #rails
  892. 2012-6-19 Such yummy food here in Thailand & so many motorbikes. Today has been a combination of having practising TDD with cucumber/RSpec.
  893. 2012-6-19 @eatlikeagirl Nowt wrong with a kipper! But on a train in public… hmmmm. http://t.co/CMFTiaUq
  894. 2012-6-19 RT @dannysullivan: We can't use keypad, can't really play with the unit, screen resolution is a state secret? It's like Microsoft is afr ...
  895. 2012-6-19 Some article comments make me chuckle. "I disagree with X. blah blah blah reasons X will not work. I happen to be doing Y. Blah blah." #bias
  896. 2012-6-19 @david_whitney I always like to think about the people (arguably) worse off in these situations :D
  897. 2012-6-19 @david_whitney What would Richard Stallman do? :]
  898. 2012-6-19 @david_whitney Totally agree. I just at the same time don't want to end up a whorey consumer buying everything :P
  899. 2012-6-19 @david_whitney Not at all. For the mass market they are spot on! Tis just annoying as there is no perfect choice in general. #wantallthetoys
  900. 2012-6-19 Don't get me wrong. It could be rather good. I have been after all a huge fan of the win8 redesign. Unlike some. :) #microsftmystery
  901. 2012-6-19 No not the first time around it didn't ;) unless you modded the thing into a media center. The 360 is the start of something great!
  902. 2012-6-19 Seems Microsoft doing what they do best. Waiting until the party is almost over to release something. #tablet
  903. 2012-6-19 RT @david_whitney: this is just going to be a tablet isn't it...
  904. 2012-6-18 Amazing food. In the restaurant with no name. http://t.co/jXdgN6UM
  905. 2012-6-18 It was 4am. Only the mosquitos were fully awake.
  906. 2012-6-18 To the right, the sitting laughing budda http://t.co/LXfRNBcC
  907. 2012-6-18 To the right, the sitting laughing budda http://t.co/ImHBrF1h
  908. 2012-6-18 Giant prawn!!! http://t.co/h1jKvuVY
  909. 2012-6-18 Seems we have a pet dog. A stray pet dog. That followed us all the way back home. Hiding indoors.
  910. 2012-6-18 Sun bathing done. Off to the beach to eat pizza then read Neuromancer ( thank you mr. @Stanto ) & Linchpin. Yey.
  911. 2012-6-17 I love Dropbox because They give me free space :D http://t.co/irTsDaXS
  912. 2012-6-17 This little island is amazing. Everyone rides motorbikes & quad bikes. One might contend, even after the odd cocktail or two. Ooo ooo.
  913. 2012-6-15 France vs. Ukraine. 6 hours ahead… and I might stay up for England, Sweden too. Play suspended…???
  914. 2012-6-15 @robbevan I wouldn't neglect Hubot! :D
  915. 2012-6-15 @robbevan Never heard that expression! Poor Hubot ;(
  916. 2012-6-15 @robbevan That's odd! Must have been Heroku outage...
  917. 2012-6-15 @Rogueski @Stanto I like it how the Internet answers questions for me. In an intelligent and correct manner also!
  918. 2012-6-15 Mai tai at the beach http://t.co/lJnTNHS1
  919. 2012-6-15 Enjoying sundae http://t.co/1Q6zyz7g
  920. 2012-6-15 @Rhinehoth feel free to suggest anything :)
  921. 2012-6-15 Books books books. Kindle all set up. Book suggestions welcome, will retweet best ones if read! :)
  922. 2012-6-14 Seabass with lemon sauce http://t.co/4vHuymjF
  923. 2012-6-14 Raad Kai seafood http://t.co/1tQwKthT
  924. 2012-6-14 Just tried some of my badly broken Thai to order food. Laughter ensued :D
  925. 2012-6-14 @yaellevey @robcthegeek thanks! Just arrived. Shatteredish but looking forward to exploring and tasting yummy foods!
  926. 2012-6-14 Drink on arrival! http://t.co/ijkEKytf
  927. 2012-6-14 Waiting for baggage. http://t.co/yO6iPC5o
  928. 2012-6-14 Just arrived! http://t.co/1c6YXJOU
  929. 2012-6-13 Ready for snoozing! http://t.co/eVa5N0Ss
  930. 2012-6-13 Leaving on a jet plane. http://t.co/SGsqb8th
  931. 2012-6-13 @jon_bedford @bekibutton And everyone knows we have lots of fun in the kitchen! This photo is proof. PS. That's a Taking Back Sunday song.
  932. 2012-6-13 RT @jon_bedford: Very exciting start to day - finding out that @kaichanvong and I are in the #nomnomnom2012 cooking finals. Woo! http:// ...
  933. 2012-6-12 Today, lots of faces from the past seen and spoken to. Very sad. A celebration of Jean Mellor's life. My grandmother.
  934. 2012-6-9 @thehacksaw The lobster was rather tasty!
  935. 2012-6-9 Yum http://t.co/Cv6uAOJZ
  936. 2012-6-9 Burger, lobster, burger, lobster. Who will win? http://t.co/rVbSMEMD
  937. 2012-6-9 Being taught how to make bread with grandad http://t.co/fBU8jHF8
  938. 2012-6-6 RT @paulpod: Still looking for a nice front end dev person for a nice 3 month gig for my nice client. Holborn/London/UK
  939. 2012-6-6 Passwords leaked on LinkedIn? 1Password to the rescue.
  940. 2012-6-2 Happy stag doo! http://t.co/LIcEremK
  941. 2012-6-2 Kevin waiting for the grass watering to stop. http://t.co/jDgCFBkM
  942. 2012-6-2 Belgium & England flags http://t.co/WY0bRQVO
  943. 2012-6-2 Ready for the game! http://t.co/2CvhBnQw
  944. 2012-6-2 Stopped for ball and chain http://t.co/K0gRo7D2
  945. 2012-6-2 Ticket. http://t.co/SgDpVDa8
  946. 2012-6-2 England v. Belgium http://t.co/eUw8IL3i
  947. 2012-6-1 Collusion iPad uber pen/collab tool is out on kick starter. I want. http://t.co/GdcYw76L
  948. 2012-5-30 @miriamjsnice Mother nature doesn't quite have the same captain planet save the cheerleader, save the online document kind of ring to it.
  949. 2012-5-29 @miriamjsnice You mean Gaia? :D http://t.co/BtKxKXoz
  950. 2012-5-29 Must be time to use Clippy & friends right? http://t.co/g67JHJGJ
  951. 2012-5-29 In other news. Food envy.
  952. 2012-5-28 @david_whitney @yaellevey @robcthegeek My can of cherry cola is empty.
  953. 2012-5-28 @david_whitney @yaellevey @robcthegeek Everyone has their own taste & should formulate their own opinion based on open minded judgement. :p
  954. 2012-5-28 @yaellevey Sublime is a serious suggestion. I prev liked TextMate too. Coda is designed for PHPers. Give Vim a change :| cc @robcthegeek
  955. 2012-5-28 @yaellevey use Sublime2 or Vim :]
  956. 2012-5-28 Any suggestions on an alternative to SilverBack? :)
  957. 2012-5-27 Plants in granddad's garden http://t.co/uVCx79M4
  958. 2012-5-27 Granddad now able to hear me on his new mobile phone without me having to shout & him having to guess what I am saying. Thank you technology
  959. 2012-5-26 With inspector granddad http://t.co/64uTSjsM
  960. 2012-5-25 From above http://t.co/1TgmbZxH
  961. 2012-5-25 @Grinblo We have a jobs page for @dressipi, drop us an email. :) http://t.co/amUIRzsF
  962. 2012-5-25 Kaichanvong#1234567notbuyingit #diablo3 :P
  963. 2012-5-24 RT @omarqureshi: Any designery folk looking for a new job? http://t.co/sLwHEUSo - we're hiring. Apply there or DM / email me. Telecommut ...
  964. 2012-5-24 OH: @sarah_mcvittie - "Right. Which should I have next… chocolate crispies or million dollar shortbread?"
  965. 2012-5-24 Work Wifi renamed to TomCruise. Hangs from the ceiling. There are a few other puns (or plays on words) in there too…
  966. 2012-5-24 Monkeys are good people. http://t.co/usVtWWLZ
  967. 2012-5-24 Shorts to work. Lets go! http://t.co/bfaN1eoq
  968. 2012-5-24 @MasterKoj Phew. Someone else is also wearing shorts. :D
  969. 2012-5-24 Get excited and make things http://t.co/FBtgRlwD
  970. 2012-5-23 @Han Bonkers because it doesn't work… orrrrr? :S
  971. 2012-5-23 Fashion internships in June for 3 - 6 months soon available @dressipi. Msg me for more details :D
  972. 2012-5-23 @Stanto Starring me, in "I martyr".
  973. 2012-5-23 Wonder who would be able to take photos for a Dressipi photoshoot? http://t.co/e2RyXUL5 Hint, it was not you!
  974. 2012-5-21 @davidnoob Your moving post on HN will make us all stop & think about others more. http://t.co/Q2UO2mju PS. Your photos are marvellous.
  975. 2012-5-20 Pasta, mussels & pesto. http://t.co/MQRcfykL
  976. 2012-5-20 Hair cuts! http://t.co/Au3nfJKh
  977. 2012-5-20 Cup trainers. http://t.co/trkZ6Lnl
  978. 2012-5-20 Sweets! http://t.co/JM8PN9fw
  979. 2012-5-20 My Grandad needs a phone. Friends of Internets… please suggest something super easy to setup & use for him. Thank you.
  980. 2012-5-20 Why would radio_button form helpers not be almost identical to the select?
  981. 2012-5-19 Duck & water melon salad http://t.co/aN6MA1hy
  982. 2012-5-19 @mnowster Sooooo… it's not okay to buy a newspaper but it is okay to set fire to it & pollute the atmosphere. http://t.co/EI38ha98
  983. 2012-5-19 @codeschool Perhaps I should be pointing the finger at Viddler. Video has been quite laggy this morning… seems better now.
  984. 2012-5-19 @jaggeree OMG. I was really concerned about that too!!!! :| Such a bad health and safety.
  985. 2012-5-19 This weekend trying out @envylabs @CodeSchool (free for the weekend). Seems like the traffic is causing some issues… :(
  986. 2012-5-19 @mnowster http://t.co/XEp3iiZO :D
  987. 2012-5-18 RT @fglc2: I wish recruiters wouldn't try and connect with me on linked in saying "we've done business" when in fact we haven't
  988. 2012-5-18 Dressipi tables assemble!!! http://t.co/IXZomKDz
  989. 2012-5-18 New office! http://t.co/1ygoh7Yz
  990. 2012-5-18 Happy Friday! One of my photos is used by Time Out London https://t.co/mobLWyzp #fb
  991. 2012-5-18 Held up by wood! http://t.co/L3IO6VOb
  992. 2012-5-18 Leaving and packing http://t.co/tg6P6YoY
  993. 2012-5-18 RT @dressipi: And now for something completely different! Something for everyone at @Topshop, Racing Royals. http://t.co/3rvH6dOO http:/ ...
  994. 2012-5-18 @jaggeree moving things and putting it together is always challenging! But rewarding at the end :D now wine time.
  995. 2012-5-17 OH "What is today's daily Vim tip?" "Don't use Vim."
  996. 2012-5-17 Injections. Yay.
  997. 2012-5-17 Light my fire http://t.co/0uiyG0bw
  998. 2012-5-16 @bekibutton :D They're all so good!
  999. 2012-5-16 @bekibutton I tried to buy one… but they were all sold out within an hour some time ago.
  1000. 2012-5-16 Wondering… http://t.co/g9fwCGZs :D
  1001. 2012-5-16 RT @hollywills: Change the way people eat, get involved in Food Revolition Day, 19th may. Xxx http://t.co/PmoJIHiM
  1002. 2012-5-16 @NakedWines You didn't call or email me this morning?
  1003. 2012-5-16 Looking at ModCloth http://t.co/sQsOjS62
  1004. 2012-5-16 @starcarbon I'll look for the details! :D :D :D congratulations btw!
  1005. 2012-5-15 Diablo 3 has Alot jokes going around. I have resisted buying D3. It took Alot's of courage. http://t.co/rtC6mWOB
  1006. 2012-5-15 Discovering Google Green. http://t.co/WIFilz5P The story of send.
  1007. 2012-5-15 General Motors pulls $10 million advertising account from Facebook. "Facebook ads don't work". http://t.co/jivMtCxF
  1008. 2012-5-15 @jiamins DSLR, DSLR.
  1009. 2012-5-15 Hurrraaaaah, someone that is not a developer who gets the principles of why to learn to code! :D http://t.co/DiQDMIBa
  1010. 2012-5-15 As seen in... Baby London. http://t.co/qzhgzrGh
  1011. 2012-5-15 @fglc2 Cancelled my order for D3! Was not impressed enough by the beta & could do better things with the free time :D
  1012. 2012-5-15 Locked & loaded http://t.co/Z5tsSqJk
  1013. 2012-5-15 @NakedWines I dm'd you my email & explained the issue. Still not heard anything back.
  1014. 2012-5-14 Sicky :(. Reading http://t.co/9PX4dcHh
  1015. 2012-5-13 @simondoggett Might also interest you that @matheu_chambers opened up http://t.co/QL7g2tJ5 yesterday :)
  1016. 2012-5-13 @simondoggett Going to email them because I am not a happy bunny over this. How are you sir? We need to sort out that catch up soon =]
  1017. 2012-5-13 Angry & furious with Naked Wines. Charged me £20 for "credit" each month & when I went to end it this subscription, removed all the credits.
  1018. 2012-5-13 @NakedWines Thank you for taking my £60 & giving me nothing in return.
  1019. 2012-5-12 Cine: Flower and open http://t.co/1XtjPQkq #cinemagraph #gif
  1020. 2012-5-12 Cine: cinemagr.am http://t.co/SdyVRV6e #cinemagraph #gif
  1021. 2012-5-12 Spicy beef pho http://t.co/g7vvIki2
  1022. 2012-5-12 "Malicious content is ALWAYS hidden in a 0pixel iframe!" Nice. http://t.co/TU8SIOn5
  1023. 2012-5-12 @micrypt Lesson is to try not to dress certain people up like: http://t.co/VsVrlXzL 'cos it festers anger and hate :(
  1024. 2012-5-11 BT broadband up & down in Notting Hill again. How many engineers does it take to fix this? :| cc @btbusiness
  1025. 2012-5-11 The moment the string of your herbal tea breaks loose from the teabag. Infinite yelps of no.
  1026. 2012-5-11 @nashienet FOWD is doubtful. It's so expensive and I work at a small company and saving money. :[
  1027. 2012-5-10 If it is not totally broken please do not 'fix' it. Tired of learning new interfaces. Spend your time doing something new & more worthwhile!
  1028. 2012-5-10 The shoe says "Fred" http://t.co/i1OTXcL4
  1029. 2012-5-10 @dressipi talking about making stuff amazing! http://t.co/cOKJcWsH
  1030. 2012-5-10 RT @akahn: I'm unfollowing people who are mostly negative/snarky and aren't constructive. Try it, it feels good.
  1031. 2012-5-10 With regards/context to the last tweet. I'm looking at you /new/ Gmail.
  1032. 2012-5-9 RT @elliotjaystocks: Sketchnotes 2011 now available to buy from @evalottchen: http://t.co/dH2zZ8MB
  1033. 2012-5-9 RT @fglc2: 2 unskippable warnings?! I've bought the damn thing rather than downloading or tivoing it - don't make me regret it! http: ...
  1034. 2012-5-9 RT @CookerySchool: Sushi Tip #6: It is best to prepare sushi rice in a hangiri, a round flat wooden bowl that helps the rice cool... htt ...
  1035. 2012-5-9 Lunch cooked for tomorrow. http://t.co/0RGPUTTN
  1036. 2012-5-9 RT @fglc2: Come work with me! @dressipi is looking for a senior rails developer for fun and ruby heroics.
  1037. 2012-5-8 Not looking the brightest of days but looking forward to seeing people back in the office @dressipi.
  1038. 2012-5-8 Soldiers are out in force today around North Greenwich. Rather than walking around they could fix/tidy stuff?
  1039. 2012-5-7 Poached egg! http://t.co/h9mn3pdK
  1040. 2012-5-7 @robcthegeek Nice answers there with 11k rep! :] Am starting to dislike the SO crowd more and more lately though.
  1041. 2012-5-7 Sticky toffee pudding! http://t.co/AICVS4Aj
  1042. 2012-5-7 Pulled pork burger @ Trof http://t.co/OJuNrouV
  1043. 2012-5-7 Cocktails! http://t.co/PMhZPuW6
  1044. 2012-5-7 RT @robcthegeek: Did a crazy. My mothers Windows box was falling apart. Wiped and installed @ubuntu. She's been able to use it no proble ...
  1045. 2012-5-7 Clydfan & elm grove http://t.co/7ej6osF5
  1046. 2012-5-6 Rain. Wales. Water. http://t.co/kqf5VZLN
  1047. 2012-5-6 Cheeeese http://t.co/MLTQDWvl
  1048. 2012-5-6 Yum yum duck! http://t.co/UZWyasFh
  1049. 2012-5-5 Sunny in Wales! http://t.co/S7eRUEMR
  1050. 2012-5-5 RT @henrywinter: Two most expensive players in country on bench....Torres £50m and Carroll £35m. Those aren't benches, those are chaise ...
  1051. 2012-5-5 RT @utku: Years of SimCity experience and an eye for the future. Bristol, vote http://t.co/C4qvz1vx
  1052. 2012-5-5 Want! Looks so well illustrated. Wonder if there's a free comic for iPad :/
  1053. 2012-5-5 @jiamins OOOOooh! :D What you getting? The lions have tuna/salmon for sashimi!
  1054. 2012-5-5 @jiamins Sounds amazing! Looking forward/hoping to see stunning bits of food pop up on instagram!
  1055. 2012-5-4 Obviously you all know what day it is. Rebecca Black did. Let's do this!!!
  1056. 2012-5-4 @dressipi I would like these social media shoes! :D http://t.co/oSaixGSb
  1057. 2012-5-4 @RosalindsW1 That sounds like a great idea! :D
  1058. 2012-5-4 @RosalindsW1 This is very sad :( @dressipi was about to move offices nearby and we would have become regulars!
  1059. 2012-5-4 @neilkimmett I downloaded it, and I 'bloody loved' it too :D http://t.co/UrMQm2nq
  1060. 2012-5-4 Looking at skirts. Learning about skirts. TIL what a high rise is http://t.co/VdIEva2n
  1061. 2012-5-4 Over the waters http://t.co/l06ar3qA
  1062. 2012-5-4 RT @leasimpson: That awkward moment when you realise your dress is way too short.
  1063. 2012-5-4 Rain front http://t.co/bv8CvYok
  1064. 2012-5-4 Magical cable cars around the O2 http://t.co/2cFV8iEG
  1065. 2012-5-3 NaN chicken http://t.co/cf95sFMn
  1066. 2012-5-3 Up stairs waiting for the 'not a number chicken' http://t.co/c8BPMvy9
  1067. 2012-5-3 I might also give up reading for a year. http://t.co/aAfeWL3b
  1068. 2012-5-2 @noamso this goal? - http://t.co/R3dNhn6A
  1069. 2012-5-2 Being picked on for liking Rachel Khoo :(
  1070. 2012-5-2 Burger building instructions http://t.co/SBWgsMAU
  1071. 2012-5-2 St Vincent. Strange mercy. Awesome album. Today looks awesome as ever!
  1072. 2012-5-1 @ethank Wonderful. And by wonderful, I mean not wonderful. :P
  1073. 2012-5-1 @thomas_britton Tis in the fridge… I just cooked it this morning in preparation to saves monies.
  1074. 2012-5-1 Lunch ready! http://t.co/t4xog0hf
  1075. 2012-5-1 @ethank Did you find out what the issue was with hubot's airbrake & jsdom?
  1076. 2012-5-1 @ethank Lets sum it up with an animated gif. http://t.co/Ap1EDNJ3
  1077. 2012-4-30 Fail http://t.co/joNsHGI1
  1078. 2012-4-30 Edible cookbook? Yes please. http://t.co/FJuanl1y
  1079. 2012-4-30 @robcthegeek Sure is something! :D Happy Monday dude.
  1080. 2012-4-30 Broken http://t.co/4Y783s6V
  1081. 2012-4-29 @jahnut :o How come? Have you seen the site I work for? http://t.co/CUptqKGU :D
  1082. 2012-4-29 Oh yes. Marvel vs Thanos. Infinity gauntlet!!!! :D #avengers #endcredits
  1083. 2012-4-29 @katematlock yeaaaahhh. What a way to hype me up more. Especially following one question about if the green lantern is in the avengers :P
  1084. 2012-4-29 Avengers avenge!!!
  1085. 2012-4-29 @heatherlinford Wow! I want to try that loaf :D
  1086. 2012-4-29 @sundaybrunchc4 The assumption that telephones will always require digits as the primary method to call people is flawed. #acer #telephones
  1087. 2012-4-29 MOD evaluating sites for surface-to-air missiles for the Olympic Games, & could place them at residential flats. http://t.co/QXGhJxE9
  1088. 2012-4-29 @heatherlinford as requested! http://t.co/dBZsbB4Q
  1089. 2012-4-27 Old school bus http://t.co/5EIJAj0m
  1090. 2012-4-26 Parents deported http://t.co/zXa3qhXL
  1091. 2012-4-26 Time to help Vong seniors get travelling!
  1092. 2012-4-25 RT @Whatleydude: Selling my leather sofa (pick up only), £100 - deets over on the tree of Gum: http://t.co/hGqwMV8s - RTs appreciated :)
  1093. 2012-4-25 Bailey talk http://t.co/BzhTDgtv
  1094. 2012-4-25 Happy birthday Elena http://t.co/lDSBboME
  1095. 2012-4-25 @catcalleddoom Magic, hate and blame.
  1096. 2012-4-25 Um. http://t.co/kPEKTn9n
  1097. 2012-4-25 Dear recruiters with regards to your barrage of phone calls & voice messages. http://t.co/1LeA9bqY
  1098. 2012-4-24 Another day of doing awesome stuff! Let's go!!!
  1099. 2012-4-24 @david_whitney You have reached level 98! Ultimate mega-ah kill!!
  1100. 2012-4-24 @micrypt CMD+Q says differently.
  1101. 2012-4-24 ARGH. And then I discovered I could not use the browser back button on Vim Adventures for instructions/Unlock levels.
  1102. 2012-4-24 Clearly getting old and dismissed this at yesterday, after trying it - Love it. Learn vim through gaming - http://t.co/i3gcE0rO
  1103. 2012-4-24 Parent uses a wire with his autistic son to expose teacher abusing son. http://t.co/kDrw74Fd
  1104. 2012-4-23 Starter. http://t.co/b3ndCc8w
  1105. 2012-4-23 Art prices. http://t.co/1uk2wLdO
  1106. 2012-4-23 Soup! http://t.co/KIXCo07y
  1107. 2012-4-23 Old version of instagram http://t.co/yanXgxNi
  1108. 2012-4-23 4 artists. Different skills. Learning from one another. Typographer, animal artist, character artist. http://t.co/imAUhoRv
  1109. 2012-4-23 "we didn't want to do art. But call it what you want. We don't care." - broken fingers.
  1110. 2012-4-23 A tragic mistake. http://t.co/RIZsq16O
  1111. 2012-4-23 Lizard god http://t.co/KJNqzRvJ
  1112. 2012-4-22 90% mint. What to do with it? http://t.co/EgOmE5QB
  1113. 2012-4-21 @astrofaes it's free open beta weekend. Free to everyone!
  1114. 2012-4-21 Fashion. http://t.co/V6nCupJP
  1115. 2012-4-21 At "the most amazing Starbucks ever" http://t.co/gVQNiqJD
  1116. 2012-4-21 Yay. Breakfast. http://t.co/rXxSMthP
  1117. 2012-4-21 Mizutama. It means water drops.
  1118. 2012-4-21 @jahnut Wow. Midnight zombie sick projectile? Hate when that happens. In the past @smyther would just carry away the offending character.
  1119. 2012-4-21 @smyther Do any of us?
  1120. 2012-4-21 Now seems as good a time as any to…. try out D3. #fb
  1121. 2012-4-21 Hanging out with marathon runners. (@ The Tower Hotel) http://t.co/AHRyYNtK
  1122. 2012-4-20 @bekibutton So beautiful, that a little tear crept out the corner of my eye.
  1123. 2012-4-19 After all that worry I discovered pine nuts wrapped up safely in the cupboard of infinite truth and goodness. \o/
  1124. 2012-4-19 Wasabi peas: the "lady's choice" http://t.co/8cf4yRn4
  1125. 2012-4-19 Olly & Tim - Ben Arfa & Messi. Please discuss, debate and compare. Excited for @Picklivefootie podcast! #picklivepodcast.
  1126. 2012-4-18 Someone spent a lot of time of this style guide. Requires javascript for li:odd { background-color: #999}. http://t.co/tHGHjW1W
  1127. 2012-4-18 Mozilla's style guide. Simple and clear. https://t.co/8dTKt8K7 Especially interested in their new responsive "gride". Better than a grid?
  1128. 2012-4-18 Just seen for the first time a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Incredible.
  1129. 2012-4-18 Travelling come the olympics is going to be a joke.
  1130. 2012-4-17 Passing bus advert. "we are in drought". It's raining. What a waste of money. Fsssss people.
  1131. 2012-4-16 Eating! (@ Pearl Liang) http://t.co/KwNfjGxD
  1132. 2012-4-16 I just unlocked the “4sqDay 2012” badge on @foursquare! Cupcakes and crowns for all! #4sqDay http://t.co/QiGQSTZj
  1133. 2012-4-16 @Faya_ she did! First thing she said to me, "Can I have a doughnut?"
  1134. 2012-4-15 Then I went. To Brighton for a few hours.
  1135. 2012-4-15 @Faya_ Good luck! You'll do great. I'll try find you with the app to give you a wave & cheer :D
  1136. 2012-4-15 Ah yes. Free open flowing information is a problem. Let us shut that down. http://t.co/LiCOyi2I Government fail. They work for us?
  1137. 2012-4-15 @Ursi82 is doing amazing. Halfway in 2 hours 15 minutes. And with an injury :(
  1138. 2012-4-14 @benbot No… it's a tv show.
  1139. 2012-4-14 I scream mona lisa clones. http://t.co/ogpkR2xo
  1140. 2012-4-14 Slams head against wall.
  1141. 2012-4-14 Haiku… from New Zealand. ?????? WHAT????
  1142. 2012-4-13 Enjoyed the bitch in apartment 23 :] Very good yes yes!
  1143. 2012-4-13 @Stanto I miss playing WC3 in a hyper state to that song… guess D3 can bring back those kinds of memories huh? :D
  1144. 2012-4-13 @stanto Guess what song is playing. ARE YOU READY? :D … YES I AM, YES I AM.
  1145. 2012-4-12 Never in my life have I heard the word "boobies" mentioned so many times.
  1146. 2012-4-12 @Faya_ Yes I'll be there! :D No one has called me that in forever. I've got you added on my Brighton marathon app. Very excited for you all.
  1147. 2012-4-12 It's lunchtime. I have no idea what to eat. Bah. Okay so a vague idea - obviously food.
  1148. 2012-4-12 @Stanto I see it is blue. Doo bee deeee.
  1149. 2012-4-12 @Stanto didn't get an email!
  1150. 2012-4-12 107 cals http://t.co/htR109Ph
  1151. 2012-4-12 @Stanto I did not have this or one like this, but they were being passed around the @dressipi office.
  1152. 2012-4-12 @Rogueski lets not try map calories with good or bad depending on an integer.
  1153. 2012-4-12 Caine's Arcade. The story of a boy who made games, fun and happiness out of very little. http://t.co/Iodtrf6g
  1154. 2012-4-10 RT @PatrickMoorhead: What my 12 YO daughter thinks about the Facebook-Instagram deal. #Instagram #Facebook http://t.co/KGTpWO90
  1155. 2012-4-9 @gaildoggett You have a pinball wizard in your tummy? :D http://t.co/xhhjczwD
  1156. 2012-4-8 Ordering food on a table. Inamo. http://t.co/yjuGjWnU
  1157. 2012-4-8 @mrlerone the files for the hymns could not be found!
  1158. 2012-4-7 Grandma having trouble with telegraph website. "Show me how you read the telegraph." She switches off the laptop. #Trolled.
  1159. 2012-4-7 @gaildoggett @ursi82 @simondoggett I like everything you just mentioned and more! :D
  1160. 2012-4-7 Heading to the north. Parents stopped in Downtown. Mass clothing retailer store. I however am reading/hacking in the car :D
  1161. 2012-4-7 @wilcolley @iamcalledrob TL;DR!
  1162. 2012-4-7 RT @hoverbird: Everybody thinks "The Social Network" is the best movie about forming a new startup, but they are wrong. The best movie i ...
  1163. 2012-4-6 Feeling for the @Picklivefootie team over recent clone. http://t.co/XAzfDpn1 :( copycats suck, but it is flattering too.
  1164. 2012-4-6 @simondoggett off to http://t.co/aLL914zh with @ursi82 on Sunday if you and @gaildoggett would like to tag along?
  1165. 2012-4-6 @chrislawrence82 Lets expand that statement. Why does painting 5 walls take so long. Why does painting 5, 10x10 metre walls take so long. :D
  1166. 2012-4-6 @Nigella_Lawson Think someone could do with a lesson in how to make food look pretty with photography :P
  1167. 2012-4-5 @fglc2 That'll teach me, having such bloatware like Xcode my system :]
  1168. 2012-4-5 Are you one of the lucky half a million with a mac trojan? :D http://t.co/TFP6ebt3 I was not :(
  1169. 2012-4-4 Project glass by Google. :) http://t.co/wCNvNKyC
  1170. 2012-4-4 @micrypt toooo late was bbc2 and it wasn't really me ^^
  1171. 2012-4-4 @botanygeek you look just like me. It's quite creepy. http://t.co/cnhmvrHl@N00
  1172. 2012-4-4 Surreal. Seeing myself on tv. #food
  1173. 2012-4-4 Jubilee line fails again. An hour of sitting in a non moving train. Pffft.
  1174. 2012-4-1 Oh yes! Pink dai boi! http://t.co/ewgivyeW
  1175. 2012-4-1 Mother sneezing. http://t.co/qNNJMzjX
  1176. 2012-4-1 Burning paper money. http://t.co/bbJf7NJi
  1177. 2012-4-1 My ugly little cousin. http://t.co/Z9QxMw06
  1178. 2012-4-1 All family http://t.co/nNvfSGLo
  1179. 2012-4-1 A flower. http://t.co/3c9fyrXn
  1180. 2012-4-1 Food for the ancestors/us. http://t.co/UPtGRhuA
  1181. 2012-4-1 Putting down origami http://t.co/yi8sCUc0
  1182. 2012-4-1 Off they go!! http://t.co/r1imWLNc
  1183. 2012-4-1 For the petrol strike. http://t.co/e2ucBa0N
  1184. 2012-4-1 Hats to burn for the ancestors http://t.co/SLEOuQKt
  1185. 2012-4-1 Add our joss stick http://t.co/UViHM6ZP
  1186. 2012-4-1 Tidying the place of rest for Ching Ming http://t.co/A1OcJFDM
  1187. 2012-4-1 iPad 2 and iPhone 5 for the ancestors. http://t.co/1Q9RVcSX
  1188. 2012-3-31 Not an April fools joke. Online privacy. Start understanding it. http://t.co/j20jcV6E
  1189. 2012-3-31 @ijeanes That's my girlfriend, and if you mean she has a wonderful little name - I agree. She's just as wonderful too.
  1190. 2012-3-31 I’ve just sponsored Ursula Marrow. You can too at http://t.co/peYYmnCO #fb
  1191. 2012-3-31 Pizza over a haircut. The plummeting pizza price war of New York. The battle continues… http://t.co/OkPJwU4N
  1192. 2012-3-31 A perfect poached egg. A triumph worth tweeting about.
  1193. 2012-3-31 Learning to read dotsies http://t.co/Myo8i6jy
  1194. 2012-3-31 Design skills to die for. Each article better than the last. http://t.co/gxcVje63
  1195. 2012-3-29 All your wifi card digits r belong to us. http://t.co/R9crXlIY
  1196. 2012-3-29 Today. Smells. Of. Awesome. #freshcutgrass
  1197. 2012-3-29 @paulmakepeace :D rvm-smile made me… I feel like it should have taken a photo of me too.
  1198. 2012-3-29 How one man is doing good as Batman. http://t.co/Vjzqm6CI
  1199. 2012-3-28 I've just supported rails.app by Yehuda Katz — Kickstarter http://t.co/ap6tgDF3 via @kickstarter
  1200. 2012-3-28 Andy's lunch http://t.co/0UA98ZlC
  1201. 2012-3-27 Welcoming Google & Nyan cat cushions! (6 of 6) http://t.co/blHE3QTF
  1202. 2012-3-27 MMORPG by mozilla. Nice :D http://t.co/KiZwxIOc
  1203. 2012-3-27 Its...itsu! http://t.co/Pb0JZtXU
  1204. 2012-3-27 This is England 2012 http://t.co/9L8Eu2iN
  1205. 2012-3-25 Cheeses from Battersea http://t.co/7elC0lpF
  1206. 2012-3-25 Ice cream http://t.co/EvxfCtMQ
  1207. 2012-3-25 Wagyu fillet with onion tempura & apache potatoes with wasabi butter http://t.co/nKpweun2
  1208. 2012-3-25 Top and bottom of sake cup http://t.co/R09vLn2d
  1209. 2012-3-25 Prawn and crab louie http://t.co/y5JipxfY
  1210. 2012-3-25 Sushi!!! By mom :) http://t.co/EVdJXr9I
  1211. 2012-3-25 Homemade taco with crab, tuna, prawn and salmon salsa http://t.co/k6TXVsXa
  1212. 2012-3-25 Hugging a cushion on reddit. http://t.co/6juI13nk
  1213. 2012-3-25 Hungry games. Too fast. Too short. Should have eaten the berries.
  1214. 2012-3-24 Ready for 20 miles! http://t.co/HTW6ISQn
  1215. 2012-3-24 Looking forward to seeing the hungry games tonight.
  1216. 2012-3-23 Frustro: The Impossible Typeface | Jeannie Huang http://t.co/QACFwd3i (via Instapaper)
  1217. 2012-3-22 RT @bekibutton: Did y'all see the social media-inspired cushions I've made for @kaichanvong ? RT: Cushion update: Fail whale http://t.co ...
  1218. 2012-3-22 Cushion update (4 of 6) << Fail whale. http://t.co/0NX3uppU
  1219. 2012-3-21 As liked by Chris T :) http://t.co/eadZKfdN
  1220. 2012-3-21 Yum http://t.co/57J0tPgu
  1221. 2012-3-17 Sundae on Saturday http://t.co/bZojnCdx
  1222. 2012-3-16 Nandos & miu miu. That's how we roll. @fgcl2 would be proud http://t.co/YfuY3Kkj
  1223. 2012-3-16 @edhenderson I book for the 1% huh? ;)
  1224. 2012-3-16 Playing http://t.co/vCrq5eeK "it's Friday" in the @dressipi office :D
  1225. 2012-3-16 @jaggeree Thanks! And happy birthday to you too :)
  1226. 2012-3-16 People are clever. :) http://t.co/pPuLVr6B
  1227. 2012-3-15 "what's he doing?" - He's putting a lead on the lobster so he can ride it to the finish and win. Talking about @MasterKoj on #MasterChef
  1228. 2012-3-15 @AdamTibi The word futomaki is for thick sushi rolls. I think they were amazingly good :D
  1229. 2012-3-15 It's a new day. It's a new futomaki. :D
  1230. 2012-3-14 @MasterKoj = legendary :D #MasterChef
  1231. 2012-3-14 "we'd talked before hand so everything was set. Only question is, what shoes to wear to a countryside pub?" @dressipi http://t.co/a2o7t8Nl
  1232. 2012-3-14 Packed and ready to go. With my olive oil, mirin & soy sauce dressing. http://t.co/vula5pjl
  1233. 2012-3-14 Choo Choo! All aboad the futomaki train. http://t.co/TxuF9aRO
  1234. 2012-3-13 @yaellevey Thanks. Sure, I'll just nab you some ;)
  1235. 2012-3-13 Looking at some Christian Louboutin shoes. Not in the way that you're thinking.
  1236. 2012-3-13 My bento box for today http://t.co/4RDinoBr
  1237. 2012-3-12 Having sushi... With girls in bikinis. #itsu #wtf http://t.co/5LzUs4qN
  1238. 2012-3-12 @jiamins Thanks! My favourite colour… hmmm… always been red :]
  1239. 2012-3-12 The music at... at... @dressipi is good :)
  1240. 2012-3-12 What a wonderful day. Hello Monday. And soon, hello @dressipi :D
  1241. 2012-3-11 My name. Say it http://t.co/nmifG6Bd
  1242. 2012-3-11 Burger. http://t.co/YGYlDl9u
  1243. 2012-3-11 Omfg. http://t.co/MPJsAvEI
  1244. 2012-3-11 Birthday brunch! Off to Wolfgang Puck's Cut. The name sounds kind of emo.
  1245. 2012-3-10 @omarqureshi Worst? You louve it really. Oh wait… ARghhhhhh!
  1246. 2012-3-10 Such a simple, clear and concise way to show you how the CSS animation works on Apple's iPhone 4S webpage http://t.co/aY2yLyR7
  1247. 2012-3-9 Oleg sushiiiiii http://t.co/OcWPqiU3
  1248. 2012-3-9 Today's #FF goes: @colm Quote - “@Picklivefootie: What @colm has done with the @totalfootballfc is nothing short of inspirational.”
  1249. 2012-3-9 @colm Amazing stat. rt: http://t.co/X86BhxD8
  1250. 2012-3-9 @tall_rich No way, those two flavours and textures work elegantly together with the crispy bacon. CC @nigella_lawson #bacongate
  1251. 2012-3-9 @Nigella_Lawson Your bacon sarnie is not graced by avocado & mozzarella? What ever is happening to your culinary skills Nigella? :(
  1252. 2012-3-9 @colm Not sure if you saw this, but this is my favourite stat as a Liverpool fan :) http://t.co/XdaW4YWy
  1253. 2012-3-8 @thetimmorgan was good to meet you & hear your awesome story about said Angel. Are there more stories to come? :D
  1254. 2012-3-8 Listened to some inspirational talks from @colm, @timruffles & @philnash at @Picklivefootie devs like football talk.
  1255. 2012-3-8 Oh how cooooool! Reddit Cushion from @bekibutton http://t.co/kCuiRoTg
  1256. 2012-3-8 Off to listen to talks at @Picklivefootie
  1257. 2012-3-8 How to make fresh guacamole but not as we know it. http://t.co/XeqbaVdi
  1258. 2012-3-8 Cool designer interviews with a cool responsive layout. Not perfect, but pretty cool. http://t.co/2unPt0ya
  1259. 2012-3-7 RT @webponce: Audio as URI? http://t.co/snDjYtYc
  1260. 2012-3-7 @akicooks Arigatou gozaimashita!
  1261. 2012-3-7 @Izabel_blue - Depends if he's going to Kruger or such ie. malarial area he might (most do it) but ok if it's city only
  1262. 2012-3-7 @akicooks When I say 'separated', I mean by a plastic sheet that you pull apart, so the nori is not damp and crisp.
  1263. 2012-3-7 @akicooks Do you know the name for the Japanese hand roll triangles where the rice is separated from the nori? I want to recreate it :|
  1264. 2012-3-7 @Faya_ On portal side note, have you seen mari0? http://t.co/4Da43uhf
  1265. 2012-3-4 @fstorr I like it. It's nothing amazing so far. Plus it doesn't do anything out of this world but is more fun than just running.
  1266. 2012-3-4 Just completed a 6.38 km run playing #zombiesrun: collected 32 supplies, outran a zombie mob http://t.co/2Evkh7fv
  1267. 2012-3-3 Beat of Angel. http://t.co/s2OpYr19 ^_^ gosu audience.
  1268. 2012-3-3 Alors, vous m'avez pris de court là.
  1269. 2012-3-3 Je t'aime. http://t.co/z5Uy0KcX
  1270. 2012-3-3 Snap. Knightfall. http://t.co/h0fLI1Td
  1271. 2012-3-3 Zepto @ 37kb, jQuery @ 160kb. I know which one I'll use for this little project :) …& this is pre-gzip, pre-minification.
  1272. 2012-3-2 Interesting… .ajax with Zepto is slightly different from jQuery ^_^
  1273. 2012-3-2 Playing with Zepto.js - a mobile jQuery library http://t.co/otzePP4B
  1274. 2012-3-2 @DaveAPixel Imagine the dog from the Churchill adverts. Now imagine him saying his catchphrase.
  1275. 2012-3-2 Steak sandwich http://t.co/bdXdjP3W
  1276. 2012-3-2 @DannyKeane IT being an iMac and not information technology, cousin Itt, the creepy clown from IT or something else right? :D
  1277. 2012-3-2 Sooooo cool. I've won a @3hungryboys book - http://t.co/trgVMCUe
  1278. 2012-3-2 Grace Hopper explains a nanosecond. http://t.co/h7spQsrC
  1279. 2012-3-1 Yan sporting green. http://t.co/xXEzbvbJ
  1280. 2012-3-1 RT @renate: http://t.co/ugDKqxtZ
  1281. 2012-3-1 @micrypt Don't be like that!
  1282. 2012-2-29 @akicooks what did you think of Hot Stuff? I thought it was so so - not as good as Tajimatei (best Japanese restaurant ever).
  1283. 2012-2-29 @yaellevey My life list is a bit like being in Fight club :p
  1284. 2012-2-29 Jasmine, CoffeeScript, Stylus, Haml. BOooom. This is what I am playing with right now :]
  1285. 2012-2-29 @Izabel_blue How surreal. My uncle used to tell me about him a lot and how he liked his food :D
  1286. 2012-2-28 New cushions thanks to @bekibutton http://t.co/gxf6nrua
  1287. 2012-2-28 @Joey7Barton has got me excited about "The Four Year plan" this Sunday 11pm BBC2 - http://t.co/3f5beBZf
  1288. 2012-2-28 Who be tracking you? :) Time to find out with Collusion - http://t.co/mZpnY3Lb
  1289. 2012-2-28 The song of a cricket. Being humble. Doing awesome. Watching a Dimbleby lecture with Sir Paul Nurse.
  1290. 2012-2-27 Plum & almond cake! http://t.co/cyHqg7Sx
  1291. 2012-2-27 The Futurama intro theme tune, inspired by PIERRE HENRY - Psyché Rock. http://t.co/caKPIRut
  1292. 2012-2-27 Sweet bread pastry mound http://t.co/LH8kaIzX
  1293. 2012-2-27 Looking at Tower.js - a node.js framework based on Rails. CoffeeScript makes it read yummy. http://t.co/HDOxMPqo
  1294. 2012-2-26 Tonight we get inspired by one of the greatest footballers of all time. Messi. He never dives. http://t.co/aTxC4VXZ
  1295. 2012-2-26 Traffic on the Blackwell tunnel moving slowly now. cc @ddinomite @bbcpress
  1296. 2012-2-26 Beef wellington mains http://t.co/Mx0e8gt6
  1297. 2012-2-26 Birds on display. http://t.co/BOFPcmZg
  1298. 2012-2-26 "What shall we call this project?" Why only the best project name ever. The "omglol" by @tenderlove.
  1299. 2012-2-26 Some Toby jugs. http://t.co/e60nMXR2
  1300. 2012-2-25 Dinner. (@ Ye Olde Bulls Head Inn) http://t.co/4tptAc9U
  1301. 2012-2-25 Nasa will pay you to eat astronaut food for 4 months. http://t.co/nWoiivLo
  1302. 2012-2-25 OMFG @peepcode has a @tenderlove screencast. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!111 :D:D:D
  1303. 2012-2-24 Fooood. Chinese. Fooood. (@ Lotus Chinese Floating Restaurant w/ 3 others) http://t.co/BgczkcIW
  1304. 2012-2-24 @jon_bedford Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution.
  1305. 2012-2-24 @benastontweet Least they're trying & explaining what they're trying to do. So we can learn from their mistakes :D
  1306. 2012-2-24 @benastontweet That made me chuckle quite a bit. How much will that set you back?
  1307. 2012-2-24 @wilcolley He's right, no one scrolls anymore, that's why on iPad3 all scrolling disabled.
  1308. 2012-2-24 Transformers coming soon to real life. Few bugs… to be fixed… http://t.co/ZORn5HUL
  1309. 2012-2-24 @garybernhardt Do you like rice cakes?
  1310. 2012-2-23 When you go to heaven you turn Chinese http://t.co/KCi2mjSE #apple #steve
  1311. 2012-2-23 Cash mobs… explained! http://t.co/mm9XETyA
  1312. 2012-2-23 @jiamins Thursday fact for you, my first girlfriend went to Crescent girls school in Singapore.
  1313. 2012-2-23 @akicooks @masterkoj You're fibbing right?
  1314. 2012-2-23 RT @MasterKoj: If you're trying chocolate and black olive tart, be careful. The hot caramel might spit when you add in the olives. http: ...
  1315. 2012-2-23 Pretty cool exclusive competition from some friends of mine… bet hardly anyone knows about this either. http://t.co/DeapVpcN
  1316. 2012-2-23 I WANT GOOGLE GLASSES!!! :D http://t.co/OuJIxO33
  1317. 2012-2-22 @Izabel_blue :|
  1318. 2012-2-22 Watching master chef for more food inspiration.
  1319. 2012-2-22 @Picklivefootie yes please!
  1320. 2012-2-22 Good ol' @Picklivefootie …setting up an event for devs that like football :) http://t.co/2xGWBx6W
  1321. 2012-2-22 Wow. http://t.co/NQXAVjKj Googlighting. Microsoft parody.
  1322. 2012-2-22 @RJMrgn Totally works too.
  1323. 2012-2-22 RT @RJMrgn: @kaichanvong NICE PLAN. Copying it.
  1324. 2012-2-22 Would it be wrong to start using my laptop to "iron" my shirts? Nope. I bet you'll all be doing it soon. #fb
  1325. 2012-2-22 :| WHAT THE FUCK.
  1326. 2012-2-21 Ah thank you @bekibutton for this awesome cushion. It is one of six!!! :D http://t.co/xRs9Whbi
  1327. 2012-2-21 RT @Glinner: The real piracy problem. http://t.co/aKKijyQM
  1328. 2012-2-19 Fennel with salted caramel sauce http://t.co/xaOqvSSK
  1329. 2012-2-19 Home made pizza. With grapes on. http://t.co/IzlOqCJM
  1330. 2012-2-18 Light! http://t.co/BZ4IgwBp
  1331. 2012-2-18 Loving the ol' couple clothes switcheroo http://t.co/nrIlSuqI discovered thanks to Mr. @philhawksworth
  1332. 2012-2-18 Now to watch Saturday morning kitchen for food inspiration :D
  1333. 2012-2-18 BBC1 talking about the problem @dressipi are solving. Clothes sizes for different people of different shapes and sizes.
  1334. 2012-2-18 Imagine wearing normal clothes in the rain with no umbrella & not getting soaked. We live in the future! http://t.co/jgwP9QeN
  1335. 2012-2-17 Classic shot http://t.co/WELo7pMv
  1336. 2012-2-17 The artist who hears colour http://t.co/jAUbMpWU
  1337. 2012-2-17 Phone rings. "Oh it's my friend from Google!!! *hic*." Ah, friends from Google. The best kind of friends to have right? ;)
  1338. 2012-2-16 An end to the nonsense required download of Xcode. \o/ Command line tools for Xcode - hurrah! http://t.co/IboNZObS
  1339. 2012-2-16 MOUNTAIN LION! :D http://t.co/phQq4PJt
  1340. 2012-2-15 Keep getting links to the Daily Mail. Yet we should be boycotting such hate & propaganda filled journalism. https://t.co/FmhMgBk5
  1341. 2012-2-15 Poor little @akicooks was picked on a bit in tonights #Masterchef - all the food still looked so amazing though!
  1342. 2012-2-15 Yummy salad for tonight. http://t.co/gQBzEc92
  1343. 2012-2-15 And now back to reading and doing some Ruby and Rails learning. :)
  1344. 2012-2-14 Most addictive tune intro ever http://t.co/fyiCqNXu
  1345. 2012-2-14 Sushi! http://t.co/Wlm3nxCC
  1346. 2012-2-12 Van Gogh's Starry night brought to life with kinnect + animated. http://t.co/zhGb04kX
  1347. 2012-2-11 Mmmmmm. Foods http://t.co/yqoTHj0a
  1348. 2012-2-11 Palindromes. Quite possibly the most beautiful words I've ever read.
  1349. 2012-2-11 Off to see.. http://t.co/QljiF8ZQ
  1350. 2012-2-8 Desert. Red, black berries with mint http://t.co/21aCydL6
  1351. 2012-2-8 Now you can learn HTTP statuses with HTTP status cats. http://t.co/QQAJcSvi :]
  1352. 2012-2-8 Devastated for Hugh. :( :( :( http://t.co/43rvtHpS
  1353. 2012-2-7 @bekibutton The photo of the person sat behind the food sits badly like me, hence the only way it could have made you think of me! :P
  1354. 2012-2-7 My good pal @RichMillington is doing a talk tonight at 5pm about rethinking community management. You should watch it! https://t.co/Ed759OUN
  1355. 2012-2-7 @bekibutton My posture is particularly bad when sat down for a meal. I'll have to join in with the 24th for snap, share & savour.
  1356. 2012-2-6 Meantime wheat beer glazed pineapple & vanilla ice cream http://t.co/W1dO3yiI
  1357. 2012-2-6 Oh yes. http://t.co/pYR5s2SI
  1358. 2012-2-6 Ethical foie gras. With raspberry beer http://t.co/DGdIfICI
  1359. 2012-2-6 The menu http://t.co/cQxwyDce
  1360. 2012-2-6 mOAr beer? http://t.co/QM7JuzJd
  1361. 2012-2-6 Beer! \o/ (@ The Old Brewery) http://t.co/61mGNZdM
  1362. 2012-2-6 Ursula pre beer and cheese tasting. http://t.co/ZhoRy8dp
  1363. 2012-2-6 Looking forward to tonight's Meantime brewing event, hosted by @oakaged - 5 course meal & learning about beer! http://t.co/hodraVNC
  1364. 2012-2-6 Cheese! http://t.co/WBElL5Ks
  1365. 2012-2-5 Croutons for my dad's breakfast tomorrow. http://t.co/0SpXoVdR
  1366. 2012-2-5 A truckle of pheasant, mushroom, onion and truffle salt with a cream sauce. http://t.co/B2yWxmGa
  1367. 2012-2-5 Pheasant kiev, mashed swede and cabbage with gammon. http://t.co/Gehi0zR2
  1368. 2012-2-4 "XML is like violence - if it doesn’t solve your problems, you are not using enough of it."
  1369. 2012-2-4 Om nom. Lamb. http://t.co/AZWV6ZMk
  1370. 2012-2-3 @smyther Yeah... So we give our offspring our surnames and our online handle. Nice.
  1371. 2012-2-3 @matheu_chambers great idea... that could be the next startup to ipo!
  1372. 2012-2-3 Just think.. The chances of our great grandchildren having a half decent username online is going to be slim to none. Sucks to be them!
  1373. 2012-2-2 Lucky herbs were indoors :) http://t.co/QJTdJY3K
  1374. 2012-2-2 Frozen :( http://t.co/9cxEoRm9
  1375. 2012-2-1 As always great to catch up with @abdulrauf -over sushi. Learning about number systems, the Linux kernel and power 90.
  1376. 2012-2-1 Joe's crazy hat http://t.co/NYwrbJCE
  1377. 2012-2-1 Yum! Sushiiiii http://t.co/2BYH38gK
  1378. 2012-1-31 Staying 1 day. Elaine stocks up. http://t.co/4TDP8r5U
  1379. 2012-1-31 Fight the . http://t.co/cgd9pvLW
  1380. 2012-1-31 "Today's wind, for those of you in London will be coming in from Russia". That's a @lucyweather #fact.
  1381. 2012-1-31 Joe's sketch of his amazing startup idea http://t.co/sf5YWquB
  1382. 2012-1-30 TIL, people get propose to their other halves on my friend @stanto's Minecraft server.
  1383. 2012-1-30 itadakimasu http://t.co/V3bQ20A6
  1384. 2012-1-30 This is wonderful. 5 year old, analyses logos. http://t.co/VHbhz6Ex
  1385. 2012-1-29 Becoming a pita. http://t.co/yKvgB7kO
  1386. 2012-1-29 Please rise. http://t.co/TuZVzv0g
  1387. 2012-1-29 Oh yes. Pork. http://t.co/FHXuRhcD
  1388. 2012-1-29 @abdulrauf Acknowledged! See you then.
  1389. 2012-1-27 Cars Kill Cities « Progressive Transit http://t.co/lIsLRkuz (via Instapaper)
  1390. 2012-1-27 @iamcalledrob Happy Friday bro :D over here we are just coming to the end of the day.
  1391. 2012-1-25 Django tips: Template context processors http://t.co/AkE0aOaa (via Instapaper)
  1392. 2012-1-25 So angry @o2 have made my mobile number available to the world. Yours is probably available too if you browse online with O2 on your mobile.
  1393. 2012-1-25 RT @paulpod: Holy fuck @O2 - silent proxying your http traffic and INSERTING YOUR PHONE # into headers http://t.co/WyBk8hsd
  1394. 2012-1-25 RT @richmarr: Avoiding @o2 mobile web browsing until I can check if my phone is leaking my phone number to every site I visit. #idiots
  1395. 2012-1-25 @utku Why you ignores me :(((
  1396. 2012-1-24 RT @mrlerone: @kaichanvong It's uncanny: http://t.co/bPb9DseB
  1397. 2012-1-23 Code, Picasso, and Simplicity - Nathan Hurst's Blog http://t.co/EFvSTb8O (via Instapaper)
  1398. 2012-1-23 The Lost Art of Becoming Good at Things | Expert Enough http://t.co/Tvo0BOwR (via Instapaper)
  1399. 2012-1-23 恭喜發財身體健康心想事成.
  1400. 2012-1-23 @Stanto I feel certain the Japanese have an invention to solve this problem you encountered today. #twss
  1401. 2012-1-22 Lamb. Moroccan style with couscous. http://t.co/rVX86jp6
  1402. 2012-1-22 Feeling Wilhelm Ackermann's wraith.
  1403. 2012-1-22 Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. http://t.co/LbU95ncU
  1404. 2012-1-22 Understanding Ackermann's function http://t.co/N79UFLnh
  1405. 2012-1-21 Yum. Yum. Pizza. http://t.co/Z1Te1u2L
  1406. 2012-1-21 Et voila! Pizza. http://t.co/1TBnj4Z6
  1407. 2012-1-21 Pizza base http://t.co/Ha1g7ozU
  1408. 2012-1-21 @henrygarner it was so omfg good!
  1409. 2012-1-20 @henrygarner Snap, I was in Byron a few hours ago with @Ursi82. Courgette fries for the win.
  1410. 2012-1-20 @simondoggett @gaildoggett congrats and I hope you have his/her twitter, Flickr and Facebook accounts all set up for their arrival ;)
  1411. 2012-1-20 Artfinder… DailyMail… Facebook timeline promotion. Whoop! http://t.co/2wCIqTqS
  1412. 2012-1-20 @jiamins Big hugs, sorry to hear about dazzle :( But I am sure the future will be good for everyone.
  1413. 2012-1-19 Telling @stanto SUDO APT-GET INSTALL SOMETHING! Response: PACMAN -S SOMETHING! My reply. WACKA WACKA WACKA WACKA WACKA. #beer #git #init
  1414. 2012-1-18 SICP back at MIT. http://t.co/dLKZOvHS :] Zombie themed too.
  1415. 2012-1-18 @akicooks photos of said food in future please, or it didn't happen! :D
  1416. 2012-1-18 I think we should all take a moment to considering stopping using SOAP. http://t.co/5xqFUjfM
  1417. 2012-1-18 @Izabel_blue discovering @akicooks is on Twitter is almost as cool as discovering frozen Totoro http://t.co/fJrEJuLD
  1418. 2012-1-18 Pomodoro power. http://t.co/Qq4NDahi
  1419. 2012-1-18 The Oatmeal's explanation of SOPA is awesome. Features Jesus, Opera, koalas and goats. http://t.co/bGNKHPrX
  1420. 2012-1-17 How I Program Stuff - Randall Degges http://t.co/9lpmLWxZ (via Instapaper)
  1421. 2012-1-17 @jon_bedford What was the idea? :]
  1422. 2012-1-17 Watching master chef and falling in love with Aki. :| So much heart!
  1423. 2012-1-17 She had me at "bento box".
  1424. 2012-1-17 @jaggeree I will write something that will scrape all the Japanese food off all the websites in the world to prove my undying love for her.
  1425. 2012-1-17 @Izabel_blue Do you really think that will happen? :P
  1426. 2012-1-17 @Izabel_blue I wonder if the varying sizes of salads would be a selling point for Aki's restaurant.
  1427. 2012-1-17 Poaching 30,000 artworks. I feel Pierce Brosnan in the Thomas Crown affair. But fat and half Chinese.
  1428. 2012-1-17 Brian Cox is talking about invisible unicorns. Hero.
  1429. 2012-1-16 Late for catching up with old school pals @henrygarner and @oncoor - On my way!
  1430. 2012-1-16 Henry with sicp http://t.co/mVVpQWaX
  1431. 2012-1-16 How about soup today? A few features will be added soon, but before that I have planning for rewriting it. http://t.co/o6N2UCo6
  1432. 2012-1-15 This time last year I was in Sweden. Taking photos of horses and snow. http://t.co/EsNxnV9t
  1433. 2012-1-15 Slow cooked pork in the oven. Yey.
  1434. 2012-1-15 Watching "to boldy go". "Cardboard & duct tape". http://t.co/OGaMY9LV
  1435. 2012-1-15 “Your Eyes” by A Spell Inside is my new jam. ♫ http://t.co/u0k9r66V #thisismyjam
  1436. 2012-1-14 @tkenny I avoid all forms of Internet news/Facebook/Twitter in the build up to watching it. :]
  1437. 2012-1-14 @tkenny I know, I'm risking it at the last minute. But anyways, time to go hum the intro tune and watch it :D
  1438. 2012-1-14 Got orange juice. Now for some Saturday Morning kitchen. OMGsoexcitedaboutfood.
  1439. 2012-1-14 106 of the most beloved street art photos from 2011 http://t.co/MNTmqlMB cc @artfinder
  1440. 2012-1-14 Duck on spinach & rösti. Drizzled with a cherry sauce. http://t.co/RdyKb4kE
  1441. 2012-1-14 @tkenny Dude. Dude. Time to watch Match of the day & worry about more important things ;)
  1442. 2012-1-13 Hilarious art annotations of art by Mark Dark - http://t.co/UiYMIbMC #fb
  1443. 2012-1-13 The Hungry Programmer http://t.co/QuANtOqe (via Instapaper)
  1444. 2012-1-13 I also did not realise today was Friday the 13th. Triskaidekaphobia! http://t.co/5s8b6kj4
  1445. 2012-1-13 @paulpod Hilarious is unfair, it's brilliant work that is full of knowledgable goodness. Here is that url again - http://t.co/UiYMIbMC
  1446. 2012-1-13 How rel=nofollow Works | Luigi Montanez http://t.co/2190qMEW (via Instapaper)
  1447. 2012-1-13 Sushi! http://t.co/OWJcL2G0
  1448. 2012-1-10 @edhenderson Odd… it's now okay on your site. Cloud front site image look brokens http://t.co/EvNNu46Y You see broken images there too?
  1449. 2012-1-10 I keep seeing a trend in the news & with the young folk. Missing off key words like, "the" and "a". Anyone else noticed this?
  1450. 2012-1-10 How about a MacBook Air for you & me? http://t.co/Oct8s8fK via @appsumo
  1451. 2012-1-10 @edhenderson Or maybe cloudfront is borked for me? http://t.co/EvNNu46Y - images not appearing.. odd!
  1452. 2012-1-10 @edhenderson Think you have a broken image there buddy.
  1453. 2012-1-10 Numbers. Explaining IRC. LOL. http://t.co/mFt2xsZy @smyther we never used to talk like that did we?
  1454. 2012-1-9 Microsoft. OpenType. Omfggggg it's a pretty site by MS. And new font features! http://t.co/kzVw1Uwx
  1455. 2012-1-7 Chinese reporter that will scream scream. http://t.co/TDPBL2Wm #chortle
  1456. 2012-1-7 @cwiss Just for you I will blog/put it on SlideShare.
  1457. 2012-1-7 @alistair Without milk right? And not dunking a biscuit into it either. *points at @salleeann & shakes head*
  1458. 2012-1-7 Real artists only use plastic spoons, cups & forks. http://t.co/ZcS1r8lo #fact cc @artfinder
  1459. 2012-1-7 Github for command line… (ps. it's in node) https://t.co/o0eMoZgS
  1460. 2012-1-7 @salleeann You weird English people. I bet you put cow's milk into your tea too.
  1461. 2012-1-7 @JakCharlton @robcthegeek And for the record I would like to see Ron Paul the musical.
  1462. 2012-1-7 @JakCharlton @robcthegeek It's a fair thing to wonder. Iraq a bigger war than Vietnam since WWII? Perhaps not..
  1463. 2012-1-7 @henrygarner Highfive-Highfive-Highfive!!!
  1464. 2012-1-7 @thehacksaw I'd argue you don't *need* to watch it. It's not like the air around you will suddenly dissipate!
  1465. 2012-1-7 @robcthegeek Perhaps you should get him as mascot for MOFLO? http://t.co/igByV4z7 Seeee what I did there? Eh? Eh? Eh? ;)
  1466. 2012-1-7 @henrygarner :] What's that you say you'll be doing? http://t.co/vEwNJGQQ
  1467. 2012-1-7 In 2002 Ron Paul made predictions of what was to come. He predicted correctly :/ http://t.co/TMarDVAW
  1468. 2012-1-7 Would like coffee to feel awake… but will resist temptation. This is how I look right now. http://t.co/yqViR3Iz
  1469. 2012-1-7 @JakCharlton @robcthegeek Barnum? http://t.co/gv6dQobZ
  1470. 2012-1-6 Some people are controversial with art they buy. Maybe you could something similar but nice? http://t.co/KEmOWx3e cc @artfinder
  1471. 2012-1-6 @cackhanded I have found a word I like more than verbose! Pithy :]
  1472. 2012-1-6 @simondoggett @rjmrgn @gaildoggett @miketreat @robpooke Hello. I miss you all too. Big hugs.
  1473. 2012-1-6 This is how we Asians roll when it comes to doing nice and fluffy stuff. http://t.co/VTCME217
  1474. 2012-1-5 Finished writing an introduction to styling for @Ursi82. This will reduce the, "can that be done in HTML5" question.
  1475. 2012-1-5 :( Wasabi. In. Eye. OMFG>G>GGDGGGG. Tears.
  1476. 2012-1-5 @micrypt This is the correct course of action. And you know, I love that stuff. The perfect complement for dim sum!
  1477. 2012-1-4 Watching Heston on 4. Steak. Amazingly well done thus far.
  1478. 2012-1-4 Under 20 people looked at yesterdays soup. If you're not eating soup, then you must be eating… more turkey? http://t.co/5J0wttnU
  1479. 2012-1-4 Salad and quiche from food for thought http://t.co/5DWogEqg
  1480. 2012-1-3 I'm going to be healthy today. http://t.co/mR4YnYol SOUP FOR LUNCH!!
  1481. 2012-1-3 Lady desperately in pursuit of hat. Today was not a good day to wear that was it :) #windy
  1482. 2012-1-3 http://t.co/xwx7kYvR <- like! :] (y)
  1483. 2012-1-2 Watching the Help.Disgusting that people in the 60's were unable to know right for wrong. http://t.co/IZsFacBx #recommended #movie
  1484. 2012-1-2 Watching kids expecting all computers to have Siri is interesting. Kind of like this: http://t.co/tKXPLjwf
  1485. 2012-1-1 This is how chilli con carne should look - http://t.co/L6tK8t61 :D
  1486. 2012-1-1 This sounds weird, but I am intensely excited about making potato cakes tomorrow with the mash potato from yesterday with TRUFFLE OIL. #food