Name lengths in games

A golden Stormpike Marshall from Hearthstone:

image showing card for Stormpike Marshall

Websites also sharing this slight inaccuracy:

  1. Hearthpwn
  2. Hearthstone Top Decks

21 Dec 2021

πŸ“ sc2 (suggestions)

The suggestions can be seen in gaming-note link

Explored at sc2 link (

8 Nov 2021


high score

A bit of sillyness in a book.

avoid missing ball for high score avoid missing ball for high score avoid missing ball for high score

β€œthe computer games industry had travelled far in the other direction, loading their games with extensive instruction manuals, hint books, novellas, lengthy filmed introductions and so forth, all in an attempt to give the games more weight, more depth.” more from quoted post (

on instagram (

on instagram (

01 Sep 2021


a nice GG (good-game)

Played a game of Warcraft having experimented with settings; also seeing how Blizzard apply colour to gaming (in reforged).

Targeting: 4 footmen. 4 riflemen. 4 priest. 4 knights. 1 ogre warrior. 6 siege engines.

  • Builds 1 alter of kings (Ulther Paladin for heal party)
  • Gets experience from gnolls creeps
  • Walks into forest
  • Gets natural expand point of Ogre Magi, Troll creeps, footmen at 1hp
  • More experience from ogre and troll creeps
  • Use regeneration and my builders to continue
  • Expands Town Hall on expand point (ToD's Town Hall further-in-notes)
  • Builds in Blacksmith; new armour (Grubby said look at the shield and more)
  • Moves to see opposite expand point
  • Runs away from big fight!
  • Discovers naughty archer at tavern
  • Builds farms between tower-defense.
  • Priests arrive (its not Hearthstone)
  • Builds lumber mill #2 at expand point
  • All the way from a Mercenary Camp this ogre warrior appears!
  • This 1hp footman runs away from combat
  • Runs away!
  • Warrior goes to opposite mine
  • Knight goes to opposite mine at expand point
  • Siege engine destroy entire enemy base
  • Siege engine attacked by peasants (one gets destroyed?)
  • Game over!

A nice GG!

ToD's Town Hall Meeting (

Fast Expand: A WarCraft 3 Podcast – HeroesHearth TV (

peasant minion card from Hearthstone (

Warcraft3 TheoryCraft out there somewhere

16 Aug 2021



game taito station

24 Jun 2021


crazy discoveries

mountain side uphill trek

Like graffiti this portrait framing is a crazy kind-of magic. Climbing is difficult at times. Sometimes an uphill trek; sometimes requiring effort. Hidden in yourself you can find success in every trek.You could say it is similar to parts of a game such as a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

Picture was captured sometime in May, 2021

23 Jun 2021