1. 2013-12-25 RT @checkon_: 🎄🎅🎄 RT for a chance to win a table of 4 to one of our Sunday dinners! We will pick a legend at random! Good luck! http://t.co…
  2. 2013-12-23 @PouletRougeUK I don't know how you found me, but you look awesome. And tasty. Must go to you soon!
  3. 2013-12-21 @sainsburys No problem, thank you for finding that out for me Ray!
  4. 2013-12-21 @sainsburys Tried phoning Sainsburys Greenwich to ask if they sell oyster knifes, but no luck. Do you know?
  5. 2013-12-18 @utku @wiscombe @tuptup Especially appreciate that the colour swatches are named.
  6. 2013-12-18 @utku This one? :) http://t.co/aObyjLwlOt
  7. 2013-12-17 @andersfinn Glad you're enjoying them :)
  8. 2013-12-17 @scanditwitchen Great liquorice! Thank you for the tasting session :D
  9. 2013-12-16 @slackhq Is it possible to change the notification delay/not to fade out until clicked on? Or is this an OSX thing? :)
  10. 2013-12-15 @theribman I took a photo of that just yesterday - http://t.co/hGOt9qhfsr :)
  11. 2013-12-15 @theribman Got the sniffles. So hot water, ginger & bed for me. But some other lucky person will get it, they just need hawk eyes!
  12. 2013-12-10 @Stanto iPad is a nice device. I've still not found a good pen to work with it yet. Do still prefer paper for the feel/response of paper.
  13. 2013-12-10 @Stanto They do not. Any suggestions on note taking devices of wonderfully quality will be well received!
  14. 2013-12-8 @benastontweet Chrome profiles are a way of working around this. Create 'users' for use cases & set default pages.
  15. 2013-12-6 @stef @jongold ~/endorsements is 404ing & how can I draft/hide a test account on http://t.co/2xBLsAL696 ? :) I only signed up to try it! :P
  16. 2013-12-6 @stef that'd be great ta. I put on my profile I'm not looking, guess that's another thing ppl can do. Signed up in the pre-search days :)
  17. 2013-12-4 @benmason Have you not seen Apple doing just that very same 'orrible thing? http://t.co/upG4wXX7dV
  18. 2013-12-4 @benmason In some ways it's nice. In other ways it's annoying.
  19. 2013-12-4 @yaellevey This is what handbags and coat pockets are for. Also expecting phones to disappear in N years time.
  20. 2013-12-4 Just completed a 2.14 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! http://t.co/xKdJDRfyRC #RunKeeper
  21. 2013-12-3 @AndersFinn hello fellow Kai! Dm me or email me an address and I will send daim bar to said location :) merry Xmas.
  22. 2013-12-3 @jon_bedford The Internets says 2014, maybe April 2014. #GameofThrones
  23. 2013-12-3 @jon_bedford That was scand-alously bad, sorry. ;D
  24. 2013-12-3 @jon_bedford Free pun! Come and get your free pun! Between you, I and the Internets, it was a flat white.
  25. 2013-12-3 @BBCClick @LJRICH I want those ears so much! That and a wearable mood glowing sweater would be cool.
  26. 2013-12-3 @jon_bedford Hail to the king. It is winter after all.
  27. 2013-12-2 @simondoggett I tried the ascot and we were talking about it in the office. Think my scarf is too thick for it!
  28. 2013-12-2 @cwiss Might have to check it out on a day off! Worked yesterday at CitizenM, which was pricey but good location to remote/work at.
  29. 2013-12-2 @simondoggett I need you in my life as my style adviser.
  30. 2013-12-1 @theribman cannot find you :(
  31. 2013-12-1 @theribman was so good. Thank you sir!
  32. 2013-12-1 @theribman I'm searching for you now!
  33. 2013-12-1 @theribman are you at brick lane market?
  34. 2013-11-30 @fitbit When site in maintenance, it'd be nice to know in the iPhone app. Thought all my history had been deleted - no info at all given.
  35. 2013-11-29 @Scanditwitchen Swedish prisoner escapes.. to go to the dentist. Returns to prison afterwards - you Swedes! :D http://t.co/QqJ847Ou3J
  36. 2013-11-26 @wilcolley Pretty sure that quote is from that Dieter Goat chap or whats his name.
  37. 2013-11-23 @authy bluetooth app does not believe Bluetooth is turned on in OSX Mavericks. Is this a bug?
  38. 2013-11-20 @jon_bedford Time to unleash/call the bots. #spam #clothing #fashiong #charity #money #raising #robots #carnage
  39. 2013-11-20 @Izabel_blue @jon_bedford @justgiving So past Twitter. It's all about lite coins these days. #whoWantsToBeAMillionaire
  40. 2013-11-20 @jon_bedford If I start talking about monkeys & apes, then link to an article... we should be followed by a zoo bot! http://t.co/1TqpmKo6pl
  41. 2013-11-20 @jon_bedford @izabel_blue PM David Cameron teaches us how to use Twitter: http://t.co/OmPhuRjHIF
  42. 2013-11-19 @cackhanded Like! But don't know what line no. you're raging about!
  43. 2013-11-18 @Scanditwitchen Just realised and also didn't know you guys have it. How exciting, you all rock :D
  44. 2013-11-18 @omarqureshi Comic sans in uppercase. That's classy ;)
  45. 2013-11-15 @BeefandLiberty_ Will have to check out Hawker House tonight then! Anyone else that I know going?
  46. 2013-11-13 @neilkimmett Too afraid of the Beta stories to risk it. @cackhanded is brave though.
  47. 2013-11-13 @neilkimmett Just heard. Have told @robbevan to say hi to them.
  48. 2013-11-13 @cackhanded @neilkimmett Sublime Text 2 or 3? GitGutter is wunderbar!
  49. 2013-11-8 @dressipi So jel right not. I bet @robbevan wouldn't turn one down either.
  50. 2013-11-6 @almonk @utku TIL Android phones work like a REPL. Don't know what REPL is? - http://t.co/yG9RnPymFY
  51. 2013-11-3 @cwiss @burgermonday @alexpashby April 2014. That gives me long enough time to rest! :D
  52. 2013-10-31 @cwiss They're camping for the new iPad air!
  53. 2013-10-30 @robcthegeek Visual Studio?!? Emacs is where it is at bruh!
  54. 2013-10-29 @cackhanded (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
  55. 2013-10-26 @simondoggett Did you have to reinstall a ton of Homebrew libraries? Also not liking the WPA2 issues I've heard of https://t.co/sh5DYHgIlt
  56. 2013-10-24 @cwiss Trying not to think about it. Perhaps I've grown an allergy to burgers or something!
  57. 2013-10-24 @whatterz There's something very wrong with a class called: cup--glass__beer
  58. 2013-10-22 @rjmrgn Then you probably should have just kept quiet? Because it looks the complete opposite from someone else POV who doesn't follow you.
  59. 2013-10-22 @RJMrgn You retweeted his tweet and didn't CC him on that comment. Which from his POV, makes it look like you support him.
  60. 2013-10-22 @RJMrgn Maybe un-retweet and quote it without his twitter name?
  61. 2013-10-21 @cwiss Shoot me now.
  62. 2013-10-21 @cwiss "Feed me shoots! SHOOTS ME!!!"
  63. 2013-10-21 @alexpashby I got this. ALEX WAKE THE FUCK UP AND GO DO SOMETHING AWESOME! :D:D:D
  64. 2013-10-21 @neilkimmett I copy and pasted doh :P
  65. 2013-10-21 @Ardesco girl with the dragon tattoo. Goes from scripting in bash to Visual Basic. Unless that was in a dream.
  66. 2013-10-21 @cwiss I'm not a panda bear, if that's what you're trying to hint at. http://t.co/2Kkj4fubyg
  67. 2013-10-20 @thehacksaw All I'm reading here is "she is singing on X-Factor" and "she has good dress sense".
  68. 2013-10-20 @cwiss Get it? Fasting. Come to a halt! Terrible pun. I know :P
  69. 2013-10-20 @cwiss You're eating already? My fasting after the burger onslaught has still to come to a halt.
  70. 2013-10-20 @simondoggett I thought the storyline showing some people can learn English in the space of a single episode was pretty remarkable!
  71. 2013-10-20 @thehacksaw Oh. My. Gosh. I take it all back. Worst. Song. Ever.
  72. 2013-10-20 @thehacksaw All is forgiven ; )
  73. 2013-10-20 @thehacksaw We can’t be Twitter friends anymore.
  74. 2013-10-18 @cwiss the @pattyandbunjoe Miyagi burger was so different and my favourite :D
  75. 2013-10-18 @neilkimmett On thing though, lose the 'iOS' in Developer. ;) http://t.co/PjxaeepsAU
  76. 2013-10-18 @neilkimmett It's nice and clean :)
  77. 2013-10-17 @cwiss will be there when I get there! Walking to get hungry @LondonFoodFight
  78. 2013-10-17 @cwiss here!
  79. 2013-10-17 @cwiss it’s cold at the back of the queue!
  80. 2013-10-17 @cwiss seeking you!
  81. 2013-10-17 @cwiss keep going! Every burger you eat, helps the queue go down!
  82. 2013-10-16 @copybymatt Is the transcribe up yet? Is it up yet? :)
  83. 2013-10-16 @kaichanvong https://t.co/bEGKvjrD8E is also cool because - look no fees.
  84. 2013-10-15 @copybymatt http://t.co/jbCWXsTK2q was the site I saw that made me think of copywriting. :) Gl on the transcribing!
  85. 2013-10-15 @cwiss on my way now!
  86. 2013-10-15 @cwiss Btw, here's something I just knocked up :) http://t.co/YfQzcppUiw
  87. 2013-10-15 @cwiss Done and done!
  88. 2013-10-15 @cwiss Hahaha, I can only just keep up. Added! :P
  89. 2013-10-15 @utku will I get a hug?
  90. 2013-10-15 @FrontEndLondon Tickets sold out instantly. Wtffff.
  91. 2013-10-15 @FrontEndLondon I'll try to be there. So not to be square. And if I don't get a ticket. I'm writing a bot to get future tickets.
  92. 2013-10-15 @restreitinho "Brace yourselves for the spammers…" if you turn it on.
  93. 2013-10-15 @warriorgrrl Could have been worse right? It could have been "You should go on the Voice" ;)
  94. 2013-10-12 @david_whitney Not sure if morse code or some form of typo ;)
  95. 2013-10-11 @simondoggett @marcberryreid Bought my first stuff online from ASOS. Was a nice experience. Maybe Mr. Porter next. Peacoats huh? COool.
  96. 2013-10-11 @david_whitney Code dojo. Sign up! http://t.co/BzdhaSVUEm
  97. 2013-10-10 @richmarr @teabass Seriously. Can imagine the elevator pitch: "Elevators are for people from the 90's."
  98. 2013-10-10 @Izabel_blue @jon_bedford If you haven’t already, you should both listen to the latest episode of BBC podcast Digital human.
  99. 2013-10-10 @richmarr @teabass mozzarella mozzarella mozzarella mozzarella mozzarella. Darn it Rich, you know I can't resist that!
  100. 2013-10-10 @richmarr @teabass I'm not sure why I put seriously before that sentance. Seriously.
  101. 2013-10-9 @Izabel_blue I’m just quoting a speaker :)
  102. 2013-10-9 @timruffles Usability metrics, write down a bunch of tasks like, "Motherfucker logs in. He posts a message to the messageboard."
  103. 2013-10-8 @Nadia_Zawawi @rkhooks TIL Nyonya Malay food is a thing :) http://t.co/OKQkw9fkIo
  104. 2013-10-8 @victoria_glass Maybe @dressipi can help you, never thought about matching aprons with an outfit!
  105. 2013-10-8 @kaichanvong Course lasts 4 - 6 hours. Neat.
  106. 2013-10-8 @MaxTemkin What's the deal with the Werewolf cards?
  107. 2013-10-8 @rkhooks @PenguinUKBooks Any plans to do a recipe book/TV show around Chinese/Malaysian cooking? #KhooandA
  108. 2013-10-7 @cwiss Just yielded to the burger overlords, for day 2 of the great suffering. :)
  109. 2013-10-7 @david_whitney Can never get 'nuff of you ol' buddy :D
  110. 2013-10-7 @bekibutton *hug*
  111. 2013-10-7 @cwiss I need to see how the first one goes and if I survive that. You're a brave man. I'll see if I can be brave :|
  112. 2013-10-7 @cwiss You know who will be on to you! Which did you go for? A full ticket?!?
  113. 2013-10-7 @riklomas Great! Would be good to meet you and we can continue our debate about 'newbies' and being 'nerdy' ;)
  114. 2013-10-7 @cwiss Yup, gonna go. Sounds like it could be good. Was the last one good? @designandbanter PS. Thanks for dinner Saturday, it was awesome.
  115. 2013-10-7 @riklomas “too nerdy”, lazy way of not debating any real issue. Try it yourself - install python, run command, forward ip to url in hosts.
  116. 2013-10-7 @riklomas get everyone to install Python then this:$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 You could even bat script it for n00bs.
  117. 2013-10-7 @riklomas ah! Now I understand. The problem you have is you’re not using a server. Python is the answer here. It has a simple server.
  118. 2013-10-7 @david_whitney Next code dojo, lets pair? :D
  119. 2013-10-6 @riklomas Look at anvil. It isn’t perfect but might help those individuals. But seriously, don’t help people fear the CLI.
  120. 2013-10-6 @riklomas That just sounds crazy! Don’t fully understand the problem with typekit that you’re explaining, but I’ll just trust you on that :)
  121. 2013-10-6 @riklomas Why not teach/introduce said people to host files and Google?
  122. 2013-10-4 @paulpod Heh. What are you using? Wonder what would happen if everyone were to boycott Adobe. Never gonna happen.
  123. 2013-10-4 @paulpod A thousand magpies cried!
  124. 2013-10-4 @Stanto I did, hence that tweet?
  125. 2013-10-3 @Scanditwitchen Blue please. I'll come get it now! :D
  126. 2013-10-3 @Scanditwitchen Yes please! :D
  127. 2013-10-3 @Scanditwitchen I was (partly) named after my mother's penpal's ex-boyfriend from Sweden :)
  128. 2013-10-1 @cwiss Cya Saturday :D
  129. 2013-10-1 @cwiss Link me up!
  130. 2013-10-1 @cwiss Booked!
  131. 2013-10-1 @cwiss HAHAHAHAH. Good job ;) Let's keep it between us and the burgers!
  132. 2013-10-1 @renate Pancakes!!! Want! :(
  133. 2013-9-30 @cwiss @jongold And wtf is with the green/red buttons on screen being in opposite positions to the pad? Keep having to ignore it.
  134. 2013-9-30 @cwiss Yup to xbox. Will take a selfie with it in tonight. LOL :P
  135. 2013-9-30 @alexpashby Not seen you in a while now. Tea and cake or something cool sometime soon? :D
  136. 2013-9-30 @cwiss Believe so! Will be in contact soon :)
  137. 2013-9-30 @cwiss @jongold So excited about it. So excited about it. So excited about it. Bought GTAV, *just* to recreate whatever happens afterwards.
  138. 2013-9-29 @jongold That's brilliant! I haven't seen Carlos Valderama for ages either.
  139. 2013-9-29 @jongold Chilavert used to take free kicks and penalties. Did not know of a keeper who dribbled lots, although Barthez was quite a showboat.
  140. 2013-9-28 @cedmax Great talk. One thing you should have mentioned is Uncle Bob's book, you mentioned him but not the Clean coder! @FrontEndLondon
  141. 2013-9-28 @cedmax @FrontEndLondon The only negative to that book is it’s rotten (written auto completed) in Java.
  142. 2013-9-28 @jongold Great talk on generalism. Don’t forget Chilavert! The goalkeeper who scores from free kicks. Although he is not Dutch :(
  143. 2013-9-24 @thattommyhall Ditto. I thought I'd been mucking about with some Chrome settings whilst drunk or something :P
  144. 2013-9-23 @GeneraLinds The @ft redirect links are stupid. All links get redirected via their paywall. :(
  145. 2013-9-22 @eatlikeagirl Don't mean to be pedantic, but there could be. Some clients hide/remove tweets to create less noise.
  146. 2013-9-22 @eatlikeagirl I didn't think it was obvious. I Didn't know about it til I saw someone tweet about removed their own @name for said purpose.
  147. 2013-9-22 @eatlikeagirl That's like saying footnotes and figures in books are for lazy people :D
  148. 2013-9-22 @eatlikeagirl To group tweets you can also reply to your own last tweet, then remove you @name.
  149. 2013-9-22 @eatlikeagirl Sure you can. But replying to your own specific tweet creates a connection so there can be no confusion
  150. 2013-9-22 @eatlikeagirl And all Twitter clients create an actual visual example so you can see the connection.
  151. 2013-9-22 @eatlikeagirl *Big hug* Yup true, don't suppose what I said would help you if people are outright too lazy to think :)
  152. 2013-9-22 @kaichanvong :) Anyways, I will shut up about it now and get back to my Sunday. Have a nice day!
  153. 2013-9-22 @eatlikeagirl No disrespect was meant, I just thought it was cool and useful :)
  154. 2013-9-18 @amazonuk Just updated an address for a delivery, then got 6 emails with the same message to confirming this update.
  155. 2013-9-18 @EmailonAcid Our account is called 'dressipi', would be great to have some free credits! Thanks :)
  156. 2013-9-17 @alexpashby Yay. Glad you think they're cool. Not done much photography in the past year or two. Hope to get back into it soon :)
  157. 2013-9-17 @Whatleydude Sup bruh!
  158. 2013-9-15 @alexpashby doh! Was there earlier today. There’ll always be next week :)
  159. 2013-9-15 @alexpashby I didn’t! Went to get some clothes and order a new dishwasher.
  160. 2013-9-13 @BBCClick podcast is brilliant. Walking sharks back to a boat. Parachuting bears. Electronic car sharing.
  161. 2013-9-11 @neilkimmett And that is quite simply the most wonderful and true combination of words that describes them. "f*ing magical"
  162. 2013-9-11 RT @alexnguk: Gareth Bale earns more while on the toilet than you do in a week ... http://t.co/oYVEgtZk9X
  163. 2013-9-11 @CharmianGriffin @neilkimmett I've not been to a music thing in ages. We should get Kingston & co, n' go to a gig or whatever you call em'
  164. 2013-9-11 @neilkimmett Dun mata dus it. YOLO.
  165. 2013-9-11 @neilkimmett You also make me realise I have been Americanised: http://t.co/LVXmvqmguF
  166. 2013-9-11 @neilkimmett I get told off when I swear. Must try not to be too potty mouth :)
  167. 2013-9-11 @simondoggett I don't trust Sony to do Internet features correctly. That scares me more than anything.
  168. 2013-9-11 @simondoggett :) Everyone is different. I long to play games against other people. You desire the fortress of solitudal BOOM.
  169. 2013-9-11 @simondoggett PS4 or XbOne? :)
  170. 2013-9-10 @omarqureshi I still owe you food! Out tonight with the Dressipi team tonight otherwise would repay the favour.
  171. 2013-9-9 @jon_bedford Amost texted you about the poached meringues last night but then thought Rosa may not appreciate! Their floats > yours.
  172. 2013-9-7 @alexpashby 30 minutes seems like ample time to enjoy that @motherflipperuk burger :) Eat it slow and mindfully: http://t.co/WcEtKPvILc
  173. 2013-9-7 @alexpashby Can’t do today sadly! But next weekend you might see a familiar face or two :D
  174. 2013-9-6 @jon_bedford LAN parties involve not sleeping. I intend to sleep. Imagine kid sometimes creates a LAN ‘party’ like environment ;)
  175. 2013-9-6 @jon_bedford You have no idea. No idea at all!
  176. 2013-9-6 @jon_bedford Except I’m not playing. Just watching. But it’s like the FA Cup final is playing. With Milwall and Wigan.
  177. 2013-9-5 @jon_bedford @david_whitney guess I should check in then too.
  178. 2013-9-4 @micrypt @Stanto And now we can have tangents were you can literally see one another’s train of thought.
  179. 2013-9-4 @simondoggett Go read Jake's response :P
  180. 2013-9-4 @simondoggett Happens in every topic, everywhere. It's nothing new or special. Just go to any article, scroll to comments.
  181. 2013-9-4 @Stanto £10 for you amigo!
  182. 2013-9-4 @micrypt @Stanto it’s a new design feature called ‘Blue lines’. The name kinda of sounds wrong.
  183. 2013-9-3 @proactivepaul thanks for your help! Now the proud owner of an uno + parts ^^
  184. 2013-9-3 @micrypt Just playing/learning, I've only done a tiny bit with a Minimus that @stanto gave me :D
  185. 2013-9-2 @neilkimmett You're utterly wonderful.
  186. 2013-9-1 @riklomas Thank you sir, those two links are very useful ^_^
  187. 2013-8-31 @smyther It's so weird seeing a tiny, female you :D. cc @jahnut
  188. 2013-8-30 RT @idiot: It's Friday. Stop doing work and start playing with cat kaleidoscopes. http://t.co/5u3i6Wuelf
  189. 2013-8-30 @jon_bedford Remember this song? :D :D :D :D http://t.co/rwMKPFXrFt
  190. 2013-8-29 @sarahluv81 Does subscription to said museum mailing list cost a bomb? :D
  191. 2013-8-29 @Stanto Top right section distracted me. Didn't understand the hand icon in the top right and how you can drag the desktop. Wtf?! *Googles*
  192. 2013-8-29 @david_whitney Btw, thanks for your suggestion yesterday. It worked. Happy last day. You're awesome. LOVE YOU DUDE! :D
  193. 2013-8-28 @Stanto I'm a terrible human being.
  194. 2013-8-28 @Stanto Always on! :D
  195. 2013-8-28 @Ardesco Muscle memory slows me down from using that. I associate CMD&Q with quitting an application/quit!
  196. 2013-8-28 @Stanto @micrypt See my last tweet (the re-tweet).
  197. 2013-8-28 @micrypt @stanto I don't… under..stand...
  198. 2013-8-28 @Stanto virtual machines are wonderful like that :P
  199. 2013-8-27 @omarqureshi Gotta say, that's one incredibly good tip! :D Part of my issue was that my right CMD button was bound to Start.
  200. 2013-8-26 @richmarr I'm up for that!
  201. 2013-8-25 @sjzara whether or not they were gods/aliens, is something up for debate! Have you read enough Thor to know if that was ever used?
  202. 2013-8-25 @sjzara some interesting debate can be found here: http://t.co/gYwaawGZVS
  203. 2013-8-25 @mrlerone On toast or crackers?
  204. 2013-8-25 @sjzara Asgard is a mythical place where they all considered themselves ‘gods’, hence their great feasts and magnificent battles.
  205. 2013-8-25 @omarqureshi I was once considered nuts by people for having that very same view. Also didn’t see the appeal.
  206. 2013-8-25 @smyther Have you tried it? Going to investigate and see if it is any good.
  207. 2013-8-24 @timberners_lee talks a lot of sense. http://t.co/qQCe8Q0cUa wish other devs would be more compassionate about understanding this problem.
  208. 2013-8-19 @johannakoll I could murder a glass of that. Oh wait…
  209. 2013-8-19 @eatlikeagirl OOoh just seem new yummy things I didn't see before. Increasing pledge amount for @_projectbacon :D
  210. 2013-8-16 @micrypt Subscription? No. I picked up a copy.
  211. 2013-8-15 @smokehouseN1 great food though! Highly recommended :) cc @alexpashby
  212. 2013-8-15 @smokehouseN1 Feedback was 3rd roast potato would be lovely, corn on cob moved to the sides or sat on a pig’s head and more smoke!
  213. 2013-8-15 @alexpashby I have a ton of work to do :( Sorry pal, next week should be a bit better?
  214. 2013-8-15 @robcthegeek 2 or 4 ;))
  215. 2013-8-15 @robcthegeek spaces or tabs ;)
  216. 2013-8-13 @kaigani What an amazing way of teaching through creativity/visualisation.
  217. 2013-8-13 @kaigani When I was a kid I first saw that idea used by comics: http://t.co/Vl151nBsCd http://t.co/qdtpQuTBHX
  218. 2013-8-13 @thomas_britton Looks like Pret have changed parts of their site! I should look into it…/move over to the new version.
  219. 2013-8-13 @kaigani http://t.co/mGAYoALKjh http://t.co/zAhBF6NUUb http://t.co/uo8Lh4xUR2
  220. 2013-8-13 @kaigani Even better, just use Google Images ;) https://t.co/DZS98NrCG4
  221. 2013-8-13 @kaigani I remember a few others… Mountain and Horse at some point. If you go to the archive and look for calligraphy you'll see a few more.
  222. 2013-8-12 @stanto & @j1mmyg88 please build something (hint hint) nice and take a photo it and self soon!
  223. 2013-8-11 @Stanto @j1mmyg88 have you completed your animals yet?
  224. 2013-8-11 @Stanto Be was bought by sky… I’ve heard Plusnet gone downhill.
  225. 2013-8-10 @ifenn I’m going to name a slow fry-baking technique after you and will let you know the results.
  226. 2013-8-10 @simondoggett “Dear bacon, please can you strip off in the oven and do laps to support some form of freedom of speech”.
  227. 2013-8-10 @simondoggett using the oven to suck out moisture from the bacon like a piggy sweat room! Duly noted.
  228. 2013-8-9 @robcthegeek Backbone! Angular and Ember create far too much yuck.
  229. 2013-8-8 @david_whitney Good Jobs that was awful.
  230. 2013-8-8 @samsalisbury STOP GOD DAMN ENDORSING ME! #linkedin #rage ;)
  231. 2013-8-8 @david_whitney Probably helps I thought the original wasn't too bad :P
  232. 2013-8-8 @david_whitney I'm not going to listen to anything now. That's how bad that was.
  233. 2013-8-7 @Izabel_blue I had that stuff as a kid and some of the stylists here similar stuff for lunch!
  234. 2013-8-7 @Izabel_blue Baby yogurt. Sounds amazing. Smaller, more concentrated flavours of yumminess. Want.
  235. 2013-8-7 @elliottkember GOD ELLIOT NOW YOU'RE TAKING IT NATIONAL?!?! ;) Ps. Gj.
  236. 2013-8-7 @RichMillington Yup. This is how I feel about _everything_ people want to sweep under the carpet.
  237. 2013-8-6 @j1mmyg88 Voicemail is switched off… now starting to get angry people.
  238. 2013-8-6 @Stanto I have. It doesn’t seem like that though.
  239. 2013-8-6 @Stanto I know it is o2’s fault because I’ve turned off my voicemail yet still get voicemail.
  240. 2013-8-6 @Stanto I have tried talking to o2.
  241. 2013-8-6 @elliottkember One person's "secure" is another person's "omfg, I could abuse that".
  242. 2013-8-5 @j1mmyg88 another day, another person saying I’ve phoned them. Voicemail back off.
  243. 2013-8-4 @j1mmyg88 cheers - someone’s suggested it might be a scam from 3 different numbers. Might blog it incase it’s something dodgy that!
  244. 2013-8-4 @j1mmyg88 Cheers! Will let you know if that stops it. Latest msg is an old lady from Aberdeen!
  245. 2013-8-4 @j1mmyg88 Few more people leaving messages on my voicemail. This is insane!
  246. 2013-8-4 @j1mmyg88 My O2 voicemail is being filled up by randoms saying I phoned them. Just been told to restart my voice mail. Wtf is this madness?
  247. 2013-8-3 @robcthegeek kind of related, this might interest you https://t.co/TzNVs0LT3f
  248. 2013-8-3 @Stanto Oh look what I just discovered. http://t.co/Kil9b6H2Qt ruby & roomba :)
  249. 2013-8-3 @Stanto They did at one point - http://t.co/3uIIdHj8aY
  250. 2013-8-3 @Stanto Yup, that's how my work pays for mine. CS2 or something is free though. On OSX there's lots of cheaper alternatives e.g. Sketch.
  251. 2013-8-3 @Stanto guess CC stands for creative cloud.
  252. 2013-8-2 @jahnut @smyther That kid is being targeted by agencies to buy all the kinder eggs possible!
  253. 2013-8-2 @robcthegeek Don't think I used brew for ZSH... :)
  254. 2013-8-2 @robcthegeek Was a few weeks ago, I used OhMyZSH- https://t.co/LRieSGKsBG
  255. 2013-8-2 @robcthegeek Yup, that's how mine is. ⚡ ~ which zsh /bin/zsh
  256. 2013-8-2 @RJMrgn @simondoggett The legal thing is one thing. The way racist vigilantes can justify with that is another.
  257. 2013-8-2 @RJMrgn @simondoggett My cousin was attacked outside of her house by white racists. She is 25, works, lived in England all her life.
  258. 2013-8-2 @jahnut Does kid realise it though? Kids are pretty smart these days. cc @smyther
  259. 2013-8-1 @Stanto hi hi!
  260. 2013-8-1 @Stanto Unless it is that way because of rat poison. Mmmmm, wood pigeon riddled with rat poison.
  261. 2013-8-1 @smyther @jahnut @rogueski This is what I wanted to learn and know, thanks!
  262. 2013-8-1 @smyther Why is it that @MissSmyther (I forget her alias) won't let the kid watch Peppa Pig? cc @Rogueski
  263. 2013-7-31 @kaigani @micrypt @nickdonnelly It's a very rewarding watch!
  264. 2013-7-30 @RJMrgn Some people may like that kind of thing. One thing the net has taught me, is there are so many people just waiting to be connected!
  265. 2013-7-30 @RJMrgn Devil is in thé détail hère mon ami. If it's a white rhino then there is more chance you could carry out that promise!
  266. 2013-7-30 @RJMrgn Because "I am going to rape you with a unicorn" doesn't sound threatening. But what if it were a narwhal?
  267. 2013-7-30 @RJMrgn Sure, 'cos the internet helps you differentiate who is real and who is not.
  268. 2013-7-30 @Stanto Exactly that. Circle of troll feeding. The media suck at knowing what to cover & what to not. Junk food news. People loves it.
  269. 2013-7-30 @Stanto Yup. News sucks. But sadly it is so _important_ in our world we should not ignore it but fix it.
  270. 2013-7-30 @kaigani You can have my git tower license if you like, I don't use it :)
  271. 2013-7-30 @micrypt @kaigani @farez GitX is minimal and nice. But Command line > All, Linus knows best!
  272. 2013-7-30 “Good discovery comes from: editors, robots and friends.” - @jemimakiss
  273. 2013-7-29 @j1mmyg88 like pure luck?
  274. 2013-7-29 @david_whitney Have you read the Penny Arcade article 'bout Phil Fish? Might be of interest re: trolls/abuse. http://t.co/QnQK0SDyP8
  275. 2013-7-28 @Stanto @j1mmyg88 All pandas are born neutered in the mind. So no operations were required. Thankfully.
  276. 2013-7-28 @j1mmyg88 @Stanto From here on, Panda shall be named ‘Panda no mates’.
  277. 2013-7-28 @j1mmyg88 @Stanto An hour today, an hour last night looking at the pieces, sorting them out. One blob of suguru glue for the nose.
  278. 2013-7-28 @j1mmyg88 @Stanto DM me your addresses and I will send you friends to build. Wooden, animal power rangers.
  279. 2013-7-27 @HEllisonWright Yo. Don't rush into being a grown up :) Enjoy your freedom, play and figure out what it is you want to do/are.
  280. 2013-7-26 @Rogueski I for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords.
  281. 2013-7-26 @redturtleltd Speaking of which, have you tried Nitrous? It's great for TDD in the cloud, wanna play? :D https://t.co/PPcQxPfwql
  282. 2013-7-26 @redturtleltd I will know if you don't try it :p
  283. 2013-7-26 @redturtleltd *nods*
  284. 2013-7-25 @victoria_glass *shakes head* If it isn't whiskey, it isn't a late night aid… but then who are the Internets to judge! :D
  285. 2013-7-25 @smyther Isn't that the same logo as in Zelda? http://t.co/uWxi49UIqb
  286. 2013-7-22 @eatlikeagirl has launched her bacon kick starter project. You must back this. http://t.co/K2FiDXVU1Y :D
  287. 2013-7-22 @nashienet Deleted the tweet because who know, people will take me seriously and quote me. SIGH.
  288. 2013-7-22 @jon_bedford - wow cool! :D Shout if you need help. @stanto at #hackedio made me want a BeagleBone http://t.co/MEC8FR3F1v They look so good
  289. 2013-7-22 @nashienet As we all know, education around anything, not bans are the way to help people with things. Vogue politics.
  290. 2013-7-21 @stanto thank you for the minimus 32 you gave me also :) It'll be fun to play with it - just need to pick up some other little bits :D
  291. 2013-7-21 @jon_bedford I recorded the end of it. Probably up somewhere else too! https://t.co/W41sNqtMU9 #hackedio
  292. 2013-7-20 RT @TossedRacoon: .@msuster @kevinrose You help a guy train for Dancing With The Stars then he botches the finisher and posts it on YouTube…
  293. 2013-7-20 @Stanto talk to @cbetta. Also, Cristiano - can I get a free repo?
  294. 2013-7-16 @Stanto We need to deploy something fast to Heroku in first few minutes of Hacked. I want a t-shirt :P
  295. 2013-7-16 @PortalMCU @natalietheo @raspberry_pi @robbevan No soldering required in assembly of cam + pi. It's not going to be an apple product!
  296. 2013-7-16 @jon_bedford And now I want a curry. #making paprika sweet potato & fish fingers. 🙏🎣🍟👦
  297. 2013-7-16 @Stanto Don't worry. It'll be the _best_ever_ hello world app and will take 10 minutes :P
  298. 2013-7-15 @Dressipi quoted in the DailyMail today - http://t.co/ZCYLPpxpwF
  299. 2013-7-14 @Stanto Uploading my first time-lapse video from raspi Graeae! :D What shall we make at HackedIO? :D
  300. 2013-7-14 @Stanto No nothing in mind. But would be interested in something garden or food or practical for home use. Chat ideas on Friday over a beer?
  301. 2013-7-13 @Stanto :) Looks like an mp3 player, is that all so far? More coming soon? :P
  302. 2013-7-13 @Stanto Did not notice that ^^ weren’t the buttons red and the d-pad grey or something?
  303. 2013-7-13 @Stanto I had a gameboy a long time ago, but remember it well! Talk to you about it next week :P
  304. 2013-7-13 @natalietheo TIL clones exist 😭😭😱😅 of Rachel Khoo. Add L’s to the end of first name to denote clone number.
  305. 2013-7-13 @natalietheo Totally. I've set up a repository so other people can clone her and.. stuff. https://t.co/RfNo0JgkDb
  306. 2013-7-13 @Stanto @wedgebear Cooool. What've you done to it? :)
  307. 2013-7-13 @natalietheo That doesn't look like the Rachel(l) Khoo we all know and love! #food #food #food #food #food
  308. 2013-7-12 @neilkimmett Hehe. I think you're not the only one to have that that happened? :)
  309. 2013-7-12 @neilkimmett Knew that moustache would get you in trouble. Perhaps your mastery of disguise confused sysops. *offers hug*
  310. 2013-7-12 @Stanto On that note, here is a Friday quote : http://t.co/B3tNIWfiHw
  311. 2013-7-11 @Cennydd @simondoggett +1 But slight adjustment: "What one can learn from (burger) restaurant menus."
  312. 2013-7-10 @wilcolley @simondoggett No honest burger? http://t.co/L0FQymNqPB cc. @fglc2 @oskrinda #burgerReviewScandal
  313. 2013-7-9 @robbevan One can only wonder!
  314. 2013-7-7 @adamphillips nope, this is sparkling wine from the USA, Illinois.
  315. 2013-7-5 @Stanto more exercise or sleep.
  316. 2013-7-5 @Stanto 'Hurt' is in the mind, your mind is not you. Disconnect yourself from the 'pain' and turn it into something productive/good! :)
  317. 2013-7-2 @Ardesco :V Keeping you on your toes yo. 'Cos ya never know what life is gonna throw your way!
  318. 2013-6-30 @thehacksaw Tis not my website to A-B test with. Just playing about, wondering what y'all think :)
  319. 2013-6-29 @neilkimmett Snap. Also now using Dash for great documentations for Sublime/Alfred. In place of Alfred search ^_^. 60% off!
  320. 2013-6-29 @Whatleydude Yup the dog edition. It is just one of the most beautifully written/though out comic I've seen in a long time.
  321. 2013-6-29 @almonk Do you know that your Tumblr site needs a hug?
  322. 2013-6-29 @Whatleydude Open it and you cannot go back. Oh and also Hawkeye 11 was amazing right?
  323. 2013-6-28 @cwiss That would be cool! I've already been offered tickets by a friend, so yes for @TruckStopLDN cc @ursi82
  324. 2013-6-28 @alexpashby street feast was awesome. Such good food! Thanks for the heads up.
  325. 2013-6-26 @Jess_Ledbetter Very happy for you :) Tis sad laws like exist, but progress is better than none! ✨ 💖 👬 ✨ 💖 ✨ 👭 💖 ✨
  326. 2013-6-26 @neilkimmett you bet your PAAS that @heroku is good!
  327. 2013-6-20 @behoff Go wild. http://t.co/Ky0CvwWR6d
  328. 2013-6-20 In Cantonese, ‘hodor’ means “a lot”.
  329. 2013-6-20 @sophdea I heart game of throne made of swords! I hodor heart it!
  330. 2013-6-13 @Whatleydude Cya there buddy! #wearefive
  331. 2013-6-12 @kyro Didn't see anything on your github, a linkedIn profile or anything. Do you has these? cc @micrypt
  332. 2013-6-10 @simondoggett It's official, @KristianNairn is my favourite in GoT. Hodor!
  333. 2013-6-10 @PRISM_NSA @Ardesco Don't worry buddy, that's what hyperlinks & friends were invented for. Join the dots, you'll figure it out soon enough!
  334. 2013-6-10 @benrmatthews Congrats! You should add a link to HN comments, there's lots of good suggestion there: https://t.co/SJLhGFl3iT
  335. 2013-6-10 @benrmatthews Perhaps you should write about becoming the new, younger and slightly more approachable Richard Stallman :D
  336. 2013-6-10 @Stanto Foolish human. Questioning the capabilities of the humble, yet majestical narwhal.
  337. 2013-6-9 @selfagency Contemplated following @_nothingtohide until I realised I don't enjoy listening to stupid people saying silly things :D
  338. 2013-6-9 While Yeoman is great, I wanted something to help me fully grok Grunt better and parts of using nodejs that I didn't know about.
  339. 2013-6-9 RT @selfagency: If you think Twitter’s pissed about the #NSA scandal, just wait til tonight’s episode of #GoT.
  340. 2013-6-9 @selfagency So I followed you instead. You sound like a sensible human being.
  341. 2013-6-8 @kaigani Sup fellow Kai. How do I hear your talk on Vine? :D
  342. 2013-6-8 @robbevan It's magic! http://t.co/Owp5secPJ3
  343. 2013-6-6 @Stanto @micrypt Tis one other thing that they want to kill off using the net. One day all these dinosaurs will die. Sadly, so will we.
  344. 2013-6-6 @PRISM_NSA Would love an invite. Oh wait… I bet we're all signed up already. Much thanks.
  345. 2013-6-5 @tkenny Sketch. It's the new photoshop! Give it a chance. So so good for quick prototype/vector design work.
  346. 2013-6-5 @micrypt @stanto Pre-order both for just £1,199.98
  347. 2013-6-5 @micrypt @stanto Since when did computer games become just under £100?!?!
  348. 2013-6-4 @DanSHolden Thanking you muchly :)
  349. 2013-6-4 @DanSHolden @david_k_clark You're using one of my photos (http://t.co/YZGulla0Kg), attribution please, see: http://t.co/6ae7MrvSvr
  350. 2013-6-4 @DanSHolden Well this is how @lifehacker attributed me: http://t.co/u1MHN0czQB :)
  351. 2013-5-31 @MsSaraKelly Here's a video of how to set the price limit on Dressipi - https://t.co/6btDacJrXd Hope it helps you :)
  352. 2013-5-30 @davestone This is Twitter, I just wanted to see what other people are using/have used :) cc @tkenny
  353. 2013-5-30 @abizern Have tried Keynote. Hover is my main issue with it.
  354. 2013-5-30 @abizern For building an interactive prototype? I've been using it as a Fireworks replacement.
  355. 2013-5-30 @tkenny @protoio Their https certificate looks broken. Regardless, it looks interesting. Will have a play later. Merci Tom!
  356. 2013-5-30 @protoio Looks like 'https issue' was caused by log in pre-verified & redirected to http://t.co/gB1IWXGkql and not http://t.co/DkMsDWAbIs
  357. 2013-5-29 @kaichanvong Aliased. Now I just need to remember what I've aliased it to. `PullBundleMigrate` :P
  358. 2013-5-28 @aral If there is no thinking, workings or calculations by either side then something is wrong.
  359. 2013-5-28 @aral Building a design should start with design/dev sharing workings out, thinkings and calculations. Then it would be less a problem.
  360. 2013-5-28 @simondoggett @richmarr HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU(s), HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU(s), Happy birthday dear Simon, And Richard too
  361. 2013-5-28 @simondoggett @richmarr Thanking you both :D
  362. 2013-5-25 @Stanto small town girl, livin’ in a lonely worldddddd. :D Now you have that song stuck in you head. Now think Elton. Are you readdyy. 👯
  363. 2013-5-25 @Stanto All you need is a theme song. Start with Rocky, move to Journey - don’t stop believing and it don’t matter what you wear. Just a..
  364. 2013-5-22 @victoria_glass Not for me, my uncle asked about doing it. And he's very, very good! :D
  365. 2013-5-21 @victoria_glass You're awesome! Thanks :D
  366. 2013-5-21 @victoria_glass Do you remember a long time ago you mentioned about a restaurant you can cook at? Do you remember the name? Merci! :)
  367. 2013-5-16 TIL: Currently reading this: http://t.co/DrJkEYoSUF thanks to @FOTSN
  368. 2013-5-15 Enjoyed @fotsn - Festival of the Spoken Nerd. You should go check it out! http://t.co/RBg9udwzjz
  369. 2013-5-13 iOS7 is the new Windows 8? http://t.co/AIZ5beC5Ps cc @tkenny ;)
  370. 2013-5-13 @RichMillington The word 'only' followed but the percentage '99' sounds weird and wrong.
  371. 2013-5-11 @Whatleydude Thanks for reminding me! :) Need to book my ticket.
  372. 2013-5-10 @burlistic Living the dream! :D
  373. 2013-5-8 @paulpod This title made me chuckle - http://t.co/Z4Za5yt7xX I have a license for tower I don't use anymore if you'd like it.
  374. 2013-5-8 @tkenny the code was documented and published by the MDN - https://t.co/9O3lOaUQui
  375. 2013-5-8 @paulpod I love the command line too much to use tower :) … drop me a dm with your email and I'll forward you it!
  376. 2013-5-7 Watching @fglc2 go slightly more red, the more he eats his sushi.
  377. 2013-5-6 And then I discover it is written in Fsharp. Not sure I want to spend time getting it to work on my mac.
  378. 2013-5-6 That was RE: World's first 3D printed gun. http://t.co/QnaSQDCMVY
  379. 2013-5-6 @robcthegeek I don’t know of anything that does everything magically… maybe that should be a thing!
  380. 2013-5-6 @robcthegeek adobe have a few apps that live reload or look at livereload & test in multiple browser instances?
  381. 2013-5-5 @robcthegeek Premailer is what you want? https://t.co/l6GMVCA0pl See the website too if you don't want to use the gem.
  382. 2013-5-3 @simondoggett I Heart this! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥
  383. 2013-5-2 @noamso would love to read the story of how you answer it and how it changes over time!
  384. 2013-5-2 @omarqureshi Wow http://t.co/3b6nQ5JEHA site looks nice. // looks at code // Not too bad either…
  385. 2013-5-2 @acton @yaellevey You might get more replies if you add a time range and a location. Good luck! Help the Internet to help you! :D
  386. 2013-5-2 @robcthegeek @yaellevey "I used to think you were like an abominable snowman. Now I just think you're a friendly abominable snowman."
  387. 2013-5-2 @simondoggett "My CSS decisions..? Visability: hidden!" *wonders off*
  388. 2013-5-2 @robbevan Good point! Shared :D
  389. 2013-5-2 @omarqureshi Makes me wonder who Martha is though! .martha-nav, .martha…
  390. 2013-5-1 @Jack_Franklin Neat. Have you seen the Hike gem? It might be useful for keeping up to date with your directories. https://t.co/DLXUjDRyyE
  391. 2013-5-1 @kaigani Language is abused so much. You could reply, "from a biased user in your head's perspective?"
  392. 2013-4-30 @smyther Matz is nice, so we are nice too.
  393. 2013-4-30 @smyther I refuse to get it :) Reading the Rspec book on my commute! And… learning vim for fun.
  394. 2013-4-30 @smyther Theme hospital? :)
  395. 2013-4-29 @Stanto I had some… it went bad :( Did it help you with your crusade though Buffy?
  396. 2013-4-29 @fglc2 wondering why you’re staring at the ceiling…
  397. 2013-4-29 @Stanto all I read in that tweet was, “I’m so scared of vampires. Don’t let the vampires get me”
  398. 2013-4-29 @fglc2 you should stroke Ronnie and tell him a Ruby Hero stroke brings good luck, great fortune and even better chances with the ladies!
  399. 2013-4-29 @fglc2 just seen you on tv! :D
  400. 2013-4-29 @ohmohi @charmiangriffin @jen_bayne Finally. Real things I can hi-5 in the air.
  401. 2013-4-29 @ohmohi @charmiangriffin @jen_bayne See - http://t.co/eFDChujJXP for example
  402. 2013-4-28 @robcthegeek Going to have to try this @elance thing. It sounds great.
  403. 2013-4-28 @Stanto More garlic?!? How much would you suggest? On side note, oh boy have I discovered some yummy foods to try cooking.
  404. 2013-4-28 @nelstrom Thanks. Funnily enuff I did see @vimlondon on my gander at the Google campus events list. Now on the wait list :)
  405. 2013-4-26 Really should use the reply to feature more often to make clear what my thoughts are on Twitter :)
  406. 2013-4-26 Tis a shame we can be negative creatures. Easy to do. Let us think the best of each other, not be negative, think and ask questions.
  407. 2013-4-26 @tkenny And it could be worse. You could be J J Bieber. https://t.co/DO2Qe2DYgB
  408. 2013-4-26 @tkenny True. If only we all had IP6 style names to solve this type of issue! :D http://t.co/wcWDkfPgcC
  409. 2013-4-26 @hackedio Well replied on the assumption made by @narcotk. Assumptions - They make an ass out of you and me :)
  410. 2013-4-26 @tkenny Perhaps some of them might be trolling you to get a reaction? :)
  411. 2013-4-26 @bekibutton Show off! :D
  412. 2013-4-24 A better fix (RE: last tweet) for sublime ruby version is to set your env in the sl ruby build pref, see: http://t.co/juUsXZrWmI
  413. 2013-4-24 @sophdea Watching Mad Men? Mad men is good. #tv #recommendations
  414. 2013-4-23 @badrobotHQ Totes!
  415. 2013-4-23 @tall_rich one size fits all!
  416. 2013-4-22 @benhowdle @jack_franklin Have you read the origin of the dot file? - https://t.co/iAl2Lur6HF
  417. 2013-4-22 @victoria_glass Really well! Thanks for sharing it on the blog. I used about 180g of Roquefort & a bit of Unami paste.
  418. 2013-4-20 @fglc2 is a hero, helping out at #railsgirlsldn encouraging the Rails & Ruby community to build great stuffs :D
  419. 2013-4-19 @Whatleydude 150 people! I didn't realise @gdsteam was so big. Regardless they're doing great work. http://t.co/ABULumCqCX
  420. 2013-4-19 @simondoggett This place is good buddy - http://t.co/MhV2BKL8sb
  421. 2013-4-18 @david_whitney This is everything that sucks about people in general (self included). But then all these things are often easier to said.
  422. 2013-4-18 @Ardesco LTS == 'Long Term Support'? I hate abbreviations. Only random out of context.
  423. 2013-4-18 @bekibutton :D Why would you get offended? Nothing wrong with high standards!
  424. 2013-4-18 @david_whitney But surely you cannot form an opinion of something without then judging others based on that?
  425. 2013-4-18 @david_whitney :P I'll always judge things, that's only natural… But hiding it/controlling it is healthy for all :)
  426. 2013-4-18 @david_whitney But then this is where being pragmatic about things is ultimately the best way, rather than dogmatic. Right?
  427. 2013-4-17 https://t.co/2SZJ1oefJ5 Star Wars: Parks and Recreation.
  428. 2013-4-16 @CharmianGriffin I don't know what you think it is!
  429. 2013-4-16 @CharmianGriffin Evil Computer from 2013 - Sally. I could give you the reference but it might ruin a movie for you!
  430. 2013-4-13 @smyther Hawkeye bro, hawkeye.
  431. 2013-4-13 @jaylett @mnowster @thayer Would pay good money for a music video in Prodigy - Smack my… style of @jaylett crashing various conf drinks. ^_^
  432. 2013-4-12 Traffic. Caused purely by humans unable to continue driving without slowing down to look at an accident. #motorways #m56
  433. 2013-4-12 Neat. Better console logging tips - http://t.co/gx28z5Ekhb
  434. 2013-4-11 Overturned car on the motorway, driver ahead infatuated with the scene, stops to look. Almost crashed into them. Humans shouldn’t drive.
  435. 2013-4-10 Why do minor little typos like your and you’re bug me? I think it’s because I make them lots to <- That annoys you to..o right? Cc @Rogueski
  436. 2013-4-10 @Stanto Compatibility can be a bit annoying at times. eg. acceptable file names
  437. 2013-4-10 @Stanto X = random string for file name. I just giving an example plus thinking devils advocate for how people might feel supporting both.
  438. 2013-4-10 @Stanto @wideawakewesley Filenames are an issue for syncing up between devices. Windows won't allow X, Linux does. Confusion ensues.
  439. 2013-4-9 @benhowdle Does that whole thread not just look like someone with mental health issues that should seek help?
  440. 2013-4-9 @mnowster @jcoglan @Jack_Franklin It’s a rails js testing framework. I wasn’t suggesting to use it with something else!
  441. 2013-4-9 @yaellevey @juanmata10 Spooky, someone I know from @dressipi tweeted the same umbrella photo 3 days ago. http://t.co/wkWwSd5vzy
  442. 2013-4-9 @whatterz Blog. Post. It. Please :)
  443. 2013-4-9 @jon_bedford @richmarr Someone, somewhere is making a Tumblr site out of photos with alternate/hidden meanings based on your comments :P
  444. 2013-4-9 @mnowster Testing JS. This will probably be the only time I ever say this Mazz, Teabag! https://t.co/kGB5Q0xiYQ cc @jack_franklin @jcoglan
  445. 2013-4-8 Off to my first LRUG tonight. Looking forward to talks on security & listening to something not Rails, Padrino. http://t.co/3zo0GyQvDl
  446. 2013-4-6 Heading home. Had a great time at Ruby Manor listening to all the talks.
  447. 2013-4-6 Everything I know about design, I learned from StarCraft http://t.co/78JlAl62dx
  448. 2013-4-5 @natalietheoblog do you know of a similar dress/the one Jasmine was wearing in TOWIE @ Joey and Sam’s engagement party?
  449. 2013-4-5 @redturtleltd Well… tickets are available on 10th, so I'll try. I've been to most of the others but it's so tough getting a place.
  450. 2013-4-4 @FoluB did you guys have to drink red bull at meetings? :D just heard an interesting story about how red bull lite came about!
  451. 2013-4-4 @FoluB I heard sugar free came out because one of the guys at a meeting couldn’t drink red bull because they had diabetes! Any truth in it?
  452. 2013-4-3 @david_whitney Your tweets. So fucking good.
  453. 2013-4-3 @romiem About 7 years ago lol
  454. 2013-4-3 @romiem it never went out of fashion!
  455. 2013-4-2 @sophdea @bekibutton you should add that on to the end of every telling off you give you kid! :D cc @jon_bedford
  456. 2013-4-2 @restreitinho has written an helpful system to reading using the magic number, 3. http://t.co/hfErwbkeZO
  457. 2013-4-1 @dressipi - can we buy these for the guys in the office? http://t.co/g0gRAcWmMr cc @robbevan @fglc2
  458. 2013-3-31 @david_whitney Heard you say Mumford and sons. http://t.co/ZmGV3Db6I4
  459. 2013-3-31 @robbevan has enabled me to discover this http://t.co/ftKGVecrEe Thanks Rob! RE: NSApplicationMain
  460. 2013-3-30 @david_whitney ‘Tis cos some people like the mega corny and trashyness of it. I agree it isn’t great television.
  461. 2013-3-28 iPhones (or other mobile gadget) have replaced smoking. Just look around, you could easily swap a mobile device for a cigarette.
  462. 2013-3-25 @alindeman Was just about to find the link and repost it with your name. :)
  463. 2013-3-25 @yaellevey @iamcalledrob Dangerous triangle shaped food… discuss! http://t.co/XxlgBAoKzB
  464. 2013-3-22 @benhowdle @jack_franklin :) Sure not purposely. Tis one thing to sit and plan how to explain something, another to do it impromptu, non?
  465. 2013-3-22 @romiem Source maps means you can do it with CoffeeScript & SASS.
  466. 2013-3-22 @omarqureshi yarakyo is back?!!!
  467. 2013-3-22 @benhowdle @jack_franklin Thanks - that's great stuff. Look forward to listening to the next http://t.co/wFSXoNTBqN Keep up the good work :)
  468. 2013-3-22 @romiem It is in Chrome. LiveReload or use Canary with - http://t.co/N8fk0K424O
  469. 2013-3-22 And now I'm being followed by a twitter bot that is tweeting me mouse photos. GREAT.
  470. 2013-3-22 @Jack_Franklin On a side note, could @benhowdle be a little louder? :) He goes silent/like a mouse when I get on the underground.
  471. 2013-3-21 @starcarbon Someone I know would always say, "Trix is for rabbits." http://t.co/35NX00P40U
  472. 2013-3-21 Really gotta stop asking friends, "how's tricks".
  473. 2013-3-21 @fglc2 @theburgeraddict They're not hipsters! Just normal human beings wanting to document a(n important) part of their life… :D
  474. 2013-3-21 @robbevan @jaggeree I keep getting a cold and become too weak to do the standing desk… then get to lazy to do it :(
  475. 2013-3-18 @jon_bedford I wanna hear more puns. @Whatleydude
  476. 2013-3-18 @jon_bedford @whatleydude *shakes head at pun* I think you should be jelly disappointed with that pun.
  477. 2013-3-17 @smyther maybe It's because of the spaces in my Chrome path… :) … trying out now! :D
  478. 2013-3-17 @bgstrowger Also getting bad @bbc reception in North Greenwich for past few weeks on & off. http://t.co/aSae2HbH5l <- didn't help much
  479. 2013-3-17 Our hero @ProfBrianCox has turned to alcohol. Oh how the mighty fall.
  480. 2013-3-17 @gaildoggett YEAHHHH MARKDOWN :D What are you looking at using? I've switched to Jekyll + Markdown for self hosted blogging simplicity!
  481. 2013-3-17 @smyther Getting a weird error trying to use it. https://t.co/OQaRLC4SAz
  482. 2013-3-16 @natalietheoblog Happy birthday fellow March hare! :D
  483. 2013-3-16 @david_whitney /wonders to look at own stats/
  484. 2013-3-16 @david_whitney Wooohooo! 5 times in 2010, 2 times in all the other years. #home #cooking #ftw
  485. 2013-3-15 @jon_bedford when one person tweets about it, it’s a suggestion. Two, a sign. #chinese #proverb
  486. 2013-3-14 @tkenny maybe he’s had an eye operation and would rather not freak out little kids?
  487. 2013-3-14 @Rogueski @stanto I used to use netvibes all the time. What a blast from the past.
  488. 2013-3-14 @rkhooks @oskrinda is from Latvia and lives in England. His English is great and he'd be good!
  489. 2013-3-12 @LeaVerou is amazing. http://t.co/YCmhfw4RtX CSS 3 Patterns for backgrounds.
  490. 2013-3-10 @nitinhayaran A quick bit of googling @backbone_js shows it's not in @yeoman *yet*. See https://t.co/yMKARhaHNf cc @addyosmani
  491. 2013-3-8 @Rogueski Guess not to some people ;) I think they compared it to a Chevrolet too.
  492. 2013-3-8 @Rogueski A review on Amazon states instead of buying SimCityV, you should give money to someone to punch you. Bit melodramatic :D
  493. 2013-3-7 @tkenny Have you seen Amazon have stopped selling it too? http://t.co/nZio9QsaV2
  494. 2013-3-7 This is cool http://t.co/ZoWXNSIEP3 #lyrics #twitter #musicvideo via @kzhu
  495. 2013-3-6 Time to rush to get back in time to have a beer with grandpa. Queue song.
  496. 2013-3-6 @iamcalledrob "#{root_url}/thread/10446/866" # ^_^
  497. 2013-3-6 @richmarr You best! http://t.co/UUb0FYfKmF :D
  498. 2013-3-6 @richmarr You never did got back to me about the dinner invite! :(
  499. 2013-3-6 @richmarr @jon_bedford You're such a nerd :p /clicks read later/ http://t.co/4Z1uJgtCip
  500. 2013-3-6 @jon_bedford @richmarr That's going to be my weekend project for my Jekyll blog/site :) http://t.co/hRF9OEubne
  501. 2013-3-6 @richmarr @jon_bedford I try to write it 3rd person… then it feels like I'm role playing the doofus writing the bio.
  502. 2013-3-6 @isofarro Thanks, I appreciate your comments.
  503. 2013-3-6 @neilkimmett Someone always visits hacker news. I blame @iamcalledrob.
  504. 2013-3-6 @neilkimmett Did you tell her off in a nice way and end it in a hug?
  505. 2013-3-6 @neilkimmett big hugs bro. Don’t let the woman get ya down.
  506. 2013-3-6 @isofarro I think if someone has a problem it’s better for everyone to understand exactly why. I have a few caveats to that statement :P
  507. 2013-3-6 @jon_bedford @richmarr Never seen V for Vendetta?
  508. 2013-3-4 @elliotjaystocks @_domw 1 in 3. http://t.co/0RT98Ycp6z
  509. 2013-3-4 I wish people would learn to spell my name right. 3 letters guys. 3 letters!
  510. 2013-3-4 @adactio Perhaps. I just wonder what it would be like to have a conference specifically targeted at people with really similar experiences.
  511. 2013-3-4 @adactio It would never be as good as a Jeremy Keith conference :) I did not mean to offend. Simply leave my thinkings on digital ink.
  512. 2013-3-4 @adactio And yes, I respect that the Responsive Day Out was hand curated for a reason and incredibly good. I did not say otherwise.
  513. 2013-3-4 Wrote about responsive design, @clearleft's responsive day out and conferences at the weekend. http://t.co/cazw1bCSJf Thoughts please? :)
  514. 2013-3-4 @adactio I was referring in part to my suggestion of using haml/sass and whether more tips would be applicable depending on people’s roles.
  515. 2013-3-4 @adactio here's my post on a responsive day out http://t.co/cazw1bCSJf
  516. 2013-3-4 @bekibutton Not many, but enough to urk me. I am not this: http://t.co/bPaFRD1UJ9
  517. 2013-3-3 Pushed live. My thoughts on responsive design, conferences and a Responsive Day out. http://t.co/cazw1bCSJf
  518. 2013-3-3 Margret Thatcher invented the ice cream behind the 99 flake. Hmmmm.
  519. 2013-3-3 @david_whitney I didn't say it was a unit test. You have nothing to test yet :P So I suggested a silly integration test to see if it starts.
  520. 2013-3-3 @david_whitney So assert service == 200 && service !== 502 ;)
  521. 2013-3-3 @david_whitney I find the easiest way to understand what something is doing is from tests! :D … … <3 TDD, Hate doing TDD :D
  522. 2013-3-3 @david_whitney I imagine more frameworks to more like Yeoman in the future. http://t.co/eghWfREQtE
  523. 2013-3-3 @david_whitney With all frameworks I feel like this. Start with simple app using something like Sinatra. End up rebuilding rails5 :P
  524. 2013-3-3 I can see I might spend weeks refining this post. So many thoughts. So hard to stop them all fighting with one another.
  525. 2013-3-3 @david_whitney Why is it called… ah! https://t.co/Jgy3FkAn2c ;)
  526. 2013-3-3 @david_whitney Going to stab in the dark and guess/ask if that's due to time, hassle, lack of planning? :) Pragmatic is best no?
  527. 2013-3-3 @david_whitney Not built an API… but on hearing that, MVC sounds like the wrong tool choice. Just happens to be there & convenient. Non?
  528. 2013-3-2 Rise of the artist. http://t.co/07xqQvxegP
  529. 2013-3-2 @isofarro This is now 3 people I know using Yodel delivering poor results. Sorry pun :P
  530. 2013-3-1 @Ardesco As you season long testers might call it, “unforeseen design feature”.
  531. 2013-3-1 Hi ho hi ho it’s off to Brighton I go… #responsivedayout
  532. 2013-2-28 "You know that baddie in HomeAlone. The fat one. WIth a hat on, I look like him." One of our stylists :D
  533. 2013-2-28 @richmarr You misunderstood, I was quoting the stylist. She looks nothing like him imo! :D
  534. 2013-2-28 @FrontEndLondon Will there be pizza tonight? :D
  535. 2013-2-28 @jon_bedford It's a very common Japanese custom to say thank you :)
  536. 2013-2-28 @jon_bedford My parents had a similar experience. The next time they saw the nice man they gave him a present from England.
  537. 2013-2-28 @jon_bedford Last time Aya visited - she's a younger Japanese friend, Tom and I just bought her fish and chips! :)
  538. 2013-2-28 @jon_bedford It's just a way to show thanks for something. Am sure you'd be genuinely surprised and thankful & that would be nice for them.
  539. 2013-2-28 @jon_bedford When I climbed fuji, near the top I wanted to die. This family helped me out with water + oxygen. http://t.co/Br5UZUxfF2
  540. 2013-2-28 @jon_bedford I gave Matsuko a little mini bottle of courvoisier I was going to have as a thank you :)
  541. 2013-2-28 @jon_bedford I'm sure they'd like dairy milk :)
  542. 2013-2-28 @jon_bedford I saw you linked it before. Going to use the map + my birthday day off to play treasure hunt the kndness! ;)
  543. 2013-2-28 @tkenny Images in a string base64 encoded format. A browser then decodes it.
  544. 2013-2-28 @LJRICH The Google and Bing JavaScript. 'tgabjs'.
  545. 2013-2-28 @FrontEndLondon Thanks for another great night of talks! :) Keep up the good work.
  546. 2013-2-28 Reading Japanese gift etiquette http://t.co/sSxAIvQ487 cc @jon_bedford
  547. 2013-2-28 Looking forward to responsive day out tomorrow. Who else will be there? :)
  548. 2013-2-27 @thomas_britton I don't make em! :)
  549. 2013-2-27 @david_whitney Preferred the earlier, more simple documentation ;)
  550. 2013-2-27 @thomas_britton I did. http://t.co/b6l495w7Y8 - New version coming soon.
  551. 2013-2-27 @thomas_britton @paulpod Enjoying the meatballs. You get the pulled pork and we can compare notes!
  552. 2013-2-26 @paulpod Perhaps! Doesn't work with dynamic values yet and I like named mixins for hiding calculations behind a named function.
  553. 2013-2-26 Last night I did a little screencast showing the difference between using git reset --hard & --soft http://t.co/Rbwp4kPijh
  554. 2013-2-26 I have control of the speakers in the @dressipi office. "I knew you were trouble when you walked in". #swift
  555. 2013-2-26 My specs look good and work almost finished. This means it's time to go to sleep! :D
  556. 2013-2-26 Reading about some new CSS features… http://t.co/TcTGBbPm8y
  557. 2013-2-24 Pad Thai - The Morning News http://t.co/Os2oiFtLT1 (via Instapaper)
  558. 2013-2-24 It's Sunday morning and this is my morning happy song :) http://t.co/3bvRGTpUjD
  559. 2013-2-24 All the Harry Potter frames from all the movies condensed into one picture. Light to dark. http://t.co/7CWRTDnysv #patterns #film
  560. 2013-2-23 Japanese showing us how to move homes correctly. http://t.co/WffMTovcGI
  561. 2013-2-23 RT @robbevan: @kaichanvong surprisingly fascinating history of Pad Thai. http://t.co/4dy2J9YCFZ (via @stevesilberman)
  562. 2013-2-23 @honosutomo Wait for it… ^_^ http://t.co/8MYsXelLMP
  563. 2013-2-22 Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed http://t.co/C6muVSqz9F (via Instapaper)
  564. 2013-2-22 @mrlerone I like your blog. It is very good! :)
  565. 2013-2-22 @mrlerone I like you too. I'd like that. :)
  566. 2013-2-22 "Thank you for the music. For giving it to me." #abba. The @dressipi office is a bliss of nice music and happiness :)
  567. 2013-2-22 @Whatleydude I want to hangout with you guys and wear a tux :(
  568. 2013-2-22 @david_whitney ^_^
  569. 2013-2-22 @david_whitney but yes defo up for going out for drinks etc soon! :)
  570. 2013-2-22 @david_whitney It is nice music! :p You know me, I've very broad with my music tastes. I wanna see Coheed live again. :|
  571. 2013-2-21 @psd The work on Gov.uk is fantastic! The Gov.Uk team look to be doing a great job :)
  572. 2013-2-20 @jon_bedford @richmarr #irresistable … there's always a down side to the tube :D
  573. 2013-2-19 Incase you didn't know, it's national chip week. http://t.co/wdYr0zi2
  574. 2013-2-18 @petrh #144 :) http://t.co/MiM5Xoxh
  575. 2013-2-18 @Alfie Your knee jerked a bit quick there? :) #blackmirror
  576. 2013-2-18 Fashion. http://t.co/oDHb3PyP
  577. 2013-2-17 @petrh This seems relevant http://t.co/XB5oMsTe #perl
  578. 2013-2-16 @fglc2 Just another reason big industries need to be disrupted. What a waste of money.
  579. 2013-2-16 @Stanto So… have you tried Mountain Dew with whiskey? http://t.co/yhmbc1nS
  580. 2013-2-15 @simondoggett Big hugs coming your way buddy. Big hugs. You're gonna need 'em.
  581. 2013-2-15 @fglc2 On side note. Selina said she watched Prof. Brian Cox was convinced you and him are the same person.
  582. 2013-2-15 @jaylett Oh I always grow my own!
  583. 2013-2-15 Always dread reaching the cashier during my groceries shop. What if I offend this person’s religion with my purchase of beef or pork.
  584. 2013-2-15 @LJRICH :D Are your notes/urls on how to build an iPhone recharger available anywhere? RE: http://t.co/yQXZ3NmA
  585. 2013-2-14 @leasimpson see you met Albert the friendly taxi driver. Aka the serial Twitter harvester of souls.
  586. 2013-2-14 @leasimpson In hindsight it does seem a fair exchange for unlimited taxi journeys.
  587. 2013-2-13 @angelsk *blows trumpet*
  588. 2013-2-12 @ifenn This is where we discover that they are an airplane pilot.
  589. 2013-2-12 @edvaizey coming to realisation that the Internet & Television are not all that different. In the future we won't know the difference.
  590. 2013-2-11 @kaigani When do you use semicolons in HTML? Hence fourth you shall be known as HTML ASCII code boy! :D
  591. 2013-2-11 @kaigani Wouldn't say it's perfect, everything has pros and cons/work arounds vs. HTML. :)
  592. 2013-2-11 @kaigani Slim isn't too far away from HAML & we've started moving bits to it + I use it in my spare time.
  593. 2013-2-11 @kaigani It took me a while to get used to HAML. I tried it for a week and disliked it. I've been working with it for a year now & love it.
  594. 2013-2-11 @kaigani That's why we have view helpers. And poorly mixed in logic can be done poorly in HTML too…
  595. 2013-2-11 @kaigani Slim is a mess? You'd probably dislike writing in Chinese too ;) All tools have their place if you understand the author's intent.
  596. 2013-2-11 @kaigani No idea if we're talking about the same thing. You're not talking the HAML markup alternative? http://t.co/l6Vf5IKY
  597. 2013-2-10 @wilcolley Unlike some nations, Chinese people learned that lead poisoning is bad.
  598. 2013-2-9 @victoria_glass Here's my uncle disappointing the family, by sharing a closely guarded secret. http://t.co/DwYNrDvX
  599. 2013-2-9 @victoria_glass Sesame prawn toast. How very Chinese :P
  600. 2013-2-9 Discovering the After Hours Gaming League. For companies/startups to play SC2 :) http://t.co/jLgkAHws
  601. 2013-2-9 @MarcBerryReid I like it. Very catchy. Hard to forget to prefix the location and motorway with "Yo"
  602. 2013-2-7 @o2 is it possible to send blocked/unknown numbers straight to voicemail?
  603. 2013-2-7 Racist jibes prompt Saga to scrap its social network ‘Facebook for the over 50s’ – Telegraph Blogs http://t.co/R7p2Qhwr
  604. 2013-2-7 @neilkimmett You know it's a book? Highly recommend it. Tis very good. http://t.co/fB6aT3XJ
  605. 2013-2-6 @wilcolley icon fonts ftw! Then base-64 encoded for super speedy awesomeness. http://t.co/4VQBvhSB
  606. 2013-2-6 @thattommyhall You didn't let anyone down. It was an good talk. Many people never give back to the community, so be proud of what you did.
  607. 2013-2-6 Glad to see my MP voted for the bill yesterday. Also didn't vote for him. Find out how your mp voted: http://t.co/x8l6Wp2v cc @fgcl2
  608. 2013-2-5 Looking at Discourse. An open-source 'discussion destination around projects/apps' http://t.co/771YDLif
  609. 2013-2-5 Interesting video from the Guardian about the benefits debate. http://t.co/mkugOOVG
  610. 2013-2-5 Hubot. Enforcer of scrums. Guardian of lunch time. Provider of dubious images from Google.
  611. 2013-2-5 javascript - Why does Google prepend while(1); to their JSON responses? - Stack Overflow http://t.co/Ro0zbC74 (via Instapaper)
  612. 2013-2-4 @natbentley it’s a command line history command that executes the last command. This is cool: ‘git checkout -’, like 'cd -’
  613. 2013-2-4 @natbentley !!
  614. 2013-2-4 @tkenny And those screams are like that of someone drowning in a sea. I have no idea where you're drowning so cannot help. :D
  615. 2013-2-4 @tkenny What errors are you getting?
  616. 2013-2-4 @tkenny Tis not really that much different from any other version control. If you struggle with command line - try http://t.co/QuM6sfjR
  617. 2013-2-4 @tkenny Stage your changes using `add`, to add everything: git add . Then commit it with a note about what it is, git commit -m 'My message'
  618. 2013-2-4 @natbentley CTRL + R > !!
  619. 2013-2-3 @simondoggett Go 49ers! :D
  620. 2013-2-3 Excited that @charltonbrooker's Black Mirror will be returning. http://t.co/rgGWt2Hs
  621. 2013-2-3 @pixelmator That's brilliant! Really looking forward to the next update. Thanks for making such great software :)
  622. 2013-2-3 @pengibot I remember the days I could just walk up some stairs and you'd reply, "What do you want Kai?"
  623. 2013-2-3 The Quokka, the happiest, friendliest animal in the world. http://t.co/pebQfhlU
  624. 2013-2-3 @pengibot Love how you reply 10 days later! In the same time 2 new frameworks have been released.
  625. 2013-2-2 @burlistic Don't you worry if LastPass goes that's everything? I prefer 1Password for that reason.
  626. 2013-2-2 @ifenn Just realised you fly about more than I have hot meals.
  627. 2013-2-2 @ifenn Doesn't gmail filter out 90% of the spam?
  628. 2013-2-2 @ifenn It's only going to keep happening more often too. Time to set up the 2-factor validation on Google! http://t.co/t6839W4X
  629. 2013-2-2 Feel sorry for the Twitter team. While most of us are nursing sore heads from one too many glass of wine, they'll be working.
  630. 2013-2-2 So someone out there has my old random 28 characters password that only works for Twitter in encrypted/salt format. Heh.
  631. 2013-2-2 Twitter hacked. That's why I got the password reset etc. http://t.co/jKRt5nBP
  632. 2013-2-2 @burlistic I just wanted my passwords stored on my devices (which I believe to be more secure) rather than a farm of passwords.
  633. 2013-2-2 @burlistic Perhaps I'm wrong and storing them with LastPass is better.
  634. 2013-2-2 @tkenny Think it's been *better* than PES for a long time. Full of bugs/hacks though. How come so late to trying it? Don't try demos?
  635. 2013-2-2 @bbedit @bimal_tailor I take back my comment about BBEdit, perhaps I confused it with TextWrangler/an older version. Lots of nice features.
  636. 2013-2-1 @paulpod It's coming soon! I've been writing a script to bring over the history of soups + a re-write of the site :)
  637. 2013-2-1 @Ardesco You mean Heart of the Swarm beta right? Wings of Liberty is now 2 years old!
  638. 2013-2-1 @Ardesco I will wait! :)
  639. 2013-2-1 RT @pipmew: The @dressipi office is getting a makeover! http://t.co/kwFHZfFO
  640. 2013-1-31 Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years (http://t.co/tlkdLU27) http://t.co/5sKDjT1B An image because the BBC site is annoying.
  641. 2013-1-31 Stupid BBC. Making your content unavailable because you have to be outside of the UK and seeing adverts.
  642. 2013-1-31 Off to hacker news talks! Hopefully see some of you there ^^
  643. 2013-1-31 Loving using @pixelmator - when using transform, to resize a layer, the image blurs. Is the only way to resize the image first?
  644. 2013-1-30 @paulpod 'Cept for, like, those other ones. Y'know?
  645. 2013-1-30 @paulpod 30 days have September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31!
  646. 2013-1-30 @jiamins See http://t.co/EI9lM9OG ?
  647. 2013-1-30 @fglc2 is testing the Moves app by jumping up & down. http://t.co/tXFJbWb9
  648. 2013-1-30 @1uella Having a runny nose is a pretty rubbish feeling too. :D Agree to disagree, as Ron would say Anchorman.
  649. 2013-1-30 @1uella :PPPP Smileys don't have feelings! We do, we use them to convey feelings. :[
  650. 2013-1-30 @1uella 3 vs. 2 characters! Might as just well writing *smile*
  651. 2013-1-30 @1uella Unless your smiley comes from a robot/monster :]
  652. 2013-1-30 Tonight I re-download minecraft and visit this fine replica of Kings Landing. http://t.co/XXxILtIF #GameOfThrones #IceAndFire
  653. 2013-1-30 @ifenn Make it stop.
  654. 2013-1-29 @bimal_tailor Depends what you're working on, hobby/paid project - drop me an email and I'll have a think :)
  655. 2013-1-29 @bimal_tailor Afraid I've got a few of my own projects on at the moment. Thanks for asking though :)
  656. 2013-1-29 Amazing part of the Aaron Swartz memorial http://t.co/2Ft3lxVY
  657. 2013-1-29 @bimal_tailor Yup, tested BBEdit a long time ago. It sucked in comparison to Sublime Text or Vim :D
  658. 2013-1-29 Wooo new Sublime Text 3 in Beta. Boooo it'll cost money. http://t.co/rcoTEidU
  659. 2013-1-29 @smyther I did try Angular JS too… and I'm going to look at Ember JS. :D Oh how hindsight would be a blissful though.
  660. 2013-1-29 @smyther 3 mins 43 seconds to discover if you'd have hated Angular or not :D
  661. 2013-1-29 @smyther Really? Hmmm… Promise it. JavaScript promise it.
  662. 2013-1-29 Les Mean Girls. My favourite movie finally up to date as a musical. http://t.co/nVKwJ0sR
  663. 2013-1-29 Singing the chicken wing afternoon delight song. "Gonna have me a bucket o' chicken wings, gonna be all spicy, warm to help me sing,"
  664. 2013-1-29 @bbedit @bimal_tailor Lack of command palette/search (so I don't have to commit shortcuts to memory), Git & other packages on Sublime.
  665. 2013-1-29 InstaCode. Like Instapaper, for your code and hipster developers. http://t.co/j1V3SYdc
  666. 2013-1-29 RT @firebox: We're experimenting with Vine, or at least indulging our love of .gifs. Anyone else making tiny (non-pornographic) movies?
  667. 2013-1-29 @bimal_tailor Why don't you go to a hack weekend to work on it? You're bound to meet interesting people for fun projects.
  668. 2013-1-28 writings/published/understanding-backbone.md at master · kjbekkelund/writings · GitHub http://t.co/qe5OYNiA (via Instapaper)
  669. 2013-1-28 @O2 It was for approx an hour this morning, I tried through my laptop (not on 3g) + mobile (not on wifi).
  670. 2013-1-27 @Stanto You don't spin on it? Not sure the answer. And no, the question was what Josh was asking Michael.
  671. 2013-1-27 Bbc 2 - Wonders of life with @ProfBrianCox. Brilliant stuff.
  672. 2013-1-27 Lincoln. First he fixed the vampires. Then equality. Highly recommend watching the 2 movies back to back.
  673. 2013-1-27 Not sure if heroku api was down for everyone or just specially for me. Seems back up now though!
  674. 2013-1-26 @bekibutton I’ve been warned not to read it. Got enough to read as it is atm anyways!
  675. 2013-1-26 Best way to get any Asian out their shell in an interview. Ask us about food. #sc2 #ironsquidii
  676. 2013-1-26 @day9tv in Paris. He's dancing. It's the final. And he's talking in French. Wtfffffff. http://t.co/hw0Q3vn1 #SC2
  677. 2013-1-26 Orchestra! #sc2 For the final. Wow this is awesome. http://t.co/hw0Q3vn1
  678. 2013-1-26 #SC2 Iron Squid Chapter 2 finals start soon. http://t.co/hw0Q3vn1
  679. 2013-1-26 @lizsmith24 We have robots in space taking photos so everyone can help do an inventory. Why not do something similar in the amazon?
  680. 2013-1-26 @lizsmith24 Storing books in the trees as apposed to the cloud. I like it!
  681. 2013-1-26 Guess it was only a matter of time - United States Sentencing Commission website hacked (http://t.co/OL5EVn3R) http://t.co/0R3k5QEs
  682. 2013-1-26 @bekibutton I have not! From what I heard from fellow men, it scares me.
  683. 2013-1-26 @lizsmith24 Robonauts! http://t.co/vMMp4Kmt
  684. 2013-1-25 @molbac wait for the karaoke. Not a real Chinese New Year until your relatives/friends are singing spice girls and Bon Jovi out of tune.
  685. 2013-1-25 @molbac It's not until February the 10th no? My family usually gamble lots on this game: http://t.co/ec07IBXo Perhaps iPhone it? :D
  686. 2013-1-25 “@simonapps: Why did men stop wearing high heels? http://t.co/xSWU3zIL” cc @dressipi & @natalietheoblog
  687. 2013-1-25 RT @Whatleydude: After an experienced community manager with a flare for wit, and an interest in football. Know someone looking to move? ...
  688. 2013-1-25 Dressing up for charity normally requires looking silly right? Not with @dressipi's help! http://t.co/IojWZ40K cc @JustGiving @jon_bedford
  689. 2013-1-25 Dean Baker: Aaron Swartz, Financial Fraud and the Justice Department http://t.co/vqoz3ung (via Instapaper)
  690. 2013-1-25 @Izabel_blue In 20 years time you should show her that tweet, and point out it is her turn to repay the favo(u)r! :D
  691. 2013-1-24 Something you should totally 'buy' from Amazon. http://t.co/odMTPr3m
  692. 2013-1-24 Okay evening play with Angular done. It's very quick to make things with. Tomorrow night I play with Backbone.js :D
  693. 2013-1-24 @pengibot Not tried knockout. Interested in just getting the gist of Ember, BackBone and maybe one other.
  694. 2013-1-24 @kaigani Interesting… but there are links in that thing! Also, think @smyther did that back in the 90's :)
  695. 2013-1-24 @pengibot What have you tried using so far? Why did you like knockout? I read that it is nice & simple.
  696. 2013-1-24 @kaigani @smyther True, he probably did it in HTML 4.01 strict with CSS2.
  697. 2013-1-24 Be careful people and think before you share. id_rsa keys on Github: https://t.co/0QposEbG
  698. 2013-1-23 @yaellevey And this is all presuming being hyper sensitive to wifi waves actually is real!
  699. 2013-1-23 @elliottkember I download from there a lot ^^. Sup? Hehehe. 😎
  700. 2013-1-23 That's right. I just compared myself to Katniss Everdeen.
  701. 2013-1-23 Also playing cupid. Oh the fun. This is how it feels: http://t.co/C09SMa0H
  702. 2013-1-23 Late night playing with AngularJS. Oh the fun!
  703. 2013-1-23 In other news. Winter snow dog gifs. http://t.co/Chs8g1Wt via @heatherlinford
  704. 2013-1-23 For robot/burger lovers, a robot serving 340 hamburgers per hour. @robotsarefun would approve. http://t.co/mc64l6m5
  705. 2013-1-23 A beautifully responsive website - http://t.co/7Jk1Yjrt
  706. 2013-1-23 @yaellevey Probably not great for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity http://t.co/uHhYycyn
  707. 2013-1-23 @yaellevey That's if the waves are on the outside. If you're on the inside with the devices, they will be stronger :D
  708. 2013-1-23 404 page. Lemmings. Neat. http://t.co/kQvjhxRO
  709. 2013-1-23 MegaFail http://t.co/80YjWitK In summary, don't do your cryptography using JavaScript in plain sight of a user :P
  710. 2013-1-22 From now on, we only shop with @Ocado
  711. 2013-1-22 @smyther This might be align with that tweet - http://t.co/ndDAGA7Q
  712. 2013-1-22 Sat in a (trendy) pub waiting for #searchLondon to kick off with a free beer. @robbevan you’ve no idea what you’re missing out on!
  713. 2013-1-22 @rubymanor I think you'll find "Surfin' bird" !== "The Word" :p
  714. 2013-1-22 @1uella hello! I’m from @dressipi and you can find my soup site here: http://t.co/g5yKV1ot
  715. 2013-1-22 I wish a 3 year old called @kai wasn’t trolling me by having my ideal twitter account.
  716. 2013-1-22 @smyther @kai In years to come he’s going to wonder wtf these tweets are all about. Maybe ten years!
  717. 2013-1-22 “Do it right. And then worry about ranking”. #SearchLondon
  718. 2013-1-22 Enjoyed #SearchLondon more than I expected to. Based purely on content to time ratio, @JonQuinton1 >= @pierrefar :D
  719. 2013-1-22 @1Password The new iPhone app - clicking Transfer through iTunes brings up an iTunes help page. :S What file do I need to export?
  720. 2013-1-22 @1Password Perfect, thanks! I'd been looking for that before but ended at the older iPhone app… which felt a lot easier to setup/use :)
  721. 2013-1-22 @mnowster Nooooo… I mean I wanted one of the registrations to be either `bird bird bird is the word` or `the word` :D
  722. 2013-1-22 @mnowster Word. http://t.co/u9fASMn7 #surfing #bird #art
  723. 2013-1-22 Business card designs of some famous people: Steve Jobs, Obama and more.. http://t.co/0QMWYcGp
  724. 2013-1-22 Disappoint at RubyManor. No bird bird bird is the word.
  725. 2013-1-22 OH "Please don't think this dodgy. I was blindfolded as a child and we used to play touch, taste and smell."
  726. 2013-1-21 @day9tv Heard you lost some pounds. Let me be the first to say, welcome to the United Kingdom.
  727. 2013-1-21 A big lump of horse ran into your burger? Don't wave it around or everyone'll want one | Charlie Brooker | Comment is… http://t.co/haS271vJ
  728. 2013-1-21 Marc Andreessen on Why Software Is Eating the World - http://t.co/nhLd5HoA http://t.co/LwGHuFUE (via Instapaper)
  729. 2013-1-20 Log files. The best thing since sliced bread.
  730. 2013-1-20 Failed on the first all lowercase version but learned from it (serif like dip on the 't'). Mattel is just plain difficult at an angle!
  731. 2013-1-20 Doing the Helvetica quiz. Got 18 out of 20 right. http://t.co/C33TRN4n
  732. 2013-1-19 Thread: We expect too much of geeks http://t.co/Xcn3TXOn (via Instapaper)
  733. 2013-1-19 Open Government released for free by O'Reilly in memory of Aaron Swartz https://t.co/BbGIG94n
  734. 2013-1-19 Horse burgers should have us all weeping in the aisles | Tanya Gold | Comment is free | The Guardian http://t.co/rHRDtARp (via Instapaper)
  735. 2013-1-18 Bryce Boe » Bypassing Gogo’s Inflight Internet Authentication http://t.co/MOwpbuCB (via Instapaper)
  736. 2013-1-18 Linus on Carmen Ortiz, "just admit you were an ass-hat, and apologize." https://t.co/XhuFNA41
  737. 2013-1-17 Henrique Barroso's top 10 Sublime text plugins http://t.co/93FM9eBc
  738. 2013-1-17 If you find reading the last link not possible, use google. FT Pay wall lameness for trying to share an article. @kaichanvong
  739. 2013-1-17 Aaron Swartz’s illusion over research - http://t.co/uvfOBD9v http://t.co/cWyRWdbR (via Instapaper)
  740. 2013-1-17 Behaviors That Destroy Your Financial Health • Movenblog http://t.co/QDWxCf5O (via Instapaper)
  741. 2013-1-17 What the Maker Revolution Will *Really* Look Like | Zanoby http://t.co/9GvG48t4 (via Instapaper)
  742. 2013-1-17 @jon_bedford I went to meat liquor for burger & chips! :D #decadent Also there's a triple chilli challenge that should interesting!
  743. 2013-1-17 @cyberdees It doesn't that's part of the reason I love Alfred so much! There's also this: https://t.co/gDfsHzP9 has ClipBuddy for free!
  744. 2013-1-17 @psd This is the reason I avoid reading stuff from the origin and use Instapaper for blissful happy reading.
  745. 2013-1-17 RT @psd: YAGNI for designers: http://t.co/xuVKowqg
  746. 2013-1-17 Sorry for the spam. I read a lot on the underground while coming back from the @FrontEndLondon talk!
  747. 2013-1-16 @bimal_tailor No worries. I’m doing well thanks. Where did you go in the end, what’d you have and think?
  748. 2013-1-16 Password cannot be longer than 16 characters. Sorry Microsoft, is my password too secure? And there I was thinking how good it all seemed.
  749. 2013-1-16 For one day only, @fglc2 is Maurice Moss.
  750. 2013-1-16 NHS to go 5 years to go paperless. 2 years for online access to health records. Incredibly slow. Why so late? http://t.co/rSWId965
  751. 2013-1-16 Power transmission: Difference Engine: Edison's revenge | The Economist http://t.co/6fRTkgzZ (via Instapaper)
  752. 2013-1-16 @bimal_tailor It's nice, but I preferred Ten Ten Tai, just next door from it. #sushi
  753. 2013-1-16 @bimal_tailor I'm not a fan of conveyer belts. Also tastier, better value for money and friendlier.
  754. 2013-1-16 @LJRICH That means Onslaught is soon to come http://t.co/EiG2y5P3
  755. 2013-1-15 @CookerySchool I hoped that link would give me a page with a short course that would improve my knife skills!
  756. 2013-1-15 @LJRICH Hello, @fglc2 and myself are quite Star Trek geekyness.
  757. 2013-1-15 Looking at http://t.co/SP6tpmz6 thanks to @natalietheoblog - looks wonderful. I want this for everything.
  758. 2013-1-15 In the Wake of Aaron Swartz's Death, Let's Fix Draconian Computer Crime Law | Electronic Frontier Foundation http://t.co/nwOhGEdY
  759. 2013-1-15 A humanity deficit - Metro - The Boston Globe http://t.co/c3Qhy2Fd (via Instapaper)
  760. 2013-1-15 5 Design Books You Should Read — David McKinney http://t.co/0IM1GHO2 (via Instapaper)
  761. 2013-1-14 Performance & Organization - An Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS http://t.co/iqScP4LG (via Instapaper)
  762. 2013-1-14 We're off for lunch. I feel the same way as this: http://t.co/PnQUxs3x
  763. 2013-1-13 @Stanto Have you seen Amazon lockers? http://t.co/yrFFBSxs
  764. 2013-1-13 Watching http://t.co/GNKnv4Q1 #autism #fb
  765. 2013-1-12 Aaron Swartz, Reddit co-founder commits suicide aged 26 :( :( :( http://t.co/suF4zcdt
  766. 2013-1-12 Amazing tribute to an incredible person. RIP Aaron. http://t.co/zLwjLoGT
  767. 2013-1-12 Xbox live is £40. Anyone know a cheaper alternative? Found Amazon is £10 less.
  768. 2013-1-12 Les Misérables was good. The singing.. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Cinematography incredible.
  769. 2013-1-12 @wr http://t.co/RnbfX82E ^_^ Right back at you.
  770. 2013-1-11 @richmarr @simondoggett That's what they said about the Avengers movie.
  771. 2013-1-11 @richmarr @simondoggett I wonder if Simon got to see that movie…
  772. 2013-1-11 The awesome @bureau_va want a front-end developer. Love their work. So very arty & cool. You should check it out. http://t.co/I0Drmjs1
  773. 2013-1-11 "Kai. Put on some of your cheesey music."
  774. 2013-1-11 Never Lie About Who You Really Are - Dan Pallotta - Harvard Business Review http://t.co/BMqeD8dK (via Instapaper)
  775. 2013-1-11 I want the world to scroll this way. http://t.co/gT1fe8dl
  776. 2013-1-11 @wr Your other site http://t.co/QycxnaYY is taking a bit of traffic ;)
  777. 2013-1-11 Humans need to know why by David of 37signals http://t.co/9zjR1Dqt (via Instapaper)
  778. 2013-1-11 Safari is released to the world http://t.co/KRprCOHq (via Instapaper)
  779. 2013-1-11 @fglc2 It doesn't. It's just a simple app that creates cron jobs to back up stuff to S3/Glacier.
  780. 2013-1-11 @fglc2 I'm using Arq for backing up trivial yet important stuffs. Plus with Glacier the cost will be 2p per month to back up. \o/
  781. 2013-1-11 Feudal Security. This is what is starting to make me itchy about everything mainstream on the Internet right now. http://t.co/cJmNsrYl
  782. 2013-1-11 How America tweeted around gun crime. http://t.co/CpIkGuet #infographic #d3js
  783. 2013-1-11 Bless. http://t.co/QObNZkRG
  784. 2013-1-11 @richmarr Thanks for that. Grrr. http://t.co/LpemEInI
  785. 2013-1-11 @simondoggett @richmarr Hey dads! Would be great to catch up with you both soon :)
  786. 2013-1-11 IBM's Watson Memorized the Entire 'Urban Dictionary,' Then His Overlords Had to Delete It - Alexis C. Madrigal - The… http://t.co/ii7F2jiG
  787. 2013-1-10 Starting to get hyper critical of everything I see in my Twitter stream. Is this a sign of age, me being mardy or good thinking?
  788. 2013-1-10 @simondoggett Not sure how to take that. I'll take it anyways. How are you sir? Sushi soon?
  789. 2013-1-10 Check out "Front-end London Meetup" http://t.co/uIFx0oeU via @eventbrite
  790. 2013-1-10 @micrypt Reserved ticket?
  791. 2013-1-10 A food guide to Seoul: top 10 dishes and where to try them | Travel | The Guardian http://t.co/9UCO05sL (via Instapaper)
  792. 2013-1-10 Fashion hack competition in New York. http://t.co/0whzEpR7
  793. 2013-1-10 Trying to sign up for Amazon glacier. Keeps going to voicemail and I'm not getting a phone call. Anyone else had this or similar issues?
  794. 2013-1-10 Prefixing my number with a 0 was the problem. Odd… thought I'd tried that before! Odd it went to voicemail.
  795. 2013-1-10 The Technium: Pain of the New http://t.co/XiyU7D7I (via Instapaper)
  796. 2013-1-9 RT @ttimsmith: 5 great visual tweaks for Sublime Text. http://t.co/Ux2krsVb
  797. 2013-1-9 @mrlerone Can't tell if that's sarcasm. Okay so you'd have to do a lot of acting. But you do have the look to pull off a modern day Basil!
  798. 2013-1-9 Feel sure Mr. Crabb was in Entourage as well as Mr Selfridge.
  799. 2013-1-9 Learning Korean. http://t.co/Gi5xe8jp
  800. 2013-1-9 I want 3D printer access and to make one of these cases for my raspberry pi. http://t.co/Uv3GcLva
  801. 2013-1-9 @bekibutton @ponoko San Fran is a long way away though :(
  802. 2013-1-9 We have biscuits and chocolates that need to be eaten in the @dressipi office
  803. 2013-1-9 Wishing I could go back in time to when Mr. Selfridge was shot and have a cocktail in Selfridges.
  804. 2013-1-9 @kaigani you know what I mean fellow Kai. *Tips whiskey glass in your direction*.
  805. 2013-1-9 Elephants. Proving Benjamin Button wasn’t completely fictional.
  806. 2013-1-8 The funny yet sad story of the Oatmeal's cats and his house burning down 20 years ago. http://t.co/igABLpYh
  807. 2013-1-8 @paulpod Sass is shortcuts/language like enhancements, Compass is css libraries + browser fixes.
  808. 2013-1-8 Wisdom from Psychopaths?: Scientific American http://t.co/bbp5q5Xz (via Instapaper)
  809. 2013-1-8 @wilcolley @oskrinda No… this is where sushi comes from. http://t.co/iMYqv5vr
  810. 2013-1-8 @wilcolley @oskrinda I take it back. "The name Godzilla is a portmanteau of two Japanese words: gorira (gorilla) and kujira (whale)."
  811. 2013-1-8 @paulpod there's lots of reasons to use sass with compass… it's knowing if it would be beneficial to use it or not :) Also check out Susy :D
  812. 2013-1-8 Yup @fglc2 gotta <3 the Aaron @tenderlove Patterson! :D
  813. 2013-1-8 Loving KickStarter's html5 infographic. http://t.co/Frqeog1T Insanely well done!
  814. 2013-1-7 @jiamins Google translate works great! :D
  815. 2013-1-7 @richmarr Ahah! That's what the mainstream kids say huh… I'll be sure to always use "ok" then ;)
  816. 2013-1-7 @chriscoyier is great. Going out of his "designer comfort zone" & using git, talking about what he doesn't understand. http://t.co/sMkc9VgU
  817. 2013-1-6 @mrlerone Saw faulty towers today. With a bit of acting, you'd make an amazing Basil Faulty, no? :D
  818. 2013-1-6 @lizsmith24 @projectnoah That's one incredible looking beetle. Incredible, yet 'orrible and creepy at the same time! :D
  819. 2013-1-6 Just watched Neil Armstrong dodge death. What a pro.
  820. 2013-1-6 Nintendo art. http://t.co/wcXgqNjx So cool!
  821. 2013-1-6 @lizsmith24 You're very welcome. Sharing is caring and the Internets is all about the sharing :D
  822. 2013-1-5 @starcarbon Courgette (or Zucchini as some might say), hummus and tomato. It's really good!
  823. 2013-1-5 Splash. A TV show about pool side 'traumas' and how Z-list celebrities got over their fears.
  824. 2013-1-5 In other news Turkish gov agency spoofed a Google certificate by accident. http://t.co/nou0BuS2
  825. 2013-1-5 It's 4am. I'm reading code. Python code. Code that magically does stuff for my Raspberry pi. 'Cos you wouldn't just run anything would you?
  826. 2013-1-4 In the battle of the coolest twitter pictures, I still can’t pick which is better - @cackhanded or @mnowster :D both so awesome!
  827. 2013-1-4 @tkenny We use Twitter… it's quite probably the most complex CLI there is! ;)
  828. 2013-1-4 @tkenny Just genuinely wondering what it actually is you don't like. Default fonts. Default colours. Typing. Thinking. All of which fixable.
  829. 2013-1-4 @tkenny Interesting. Would be great if you wrote about what it is you believe is wrong with the CLI. The command line can be beautiful!
  830. 2013-1-4 @tkenny But that's interesting because you've given me an idea to make something like Kirby but with Jekyll :)
  831. 2013-1-4 @tkenny The "I am a designer" comment should not be used. Many designers grok the command line. You just prefer GUI rather than commands.
  832. 2013-1-4 @tkenny It's just that the way most developers find it's convenient to deploy it with rather than by hand with ftp.
  833. 2013-1-4 @tkenny You don't need git for Jekyll. Just the command line to do the same thing kirby does - output a static site.
  834. 2013-1-4 @tkenny What put you off using Jekyll? Understanding how to use the Command line?
  835. 2013-1-4 @tkenny Kirby looks like a paid version of Jekyll built on php.
  836. 2013-1-4 Today I am humbled. A blind user talks about how and why he uses instagram. He's a blind photographer. http://t.co/hbEZ4OGK
  837. 2013-1-4 @alexpashby @rhaaudio It's all about the FLAC. http://t.co/dKpyhg7z
  838. 2013-1-4 RT @danny_robins: I know it's childish but the name of the Swedish version of Masterchef does make me laugh... http://t.co/jI2dk6OS
  839. 2013-1-4 The girls at work are gossiping. Me to other dev, "What are they on about?" "I don't know."
  840. 2013-1-4 "Even I don't watch Big Brother", @pipmew
  841. 2013-1-4 Interchangeable movie posters: the Hobbit, les misérables
  842. 2013-1-4 Keeping Safari a secret http://t.co/FufsuDcL (via Instapaper)
  843. 2013-1-3 Looking at PunchFork. They go acquired by some company called Pinterest. http://t.co/NIhHCvQP
  844. 2013-1-3 The future according to Google's Larry Page - Fortune Tech http://t.co/USjSFUWJ (via Instapaper)
  845. 2013-1-3 Are Designers Crazy? | Terence Eden has a Blog http://t.co/1LRcd4mN (via Instapaper)
  846. 2013-1-3 Rice Cooker Hacks - The Ebert Way http://t.co/esYJpsUE (via Instapaper)
  847. 2013-1-3 A Self-Made Man Looks At How He Made It – Whatever http://t.co/yxrjD0rV (via Instapaper)
  848. 2013-1-3 The Parley Letter - (DHH) http://t.co/jXDjMwOV (via Instapaper)
  849. 2013-1-3 What a Dead Man Named FM-2030 can tell us about the future of user names http://t.co/1RD4R7qV (via Instapaper)
  850. 2013-1-3 Just discovered an additional hidden #redditgifts secret Santa present! http://t.co/X3EdcEkP
  851. 2013-1-3 All office keyboards cleaned amazingly. http://t.co/cbHmxZTU :D
  852. 2013-1-3 @kaigani Imagine coming up with a product with such… diversity! :D
  853. 2013-1-3 @kaigani Now on to the feet… http://t.co/OkVH5oZo The keyboards are SO well cleaned now though!
  854. 2013-1-3 Looking at Facebook design concepts http://t.co/scDI8hLk
  855. 2013-1-2 It arrived!!! :D #redditgifts http://t.co/34lAdjz1
  856. 2013-1-2 @Stanto A nice bunch of little recipes for dips, sauces and toppings!
  857. 2013-1-2 @smyther Hobby projects mean anything goes! :D Return before first curly brace though? Looks like a C++ dev habit :P
  858. 2013-1-2 TIL TimeCop freezes just Time.now and not Time.new.
  859. 2013-1-2 @mrlerone Not too much butter on too little bread? #hobbit #film #forever
  860. 2013-1-2 Thank you Secret Santa :D #redditgifts http://t.co/CCLkBeue
  861. 2013-1-1 Just written a little script to download #SC2casts as mp4 files - https://t.co/M6q7LhCL #SC2
  862. 2013-1-1 @smyther In your repo. Reading your code. https://t.co/0F2P6JnS Ewww php :P