1. 2014-9-19 RT @_youhadonejob: Maths isn't CNNs strong point. http://t.co/GUmZLWCjcd
  2. 2014-8-28 RT @aral: Code Club co-founder @hyper_linda resigns because she is barred from criticising Google, their sponsor. https://t.co/DbP6wydYWs…
  3. 2014-7-27 Discovering Toru Takemitsu. Rain Tree – https://t.co/S3ysRNrtf7
  4. 2014-5-21 @neilkimmett @cackhanded @paulpod http://t.co/9OhNzwYWXN
  5. 2014-5-21 @cackhanded @paulpod @neilkimmett Don't you guys fold your socks together?! Backing away now.
  6. 2014-5-21 @neilkimmett @cackhanded @paulpod One of life's little pleasures.
  7. 2014-5-21 @cackhanded @neilkimmett @paulpod You're only backing away cos you're the only one to have posted a pic of your socks :p
  8. 2014-5-21 @cackhanded @neilkimmett @paulpod This where we all take photos of our socks isn't it…
  9. 2014-3-22 @smyther Proof or it did not happen.
  10. 2014-3-22 @jahnut - @smyther IS fashion.
  11. 2014-3-22 @ljrich Your hair and makeup is amazingly cool LJ!
  12. 2014-3-22 @smyther This. http://t.co/nJbPywQbBt
  13. 2014-3-18 @neilkimmett You truly are the gift that just keeps on giving.
  14. 2014-3-18 @neilkimmett I've never wanted to hug you so much.
  15. 2014-3-17 @beefandliberty_ The logo and look of @flatironsteak is really quite something. Gorgeous photography too.
  16. 2014-3-15 @jaylett This sounds relevant to my interests!
  17. 2014-3-14 @omarqureshi Sure am. Photo is proof, right? 😬
  18. 2014-3-12 @eatlikeagirl Thanks Niamh, everyone at @dressipi really enjoyed it. Big hugs!
  19. 2014-3-9 @bbcclick @timosler @bbcclick @spenley @dannsimmons What does 'harder' mean?
  20. 2014-3-7 @jaylett Today I swam in mine, also fear mine is dead :(
  21. 2014-3-3 @TattooCharlie thanks! Was too busy checking out the nice food to see that. Would have been quite a photo, the twin Gregg's. Next time!
  22. 2014-2-26 @Cennydd Twitter redesign: Wow large. Much room. Wow. Such big. Very space! ;)
  23. 2014-2-19 @paulpod You are amazing/wonderful. More of this please! #hero
  24. 2014-2-18 @jon_bedford Love the design! Is that a @wilcolley special?
  25. 2014-2-18 @simondoggett @jon_bedford Do tell more, who is the shiny new competition?
  26. 2014-2-17 @omarqureshi Cannot stop listening to it.
  27. 2014-2-12 @tattoocharlie http://t.co/YipMbm7e3G - also accepts days, http://t.co/Kd0KzRhsYV and in json http://t.co/8wK5rrcEKB
  28. 2014-2-11 @stanto @ashleyemma Might even have been you. You might have schizophrenia.
  29. 2014-2-7 @tenderlove is quite possibly one of the greatest human beings to exist. #friday #fact
  30. 2014-2-2 @rogueski @stanto USA (Sorry, could not resist)!
  31. 2014-1-31 @scanditwitchen Here's something fun, showing Scandinavian kids learning English - http://t.co/ACseMaHTSG
  32. 2014-1-28 @bala__iyer @benastontweet `-` works for `cd` and most other things too :)
  33. 2014-1-24 @cwiss Gonna go down today to @tonguencheeks for a burger @ 12! And say hi to the awesome @beefandliberty_ :)
  34. 2014-1-24 @Whatleydude Your running tracks. So good. Hang next week?
  35. 2014-1-24 @whatleydude Most of that week should be good! We will make this happen. Oh @katematlock, you have good music taste.
  36. 2014-1-24 @cwiss @tonguencheeks @BeefandLiberty_ oh dude. I'm almost there now. Sorry! There'll be other times for food and hanging though!
  37. 2014-1-24 @cwiss @tonguencheeks @beefandliberty_ I had the Belly Connection, and say hi to Alex. He has the beard!
  38. 2014-1-23 @gaildoggett @jon_bedford @simondoggett Maybe that was a little bit mean. Heart Mr. Doggett.
  39. 2014-1-23 @cwiss @beefandliberty_ Today will be a burger Thursday with work peoples. Tomorrow?
  40. 2014-1-23 @gaildoggett @jon_bedford @simondoggett "Honey. I'm just going to borrow your scarf. And your lipstick." http://t.co/Sl3d10E4iO
  41. 2014-1-23 @beefandliberty_ @cwiss I can but ask. The cold and rain make me think this will not be a popular suggestion to make!
  42. 2014-1-21 @jon_bedford @simondoggett WOW. such self. such gender. very confuse. more: http://t.co/UUomM5MiPw
  43. 2014-1-21 @jon_bedford @richmarr @simondoggett it's spooky. I'd cc her in to the tweet if Simon hadn't commented on her weight. Wow. Such harsh!
  44. 2014-1-16 @beefandliberty_ @cwiss @tonguencheeks Cant do today or tomorrow I'm afraid!
  45. 2014-1-15 @tattoocharlie I have failed you sir ;( Will look to get something back up again in the future.
  46. 2014-1-10 @beefandliberty_ Yes, today, you should say hi to the @savagesalads people, they seem cool! And I found it, I just didn't find you :D
  47. 2014-1-10 @cwiss Roger that wing commander! @beefandliberty_ @savagesalads
  48. 2014-1-10 @beefandliberty_ Went to see you, but couldn't find you. Ended up going for a @Savagesalads - Happy new year sir! :)
  49. 2014-1-10 @jaylett Your avatar on pando is so amazingly cool! http://t.co/a9uNPECARL
  50. 2014-1-8 @richmarr Do you believe a different government would be any different? I sadly, do not.
  51. 2014-1-7 @whatleydude I miss your hugs.
  52. 2014-1-7 @whatleydude I'm free most evenings of this week, bar this evening. *excitement*
  53. 2014-1-7 @whatleydude I don't mind the world knowing my love for sushi and you.
  54. 2014-1-7 @whatleydude I would like to buy sushi, stand on a chair and rain sushi on you.